Wednesday, July 30, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 30, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Al lr ESTABLISHED WEDNESDAY JULY PRICE PEIU ANIMOIIERY President Harrison Urges Congress to Tike Immediate jl tetter JTrom the Genera the Subject Struule Scolds Speaker Tariff In Ike July President Har rison today sent the following message to congress To the senate and house of representatives The recent attempt to secure a charter from the state of North Dakota for a lottery the pending effort to obtain from the state of Louisiana a renewal of the charter of the Louisiana state lottery and the estab ment of one or more lottery companies at Mexican towns near our have served the good purpose of calling public attention to an evil of great Jf the baneful effects of lotteries were confined to the states that gave the com panies the corporate powers and license to conduct the business citizens of other being powerless to apply legal might clear themselves of the responsibility by the use of such moral agencies as were within their But the case is not The peo ple of all the states are debauched and de The vast sums of money offered to the states for charters are drawn from the people of the United States and the general government through the mail system which is made an effective and profitable medium of intercourse between the lottery company and its The use of the mails is quite as essential to the company as stats It would be practically impossible for the company to exist if the public mails were once effectually closed against tlieir ad vertisements and The use of the mails by these companies is the prostituting of an agency only intended to serve the purpose of legitimate trade and decent social It is not 1 am for me to attempt to portray the robbery of the poor and the widespread corruption of public and private morals which are necessary incidents of these lottery The national capital has become the sub headquarters of the Louisiana Lottery and numerous agents and attorneys are con ducting here a business involving prob ably a larger use of mails than that of any legitimate business enterprise in the District of This seems to be a good reason to believe the corrupting touch of these agents have been felt by clerks in the postal service and by some of the police officers of the Severe and effective legislation should be promptly enacted to enable the postoflice department to purge the mails of all let and circulars relating to the The letter of the post master which transmit out the inadequacy of the existing statute and sug gcstsilegislation that would be Jt may also be necessary to so regulate the carrying of letters by the express companies as to prevent the use of those agencies to maintain communication be tween the lottery companies and their agents or customers in other It docs not seem possible that there can be any division of sentiment as to the pro priety of closing the mails against these and 1 therefore venture to express the hope that such proper powers as are necessary to that end will be given to the postoffice The letter of the postmaster general referred to by the president call atten tion to the Inefficiency of the present bill and recommends the passage of the anti loucry bill recently reported to the THE The Turin Hilt Lnder Pro test the Election July the senate a adopted at a public meeting of republicans in against the passage of the election bill was from the postoflice com reported back the senate bill to establish a limited postal and telegraph was placed on the Sherman offered a resolution which went over till tomorrow for a daily Hireling of the senate at 10 Ingalls introduced a bill to estab lish a depot of and said it was prepared by and introduced at the request of the wageworkers The tariff bill was then taken The lending MrPhcrsons amend ment offered yesterday to reduce the duty on acetic acids was rejected by a uarty The clerk proceeded with the reading of the bill but had only got through two lines when he was stopped by Mcllwrsou with the remark that he the clerk was moving too Jlclherson then offered an amendment ridncing the duty on boracacid from live tn three and onehalf J3 to of then ad dressed the senate in opposition to the which ha said was a declaration on tie part of the republican party that the war tariff was never to be He firmly believed the present period of protection would inaugurate a movement that in its effects and conse surpass previous uphcavels of the The protective system would be crushed and cast out as an utter Coming to the question of ounty on Jones asked why not protect the wheat grower by bounty as well as tinsugar The proposi tion to take tho duty off raw sugar and Pay a bounty on American grown sugar simply meant Sugar free for refiners free for sugar trusts sugar taxed for all who consume it lor The next lino of ihe bill having been read by the croconic 0 cents licr SlcPhersou moved to sub stantiate the cxistiiisr duty of fifteen per cent ad Gorman wauled a free discussion the bill and But the republican senators wanted to rush it through at railroad Aldrich said that in 1SSS tho tariff Had been discussed in every field and work and on every The country understood that talk about ex planation and the attempt to drive the republican senators to make stump speeches for political effect was simply W delay action on the tariff which delay was destructive to every business Gorman reminded the republican sine of Plumbs statement that the party was in danger and of his warning that it would have to increase thtaxatiou with in eighteen He also said Maine had through the senators from the republican senators that n they passed the bill they not only destroy the possibility of increasing the trade with countries south i the United but would bank rupt the treasury in eighteen months for mat was the meaning of lliscock repelled the general iual republican success at the asi election was the result of the influ of manufacturers or Md asserted that in the state of New wherever the democratic majori rolled the steps of the interest could be Hiscock said he did not know mticn nioncy hud been contributed to the ocmocraiic election fund by those inter lle kncw Cvcr5 day that the bill was delayed was largely the profit of foreign manufacturers xi 1Ierestcd in its sir congratulated Gorman on m breaking the prodc wnninod Mlence on the republican side As to the speech of ihe from Sew which iad been r under the at was the same old tirade of calumny and abuse against the democratic After further debate the file was laid aside and the house joint resolution to continue the appropriations under exist ing up to the tenth of August was discussed and passed After an executive session the senate STBTJBLE JAWS A Passage That Is Cheered by Democrats and Laughed at hy July the house Inspeaking on one of the senate amend ments to the sundry civil bill this after noon of made a bitter tack upon Speaker Heed for his action towards the gentlemen having an inter est in public building Ho con trasted the courteous manner of Speaker Carlisle to the words Of all gentlemen re questing recognition with the almost sneering manner in which the present speaker treated such The speaker treated the members as though they were so many lie did not propose to stand this sortof treatment any longer without protest Should the he continue to submit longer like cowards to the dictation of the speaker Should they not rather combine together in hon est recognition He wasfor rebellion against the ruling of the speaker in re gard to public building Strubles remarks were vigorously ap plauded by the thought the gentleman from Iowa had better have withheld his attack upon the He Cannon did not feel called upon to defend the The speaker needed no de The country had approved the action of the speaker and the action of the republican side of the Struble said the statement that the members with public building bills had not been fairly treated was a fact that he alleged before the house and the He agreed that the work of the house nuring this session had been a grand but that did not deter him from protesting against the indignity put upou him and other During the last administration bills were ap proved for public buildings in the south in places of thousand and yet the Sioux City bill had been That was passed and gone as he had said the speaker of the last house never failed to give courteous treatment to members on the republican Democratic of Xorth ex pressed his pleasure at knowing the oc casion has arrived when the gentlemen Struble could have the courage of his which broke out louder when McClammy alluded to Strubles failure to secure ihe renomina tion by speaking of the beautiful tones of the dying The amendment which gave rise to the discusion was that apppopriatiog DOO for the purchase of a suitable site for a building for the supreme In speaking of this amendment of regretted that the gentleman rorn Iowa Struble had made an upon the He thought there was some consolation in what the gentle man from North Carolina McClanimy had to sav to the gentleman from Iowa and his funeral occasion about the dying song of the The speaker might exclaim that the swans sang before they but that certain persons died before they sang He was opposed to for the supsemc The amendment was nonconcurred The committee having concluded the onsideration of all other recurred to the consideration of the rrisation which had been passed over It was agreed the debate on this amendment should be imitcd to four and the committee then rose and the house A PRELHHNAET What the Internal Kcvcnuc Hurcau lias Done in the Last Fiscal July Mason has reported to the secretary of the preliminary report of the operations of the internal revenue bureau during the last fiscal The total collections of all sources of internal revenue were and increase of as compared with the preceding Owing to the lack of reports in some cases it is not possible to state exactly the cost of tho collection which is estimated at or a decrease of ts compared with the preceding The tables appended to the report show the receipts in detail during the year as compared with the preceding year were as follows increase tobacco increase liquors increase oleomargarine decrease banks and bank rs decrease miscellaneous increase Under the iiead of tables show receipts from chewing and smoking tobacco an increase of from 113 and from Among the larger collections north and south Iscw Pennsyl GENERAL WASHINGTON The Kiver and Harbor Bill to be Taken Up in the July to an understanding reached in the re publican senatorial caucuses last night Senator Fry had a conference today with the members of the finance committee and agreed among them that on the Sth of that the river and harbor bill shall be taken up for consid eration and pressed to its the tariff bill to be laid aside until it is disposed roposcd Worlds Fair Labor W July tive of Sew introduced a bill to create a committee to be known as the United States commission of a Worlds Fair congress of to con sist of nine members to be appointed by the It suggests the president shall appoint two of these members from the Sational Farmers aud the ret shall be named by the American Federation of Labor and the Knights of but no two of them from the same These commissioners shall receive au annual salary of and their terms of office to expire December It shall be the duty of the commissioners to discuss labor in all its The commission is authorized to through the dele gates of foreign countries to take part in the Will Recommend July house committee ou Indian affairs decided to recommend that the house nonconcur in all of the senate amendments to the Indian appropriation The Manitoba Grain Harvest July wheat harvesting began at The corn reports to the Free Press from all parts of the that the wheat yield will be one of the greatest Manitoba has yet Bucklin8 Arnica The best salve in the world for cuts salt rheum fever chapped corns and all skin and posi tively cures or no pay reqmred It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money Price 25 cents per box For sale at Henrys drug Girl Perishes in tilt Neb Julj of James a burned here uwhnA fourjearold daughter per Bedhams Mils cure Bilious ana nervous Ml NOT The Illinois Legislature Resolve They Cannot Alter the Fair The LIve Stock Men Will Aid in the Suc cess of the Was one in the Senate General Political July first thing done this morning was the passage of the bill making the appropriation for the expenses of the special The response of the Chicago worlds fair directors to the request of the house for information in regard to the double site was read and referred to a joint Paddocks resolution that it be the sense of the house that the worlds fair held on a single came up as a special An amendment was introduced that it be the senseof the house that Gariicld park or some other west side locality as this single but it was promptly laid on the of introduced and thohouse passed the following resolu tion That it is the deliberate judgment of this house that we have no light or power to make or alter the site of the Worlds Columbian exposition as fixed or determined upon by the national commission and the local The house then adjourned until 2 this At the aftcroon session of the house of offered a resolution setting forth that the house referred the worlds fair bill to a joint committee on Thursday That they have made no apparent progress and that they be in structed to report the hill back to the liouse tomorrow morning of the joint reported with au the joint resolution providing for the submission of the constitutional amendment and recommended its of spoke against the amendment which the committee to ported and which provided that any such ndebtedness created shall be paid by the city of Chicago Partridge maintained that if the information is telegraphed all over the world that the legislature wants to wash its hands of the worlds fair the effect will be very The amendment proved very and was Finally adopted by au almost unanimous Patridge being the only one voting in the The secretary of the senate here re ported to the house some joint resolu tions as just adopted by that The house joint resolution was thcu postponed until tomorrow and the sen ate resolution taken The amend ment already adopted to the house reso lution was drafted out of the senate reso lution and after the rejection of some other a roll call was or There was much objection to such hasty consideration of the senate resolution and a general cry of no vote on the democratic the gentlemen explaining they wanted he resolution printed and laid before the house for The vote 77 yeas to fl and as it did not receive the requisite twothirds 103 t was who had purposely voted in the moved a recon this prevailed and further consideration was postponed until to by which time the resolution can be The Senate Adopts a July senate spent the entire morning session acting on various amendments and substitutes lor the proposed worlds fair constitu tional amendment and after adopting a substitute which made merely verbal took a At the afternoon session the senate after a very lengthy the joint resolution for an amendment to he constitution to aid the worlds Colum bian The resolution is the same as reported by the committee on except that the wording of the proviso requiring the proposition to be submitted to a vote of the people of hicago is The of the is the permitting he city of on a majority vote of the people increase the limit of in debtedness as to issue five million dol ars of bonds m aid of the worlds The principal opposition was by Sena or who spoke for about an holding there was no need of amending the constitution if the property u Chicago was assessed at a fair The resolution was 3G NEBRASKA The Peoples Tarty Meet in Convention at July peoples inde pendent party of Nebraska met in state convention nearly nine hundred delegates from all over the state being The Farmers Alliance men and grangers the remainder peing Knights of Labor and Union Labor Allen of Douglas and Charles of Pawnee were elected chairman and secre tary A number of speeches were The committee on resolu tions reported the An attempt was made to adopt the standing platform of the Farmers but the Knights of Labor insisted upon the insertion of oilier planks and the following is a synopsis of the platform as adopted The financial system should be reformed by Iho rcstoralion of silver to its old time place in our Its free and unlimited coinage on an equality with and by an increase of our money circulation to the sum of 850 per capita all paper issues necessary to secure that amount should bo made by the govern ment alone be full legal The land monopoly should be abolished either by limitauion of ownership or graduated taxation of excesive hold ings alien ownership should be The railroad system as at present managed is a system of speculation and robbery and its enormous debt at fictitious valuations is absorbing the substance of the people in the interest of the The general government should own and operate the railroads and telegraph lines and furnish transportation at the same as mail facilities are are now We demand that the legisla ture enact a freight laW which shall fix rates no higher than these now in force in We demand that the state and national systems of including the be so adjusted that each will bear its just instead of our merchants and me chanics being conpelled to as at present by far the largest portion of the public The adoption of the Australian ballot system is also that eight hours shall constitute a days work except for agricultural labor that the soldiers shall receive liberal ser vice The platform concludes follows Wo further declare that the political machinery of this state has been controlled by a Corporate power for the plunder of the people and the enrich ment of and we have lost confidence in the efficacy of that machinery of unjut We there fore give our for a call of the peoples independent state convention to nominate pure and honorable men for different state offices on principles above named and we hereby pledge if pure and men are so se to vote and work for their1 elec tion and we hereby invite jwith out regard or present iartj affiliations for a Pure the shackles of party politics and the dominion of corporate power in our public 4 Vj A memorial from the Ure questing the convention to in avor of a prohibitory amendment was ost in the The as was adopted tiy a practically unanimous ExSenator Van Guy Barnum were in nomination for The first ballot re sulted Powers Van Wick Col man Barnum 25 necessary to choice Powers made a speech and the conr vention took a recess until nine oclock n the Convention met at nine oclock and at a late hour was still in THE POLITICAL It llcglns to Boil a Lively Manner in uAxn FOHKS July republican state convention began The fight this year is all ilong the but is the greatest on4 Congressman and Hausbrough is having a hard tussle to hold his the Scandinavian is lard at work to secure himself in Hans jroughs the action of the convention this afternoon oh tho choice of temporary chairman was a de eat for Ihe Johnson the Hans jrough be ng Illinois Kepnhlican State Central July state central committee met here at noon Long Jones was elected chair and Daniel Shepard The committee then went into secret session for a discussion of A Ouict Election in July vote the state today was very iglit and the election was There was opposition to fourteen democratic nominees to tho constitutional conven tion for the state at largo and the demo cratic local nominees were not opposed in half dozen ExGovernor Alcorn and exChief two leading republicans of the were placed on the democratic ticket and Live Stock Men AVill Assist in the Success of the July A com mittee of the worlds fair directors of the Illinois livestock board held a con sultation here tiiis morning with the re sult that the latter have issued an open etter to the directors in while hey depreciates the necessity for the dual site for the but relying on the ood faith and good judgment of the joins heartily in the effort a make the fair a success and calls on state legislature to pass the necessary It is an open secret that tho oard will come to Chicago when tho na commission meets here October Sth for tho purpose of endeavoring to lave the entire question of the site post DRAGGED BY HER Terrible to a Missouri Jfear Special to The J July Another lorrible accident occurred today about four miles east of here in Richland town who had been to his city on an returning home in a cart and when within a short distance from home the horse which she was driving became frightened and ran throwing her out with one foot caught in the dragging her about 1 quarter of a mile with her head strik ng the inflicting severe She was found soon after the accident in an condition by two jor At last reports she was not able to talk and it is feared death will be the Lumber Yards Swept by EAST July A disastrous fire started in the lumberyard owned by Hutchison about which communicated with the planing mill and lumber yard of Sou and thence to tho lumber yard of John saw salt lock and lumberyard of Brown all of which were totally Xineteeu million feet of ten dwelling sixtysix railroad cars and other property were Total total Texas Fever in July Texas fever las made its appearance among tho cows near the limits of the city and about twenty of them have died from the effects of that The health officers say ihat the only way to prevent a spread of ho disease to all cattle in the neighbor lood is to shut them up until frost comes next Much Gold for EW July Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gold were ordered for shipment to Europe The total amount of gold ordered for shipment this week is EW July Au additional in gold was ordered for export Syrup ot Produced from tho laxative and nutri tious juice of California combined with tho medicinal virtues of plants cnown to bo tho most beneficial to the luinan acts on the kid liver and effectually cleansing the dispelling colds and and curing habitual con Vuriicil in Their July The Times Star special says incendiaries sot fire to the residence of David in this morning and de stroyed Plumb was fatally burned and his wife and three children perished in the Plumb is a prominent Methodist With Elys cream Uulma child can be treated without pain or dread nnd with perfect safety Trv the It cures hay fever and cold in tuo It is easily applied into the nostrils and gives relief with thenrstnppll Price 50 July following ca le dispatch dated Buenos July has been received at the cgation of the Argentine republic in this Announce that the insurrection is lompletely The president of he republic and tho national cabinet are giving orders from the national gov rnment The finance minister is at Senor the signer of the above is the Argentine minister of lie was taken prisoner by tho evolutionists at the beginning of the utbreak on WHERE IS SUTItE July who vas formerly president of the Argentine and who has been residing here or some has suddenly taken his departure from this Tho Temps today publishes a dispatch omliuenos Ayresstating that the gov ernment and the leaders of the revolt lonary movement have reached a settle President the dispatch has resigned and has been suc ceeded Vice President Pelllgrini as Quiet has been COXFLICTDfG July dispatch to the Junes dated Buenos July 28th 7 says It is reasserted that terms for a settle ment between the government and revo utionary forces have been agreed According to these the civilians who lave taken part in the insurrection will not be All captains of the revolutionary forces and all offi cers above the grade of captains vill be daprived of their The artillery of the insurrectionists will be iurrendered The above dispatch is President Cel uans version of the situation at Buenos Private dispatches received here from hat dated July state hat there is no change In the situation and no chance for a compromise between he two The the dispatches must be fought ATTEJUTDCC TO Roi July following lispatch is received Buenos July has been prolonged lending negotiations between the government and the foreign vho are endeavoring to bring about the estoratiou of Efforts are being made to establish a coalation Congress has GOVEIQfMET July is officially an lounced that the English government las received a telegram from Buenos saying the government has and all is COMPLETELY Sentenced for July Thomas natchard and his who were con victed of manslaughter in performing a fatal criminal operation on Minnie were each sentenced this morning to four years imprisonment in states Tickets to Chicago via on sale August 2nd to good return ing August 7th to one1 faro plus for admission to Military drill Account of meeting of the Patriarchs Militant and August 3d to Xiro Women Brutally July Charles York and her aged living at Ben were murdered this A man named Weeks is accused of commit ting the terrible A new idea embraced in Elys Cream Balut Catarrh Is cured by cleansing and not bj drying It fa not a liquid or but is easllj applied Into the Its effect is magical and a thorough treatment will cure the worst Price 50 Gone Early to the Peoria What has become of Jnbe Early since Major Lacy sat down on him so hard v ous blues cured by Samplesfree at J itagainj Wha to get girX wlthlanotKer jsevere mcnta effortithlnlflltewaslTdiedof opos THE GOVERNMENT he Argentine Revolution Said to be at an lie English Government Xotilieil That the Government is Other Dispatches Con dieting Xews From Buenos Ayres llrms the Government July The Argentine gation in London tonight received a elegram1 from Buenos Ayres signed by Finance Minister Garcia Tho govern ment is completely The mutineers capitulated and will deposit heir arms in the All rebellious uperior officers will be The roops will return to their quarters com manded by loyal Theforces mobilized by the government are return ng to the The political sit uation is thoroughly consolidated Tho Ity and whole country are GENERAL FOREIGN The Salvadoreans Were Crrr OF July to a commercial house here itates that in Saturdays battle the Salva dorians were defeated by the Guate malans and sustained a loss of sixty two hundred wounded and a largo number in A City Clerk July ity clerk of is missing and his ac onnts are short between and Four Hundred Rioters July mndred of the armenians who took part n tho riotous demonstration against the tatriarch in have teen Cholera July is epidemic n RAILROAD he last The past couple of months lavebeen most ount for it in a number of One irineipal reason for the rush just now is he That has forced the farmers lolding stock to get them into or Ise drive them to some large river like he Des Cattle can live on twigs nd dead grass and short bat hey must have The dry season las stopped the brooks and springs and vater Is Pasture is for owa farmers on the average have been cooping double the number of cattle hoy have pasture and as a result hey must get rid of This is true h Missouri and I have made the state ment that Iowa and Missouri have more tock than all the socalled western anges put I dont know that his is but I believe the census will how Ilogs are also being shipped n large BUT The Story or a TiredIndividual Sought A tired individual took advantage of he alluring shade of the Sorth Hill pork aud laid himself down to Vhile he slept two other individuals lappened along and noticing the souud icss of his erected over his ieal the following superscription In L in Pact The wind soughed gently through the iverhanging aud the flickering un beams played across the ilent A little bird fluttered down ipon the inscription board and gazed with twitter of inquiry at the recumbent Passers by would stop and read he look and then oftly rub their noses and A far mer and his wife drove up and were ireparing to eat a picnic dinner in tho cafy The old mans eyes fell on he strange object and he walked over o see about The inscription met his tartled gorsh Mria get in julck Its a bcaryin ground he ex laimed and tumbling the baskets into he wagon they disappeared down the trnet in a cloud of t t t Twentylive minutes had gone The ired individual stood There vas a flutter of the and then lie he started ho seemed to feel A thrill or His drowsy eyes caught the inscrip A startled look chased itself over iis face and in turn chased by one of utense disgust as a howl of fiendish aughter burst upon his startled le got brushed the halfsoles of his with a grieved look in iis faded down the V Itush or IVork on tho Iowa Stray Links ami The Narrow Guage has bought a new engine from the Denver and Rio Grande Davenport Democrat The makes some of tho fastest time in the state with local passenger Of course they are generally light but there is many a mile they cover in 00 And accidents on that road are remarkably Workmen were engaged at the Third street crossing their orders jeing to lay oak planks over the whole tho work had pro ceeded orders came to plank only between tho rails and the width of one plank It is be ieved tho broad spaces between the tracks will be paved with brick in ac cordance with the orders of the city of Sioux has nvonted a portable spring floor for live stock cars which is intended to avoid the shocks and jars received by cattle in The floor is made of corrugated on the upper with rubber springs between tho bumpers of material at the end of the Rubber supports keep tho floor from con tact with the moisture Crcston Times I just received and turned over to my successor before leav ing said Brown to a Times official notice that au appropriation of had been voted to build the foundation of the Crestpn passenger so you people may ex pect work to begin before The stone work will be very substantial and will extend to the windows of the first I think you will have the finest depots anywhere in the Creston people will find my an agreeable gentleman to deal with and will find that tho Iowa lines are handled by a thorough railroad Superintendent of the is one of the busiest men in the east Grand Army but the rush of busi ness is so great that it keeps every offi cial road moving all tho If Stewart should not change his it will a great disappoint ment to the department officers as he is one of General Algers aides de We have not been so rushed w itt aid for a long time as we have been The freighi Is enormous and every man about these offices is kept ou the go continu The in stock some thing and the gram ship ments also are very Is an increase over last years business for the corresponding months thenouericd the Courier satisfactory The first sfit monthsof the year will show a period foi headers of Tho HawkEye Suggest Meth ods for Overcoming the Housekeepers EDITOI HAWK EVE Having read the article concerning the best way of getting id of the ant pest mornings issue sf your I willingly contribute a ew words on this subject in order to let ther housekeepers profit by my experi A few weeks ago my kitchen and lantries were literally overrun with lack which I tried by several neans to get rid but without Speaking of this nuisance to a lady friend one she advised the use of which I at once profusely spread ibout in every nook and and was mppy in a very few days to notice the entire disappearance of these tronble ome little But I was overtaken by a still greater he small red it being more trouble ome than the others ou account of its extreme although I oon and entirely cleared out this pest by applying a remedy told me of by one of r prominont confectioners a few years the strewing about in cnp on and every other place ihere they may be a liberal por iou of ground red Hoping this may be of use to many others in ridding heir houses of au insect so troublesome o the EDITOK HAWKEYE in common vith ail have had to con end at times with that troublesome little nvader of the A very imple plan whicli has proved efficacious vhen the pests were not very nit troublesome about tho sugar barrel r tub is to draw a heavy chalk mark round such tub or either on the ioor or around the tub It will be ound that the insects will not cross the Some Sensible Words From You take a basin of place linger in for twentyfive or hirty take it out and look at the lole that is The size of the hole eprcsents about the impression that idvice makes on a young mans Dont depend too much on your family dead part I The world wants live men it lias no use for dead mes Queen Victoria con trace her an cstors back in a direct line to William If you can not get fur back than your father you are better Your father was a better man than old He had better clothes to better food to and was better I f you are a diamond be sure that you vill be brass or gall never gets ahead of I love a man who is Ask for what you If you want to narry a rich mans daughter or borrow S500 from ask him for it it amounts to the same thing in the It is al ivays better to astonish a man than to bore Remember that in the raorn ng of life come tho hard working ilardwork never kills a re and holidays does the The fun that results in a head the next morning so big that a could hardly cover is what work never Those who come after us have to work just as hard as we When I shovel he snow oil my if perchance I ake a threequarter piece off my neigh bors I put it because if I didnt I should be doing him an You cant afford to do anything but what is You are on dress a parade all the Dont bo afraid of being called a one idea man or a If you have one have more than most men It takes a smart man to be a Electric This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special men All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of purer medicine docs not exist and it guaran teed to do alt that is Electric Bitters will cure till diseases of the liver and will remove salt rheum and other affections caused bj impure from the systemand prevent as well as cure all cure of constipation and indigestion try Electric satisfaction guarantee or money 50 cents am per bottle at Henrys drug Both Pages off From the Peoria It is said the majority of the pages in the national house of representatives turn out The same may be said ot good many pages In the Xo Jjack of From thelbwa City There will beno lack of approval foi the bill which the postoflice committei of the house has decided to reportk con cermng n Dirt Soap takes tho AT BLUFF PARK wo Delightful Days at That Lovely Pleasure Flue Lecture by oE Other Interesting KXet j Correspondence of Tho Mm July and early Monday morning pleasure eekers were up and out on the Two boat loads of Burlington people might have been seen enroute for Jfan where they proceeded to exploreihe ncient Mormon Some gay Jluft Park young folks found so much enjoyment on the Father of Watersjthat hey did not get back for one of the fin est lectures of the delivered by of the Otttimwa Pirst His subject Certainty of the Spiritual Every ne who knew Stafford was conli lent of a rare and were by no means The gentleman vho was booked for the afternoon did not put in an so the after noon was spent I a rest and n the evening of Al lectured on the Influence of the School in Home which proved a very interesting and profitable A number of United Presbyterians came in this evening to attend the exercises July loped that the sprinkle this morning might result in a good oldfashioned ain and yet did not want the threaten ng weather to interfere with our United Presbyterian When the nine clock trains caine puffing in we saw that when the go into anything they to in with all their might for over one wearing the green and the society conquered he steps and were ready for Peter of the United Presbyterian of led the devotional at and at ten the strong choir tbout thirty voices under ment of Wiley of Monmouth aided very materially in the praise ed by of Des Every one was more than delighted with the singing and pro nounced it By far the best chorus muste ve have had this At ten thirty McConnell introduced Miss Maud of who in a a clear voice read a paper on Onr Young Social Ic vas a smothly written production and jave us a good insight Into the social of one sister After another se ection bj the Albert a paper otrOur Young Relisious As Barns is quite well known to Jurlingtou people it is needless to say iis production was enjoyed by The afternoons program was y an after which Mv of Morning gave an account of the Equipments of the Young Miss Ida Des dc ighted the large audience with her The Song That Touched My and Miss Lynne of finished the program by telling low we may encourage the young peo of delivered the address of the after and at seven thirty the young jeople will hold a reunion at leadcinarters and at seven thirty of lectures on The Touch making a fit closing to a splendid The management welcomed the young People of the United Presbyterian church this morning and now that they lave been entertained and profited bv their most heartily wish them Gods speed in the year to come and lope to see them next year Fishing parties just came in with fish enough to warn the boarding house not to engage any more fish for a Epworth League Day and the Bluff Park campers are looking for vard to another day of profit and enter While the tennis players are so en over tho Burlington tourna ment we hope some of them will come down and take a medal or two in the Bluff Park tournament on The are anticipating a big crowd and jolly reunion on Peter Swan came down Monday iO make arrangements for the accommo dation of his who came this Barns and family arrived this morning to take part in Seventyfour camo in from the north and a goodly number from Miss Eva of came down for a few iVbout thirty came up from the south at nine Everybody was delighted with the At a called meeting of the board of trustees of the Bluff Park he following resolutions were unani mously adopted that we liave tioen delighted with the presence and exercises ot our United Vresbyterian friends at Bluff That as a church they have jrreat reason to take pride in tlieir yonnic and congratulate themselves on the remark able statement made by Miss Kenwicfc in her idminiMe that the young people ot the Jnited Presbyterian were free from indulgence In forbidden popular amuse That we have listened with great aleasure to the interesting and able papers that have been raid by the youn g people a the able and eloquent addresses oE Cam bell and le and p That not least among the pleasures of the United Presbyterian has been the beautiful rendering ot the Psalms in strains of sweet melody DJthe directed by at we tender the thanks of this Fifth Th association to McConuell for his earnest efforts in providing the excellent and interesting program of the and to all who in carrying it That we cordially invite them to re turn next assu about Chicago Paul which Is greaferj than la required and does not pajrStlP He closes by stating that a honest combination can do the pnWJ mote good than excessive DIED 0 HEAET A Chicago aiana lonely Znd Special to TheHaTirfcEyc DBS July excitement was occasioned around Munr gers European hotel this morningby chambermaid finding the body of a deai man in the room she went The police were summoned and an investigat tien proved that the man had registered as of and hao arrived from Marshall town the evening Since coming to the city he has acted in quite a melancholy and depondl ent manner and complained being A little vial was found uncorke and empty on the floor and the gem supposition that Dunning committed suiij cide soon became But little oJ value was found upon his person and hfc letters indicated that iru Chicago and that he was traveling for C3j Boal Stove mortem held this afti developed the fact that the of death was heart disease and the cor9 oners verdict was in accordance withl the A DEATH The Gilins Way of a Bridge Fatally the of a Steam Special to The July This ing while running a steam threshers across Coal about nine miles sou west of this the iron bridge gav way and the engine and separator both went carrying the Charle a young man thirty years old with The steam connections broken and Eveland was badly scalde He was taken out immediately and die in less than an He was the oldest son of Henry one of Mahaskasj most promineot and after whom the town of Eveland in this county was TRIPOLI A anj of Drunken Outlaws Take session and Rule Special to The HawkEyeJ July notorious Marsh gang last night took this town by They were greatly intoxicated and paraded up and down the streets womenand children to their The merchants close their places of business and left the townj to the mercy of the which right they exercised to the full extent of thef powers by kicking in breaking The leader of the gang was John Secretary 3Iakes July State Liter says the report sent out from last that Secre the Iowa state board ofj had informed the secret of the Illinois state board that Iowa would make no agricultural exhibit at the worlds fair if the proposed double site was was emphatically by Secretary Shaffer here He says the Iowa board has expressed nft such Fired by a Special to The HawkEyeJ July about 11 our quiet little city was aroused by the ringing of the fire alarm The passenger trail west had set fire to the meadow of just outside the corporate About nineteen acres of meadow were over before the fire could be ten under also about eleven tons of stacked hay belonging to A Horrible Special to The HawkEyeJ July iving about six miles north of this met with a terrible death yesterdayv laving his head severed from his body by a mowing The team became unmanageable and Pifer was thrown fore the sickle and his head torn oft and carried a number of rods from the Crushed by a Special to The HawkEyeJ July a sec tion hand on the was run over and instantly t killed by the cars last three miles north of this Xeling was propelling a hand car alone on the track when a freight train rait him down with the above cordially uring th em that after hav ing and heard them we will greet them with a double and give them one of the best days of the E Secretary for the RAILROAD The General Working of the Iowa Dis tance Special to The DES July railroad commissioners this morning received a communication from chairman of the Western which contains the imformation that the Iowa distant going into effect August will be f or any direction instead of north and south heretofore and also that the rates will not exceed the commissioners but in many cases will bo A Special to THE HAWKETEJ DES July railroad commissioners hove received a communi cation from Auditor of the In terstate commerce in which he shows that the fierce and destructive warfare in competing for patronage be tween Chicago and Omaha the four main roads tapping these cities fs very destructive to the dividends of the com panies and that eventually thepeople pay for all such He says these four roads trainsdoily and four trains six times a week and tak ing an average number of passengers and average cost of running a passenger train one mile he figures ont that If this servicewas reduced to what is required for the mere there wouldbe of trains be Chicago and daftyIS A Strange Disease Special to THE HAWKETEJ DES July telegram was received in the state board of office from Humeston asking that the state veterinary come immediately to that Eleven head of stock had lied of some peculiar IOWA GLANCEsT STATE OF GKASTJ meeting of the state grand lodge Knights of Pythias will be held at Des Moines ona August 13 and Fully Knights are expected to be STAiiBEn quarrel over a private roadway near William Barr and brother George stabbed John Hesnerl several times wounds that may result A TATTOOED unknown j tramp was run over by the cars killed near Alton the other was nothing on his person to establishl his but the doctor in attendance says he was the most elaborately man he ever Scrr AGAKST Keokuk woman has brought suit 000 damages against a number of saIoon3 keepers of that The complaint atS leges that the defendants sold her husjf band liquor by which ho was convorteda into an habitual and thatj while under the influence of alcohol hei was very turning her out i and thereby seriously ing her It is thought she hasa good CHARGED WITH Iowa Citizen brings the charge of pU iarism against editor ot the Iowa Temperance A time ago a heavy editorial appeared j the magazine alleged to have been from the pen of bnt whichr the Citijj zen was W9rked over tide in the Kew York World of May The also charges that Wright is guilty of dishone itt the management of the Tenjperanc Alliance Ctnaoiw hunters vated one of the numerous Indi mounds in the vicinity of Storm Lat the other and at ajdeptb found a layer of stone in square blocks laid all ot under were found what weref supposed to be human bones and son that appeared to be the bones of animals There were also found arrow pieces of and was found that not been defaceoLpi The pottery gave having been made bv a master hand there being various showninpiw all tho A further lilies Serve antliver An important Theyactoaj the andbowels new ity cure bad piles and Spjendii for women and tSmallest 30 Samples free at j V Fears soup is thVmost pleasant toilet

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