Sunday, August 10, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa IjSTABUSHED CHINESE IISSION he Kesult of the Recent Confer ence at 11 Progress In Spread of the Gos l in DIfflcult of All iu Clii Religious China Missionary vra ieia Shanghai a month or is of world wide Near JT every Christian denomination the has representatives inthemission Trorkin the great empire of tasesansof money are expended annually in its China has been TJijTtreniely difficult field for Christian according to The Indepen It tes been now more than eighty since tho first missionary landed e shores of the though really been open tojmis more than naif of For many years after the Sjnssionaries had access to tba people of iflie five ports results were very and aotlitfleunpression was made upon these Jjtjangeand inhospitable but in years the progress has been much Die first conference of Protestant mis iaonanes was held in According ioflte statistics then i iresented there weie SnailChina but Protestant coin According to the report pre ggjtjj to the recent and second confer there are now Protestant Tliisisagaininthirteen vests of or nearly 200 per cent lnlS43 there were but sis it is in the whole Cliinese In tliirtyfour years tho increase was up of or at the rate of 397 a The rate of increase for the last has been a This is avery remarkable rate of There is now a very large coiii of missionaries In 36S7 there were 473 foreign idtading the wives of low the total has advanced to nearly of whom 38 are This shows increase in thirteen years of nearly percent Thirteen years ago there re only 73 ordained preachers and pas tors now there are with un irlained ministers and 180 female help Then there were 312 organized of which only 18 were wholly self supporting now there are 520 or ized of which 94 are wholly Then there were 16 hos pitals now there are Then the total itrihutions by native Christians for pnrpojes was now it is A statistical comparison would other items iu which there pas beeu a remarkable fe During these thirteen years there has jalso been growth iu the feeling of fel lowship between the missionaries of ithedifferent denominations inhere is probably today not a missionary Jan China who is not con rvincctl that the conference is both a wise helpful The harmony marked Ihe proceedings of the aim ranted to unanimity on fjulimporbiut The unanimity of action concerning He preparation of a union revision of Ihe scriptures in China was something many of the missionaries had dreamed of as The subject involved so inairy difficulties flat an agreement seemed to be impos the conference adopted unani monsly reports which were presented by committees appointed for that looking toward the translation and pub Ication of union versions of tbe word of God in High in Easy Wenli and in Oneof the incidental results of the conference was a meeting of the repre sentatives of the various Presbyterian inissjons jn the outcome of which Tins a plan for organic I PAULS IN tO on on IB Dpi Uudcrsroinid rtallroad Threatens the Old Paull 3 cathedral is threatened with least in the appre lenaon of the dean and chapter and also of Bishop Among the new de oees for facilitating inteicommunica B0nil fllc is the scheme for a Ml London railway extending from Hyde along Oxford so onward to a spot between the cathedral and the general post Ihehishop of London moved in the lonse of lords the rejection of the bill Jor this which he said would lave a station within seventy yards of the northeast corner of the ifonld probably drain away the water from the Band and gravel beneath the imd therefore would endanger vrae foundations by subsidence or if there was any doubt about what might the benefit of the doubt ought Etobe given to Pauls wbich dear not only to the citizens of Lon bnt to the whole of the Church of the bishop of Car Me pointed out that when he was dean a scheme of drainage which had carried out allowed the water to from the stratum above which the cathedral of that city necessi Tanng extensive appliances to prevent Us The bishop of London con aatea tothesecondreadingof the TOticserved opposition to it in the com roee AunmK the Hie Protestant Episcopal church has years supported a society for te cui supported a society tor wnnoting Christianity among the rrorn a recent statement of the work of society we learn that its missions k m a It paid missionaries in seven ofthe cities and 250 clergymen cooperat ways in local work among Through its various agencies is able to reach Jews in 254 towns in the United missionaries are in rfe New New Philadelphia and St There one each in New Chicago and New There is a missionary school these and also an indus in New York In these ing the past year there were besides a large ag gWe attendance at of the results of the tim i tnat e Jjggn of the A state made that many of the them synagogueand any School Mi suth international Sunday school was held recently in Pitts all WutVnfVVas attendance from f America of upward upward of of 3ay The of the convention is the rromo ttdh and increase of the adoption of new ana better a of reaching and teachinc iVT Mfsssssfss of New treasurer were presented from the states andCa nadianprovmces of the progress of Sun day The neit convpnfinn He Md in Louis gig bit farewell I murmur You tried my love thefurnaeehot Bevealed not gold but I bear my yet I Forgive me and forget I bear my woe in silence sure It loves true way I liavo not At least I know Low to endure The heart that thou hast spurned Will not repine its yet I Forgive me and forget Forgive Forgive Komorelasfc Forgetting easily win But pardon is a heavier task Though loves sweet lips be dumb eyes Trith tears be WWyears that plead Forgive Forget Let me not pass beyondtby stgbt With soul of all its sins To wamer in an exiles Forgotbutnotforgiven But ere the sentence seal be set Forgive York BENEVOLENCE IN A Array of Charitable Institu tions in tile Windy Iu view of the unhandsome things which are sometimes said about the city of it is rather interesting to find The New York Tribune making following pleasing remarks abont our great western city It is chinned for Chicago that in proportion toitspopu lation it has more benevolent societies than any other city in the world that the percentage of its dependent classes is less than in any other great city that there are only two other cities in the country as well supplied with Sunday that its Newberry Free library started with a fund of the largest ever given afree Besides this library the late Crerar left more than for in the City li brary has an income of nearly from Tho city appropriates onethird of its revenues to the public and during the past year its citi zens raised for the Chicago uni versity and for the Lake Forest The McCormicks have given for theological educa and not long aga Moody easily raised in Chicago for his train ing In view of all this it might possibly be advisable for the humorists to stop manufacturing squibs abont Chi cagos pork and She is a city which all New Yorkers in can be justly Iresbyterlan William Henry stated furnishes these statistics of the member ship of the various synods Colum Indian Ken Minne New New Mexi New North Da South Wis Tlio Xstablislietl The assembly of the Established Church of at its recent meet ing in reported the following statistics an increase of nearly During the year 2B3 new communicants had been receiv ed into the the clear increase over tiie whole membership being The report on foreign missions was en It stated that persons had been baptized in the mission field in a number exceeding by several hundreds the admissions of any previous The income had amounted to an increase of the amount subscribed during the previous Religious Services at the Worlds David of makes the following proposition in regard to the Worlds fair There should bo on the fair grounds a great people might This could be used week days as a con cert but Sundays it should be used as a great temple for the religiously in clined of all The services might go on all Say at 9 oclock Sunday morning a representative Scandinavian minister might and the prayers and in that language then at 11 oclock there might be an English preacher at 2 oclock there could be a French and so Spurgeons The London News has this good record concerning Spurgeon A gentleman in a Midland djing re left the bulk of his fortune to the pastor of the Metropolitan Taber But the deceased had relatives ill provided and the trustees resolv ed to put their case before the They saw him at his house at with the result that Spurgeon placed the property in their hands for distribu tion among the needy relatives of the RELIGIOUS t t T J f w 1 r r 1 j V V 1 STJNDAT AFGUST A movement is on foot to build a Methodist Episcopal church at the foot of Mount in The Swedish Presbjteriau church at Ashtabnla has voted to join the Congregational The Hanson Place Methodist of Amos has a membership of over The Canadim Methodist conference has authorized the establishment of a Methodist sisterhood for church work and The proposed new house of worship for the Presbyterian church of Alle will cost more than all of whicli is said to be Commissioner leader of the Salvation Army in recently sent word to Booth that if he the general would name the new country in he desired to commence army work Australia would furnish all the women and money necessary for the For about ten years the Presbyterian church of England has provided for the wants of its sons and daughters in Cam bridge by weekly at which most of the leading Presbyterian ministers of England and Ireland have at one time or another and a few days since they took the further step of laying the foundation stone of a new The stone was laid Sir George to whose efforts in enlist ing sympathy andraising money the CENTS MANSFIELDS GREAT A Peep Behind the Scenes and the Story of His lie lie is Still Young and That lie Ilopeg nis Greatest Trinmphs arc Yet to ami Acts on tlie AS BEUT The play was ITrom my coiner in the wings I could see Beau Brummel onthe stage in oneot the leafy avenues of Tall He was just in the act talons a pinch of snuff with that elaborate nicety which made the talaris It an His bell shaped hat by the bids fair to be the fashion again was of inauve beaver his shirt fluffy mass of white ruffles below a most dignified stock his coat a wonder green huge pearl buttons his breeches and silk stockings a dull Three roses limned in his button anexqui site fob swayed he and on the top of his gold headed cane an eyeglass was fop of the present no matter how could obtain such a brilliant ensemble When the scene was finished and Mans field came into he was still the dignified fop of the Georgian lie listened to the sound ing like a steady pattering of with a quietly fa tigued as if he were a lit tle tired of so much The prompter rang up the cur tain again in re sponse to a lan guid wave of his gloved and he bowed to the audience just as you sec him Ive got to de scend into semi starvation so qnickly to be ready for the next ho said on returning after tbe fall of the that Ive scarcely a moineut fo Do I like the charac ter of the famous Beau Better than any other I Thero is a rare charm about it for the effects are so so It gave me a genuine pleasure to perfect to see it evolve from o general idea with very rough edges into a thoroughly indi vidualized I like There was not time for another word just then for the double stage was Pall Mall was slowly being carried up into the flies and the shabby lodging at Calais where the discarded favorite sought refuge from his creditors was slowly coining into Mansfield is not scarcely what one wonlft call good His eyes are very small and deep At the first glance it seems as if they must always be beady and and yet it is wonderful to see them light up and express a rapid play of His hands are equally They have played a prominent part in every character ho has But his voice perhaps there lies his principal It is capable of such gentle such a variety of tones in saying one simple Itis a obedient voice which he can make do anything he As Prince Karl his broken English was as pathetic and winning as the lisp of a Who that heard it will ever forget the uncanny snort of the nnctious tones of Baron Chevrial in A Parisian most marvelous exhibition of senile oily drawl of Richard and now the velvety utterances of Beau Bruin flowing and Mans fields everyday voice is distinct from all of He speaks with an English ac cent and in a clear rather mas terful While I waited for his return I looked about the queer little world behind tho It was worth more than a cursory In the narrow stage en lit by a few flickering bunch I saw the dissolute young Lord a playful wrestling match with the Beaus faithful and pronounced by Mansfield as Mawrti A little further on the Prince of looking thoroughly democratic and very was sitting in his shirt sleeves fanning At the top of acrooked little stair I found the work Up through a sort of trap door arid be tween the rungs of a ladder Mansfields voice came to I peeped down and had a sort of birdseye view of the The MASSFrEID AS BAKOX Copyrighted by Falk and used by scene was on A few feet away workmen were managing the ropes in the Down below poor Beau pale and unhappy in a patched satin dress ing the shadow of his former ex quisite was trying to appease bis irate landlady with a volume of try ing to hide the fact that ho was and that he had not a sou left in the On the hidden stage overhead tho scene was bcingquietly set forthelast show ing the wretched attic at Beau Brummel was clothed in tho rags of a pauper when next I spoke to His rimless hat left exposed the shifting eyes where tho glitter of starvation seemed to like a light streaming above a Bnt ho was Beau Brummel still though in tat Xot a pitiable lack not fingerless gloves nor the jeers and flings of street urchins could alter that velvet suavity which had once marked him as the first gentleman in Eichard Mansfield was so thoroughly lost in the personality unhappy wreck tbat it was f airly startling to hear Tiim speak in his own voice after the scene Yon want to hear something about my myself There is not much to telL J have little ofa for I am still young in and I hope that most of my triumphs are yet to to I played Sir Joseph Porter Jn Pinafore in the English provinces when the opera was first I was Comic opera did not satisfy I waited for my T felt it would come some and it did eight years or so ago at the Union Square theatre when A Parisian Romance put I as playing small parts there The part of the palsied was given to H Stoddnrd He looked it kept it awhile and then suddenly turned it over to the saying he could do nothing with They gave it to Dontjou suppose I lecogmzed my chance when it came My interpretation of the tho hor rible toast to material nature at themid msht the death by paralysis were evolved f rom my inner Isaw it all like a scene in a I did not gather points for it in any bospitala la as has been forindeed no I mado a big The critics iu the morning papers were But managers are skepti Iheystillfearedthatlwosonlya one part I had to I returned to comic appearing Tie and as KoKo3in After thatl brought out Prince Karl1 Sincetheneverythinglhavoat tempted has horrors 4 of Jekyll and Richard IU although I did not realize from this half the extravagant amount I spent upon it and now The curtain was going Mansfield mounted the steps behind the scenes andj rattled tho latch on the rickety The next moment he had and his voice came back to a hopeless full of the tears he was too proud to shed They refused to give me a cup of chcjco a would like to see f The characters ho apostrophizes called up by his delirious fancy the elegant friends of his prosperity were waitingm the wings to go on and surround him at MAXSFIELD AS RICHARD the proper I did not wait to see I chose to remember him as he looked just huddled in a moistening his parched his famished eyes fixed on They would like to see he The terror in that last word was haunt EVELTS SOME YACHTING of the Standard Oil company John Treuor tho Goulds and Astors and other well known millionaires spend the greater part of August on their superb Nothing shows the growth of yachting in America more than tho growth of the yacht The object of this institution is to furnish everything thai can possibly be required on one of these from a sailing master and crew to the wines at tho festive Whether you want to be absent for a week or a day its all the Yon give pay your step aboard with your guests and thats the end of Neils the steward of the New York Yacht who is authority on all matters connected with the says ho has noticed during his long experience of thirty years that when the craze for yacht ing seizes upon a it descends from father to son even to tho third The Webbs and Vandcrbilts are a ifew of the examples he Some of the best yachts that sail on the inland waters of the are built in and around Occasionally one will see a handsome hull being forwarded to its destination near a lake on a couple of platform More the boat is sent on shipboard to points along the coast and even to Several of the finest San Francisco yachts were built in New More jachts change hands in the course of a year than people havoanidea Thero is always an ambitious fellow who wants something and in making a sacrifice ho generally finds plenty of You can purchase a second hand yacht at a third or a quarter of its original ATHLETIC The Amateur Athletic union assumed jurisdiction of amateur baseball last fall for the purpose of putting it on a plane with field athletics so far as dividing it from professionalism is but in direct charges have been mode that several teams of prominent New York city athletic clubs have Tho Amateur Baseball which has had control of baseball of the athletic clubs in the vicinity of New York for some allows its teams to use professional but tho does not even permit and great difficulty has been found to find men to stand behind the bat for simply the love of The Irish Amateur Athletic which controls athletics in is can vassing tho subject of a fair programme for a general athletic championship meet Davin is now champion of that Deceptive False Every one most have noticed tho num ber of ladies who wear curly hail at It may astonish you to learn that most of these charming curls are Typhoid and other fevers have played havoc with After such an illness the hair is almost invariably se riously and even if it does not fall out it becomes so dry and harsh that there is nothing to be dono but to shave it close and wait for a new TJu1 less tho hair grows very rapidly bo two or three months before it is long enough to look and inthe mean time a wig is i a Tho curly hair looks more natural than a dressed and is easier to keep in BO most ladies prefer El derly often use French twists and Few people know howcommonwigsareUiave some times sold fivoorsis in ono and a great many ladies say they aresorry when their own hair grows as the wig has saved them so much time anc The Only Woman iu the Buainetta in New York Drives Sharp Bar But She HolcK Her She luventor of the Detective It was a Parisian who hit npou tho novel idea of a detective Ha made a small which he con cealed in his A shutter imfrorJ was so cleverly arranged that the joiml could not be At first he nsed wel bnt he soonsaw he Aboutthattime the lightning dry plates were put on the market and the Frenchmans hopes rose He could take Ha hat anywhere with and no at a suspect its double Placed on a table facing Jho person to be th little the baefcconlcLbo presses and the exposure In some re spects the hat camera was immeasurably superior to ths toys now on the John of says I tried Chamberlains Chol era and Darrhrea Remedy for and cramps and pains in the stomach and bowels with the best re In the worst cases I never had to give more than the third dose to effect a In most cases one dose will do Besides its other good qualities it is pleasant to 23 and 50 centbottlcs for sale by all A FEMAIE ihe Better Than Most Men A wide energetic woman keeps a iivery stable at 103 West Fortyninth Her name is Annie she s plump and not yet Childs las a ruddy an elastic step and an conversational style that its own story of genteel associations arid intelligent observation This courteous and thoroughly efficient business woman is known from oneend of he livery trade to tho Youll not Ind u man iu a establishment in Sew York who knows tho business better than aprominent liveryman said to a shes got a but its Childs who is known to the She iu full charge of and when I say that I mean that shes the Id trust her with any branch of the business in preference to most The fact is shes up to snuff imd no It you dont believe it go md see for Tbe reporter did go and bee for It was early in the and business was therefore Childs was np in her comfortable homelike apart making her baby a The vis itor was ushered into a bright little the distinguishing feature of which was its extreme The walls were lined withpictures famous There was an oval mirror over the marble basin and on the mantel a vase of HOW SHE whowas called through a made her appearance in the space of exactly one miuute by the reporters She came down and was a goodly sight to see in her trim black jersey and looking poplin Her collar was fresh from the her hair tidily done and her finger nails neatly She sat down and opened the conversation quite as gracefully as many ladies do in their own drawing So you think it odd to see a woman in the livery do you she said I have never thought of it in that but perhaps that is be cause I have never had time to think much about It has taken pretty much all my time to get through with the actual busi ness of it for the last sixteen I am was born and reared at Edmon near and grew up with horses for my as so many English girls I naive never seen a horse yet tbat I was afraid and I am called a good My fatherinlaw was a horseman and so are all his in cluding my so you see I have al ways been surrounded by When we came to America my husband wanted to open a boarding but he had other business to attend to and could not give his personal attention to He never thought of my going into the busi but I saw that lie needed me and I immediately announced my iatcution of carrying it on We opened a stable in Eighteenth between Sixth and Seventh and there I conducted it on a small keeping my office in the sitting My business gradually kepi growing larger until the little writing desk which served me in the sitting room would do no and I moved down stairs and went into business profession From that time on I have conducted every detail of the business without save that of the ordinary hands employed about livery and can say without egotism that I have mado it a I take see that they are properly attend personally to getting them receive keep buy all the harness and occasionally HER Another branch of tiie business consists in selling vehicles for my customers who are I attend to everything in connection with the and havo never yet been cheated in a single I find that horsemen treat me with the greatest never indulging in coarse language in my I assure you 1 couldnt be treated better if I were dear old Queen Vic I dont think they would try to take advantage of me as they do of a The men I deal with always seem inclined to favor and 1 assure you I drive very sharp bar I know by actual experience that I am a more economical buyer than my for that I think women always look sharper to the pennies than The men in my employ obey me I never have any trouble with but I keep sharp lookout that they do their i attend to every ojder that leaves the stable iu the course of tho and in order to do it am often obliged to stay np until 2 or 3 oclock in the morn f think the absent of tobacco smoke and dirt from my ullieo has been a drawing card for my Its rather even for a dont you to sit down and give his order in a quiet I receive all forthey are sure to come no matter how careful you and when I have a breath ing space I go out and collect Col lecting requires tact and but I have never had any trouble most fastidious customers are of course la but I usually even in pleas ing After having done right by them once they are almost sure to come hack and in this way I often keep their custom from year to And how about your homo Childs Oh it goes on You dont think Id sacrifice that to my busi do yon I have three little my husband to provide comforts and I never neglect In the first I have excellent andean cram a great many duties into a I keep a capable give my orders in the and see that every thing is set going before I go to the When I want anything particularly nice to eat I manage prepare it before busi ness I do all the sewing for my We rent a farm at West in the summer time we live driving in and out early in the morn ings and necessarily very late at New York Coquette Versus A born coquette is more dangerous than a She inherits a better legacy than for while money gives life its cushion beauty gives its color and coquetry Utakes it The coquette will go on withher conquests while there is aman left in the world with aheart in his There is a woman in New York who keeps a big boarding school for of and instead of walking on rose leaves she treads on golden Seats at her performances are secured two years in and to make the applica tion yon pay a handsome deposit There are no graded courses of no ex haustive no tedious mem ory lessons arid no incessant eternal and intolerable smashing of piano Aspirants for degrees can go to the Har Would be grenadiers are di rected to Holyoke and blue stockings are advised to enter local high schools and universities for iutellectual force Hero coquetry is fostered rnd no secret is mado about Square shoulders are rounded into Do Milo grace flat soles are raised by judicious foot cov high foreheads sheltered by kisa harsh lowered a whole tone angular elbows turned in stiff joints loos ened symptom of a strong mind rigidly suppressed The pupil is softened end She 13 Korefully in structed to know nothing and to do noth ing that will rob a grace or mar a And does she pay Doesnt she Drop her in the village lane or quia promenade of her native and seed shells not up by the ng young lawyer or most prominent bach elor in the York His Frail Some funny things take place iu a photo graph Once in the early days a jood German came to have his f ran taken fulllength to send that his old neighbors might for themselves see how handsome she had Hehadsparedno expense to buy her a handsome new gown for the and it was made up in the latest style when she came to have her daguerreotype We posed her and propped up her head with the and there she mostunlovely ipeclmen of a woman that ever was You know it took some tune to burn in a and sho began to look fagged before the process was The operator clapped on the cap at hist and ran into the dark room with the nega leaving her Presently ho beard an awful as though the house was tumbling Running out he found the husband hopping ing his hands and distractedly She loo tightl Sho too tightl Hisfrauhad fallen over backward through the back ground in a dead The operator took in the situation at a and opening her dress ripped her corset strings with one thrustof his when he vows he will never forget to his dying day how a woman he took to be slender seemed suddenly to bulge out into immense pro She had veritably laced within an inch of lierlife to have a picture for home folks in Washing ton Ittore Economical A street banker says My observation brings me tho conclusion that women who are thrown on their own exertions manage better and will save a little out of a small income where a man would give up or commit sui A man thinks it beneath his man tiood to make a less A poor woman with two or three children to support will and take iri from SC to SIO a week for the her little buy her chil dren an occasional toy or a little keep her house looking pre pay her rent and make a deposit liere weekly of from 30 cents up to Wo have several such depositors in this I never see one of those pale tired aut looking women at the window that I do not feel like going out and saying some thing to encourage I dont have much time to but I do not believe there are any such stories iu print as f could tell if it were proper to do Women stand misfortune better than That is my I was in one of the savings banks that went under in this city several years The poor women who were the losers were the hero While some of the men who lost went mad and some committed the poor women went on sijent and beginning life again penni Kako Field Makes a At her literary work Miss ITield nowa days wears a bright red satin dress re formed after her own and touched up with frills and shells of soft I wish the cliiel that takes notes would be just a trifle more in love with the I never had a bright red satin reformed or I dont think a bright red satin dress could be reformed except by I utterly loathe brigbt red and wouldnt wear it under any Bright red satin might be possible for some women in a ballroom or on the but for a working gown it is the worst taste In bright red satin is horribly unbecoming to ninetynine women out of a 1 am not the May this well meant but exasperating which has pursued me for months and given me several bo buried beyond thepossibility of even on the dnv of Mothers and The mitlier s breath is aye says a Scotch The same sentiment is less tenderly expressed by a German and a French Mothers truth fceepscon starit Another Scotch proverb is illustrative of the influence of parental example Trot trot can foal amble The idea expressed by the English prov The crow thinks her own bird tho takes in German the form of Every mothers child is or No ape but swears he has the finest chil mother though many heed not tho that unless she transfers some household duties to the daughter she en courages her child to grow up in sloth and An English proverb thus utters the warning Alightheeledmothermakes a heavy heeled Youths Com A Pretty The Germans have a story which the home loving people love to A when his daughter became a gave her H golden casket with the injunc tion not to pass it into other for it held a charm which in her keeping would be of inestimable value to her as the mis tress of the Xot only was she to have the entire caroof but she was to take it every morning to the tho the dining the the bed and remain with it in each place for five looking carefully After the lapse of three years the father was to send the that the secret talis man might be The key was The casket was It was found to contain an old parchment on which was written these words The eyes of the mistress are worth 100 pairs of servants The wise father knew that a practice of the inspection followed faith fully for three years would become a habit and be self that the golden casket and the hidden charm have accomplished Somerville A Vmtcral In A German funeral procession impresses an American us being a rather curious af It is invariably led by an elderly clad in wbo is hired to carry a lugubrious This antiquated fe male is frequently followed by a number of men also hired to carry wreaths and other floral devices appropriate to the sol emn Then comes the drawn by two or four black horses and driven by a man wearing a flowing block robe and alow wide brimmed black Beside the hearse walk the pallbearers and behind the hearse come the all afoot and all wearing black silk Then follow the all for it is an imperative rule that none except the dri vers of the vehicles shall ride in the funeral no woman save only the old woman who precedes the hearse can participate in the When the female relatives and friends of the de ceased to see the burial they go to the cernetery by a devious route andretnrn in an equally modest After the fu neral the mourners ride home in the car Eugene Fieldin Chicago Wash for the Tha red oxide arid vaseline ointment for the growth of brows and lashes is quite There is only one groin of mer cury to tho you Apply the ointment vitn a camels hair brush or with your finger along the edge of the eyi lids and on the eyebrows before retiring for the Wash it off in the morning with a claret glassful ot hot m which as much baking as will lie on a five cent piece has been Ex Children Enjoy The pleasant gentle action anc soothing effects of Syrup of when in need of a and when the father or mother bo costive or bilious the most gratifying results follow its so that it is the best family remedy known and every family should have a Tne accompanying portrait is ol Kmgnc who haslaboredlonsiearnestlyaad wellia ho cause of The Cnight says of him John Edward a son of Glad ting and Lydia Carpenter Thompson was born in Cum He attended and worked on his fathers farm and ab boat building until when went to Iaw tucket and worked at the jew elry In 837 he went into the tanning busi ness at Central Palls with his rbtheri Thompson joined of in and attained the rank by faithful He was elected grand vice chancellor In LSS7 and grand chancellor in During lis administration five lodges were nstituted in Khode adding abont 600 to the total greatest boom tbe order ever knew in Little Thompson is also of Superior lodge of Odd Fellows and a past grand of Lincoln Knights of He is ofthe town council of in whicli body he has aad several years of He is also a senator in the general assembly from the same He has the distinction of be ing president of the first Democratic coun cil the town of ever had as well as the first Thomp son is a widower with no His an estimable died March Thompson is of fine personal is a courteous gentleman and ins the full confidence and esteem of all who know Pills cure SickKcalaetKC SECRET SOCIETY events 1 of Among1 the Fraternal John a Hard andAble Worker In the Kanks of the Knights of Sketch of Other Itemsi Answer to is Odd Fellowship a Ken Other The Ohio State Journal in answering the Is Odd Fellowship a benefit to the community at large says that from an economical and pecuniary stand point alone it is u relief directly to the gen eral body of taxpayers of the United States to the extent about and indirectly to the extent of double that New York reports a membership of a net gain of during A total of was paid for relief during the Utah has thirteen lodges with a total membership of And there ore seven three lodges and one of said to be the oldest Odd Fellow in the United died aged S3 He joined the order in Philadelphia in 1S3L A lodge may donate to a brother who is In actual even though he is not in good standing on account of An Odd Fellows which will cost when is now in course of erection at a new canton with 52 All lodge excepting that of con ferring the is still done in the ini tiatory degree by the order in claims to be the hotbed of Odd The number of adult males in that according to the census of is and of these are Odd How the Order Is Growing iu the Various Missouri has the largest number of lodges of any jurisdiction New York comes Illinois The number of lodges in these respective jnrisdictious at the close of the last fiscal year is shown by the re port of the supreme recorder to be as fol lows 424 New 414 The following oulcial figures show the number of lodges in each in to those mentioned accord ing to their relative standingas to number of lodges at the close of the last fiscal 230 221 211 104 Uxi 124 New Jersey and 112 101 Oregon and 91 South North Carolina and SS 84 S2 74 71 70 New Mexico and 50 The above figures for Dakota ore ot course only lor a few from the or ganization of that grand lodge in to the close of the fiscal The greatest cain in the number of lodges was made in New York during the lost namely Ontario stands next to Illinois in the number of there being 341 in Cana dian territory lip to tbe close of the last fiscal The relative gains for the last year of Missouri and Illinois gave Missouri only one lodge more than Missouris gain was KNIGHTS OF Decrease in the Death The death rate in the Knights of Honor decreased dnring it being per against in A plan for the establishment of additional exclusively formembers of the uniformed has been prepared by Com and will be submit ted to the supreme The membership of the Knights and Ladies of Honoris between the sexes being about equally From thetimeof the institution of the first lodge in 1STT to April has been paid ont of the relief fund to bene ficiaries of deceased members jusfc One assessment realizes nearly As an evidence of the growth of the order it may be stated that during the month February were approved by the supreme medical exam Daring January new insurance to the amount was and in February the amount was At a meeting ot the city council of New held May it was voted to authorize the mayor to invite the supreme lodge Knights Honor to meet in that city in and to extend the hospitality oj tho city The Knights of Honor had 216 deaths from 13 to oE 57 from pneumonia or acute lung largely Ansed by la Probably many deffths from other diseases were caused borhastened from the same KNIGHTS OF Jfotes of Interest Many of the jurij The grand lodge of Ohio has amended the so as to providethat any person engaging in sell ing ormaking intoxicating liquors shall not be initiated into a lodge unless selling be upon arcgnlar a reputable or for known medici mcchanicalpnarniacentical or mental s contract foe building a ple at Col has been leK The bufldins is to be of bv 00 feet and two room will be in theupper story be fitted eli stylev The Slights ofUnion City wfll buflclafl castle hall during the It wffic division io3 cently carried off the prize drilling also the best looking Knights at the grand encampment t The lodgesof Indianapolis ate membership ot nearly and idges hdve all the work they cac The membership ot the jKtler in the rand jurisdiction of West Virginia is A with forty The Knighta of are to have a castle Phomlx of is deter mined to be the banner lodge of the It was lately instituted with 283 charter only five tne number being There have beenseventeennewlodgesin jtitutea in Ohio since In West Virginia the orderhas gained and 564 members during the past The Knights of are worfcingup afund to be used in building Pythian Toledo has lodges of the all ofthemare Six of these lodges purcaascd a lob 49 by on which they propose building a Pythian temple four stories at a cost of Chosen Friends Indiana anil Texas are close together in the race for and Michigan and Pennsylvania are also now having a very interesting little gallop for the lead Supreme Marshal Van of is doing yeoman service he Ohio He muster at Chosen call before the end the Supreme Medical Examiner ot reports for of as follows Number of peti tions COO 460 reduced and returned for S3 6 Catholic Order of foresters The high court of the Cathalic Order of foresters recently convened in The the high chief ranger was a general of the condition of the or der and its rapid growth last f courts to 1G3 from a membership of Of these nearly are Cook county Foresters 103 of the courts are Most of the others are in Minnesota and Can The high chief secretary hat during the year had been paid out in sick for funeral ex for There aow in the treasury Knights ot the 3Iystie The order has been Introduced Into Khode Island by the of Ivanhoe Cas located at The ceremonies were conducted by Supreme Marshal Charles The new castle starts ofiT with a good and every prospect of becoming a very strong After the 1C was presented with a very handsome the gift of Supreme Marshal Naylor United Triends One million six hundred thousand dollars ias been paid ont death chums has been paid to disabled members per manent Total Fifty thousand dollars has been and paid back to members sessments out of the reserve average death rate has been under per forthe last nine One hun dred and nineteen Assessments have bains an average of thirteen per v Improved Ordeir of has a new Tribe of Bed Men instituted in that city with eighty charter The Red Men of California have taken on new life after a long and the or der bids fair to boom again in the Goldeu The Chieftains the Uniform Branch of Improved Order of Red has been reorganized in Atlanta and their uniforms are very Knights and Indies oC The grand treasurer submitted his quar terly report to the board of trustees at their lost session In Louis as follows Total moneys received from all on hand April which amount isto be deposited in bank on Interest as ed by the Good The thirtyseventh annual meeting the grand lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars of Pennsylvania con vened not long ago at About 100 delegates were Over was spent during the year In missionary Fraternal The total amount paid out in sick bene fits np to and including June 30 aggre gated the sum of or an average of SS5 to each member receiving Sexennial The league has now over members examined and and is steadily Increasing in Uoyal The total amount of sick benefits paid in Maine in 1SSO was The total num ber of certificates issued to the councils re ceiving benefits was The insurance in force 1 Maine de ducting the sick benefits aliabilicy of Benevolent Order of The grand herd of Pennsylvania met re cently and elected Pusc Chief Herdsman of Garfield herd as grand Handsome gold badges were or dered tor Past Grand Herdsmen ROOD and Kigley aa AVasted Old Stout in effort to propose you Miss that you could learn to care for me raoTethan do now His Pretty Housekeeper rmsorryyou aint sir but Im domthT best I can on twelve dollars a He What did he take inquired the tective that had hastily I think he replied the bank who was walking about through the empty vault whistling dolefully anandante in O Chicago Indeed Conjugal scene between Monsieur andLi Madame de Bondamousse aatt the doyoa put the hair other woman ou your headn his better wear the skin ofanothec calf Pay tot tbe I see Boulanger is coming Ten dollars a weekj I leys Dont Care It isivtth the gtcntestconMcnce that ICoo SnrsapnriUa is recommended for up Thismedicine lonr

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