Sunday, August 24, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 24, 1890, Burlington, Iowa IlSTABLISHED ne Interesting Facts About the Baptists in Great ConsisU of Eiglitjr lxjUmlon Clinrchen and Forty Con Joined Mission Baptist Building L Baptists in America may like to learn of the savings and doings of Ijliebrotherhooain Great The Japfet union this year had for its chair James of tope of his annual address was Effective Ministry of the 3t showed some of the things which tend joimpair the efficiency of the that profound convictions and a while it view of SIJTOAY ATOITST iem are necessary jnan effective also that there Drains the sessions of the union strong Mjnnd was taken against measures wtich would work to place public edn iation more under the control of the Episcopal Opposition was made tofte enumeration of the religions pro feson of the people iu the Of jomse those who attend no church be reckoned as Episcopalians and liaise i3ea would be given of the nnm JOB adhering to the state The jjscussion on adult schools was otajractical and useful Thus far jigTish churches in general have no such Sffiiday schools as are found in CdL well known in the United was elected vice which aneansthatheisto preside and deliver fleadlress next He is the first jjjman to be called to the Atthe Home Mission meeting there jurt read by Booth showed there are now eightysix mission upon the list of the od tot the conjoined mission stations id at Sixtyfive mission pas areprovided for tie 120 churches the The figures as to onern and the contributions of the ion churches to various were degree showing iliat IBwork done is thorough as well as The Hugh Price preached the annual sermon The Baptist building which i much in the erection of new f granted loans to about during the It had an inspiring Baptist Missionary society re in the return home of its secre who liad spent in months iu India and insisted in pay nglishills of travel a sum of Owing to sickness he was una fle tote present at the Ths ocomeof the society for the year was the expenditures exceeded see that the best citizens are to Vuicents equipped citizens take little or no interest in Their plea is that machine rule is dominant and that they would be contaminated by contact with therough take an altogether pessimistic view of state and national affairs Ks earn by aTxrat tessesTrereof a fine The ad The an raal sermon was preached by the T Hie Bible Translation society still con ines a useful Its receipts for the jarroe about TheDenomina fad Total Absthieuce society had a and the temperance move t them the foreigners who pronounce repnolican government in America a But these gentlemen are alto gether Wherever govern ment is corrupt it will be found owing largely to the neglect of such as they to do their duties as patriotic They could speedily put to rout the forces of and cleanse the Augean stables of public whilewe believe that our constitution and free system contain in themselves the potent germs of immortal they require the cooperation of the citizen to bring them to fhe full measure of their power and Methodist Episcopal The Methodist Episcopal church south according to statistics has itinerant local members white an increase of 020 colored mem a decrease of and Indian a decrease of The total net increase of preachers and members is The number of infants bap tized last year was and the value eaificess reportedat nearly The total missionary collection for June is gathers strength every ADVICE FOR Can llelp the Trcachcr IVouderf ally ly JJchaviujj Jtte responsibility for the seemly con tact of pnblic worship does not by any wholly with the pulpit The nan there is bound to regard with tonghtfnhiess and care the details of own aspect and bearing which do so mcltomakeor toinarin the rathere are also proprieties indispensa le and imperative to be observed by the people in the pews ought not only hut to be there on It needless to argue how much the deco H aaa profit of a religious service de Iji jaupon the punctuality of those who The right rule for everybody mntesof quiet before theserv to get mind and body tran a certain small ritualistic church 8 city a sign in the vestibule in ms all comers that they are welcome at where they on condition ttey move up to accommodate sinstead of keeping the end seats others to crowd In Gifts to rniversallst The William of has bequeathed about to different institutions of the Tlniversal ist all of which has been of Calfornia has given to a The gifts of Universalists to their colleges during the past twelve years have amounted to an average of over per annum In Philadelphia during the past eighteen months over has been raised in the Church of the Messiah and paid into the in addition to the amount received for the sale of its old church German Religious Eeligions statistics of Germany Evan gelicals including Beformed and United Catho other Christians includ ing United Mennon Methodists and other independent un The Evangelicals and the Catholics have increased about the same rate since butthe other Chris which include the various Protest ant have grown much faster in proportion to the which is THE LODGE Gossip of All Kinds From the Fra ternal A Bit From the History of the Knichti of the Tented anil Portrait or the Great Com mander of lew fraternal organizations hate tri umped over adverse circumstances as thoroughly as has the order of theKuights of the Tented The order was originated in in and lor a tune enjoyed great But there were certain defects in the plans of its organizers which might have proved Eeorganizationwas necessary and was effected Thiscaused a which has however been happily Probably more credit is due Mr and record than to any other man for tbe present The present great commander of Michi gan is is a a native of Ine ham where he was born in He began clerking before he could see over the When h e became old enough to take the dust out of a boys pants he taught then kept not his but a firms by which he was It was slow work for a mauborn to prog and he swap ped the desk for a law stool in the law office of Jerome C When he had scattered the dust off the books ho was admitted to practice and associated himself with De Vere Hall to practice law and sell real es and they do a great deal of He has been a circuit court commissioner a judge of a state legislator and speaker of the In the order of Mac cabees his career has been marked by just such a rapid but he eventually dropped into the hole that fitted him when he became the executive ever is done for the orders advancement bears his It is altogether prob able that he will be promoted still higher at the next session of the great KNIGHTS OF The Order Is Booming In Other jonsists or about TOO and also to averages about Sanders says Illinois does not want an orphans home each lodge is guardian of its widows and New York city has 83 lodges working in the German and 53 in the English lan There are also 4 1 Dan 1 French and 1 The annual report of the grand encamp ment of Utah says that the gain in mem bership for the year ended March was The total number ot members ir masrer of Ohio is allowed for expenses to visit the lodges grand master of the state of New York is allowed for the same There are now about fortyfive Odd Fel lows1 insurance from which the income last year approximated THEY DISIIKE The Young Girl Who Prefersto Read and Some Consideration Upon the Attitude of the Educated Tounff Woman of To Iay Toward Worlc to be Bone in the The Indian territory is to have a grand Eecent Odd Fellows statistics foot up the number of white Odd Fellows on the globe at The are now 581 with a total membership approximating cheva liers At the present rate of growth the army wdl number about by the time of the cantonment at There are eightythree lodges of the Ke bekah degree in Massachusetts receipts S3 S314220 fl 01 the first comers to take the front general practice is just the Jeecuer ever expressed and wit the feelings LU during In ve to the people JjV the front seats at prayer of interested participation the hymns and fol even if you cant which When thera read concerted repetition of The Leonard The Leonard who was formerly rector of the celebrated High School of and more widely known as the author of a stand ard history of died recently at the great age of S3 He was the first to publish from his own notes eight volumes of lectures from the celebrated German An International Congregational The Congregational Annual union has recommended that an international coun cil be held in London in The committee proposes that the council shall consist of 100 delegates from 100 from America and 100 from the rest of the The of is to be asked to preach the inaugural Evangelical Lutherans in The statistics as given in the minutes of the annual convention of the Evan gelical Lutheran Ministerium of Penn sylvania are as follows 269 212 448 acces confirmed mem contributions for home and foreign general RELIGIOUS A circular issued by the grand lodge of Massachusetts states that the returns for the last six months indicate an increase for that jurisdiction of of more than dpuble that of any corresponding term and the financial condition of the subordi nate lodges shows a similar Among the queries put to the rand chancellor Tarbell is one that was evidently a He was If a member whose only avocation is a gentle man should break his arm would he be en titled to benefits Answer Is he able to pursue his usual avocation Let the constitution govern The C should have referred the question to the supreme Is not a broken armed gentleman a gentleman still The uniform rank has about sir as many as the standine army of the United Pennsylvania still numerically the banner Pythian grand jurisdiction having knights and a handsome sum in its At recently the twin sons of Thomas Noble were christened Damon and Pythias with impressive cere monies in the lodge Arkansas has fiftyfour lodges and thir teen There are at present about mem bers In the There are two sections of the endowment rank in Sandwich The lodges in Indianapolis have an ag gregate membership and the lodges have all the work they can The richest lodge in Indiana is Crescent of New the total re sources of which are The next wealthiest with assets aggregating The last named is the banner lodge in point of membership in having on Dec 31 351 knights on its Lee of Miss has a membership of and is worth Lawrence a prominent ranch man and Pythian Knight of is asking the aid of the knights in Texas to establish lodges in California has 353 Oregon 93 and Indiana gained during the British Columbia has on an average 100 members to a lodge 171Dis trict of 108 143 Massa 163 New 130 Penn 87 Bhode Pennsyl has nearly a thousand while tho next highest has only and Illinois Pennsylvania has members the next highest juris has The Odd llall at Many Members In The Odd Fellows hall in located on Sixth isin the Seventy thousand dollars has been offered and as is the fixed If the proceeds will be used to build in another This hall stands upon the site of the building where antislavery meetings were held before the and which was burned during that exciting period by the advocates of In 1SS9 the assessors of re turned tho number of polls as and timated the population of the city at says the Independent There are Odd Fellows in the seven subordinate lodges of the so that there is one Odd Fellow to each 3 47100 of the and one to each 14 68100 of the total This is believed to be the largest ratio of Odd Fellows to the voters and population of city in the There are connected with the of whom are in Pennsyl Since the year 1880 the order has paid for relief There is a Rebckah degree lodge in the Sandwich the last report it was small in The Lite Charles a well known Odd Fellow of left the Odd Fellows home a gift of Charles of recently retired from tho secretaryship of Oglethorpe after filling the office for thirtythree consecutive He was presented with a gold veteran jewel and a set of and voted a life annuity of now working as one grand jurisdiction la about share to Eestiessness b ignored T umJes with your Jf you are conscious of some stand it and for your own A country athomebyfami the heads of the 3KSSJBS3M wlU3laTe given Thisremark ha The titles There are sixtyfour churches of the Church of besides those of other within a quarter of a mile of St Pauls Most of them have more seats than there are residents in the Many of the clergymen live far from whose income is a has not his parish for fourteen The of Minneap has resolved to accept the western secretaryship of the American Baptist Foreign Missionary head quarters will be in The Salvation Army in Paris has been reenforced by a Salvation A church boat floats on the river Seine near the Pont de la The floating as the Parisians call lias been named the Herald of In the ball amidships there is accommodation for The SeventhDay Baptist Church of Christ has a membership of about in this and an influence over Two centers of its in fluence are at Alfred where is the church seminary and uni and at whew is a vigorous from which has radiated two other in New York another at Children Enjoy The pleasant gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of when in need of a and when the father or mother be costive or bilious the most gratifying results follow its so that it is the best family remedy known and every family should have a The when she brings a mouse to her nest about every twelve minutes and as she is actively employed both at evening and and as both male and female forty mice a daj is a low computation for the total Tulnl Disbursements of Uic Bencflciarj The total disbursements of the benefici ary fund during the twentyone years of the orders existence up to the close of the last fiscal year amounted to By this amount was paid death loss that number of families having been benefited by the The total disbursements of the beneficiary fund of all the jurisdictions for the year 1SS9 makes a grand total of The total number of death losses during the year was There are lodges of the order ac cording to the report of the supreme re making an increase of 231 for the hist fiscal The increase in the number of lodges in each jurisdiction during the past year was as follows New 37 31 Xcw Jersey and 21 20 13 Alabama North South Carolina and Flor 12 11 9 8 8 8 5 Indi ana 4 2 1 Oregon and Illinois disbursed from the bene ficiary fund during the past which amount was paid on flfteen deaths in The supreme lodge hiis iixed the maxi mum number of assessments for Illinois at Several of the other jurisdic tions have had their maximum The proposition te grant permission to Xew Jersey to become a separate grand jurisdiction at this time was learned inex pedient by the supreme and was voted Two hundred and thirtynine thousand two hundred and ninetyone members in good standing in the on June gain of dnrimr the month of The Oldest Outside Guardian aud Other writes to Odd Fellows Sittings and claims for Lafayette of the oldest outsideguardian in any He is Benjamin who was initiated into Lafay ette and has therefore been a member of the lodge for nearly fiftyfive During this he has faithfully performed the duties of outside guardian for with less than a dozen nights absence from hi post during long Bicker who has passed the allotted age of man three score years and is still as active as most men at and bids fair to add many more years to the long term he has already so faithfully There is a movement in Illinois to ish the lodge system of representation to the grand and to substitute the dis trict system for the The object is tomakethegrand lodge rrincint Two Ctand Old Cabinet of Great Other Within 200 miles of Kansas City today there are two grand old carvings in the forms of about eighteen feet that were carved during the Twelfth cent ury by Irish and were used by the grand lodge of Masons of Ireland for over 400 years in which to keep the grand lodge The material of which they were made is Irish as many are age darkens this At this writing these cabinets are almost as black as ebofly and In a thorough state of preser Upon the doors and sides are carved the emblems of the They were brought to America forty years ago by a highly cultured who short ly after Since then they have been stowed They are valued at It can safely be said they are the oldest carvings in Jforth Sir Knight Burrough some years ago helped to remove and is the only Mason in Kansas City who can locate What n grand gift these two cabinets would make to our new Masonic temple when exclaims a Kansas City The receipts of the Masonic board of re lief of the city of Xew York for tho past year were The Hall asylum fund received during the and notwithstand ing the purchase of property near Utica for had in trust companies at interest and at bunk on the 1st of Juno Arkansas reports 414 with and 52 Royal Arch with Louisiana Grand chapter proceed ings report 15 subordinate with SOS active total membership of Georgia reports 293 with a mem bership of a net gain for the year of and S3 Hoyal Arch with The name of John who was secretary of the grand lodge of Ohio for thirtysix can bo found on the char ters of 320 subordinate lodges of The Masonic temple to bo built atAt lanta will bo seven stories high and will Knights of Jolin of The New York Herald says About this time of year the Knights of John of Jerusalem are holding their annual con claves all over It is a creditable thing for men to associate themselves to gether iu order to relieve the sick and but why should they call them selves by a name to which they have no right Theorder of the Knights of John still exists and has its headquarters and its grand masters in but the modern English or German Knight of John has no possible connection with the A dozen gentlemen may form themselves The following letter has been received at this office I wish to state my case to Two years ago I was graduated at a school for Since that time Ihave lived at home with I like to read and but my mother thinks I should keep my telf busy for the greater parb of the day about housework and I do not like housework and I do like to and it seemsto me that I should bo doing wrong to give so much time to housework when I might be im proving Now will you tell me candidly just what on think about and oblige yours Just what we think about Olive You should be a little more definite in stating your needs in a case so desperate as this appears to What do we think about your ing to do bouseverk when preferto study We think your preference is not first to be The need for your doing it is the first ques tion to be and you should have given us some indication of A GRAVE But let us begin at tho The problem yon state is grave and one that is every now and then coming up to be With women entering into the fields of the higher education and sipping the sweets of a constantly wid ening while the sphere specially designated as claims so much of their thought and it is pertinent to ask and to discuss what shall be the attitude of the educated young today toward the undignified and unpleasant details of The pervading opinion in the minds of and of regard to these things is that the instinct for house hold duties is innate in womanly This much is true The love of home and family is inborn in the heart of every Household duties she tol erates because she loves these But no woman feels a hidden longing for the companionship of pots and or feels her whole soul go out in yearning toward sauces and or recognizes the cook ing range as next of No woman loves these Xor should That she does them is of grace and not of This proposition may be laid down at the outset as broad enough to cover all the A woman ought to do just as much of the housework in a house as actual necessity lays upon her in securing the comfort and welfare of the To do less than this is unworthy to do more merely for the sake of is undigni And here is where you failed to be How necessary is it that this work should be done by women members of your family If your father is able to supply the means wherewith strong hands no other accom plishment may be secured to do this work for aud if you should then elect to be your own hewer of wood aud drawer of you would be lacking in a proper sense of personal dignity aud of the fitness of You as you use your time to much better DOXT 3IOU5T TOO But the other dont mount too high a Dont feel too keenly the value of your time and the duty of improving Just try to be a JiealtJhy sensible and the self improvement may be taken It appears altogether probable from your letter that there is some necessity for your doing your share of the household If it be if in any way the burden of home cares is the heavier for your mother orfor others because of your withdrawal from then you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you are unwilling to drop book or essay or brush and bare your own young strong arm and bring your own active brain to the The dignity is in tho not in the work and if you meet the mean most uncongenial detail of household life bravely and and discharge it just as well you possibly you wSl flnd tho wlinkround of menial duties be coming illguilitfl md So they will minister quite as much to your hap piness and to tho improvement of your mind and to youispiritual growth as the best books you can read in the greatest York Evening Men are Father was a rail road Help must be She flew to the spot nearest to where engine had plunged into the She round two men dead and two men unin tut so stranded on the driftwood u to be out of her Then she remembered the All about her were the roaring tear ing great trees by the The hid eous wind yelled at the daring of thoin npired child and seemed to dare her to pro She crept along in the her only guide the livid flash that spraneupon her from moment to and at last reached the tWs sinsle tracked bridge in the daytime required tho steadiest of nerves How could she cross it in this fearful with a light that came only to blind her What was there for her but death if the train came before she had crossed the horrid chasm Down on her knees the brave girl It was her for death would pay the penalty of her and she could not be a coward if she Down on her knees she falls and begins her dreadful her ears strained to hear In the noise of the tempest the and roar of the flying Midway across the bridge a huge tree tears down the flood and adds a new A moment yet and its branches part and only touch her skirt with a gentle switch as it sweeps under the At last she reaches the end of the bridge hands and knees torn and and every muscle and nerve so tense and quiv ering that her limbs refuse to hold She almost faints as she tries to stand and she fears she cannot reach the station after alL Once more her splendid courage avails She gathers tears her clinging skirt from about her knees and leaps on faster and faster until the station at Moingona is Sha screams her message to the astonished op She sees his hand fall upon the She hears him say the train is and then she is once more the woman and no longer the she faints where For three nurartis the fight for life went onluthe body of this bravo Then she came out once more the and was able to sit at her and see the hills glowing with autumn colors and anew safebridge across the creek that is once more a placid little Now as to the recognition made of this wonderfully brave Many says the Des Moines News in a recent article intended to shame MTEUR Three Yachts People The Great Lakes and Hirers Haunted by Hundreds ofPleasnre thing Abont the fornla the people of the state into doing some the railroad whose property and were thus saved did just what the general verdict says they should have given this brave girl at least and a life pass upon the One hundred was the of this great corporations benefi and even this was not offered till the pnblic tongue began to wag most furi ously against and till the heroic creat ure had fought death for three months in a sickness dating from the afternoon of the Sunday following the terrible The cost of medical attendance could not be covered by this paltry As to the pass on the road it Is never obtained with out the humiliation of asking at headquar ters for and many times the fare is paid lather than to submit to pose as a beggar before this in the service of which she freely offered her Many they educated they we should think The at the suggestion of Miss Frances Wlll bore her expenses for two years at Simpson but It was far from the thought of the railroad company New York At tnis season of tlie year no class oc our citizens enjoys itself more than yachts To be the pleasureis but when you reflect that it gives employ ment to fifty orsixty thousand and than the money of the millionaire thus flows through hundreds of channels of goins round and round like a trace distributor doing the chief lamenta tion of the onlooker may well be that cannot join the gay procession whose privilege it is to hie away from hot and dusty plunge into therecesses of luxurious cabins and live a Ilfcof ease on the ocean In looking over some of the yachting rec ords of the year it will befound that mora than splendidly equipped craft be longing to ninetythree American yacht clubs go intocommission and sail some where between the 1st of May and Novem During thus period all the interesting points on the lakes and navi gable rivers the country are probably visited by oueor more of these fleet winged Aat they carry new life wherever they In point 61 numbers and by reason of its having been organised in the New York Yacht club naturally beads the Its roll of membership comprises nearly 700 and their owners reside in all parts of the United and some in Naples and elsewhere on the Of they own seven tyone seventynine schooners and seventyseven sloop or a total of The remainder of theninetv odd clubs are located on tho shores of New Vermont Rhode New Jersey Vir South North Carolina Louisiana anil In addition to the foregomjj the Hamilton Yacht Can thatmade its escape from me m whfle around the necks of cache the seventeen yonng ones wereta and attached to these rings Bhort piecesof And one of these silver ringsyou could plan ly the initials of mynamev just as they had been stamped fix afl ver ring that I wore when 7 years oIdJ22 Kansas City TheBrcclcleaaeea beconle tie mfldly an observingoldi I declare r believe the is somewhat backward this season for oaf my the freckle faced girlis quite I doutknow whetheritstooearli or too I didnt have anything better to do1 last half hotuvso I just stood by commanding a view ot thestreet took out my notebook and layjuambushl for the girl with the freckled cheeks A HEROINES but into a charitable society and call selves Knights of John if they but that does not mate them1 members of the oldest order of chivalry in They are nomoreKnights of John than the respectable grocers who call themselves Knights Templar in America are gen nine Knights of the The Order of the Knights of John cannot be re vived by any sovereign or legislature without the concurrence of the grand mas ter of the order at Rome Progressive Benefit Deputies French and of Philadel have instituted 17 lodges in Philadel and say that the order will have DOO members before May V Safe Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory or in case of failure a return of purchase On this safe plan you can buy from our ad vertised druggist a bottle of Kings cw Discovery for It is guarateed to bring reliefin every when used for any affection of lungs or such as flamation of tho whooping is pleasant and agreeable to and alwayscan Trial bottles free at limve Kuti Shelly Gets Little Kate Shelly is the girl the night of in onsof the most fearful wind and rain storms ever known in that crossed the DCS Moines river trestlo bridge between her houso and Moingona on bleeding hands and knees to warn the operator that Honey Creek bridge was an engine had plunged killing two and that the express soon duo would meet a like fate unless For weeks after this happened the news papers of the country rang with the ac knowledgments of the girls and with suggestions for a proper reward for the lives she had notwith standing the claim the girl had upon the gratitude of the years that have passed sinco the event that made her famous have brought her nothing to lift her above tho toil made necessary by pov tho story oE her plowing and sowing and her sawing and chopping wood and teaching between t i would be full of pathetic The fa ther is and on the oldest of and herself not yet has fallen the 1From a strictly romantic view the story Miss Shellys deed of daring is one of vivid strokes and Kate Shelly was then 15 years the daughter of a man already who had settled on apiece of land afterward cut across by the Chicago and Northwestern The land was hilly and so unfit for cultivation that Shelly abandoned farming and became a workman ou the roadbed of the new rail Exposure brought on consumption and he From the time of her fathers death the story of this childs plucky fight with life is one crowned with The tiny house in which the Shelly fam ily lived iu 1SSI stood just at the eastern foot of a long and high semicircular Charlotte Temples Have you said a that Charlotte Temples grave is nearly always decked with flowers I was walking down Broadway on and looking into Trinity churchyard saw there were three potted plants on it and a great mass of cut branches of the white I do not believe that for a single year it has been The flowers chosen are usually lilies of the valley or syringa The way that mound is tended when tombs of famous people are forgotten is a fresh illustration of the old all the world loves a What makes a book immortal Rowtons Charlotte Temple came out at the beginning of the but it sells today on every You can buy it for ten cents and read it in an but it will yet see many n better book dust For my went on the I believe the life of any human being would be of thrilling interest if written not blinking the mean thoughts that go sometimes before the best tho mixed the petty This is why we read Charlotte because It is the true record of a York Commercial College The fact that the number of Wellesley and Harvard annex graduates from Boston is much smaller than one would naturally suppose it to be recalls the remark made not long ago by a woman much interested in the education of girls belonging to fash ionable A society thislady loses caste by going to college Thrre cau be but little doubt that the daughters of the four hundred do not go to Advanced education is not a badge of the caste to which they There is a present analogy which touches this Philipa Fawcett could not be a law of the university was against so her genius created for her a grade higher and she came out of the contest above senior The society girl may lose her caste by going but she gets into a caste above the which indeed lacked but littlo of entirely surrounding the opening sufficiently ou the opposite sides for the passage of the Through these two openings also twice within this circle spanned the railroad with while to the southwest flowed the serene Des bridged by an immense oOOfoot About 0 oclock on the eveningof July 6 one of the most terrible rain storms ever known in Iowa burst upon Boono It changed tho Jittle creek into a leaping flood that soon burst its bounds and swept out upon the Position of the tiny house upon the hill gave Kate a chance to watch tho havoc all and to fully compre hend what In the midst of the yelling of the wind and the cannonade of thunder tho ringing of an engine bell fell on Kates It was an engine which had been sent out from foone to feel bridges and see II the twenty or more along this short line were safe for trains to A out upon There was a crash of break ing the thud of an engines plunge hissing of Katekuewjwhat itmeant and Stale It is generally supposed that the fact that bread growa stale from the bread be coming actually drier by the gradual loss of watar but this the Stale bread contains almost exactly the some proportion of water as new bread after ic has became completely The change is meaty in arrangement of the motooafas of the A proof of this is that if we put a stale loaf into a closely covered expose it for half an or an hour to a heat that of boiling and then allow it to it will be restored in appearance and properties to the state of new Chatter Little women should wear small hats and simple hair One often hears a tall woman say when trying on a large hat I could not think of wearing this hat it adds at least six inches to my and I think I am tall enough And she forthwith proceeds to buy a little bit of a hat scarcely distinguish able from her Psyche But if she wore a large hat the head would appear larger and in better proportionto the Louis i It is cruel to put black stockings that crock ou little children and then use a stiff flesh brush or sapolio to remove the dye from the tender feet and moth ers cannot afford to pay an exorbi tant by the for fast dye black iu the name of humanity let them wear gray or even glaring Blue rendering the employment of bluing in laundry work is made by incorporating with ordinary soap a solution of aniline green in strong acetic By tbe action of the alkali of the soap the green is converted into uni formly coloring the Keep a box of powdered borax near the kitchen A small quantity in the water in which dish towels are washed is helpful in the matter of of who has been visiting theOttoman de blares that the sale of women there not been carried on tle i moreprivatcly each jihd maidens at ada the Quebec Yacht the Nova Scotia Yacht at Hali fax the Toronto Yacht at and the Yacht of There are alsoseveral ice yacht clubs in the United It will be seen therefore that next to baseball and horse racing no diversion is more popular in America than that of In the neighborhood of New York the yachting season begins on what is known as Decoration but the formal open ing is on regatta which is some thus during the first or second week in June according to the The jachta then and join iu the cruises of boring or follow the their respective Of lute years It has become fashionable to spend it part of the summer on the lakes or in Canadian and good cruising is found amone The Thousand especially it the thusiast is the fortunate possessor of a steam The return is made about the latter part of July or the first part of when the season is at its height at Newport and other watering and it is in order to prepare for the annual Tna latter occupies two or three and this year it is expected that the cruise will be more interesting than ever because the fleet will probably comprise 140 Itmnst not be that all the good seamanship is confined to the Atlantic Some of the best sailors and truest sportsmen are to Ire found o the and in point of if no of many of their craft will vie wit those of their more ostentatious of the The conditions of wind an wave being the ablest seaman ship is often and quahues ar evoked from captain and crew under cer tain circumstances that would put on thei mettle the hardiest and most skillful o This is especiall true of the gentlemen whobelong to th clubs of Detroit But Rochester and elsewhere in the Ic isnot less character istic ot the yachtsmen of where the weather is more treacherous than iu the and at times calls for tbe exhibi of rare courage aud ability Iu the Bay of San Francisco there are from twentyfive to thirty and a least two if not composed o enthusiastic owners and amateur sailors among them gentlemen of the tvpe o Stewart the Sprecklss brothers Philip Cornelius Cousins and the Crackers houses are models andtheirhos pitclity ol a kind thuta man never likes to Their officers have entertained dis tmguished visitors from the Atlanti Europe and The cruises of some of the the Ciisco have extended to Santa San the South Sea Puget otnd and many otherpicfiurcsque is the custom in the of the own ers of yachts use thKru for both pleasure and sailing home at night afb the days work is done and retnrnin by rail in the Every year two large social parties are tinfirst iu the early spring to open the and the second in the when sailin for the year is formally When it comes to racing on the especially if a storm has tumbled up the nlands to be and the O ulf of Mexico the shores of Via bama and are also favorite cruising grounds of In all these states excellent clubs have been and a summers recreation ia intensified by the kindred sports of fishing andhnntin nE a girl as we all rememberintheearlydays5 who used to go to the old red school honsa1 on the go fishing with us in summer and used to make our heart flutter teflut when boon of strapping on her old reds preparatory to a spin on the frozen I waited vain though thereirere hundreds of womenS young I only found X very select few who wore freckles of Itcatftrbevsaidthe oH irettjWff itcantbethatfrecfcleshavemneVtl out of On the other must be that the girls are more skilled in yon Detroit Free aiiai tcrs The of Brook is an enthusiastic He has a large collection and his home on Montague street is literally a museum of natural The doctor tells good story illustrative of the great temptation to do wrong even a min ister is sometimes One Sunday morning early in one of the handsomest and rarest butterflieslever camenuttering about my It was a curiosity that would have excited the envy of any naturalist ButI did not feel like catching it so I let it do yonknow that butterfly crosses my path every Sun flay but never at any other time I afraid that if it does not turn up week day or keep out of my way ou Sun clay I shall horrify my neighbors by beinc hat in chasing butterfly through the streets while on my way to church some Sunday New Into a Well In Her Between 12 and 1 oclock on the mom ing of June as some yonng were on their way and whfle passnsjf along near the public school building of they heard cry of Entering the premises occupied by Pro fessor Allen upon a tonrof inves tigation they found that the cry came from a It was found that Moore had fallen into the A ropa was thrown which Moore but when raised tonear the top she missed her hold and fell The well was thirtysix feet deep and contained between ten and feei of A loop was then the end of the rope and hastily down directions to place it arouni her body and under her whack T Moore succeeded in and by that means she was It is be lieved that Moore either slipped and fell into the or was walking her sleep at the City1 PE Foxi Truth Is Than Seventeen years ago I lived with my father mother on the banks of the Stranger in Atchison Kan I was only 7 years of and one day my youthful fancy was caught by the pretty colors of I pulled a small ring off my finger and a string out of my Placing the ring over the head of the I started home in dragging tho snake at my and feeling as much a con queror Roman emperor who dragged the captives behind his char In climbing over a fence my cap tive made its everything I shed a few tears at the buthad forgotten the matter until Ire turned to the vicinity of my old home in Atchison county for the purpose of buying some While crossing a Email creek that flows into the Stranger river my attention was called by the barking of my dog to a strange some thing in a I investigated and found there an immense fully ten feet the dog and myself we succeeded in MHing the though I was obliged to use in the warfare both a and a revolver The dog finished thesnake by giving it a shaking and it You will hardly I knowv but can havemyhMul if it wasnt the same snake that got away from me seventeen years Howrdo I little blacksnake had grown to be a monstrous big one thejittle silver ring around its neckhacl gfownunttt it was as large as a ladys bracelet the piece7 oftwina hjldcrrmsm hadgrownjuntil good sized A Spotted There is a whole tribe of spotted men and and to be met with in a district the banks of the River in South They live only on the river or in float ing settlements in the Almost their whole life is spent in their and they are conspicuous by their pecu liar which is covered with black and white and causes many in dividuals to look just as if they haoL been so that the spotted man need not always be a thing of paint and York The Final are is a genuine diamond It wfll scratch glass or the hardest it left a mark on the cheek of my friend what of that is the society reporter of The Daily Bul letin Victorias Crown The English crown is made up of dia pearls emeralds set in silver and gold bands It weighs 39 ounces and 3 9 17 sanphires and 11 Louis Bishop Jones Advice to When the Baltimore and Philadelphia inference of the Snished its business Bishop Jones ed the ordination giving the andidates for orders good He not to spend too much time before the glass trying tomake them selves look ItwasnotatallEkely that they would be but it was shame even to turn an example of ods noblest work into a very likely a poor due at more Overhead Storage r The railway at Sioux wfll be interesting work both to ity authorities and electrical throughout the It will bean overhead storage car The colA Trnns are eighteen feet apart and tho roadbed wfll be twentytwo feet aboW 3 On the top of this wfll be aid the rails on which the electric stor age cars are to be York Com mercial A Vernal Von Gushmgtou Sevagoe wonderful is natureAnd marvelous that every and shrubAK tud tree should knowthat oncemore has come the time of leavest Miss Sara hiding a yawn how strange that many should possess less knowledge of ovely season thanthe Lord William the second is parish very jopularamony aH Heis tobal ppointed honorary to the neen the next vacahcjv and will in the private chapel at Wind when her majesty again takes iesidence It is proposed erect a memorial j tmtain teof the old state waal omrdown a few is and tho plan is to i AnHndex Vlrom In times the leiprfginal hat the

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