Friday, August 22, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 22, 1890, Burlington, Iowa s r WABLISHED ff BATTLE j erly Marshaling His Porees for lle Present Indications tho Men Sot be Called Out Until Xezt eliSoniethlnc A1OIlt ew day has the labor leaders here like a jn battle It has been to day of preoaration for war after alaration and before the T has Powderly been person B heat of a contest like the one to be He never yet fflered a strike and feels some pride ho record of peace which he feels is PThere is little X determination in this s men say he is here and the executive board its headquarters during the if one is will be in this Kit is clear that Powderly and his act if the strike is made gen Pihat the responsiblity shall be as close as possible to the tSl purpose underlies s of the board to Master Work to convene his district alie order which has gone up the lo Albany to convene their district Mtv At these meetings iJocal assemblies will voice their m as to the general strike the result will be that a concensus of opinion among the men The federations of supreme r will not meet till and will alv communicate its determination inights here that night or Sun He Albany district iseaction will be influential in the lent plm Iaid out u Powdcrly to re the men themselves declare the does not meet till Mon js A fair conclusion from jjclsanil circumstances is that the if it is to will not fall next Powderly has been preparing following which was made public to ne the management of the Central and Hudson River J have been discharging employes iavc been active in labor It s that all those who have been jure members of the order of klits of and have at one time lothcr been officers in the or or have served on coinmit ffhich waited on officials jucw of presenting j discharges became so frequent and ieso clearly the evidence of a settled c on the part of the company to 1 and destroy the organization of of Labor upon the Central sys ISatthe executive board of district in which the Knights Eoor upon the system are it necessary to call a special ing io consider the f the meantime the general ex ivc hoard having been ap of the condition of affairs fione of its Jfew Tork with instructious to use all efforts to bring about an amica jjustment of the On his I in Xcw after con ewith representatives of the dis in the course of which he i full knowledge of the trouble die standpoint of tho waited Mcc President Holland to Webb that he had njion him to endeavor to ad tlie unpleasantness existing be tho company and its Knights of Webb denied there anv trouble existing between the my and its Holland told He as a member of the executive of ihe luiights of had come request of the men made through organization to which they strict assembly two hundred and forty ftebb brusquely declared he Id not discuss the matter with any not employed by the company and Findingall efforts Beet a peaceable settlement of their vanccs and being con that it was only a question of sand convenience with the company in they would one and all be dis rgcd unless they forfeited their raan J and abandoned their privileges as lens of a free country by renouncing rrplit to join their fellows in an inization calculated to protect i just rights without intruding those of the district dime hoard had no alterative bnt to er the which they The fc is already acquainted with the fls o the affair and a repetition is The most earnest sincere efforts of tlie general officers ecure a hearing for the discharged nucre The correspond passed between the Grand ster Workman and Webb has been On Wednesday Au t0 John Devlin of the general exec rater and myself waited on general and cndeavor tonavc the matter arbitrated or inves ted Toucey was emphatic in his On the afternoon of that day ioo was visited by the same gentlc jand he reiterated what Toucey had I In the morning it was suggested TO that disinterested parties should determine the It was iiiggcstcd that during the Investi tlie strike be declared off and the tttlgation proceeded That was MI Then the following proposition nadc by me could you not sit down with fin the presence of men who aro and allow me to question o in your so that I might e facts in tbe case and be better ask case no arrive at a decision las Webb emphatically vim said understand lo assume that ic and employes have no rights are bound to and do upon the matter simply as railroads were your ow if vyou take that vie rlta S no usc ln sa esitated and took refuge in si S anything lily investigating the to the and after every effort in their power to tue company or sub P t ID or by Im the question av ijhcthorthemcn were discharRC were Knights of and J raZ of destroying their as tbcT Believe or maintain cause and proper reasons as of the companv alleged general executive board havo by a to stand by 1hether is op contrPversy Toucey and and repeated the state not Discharged v and they ex UWlCtobeinvc Dimply Both of these gen n Tclat3on t me wuieli both to mak ErvtaiinS itot could in the strike basis for thos surrender o Pr0lest e railroad officials wa the circum surrender would b be an 11 who on and died forth right of We did not seek the Knights of Labor entire order to come to of assistance with the means toW he We have to fight a powcTwWch owes its lofty bearing to the wealth it has plied up from the labor of Int em ployes of the Untold millions are at Its command and we want money to carry on tho We not only ask the Knights of Labor to come aid but we ask it of all tn6 emers f all organized If wo aro so y vanquished as to make tho company epeat the we not onlv ask he labor but we of the great public labor ieyond our organization of lo come to our We are fighting gainst a power far more dangerous than the one which laid down its arms at prktown one hundred years There the light swas with one king Today it 3s against a hundred nc of in an after inner speech not long ago There are fty men in this country who have it in heir power to control the currency f the United to control commerce and at a days otice to stop every wheel in the rhole territory of the United he struggle is far more momentous aan it was during the American revolu Then our fathers fought for liberty ow we are fighting to maintain Then he enemy was three thousand miles way today he is intrenched in our wu He has figured around ur He stands at the oors of congress to bar out legisla ion of the interests of the He resumes to dictate to the executive of attempts to strangle nd corrupt the judiciary and does these by no shadow f divine but by the power f money wrung from the bending back f the railway laborers wrung from the mortgages of the farmers of the land from the business interests of wrung from tho verv earts of the best and noblest f the nations It is against uch a power as a power that cares or no right but its that wo strug and whether we win or lose in the resent the battle will now go n until that power is weakened forever r the public is The real animus of this strike lies in lie fact that our order has been strug ling with questions which concern the ontrol of corporations and syn icates by the government of the he allied forces of the Knights of jabor and the Farmers Alliance are marching on to Washington to ecure legislation favorable to the whole They arc going there to secure je repeal of certain unjust laws which tand in the way of progress and antag nize It is the hope of turning ur attention away rrom these matters that this warfare is made tart of the allied t is to weaken us wherowe can do them lie worst harm and the country the reatest good that these annoyances aro isited upon We are not the disorderly ob that the papers paint The rderly and lawabiding conduct of the en on the strike has won ie admiration of the public and yet the est feelings of the community have een destroyed by the introduction of rmcd forces under command of Robert a man who holds o commission from the state or ation to recruit or arm men for lad the interests of New York required there are many thousands of veteran oldiers within her borders who faced eath a quarter of a century t was not necessary to call upon them nd yet a hireling mob of the worst liaracters in tho land hasj been nartercd upon the people of New ork city to terrorize her citi provoke them to shoot own those who asked for a right to be card in their own The conduct f the men since the strike began has een most orderly and commendable and ntil its close no Knight of Labor ill be found in an unlawful act f any We are pledged o maintain the We will obey the egal commands of the but not of corporation which defies public opinion nd has no regard for justice when ealing with its Concilia on and arbitration can deal with oe most intricate question of he unchristian attitude of the New York Central officials Is best illustrated y the manner in which they violate the aws of the land through their During this strike Robert Pinkerton is n agjjnt of the He advertises or and hires them without regard 0 the brute lone is and such creatures s will do any deed of desperation re most Adolph Polleshek to me on August 1C and made affi avit that he was hired in New York by he New York Central as watchman and ent to Albany and upon arriving there vas handed a commission appointing iim deputy sheriff without expense to he country and given weapons and told use He could hardly speak H will be well to vhy blank commissions with sheriffs laino attached arc placed at the disposal if Robt Pinkerton to be placed in the uands of ignorant men who believe un ler this authority they have the right to ill In order to test this case still further and learn if all the citizenswould receive he same I telegraphed Sheriff of Renesselar isking if he would swear in two hun dred deputies to protect the lives of our He replied that he did not hinkthe situation would warrant Walter Webb applauds the actions of the Pinkertons in Wal ter Webb never did one stroke of work to earn the wealth ho now It came by inheritance and he docs not appreciate it and regards it as something to be used for himseif The elder Vanderbilt was a workman and knew something about the feelings of the man who It was during his days that the record of the New York Central for generous treat ment of the workmen was made and not under the present In con clusion Powderly says The Knights of Labor hold themselves in readiness now and will continue to do to yield to the will of the this The on the other holds itself above and superior to public opinion 1 would here ask the men Still in the employ of the New York Central anc Hudson Iliver railroads whether it be nd between sixty and seventy thousand n the other roads of the Vanderbilt sys Of these men there are on the en ro Vanderbilt system twentyfive thou and Knights of Labor and six thou and members of the Three lousand men have left the Centrals em loy since the strike was STREXOTH OF THE It was learned today from a competent uthority that the strength of the Cnights of Labor in the various branches f work in the New York Central is as ollows two per cent con ten per cent twenty er cent and freight fifteen er Nearly all the rest of the rail oad workmen belong to the bsother There are only a few men who 0 not belong to any 9f the labor organ Vice President Webb himself ackhowl dges that a combined strike of the Knights and the Federation would cbin letely tie up the A strike by the nights as is shown by 10 above would result in only a emporary embarrassment to the corn With the brotherhoods and Knights combining forces on all tho oads of the Vanderbilt system the reatest tieup in the history of this ountry will The two great organizations decided to iake a common fight of their two griev ncesandwin or lose This as deemed advisable for two or three because the Eastern division Cnights of Labor strike had proved cry more be luse the interests of all railway em oycs were alike at As Powderly imsclf expressed it I have got men 1 the switchmens battle and you Sweeney have got nieu in the Knights TO BLOW TJP not to their and support interest to those men stand bj who arc striking for their common right to The general executive board will conduct this contest with al of their within the law and with out To do this we require and that at Public spiritec citizen who believe in fair play are askci to contribute to tho liberty fund in of the striking employes of tho New Yorl Central and Hudson River railroad Send all contributions to John Hayes 814 North Broad Philadelphia of Powdcrly Writes to NEW ha written to Chief Arthur stating the strik situation and asking him where he an the Brotherhood of Engineers stand o the Some Striking NEW New Yor Central officials have been making som computations today regarding the num bcr of men who are likely to go on th They say there are seventytw thousand men employed on the Centra E Stranger Suggests to a Strike Leader tho Use of NEW striking mploycs of the New York Central have rided themselves on the absolute free om from disorder or attempted violence hat has characterized this esterdays mass a tatcment by President Cleary that a onspiracy existed to involve thq Knights Labor in a plot to blow up ex ted a great deal of Cleary said that on Tuesday after oon as he was on his way home he was pproachcd by a stranger who took his and and shook Glancing at iearys Knights of Labor he lid We are and engaged iu ie same good No reply being ado to the stranger gave a signal mployed by the Knights several years but not used After some urthpr the stranger nnfoldcd a chcme which contemplated the destruc by of the railroad bridge cross the Harlem river at 4th avenue and 10 railroad bridge across Spuyten Duyvil The stranger said that he was repared to furnish the dynamite neces ary to blow up thcso and en ered into details as to how tho scheme ould be carried out secretly and with ut fear of It was only his for the cause of tho 0 that prompted him to suggest ie use of Cleary was so urprised at the boldness of the propo tion that ho hesitated as to how to rc y to the and the observing ie concluded ho had made mistake in making the and alked away at a brisk Cleary illowed hoping that ho might meet a and thus put iu operation a plan 1 entrap the but none nd after tracking the stranger to Forty econd sireet and Sixth he dis and was not again seen by Tho meeting passed resolutions de ouncing the strangers action as an at empt on the part of the railroad corn any or Pinkeatons to the tho lCoad3 NEW late in ie relative to the large made by Powdcrly that ho and ie executive board since their arrival ere had been shadowed by tho detcc that had he not taken every law ul means to protect the interest of his oad and kept himself Informed as to hat the members the board were oing he would be wholly unfit to remain nehalf hour in his present Serious Enema ut the trike on the Central is having a serious ffect upon business in Val and Johnstown and In ie latter places manufacturers and nier aants experience great delay in getting oods Someof the glove fac ories will soon have to shut down if the trike Provisions are ad ancing in The Central People here ade a checkmate move on tho Central eople this They captured ver forty men who arrived in the city iis morning and yesterday and took iem to a hall where a large meeting in THE NEW TORK omethlng About the Road on Which the Great Strike la The New York Central and Hudson ttver railroad has a total includ ng its branches and leased of Tho main line is from lew York to Its ranches aggregate and its eased The princi ml leased lino is the West Shore vith a length of Cornelius Vanderbilt is of the board of irectors and Chauncy Dcpew presi Like nearly all the great roads of he country tho present New York Cen ral and Hudson River railroad was oundcd by the consolidation of a num icr of smaller ones and its mileage has been increased by pur chase and One of the most Impor tant facts in its history was the leasing of the West Shore road for the period of 475 years from January Tho West Shore road was as ic gener ally for the purpose of black mailing the New York Central into buy ng It parallels the latter road the whofe distance from New York to Buff It gets its name from the fact that rom New York to Albany it is the west shore of the while the New York Central is on the cast t was opened through to Buffalo in and went into of a receiver six months was sold in November and leased to the Central at the beginning of THE The New Chicago Louis a total o the main line from Buffalo to Grand The officers arc William chairman of th board of and Caldwell This is another road that wa built to It was projected and car ried through by Calvin Georg Sency and in Only about six months was occupied in it and the same year it bo came a part of tho Vanderbilt system b the purchase of a majority of its stock b tho Lake Shore This purchas was forced on the Lake Shore by th fact that tho NickelPlate parallele its own It was about the time c this purchase that Vanderbilt made hi sincefamous utterance The public b damned Tho Shore Michigan Souther railroad has a total of in eluding its leased The main lin extends from Buffalo to The main branches are the San dusky Air Line Jacl son Monroe Ashtabu with a combined total of The leased lines are mile n and tho original roads whic ero consolidated in 1869 to form the resent road have a total of The officers are William lalrinan of tho board of directors and secretary and The Michigan Central road has a total including leased and operated of The main lino xtends from Detroit to Illi From Kensington to hlcago it uses the Illinois Central The leased lines havo a total of and the operated of hich the Canada Southern Is the priuci al a mileage of Tho gon al officers are Cornelius Vanderbilfcr lairinan of the board of directors and cepresident and The Chicago and Northwestern rail with its leased lines and roads con oiled it through ownership of as a total of Of this tho ilcago and running from licago to Wisconsin ichigan Council and South comprehends Tho Minneap is Omaha running from aul to Kansas and orth comprehends an aggro ate of The Elk drn and Missouri Valley railway is a ew line which it is supposed will be ushcd through to the It paral 1s tho Union Pacific about two hundred iles north of the It has been uilt through Nebraska and into Wyom It has a total of The oux City and Pacific railway Is a part the same forwest It is about ven hundred miles These last vo roads are in the cattle country and a vast cattle Marvin ughiitis tho president of all four of icse lines and the Vanderbilts have rep tscutatives in the directory of STMKEKS OF THE In the present tho facts con irning the relations that havo subsisted ctween the several Vanderbilt lines and their employes is Consider g the extent and complexity of the it has been remarkably free from bor serious one p to the present least within 16 last fifteen the switch ens strike on the Lake Shore in his was a stubborn lasting sev ral months and resulted iu a complete ctory for the Since then the road is had nothing of the kind that was not leedily and amicably The relations that havo existed be reen the Michigan Central and Its cm oyes have been for years of tho most uicable General Passenger Agent Ruggles said that in the last ten ears there had been only one labor com and that lasted but one hat was during the engineers strike on ie Burlington Tho Michigan entral engineers went out for one ut as soon as their committee and the tads officials got together the difficulty as adjusted in a very short time and ic men went back to About eight ago there was an of some proportions on he Northwestern Since then there ave never been any very extensive though a number of small ones n various branches of the operative sorv o have demonstrated tho strong organ zation of the The great railway strikes of 1877 did ot seriously affect the New York Cen These strikes began on the Balti ore and Ohio and extended to the ennsylvania It was at this time mt President Chauncey Depew telo raphed to General Manager Tllllnghast hat the New York Centrals employes ad always shown themselves loyal to the oad and he believed they would id that if they did they should not sur er for The men did stand by the and afterward was dis ributed among Neither the West Shore nor the Nickel late road has ever figured seriously in Both roads are too new to have een effected by the strikes in and ach was absorbed by another road soon fter its and both are with ut extensive terminal a strike n neither could affect traffic FAVOR WOMAN Special to the DES conven on of the Christian church today assed resolutions That we stand unalterably pposed to the dramshop in whatever rm existing and pledge ourselves to rery legitimate support of tho prohibi ry law and its rigid That we heartily approve of ie objects anJ workings of the Ameri an Educational association and similar sociatlous for the care and education homeless Tinge of Sentiment Colors the Missis sippi Constitutional tinge of entiment colored the proceedings of tho onstitutional convention today during ie progress of Delegate Fewells speech n support of the proposition offered by imsclf to confer suffrage upon Swells resolution Is as follows That t is the sense of this convention that it s a condition necessary to tho solution f the franchise problem that tho right o vote be secured by proper constltu lonal enactment to every women iho shall have resided in this tate six mouths and who shall e twentyone years of or nd who owns or whose if she as a owns real estate situated n this stato with a clear value ofS300 ver and above all The otes of every woman voting In any elec ion must be cast by some male elector who ill be thereunto authorized in writing y such entitled to vote such onstitutional enactment is not to bo ramed so as to grant to women the right 3 hold After two hours discus ion on the resolution FeWellstruck out ie objectionable clauses of his resolu and had it referred to tho commit ee on election The woman suffrage idea is growing in avor among the best minds of the con ention and unless the safety from negro upremacy can be reached by other Fewells plan or one similar to t will be Idaho BOISE inblican stato convention reassembled his morning and adopted a It ndorses tho administration of President favors tho protection of Amer can rejoices over thosplcndlc achieved by tho national republi can majority over the enemies of silver at home and and favors the rlglc enforcement of the election The ollowlng ticket was nominated Gov of Lewhi lieuten ant Ida county Willis of Latah secretary of oi Alturas state Frank Coffin Soise City The American Bar tho meeting this morning of the American Bar asso elation a number of new members wore The reports of the standin committee were read on thejudicial ad ministration and remedial on the gold and on the forms o verdicts in criminal Th pending bills in congress for tho relief 6 the supremo commended a the evening aierlt We desire to say to our tha for years wo havo been selling King New Discovery for Dr Kings New Life Bucklins Aruic Salve and Electric and hav never handled remedies that sell as or that have given such general satisfac Wo do not hesitate to guarante them every and wo stand ready t refund the purchase if satisfactor results do not follow their Thes remerJes have won their great popularit purely on their Hancock County Old ISpeclal to Ihe old so tiers of Hancock county will hold the annual reunion in this tomorrow Everything has been done to assure pleasant and successful A bl crowd is ACAIXST enthusiasm fluaiitJl IDE whn he Churoh Convention Passes Ringing ie Cretton Grass Trouble on tbe Iowa DlvUlon Knd Western Wheel er Works f COMRADES hoMeuiuers of the Gallant Thirtieth Iowa Assembled at Special to The HawkEyeJ Fiv first day the Thirtieth Iowa reunion was one of tuiost moro beautiful day Duldjiot be wished The members the honored regiment are here in rge and the crowd is greatly walled by visitors who came to attend ie Mayor Hamilton wel incd the their aughtcrs and in a happy id followed with an address that was equonily interrupted by hearty ap Tonight a grand campfiro was eld at the addresses being made y members of tho The cxer ses were interspersed by vocal and band RAILROAD oraplaintff of Illegal Traffic in Railroad DES railroad ramission has received a communica on from the interstate commission set ng forth the fact that in all large towns lore are persons who are apparently dtb g a profitable business in the sale of ckets for passenger lough they seem not to bo in the service the Tho inference is that the ckets arc either issued under circum anccs which would not bear investiga for some after having eon properly have not been ade use of by the persons who bought or only used for a part of the dis nce over which the persons purchasing ere entitled to From the contro ersies which arise when these ticketsare sed it would be the commuhica on that they are sometimes at in disregard of the conditions un which they were originally nd purchasers are either refused pass o upon them or subjected to great an oyance and TheIowa immissioners replythat the general inion is that the ticket broker are sup led by tie companies at a lower rate lan the tickets are sold to and aim that if such be the case the busi ess is a serious public a direct vio tion of the underlying if not ie of the without any com ensating advantage to the railway com and an unjust discrimination ainst the Tho commis on regards the chief cause of the evil 10 extreme anxiety of tho roads to rease their passenger and de arcs that the illegal traffic in tickets brought to an end by legal Trouble on tlie Iowa Division conduc brakemen and baggagemen on the owa division of the Illinois Central pre ented their grievances to Suporintenr ents Gilleas and Qulmby in the formers Bee The distance between Vaterloo and Dubuque is ninetythree Engineers and firemen making he run are credited with one hundred and the trainmen want the V months work is two thousand six hun red or twentysix Passen er conductors now paid S90 a month SlOO to according to the num er of miles The Kansas City pays and tho Milwaukee and Paul 5110 to Passenger now paid S45 and S50 make more or less oyer want a fixed sum of Baggage icn now but who make an av rage of want SOS for twentysix ays Freight now aid SOS to 570 for a run of vant 3 cents a mile and ask that crews iall not be multiplied so as to decrease month below Freight now paid S50 for 2 cents a Conductors and rakemen on way freights want S30 and Superintendent Gilleas ays the con ference was very nd the men were satisfied and say tho uperintcndent will recommend tho ranting of the increase in They eft for where they will meet lie grievance committees from other di and in a few days appear before he general officers of tbe Want a Levee Special to Tho HawkEyeJ petition is jeing numerously signed in this and DCS Moines county asking congress to cony truct a levee from the Iowa river down o tho lower line of the flooded lands in hcso This would greatly en ance the wealth of this section and bo a genera boon to Coh ress might as well spend this money on is poor beflooded farmers as to throw it away in the bottom of river or in building dams that was away with eacli rise of the If these bottoms coulc e protected from the floods they would produce the largest crops of any in the city or ought to deep y interested iu this for it Is n partbt Burlingtons The Blue Special to The big blui rass palace was formally opened toda jy Governor Boies and the exposition i now crowd of people witnessed the Governor Boic delivered tho address of welcome to an audience of two thousand in the palace auditorium this Roger Mills speaks tomorrow on the tarriff Tomorrow is Adalr and Taylor counties day and both are splendidl represented The illuminations in th tho city are very arches of ga pipe and electric lights spanning th principal streets and position will continue for ten The Wheel Scraper Works Special to the HiiwkEycJ dis patch in this mornings in re ard to the firo in tho Western Whee icraper Works Is not quite Th only part of theplant destroyed are th blacksmith jXo other dopar mentis even injured and all others ar running with full force this morning The blacksmith shop will also be runnin within a Tho loss is serious o because it happens at a ver busy but tho delay and loss wi not be nearly so greit as that caused b the fire about six months Carlen Special to tho third con gressional district m sessio today nominated Carlen Couch forrepr An eloquent nomlnatin speech was made by E son the and ably seconded b Alfonzo of Th nomination nu thon tcclsin by the house full who are mfidentof victory over but ie republicans are not he Coming Farmers National have been completed for the en ertainment of the Farmers National which meets at Council ngust 26th to The delegates will e tendered an excursion to Denver and ie mountains at the conclusion of the v 5A especial to The ed twentyone who has been mployed as a cook at the hotel Ander was killed by the cars last Brien was beating his way to Des loines on a freight and it Is sup osed he fell between the CONGRESSIONAL he Debateon the Lard Bill in the the house of reported the ver and harbor asking for a non oncurrence In all the senate aincud ents and agreeing to the conference equested by the of maoc the point of rder that the amendment must first be onsidered in committee of the whole Henderson thereupon withdrew ie stating he would make It to orrow as a privileged In the morning session of the uchanan called up the bill for the ad ustnient of tho accounts of laborers rising under the eighthour Pend g the the morning hour ex red and the house proceeded to the onsiderotion of the bill defining of said this was a ght between the packers of impure lard nd the packers of refined compound It was a trade fight and had no ace iu Ue was as much op osed to food adulteration as any man in 10 The compound lard men were larged with defending fraud and conn irf That charge was This 11 struck down every possible chance of xporting lard or compound lard from iis The gentleman spoke bout the poverty of the farmers and roposcd to tax the poor laboring man in s district in order to help the id the gentleman ever know of a farmer oing hungry Did they ever know of a armer standing out in with his ife und children in the presence of the ndlordand sheriff But the laboring who worked fourteen hours a ust be taxed for clean food pro ucts to help the farmers of the hen no organization had de anded It was proposed to tax a can food product and force people to ay higher prices for stinking uIT made in the flats in ouis and He defended Fair anks against some strictures made upon m and then proceeded to argue in sup ort of the Paddock pure of supported the The agitation of this question had een provoked by the thought ul action of tho farmers in their various ssemblics and Whether ley were right or wrong they called for It was not as stated by the entleman from that this bill fleeted men who produced cotton of said his riend from Illlinois Mason had tear illy pleaded for the laboring men of the ountry and had put them in antithesis o the Did the gentleman refer Fairbank and who had in a ew years amassed millions at the ex ense of the farmers Let the gentle an reserve his tears and eloquent ap eals for they were illplaced In defend menwho had been charging the aborers many per cent more than corn bund lard was asserted the armers of the country had petitioned in avor of this of favored plac ng a tax of two mills per pound on com ound lard in order to ensure compliance Ith the other provisions of the Gates and Wheeler op osed the measure and then the house ook the evening session to be or debate on the lard The bill was discussed until ten when the house The senate iis after spending some time onsidering Plumbs resolution for rohibiting liquor selling or drinking in ie senate wing of the took up ae tariff The pending question on he tariff bill was McPhersons amend icnt to the paragraph referring to table butcher and im poses a compound duty on iem according to the value classifica The amendment is to substitute or these duties a uniform rate of thlrty ve per cent ad The bill was temporarily laid aside and he conference report on the bill for the ncrease of the clerical force in tho pen ion office was presented and agreed Evarts presented a telegram from members of the Grant Monument asso lation In Xcw protesting against ho proposal to remove Grants remains o The house amendment to the senate illl to authorize the construction of a iridge across the Mississippi river at ome point between the mouth of the Illinois and the mouth of the Missouri cases Tbe letter t was re f erred to the deputy commissioner for re portj and he reported against he the witness made no order written or for taking up Lemons cases in advance of the regular Banra said after further consideration of matter on De comber Issued an order concerning completed files on which were pat cases that seemed to be most complete and readyvfor This had the effect of greatly expediting the work of the Captain Lemon bad noth ing to he with the prepara tion of this or the subsequent Representative Cooper was requested by the committee to return and resume his connection with the which he did and the committee GENERAL WASHINGTON urchase Bonds treasury department this evening issued a circular providing for the redemption before Sep tember 1 of ot four and one half per cent bonds at and after September prepay to the owners of bonds so received all interest said bonds to and Including August without rebate or The circnlar of 19 is hereby Qaay surprise was occasioned by failure senatethis morning to take up the Quay resolution fixing the order of Senator when asked tho reason forthe some of our friends thought it best not to take It up today I call it up tc Reached un con ferees on the land grant forfeiture bill have practically reached an The terms of agreement are generally upon the principle bill as it passed the the absolute forfeiture of all land opposite to and contempor aneous with a of atfy aided rail road not now A Bill for Banks of the senate today Blair at the request of the a bill to urovlde for banks of To Relieve the 3toney director of the mint today authorized the super intendent of the mint at Philadelphia to make advances on silver bars as soon as Iu orderto relieve the string ency in the New York money REMOVAL OF GRANTS The Dead Widow the flatter for to JSEW Washington special to the Press says Congressman John Quinn received frcm a reply to his letter to the widow of General Grant requesting that she state her wishes regarding the proposed re moval of the great warriors remains to the Arlington National cemetery It Is dated Salem Westchester August and reads as follows John Dear Sir At Grants Londoners Disinfectingto a Spread of Potato might la Threatened enctl Trouble In Africa Other Foreign acaro here continues to There a general belief among medical Leigh must have spread the germs of the disease around London in his rather extensive peregrinations dnrinj the two days after he The Britannic coffee in the dingy Whitechapel where the man is being thorbughly The wall paper in the room he occupied has been down and and the whole house has received a thorough Every house and barroom he Is knowa to have visited has been treated In the same but no track has been kept of the other passengers who came oa the same and who may have f already carried it to other districts of London and perhaps to various parts Is doing well in the bnt the tors are still anxious least a relapse may If the mans story can be believed he put on after landing some undercloth ing which he purchased in Hone bnt the doctors do not believe that he got the disease in that They have no doubt that it a case of genuine Asiatic cholera and of the most malignant A British steamer has brought a case of cholera from Valencia to and cases are also reported at Tortosa and other places in Thepotato blight continues to spread Ireland and parts of the country are affected which escaped the trouble in the almost total failure of the potato crop in which led to the dreadful famine of the following It is now very bad in the portions of the counties of Down and wfcera the soil Is and on farms occupied by staunch unionists who have been petted by the It effects equally the little halfacre patch of the farm laborer and the fancy farms worked by the land lords themselves ad joining their demesnes and game Leinster and Eastern Munster are thus far the freest from the bnt even in these extraordinary fertile parts of Ireland the crop Is very short and the potatoes are no bigger than mar The wheat and oats crops are also very owing to the excessive rains of the and the outlook for the whole agricultural population Is very The general crop has not suf fered so much as in when the con tinuous lasting from May to left the farmers nothing to pay the rent bnt the potatothat year only suf fered from This year it will be al most a total failure and a very extensive famine is a South African advices represent the kiust of Is very much irritated with the course of the British company whichhe has receut 1 have thenonor ot replyingto your QB company wnicn ne oab courteous letter of August askingfor an ly admitted to certain privileges in his expression of her wishes In relation to the re and that his people are ripe movalof General GrantsremalnstothevfcinI TnhonrmK fa thS Ttmsf Ityot as proposed In the concur or LoDengnla the most power rent resolution offered by Senator PJu At a time when Grant vas with Colonel he wrote a letter for with the intention of If from the affecting annoyoncu of beins interviewed by the newspapers on the In which he expressed her views and theviewsof thefami ly in regard to In that letter Colonel Grant said la substance that such a removal rested with and not with General Grants If the by act of con choose to General Grants mains to or near if Grant wli refuse her consent only In rase no provision bemade by his This she wishes to She will be glad to see a monument at which will mark the last restinir place of her Very respectfully Quinn if to hold the Plumb resolution In committee until the New York delegation shall determine whether or not It will fight the plan to abandon the tomb at Riverside A meeting will probably be called within a day or A PKOTEST FK03I NEW NEW a meeting of the executive committee of the Grant Monument association yesterday a reso lution was adopted protesting in behalf of the people of the state and of the city against the proposed action by congress in regard to the removal of the remains of General vas concurred ho The bill now goes to The consideration of the tariff bill was resumed and the pending amendment re McVhcrson moved to amend the paragraph referring to files and rasps by itrikinz out the duties and classification by lengths and Inserting twentyfive per cent ad Without voting on the amendment tho senate went into execu tive session and soon THE fal monarch in South Africa and Is able to muster an army of about thirty thou sand welltrained fighting He keeps a body guard of The war riers are more anxious for war the who understands something of extent of British and is to enter upon a Should Lobenguls go to war against the colonists It would be a more serious affair than tho strug gle with the AT Cooper States the and Kauiu lie In Kaum investigation was resumed this who made the a brief explanation of his after which Kaum took the The wit ness denied that any employe of the pension save ever owned stock in the refrigerator and consequently the charge that employes had been promoted because of such ownership was Cooper then de manded to see the books of the com but Itaum refused to produce lie was willing that the members of the committee should inspect the stockbook of the company butnotthat it should go into tho Kaum said Cooper gave the press everything ho got hold of and ho had docu ments entrusted to him for the inspec tion of the committee on Cooper Insisted on seeing tho books and upon the committee refusing him the he gathered up his books and papers and left tho Tho commit tee then resumed the investigation on its own Commissioner Raum said he had bor rowed upon tho endorsement of Gearge Lemon and renewed tho notes from time vto The refrigerator company was organized last January and was composed of in high He never gave priority to any claims for Lemon or any other attorney Lemon was anxious have his cases before tho pension office pushed He presented a number of each re lating to the which were reported to bo ready for Witness was asked to make up twentyfive or thirty cases and present his views This was Witness letter to the and it was read It enr closed thirty complete pension cases dated November 16 and expressed the hope that the bureau would begin the practice of such complete A WALL STREET Sharp Stringency In the Ifew Vork nloney NEW stringency in the money market today was sharper than it ever has been since the May panic of ISSL At the opening of the stock ex brokers who were long of and had borrowed money on them were glad to renew loans at twenty percent per Even this rate would not bring a renewal of the loan in some and before eleven oclock many borrow ers received notices that their loans had bscn called Brokers who bought stocks yesterday in anticipation of relief from the treasury department tried to obtain funds to pay for but were unable to do so and the combined demand caused a large crowd to gather around the money post in the exchange ail Early loans were made at 25 per the supply at was soon exhausted and rates moved up to and before one oclock the prevailing rate was 96 per or equal to the legal interest and a premium of X per cent a TO ItELlEVE THE viuw of the slight response to the treasury circu lar for the redemption of 4K Per cent bonds it is expected that the department will take further steps this forenoon for the relief of the money It is not known exactly what form the action will but it is supposed that it will be an in the price of Guatemala and Salvador Shake Hands Across the doody The Guatemalan legatioa has received a cable dispatch announcing that Guatemala has signed the peace treaty witb The dispatch further states that Vice Presi dent Ayala has assumed power and is ar ranging for an election for MUCH CUT OF ple are jubilant because the peace agree ment has been Barillas has ac ceded to the suggestions ot the diplo matic corps and accepted their He has signed a protocol which will be published here within five when it will be GENERAL FOREIGN Persons Drowned at Conwar In a boat containing eight persons was swamped in the and ail its oc cupants were Belglan Mons state that miners In Borlnago district have Socialist leaders are discontent among the and it is expected that the move ment will A murderer Hender son who murdered Gilbert a prominent white near here night before was taken from jail about two oclock this morning by a mob and strung up to a tree on the edge of He i One Hundred Thousand Dollars In purses for the state fair aggregate one hundred thousand dollars exclusive of a large list of volunteer prizes offered by the manu educational associations The city has passed an ordi nance prohibiting ticket scalp as a condition of which the railroads agree to give very low rates from the The fair will be opened by Governor of and four other governors have accepted in vitations to be The state con vention of the Farmers Alliance today adopted the subtreasury bill by a two thirds A Domestic William of this shot and killed his wife last and then The tragedy is the result of domestic Maguires Benne for nearly 50 years the infallible Thousands of testimonials Indorsed by the WesternSani tnry army hospital steam boat Taken In time a sure pre of Asiatic A JrJfeC Horse Thieves at Camp DALLAS Augv Three valuable horses belonging to John Grocey and Charles Thompson were stolen from the camp meeting grounds near this place the other No trace of the animals or vehicles to which they were hitched has been A Meeting of District 246 to be NEW Hayes of the executive board announced this afternoon that Monday at a meeting of district 246 would be at which the executive board would bo present for the purposes of At this meeting each of the local asaemr i blies will send from three to five dele and there will be present three hundred to seven hundred members that section of the state lying ad jacent to the Central road from New r York to A Steamer Loxc steamer of the Jif can went ashore at high tide one mile above Point from some unknown A wrecking Jp steamer has been sent to got her Tho steamer stands a show of going to pieces in the storm which Is now She has some emigrants on ous blues cured by Miles free J Wittesdrng Prohibition nominated Charles Hyatt for lieutenant V Advice to Wlnslows Soothing Syrup should al ways bo used for children It the allays aUpativ cures wind is the beatremedy for Twentyflve cents a Conductor KASSAS tej traiitrari fntothe rearot a train on the rail road at n killing Pullman Conductor Camp ly and fatally injnringA the None of the passengers were hurt t Children Eujoy l The pleasant and soothingeffects of in need of father or mother becostiveor bilious thefl most gratifying results follovritsrusejsi that it Is the best family itemed known and HJ clothsng housesInJ the assignedxtodayr j rr ness hysterIaSarbs6ottCUredVby Wittam drug ttor iijszjts

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