Friday, August 15, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 15, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ISTABLISHED BURLINGTON 1890 BY BE A Senators May Agree io Pass the Tariff Bill and I iho Tariff BUI in the Home ITaBhlngton on WH Spl DII OH DII Si the hour and a half occupied in the delivery j of Mitchells speech in the senate ibis the two Pennsylvania had frequent conferences with Vest on the democratic side of the duunbcr Plumb alsoohad a long and earnest talk with Quay afterwards flitted around his own side of the chamber and exchanged views with oroc of the senators from the new r states j These conferences may have no con rocctiori with the compromise for i the passage of the tariff bill andthe ad S Jonrmnent of the session the federal election bW it Suite likely that they THE EETCBLICAX SENATOK1 repnbli 1 can senatorial caucus tonight was the most important yet It was a innarraonious Quay and Cam both made speeches and strongly the political inexpediency of doing anything with the federal election and urged the necessity of an early adjournment from a party also one of those who desire and iwas the spokesman for those senators Vio view the embarrassment and delay tariff bill as outweighing all other considerations in deciding the policy to be Plumb also spoke it is opposed the elec ijion bill out and For the friends of the hill which caused these numerous caucuses Hoar and Spencer were cham The latter made a strong which some denominated reading the I not act He warned the senators they I must meet the issue The elec tion hill must be passed now atthisscs t aon or not at It would be futile to go before the country with tho statement that this bill would be passed at the short It was iof supreme importance that it should be at His remarks brought jout sharp retorts from several opponents tol the The discussion showed there f greater number of senators than had been generally supposed for one reason or are willing to ad journ without the elections bill being voted The number of these sena tors is placed at Finally about j half past an adjournment was pro posed and finally forced by a majority The senate joint appropriating for the re lief of destitution in Oklahojna the unex pended balance of the appropriation made last April for the relief of the dis trict overflowed by the Missouri was The tariff bill was then taken the pending question being on the amend ment to reduce the duty on tin Mitchell addressed the senate in of a high protection system as be ing tie policy io which the republican party stands Plumb gave notice of an amend ment which he would to strike out rtlie provision imposing a duty on tin and add a provision to pay to the manufacturers of tin plate made in the United States a bounty of one cent per He expressed great doubt as to the effect of the proposition of the He doubted very much that it would permanently introduce into this country the manufacture of tin plates in quantities sufficient for domestic con He had no If the manufacture of tin plates were entered upon in this one of the results would be to reduce the but he did not find in the present situation any ground for reasonable presumption that there would in one or five 01 ten enough tin plate made in tbc United States to meet the local dc was willing to beg off and to ask those men who were now preparing to manufacture tin plate not to exercise power which they had got in the Ameri can congress and not force the increase of duty on all tinware used in the coun try on every tin on every tin plate and coffee pot and on every yard of tin roofing in the United States and instead ol the increased to take a bounty of one cent per pound or two cents if If they were reasonable men they ought to be willing to do After considerable debate a vote was taken and Vests amendment was re Plumb ollered the amendment of which he had given strike out the clause Imposing a duty of 2 S10 cents i pound on tin plate reserving the other pan of the proposition as to the bounty but finally withdrew it and offered an making the duty on tin plate one cent per pound and providing a bounty of one cent per pound on tin plate manu factured in the United Without action on the amendment the senate The first business In order this morning was the vote on sustaining the decision of the overruling the point of order made y of that the McKay relief bill must be considered in the committee of the The dici sion was of asked unanimous consent for the consideration of the joint resolution for aid of destitute persons in but an objection was The house then resumed consideration o the McKay It was soon soon found that no quorum was and the house IOWA EAS NO BONDED Census Statistics Shotring the Decrease i the Last the census bulletin Special Agent who has arge of the statistics relating to state gives figures to show that tho in the state indebtedness is more The re ported bonded debt represents in each case the amount of negotiable securities outstanding at the time and TO floating debt that of all other obliga tions of the including those as sumed or incurred for a specific uen though no actual bonds or certifi cates may have been issued wits assets embrace tiie cash and all pro onctive securities on hand of which a jamation is whether they be iong to the state or to any of its i in some cases they are not to the payment of the ore pledged for the use of schools or total debt in 1SSO was 37 T12 lbln lb90 il 1S showing a decrease of MO 30 total floating debt in ISSOwas 309 in 1890 it is an increase of i of indebtedness in ten Th haS bcen e lav some changes in this geographical divisions eastern states had a now these have a total debt of a decrease of The in 1S80 had a total debt of now they have a debt ol 1a decrease of southeru states ten years otal debt of ibt is a de The western 8 a debtof 15 now they have a debt of S47 a decrease of 744 3crease of the debt has enforced refunding of a new one at a discount S5 per Virginias rate of discount has been amount North Carolinas rate of discount from CO to S3 amount of South Carolinas rate of discount 50 amount of Louisianas rate of discount 00 amount of Tennessees rate of discount about 43 amountof Taking from the amount of decrease In all tho states the amount thus arising from the in refunding and there is left as paid by cash and the geographical section which includes the states name Instead of having a decrease of debt of as shown by the will have an in crease of The amount of debt of the states in 1SSO as published in the reports of the tenth census to a small in ex jcssof the amount of the bonded debt arising from the classifica tion in the reports of certain nonnegoti able school bonds as bonded they being so reported by the The bonds appear in this summarv asfloating The total bonded debt of the United States in was di vided as follows United debt of the several In 1S90 the total bonded debt of tho country is of which the United States was 570 and tho several The total decrease of bonded and floating debt in ten years has been Of this decrease the United States has the and the states The total floating debt of the country n 1880 was of which belonged to the United States and to the several In 1S90 the floating debt is of which the United Slates owes including the gold and silver certificates for which an equal amount in coin is and the The cash and funds on hand In 1SSO amounted to of which the United States held and the states In 1890 the cash in hand amounts to of which the United States holds and the states The net debt in 1880 amounted to of which the United States owed and the states In 1890 the net debt is of which tho United States owes and the states The decrease of net debt in ten years has been of which the United States paid and the general states In this connection the showing of Illi nois may be and it will dem onstrate that the state has not yet begun fall behind and lose In 1880 the bonded debt of Illinois was now it is In 1880 the floating debt was now it is the In I860 the cash and funds on hand amounted to now these amount to Tho ex cess of assets over debt in 18SO was now this excess is Showing that Illinois has pros pered in the last ten Iowas bonded indebtedness in ISSOwas now the state has The excess of assets over debt in that state in 1880 was now this excess is Wisconsin had a bonded Jcbt in 1880 of today the state lias The excess of assests over debt in Wis consin is Minnesota has a bonded debt of but has no floating and her assets exceed her debt by Missouri has a floating debt of a bonded debt of and cash and funds on hand amounting to showing that the state is still iu West and Wisconsin are the only states that have no bonded and Min North Caro Texas and West Virginia nave no floating GENERAL WASHINGTON A UNION IABOR SIDE The Industrial State Convention in Session at Des JSepublicans republi can congressional committee completed its organization this Thomas of was elected sec retary of the and of New After the first of September next of will participate actively in the management of the cam paign as a representative of the republi can national Steps will be taken to have the subject of tariff re form discussed at various county fairs in New York state where it is expected there will be joint discussions With rep resentatives of the free trade Tlic Purchase of director of the mint said this afternoon that he expected to purchase one hundred thou sand ounces of silver toinorrow and he expects also to pay a trifle more than the London market rate for He defended the policy of refusing to make public the exact price the department pays for sil The price paid for he had never been made public so there was no new departure in the General tsrauts senate concurrent resolution requesting the president to convey to the widow of General Ulysus Grant the desire of congress that the remains of General Grant be removed and interred in Arling ton National cemetery was reported fav orably to ihe To Reimburse South Plait to day proposed an amendment to tho de ficiency bill to pay to the state of South Dakota being the amount dis bursed by that state in paying the ex penses of the constitutional convention in Approved by the presi dent has approved the joint resolution accepting from the national eacanipinent of the G K a statue of the late Gen eral Postmaster at WASfflJGTOX president today sent to the seriate the nomination of Andrew Stranahan to be postmaster at Bncklins Arnica The best salve in the world for cuts salt fever chapped corns and all skin and posi tively cures or no pay It Is guaranteed to perfect satisfaction or money Price 25 cents per Por sale at Henrys drug store Fatally Horned by an persons were two of them burned this morning by an explosion a the largo soap factory of the Kendall Manufacturing General Weaver on Hand In Full Makesa Characteristic olutions Adopted and the Cen tral Committee Special to THE DES side show io the democratic state convention de nominated and called the union labor in dustrial state convention met at the courthouse Two the second and fourth failed to send any dele gation and as far as number or harmony was concerned the convention1 was far from being a Such doubledeck ers as Campbel and Sovereign tried to move things but didnt succeed as they had of was selected temporary chairman arid read an address on the political situa which was ordered published in the Joura of Pottawattamie was elected A committee on cre dentials was Their report made in the afternoon session showed one hundred and one union labor sight Knights of twcutyfivo Farmers one Granger and one eague delegate General Weaver was here iu full A hasty indi vidual made a motion to place him on the committee on But this was not according to the pro as by identifying himself too itrongly with the convention he would mrt his chances with the fn the seventh districts hohas an eye upon the congressional Now since all irons have cooled he con deccnded to give the handf till of dele jates and a few speculators one of his characteristic bulldosing He assured the convention that the pros jects were good for the success of tho ndepcndent movement throughout the west and During his trip through Kansas he had ample opportunity test he feelings of tho people there and from his and action of the Topeka convention he was free to predict that every con gressman and fourfifths of the legisla of Kansas would be union labor uotwitestanding the fact that tho republicans claimed eightytwo thou sand He spoke of meet ngs held in that state where IB had rddressed thousands of people had seen processions five miles The movement is not confined to Kan Nebraska is alive and independ ents there are confident of electing two out of three South Da cota will carry the day for the union lit or and throughout the whole coun the tendency is not toward ut away from He attributed this to education and referred hu morously to the Husk and said that it was the best thing that ever happened to the Union Labor men hat they did not succeed at Tho The people are not so crude now and lave a better understanding of gover uental He urged all independ ents to go forward working upon their own assuring them that by so doing they will not only succeed but have the respect of all citizens of this Aeaver played the demagogue In his ac customed The state central com mittee was announced as follows Milo of Justice of Woods of Crakes of Gilletts of Robb of Grif fith of Gray of AJ Westfall of of Cass moved that Gillette be elected chairman of the state central tommittce Eesolutions were adopted as follows Wo heartily endorse the and declaration of principles adopted by the Farmers and Laborers Industrial Union of America at the meeting at Louis on the sixth December and we favor the government loans to be made directly to the people at a rate of interest riot to exceed two er cent Wo denounce the McKinley tariff bill as grossly unjust to taxpayers and producers the lodge bill as designed to deprive tho people every where of their lawful rights to control the election of their and we de nounce the userpatlons of Speaker Kecd as a bold attempt to destroy the inde pendence of our representatives in con iress and to arrogate to himself the control of federal in utter violation of the constitution and the established usages of a We favor the Australian ballot system and demand its adoption in this state and we denounce the late general assembly for withholding it from the We denounce the present congress and par ticularly the Iowa members thereof for defeating the bill for free coinage of sil We demand the immediate passage of a service pension In the election of treasurer of presented the name of William Lee who was the democratic nominee and tried hard to deliver the convention to democracy for this position but under the lead of Engle who has it in for the democrats for not nominating him at Ottumwa It was soon evident that such would not be done and his name was ARCHBISHOP elegram to be on the lookout for young Wilson and to put him under arrest should he come this The people in the vicinity of the affray are greatly ex cited and parties are searching for tho GRAND ARMY The Reunion at Iloston Drawing to a from the of the national encampment and Womans Relief Corps the greater part of the celebration Is The lumber of reunions today were com arativcly Many have already left for At tho second days session of the annual convention of tho Ladies of the rand Army today the reports of the departments were read and Catherine of vas chosen president and of senior vice The report of the pension vhich details the work of its members in securing and aiding pension legislation n congress and its successful efforts in regard to the passage of the disability pension bill was presented and General Sncrman was requested to tep upon tho and as ho walked down the aisle there was a storm of ap jlause and General Sherman hen in a feeling manner presented Com rade Warner with a beautiful candelabra clock and mantel Warner eloquently A committee rom the Womans ReliefCorps re its made an address and it was responded to ly General Tho report of the pension committee details the work of its members in re jard to tho disability pension bill that lecame a law July This says he while not in its present orm the bill presented by the committee preserves the most important feature hereof and while not just what was is the most liberal pension meas ure ever passed by any legislative body n the world and will place upon the rolls all the survivors of the war whoso condi ions of health are not practically per The principal events of the Grand Army week concluded this evening by a grand banquet at Mechanics cpm limentary to the delegates to the en ampmcnt and invited over one housand in Department Commander nnes Among the guests who Decupled seats of honor were General Governor Mayor Teneral Sickles and Past Commanders nChief of of of and of Relief Corps the meeting of he Woraans Relief Corps today of was elected national ircsldont Eliza senior THE FIBERY The LouiH Prelate May Jlecouie the Late Cardinal Xewraans possible ele vation of Archbishop of to a seat in the college of car dinals is the sole topic of conversation among Catholics Now that Car dinal Newman is dead there are but two English one a Canadian and an Irish American in the person of Cardinal Gib It is believed that Archbishop Kenrick will be appointed a cardinal on the fiftieth anniversary of his consecra tion as a which soon It is claimed that nothing the pope could do would confer greater pleasure on the Catholics of the United as the archbishop is regarded as the greatest churchman in A EEMABKABLE A Cliatgworth Victim IMes at the Exact Hour of Its Third remark able coincidence is called to mind by tho death of an aged and respected citizen of Kuox coun Kelley and his brother started out on the ill starred excursion intending to visit the scenes of their childhooc back but they never got The aged brother was instantly killed and Kelley sustained injuries from which he never On Sunday night at the exact hour when the train load of passengers went down into the embrace of death three years Mr Kelley breathed his It was also his seventieth birthday DISEMBOWELEDHIS A Terrible Tragedy Caused by a Balk Bone at morning While Nate and Joe re siding near were hauling a load of melons to the team balked and over this provoking ac tiou of the horses the brothers quarreled The details of the trouble have not been but reports states that thr younger brother Joe drew a knife and attacking the older boy with jreat ferocity disemboweled He then took the harness off of one of the horses anf rode It is reported tha the older died the at the hands of hi Marshal a Thirty Thousand larrels of Whisky Hurtled at immense distillery of the Kentucky Distilling owned by Is now with indications that it will bo otally In the warehouses are thirty thousand barrels of all of which will be The whisky is at and the buildings will un this up to more at ho distillery building proper is now loomed and the cattle sheds arc also The warehouse is and housands of barrels of liquor are feed ng the which now and then seems pierce the clouds in the All the ire engines in tho city are throwing vatcr on the property in the ncighbor The distillery property consists if an immense distillery contain ng extending back from ho streets almost two hundred and fifty The lower part was of vhile the front was brick and three lories in East of the office and adjoining it were two large warehouses n which were stored barrels of These buildings were entirely if three stories 250 feet deep and about 100 feet It was icre that the fire started and was caused by tho carelessness of a negro who imashcd a lamp while endeavoring to get out a leaking The warehouses were next to the largest in The distillery proper was 94 feet by 3313 eet and to this had been built two addi AH these buildings were de and tho flames are still burning A rough estimate made of the loss places it f not covered by As he distillery has not been In operation or some time nothing will be lost but delay in starting It was three oclock before the fire was got and this was not until immense distillery cattle shelds and slaughter houses and the pork packing establishment of Con rad were completely The Pork Packing companys loss will be The total loss to the Kentucky Dis tilling company is estimated at This is irrespective of the loss to the government In unpaid taxes of ninety cent a gallon which will amount to making the total loss by the fire not much less than The insur ance is roughly placed at RIOT IN Men and Women Killed at Shelby Iron last night Deputy Sheriff of Shelby came to town for He reports a terrible state of affairs in tho neighboring and at the Shelby Iron Ho says a riot has been going on all week and that three men and one woman were killed in the The negro laborers about tho camp are in a fearful state of Tho riot grew out of the presence of diso lute women who haunt these A body of special officers left last night for the scene of the A PLUCKY lohg neeting of the Brotherhood of Locomo Ive Firemen was held night at which there was present a representa ivo of tho joint who had tome n from the West to look into the situa ion Ho says tnat the joint board vill hold an emergency meeting in Utlca oday to take immediate action on the He could not affirm the report hat Chief Sargeant had acted in the but thought the brotherhood vould now stand by the as they vcre meeting all along the In his pinion the strike was far from settle Strikers Keport Manager Toung when asked as to tho status of the Delaware and Hudson strike this morn ng said Nearly all the men who were ut reported for duty this They they could not go to vork until they had received orders rom their is in con ultatiori with the leaders of tho Central triko Superintendent Hammond told lie men that unless they went to work at oon their places would be filled by thcr employes of tho company who are ow on their way here from various loints along tho Armed Piukertiiu Meu in hundred inkerton about a quarter of whom ro armed with Winchester took ossessibn of West Albany freight ards this hands In ufllcient numbers to operate the rom the and Quincy id Reading went to and bout ten oclock the first attemptto move freight was The strikers re peaceable and no violence is ex Grand Muster Sargent at Master sargent of the Brotherhood of Locomo ive who arrived this aid in an interview that his coming here had nothing whatever to do with the trike on the New York Chief Arthurs chief f the Brotherhood of Locomotive En says positively that his organi ation is not to take any part in the and that ho does not believe the remen will enter She Disarms a WonldBe Burglar at unknown burglar was very neatly trapped when he attempted to enter the house of Nanglo at Thirtyeighth and Cumings Mary tho hired was alone in tho house at tho and the who was presented a revolver at her ordered her to show him where the family jewels were She conducted him into another room and opened a drawer in a but instead of getting the jewels she seized a and pointing it at tho intruders head him to sur render his weapon and leave the Ofld Fellows Have a in the eastern part of this county held Odd Fellows picnic About twentyfive lodges from neighbor ing towns were Among those who spoke was Grand Master Barnum of Otis of Spring field and Owen editor of theCitl Ictln of this Children Enjoy The pleasant gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of when in need of a and when the father or mother be costive or bilious the most gratifying results follow its si that it is best family remedy known and every family should have a Frank Prominent Odd o Special to The x Frank a prominent died today aged fiftynine Ho was a leading r THE Cnights Claim That the Central Firemen Will Go 7 lectingr Called at Ofll Declare Trouble Has Been T pletcly ommittee on location of a state temple vas not ready to report and ras laid over till UNIQUE DOUBLE r iv o Couples Married on mid Given Cattle for Wedding l Jack Brown and George Nel three reprosentivo local boys of the arrived Tuesday from They give details of a unique onblo wedding that occurred in Payson ast Friday between ThomasBeach and Uaggio Meadows and Charles Cole and ulia Al about noon on Friday 250 uests assembled on the main street of All were mounted and when verything was ready the two couples ode up on spirited bronchos to the cen er of the TJae brides were ressed in riding habits and the grooms n regular cowboy Justice of he PeaeeBirch was awaiting them and vith tho briefest of legal ceremonies tied 10 knot as fast as tho law After jngratnlatlons had been extended to IB happy couples presents were au The presents from Charles brother of one of the was as many head of cattle as the mar ed pairs could brand between then and The chase was at once be the young who are perfect carrying branding irons and as isting in tying down the married pair secured eighteen EVilhclm Makes a Demand for Details of the NewYork and Welch 14 the instance of Imperor William orders have been sent o the German Consulate at New York nd London for full reports of the rail fay strikes New and rith an impartial account of their auses and of the previous relations be ween the railway companies and their The emperor is nothing if ot original and In asking or the details of the strikes he has in ind plans for removing causes of dis atisfaction among German Equipped with a knowledge of all the ircumstanees of the Central and Welch roubles he will be better able to cope a similar dissatisfaction in his own NEWS PROM FOREIGN he Knights of LaborExecutive was learned at late hour last night from one of the lembers that there was nothing done at ho secret meeting yesterday of tho ex cutive board of the Knights of he New York Central strike will not be iiscussed until Friday when all the mem icrs will be The Knights in Session at Knights of Labor held a session here this afternoon general meeting is called for to They say that by tomorrow loon the Central will find out that the triko is not Strikers Return to yard men vho went out on a strike on tho Dela fare and Hudson at this point have re urned to They became satisfied hat their suspicions that tho Delaware nd Hudson was knowingly handling Central freight were A Railroad Strike rail oad strike was settled today and six housand idle have returned to Suddenly general cx cutive board of the Knights of Labor uddenly adjourned today to finish their abors In New and started for that ity In a speech before the as emblage of Knights of Labor this even Powderly said he and his comrades vere going to New York to demand ar iltration in tho matter of the New York Central and Hudson Vn Unknown Man Swept Over the shoe Falls at NIAUABA Vbout eleven oclock this morning Thomas a while driving round Goat had his attention at racted by the occupant of his carriage o a man and boat in the rapids above lie Horseshoe The man disap eared from the boat while they were watching and thecraft over lie The man was undoubtedly brown The boat is thought to have een from the Canadian Master Workmen Claim to be Satisllcd Workman claims to bo satisfied with the condi ion of things iu York and this He said the Central road was laving a hard time in their endeavor to the freight blockade at West Al The strickcrs got hold of the men who came from Chicago and Boston yesterday with the result that this mor ning fortytwo experienced western rail road men who were put at work at West Albany refused to go to In con with half a dozen men who came out from Chicago it was learned many men had been under contract with Central for weeks before the strike was A VICTORY FOR THE A Modification of the Uniform Vill of Lading through out tho United States have gained a vic tory over the railroads in securing a modification of the uniform bill of The concession made by the carriers con sists in striking out the words not ne against which the chief plaint was At a meeting of a joint committee of the Trunk Line and Central Traffic association and the repre sentatives of the Lake and Eail lines which this city to the subject was very discussed in light of tho ob jections by the commercial or ganizations of the Some roads threatened to discontinue the use of the new bill of lading unless it were adopted by all as shippers were now dis criminating iii favor of the Grand Wabash and four lake lines that had re fused to adopt it in its present Chairman of the Centra Traffic strongly recommended that the words not negotiable bo stricken This recommendation was unanimously concurred in and the amended bill of lading adopted was by the lines to take effect Sep tember Representatives of the Grand Trunk and Wabash accepted it in its new as also did all the lake No action was taken in regard to the other objections that had been urged againsf the bill of but the permaneni committee on the uniform bill of lading was instructed to make them upat the earliest possible This practically settles fight over the uniform bill of lading The amend ment makes it a negotiable and the bankers will no longer refuse to ad vance money on Illinois Pharmaceutical today session of the Illinois State Pharmacenti cal Association of Momcncc was elected president for tho ensuin year of firs vicepresident Chariest of Chi secretary and o The convention ad journed to meet a year hence inKanka Knights of DES MotxEs the Knight of Pythians grand lodge mooting thi the per capita tax was reduce from forty to thirty per Hesolu tions were expressingthe sen timents of the order the rirreparabl loss sustained in the death of Justice I f THE KAISER WAHTS TO in Central America and floods on the River CITY OF s causing many deaths in the Guate lalan on the south Salvadorian It appears difficult to arrange eace between the two aaWiz American minister to ill not act in accordance with the rest f the diplomatic Floods in flood prevails n the Ganges The surrounding ountry is inundated to an extent never cfore There has been great oss of Cholera Death Roll Mecca and Jcd ah the death roll from cholera shows a OVER THE SCOTT WILKES The Sitting Congressman from the Twelfth Illinois District Vikeof Pike county secured the congres ional nomination of the twelfth district n the thirtyfifth ballot The latform favors ultimate free trade out It favors the adoption of the Vustralian ballot system the free coin go of and the adoption of the ight hour The Xauvoo Grape great ruit staple of in is the normous tpnagc of grapes now growing n the vineyards The product will xcecd that of any year while tliers are still complaining of the mt the majority of our vintners seem roll pleased with prospects before A number of new acres will come nto bearing for the first time the latter iart of this and large quantities f tho fruit will be shipped to points north and Arrangements are be ng to manufacture wine exten It is only a question of ime when the great grapegrowing ection hereabouts will become noted for extent of theoutput of In respect it will be the California of he Mississippi All that is neces sary to make the industry a huge affair n the construction of a railroad through when lower rates could be had and special care taken in handling the When we get this Nanvoos future s settled Several varieties of rapes ripe now are being ut the shipments will not amount to anything until the Concords are lance weeks from few irMUSIC AMUFF A GloriousDay of Melody at the Charming x f The Qoincy Review of the Snelne Ballroada Other State Correspondence The BLOTF rain that so successfully tried to spoil seem loth to cease and threatening clouds filled Btuft Park campers with fear that the musicians might fare worse than the but about nine the sun came out clear and bright as if he had been present for the festivities of the The from Qnmcy brought a large to see the sights and enjoy the exercises of music of Dan is now in charge of the day and we have every right to think that he knows what good music from the mu sicians he secured for the The Steckel of who so delightfully entertained the large audiences of music daylast yearrendered most charming programmes in the fore noon and who assisted them last gave several whistle solos which brought forth rounds of The followin is the Ten La Children in Miss Sylvia Robertsons Cornet Old Polks at Home and Var Master Vocal Out on the Whistle Lear from the Weaver and Clarinet Miss Edith The Doom of Claudius and MIsa Amy Xenrer My God To Audience and Goetz Miss Sylvia Trombone Leo Master Edgar and Andrew Whistle Eight Primrose Miss Mildred Clarinet Stella and Vocal Old Paul Rodney Cornet Miss Mildred Whistle Boquet Steckel Vocal Dont lie Too Miss Sylvia Grand Goctz Miss Sylvia Piano Grand Polka de Miss Helen Cornet and clarinet Dost Thou Re Misses Edith and Mildred Whistle Cornet Song of the The Xew Church visa Helen Solo and chorus 1se so v Bence and Xylophone Laurel At the Quincy people were ten dered a welcome George of acted as chair and of New in a fewrwbrds welcomed the which was responded to by President of Chaddack col and of the Gem City Business followed with a few At the tabernacle was crowded and waiting for the vocal con cert by the Burlington Mes dames Punck and and Sheetz and All the numbers were but the solos by the two ladies and their duette deserve as does trio by Mesdames Pollock and Funck and and the piano solo by Miss Piano of Venice Miss Marie GlveMeMy Own Native Fly Away Mesdames and Lost Father Lead Belshazzar Mesdames 4 Funck and Who Treads thePath of ONeoL While Thus Joy Around Charles How Ruble Miss Anna In Old Nearer My God to Smith Birds in the Good Altogether Music Bay was a complete success and the Burlington part of the program as good as the IOWA HOTEL largesIHels pleaslngiuin JOd conversationist and bright looking Ie was admired by many ladle n Des who to stlmable lady has the sympathy oi ntire thlrtj ve years of ageand gives impresslor f being a who has an exten ve traveler and seems well posted upi he ways of the Bnl tates officials who have1 been workfn p the case against have recelv atters from his nxious to begin suit against Eulston foi The peculiar e never removed a but always ound a new one wherever he livingat H was found dead a bullet i her The coroners jury re urned a verdict that she came to eath by shooting atthe hands ol living charade alga papers 1 ready made out ere retnmed to her by the ay the charges which can be proven gaints Hulstott by the will end him to the penitentiary lor A womsrs Fatally WouniU MalV WE as perhaps Monday nigns bout 12 by aJ oman who runs a house of prostitution this In company a traveling man from Dn went to the womansfhouse at the our named and while to ain admittance the virago drew revol er and fired at The ball entered Whites body above the right hip assed downward and through the oming out below the hip on the The parties are reticent about the ffair and attempt to keep the facts from 16 Both men were J he Heitzman woman is notorious lis locality and this is not the first p le has handled the revolver with i us being the fourth victim of her ut none fatally White is in a recarions The Alodncs of in orporation of the Modoc Democratic ariff Eeform of ere filed with the county recorder to They have incorporated for a eriod of twenty Their affairs be conducted by a board of together with all will be i lected annually at their first meeting In Frank Fisher and John Menzareiha president secretary nancial The Engine Failed to Kill FOHT ahoney went to sleep with his head onf le rail of the Illinois Central track Tara and was discovered by the E the night but not in time to top the train before reaching eeping man was struck by the cow atcher and his body hurled After le train was stopped it was discovered lat in some marvelous manner Mahoney ad escaped without barring aT ew bruises A Horse Thief Special to TnE Mc the young man who stole a horse of of this some time was sentenced by Judge Pleasants this morning to the penitentiary forthree years and six months with one hour of solitary Young McFate took the horse from a pasture by night and rode it into Henderson where he traded it for another one and The peculiarity of the whole trans action was that he invariably gave his full and correct name at all times and thus iusuring his identity and leaving an easy trail to The First Perhaps you arc run cant cant cant cant do any thing to your and you won der what ails You should heed the you are taking the first step into Nervous You need a Nerve Tonic and in Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your system to healthy Surprising results follow the use of this great Nerve Tonic and Your appetite good digestion the Liver and Kidneys resume healthy Try a Price 50c at the LA are becoming numerous and dangerous in this They have on several oc casions attacked and killed large domes tic and arc doing much damage among barnyard Since the coun ty authorities refuse to pay bounties on wolf scalps hunters will no longer kill the and they arc multiplying Killed in a a freight train collision on the CincinhatiSouthern road last night Engineer Simpson and an unknown tramp were 1 have used Ponds Extract for myself and famlly for some time and find it to be the bests article ot the kind I remove stillness and soreness ot the muscles in a very short and in my opinion no bal player or athlete should be without this valu able JAMES Pre Special to The hotei keepers in their evening session last night selected the following officers Ottumwa Burlington Moines The president named the following vicepresidents Muscaiine Kirk Waterloo Marshall town George Albia D Des Moines Mclvee Centerville Atlantic A During the banquet followed the evening session the delegates pre sented President with an ele janfgold watch Anderson of made the presentation The chain Is composed of sixty emblematic of the agejDf the reel and each link is one inch wide ani inch linked together wit small and on each link engraved the name of a representativ the name of his hotel anc the The affair closed ver AN EXPERT Arrested Des MoinesWho lla Eight Wlvesv Special to Tho years ago Mark Hnlston with Tiis wif and two bright children Moines and took a position with the De Mblnes Electric Street Car company as He was at once received tot good society and made manyfriends Forever a year he has been under snr Veillance by the Unitedf officer and was arrested by Secret Service OfB cerTred Webber today upon th specfie crime of forging the name Mi certai pension on which he receive over Besides this charge ther are ten v others J of an proof sufficient theoffi tothe penitentiary After the arrest made startling development wasgiven pub showing Hulston tobeone of th most expert bigamists in the whole conn Ho has eight wivest living residents counting nowTwlth two tKansaspJHe will Portlani njjQy Paid the payj ent of amounting to near 5150J ie suits against the original packago agents of of Omaha vere and the carload of quors seized by the sheriff in his raldi n the package houses were returned An injunction was issued against Be men restraining them from Tquor in Red Hartley nd Hartley have brought suit In iie district court here against the Keoknk and Northwestern and tlount Pleajant and Keoknk railroads or The Suit is for damages ulting from a right of way plaintiffs they declaring ailroad took unlawful possession ot the MISSOURI the Jreeze insanity case Judge Carson ierday rendered his pronounce ng Breeze She will be n the custody of the sheriff until term of the district when he case will be tried on its merits before J Xo More Original Packages package ealers ot this city have losed to await further Agents here will not continue in the ness unless importers give them In iemnity against the consequences of tVeddln are ut announcing the marriage of he daughter of and to Don Lathrop at ThevyounRr couple will make their future J Cracker Factory CEDAU Dows cracker factory here their jfj factory at Des Moines haveVf passed into the control of the Biscuit company of New Shaver will be retained as local A tittle Boy Special to The ing while Georgie a son of Professor was taking horseback ride on the family horse was thrown on his head and killed In HAWEBYE A FIREMENS I is making preparations for the tournament of the Southwestern Firemens to be September 23 A FATAL little daughter of of got hold of a tie of turpentine that had been left within reach and drank part of thej contents THE BOOM DT onion growers of Scott county are rolling inJ The highly Havered fruit bringsj spot cash in the Davenport markelsg with the demand Fou PAKTS who has been running a i graph gallery at Emmetsburg for parts He recently started a saloon at He disfPosed ofi what property he could before he teltA TniXKsHEis JESUS a young man ot has been taken to the Clarindar asylum fromConricfL Bluffs in violently insane conditions He imagines that he ChrbtPahc that hewas sentinto theworld XEW KAILKOAD President of the is authority for the statementthaS of the issue will be used in and Illinois and Iowa Cedar Lake feyjtoc annnarmusicalv usually very largely atteSdeofbjspeoB from all U soloists ally for to Mo the WTnslows SootMnVSyruHShoi be used roechUdreateetfingata tho softens the4 g ansville

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