Saturday, August 23, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 23, 1890, Burlington, Iowa STABLISHED AUGUST I Knowing Ones Say the Latter Will TJB the I Mother Effort to 4 rowderly j0wderJy is the Engineers In the close today ends the serond week of tho Tho men two weeks lefttheir places with the confidence of r njlBStatement upon their own terms are i Lnsidermg situation tonight in I flieir local where they are Noinecl 1n council by the members of the irCCutive Undoubtedly it is true lie rank and file of the men feel at prcs t strong m the near presence of their The heads have been consider inc tlehimmediate interests and tho S men arc They feel reinforced andmoro The board of arbitration uresented itself perfunctorially to aid Powderly has hastened f to accede but the railroad has laSere is a growing belief among the per who are following the course of i events that there will be no ilortlicr Ifnas rumored that possibly the next movewould be the ordering oui of all mechanics along the of the Central ebb w as ques he some 1 Jen days ago that by allowing the men r in our v arions shops to j was furnishing amuuition to the I at once ordered the shops to le dosed and directed that only enough mea be retained to perform the actually necessary repairs that were required each It the present time we have fully gjty thousand cars in the course of con itruetion at West Albany and twelve Trandrcd men have been laid State Arbitration Commissioner Dono van this afternoon sent a letter to Vice Jresident Webb stating It having come 10 the knowledge of the state board of fncfllation and arbitration that another rtke was seriously threatened on the lines of your he is instructed by Tieboad to again communicate with ton aud invite a joint conference in the offices of your company between you and the representatives of your with a view of devising some cither by arbitration or such other method as may be mutually agreed on as whereby the threatened strike may averted and an ahrnpt interruption of travel and transportation be A sim ilarlctter was sent to Pow in his stated that the gen eral executive board of the Knights of Late is willing to comply with the re quest and holds itself in readiness to re spond at a moments Powderly says TVe bold ourselves in readiness to do any honorable thing to terminate the strike or to avert another and sincerely hope this arbitration or such other method as may be agreed upon will have the desired Webb responded thus The further strike referred to by you or will not take place as the efforts of the jcrsons who have left our service may or 5 may not meet with I believe that such efforts will I am not aware of any difference or grievance ex i Ktlng between the company and its em and I must assume that con ference suggested by you was designed to be between the officers of the company and the officials of the Knights of These officials represent our hut persons who have left our service and have not askod to be hut through these same officials of I the Knights of Labor have asked that the dischargeby the company of certain persons be to their investiga tion and to arbitrate by some tribunal to be selected in some a request which I have fell it to be my duty to I shall take every means in my power to prevent an interruption of the passenger andlreigLt traffic and if constituted au thorities prevent lawless interference with our operatives I do not anticipate any For the above reasons it seems to me iuappropriate and unncc essary to have the conference suggested by TVclilts Bejjly to SEW Webb comes forward tonight with a prepared state evidently prompted by Powderlys Webb starts out with the statement that no man has been dis charged by this company because he was a Knight of Labor or a member of any other Then for the first time since the beginning of the contro iVoub names the list of offenses among which are those because of which the Knights of Labor are said to have been Webb con tinues The company discharged the men irrespective of their member ship hi the order of Knights of labor for breach of insubordination and for lack of sufficient work to employ them and it will continue to do so whenever proper occasion It would be a criminal neglect of duty for me to omit H discharge a switchtowcraan for upon his sobriety and fidelity to duty depends the safety of life audllrabof the millions of passengers transported annually by this company hat private or public business can oc carried on subject to the Jlctation from workman that this shall tepcrfonncd or by this or that ainouiit of work What employer can wlcrate insolence and based upon the belief that the offender I be supported therein by a secret or ganization to which he and by m agency which the employers business ran be damaged or stopped The fore Boing without setting forth the name or place of the causes which called for the discharge the men referred to in Powderlys For these discharges and to threatened I have been wed upon by Powderly and his asso aatcsto consent to a monstrous absurd satisfying by some kind of arbltra uon or persons other than TO constituted authorities of the com causes existeda de X so Iong as l occupy the po hl Vth whidl I llu I feel ittobcmydutyto firmly Sweont 1owdcrlywas Sar 1 master of the Brotherhood arrived here Ji an Associated Press re the first thing when the tomorrow would bo of what lic lcaraed Ws Ws interviews with 5 of Labor executive 1 M Then in the covrse ItmTii1 SarKcnt struck out tve He how olMMrt QUtdnotaS in tbe position ber nf of the council but as a mcm the Federation of Railway Em Ue said he was individually en ord with Pow bis representative had the discharge of the three He Ivew York Central anything 7 and the latter had Continuing ttafionT d AsameDerrf the fed i Eonc to Knights of but to the Brother hood of Locomotive They are J contending for the right to maintain their Thly are now at a and some instances their places are being filled by members of the Brotherhood of locomotive Eugi Sav1 down from the foot board to pick up the shovels which Wmf by the Arejou willing that this should continue Are understand that this action is to receive the sanction of the organization which you represent The Knights of Labor desire to knowwherc you stand on this for you are authorized to voice the sentiments of A our order The members of the various brother hoods of railway employes are desirous of knowing where you for on your and wo desire it to be a public depends the future of vour We desire to know where to place Shall it be classed among the organiza tions of industry or among the allies of capital If your members continued to do the work of we shall know that it is iyith your and the fu ture will be plain before Wo do hot ask for your official sanction or the strike we only ask for fair treatment at your and that we have a right to The man who takes the place of another in this contest is untrue to the cause of organized The or ganization which approves of such con duct must bo regarded in the same and we want to know from your own lips where to assign the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in the roster of Wo have asked of the other organiza tions of railway employes to take sides with They arc responding and the future of labor seems to indicate that between us all there will be a far better understanding than ever but your voice must be heard either on the side of the railwav or the Which will it be I very re General Master Workman of Arthur Chief Ar of the Brotherhood of Locomotive was asked this morning what reply he wished to make to Powderlys open letter to He said he would be pleased to give Powderly the information A must be ad dressed to him as he never paid any attention to letters through the pub ic The position of the engineers is well but Arthur would be glad o emphasize it if Powderly addresses lim a letter in an official Handling Blare One of the Central officials said tonight AVe have handled more freight today than any day since the strike A further investigation shows two more engineers have doubled taking places of striking A BAT OF on l Wm was should not I asked not treat with did r i Suppose you and I Powderly to JMciity of Jtuinorg State ment NEW is a day of expectancy in the railroad Xo one knows what toniorrow will bring the great strike which is now believed must come will be declared or whether it will be postponed until There were plenty of rumors afloat this The difference be tween the statement of ol the Bremen and of the is commented upon Sargent said yesterday that he and his three col chiefs of the orders which com prise the were unanimously In favor of Powderlys declaration in favor of a Sweeney said tho po sition of the supreme council on the mat ter was the same as the conference with and that the four chiefs were not unanimously in favor ofa Wright and Dclviu criticised Sweeneys statement this Hayes said Sargent was the only one of the four who was authorized to speak on the What he said was not only but so far as the four chiefs are IfSweeney made such a statement yesterday as has been attributed to him he has certainly hanged It is immaterial what Sweeney says I believe the council will endorse Sargents They see there is nothing else for all of us to do but AX JE Commissioner of the state board of reached here this In an interview with although neither would tell anything in regard to the Donovan said there was little hope of a settlement be ing arrived at by means of Donovan will callupon Powderly this and when he places himself in full possession of the facts from both parties he will make known the In case no settlement can be reached uere it is understood that the state board of arbitration will at once investigate the OTHEB Kngincers and Firemen at tlio Union Stock Go of the firemen and engineers employed by the Union Stock Yards Switching association went on a strike for higher wages this morn and in consequence one huudrcd and twenty switchmen are The switch ing or transfer system is the largest in the country as the association docs all the work for the immense packing houses at the and consequently all work at the packing houses is at a The tracks are filled with immense trains of fresh meat destined for outside Freight Trainmen for More of freight trainmen of all branches of the Illinois Central railroad held their second meeting this A demand for an increase of wages will be formulated to morrow and a committee appointed to wait upon president of the to arrange for the discussion of the The delegates say no preparations have been made for a strike if the demand is Carpenters May Have to Strike the executive committee meeting of the master build ers they refused to arbitrate the existing differences with the jour neymen which was asked for by the latter in anaddressto the builders As the new bossesassocia tion have also refused to there is appartotly no recourse for the car penters union except a surrender or a new general Should members of the it is estimated that within two weeks thirty thousand other workmen in the building trades m Chicago will bo thrown out of Excursion Tickets Via to DCS Molnes for the Iowa State on saleAngust 2S to Sep tember 5 Rood for return up to land including September pne rare for round THE ELECTION The Caucus Decides to Postpone It Till the Next A Possibility that It Kay Never a Senate and House Ses Washington Jfews and result of nights caucus seems to have definite ly settled the fact that tho election bill will go over until next It is un derstood that an agreement was made that no further effort should be made to get the election bill up but it will be taken up early and that the president bo asked to call an extra session after the November elec tions to give more The members of the house while dissatisfied with the fact that the election bill goes are delighted with tho prospect of an early and while a few suggest a refusal to adjourn until the election bill is seems no prospect of any such It looks now as though the electionbill might never become a as it will be very easy for its opponents to talk it to death in a short A Question as to Silver treasury department will make another effort for the release of more money by the pur chase of silver to a large pro vided the offerings arc not greatly in ex cess of tho market An interesting question has been presented to the de partment with regard to theenforce ment of the law so far as tho purchases during the present mouth are Tho law requires the purchase of 000 ounces of siverNeach but it did not become operative until the 13th and the question arises as to wheth er tho requirements will be met by the purchase for a proportionate part of a month of an amount less than the legal quota for the If this is decided in the affirmative tho department will not be required to purchase more than ounces during the present IViiidouis Remarkable Bond the treas ury department it is predicted that the extraordinary and unprecedented prop osition of Secretary Windom to redeem the outstanding 4K per cent bonds will result in offers aggregating at least ninety per cent of the entire series with in the next sixty It is stated that the secretary realizes that something must be done to counteract the strin gency in the money caused by the heavy exports of gold consequent upon the exceptionally large purchases by who are anticipating the adoption of the McKinley tariff and that this is why he proposes to now pay all of the interest which may accrue at the time of maturity if the bonds are offered for redemption at this The Republican Order of Business Com mittee Reaches a republi can order of business committee has reached a but some details remain to be The tariff after a date to be is to be con sidered under the five minute rule until a vote is The date of this has not been decided and will be subject to arrangement with the It Is expected that a vote will be reached about the 5th of After tho tariff is out of the way other meas ures mentioned in Quays resolution aro to be taken up and disposed The election bill will come up the first thing after the reassembling of congress in but the time for which a vote shall bo taken is reserved for future con To Arrange an Order of a republi can caucus last at which every senator of that persuasion was repre sented for the purpose ofduly arranging an order of business to bo a substitute for the Quay resolution and other pend ing propositions wore assigned to a com mittee with Hoar as chairman and comprising as its members Senators Spooner and The com mittee will probably report ALIEN CONTRACT LABOR The Amended Measure Presented in the amended alien contract labor law bill was pre sented in the house today from the com mittee on Its principal features are It is made unlawful on tho part of an alien to enter the United States under any contract to perform labor or If the master of a vessel shall bring any such alien into the United States he besides being subject to a fine and be required to return the alein to the port of It shall not be lawful for any person or corporation to encourage any alien mechanic or artisan to emigrate from any foreign country to the United States by promise of employment through advertisement or Tho pro visions of the act shall not apply to pro fessional lecturers regu larly ordained ministers of the learned professors for colleges and semi or professional LIQUOR IN THE Senator Resolution to Prevent tho Sale of Intoxicants In the Senate Senator Plumbs resolution to prohibit the sale and of liquors in the senate wing of the Capitol is intendedto correct an evil which has grown to large propor and which is already nominally under the ban of tho committee on which is in charge of the Speaker Reeds order against drinking in the house wing is practically a dead let Instead of the drinking being done at the it is done at but the results are about the In the senate for some time at there has been no attempt at concealment of the sale of arid anything from einger ale to benedictine may be had on It has really grown into a and the resolution of the Kansas senator is a timely protest against the HAWS Continued Investigation of tho Charges Against the Pension Raum continued his testimony beforethe investigating committee He said that some of the money obtained from Ijcmou went the rcferagter com but he declined to state how Cooper presented an published in tho Cincinnati Commercial Gazette on June containing a denial of tho truth of the charges brought by The commissioner denied that the article had been prepared in his office and taken to General He had a number of interviews about that time with newspa permen on this Tho interview he substantially The commissioner said that probably Lemon had spoken to hiraabout the ad vanced cases before he submitted his Certainly other attorneys had done As to the system of completed files the witness said that the pension office relied solely upon thecertificates of the who was assumed to be a credible being accredited by the that the case was complete and ready for The commissioner produced a statement of the cases on the completed files showing there were now of such including of Lemons The pension firm which had presented tho largest number of completed cases this month was Warrinyv Coopers L This conclnded the commissioners ex and Martin chief lot the lawdivision of the pensiontbureau was called and gave testimony relative to the office adding thatvno par ticular consideration had been shown in the treatment of Lemons as he knew Commis sioner Raum next produced the stock book of the refrigerator company and furnished a list of stockholders which were verified by the He tes tified that it contained the name of no employe in tho office except his own and that no stock was ever offered to any Cooper declared the proceeding was expartej that it was beneath the dignity of a mem ber of congress or a respectable attorney to participate in such an investigation he had not been permitted to look at the stock The committee offered to allow him to inspect the but he refused to do so unless he could obtain excess to the books Adjourned to September THE PIPTrPIEST The Senate Proceeds With tlie Considera tion of the Tariff the senate the tariff bill was taken the pending question being on the amendment to the paragraph relating to file blanks and Tho amendment is to sub stitute for classified specific rates uniform i rate of twentyfive centsad The tariff bill was laid aside and the house bill to amend the act of the 22d of for the relief of the settlers on lands was taken from the calendar The tariff bill was then again taken As one paragraph after another was aken up amendments principally by but they were all The paragraph relating to shot guns was passed over Aldrich stating that the finance commit tee had some modifications of it under The paragraph relating to wood screws having been reached Carlisle said that was an article which American manufac turers were selling abroad very much lower than they were selling them at Ho produced price lists in sup port of the This was another he of the policy adopted by the other side by allowing draw backs on export He went on to say that offering American goods at cheaper prices than they were offered at home was not confined to goods where a draw back was allowed on free Stewart said that the assumption that there was anything wrong in the sale of American manufactured goods in foreign countries cheaper than at home arose from the want of No amendments were agreed to until paragraph one liuudrcd and ninety was which on motion of amended so as to read bullion of silver or other not specially provided twentyfive per cent Having reached the to ead the senate Tho the house his morning tho conference report on the bill making an appropriation for an ncreascd clerical force to carry out the provisions of the dependent pension law was agreed of submitted the report of the committee on rivers and harbors on the senate amendment to the river and harbor bill recommending nonconcurrence in these amendments and agreeing to the conference asked by tfie The house then went into committee of the whoio on the Hendorson said the senate amend ments increased the appropriation car ried by the bill about It was this increase which the committee asked the house to nonconcur After concurring in about onehalf of the senate amendments the committee Masoiifof rising to a ques tion of said some days ago a resolution had been adopted alleging that certain gentlemen had been fraudu lently using the mails to create a senti ment in favor of the Conger lard and calling on the postoffice department for information on tho A resolu tion had be sent to the post office department with the request that the papers in regard to the matter be transmitted This had not been He had called at the department three or four times and been informed that probably tho papers would not be sent up until Satur day Then they would be of no use as the previous question on the bill was ordered at four oclock Ills charge was that improper influence bad been brought to bear upon the de partment of the government to retain certain papers in its He moved a committee of three members be appointed to wait on the postmaster gen eral and ask that the papers be furnished in time to be used in Before any action was the house took a At the evening session the house passed thirtythree private pension bills Including one granting a pension of a month to the widow of George late chief of the bureau of yards and and then IN THE The Presidents Jersey Cow Imprisoned With Plebeian Animals at President Harrison left here to assume the duties of chief executive of tho he had a valuable cow which he re fused to she being of the Jersey breed aud a most excellent The cow had been purchased in order that BabyMcKeo might have fresh milk any hour in the day or The animal was so gentle that the family be came very much attached to During the day the cow browsed upon the spacious lawn at tho Harrison residence and at night was stalled aud bedded with as much care as were the family To find the animal a good home during his four years absence was one of the cares that occupied president while arranging for his departure to Washing but tho matter was finally settled by placing tho animal in the hands of a gentleman who resides near tho It seems that the trust accepted was faithfully observed till last when tho animal wandered into the city limits and was taken up and im pounded by Patrolman The officers had no idea whose cow it and of course made no The temporary owner never thought of looking in the pound for the missing as ho supposed it to bo well and thought that no one would dare to impound the presidents The ani mal would have been sold yesterday bnt for the fortunate discovery of her iden The fees were promptly paid and the animal returned to thepossessipn of its temporary With the discov ery that Harrisons cow was in the pound came also the discovery that Consul Gen eral Kows cow had been taken up and impounded Harry JSew promptly paid the fees and the favorite bovine was taken home to be more carefully gnarded in the Children The pleasant gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of when in need of a and when the father or mother bo costive or bilious the most gratifying results follow its so that it is the best family remedy known and every family should have a Deaths Federick Henry of Harvard University died aged FIGHTING THE UNION British Ship Owners Decide to Com bineAgainst labor Troubles IminlnentrDetMils peror WUllamA Visit to Russia Shrowdod In Portuguese labor troubles are on the A confer ence of British ship represent ing a capital of yesterday de cided to fight the labor Their men had not nor threatened to but the lockout of the officers of tho merchant marine in Kew Zealand has led to demands for officers from Eng land to take their These ended in owing to the fact that nearly all the capable officers in England are members of a trades union and sympathize with their friends In the angered the ship ownersjand the resolu tion to fight the union was the What form the fight will take is not but there can be no doubt that any effort to rid themselves of union sailors and or to discriminate lagamstthem in the matter of would lead to a gigantic which would paralyze British An other sign of the times is the determina tion of the London Dockers union to have theirofficers take contracts for loading and unloading if agreed to by the ship would at one stroke abolish the middlemen arid give tho men a share of the profits as well as their daily In Belgium miners have struck in the Morinage district near and as the con servative press puts tne trouble down to the Emperor Williams visit to the czar is not well covered by tho London owing to the excessively strict precau tions taken by the Russian police to pre vent strangers from getting too much in Nothing but meagre reports of reviews and dinners is allowed to leak and is watchingthe visit with deep must wait for some trumpet blast from the kaiser or some big movement of the czars soldiers before it can even guess what conclu sions may have been arrived at by the two In themearitimeBuIgaria is as quiet as a lamb and no sound comes from the Balkaus to indicate whether the storm is about to burst or In Armenia it is the Both Turks and Armenians are acting as if they ex pected to face each other in the field at in early The Ottoman government lias decided to arnuthe savage and fan atical Kurdish tribes with MartiniHenry rifles purchssed in England and several Armenian prisoners have been quietly strangled in prison in The Armenian peasantry have cut the tele graph wires between the Turkish gar risons and matters are rapidly approach ing a The papers are congratulating Lord Salisbury upon the successful settlement of the dispute between England and which at one time threatened to result in By the terms of the agreement England recognizes as Portu gueseterritory tho or ter ritory back of from lljtf degrees of latitude to the northern boundary of the German sphere of Great Britain having free way between her northern and southern and all the country to the westward of the Nyassi to be Though a at arms with Portugal could hardly have ended otherwise than in a victory for yet the popular feeling was very strongly averse to a resort to force ind the peaceful conclusion of the affair is hailed with pleasure by all classes and The sentiment of the English people displayed throughout this contro versy is a striking indication of the change which has gradually come over the public mind in recent years in regard to Some years ago tho mere that Portugal was a small and weak nation would not have been regarded as any reason tor refraining from a war which prom ised to add considerable area of valuable territory to its rich The war with the brave little community of Boers in South which ended so inglori ously for is a proof of this and it can hardly be doubted that tho shame which that barbarous but futile attempt to crush a libertyloving and in offensive people reflected upon England is largely responsible for the change of Lord Salisbury has by his course in the Portuguese affair recovered s6me of the prestige which had been lost onaccount of the illsuccess of many of his effort in home FRANCIS JOSEPH Reports That the Emperor of Austria lias Relapsed Into a State of from Vienna say that the health of the Em peror Francis Joseph is failing fast and that ho has relapsed state of melancholy which it is not impossible will bo aforcrunner of Vienna paper says that when dressing for the marriage of his tile Arch duchess to the Archduke Francis Salvator the emperor remarked to one of his assistants This is my last happy day I want to SAN Ezcta Dissatisfied Peace Prop ositions and War SAX tions for peace made by the diplomatic corps to the provisional imply abandonment of the autonomy and the independence of It is af firmed here that these propositions were suggested by President of Guat Naturally there ismuch dis pleasure manifested in political Hostilities which have been suspended are liable to be resumed any as President Ezeta has declared he will not submit to the dictation of and it is currently reported he has definitely decided to the proposed GENERAL FOREIGN Denial of a Baseless Frankfort Gazette publishes an official statement from a committee of the United States consulsgeneral recently held a meeting in in which a denial is given to tho report that the Paris confer ence declared in favor of a modification or a mild application of the provisions of the McKinley The consular con the committee had no authority and no desire to seek tp modify the and its was to se cure a uniform interpretation and a firm and equitable enforcement of the meas in order to guarantee lawful protec tion for the legitimate European trade with The Strike strike in Bdrinage district is Thirty five hundred miners quit making a total of BUEOX VI vente Fidel minister of finances and General minister of A Town town of near was burned Nine lives were The Irish Potato Crop Irish potato crop is ruined and the condition of cereals and turnips are One death is re ported from eating diseased Cholera in steamer Oceanic this afternoon arrivedfrom Hong Kong and YokahomaTwith Japan ese papers which states that is making through that country despite the efforts of the government to arrest Its The total numer of cases has been about three sixty per cent of which have The Cholera Spreading 1 cholera is spreading steadily along the Mediter ranean north to There in the neighborhood of twelve new cases The disease has appeared in sev eral villages in the province of THE MONEY An Business Done on the Stock t EW was an enormous crowd ol brokers on the stock exchange at the answering for a renewal of loans and The crowd all day was the largest ever on the Renewals were nearly all made at the legal rate of percent per annum with a premium of per cent Toward noon as high as X premium and and interest was paid for money but the urgent demand was easily supplied and then the rate fell off gradually and a hopeful feeling generally It was the general belief that the last cir cular of the treasury department assured easy money after September and that the danger line has becu SIX KILLED OUTSIQHK Frightful Accident on tlie Mount Penu Near runaway car on the Mojint Penn which ascends the mountain near dashed down a fivemile declivity at eleven oclock this killing sit persons and injuring many The killed as far asjjlaarned are Edgar lawyer Miss Reading Miss of The accident occured at the Horse Shoo the second grove from the train was coming by is rumored that there are other fatalities and quite a number It is said that the trouble occurred over the brake not MARKED FOE An Italian in lias Evidently Veen Doomed by Coc who was one of the party poach ing on the grounds of Millionaire Cun at when the latter was was badly pounded with a bottle yesterday by an unknown who evidently intended to murder Cocchiari Bred four shots at his assail but the latter Several at tempts have beeu made to kill who gave states evidence in the Cun ningham and is alleged tolie marked for assanation by a band of Ita Itebuildinc the and bricklayers can be seen at work in all parts of the city today repairing the damage done by the There are many poor families in the outlying wards out of house and Food and money is needed in many For a time the hundred men who were in the mine when the storm came on were in a precarious condition as the fan They made for the air shaft and all got out A naked lamp of one of the miners ignited the gas that quickly ac cumulated and threatened seri ous but the men fought the flames and succeeded in A ICide to this morning r while a stone train of seven cars was going down a the engineer lost control of the whereupon the whole train started on a wild run down the mountain The engineer and fireman and Tour trainmen three being Killed and the others injured The killed are Engineer Norton and 3ar Repairers Ferguson and The whole train was piled up in a pro miscuous mass of ruins at the foot of the Ontario Ontario Jepartment of agriculture has issued a bulletin in which it is estimated the yield of wheat exceeds that of last year by Fall wheat through most of western Ontario is of good being uniuually and the crop of spring wheaipill probably be better than Barley is and the yield of oats is expected to Of rye there is a fairly good yield and the crop is pretty well Corn will yield Crazed by tenant Walter of the Wood stock Guards of has completely lost his He went crazy a few days and has been placed in the asylum at Physicians attribute his malady to cigar ette He is only twentyone years old and a gallant militiaman and associate editor of the Anniston Special to Fairall his decision today case of the Cedar Rapids Northern Railway company Peter Dey and other Iowa railroad over ruling the motion to dissolve the tempor ary injunction heretofore secured by the railway and restraining them from estab lishing and promulgating the joint rates authorized by the act of the last legisla It K held that the court has juris diction that the act does not create such joint or partnership relations as create joint liabilities that it does in effect es tablish business relations between com mon that the power of the state to regulate private property af fected with public interest is limited only by constitutional guarantees that whether it can compel the use of cars for through transportation fs Lnoc de as the law affords no protectioa to their owners that there is no authority to compel a transfer for freight at con necting points in carload lots without charge and in less than such lots at cost that the act in effect makes the terminal companies agents of others engaged in the for which there is no authority or requires the shippers to pay at each transfer which is Impracticable that if enforced will de prive the owners of their property with out justice and and thataschedule of rates will be conclusive that they are just and The opinion is lengthy exclusive of makes fifteen There is ample time for and it is probable that the railway commissioners will take steps to bring the matter before the next session of the supreme Commissioners Xot Special to The HawtEyeJ DES com missioners say they are not surprised at Judge Fairallsdecission that it is just what they expected and so confident were they of an adverse decision that at their direction Attorney General Stone has his abstract and papers in the matter of an appeal already prepared and ihere will be no delay pressing the case to thesupreme Commissioner Smith liolds the decision does not touch or in terfere with the recent rulings of the as to each road charging its proportional rate where shipment is made upon two linesi and the terminal charges are The commission will endeavor to enforce late ruling not withstanding the success of the r ailroad n obtaining an A BIG DAT AT Sons of Veterans of the United na tional encampment of the Sons of Vet erans of the United States will be held in this city August25th to Every state and territory will be The governors ofMissouri and Kansas will be and John of will make an Be sides the there will be open competition a military Three Trainmen and an Operator SAN was received here this morning that a freight train on tho Central Pacific broke loose and rushed down a steep crashing into a freight train standing before the station at The telegraph opera tor and three trainmen were and the freight train and station Union Veterans Elect national encampment of UnionVeterans at Lake yesterday elected of The Womans Veteran Relief Union elected the following officersfor the en suing year Miss Mary of Illinois treas ot Bloomington sec Bachel of Blpom The Idaho BOISE re publicans completed their ticket last evening as follows attorney general superin tendent ofpublic instruction justices supreme Joseph John Public Memorial Meeting Hart has is sued a call for a public memorial meet ing for September 2 to give expression to tho loss sustained by all our people on the death of John Boyle OReilley and to take appropriate action California SAN demo cratic state convention today completed their ticket Hendricks was nom inated for secretary of state Her treasurer aud at torney Nerv cured by Miles Samples free at Wittes drug Xo Leprosy oil r investigation has shown there is nojoprosy island of purityandtorimprove ment ot the complexion nothing equals Poz zonti JSfS The Temporary Injunction Re judge Fairall Against the ICail way TV111 Prob ably Bine Grass oser Mills Talks Tariff at the Grass Special to The has been a big one for Ten thou sand people thronged the streets and surged thr6ngh the halls of the great bine grass The feature ot the the speech by Roger the great democratic exponent of tariff It was listened to by a vast and interested grand concert in the palace was also a prominent Tonight the city is brilliantly illuminated and presents a gay and turesque sight with its manycolored lights and shifting throng of BISHOP BOS6ROVS An Injunction Askedfor Against the Build Ing ofa Special to The IOWA Bosgrove of the sonthern diocese of Iowa is plaintiff in a petition presented to Judge Fairall in the chambers asking an injunction restraining the contractor from going on with the work of erecting the new university building in the city donated by Iowa City last winter to the state for university By consent ot the attorneys on both sides a hearing of the case was set for next In the meantime work on the building by consent of the university been Catholic church is located on a corner opposite the Van Buren Old pioneers of VaaBuren county had a great meeting here The day was the attendance large in the forenoon and immense In the Guernsey Pool acted as McCrary delivered the obituary and Uncle Dan of and Judge Geprge 6 of Des spoke there was lots of singing and music over flow of good and the old set tlers at the beautiful and impressive The following are the officers for the ensuing year Presi John who has lived in Van Buren county since 1S36 vicepresi Isiah Meek secretary and treas Board of Davidson of Farmington Israel of Vale of Harlan of Bryant of Steveus of Wright of Henry of Ver Clark of Des Jamison of Van Hinkle of Vil Sample of Hagler and Minear of Lick tttuis morning Steward of the poor found Alice an idiotic inmate of that hanging by her neck to her deadShe had torn a sheet into strips aud made a one end of which she tied around her neck and the other bed and by throwing her full weight upon she succeeded in strangling She was about thirty years old and had been confined to the home for a long had been a hopeless one and she required constant as she at times was vicious and almost After the coroners inquest she was Fatally Special to Siocx the break ing of the boom on a large derrick used in constructing the Boston Improvement Companys Mike Fay and Hughbank received probably fatal in both men being badly HAWKEYE FT MADISONS Well dressed young men of when they have nothing else to do indulge in throw ing stones at the street electric light Xmnciion Xnmerous burglaries were committed Mason City Thursday S1SO being of Brager and several gold watches and purses were Xo cine to the JUDGE Judg Dell Stuart of the Second Judicial district at Des has anil Burton of appointed as his Stuart is about to leave the Thebiggest5 ditchln Iowa has just been completed in It istwentysix rifles longt over twenty feet eight deep The chaurieljwas das todrainjfseveral day night attempt was t Into thesafe thfr Chlcagoand Sbi western railway depot at outside door was but tne Lr side door being couldnote be hence no loss was sustalrie except the damage to the Baker who has a family in baa been in the employ of Des Moine firm as vwas discharged day It is charged that tecteoXmoney enough to pay his fare ou of town and started for He i arrested last night at Hi accounts are said to be several hund dollars IOWAS return f the live stock assessors give thefo owing summary for Iowa Jtule 50 I 803 VALCABLE are handsome and thrifty black roves In One is on the near Grove and on the farm exSenator Jfonona conntjij Each grove has had about twentyfiva growth Jromthcr trees are straight and A RELIOIOX retreat of the of the Dnbnqne j diocese will be held at Josephs col in that city next Monday and closing About 450it priests are expected to be in Bishop will deliver his annual address to the priests of thefC and the exercises will consist ofrpjj prayer and doctrinal moral 3 Ax ISSAXE Eugeney an insane man living at San while passing through Bluffs Monday evening in charge ai made his and the police1 found him wandering around the The insane commissioners tooKj him in He is reported as quite jfc and was on his return Tom his native where he had been His friend will with him until it is decided what is best o be done with DrvoncED ASK Lesser is a rich farmer Dui His second wife died three years1 He then married Jane who was twice a widow Both had children forty years old and a grown1 crop of Michael aud Jane V quarreled and after six months of ried life Friends them together again and all went until last when Jane obtained at divorce from Michael on the ground Last Thursday Michael Jane happened to meet in an attorne The limb of the law played the part of Cupid and persuaded the old who had not spoken to each other for nine to again be joined i matrimony Accordingly a license was issued and Squire Mackay tied the G6rv dian knot and drove out to the old together thats HAT EXOUGK Whenever Professor mous visits Keoknk makes a parachute says the Gate he invariably inspires a small armyj of boys with a burning imitai aim in his perilous The a novel instance of the cose in point A number of lads had assemi bled on the roof of woodshed and of them was preparing to make a leal while the others were excitedly assistfn him in the All being he stepped to the edge of roof and jumped When the chute spread out it was discovered ta bi the boys mothers calico skirt tl waist opening tied togetherThe d scent was not an artistic or scientific and the boy struck the earthjliki a hod full of brick dropped from theroof of a fourstory When he gathered himself together exclaime fellers I doncsvant no more j THE WHITE young ladles renounced the world and took the white veil of the order of Franciscan Sisters at Dubuque Tho ceremony took place in the chapel Franciscan th that whic was garlanded with flowers The young ladies worebridal robes of spotless white and each carried a lighted tapers of the candidates was accompanied by little orphan child dressed in pure white The names of the young ladies areiMtf Mary Switzerland Miss Iowa Miss Marg retha Iowa MissV Petersburg Iowa Miss Noi Ireland Mary Brahfej Iowa Miss Gertrude Webb Iowa Miss Mary Rupp Iowa Miss Anna Waldoc IowaXMiss Susanna Hacke Miss Mary jl Iowa Miss Ami Iowa Miss j County Old ISpccial to The LA settlers of Hancock county held nual reunion in our abouj five thousand people being iirattendancS Refreshments were served In about two thousand old a gala day with the old people ancLi expressed themselves as having enjoyeiij the to their capacityAnnjii ber of prizes were specche Interspersed with general good time was Killed by bodytof an unknown man wasbrough into the city today from AshlandgbJ Conductor in chargeof art special freight He had fallen the wheels at that town whilejlalc tempting to alight from aear while train was in Themaitwa parently about sixtyfive years of well and from papers foun upon his person it is supposed tha resided in Serve An important andbowels througbfti A new Theys ily cure bad piles and Spleud for women and vSn Samples free at Wittes drug i of Five Suit NEW has entered an order n court discontinuing the suit broug Colonel Dudley to recover the Times publishing companylfi leged libel the The consent of T A Bank Teller Short in Accou Aug teller of the jCapitpI CitybaiSfi ported short accbimtSJ amount of ot and a fall in the Thursday caused to make sion ot his Killed by an a caimoii instantly Castamor the

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