Saturday, August 9, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED TJieSenate Agrees That Grants Bemains Should lie fienfttor Flumba Resolution Providing for the Boiuoval of the Dead Heros DnBtlromXew Vork to Wash ington Agreed SATURDAY AUGUST senate Plumbs concurrent resolu tion providing for the with Grants of the renjains of General Grant from New York to Arling ton cemetery Call offered a which was weed instructing the committee on foreign relations to inquire aud re port such measures as maybe necessary t for the protection ofcitizens of the i Daitcd States who were formerly resi dents of Cuba and subjects of against prosecution by the Spanish gov ernment for offenses alleged to have been committed by The conference report on the fortifica tion bill was then takeu up for considera tion after some was agreed The conference report on the sundry civil appropriation bill was then take up ano the action of the conference commit tee on the subject of the bridge and via duct atHonk Island declining to require the municipality to share the expense and was criticised by Ed who contrasted that liberality of the committee with its parsimony in re fusing to the widow of the dead chief jus tice tho balance of his years Sherman expressed his regret at the striking out of the items for the fami lies of the deceased members and of the late Chief Justice He would him self vote for a general in its charac giving to the family of every officer of the government who died in harness die balance of his salary during the cal endar Cockrell criticised the making of indifinite appropriations and cutting down the appropriations for the expenses of the United States the support of leaving the necessary outlay to be provided for in the de ficiency bill of the next He had therefore voted against the conference t It placed the senate in a false position of yielding on items as to back pay and a bounty of when it did not yield a And next Novem ber the members of the house would be exclaiming Look at the extravagant senate Look at the American house of lords Look at the millionaire club of tho A body that has no sympathy irilt the poor downtrodden tax payer That was the way each branch of con gress did its business The discussion then turned upon the items in relation to the irrigation survey and to public lands it was carried on atmuch Finally the conference report was agreed A farther conference was ordered on the irriRatiou which has been post and Hale and Gorman were reappointed conferees on the part ol the The tariff bill was then taken but it went over without A joint resolution was passed to accept from the national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic a statue and pedestal of the late General W ie crcrtid in the The house re sumed consideration of the general de ficiency the ucnding question being on the amendment granting a mouths eitra pay to employes of the house and The amendment was of made a motion to rccommii the bill with instructions to the committee on appropriations to re port it back with the clause appropriat ing for deficiencies in fees and espouses of the United States marshals but it was lost and the bill was then of from the com Tnittee on reported a resolution providing that after the passage of this resolution it shall be in after two hours to move that the house nanconcur in all the senate amendments to the Indian appropriation bill and to ask for a committee Enloe raised a question of consider ation in the lie of the pri vate In order to obviate Euloes objection to the resolution Cannon stated that it was the purpose of the committee on rules to report a resolution giving certain days to the consideration of bills reported from ue committee on agriculture and labor and to tlie consideration of private Euloc thought something more substantial than a promise should be and insisted on his question of Cannon remarked that the gentle man by his was delaying the ion slderation of private The house 110 nays an consider the report of the committee on Peel asked unanimous consent that tie senate amendments to the Indian ap propriation bill be nonconcurred giv ing as his reason the fact that the Indian service was suffering and it was neces sary that the appropriation bill be passed at the earliest dav of ob Cannon then demanded the Previous question on the adoption of the resolution agreed Springer contended that all im portant public bills should not be rushed uirongh under the whip of the rommit in sustaining the resolu ilt said tbis lorning he had proposed J tic gentlemen on the other side that uie house nonconcur in the senate amendments and that the remainder of uieaay aud tomorrow be devoted to pri vate proposition was rejected by gentleman from Tennessee is rejection1 showed the professing to be a friend of private was that The President to respoiKlcncc Concerning Relief sent to congress a letter fron Governor of Oklahoma repre senting tliat great distress prevail among the residents of the territory an requesting tiat the attention of congres be called to the fact The president i transmitting the in formation received by me from othe sources leads me to believe the govcrno is altogether right in his imprcssio that there will unless relief is afforded widespread suffering among the settjer in Many of these people ex pendcd for travel and in providing shel ter for their all their accumu lated The prospects for thi year by reason of tho drouth and the ability of th territory itself to provide relie must be inadequate during thi I am advised there is an uncx pcnded balance of of the appro priated for the relief of the Mlssissipp flood sufferers and I recommend author ity be given to use this fund to meet th most urgent necessities of the poore people in Secretary Nobl has approved the A Till Senator Spoon er today proposed as an amendment to the tariff bill tho following additiona proviso to the tin plate paragraph Pro vided further that on and after October tin plates of S3 win gauge and of thinner wire gauges be admitted free of duty unless It shall be made to appear to the satisfac tion of the president that the aggregate quantity of tinplates of said guagcs pro duccd in the United States during the fiscal year ending June shal equal half the amount of tinplates of thi same guagcs imported during said fisca or any prior fiscal after the passage of this Paul M list Ite Superintend ent Porter submitted a decision todav that the original order directing a re count of the population of the entire city of Paul be put into The examination of schedules discloses among other irregularities the fact that at least four thousand duplications iu names were The president today sent the following nominations to tho senate Alexander of minister resident and consul general to Adam of at Tampicp Samuel of at JIaracaibo Herbert of at Caroline The Original Package Bill The president has approved the original package TEE ANTILOTTERY The question recurring on the adop the no quorum voted L iouso took a rccess atthe evening session a number of pension bills were passed and BEEOKINRIDGES Bejmulicans Have a Good Caii dldate aud Hope to Carry ropubli j are awaiting with a Mr riir of inlerest tbc unseating of who repre S sccoud District of that confident that Breckin succeeded by a upon his being unseated ky a congressional election will and the republicans believe they Farmers He e a Tcry good stunjp r Iangley tlieAlliauce BrwvfrafThevotin is concerned WneW district seems to have latch ler i Tl c denocrats several times c r V slatc election of Scptem the rcpublicanalli carried tuc district by tine the district since that heen carried by the straight candidates for supreme court In view publicans feel confi will besuc today 8Eepresenta introduced a resoln A Public Address Issued to the Feonle of tlic United BATON AntiLottery League has issued an ad dress to the people of the United States reciting at length the history of the lot tery in Louisiana its corrupt purchase of legislators to do its will and to over ride the wishes of the people the use of its enormous greater than all the banking capital of the in every way calculated to monopolize its corrup tions of the moral sense of even good people aud its utter carrying away of the many of whom suffer priyation or steal to get money to play the The aggregate of the schemes of monthly and semimonthly drawings is fabu sum of per and the aggregate of their daily draw ings is over They re ceive annually a million and a quarter of dollars from written policies sold on numbers of daily drawings apart from the sale of regular printed The schemes of the last drawing arc so ar ranged that they can sell seventyfive per cent of their pay ten per cent for selling lose all the prizes provided for in the pay one million dollars for and still makethree million dollars profit per the address shows the scheme is fraudulent and it pays but per cent of the monies while licensed lotteries of other nations require the payment of 73 per The address recommends to confircss the im mediate adoption of an to the federal constitution prohibiting any state from chartering or licensing any lottery or gift abolish ing those already established and giving congress power to enforce their prohi bition by appropriate and pending that all lottery matters be ex cluded from the mails and express com NEW SKWSIAIKKS TO UK KOV BATON AntiLottery convention adjourned sine die Among the resolutions adopted is one to boycott the Tiincs Dcmocrat aud Dally of New Or on account of their prolottery Tho newspaper committee reported guaranteed for a new paper to be published in New Orleans in opposition to rechartering the POLITICAL Mercer Countys Special to The The copulation of Mercer county for 1S90 is The city of Aldo contains which is not oelieved to be a that being too small a Democrats May Kndorse Special to The Henry of this and a former is an independent candidate for It is thought the democrats will endorse Xamed for The Farmers Mu tual Benefit association convention of the Sixth Illinois congressional district held has nominated Reeder for Nominated lo Succeed Congress man Norton was today nominated to succeed himself by the democratic con vention of the seventh Reducing the Military Force in An order the secretary of war reducing the cav alry and infantry regiments from ten to eight companies is being put in force in this Army officers express considerable feeling on account of this order of the secretary of war and say congress is the only power that can de crease the number of companies in regi Three Hundred NEW A general alarm was sent to all police precincts yester day announcing the desertion of threo hundred sailors and marines from tho men of war Chicago and Atlanta and ordering their Iy ten oclock last night fifty of the deserters had been captured aud lodged iu police Children Enjoy The pleasant gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of when in need of a and when the father or mother bo costive or bilious the most gratifying results follow its so that it Is the best family remedy known and every family shonid hare a HAD TO PAY THE POSTAGE Editor Shovers Scheme to Dis tribute Advertising It of Marslialltown Young oncra Attempt at Fowa Neivs in Special to The DES Shovcri again on his He is interested in a illustrated weekly called the Argus the illustrated part of which is publishe by the Life Publishing and tu remaining part by Shover Olson This week they issued the regular edi and then run an extra containing very largo amount of Iowa Business Col lege consisting of fiv and twentyeight wa put in the postofficc Postmasic Brandt thinking this a slick scheme t have advertising matter mailed at th regular newspaper held the sending for Inspector A who after examining the decided tha eight cents per pound must am the Argiix people had to put up tha amount An appeal will be taken to th authorities at WHAT SENATOKYOLSON lie is of the Opinion that tlio Present Pro hlbltory Servo All Special to The Vcics tiis in response to a telegraphic inquiry the following message from Senator Wilson In m judgment the Iowa prohibitory laws wil need no rccnactnient to be effective un 3er the option of the original package law just enacted by The above will be of interest in view of the fact that Wilson is probably the ablest constitutional lawyer in Iowa and probably the ablest in the United States ATTEMPTED ThreeDay Irisoucr rrcveuted From Hanging Himself in Ilia Special to The a prisoner in the city jal to commit suicide this forenoon by He tore his shirt in strips these fastened one cud the gas pipe that ran along the ccil lie was discovered by Jailer Spell man just before ho took the jump from one of the wooden He was erving a threeday sentence for intoxi and lives at Prairie BAFFLES THE V Tcrriulc Disease Which Resembles the ISlack miles north of here is a raging disease which esembles the famous black In he little town of where the dis ease made its appearance a week here has occurred since that time lifted and there are now nearly seventy ases in all Five doctors are in but do not appear to know vhat it save that it is of a cholera na The victims succumb sometimes n a few and sometimes in a day ir Thus far the deaths are among hildren and middle aged CRAZED WITH Dissipated Husband Attempts to Kill His Then little city as been thrown into a fever of excite ment over a sensational shooting esulting in James King has re idcd here for some living with his sister and a woman supposed to e his Tuesday evening the family id not until cloven and lad hardly dropped asleep when King dressed himself and taking aforty our calibre revolver silently stole down His wife followed him and asked im where he was to which he re lied that he was going to take the train to which passed lirough here about one She egged him not to do when he drew is revolver and uttering curses fired at when only about ten feet She iw the movement and dropped to tin and to this movement she owes her fc as the bullet smashed a castor on a the mirror and then imbedded self in the He then turned the upon himself with fatal he cause of the suicide is not but i is supposed he was crazed with joal usy and and thinking he had illed his mate he took his own LOVES YOUNG Iretty Marshalltown Girl Kloprs With a TenYearOId strange asc of youthful female depravity has at racted considerable attention here this Laura barely in her capped the climax of a career of aywardncss the other evening by steal ng about S20 in a gold ome jewelry and other valuables from er own parents and skipping out to Le rand on Arrived there she put up t a hotel and soon cultivated the ac uaintanco of a tenyearold n Jlonday she bought a ticket herself and a halffare ticket or the boy from LeGrand to and ogcther they started out to carve their ay to if not to Officers ere were notified by the girls parents what she had and when the rain on which she took passage arrived the city the marshal arrested her al jough she had secreted herself in the ater closet of the She was taken confronted by her parents and Torts made to induce her to confess the left and disclose the whereabouts of the issing Hut expostu ations and threats were alike in and he officer was ordered to take the incor gible girl to Even the gloomy cn ironments of the county bastile failed i bring her to and she as at length taken back to her here she still remains boss of the situa The parents are considerably cen ured for resorting to such severe meas res with their own The Matter of Getting Cooper township justice of the endered a remarkable yes John Kodenburn appeared be Drc him charged with the crime of The prosecution produced ve witnesses who swore the defendant as drunk when On the other and the defense proved by several wit esses tljat defendant was hot intoxicated hen they saw him an hour arid a half revious to the Judge Breriuan scharged the prisoner on the ground lat an hour and a half was not a long nough period for an able bodied man to et Iowa Baptist DES state Baptist invention adjourned yesterday afternoon ter having been in session since Mon The principal action of the cori ntion was the organization of a State nion of Baptist young The or anization is to be entirely distinct from 10 and is modeled somewhat ter the Methodist Epworth ho Van of ade the principal Officers of he State Union were elected as follows the Mi of ed Oak corresponding of Boone Miss ila of Des Entered a Dominican young dies have been received In the5Dominl4 an convent at arc Miss Florence Bloomer of Somerset as Sister Ambrose Mlnaban of as sister Colnm bauus Miss Kato as Sister Luke Miss Mor as Sister Alacoqne Miss Jon nio Rooney of Iav as Sister John Miss Annlo Peters of Water as Sister Amatus Miss Mary Woods of as Sister Takes Special to rhe even ing a graduate of the HebrewAmerican college at Cincinnati took charge of the Temple Enianuel ol this the Jewish and wil henceforth be its He comes here to succeed Isaac a He brew divine of ability and A Miners Deadly Special to The Wichter wcni down the bottom of a coal shaft at WestPanora yesterday release the cage so that it could be hauled to the The mine had not been worked since last winter and was full of damp After releasing the cage he started to climb but was overcome after climbing about fifteen feet fell backward and broke his A Horrible a SwedeJaborer employed on the Alstott of met his in horrible manner He was driv ing a hay when the horses became frightened and threw him to the The young mans feet wore caught in the and he was dragged nearly a quar ter of a When friends reached him he was found to be his neck having been Bunk Olllcers announcement is made that vicepresi dent of the German has resigned also and All No reason is The bank is one of the most prominent in the James Beach was elected vice president and Keviewed by Governor CEDAII first regiment Iowa national in camp here this week with a battalion of the second regiment of the regular was reviewed yesterday by Governor A large number of visitors were The governor went to Water loo in the tost a IDA engine of he Northwestern fast train lost one of its front drive wheels just before reach ug A terrible accident might lave occurred as it happened just before reaching the Maple river No one was frightened messenger who reported that cholera was at was The disease was a malignant form of DASH FOR ifly Convicts Make a Desperate Dash Tor some time past has been brewing at the Charles ton state having its origin in an objection of the inmates to submit to the enforcement of the Bertillon measure Yesterday afternoonn the con icts in the shoe shop refused to obey and as if at some prearranged signal all set up a terrific and mis iiles of every description were sent flying n all the windows in tho north and west side being entirely de They made a dash for the ard and a mob of over fifty infuriated convicts rushed for the Instantly ho sentries began Tho other ifliccrs of the institution wore quickly at and with drawn revolvers soon massed the gang in groups and after a lard in which clubs were freely used and many convicts heads Vord was quickly scut to police head quarters and in a short time 200 police nen reached the prison in tho patrol It is not thought that any of lie prisonersworcsoriously s the excitement has not fully subsided t is impossible to say what the result of he shooting Tho guard on tho fall has been trebled and a largo number if police are massed In the yards and eor DROWNED WHILE ourteeu People Carried From Shore by an Mollie wife of and is Russell and Car aged son of vcre drowned yesterday in Ignoes Marys while The bodies were recovered and brought o Baltimore Tho drowued were f a party of fourteen hey were in bathing when an undertow rom a passing steamer drew them from bo Before the captain of the teamer could go to their relief a uum er of oystermen went to their rescue and aved FOILED BY V ironldbe Mall Robbers Tragic for an acci ent tonight to a former xpress he would have suc eeded in robbing the mall car u the Illinois Just efore reaching where 10 southbound mail is due at Green boarded the train iving tho signal to threw out four r live mail In alighting from he cars he fell under the dying oon Tho bags were recov Green is a son of of THE FIRE aluable 15arn and a Threshing Machine Special to Tho HawkEyeJ large hay nd grain barn of James eight niles south of with consiberablo threo sets of a cart and a wore burned The origin of io fire is a A new threshing separator belonging o living east of vas burned last Saturday iiiglit where it vas standing in the road in front of tewarts The cause of tho re Is Brick Manufactory old factory f the Laclcde Fire Brick Manufactur ig covering more than an ere of ground in a suburb T the was totally burned early this Loss about insur nce Kellojrg Creamery Kellogg reamery burned to the ground yesterday The fire it is thought origi ated in tho coal shed from spontaneous Whites WheelWorks heel five acres of were burned Tho works sold two months ago to the Ameri an Wheel of No one who headache can afford to be without HoUumns Harmless Headache Pow ers at IlenryX Excursion Tickets ia to Desi jMoines for the owaState on sale August Sep ember 5 inclusive good forreturri lip to nd includihsi One fare or REPORTS FROM Hot Weather and Drouth Have Caused Widespread The Northwestern Wheat Nebraska and Other F Itain Kentucky and account of hot weather and lack of rain during the las few weeks the former estimates of one hundred million bushels as the wheat crop In the Dakotas will probably be a little out of tho lu South Dakota aniNorthern Minnesota the harvest is dearly over and while the farmers gen erally are not neither are they Generally the yield wil be Tho railroads have weekly crop reports upon which they base their estimates of tho wheat yield to know how much they are going to haul If they are not the yield above ninety million The reports from the northwestern por tion of Minnesota and Dakota indicate that the recent spell of hot ac companied by strong dry had a disastrous effect upon Disappointing Reports From state boardof agriculture has Issued an esti mate of tho condition and prospects of based on returns from all sections of the The present report indi cates a decline of six points in the wheat prospect since the estimate of July The result of threshing has been a disappointment to farmers in most sec tions of the The yield was not so great as anticipated from the appearance of tho growing Corn is badly in jured and has a poor The in dications are that only from GO to 75 per cent of tho average crop can be Oats are badly injured by blight or The crop is very short and not of prime Pastures have failed rapily by reason of the continued dry Hay is a full peaches and pears arc almost a total The Crops in DES rains of the past week have broken the drouth in all sections of the and the reports con cerning the crops are more The indications that corn will average about half a crop compared with last and considerably more than half a crop compared with other former The yield of wheat is fairly good for but oats are uot more than half a Tho drouth damaged potatoes to a great and they will be In to the Bee from nearly every county in the state show the condition of corn to be far be low the The dry weather af fected principally the southwestern coun ties and several report the crop entirely ruined by the hot In the eastern border of the state corn will make from onehalf to twothirds of a The central and northern parts suffered severely and from onefourth to onehalf of a crop is The wheat har vest is over and threshing is in Italn Helps the Crops in icavy rains have greatly improved the corn which will average fairly with ast which is an important induction of this will be Tobacco is doing badly and the crop ives poor Potatoes are below Keports from to the itate agricultural board indicate the yield is about U5 per cent of the average crop and corn will mature half a Potatoes and other ground crops are suffering with irnit is a fail The Drought Broken In Many good soaking the first in several began ailing this evening and Advices the surrounding country indicate the storm was general state that though it came to late to m prove the yield of corn and vegetables and fruits will be con siderable WATERWELL iecnliar Accident Which Will 1roliably Cost the Lires of Three accident occurred here Tuesday evening by which hrce men will probably lose their Contractor who was at work on a was granted tho privilege of drawing all the water ho wanted from Btiddcimirs The fact that it is sixty feet iu depth and contains forty rvc feet of water was scouted by one of Michael Kuenzel and Joo Sebastian were drawn into the and the former was not willing to accept he statement that tho well was so lo opened the trapdoor on tho sixfoot square platform over the wells Lighting a match Kuenzel dropped it oward the but it went out I mell remarked ho oolishly twisted a newspaper and sent It after the burnt out In an in tant there was an Sebastian and a teamster named Barney who were on the plat were blown tho All were lorribly burned and and it is doubtful if any of thorn GUSHER AT Vrtcslan Well Found That Throws a TwonndallalfFoot Stream Forty Fret re cent discovery of a natural artesian well ir geyser on American island is causing considerable talk in this portion of the new American island has until belonged to the Sioux and for this reason the citizens of Cham Jerlain have never had an opportunity o make a thorough examination of the which have for many years been known to exist Several days ago ome of the citizens began experiment and the result of their labors has icon as much of a surprise to them as to he people in this section of tho north There are two of the ocated a few hundred feet one of hem being a large one and the other omewhat After several days abor the workmen succeeded in sinking a galvanized iron two and a half cet in into tho center of the arger and it was found necessary a weight of several tons on top of tube to prevent it from being blown After repeated efforts tho tube vas forced nearly twenty feet in the arth directly over tho big a rock bottom was the men vero unable to sink tho tube any After fastening it a long iron rod with a rope attached was sunk into the cnter of tho but it failed to touch he This points plainly to the act that the water bursts through a fis uro in the solid rock twenty feet below he surface of the Many compe ent engineers who have carefully exam ned the wells give it as their opinion hat the geysers receive their supplies of vater directly from tho great artesian lasin which underlies the The arger or is now throwing a wo and onehalf foot stream of water ully forty feet above tho level of the ilissouri The same experiments vero made on tho smaller well and the esults as successful as with he larger Pipes have been con nected with the smaller well thV water is a spot a short distance away tha where ibathtubs tors to tho island are invited to take a bath free of The water from both wells have been analyzed and found to contain iron and a number of other In gredients that make It very valuable for medicinal Tho water is quite having a temperature of about SO A BIG STRIKE ON fmpioyes of the Xew Vork Central Hudson Klver IloaiU Ordered NEW difficulty between the Knights of Labor and the New York Central railroad assumed a critical shape of tho executive board of the Knights of made three different attempts to have a conference with Third Vice Pres ident The latter refused to talk with Holland warned Webb he would be responsible a strike The district committee of the Knights meets this The impression Is growing that war upon the Knights was decided upon some time and that Depew being opposed to went to to be absent when the discharges 9 strikeof the employes on the New York Central and Hudson River railroad begun at oclock Not a train has left the depot since that The strike was ordered on ac count of the discharge of certain em Under tho orders every train was abandoned no matter where if might was not only on the Central railroad but also on the New York anil New England and New York and Harlem which use the tracks of the Central as far as Mel There is great excitement at the depot where great crowds of people gathered who expected to take trains out of the The hotels in the neighborhood are crowded with disappointed At a late hour Vice President Webb stated that in the yards of the Grand Central at Fortysecond Fiftysixth street and at West there were about eight hundred and fifty men These man were all switchmen and there was no trouble witli the engi neers or He intended to clear the tracks of a few stray cars and get ready to run trains after seven He said there might bo trouble when this was but the company would be afforded ample police At a late hour it was stated by some strikers that the Lake Shore road as far as Chicago was in the same tied up condition as the This could not be veri The Switchmen strike of the switchmen in the Evans villo and Terre Haute freight yards came to an end today by the company conceeding to all the demands of the em WENT OVER THE Unparalleled Kxperlencc of the Steamer NEW steamer Portia has just arrived in this port with an experience that no other vessel ever encountered and It is tho vessel whoso successful experiment in mounting an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland has been already t is lying at its Brooklyn south of Wall street where its twentytwo passengers were landed this reporter found Captain Francis Ash among his papers in his snug cabin on ward the This man was icemas ter iu the Bear and person ally bore Greely back to friends and safety he has had perhaps more experi ence with icebergs under every aspect than any other steamship captain liv I was sailing at full said tho captain in the course of his We were about two hundred yards from the I did not consider that dangorous y In those clear waters you can see any sunken spur at a depth of many This berg had It had no towers to topple It was to all ippearauces a solid block from ive hundred to six hundred feet long ind from eighty to one hundred feet The iceberg was directly in our I proposed to pass it at what I lad every reason to believe was a per fectly safe lust as we got abreast of the first end I saw a few tons of ice fall out of its square Then I told the man at the wheel to steer to In ten seconds there were three bergs instead of The break was accompanied by terrible One portion ahead of us tipped so that its submerged part rose directly in our lifting us almost out of the there being not more than three or our feet of water under The pro peller began to go round I stopped the We had run square y upon a shelf about 120 yards from the main body at the Then the com motion of the caused by the plunge of the berg raised a wave that swept onward while we were trying to go I signalled the engineer to go ahead at full That was the critical Had the berg con inucd to roll it would have carried us ver and Had not that wave lelpcd us our ship would have been high and dry on that mountain of We eft a broad streak of red paint on that ce dock and the wave that saved us wept quantities of ice MUST BUILD MORE Great Demand for Stock Exhibit Koomut the Dallas State air association have thirteen hundred of which eight hundred are ap ropriated to raising stock and the ahuice to the exhibition of Two of all these stables are taken and to supply the which will be far n excess of the additional mcs are being contracted The horses and cattle exhibit and the races will be by far the largest ever had in the south and every state in the union will be at the The purses are he most liberal ever offered in the The accommodations for the visiting mblicwill be Although Dallas s already the best equipped city in Texas n point of one of seven stories las just been completed and another of seven stories and covering a block is in course of BERNADOTT The Murderer Still at Large and tSpecIaUo The desperado who shot Samuel s still at Ho is very This morning he stopped at tho hotel in this place and got his breakfast and then itarted north toward the Spoon river Ho made threats that ho would not be taken There seems to be rat little effort by the county authorities or his are out on the lunt for but when they learn where IB it like they tike tho oppo iite At this writing the vounded is still but there are no hopes of his re Sale of the Kocky Mountain republican syndicate composed of Senator ovcrnor Cooper and of has for some tune held an option n the 3Ioimtain The option expired Thursday and a controlling interest in sold o Thomas the leading democraticpolitician and criminal awyerbf ho will assume cdT control at Beechanis Pills cure Harvest Tickets to points south and west on sale 9 and 33 and Ocfc 14 good for return 30 days from date of SETTING UP THE 15 CENTSPER W Emperor William Dissembling to Good Purpose in Not tike But Smothers Dislike In Order to Gain an Ally Aeainst Rnssla and General Foreign William will bring his visit to a close at when ho will sail in the imperial yacht Hohenzollern for Heligoland to formally receive that little island the possession of the German A good part of today he spent in confer ence with Salisbury and Count The peace of or the result of the next may depend largely on that but the pub lic will not learn what actually took place between the kaiser and the Eng lish premier until events shall have given unerring indication of what they have agreed It js well known here that the young emperor has had to for the moment great personal dislike to his Queen and a strong aversion to the English people to enable him to assume the afrof cordiality which has characterized his demeanor during the His politfcal interests and his military ambi tion have gained the mastery over his feelings and he is not going to make such a sacrifice without obtaining an adequate He wants the which is the strongest in to off set the combined French and which arc more than a match for it when taken but with those of Austria and and perhaps that of Sweden thrown he would have a naval combination that could sweep the The who believes in his star of destiny as much as the first Napoleon had a narrow escape from being knocked down and perhaps trampled to death by Admiral Commeralls frightened carriage horses in Portsmouth yesterday1 He was only saved by his own agility in jumping out of the The queen has a foreboding that something worse may happen him when he goes to The nihilist warning he received the other day to keep as far away as possible from tho czar has preyed upon her and she will be in a state of nervous anxiety until the visit to Russia is William treats the matter From boyhood he has had a belief that he will lose his life on the field of and this makes him reckless of The Clironicle expresses deep degret at the perfectly plain fact that discon tent Is rapidly spreading in the British army and warns parliament of the con sequences of its neglect to devise means to check At the present rate the paper is convinced it will not be long Be fore the army will be in a similar condi tion to that of France before the revolu tion of and with greater While the discontent is general in all arms of the the latest violent manifestation of it is in the royal artil like the is a pet or The war office is hard at work trying to place the responsibility for the cutting of the harness which pre vented the parade the other but so far without satisfactory STRIKE IN successf nLway as to assure the assocfatl better standing than even the New byIan were adopted and the following o elected president Fox treasurer and s WOULD NOT TELL HIS Glass Company forced by the of tho and Metal companyhas mcnt to George N Davis for of creditors tinder somewhat pecnlfarvl Lately it moved present quarters on near and pat in a plant for the mantff All Coal Trains in the Mineral Districts Abandoned and alliiers Are labor discontent in Wales is increasing daily and is assum ing serious All coal trains running between the mineral districts of Aberdere valley been the firemen and guards all having gone on a Railroad signal men at Taffvale have also joined the movement at the command of the strike and left their posts after placing danger New hands have been brought in by the but have not been allowed to go to work by the strik who have paid their fares and sent them About miners are now but efforts are still in progress for a settlement of their it is be lieved with some prospect of AMERICANS AT GUATEMALA They Take ICefuce at the American Lega SAX son of the United States minister to Cen tral who is now in this is in receipt of late letters from his Mizner says that in his last letter his father stated that a number of American citizens had taken refuge at the United States legation in Gautemala Sev eral of the native citizens of some of them have taken out United Stales naturalization papers in order to receive the protection of the The letters state that Presi dent Barrillas inspects every telegram and most of the letters leaving the coun The doctor stated that if Secretary Blaine had not received official news from Minister it is because Harrillas suppressed his American Minister Leaves CITY OF is under stood that the American minister has left Guatemala on the United States manof for where he can communicate with Washington by The true inwardness of the reasons for the nonreceipt of dispatches from Min ister Mizner will then be FROM BUENOS Throughout the Argentine Republic Over Celmang BUENOS from all parts of the republic report uni versal public enthusiasm over the change in the The program of the new cabinet has been presented to the chamber of GENERAL FOREIGN The KXOdlis Jews from Kussili Has exodus of from Russia has Thousands are the government of Vilna with the intention of emigrating to and others are flocking to atutiny of portion of the army service corps attached to the gar rison at Chatham have They allege their sergeants were imposing vexations and needless duties upon them without the authority of their superior The men refuAd to parade and aarricaded a Twenty of them were sntecquentlv ar rested and placed in A Hungarian Town Hungarian town of Moor was almost totally Ten persons t Twenty Passengers of the pas sengers who were on the train that was derailed thrown down an embank nent into the marsh near Pilsen in Bo lemia are It s feared theywere drowned and their bodies washed VTatal fight occurred be tween a number of German socialists near during which several were The Carman Gun A Special to THE Carman nAssociation has proved actual organization and Bub has re ceived his of 3200 from the Chicago Their annual meeting was today and new members took a part in downing the blaclc birds In such bers of the com By a contract Warren and rest of the company the formula of thisX secret process was placed the vaults the Safety Deposit company by who was to be the superintendent in7 charge of the manufacturing department and a member of the board of with an interest in the company Warren did not divnlge the constituJ ents or composition od the process to other members of tho Thenewi building few days ago and the demand was made upon the perintendent to produce the formula proceed to re fused to the other parties and It is said he demanded the guarantee of an exorbitant No adjustment of matters could be The pany then decided to bring matters issue bv making an includes what interest it may have In the unknown MrDavis gives the assets of the company at Its liabilities are about In an interview Warren stated that he knew nothing of the assignment until after it had been and that he was willing to fulfill his part of the which that he is to have half the The Fellows at the Odd Fel lows Cantonment today the exemplifica tion of the work in the Bebekah degree was continued by Ruth lodge of Omaha and Elite lodge of The Canton contests were resumed on the Lake Front this the Canton of In and Canton of In Tonight a magnifi cent full dress ball took at the Rebekah degree prizes were A Wedding in Special to T ie at ten oclock occurred the wedding of William Eakman and Miss both of this Esquire Gaily officiat i It was the event of the social sea son at this The bride is one of Aledos The groom is well i known young man of excellent business qualities and high mental Trains Tied Central road is tied up from Buffalo to New All switchmen have deserted their Trains are allowed to pro ceed to terminal divisions and then switch senice is PRACTICAL A Thorough Preparation for In Cashier Valley I am now cashier of the above named banlc a good and I take pleasure in say1 ing that it was your course of instruction that largely fitted me to accept said posi It was not only your instruction in books that I bat your kindly words of cheer and advice were very en couraging and To all who desire a thorough business training I heartily commend Business Cashier Bunkut Meredith Silver Dcnr it not been for the training I received while with I could not now be holding the position I I cheerfully recommend your col lege to any one desiring a bnsiness edu IIEKMAN Cashier Bank of It is with pleasure that I take this op portunity to thank you for your kindly interest in my behalf while attending your and for tha thorough and efficient instruction I would recommend your course of in struction to all desiring a practical edu Wishingyon the success yon de I Cashier Hunk ot The course of Instruction taken at Elliotts Business College has enabled mo to conduct my business intelligently and The time and moneyex pended was the best investment of my MAULIPPE CT A Letter FeoiiLthe Slngsers Manager and Billy NEW following letter was received from Billy the manager and trainer of Joe McAn the Alission who is matched to fight Frank Slavin for and thn championship of the world WELLS July We are now established in our training and McAnliffe has settled down to hard work in order that he will be the best possible condition for his fight with McAuliffe is a big man and carries a tremendous amount of so that it will require eight weeks hard work to take it We could have showed all through this country and Wales and made considerable but I thought it was better not to do Slavin is a likelylooking man and may be a but JIcAuliffe will thoroughly test his hitting powers and The Australian can boast but that does not win prize McAuliffs is a better pugilist than many give him credit tie never has properly trained and when I get through with him he will be a improved will fight about ISO pounds McAuliffe be fifteen pounds heavier when he enters the He is taller than the has longer and will be able to hit just as hard as Slavin as Lord Lonsdale has treated McAuliffe and myself in grand and weappreciate in fact we havebeen used first class and I am certain we shall fair McAulinV is enjoying tho bcstrof and he will do his best to hold the pionship and then meet John Short and It Seuator Blair can be induced make speech on the Lodge bUIBIS it will not be necessary for cratic senators to resort to Louis Lady it considerable experience to put colorj Gentlemanly not at all you can put it Lady yon wanted it lor nsc on r In a Naturalists It is less than a year since ou my poor little paroquetand are Naturalist That shows the excellence thewqck I stuff birds so naturally that thevmoute just as if they Pourssoup tithe most ttnfi I

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