Sunday, August 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ffi AND OUT OF 1 leliglous News Gathered from All Bare Ma Inliidia Hindoo Holy Sam Awriter m Hie Churchman says that the courtesy of Henry of lie has Lad ithe privilege of inspecting a Tery rare copy of TheNewe as translated into English by John The volume is prob ably 500 years Its intrinsic value jsnmch increased by the national and liEtorical circumstances which gave lise to its John the jnonfing star of the hesi lateS not at His life was a of death I only The Newe Testamente1 itself is an injuring monument of the patient in austry and artistic skill of the clever who executed it ana it as a source both of wonder and admiration to think that there must have been sent forth hundreds of similar fc copies of not only The Newe Testa hut of the whole Bible If Newe Testamente in S Willctts possession is a fair sample of ftew and doubtless it writing attheperiod must have been elevated into a fine The hoot is about demy octavo in some 8 inches by 5 Jt contains some 200 or 250 leaves of 9 and these are of such nnl form thinness as to be easily mistaken for ordinary The title page of fhe hoot is wanting The contents do not ran throughout in the same order as ifae modern 27ew though Hcommencing the gospels and end ijngvriththe This latter is ienfiflcd the Apocalips of and Acts is Ye Dedis of iThe divisions of the text throughout the are simply indicated ly colored initial and the verses are not the writing being continu After the Apocalypse follow some Tielpsto such as the first lines of the ten commandments and the seven These again are succeed ed by a table of lessons for Wednesdays and saintsdays throughout the beautiful spec imen of arrangement and of black letter The pages of the Testament itself are divided into two each contain ing about forty These lines are throughout and the letters are 60 admirably shaped and so uniform in size that at a first glance they might he regarded as ordinary The writing was evidently systematically and one gets a clew to this from thofact that preceding the matter in the book is a page lightly but accurately ready to be written The division between the two columns in each page is about a quarter of an inch in and this appears to have been made to afford space for the display of the beautiful initial letters drawn in violet with red ink ornamenta run through the And won derful specimens of penmanship these initial letters are in is a work of There would seem to bo but few errors in the In the sev enth chapter of the Apocalypse two omis sions appear at the side of the Possibly the nearing the dose of 3ns was a little If his previous labors should secure for him absolution CHRISTIANITY IN Dally Treadling hy Native and Foreign in with its there are fifteen Christian t chapels where missionaries and the na tive ministers preach the not on Sunday but and from two to four hours each to audiences vary ing from fifty to After the sermon Chinese evangelists continue the Free conversations and dis cussions follow rooms are at hand for private conferences and Christian books and tracts are kept in readiness and dis posed of in large The preaching halls are thronged dur ing tlie hottest August and from noon till 3 the hottest part of the Tens of thousands of visitors to the 0113have heard the gospel in these chapels and and have carried it hundreds of miles into the Hie missionary encounters these in the most remote places on his inland and sometimes listens with sur prise while they repeat the substance of the discourse which The dialect used by most the inis sonanes in preaching is the or pure by which they have ac cess to twenty millions of Christianity in As India is engrossing at the present tune so much of the attention of the Christian figures relating to its people and their religion may be In the population Of British including the protectorates and was reckoned by tlie gov ernment at It is calculated that there are about of Chris tians in counting Roman Catho Protestants and adherents of wbat aro known as the eastern To the Roman Catholic church About adherents are assigned to the Armenian and Greek churches abont to the Church of to tho Presbyterian and to other Protestant com There are still men and women who ran neither read nor The differ ent languages spoken are Eccclnls or tho American The donations to tlie American board for tho month of May are smaller than the same month last The Isgnties are larger by The in crease in nine months in donations is The total receipts for nine months are The total appointments of mis sionaries and assistant missionaries since thirtyfive Ofthe men five are graduates of four of three of two of one ot one one Method one two one taking theology undei private which has been so crippled M its force by deaths and it is is to be reinforced by eleven mis Cardinal says The Catholic is living vigorous ana for the salvation of the da An exchange compares his that of St for he the work of a score of menin i the antislavery crnsaflo of ana wui surely ao much ion of the dark continent compares his activity with St for he has done k of a score of menin promoting ma anaslavery and never permitted the work of his diocese labor uiuwHi his body but not the asd he will always be one of tha most mposing figures of this The Hindoo Ecligion Sir Alfred tho British director public instruction at Bengal India after referring to the undermining of Bindooism by English re marks As to the old religion I have derived the impressionthat nofonnda aonisleft that educatedHmdoo in its traditional observance of ordinary moral is iu fact working with out The vague form of the ism to at the the popular religion has been reduced in the minds of educated Hindoos is altogether too 3iin and colorless to supply the emo ional without which theological impositions are powerless to influence Barbarism in Xew Under the heading Barbarismin few hist number but one if The Spirits of Missions Protestant Episcopal magazine publishes the f ollow ng Though there are now about 00 Americans in Ifew Mexico and Ari yet the Mexicans form the bulk of he population in the formervery exten mve They live for the most jart in small adobe and they are very ignorant and Amis sionary laboring among them The eople in this place are but hey are living in darkness and super They believe in They jelieve that people turn into and may become men and women again at The paganism in this hind of Christian liberty would astonish eastern We call it home missionary It is as foreign as though the Pa cific ocean separated us from the United The present condition of these eople is the result of 200 years of dark Could you see the blood stream ng from the wounds of these peni and many other acts of barbar your hearts would be A Magnificent Denver Harpers Weekly for June 14 contains a with of Trin ty Methodist Episcopal of Den This says The Week represents in actual valuation more and is one of the most magnificently appointed churches in Attached to the church is an elegant the cost of ncludinglots and amounted o The organ Is the greatest organ in constructed at a cost of The description further says hat the church occupies four lots on he northeast corner of Eighteenth street and which were purchased at a cost of The stained glass windows are very artistic and as is also the jug TO see the that he planted above ground and His cathedral is built and its chapter of canons been its seminary open and he Jas presided over the council of His tinder his wonderful is developing infarnewane Irotestant Evangelization of Pastor of recently delivered an address in which he gives an interesting inside view of the progress and success of the Protestant evangeliza tion of The systematic work of evangelisation really with the eighth decade of the present when the political union of taly first made this In all the larger and in many of the smaller cities there are Protestant congregations with a membership of 100 and The number of sympathizers is much great Even in the villages evangelists liave begun to preach the The Italian as a belong to the lowly of the and the erection of school houses and churches and the maintenance of separate organizations is not an easy work for The out is very The Holy Bishop of has given some interesting facts concerning the Holy He says that the return of Jews is In 1841 there were only Jews in In 1883 they numbered but now number nearly double the number that returned from the Babylonish the fertilising known as the lat ter which had been withheld since the times of the had been granted again during the past two and everything seemed to show that land was being prepared for the return of the Jews to their promised Seven to Go The McCormick Presbyterian Theo logical seminary at Chicago will send seven of its thirtynine graduates tlng year at once to the foreign missionary proportion of contribution prob ably not exceeded by any other seminary in the United One of the latest appointments by the Mis that of Miss Susan whose the was fpr scores of years one of tho best mission aries of the board in the Syrian RELIGIOUS Description and Picture oL Masonic in Presbyteri ans and Secret Sam meetings at Rich were the most important ever held in that The Norfolk Virginian says that at one meeting in the tabernacle fully persons listen ed to the and as many came who were unable to get inside the build The same journal estimates that not less than persons were con verted at the The Ford of has been consecrated as sistant bishop of The bishop of New Zea has been elected primate of Anglican church in The oldest preacher in the United States is said to be the John Atkin living in Benton He was bom in and was licensed to preach in Three important bodies of Norwegian Lutherans were recently united inone synod in The new body is to be known as the United Nor wegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of It took strong action in favor of committing the church as a whole to the cause of The Catholic congress of Chili at its recent session adopted resolutions in favor of papal and de dared that it would not allow the gov ernment of Chili to acknowledge the Sardinian This which we find in The Freemans would seem to indicate that the Catholic church in Chili believes itself to be far superior to and in control of the ChaniDcrlnins Eye and Skin A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes Salt Scald Old Chronic Fever Erzema Prairie Sore Nipples and It Is cooling and Hun dreds of cases have been cured by itaftei all other treatments have 25 ana 50 cent boxes for sale by all It is the littlo things of life that annoy For SECRET SOCIETY V Hatters of Interest to Members of the Various It pas in that a few enterpris ing brothers conceived the idea erecting temple in Before ong the Masonic Templo Association of Minneapolis was with a capi stock of into shares of of indebted ness of In the following month of July thedirectors felt authorized to pur chase a One of tie in the cornerofHennepin avenue and Sbrth measuring SS feet by 165 feet and costing 000 of which was donated by private citi making the net cost to the association It is now undoubtedly worth The capital afterward increased to t The Masonic temple has cow become a reality and is rapjdly approaohing com It presents to the oyo a most ilcasiug aiid attractive appearance and cannnot fail to attract tho attention the observant Its dimensions are S3 feet on Hexmepiu avenuo by 153 feet on Sixth and it is eight stories in It is built Ohio white sand stone is of Romanesque Tho Hennopin ave nue front is interspersed with numerous striking emblematic of the Ma jmrSEATOLIS 1US03IO sonic always welcome to the eye of tho Tho building is thoroughly fire proof in construction and its interior ar rangements for ventilation and access are the very best known to modern science and The apartments for the lodges are totally distinct from the office portion of the build The entire northeastern portion above the first floor is set apart for Masonic pur On the second floor there are two large and complete blue lodge with as do all the lodge through double On the fourth floor is the consistory and also an additional blue lodgo halL On the sixth floor are the council and chapter The entire eighth floor is devoted to a large SO by 114 for drill for large banquets and the and s further completely equipped with ad joining reception kitchen and Tho first floor and basement are intend ed for one large general store and are larger than any other of the kind in the They are of being divided into three or four well lighted stores or general The entire fronts both on Henne pin avenue and Sixth street on the sixth and seventh floors are devoted to There are these about ICO in and for comfort and elegance cannot well lie They will bo thoroughly cared for and the entiro building kept in first class condi Two of tho best elevators will be kept constantly in Tho entire cost of the exclusive tho be fore referred will not be far from The information for tho foregoing de scription and the picture of the temple which accompanies it are taken from an excellent and comprehensive article in a recent number The Toico of Masonry and Family KNIGHTS OF Various Xotes of Interest to Members of the The least or minimum fee as charter members in organizing a Knight of Pyth ias lodge in Iowa is for each Xo lodge can be legally instituted where a less amount is collected from The Plutonian contains president the republic of is a stalwart having some time since had a lodge instituted in the City of for which he paid from his pocket the entire The grand lodge of California at its last session appropriated to purchase a jewel for of who had filled that position for the pas five also for Stanton Car compiler of the excellent digest used by that Fifteen divisions of the uniformed rank were instituted in Ohio during the month of and this number was increased for the month of The number of knights in Ohia is about The charter has been forwarded by the supreme lodge for the sixth lodge in the Hawiian This will entitle them to a grand KNIGHTS OF A Urief Itcsunie of the July Assessment Of the 105 deaths published in the July circular 10 were half The sum of is required to pay their beneficia The total amount paid by tho de ceased was an average of Of tho number 16 became members between the ages of 20 and and paid a total of an average of and the aver age time of their was 7 years and 5 months 50 were between 30 and paid a total of an average ol and their average time was S years and 9 months 87 were between 40 and paid a total an average o and average time years and 3 months 12 were between 50 and paid a total of an average anc average tinie 10 years and 7 The highest amounts paid were SS56 anc bythree members who were each 54 years ago at time of The smallest sums paid were by a halt rate who had been in but three months and was killed in a railroad accident by one who died of heart and by who died of One of the number had been a member a period of sixteen years and three Tho last death published is numbered the list contains all up to May The statement shows that warrants for al deaths except five hod been drawn up to Tholawrelatingtowhoinaybemode beneficiaries was changed at the recen session of tha supreme lodgo so as to in elude all blood f relations whether depend ants or Thornton of capt ures the subordinate lodgo wit Wabash a clos A Pliui for a Temple to Ko Bnllt in The bright new paper of the Th Oregon reports the following One of the greatestplans ever originate by the members of our noble order was 1 sTi undertaking to muia a magnificent temple a home for all the lodges in Portland ami grand lodge Tho ground has been and t is a most on he southwest corner of Second and Taylor The ground was bought for over a year and a and is today worth It was bought on easy enns by the and payments are icing made as fast as they fall incorporators of this all ot whom are members of tho have itvso ar ranged that any brother can hold shares by pay ing only a month on each Any member of the order can take or a members wife can take When this fine fourstory structure is erected on me of the most prominent business cor ners of Portland we can point to it with pride and Look at this living monu ment of one of the grandest orders on The total disbursements of the benefici ary fund of all the jurisdictions for the year 18S9 make a grand total of The total number of death losses dur ng the year was Illinois disbursed from the bene iciary fund daring of which amount was paid on fifteen deaths in Chi The mother jurisdiction during the lost fiscal year disburaed the big Cana dian Baby Dakota paid out during he four months the yeaixlSS9forwhich she was responsible as a grand jurisdic During that short tune the buby rought considerable solace to bereaved amilies In Important Movement at the Penn sylvania The Ladies Auxiliary Board ofthe Pennsylvania Odd Fellows Home are earnestly pushing the movement for the admission of tho wives and inmates the lome and ore determined to make it a suc A fund of about is already in and strong efforts by the lodges em braced in the membership oE the about 100 in will to raise a sum sufficient to adequately increase the accommodations so that tho old wives as well as the old men may bo liberally cared To this end Coaquanock recently drafted strong resolutions in sup port of the and backed them up by a donation of The Vermont Odd Fellows contributed the relief brothers who suf fered from the Johnstown Louisiana has 25 with a member ship of The first public funeral by the order of 3dd Fellows was in and was held at the hour midnight by New York city has eightythree lodges working in the German and fiftytwo in he English There are also four one one French and one In several states they have lodges com posed of the sons Odd Eleven cantons were instituted in making 5S1 with a membership of The entertainment at Odd Fellows for the benefit of the library netted The grand lodge Dakota met at Dead wood May There are 102 with a present membership of It was at s meeting divided into the jurisdiction of North Dakota and South Wisconsin now has 313 with a total membership of a net Increase of 209 during The amount paid for relief during the year was Tho grand lodge met recently at Eau Claire and had a very profitable Now Haven Odd Fellows have raised toward a new Thirtytwo new lodges were instituted in Pennsylvania during the past KNIGHTS OF THE Something About the Origin and Progress of the Port Huron is the headquarters tho order of the Knights of the a raternal beneficiary organization which lias become remarkably successful and pop ular not only in the state but wherever it aas become Tho peoplo of Port Huron naturally feel quite proud of the as nearly every able physically qualified mala citizen in tho city belongs to Tho and over members in Port Huron and Fort Gratiot adjoining certainly show their confidence in the organization by taking and holding a membership Nearly three thousand persons in the county Clair are en rolled as members of this In 1SS1 tho Knights of the Maccabees was organized and incorporated under a special act the legislature of the state of On Si following the an nual report of the society showed just 700 members in good The report cndinc March shows nearly In the state of Michigan a remark ably rapid The society has paid out in Michigan alone in death benefits to the widows and orphans of de ceased The average cost per death benefit has during the eight and a half years of less than on assessment What the Maccabees particularly pride themselves upon is that they have been able to pay all death and disability claims within ten days after proofs of death the member have been In 1SS3 the supreme tent was reorganized under the laws of and com mence A spreading tho membership out side of the It has mode wonderful showing now a membership in other states outside of Michigan of over notably in New Penn Missouri and in the province of which together with the membership in the Michigan state jurisdiction makes a grand total over tho work of less than nino Tho supreme de partment has pnid to the beneficiaries ol its deceased members over which with the amount paid out in Michigan makes a grand total of over three quarters of a million The Frcshyterians and Secret resolution was adopted al the recent UnitedPresbyterian General assembly at Buffalo Your committee are the opinion that we should emphasize more than wo are now doing the position which we hold as a church upon the question of secret societies AVe are happy to report the names of prom inent and influential ministers of our church who were identified with the antl secret convention recently held in Chicago under the auspices of the American Chris tian But in face of the evils growing out of the lodge system and in view of the fact that our countrys fu ture welfare would seem to dependupon the overthrow of this system of Iniquity we would recommend that all our and sessions be enjoined to unfurl the banner of our church upon this question so that the church may bo rpcognz everywhere as notrln name onlybutalso in reality a factor in the reform that wouli seek to rid the worldof the oath bound secret Ancient Order of This order is a beneficial fraternity pay ing5 to S50 weekly sick and loani S250 to oh its certificates of member ship upon an improved and unique All persons who are eligible to member ship may join a subordinate senate by com plying with the lawful commands of th By continuing the in accordance with the laws of the fou months alter the members admission h will be entitled to a benefitoE frpiulotc SoO per week durinc Motherswill find ablcssimr inPondsExtrac auringnhe warm Put alittlein howl oE water and sponge off the children bodies with this mixture It will cool th heated soothe and quiet Itishcal great benefit for prickly heat and improves tho skin in every Be sur and get tho putup in bottles onlj enclosed in buff by tho Ponds tract NewYork and Note land scape Trade V J IMaid Life in the Oil r Regions and is Now Richer fr r tlr 1 JV The Story or llttrStrange and JSxcltine Sow Does All Her York Stock harm oyieau lowders and mercurial all ap j pnrposejof ilyouoV them onhigh moral grounds a bit Of cold Irrostm for a soothing wash for a sun alone buttermilk to take he freckles off your Some cosmet cs many are and the sofebnesare hurrying the others out of tho Dare In New York Her i t FIRST INAMES OF YOUNG There appears be considerable inter est in the itory of Marie the French who came to the oil country in have put together such facts as I know lersonally concerning her strange saw Coloneland Madamo for merly Marie at the colonels office on Iroad had already related he story to but I did not at the time lave their consent to use The sub itancepf the storyis as aa related by Blank My maiden name was Marie I came to America inlSTo with William and Robert Greavasaud their Iwasen aged as maid to Robert These gentlemen were wealthy and also had large interests in My mistress was an and the trip was made partly on3 ler It was nof the intention to go into the oil but reading in a Pittsburg pa jer while in that city of the Boss well was decided to visit I was 18 years old at that I had been taking caro of since I was and had becoma retty The quarrel I had William Greaves at East Brady was a slight and I suppose I took It as a pretext to leave the as I had fully made up mind after seeing some oithe oil around Petrolia to stay in he oil It seemed so full of life and activity that I was really fascinated with the strange httlo world of I could not be turned from this I had WOO which had been paid to nrie as of remnant of my fathers estate the week before I and this mpn cylhad given in charge of This I obtained from and to the amount Robert Greaves added my to about and ex William Greaves added so I come back to the oil country with in round BEE FIRST I did not have a very definite Idea as to what I could do with this but I was fully determined to invest at least a part it the oil I had no idea what oil how much I might mvetopayfor I remained at the Central hotel in Petrolia for a I could speak only a little and could not get along very I got ac quainted with a lady who drove me out to he Isaac Steele but I could make any Investment I heard of Butler and went over I gave a livery man to drive me over in i and from this man I learned a littlo tract ol land which I visited the next I thought all land was good for oil purposes and so made haste to buy I aired a and he looked up the titles md negotiated for the purchase of Some daysafter I bad made tho purchase I heard that there was not much likeli iiood of oil being found I felt very blue and went to thinking that if it proved valueless I might have go into service andlwouldlookaround fora The hotel keeper in Butler hod my ad and one day I received a coll from a man who wanted to buy my I didnt sell it to and others came to see I went up to and learned that wells on the Gillespie farm were creating some The farm was a considerable distance from my but I concluded to hold on for further The excitement grew in that locality and there was great demand for my I was advisedto put down a and would have done so had not such tempting offers been made to me to I flnallyaccepted an offer nearly SHE LOCATES IS NEW Blank then related how she was scared out of tho oil country by the fear of and came to Xew She remained here a short and then went to where she made some money in real estate In Baltimore sho with the wife of a stock and got some knowledge of the stock The broker had a connection with a Xew York ami final ly bought into it as a partner and came to Xew York to enter the Marie Pitou came with and through this firm made her first investment in Wall She was successful Iu in creasing her bank account to when she closed out all her deals and went to Paris to visit her When she got ready to return to Xew York her sister wanted to accompany and rather against lier judgment she con sented for her to do was a delicate and ou the first day of tho voyage she died suddenly of some heart trouble anil was buried at Marie herself taken ill after and after land ing iu Xew York was taken to Lukos where she was obliged to remain for three Blank is a believer in Her husband related was fulfilled in a remarkable She dreamed on two different occasions that there would bo a big break in the stock market within a cer tain brought on by some exceptional financial disturbance She was sufficiently impressed by it to clou out all her hold ings of and at that time she had and go short ot the This was tlie first time she had touched the oil and aLso gave her broker an order to sell a considerable amount of On the second day after making these trans actions came the Maripe bank and stock market rattled oil follow ing it in In this decline and the subsequent recovery Blank made a email York Oil City tlladstonofl In connection with the christening of tho little grandson for Glad stone stood sponsor it is curious to notice that although four sons and three daughters of whom three ions and two daughters are the baby that was christened only makes the twelfth grandchild of the right honorable gentlemans TheHawfcrden chil dren seem all alate marrying The eldest who did not niarry till he was 33 the the was and Henry Glad who married Miss is just on while my boy Herbert has not yet joined the majority of his family as far as matrimony is although he is nearer 40 than the two married by the parsons Wiekham of Wellington and o no polite reader would wish to have tho secret of theirages The unmarried Miss Helen Glad by the is a voneratet name iu the Gladstone family as having belonged to the wife of the small corn dealer in Lejth whose son became Sir John tho father of tho grand old been for several years vice prin cipal of Kewnham Cnicago Cream of if you de licious one to taste it as some luscious fruity con It is unrivaled for the hands whitening and softening them to perfec the newest and one of the oldes French cosmetics revived I wish anything If confectioners cream had as many hours beating as that pink emulsion i might turn out as If you wan anything to keep your face in spite p tan and this colorless liquii is one tho best things and wil give quite a satin finish to most skins wit the use of a bottle or r Cosmetic s Of course it ist People hav a funny of deczvinc the use of cosmetr IisWitehery Makes Even Xames of Toting i Graduated Fiftytwo young women were graduated Kim theteaming department of the Nor mal college and 274 from the college is the college which specifi cally preparesIts students to be and is therefore a professional school attended by young women who are getting for the serious work of making their But when we read the names a large part of these graduates we find that they are appellations which suggest rather a gay and giddy view of life and its responslbih tiesAThey are not the names of mature and serious but of the pets and ilaythings of the We cannot as ociatowith the dignity and the con equence of teachers occupied with graver matters than dolls and curl and with stern dutiesrather than with the eaae and pleasures of They do not bent roung women who aro starting out to pro are themselves for an exhaustingprofes sion and are no longer rocked guarded from the cares and hardships of the world by dotins Twelve of the class fiftytwo in the department about fifty of the 274 graduates of the college sign them selves with mere pet names ending in if they had no and from manifest reference for the nursery Among these are Addle and no real names at but only appellations coined by the familiarity arid tenderness of mvileged relatives and What Birdies baptismal name is we cannot the true names tho others are Adeline and all feminine designa of a distinguished dig nified and But these girls look upon them as too too old They think a inieismuch prettier and more aud so ic may be in its iroper place as an expression offec ion from those who aro entitled by kin ship or long and close acquaintance to use in addressing a young all the it is a pet name and nothing It is no more the real name of a wo man than Johnnie or Sam or Jim are the trne names or Yet the girls still insist on using such diminutives as if they were their formal and sometimes they carry through printing them on their cards and signing them to formal docu taking them to the marriage altar and giving them for newspaper publica They think it nice to do and yet In truth it is and detracts from ho estimation in which women of charac ability and dignity should be They invite presumptuous They keep their bearers forever in the will so many respecting girls per sistin the petty and incongrons practice alasl we have tried in vain to maka them do They insist on com pelling us to publish them as if they were Littlo tots in How fine are these names other of tha graduates Win ifred and Gertrude and how much better they befit young womanhood than Wlnnio and Gertie But this is a department of reform upon which we enter with littlo hope of winning distinction by overcoming feminine oppo sition and Improving the feminine Tho girls think they are beyond the need such and we have not the hardihood to chide them as they whatever their does not their loveliness remain the irresisti ble and beyond Yurk Pins anil It is not generally known that linoleum waxed like a hardwood floorand polished with a regular polishing Ct is generally treated in this way In En glish The excellence ofbaked potatoes depends upon eating as soon as done and not be They are worthless till and dry rapidly as soon as baked Sweeter to a trne woman than the tones of harp or piano are the voices ot husband and children made joyous by her Adulteration in food and provisions con tinues togo but ap and and soma other are still At or not at socially means that the hostess is or is not iu the house disengaged and ready to To send word by a servant that one simply wishes to be excused Is very and not quite good Princesses Maud and Victoria of Wales wear sailor hats of fine whtto with narrow brim and blue An in writing should be re sponded to in same If your friend bos taken the trouble to write in viting surely it is your duty M take equal trouble expressing your thanks and As a general rule it is better nearly everything served from the when this is Even if the host the meat should be passed by the If You Want to Be find Dont contradict people even if youre sura you are Dont bo inquisitive about the affairs of even your most intimate Dont underrate anything because you dont possess Dont believe that everybody else in the world is than Dont concludethat you have never had any opportunities in Dont believe all the evil you Dont repeat even if it does in terest a Dont go the that evory body knows Dont be rude to your inferiors in social Dont over or under Dont express a positive opinion unless you perfectly understand what talking Dont get habitbf vulgarizing life by making light of the sentiment Dont jeer at anybodys religions Dont try to be anything else but a gen that means a woman has consideration for the whole world and whose life is governed by tho colden Do unto others as youwould bo done Home Jelly Did any one ever try putting up jelly IL eggshells It is so nice to turn the jelly out on a glass molded this espe cially for a small family when they do not want to open a large I open the eggs at the small just large enough to get the substance out wash theshell dry For a holder for these shells I take a paste board box or top and cut holes in to make the shells fit sot them and filL Shells can besaved a long while in ad vance jelly Atlanta Con The best salvein the world for cuts salt chapped chilblains corns and all skin posi lively cures or no pay I Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money rof 25 cents pe box For sale atHcnrys Visits His Den untlSoettafany the BYet iintl They Thinkof ft There isaquecrlittle Shop inaBowery basement where half the Juniors and mogiciansin the country order their It is presidedWver Otto a student of occult who bewfldered all sorts jof people broughont the civilized worlds Ybtt can never pass the dingy entrance to his itfle den that you will not see a crowd eading the signs and examining the mysterious wares in his If you go down the narrow stairway yon rill see no one but if you wait a ew moments a curtain will be a momentary glimpse of a imly lighted room beneath the side and the magician will appear be ore your He may not seemparticulaxly overjoy d to meet for his habitation is full if dark and his black inter ests him much more than intercourse with Ms fellow be dark little chamber behind the cur ain no one besides himself can He nardsits secrets as he does his here it is that he conceives the magic devices which line the walls The Bowery magicians den was in vaded by reporter There was apparently not a soul The report er looked There was a picture m the He turned suddenly and was startled to find the original of the picture face to face before He had not entered by the and there was evidently no other means of Jhe dark curtain in the dark little cor ner only explained the mystery when it vas later pointed out by Professor Man The magician did not have on his per orming He was in his shirt Jeeves and wore old His hands vere black and as though he had een working at a Professor Manrer began to tell of the various countries he had There was a plate of eggs before As he Balked he picked up a wand and absent mindedly balanced one of the eggs on its Tie more he talked the more eggs 10 one on top of the with the bottom egg still on the In some unaccountable manner all the eggs but one suddenly The wand was hardly bigger around than a lead and was a solid but while the reporter watched the remain ing egg it passed into one end and out at the The magician caught it in lis hand and then slowly closed the up lifted The egg The reporter found it in his inside vest Let me take your said the pro The reporter passed it As he did so something tapped him slightly on ie top of the The reporter looked but saw A slight chill came over Was there anything be lindhim He turned to and caught a of a skeleton hand as it van ished into The magician did not appear to know what was going for he kept or chat ting all the But instead oftalk ing with his mouth his voice seemed to be coming through his What is your pet his hat was saying and when the reporter re plied A fox a fox terrier was taken from the A live cat came andafter it followed several other The thing was becoming mo when suddenly there was a flash of blinding There was brim stone in the and if it had not for the clear sky without one would tiave thought the place had been struck by One of the skulls on the wall dropped his while his eyes blazed with unearthly The cat walkedabout nervously with its back hair up and its tail swelled nearly double its ordinary Whenever anything funny was said all the skulls would drop their jaws with a The professor performed many of the stock hicks of the magicians right be fore the reporters Articles ap peared and disappeared or were turned into odd forms as he Birds were fired from pistols and bouquets There was no end to the peculiar When I was said the pro I used to have some very funny You can find any number of persons today in little particu larly in this country and who still believe in witchcraft and This class of people look on me as satan himself believe that I am gifted with supernatural I have had western miners offer me large sums if I would give them a wand that would detect gold on the I have had young women in France begme for some potion that would bring their sweethearts to Old men and women have told me their troubles and sought some magic way out of On three occasions I have been summoned in an emergency to sick the tricks I perform require sleight of but there are some which you could do yourself if you only knew the When I aui performing I never mention what I am going to but simply name the articles I am going to with let the audience see the That makes it a greater sur prise to I never show a trick twice in I Rever look at my hands while but keep my eyes on the audience and talk to Many Jugglers and magicians make a by but that often spoils the I take every opportu nity I can to see others whether they are good or bad and I have learned not a little from the faults Zhave seen in the A vanishing lady bowed as the re porter left the and a demon pea cock screeched a hellish York ttvesottne dead agamfongSherback upon from whfclther owifriei as many carrythem constantly onherjjaclef tothewhc lagel leastrefasal to obeya orderis crueHypnmshei her late husband ore collected and1 in a and should anyweeds upon this grave she is obliged tox them herbare wh her husbands relatives stand over a beat r The Serpent The earliest sea tale conies t way ot from of the British schooner The captain is from with and put into Saturday He reports that Saturday about 10 when between BlocfeJ Island and Watch att was attracted by a great thewater about 150 yards front his i while his attention was drawn in that direction he sawwhat he is f satisfied was a veritable sea serpent least he some huge monster that swered often given other summersof an nmmaJ those who to have seen the tenons Whatever the may have the says thatitT appeared to be about 10Q feet one time it raised a tail thirty feet in Saj waved It for a few seconds and thertJ lashed the water into a X While this portion of the body was exposed Tufts had a good view of the and describes it as being about f thesizeof the main boom to tapering to a fine In color it a dark with spots almost blacks The animal was oing in an easterly apparently at a speed of about ten miles an and after his body y disappeared from view the wake by the monster was discernible long As the weather was clear and nothing obscured the vision of the his observation as above has transformed him from being skeptical as to the existence of sea serpents into a full believer in there being a mem ber of the family of marine Tufts has made several voyages to this and is ordinarily a thoroughly reliable Some Stonington are inclined to believe in the serpent A Creature from The following remarkable story conies viaa Cincinnati paper winged monster with an extremely elon gated tail and an immense pair of wings was found on the alkali desert recently by two The creature was evi dently greatly exhausted by a long flight and when discovered was able fly but a short distance without After the first shock of amazement nad passed the two who were on back and armed Winchester regainedsufficient courage to pursue tha monster and after an exciting chase ceeded in getting near enough to gi fire with their The creature then turned on the but owing toits ex hausted condition they were abletoieep out of its way and after a few well 65 rected shots themonster rolled over 3 The men then proceeded to make and found that their tiin measured about93feet in and the greatest diameter was 50 The monster had only two j were situated a short distance from T of where the wings were joined to tha The as near as they could was about 8 feet thejaws being thickly set sharp Its eyes were as large as adinner plate and protruded about half way fromj the They had some difficulty measuring the as they were partly folded under the but jot one straightened out sufficiently to J jet a measurement of 73 the total measurement from tip to tip about 160 The men intend to the creature and send the hide east examination by eminent Intltan TVMown Hard According to the account quoted by Farrow valuable work on the Mortuary Customs of theNbrthAmeri can the of compelled widows to pass an or deal to which the suttee would almost be body of the deceased husband was kept for nine days laid out in his During the widow is to lie beside it to no matter whatjie season or the day the bodyis whatever of property once appertained to it in the way widow must also account may jshemove until the is of iher husband commit any act in Slot A novel telephone has been placed S the New Haven It cannot be unless a fee is There are only two instruments of the kind in the other being in There are five slots iu the machine for the a ten cent dollar and dollar amounts cover the rates charged for tele phoning to various places in and out of the To use the necessary to call up ordinary The objective pointi is then asked when this is ed the party who rings up is told to the necessary fee in the If a dimo is dropped a bell of high tone For twentyfiveceots the tone becomes and for half a dollar the sound is that of the average door Tl lar sound is tothatofa fire The sound of the beHisthp not to go ahead and The ance is the invention of William of for the manufacture of the New York Ten lTeara and Almost Pine boasts of a girl not quite 10 old who is feet Itt inches She issl the daughter of an whoisi self a giant in while his wife feet in The her parentagj was an unusually small and sickly and didnt show any growth until she was about 5 years ol She is stout and has the strength ofa but her mind is or elsel been so outstripped by her body give it no chance to develop giantess presents a remarkab spectacle seated playing In the saniioc amusing herself a phIaLedgerv tlie rabbit pest Wales is troubled by another called t flyingfox pest species of thelargestOf sometimes nearlyjfiy feet in expanse is popular ly termed the flying fox the color of the very vulpine aspectf attacks of these deshxctivea rnamly i f was fortheriKht tohis 9 Tartleies 1 is carefully seta ioinc Is prepare

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