Tuesday, July 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 29, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED MJP A IIv jr jM i A DAB AT THE Quorum in the Senate Pre Tents Substantial Other Matters In the SenateTlio House Considers the Sundry Civil sistant Postmaster Clarkson Returns to July the senate iho bill to pension all of the surviving officers and men of Powells battalion of Missouri mounted raised dur ing tlie war with was Aldrich offered a resolution fixing the daily hour of meeting at 11 Ingalls suggested the understand ing that the business of the morning lour shall be considered closed at one Allison did not wish it to be im plied that the senate would devote two hours a day to morning Ingalls said he did wish just such an He remarked that as soon tariff the appropriation bills and the election bill wjre passed congress would undoubtedly adjourn Therefore whatever was to DO done between now and the time of ad jousmneut in the consideration of meas ures on the calendar would have to be done in the morn ing He respect fully submitted that there were several hundred bills on the calendar that were entitled to that had been reported from the committee and that ought to receive attention from the sen ate at the same Cockrell asked what was the use of the senate passing bills when the dis tinguished gentlemen in charge of the bouse die not give any attention to There were now on the calendar of the louse hundreds and hundreds of bills passed by the senate and no attention paid to Hawley did not quite agree with He wanted his own ammuni tion to be in order so that he could go lome with a clear as to what was done elsewhere that was not his direct The resolution was agreed to with the understanding that the senate shall ad journ at Aldrich moved to proceed to the consideration of the tariff That motion was antagonized by a motion to proceed to the consideration of the house bill for the transfer of the revenue marine to the navy department and the latter motion was agreed The repub licans voting in the affirmative were Manderson and Cockrell was the only demo cratic senator who voted in the So the senate resumed consideration of the bili for the transfer of the revenue marine from the treasury department to the navy department and Cockrell con tinned his argument in opposition to Ue had not concluded his speech when at two oclock the presiding officer laid before the senate the tariff bill as unfin ished Gray moved to continue the con sideration of of the revenue marine Frye said the friends of the revenue bill had occupied but an hour and a half upon its enemies a small majority all the rest of the It was as evident to the senate as if the purpose had been announced that the time had been occupied for the purpose of preventing a vote on the That onlv indicated what he believed in the necessity of the previous question in the of some way to stop debate of some way to prevent a senator from getting up every morning for three or four mornings in succession and reading from the report of the clerk iu the treas ury Why should not a be taken on the If there is a ma jority of the senate in favor of why should it not be liermitted to say so The senator from Ohio Sherman had made four speeches on the and in the course of read the same identical articles which the senator from 51 issouri had occupied the last three mornings in Finally Grays motion was 140 to The tariff bill was taken up and Vest addressed the senate in opposition to The advocates of high tariff taxation he said were confronted by a great The depression in the agricultural inter csts and the emphatic demands of the farmers of something besides lying sta tistics and frothy declamation had caused President Harrison and Secretary Blainc to urge upon congress legislation for sub sidies to steamseips and for reciprocity treaties with the South American states in order to obtain a foreign market for American Very little was heard now of the home but a great deal of the South American mar So at least the protectionists had been driven from their pretentious hum bug about the home market and were forced to adopt the principle of free com mercial intercourse which they had so oniyipposcid and Vest went on to criticise the provisions of the pend ing hill that are supposed to he for the benefit of the far and said what the farmers wanted was an opening and encourage ment of the foieigu markets for their cattle and other necessary articles of daily and incessant use by tho farmer and his The leading he was to repay tho mil Owners their contributions to the campaign fund of the republican party during the last presidential and as the planters of the south were demo the duties on northern manufac turers were while the duty on rice was The consumers of the United States were being systematic ally plundered under a pretense of pro tection to home No further concealment was The truth was at last The manufacturers who were persistently asking higher duties to exclude foreign competition were availing themselves of themonopoly given by the exclusive tariff to charge the people of this country from 20 to 70 per cent higher for their than could sell the same articles for jn unprotected markets of the It was no longer protection but naked The Americans boasted of their free of lib erty and but who he asked could call himself a save in when by course of law the pro ofhis life and labor wcreunjustly taken to enrich Turpil addressed tho senate briefly on McPhersons resolution to re commit the bill with instructions to re port the bill to reduce the revenue and to equalize the duties on imports In which the average ad valorem rate of duty 01 all dutiable articles shall not exceed the meragead valorem wartariff rate of 1SG4 Ue declared himself not satisfied with tne If there was a choice to be made between the Pending bill and the Morrill tariff or 1804 he would choose tho Morril But as the proposed Instruction ere simply an expression of opinion h thought that if the instructions were t be given in line with the opinion of tha great leader of the people who had police of the people for his rcelec turn the scheme would be the Imposition or lower duties on things Jn general us Md of higher rates on articles of luxur tod the total sum of the lev not to exceed the necessary expenses o the government and the interest on i national The question was taken on motio to resubmit and was defeated on a stric party nays The reading of the bill by paragraph ior amendment was the firs being that of oils an MrilcPherson moved to reduce th outy on acetic or pyrolignous add no the specific gravity of from cents to 1 cent per pound and on acid exceeding that specific9 gravfty rom 4 to 3 cents per The vote vas yeas nays quorum a which vas agreed calling ou the secretary of war for information as to the rule cstab ished lor admission to tho soldiers if such admissions are based vholly or in part on the amount of pen ion and whether exceptions to those ules are made and in what cases and for vhat The senate bill appropriating or a public building at Wis was reported and placed on tho The senate then THE he Sundry CHU Mill Under Considera July motion made by of that the ouse go into committee of the whole for he further consideration of the senate mendments to the sundry civil appro riation was antagonized in the in erest of the District of Columbia legisla but The rccommenda ions of the committee on appropriations agreed to without much lie bone of tho seriate irri ation being passed over ntil other matters were disposed Cameron made a strong effort to irow into the conference the senate mendment increasing the appropriation or the publication of the official records f the war ofthe rebellionfrom S152OOO o but was tho house eciding to AVithout disposing f all amendments the committee nd the house CLARKSONS he Assistant Postmaster General Talks of His Observations Throughout the July Post master General Clarkson returned from is tour of the western states last night nd assumed his official duties here to He said to an Associated Press rc orter My tour comprehended all the nportant cities west of Chicago and orth of Kansas No one can under tand how rapidly that great country is eveloping until he sees It has not ad in any of the departments of the overnment the official facilities that it entitled I traveled on the fast mail rom central Iowa to makes a good deal of the time sixty even miles an aud tho service very efficient and other fast mails are being brought up to standard The post offices in the cities lat have been doubling every year or were looked and I returned ith strong recommendations for in reased allowances for nearly all of them nd some of these have already been The department is anxious to and keep up with that country in its rodigious growth aud increase of popu ation and The development the states in the mountains and on the acific slope is simply FATE OFFICES PRICE i or ommissloncrs Desire tho Services Robert Porter and July ommissioners of tho Worlds Fair during icir recent visit to this city tendered to obert now superintendent f the the position of chief of the ureau of and to Brown now assistant secretary of the mithsonian Institute aud in charge of le National the position of hief of the bureau of classification and atalogue for the forthcoming cxposi Next to the directorgeneralship I the fair these are the most important ositions connected with the he bureau of awards during the cen nnial of 1ST7 was in charge of rancis Walker and the bureau of lassification and catalogue in charge of Dorsey It is not known efinitcly whether Porter or oodc have acceptedthe positions It is if they lat their new duties will not interfere those of their present FOOLING UNCLE formon Church yunds Invested Under Xamcs of SAX July CTiroii clc says it has been ascertained that al liough only worth of property elonging to the Mormon church was ound by the United States marshal in Utah when instructed to seize all Mor ion from five to eight million ollars of Mormon capital is invested in San Franciscojaud other California his money is invested under names of ndividuals apparently for his method has been adopted with the lope that the United States government vould find no trace of the IOWA lhanges BJECT TO A DODBLE grieulturists Strongly Oppose Di viding the Fair ettcrs and Circulars from Many em States Received at Springfield Special Legislative Ses July a cir ular reprinted from an agricultural aper was placed on the desks of the embers of both houses of the legisla ure and several hundred copies left at hoofficeof the state board of agriculture or It opposes tho use of he Lake Front as any portion of the te for the worlds A letter has been received from a stock aper of also pro esting against the use the Lake and adding that the west was bull ozed at the last meeting of the cominis on in but will not bo at ext Secretary Shafer of the owa state board of has tele raphed the secretary of the Illinois oard that if the double site is finally hosen will make noagricui ural exhibit at the Telegrams rgingthe state board to do all in its ower to secure a single tract LetK ers have been received from exGovern of Secretary the state board of of Secretary of the South akota state and other represen tatives of western expresident of the National Cat e Growers association and Live Stock ssociation of the United andone f the alternate said to ay that the stock of the ith the were in favor f a single THE EXTRA Made iu Iowa for tho Ending July July following jostoflice changes were made in Iowa during the week ending July 1390 Worth coun Andrew postmaster Gar Pocahontas John Fitz Warren Postmasters appointed Franklin Mathews Quar Marshall John GENERAL WASHINGTON Further Extension of Appropriations is July has become in view of the failure of con gress to act finally upon all appropria to provide for a further extension of appropriations ou the basis of those made last year and Chairman of appropriation has Veen nstructed to report to the house a suit able joint The bills that re main undisposed of are tho sundry Indian and District of Columbia appropriation The Postal Telegraph July a meeting of senate committee on postoffices audpost roads today the postal telegraph bill was again Tho proviso as to the eleventh section was stricken It was asserted by pres ident of the Western Union Telegraph that the proviso would operate to shut out his company from bidding for overnment and upon this be in shown to the committee today it was voted that the proviso be stricken The Treasury Building July electric light wires on the apex of the north front of the treasury building became crossed tonight and burned quite fiercely for a The firemen soon cut them ANSWERED DEATHS Robert Laird a Widely Known Dies of July Bob ert Laird one of the most widelj knownUnitarian divines of this country died yesterday at his country aoou twelve miles from from a stroke o Martha Brown July Martha M an old resident of Bloomington sister of tho first wife of Hon Leonard died here last night He icmains were taken to Bloomington fo July Dr Eeodorick father of Eoger died last aged JSeeshamls Pills cure Dfflousand nervous lEs Resolution Introduced in tho House That Union Workmen Ke July the house lis afternoon a special appropriation 11 for the expenses of the general as embly was reported from the committee nd placed on the A joint resolution of respect to the mem ry of the late lieutenant governor was dopted by a rising Representative of was elected to succeed he late governor sworn of introduced esolutions that it is the sense of the ouse that in the employment of skilled rtisans and laborers in preparing to hold he Worlds Columbian the irectors or managers shall give cmploy ient to union After considerable iscussion it was referred to the commit ee on Cormody introduced a resolutian istructing the joint cominittpe before horn the resolution to amend the cou jtution is now pending to report pro isions providing for tho payment of any onds issued by tho city of Chicago in d of tho worlds fair before any divi ends are This was referred o the Stinson introduced tho following csolution Inasmuch as the Worlds olumbian Exposition will bo visited by atives from all the nations of the nd the management of the exposition ill bo criticized by therefore be it That it it the sense of this ouso that said exposition in all its parts lould be closed the first day of the week nown as the Christian Ee erred to the committee on federal re Fooling Away Time iu the July senate onvened at five but no quorum cing immediately adjourned ntil AN ILLINOIS body of Turkish troops was sentto the church and when they entered they met with desperate The mob was armed with revolvers and spiked staves and a bloody conflict ensued between them aud tho Four of tho sol diers and three of the rioters were killed and others injured before tho mob was driven from the The cathedral is now It is reported that tho Armenians were acting under secret in if MANY LIVES REVOLUTIONISTS TRIMPIL An Incursion Uoatltunlowii1yii5tcuiuer e July steamer Virginia this evening collided with the excursion on which fifteen hundred excursionists were gath The collision occurred off Fort about five miles from It is said the collision resulted from tho efforts of the steamers to avoid a schooner in tow of a tug Both vessels were badly Many of tho excursionists are missing and some are painfully Three bodies were recovered up to eleven It is supposed the others are POUNDED WITH A A Young Man Itrutally Attacked Drunken Special to The July village ot Millersburg is highly worked up and the citizens very indignant over the severe dangerous attack made upon GeSrge son of Supervisor Holmes of Ducan evening by Thad a quarrelsome and drunken rhoodlum of that The particulars are as follows Young Uolmes was returning homo from a visit by way of Millersburg at which place he stopped for a short time and when he prepared to leave he was ac costed by Grady who demanded that Holmes should take him a rido about Young Holmes gave him a cigar and told him ho hadnt timo and started to drive toward homo whereupon Grady sprang upon him and proceeded to smash his head and face with a brick which he hold in his Tho cries of young Holmes brought people to his but not before he had received several severe and dangerous wounds on the face and He now lies in a The constable attempted to arrest Grady who drew a knife and threatened to kill any man who laid hands on Tho matter is now in bauds of States Attorney Brock and when will doubtless compensate by a long term in the peni A FARMERS Mack G a Missouri Terrihly Mangled hy u Special to THE morning about eleven Mack who was driving a span of mules to a met with a fatal accident at his step about three miles east of this The team became frightened and ran throwing the young man in front of the sickle bar which cut off both arms near the shoulders and bruised him so in that he died after four hours VISITING THE WRECKED he Ruins of tho Old Hamilton Hotel at Whilom Special to THE July pon the death of Canfield poineer of this the report was otten into circulation that he was the riginal owner and builder of the famous Id Hamilton hotel in its was leading hostelry of the Canlield as a brother to old Artois ud it was not until many years later iiat he saw the hotel in Artois Hamilton must have come to Hancock county early in the He uilt the hotel which bore his name and or many years it was the rendezvous of many noted In early Mormon days lie house was peopled at times with both aints and and on several ccasions bloodshed was narrowly avoid d by tho prompt action of old Artois He was ever a Vhen the Smiths were killed by a mob t the old Carthage jail on June Lrtois took the bodies to the hotel and ave themtho customary attentions hown tho He even took tho orpses to Nauvoo on the following lespite the fact that many people had led from fearing that the Mor nons would massacre them in vengeance or the death of their In July a cholera scourge vis ted Carthage and many deaths ncluding several in Hamiltons own The little town was again almost but old a young physi ian named George and a few 5thcr brave souls remained and battled vitli the So many people died hat the bodies had to be buried at once and by It was a fearful cx In very early days tho old hotel was he haven of such noted men Judge Archibald William Eichardson and Abraham it is was once its when he was at Carthago on a murder in whichho appeared for the A story is told on Judge Douglas and General John It is said that General Palmer was once engaged in scllifig clocks and stopped at the old Ac commodations for the night were and old Artois put Judge Bougias and Jencral Palmer in a room together Judge Douglas became much interested u the young man and advised him to study Palmer took the advice and Judge Douglas lived to see his young friend making rapid progress in tho new The old hotel is now nearly dismantled and is used as a paint It will not last many more One by one the landmarks are And those human the are following rapidly to sleep as do tirec A tynching in July Officer Louis while attempting to arres Henry a desperate was shot and killed this Eipple was captured after a short Threats of lynching are BATTLE IN A The Scene of the Cyclone Attracts An Im mense July scene of yesterdays cyclone was sur rounded by thousands of teams yester day and a conservative estimate of the people present places tho number at forty Military troops have a picket lino around the The police also patrolled the The aldermen and other officials f surrounding cities congregated at lilitary headquarters and remained all ay issuing passes which were required f all coming within the lines also equisitions for supplies for tho afflicted Tho hotels sold lio liquor dur ng the More than has al eady been subscribed to a relief Collections were taken in all the hurches and the ministers alluded to he calmity in their A mass meeting has been called at the city hall or Mondav Tho Elks and ther charitable socitics have also called meetings to raiso money for tho suffer All the patients in tho hospital nd orphan asylum are doiug A Bloody Encounter Between a Mob o Armenians and Turkish July largi crowd of Armenians gathered in the Ar menian cathedral in this city yesterday for tho purpose of remonstrating will the patriarch of the church for his weak action toward the porte regarding the outrages perpetrated by Turks in Arme and to demand his The patriarch protested against the action o the mob and declared that the sacrec edifice was no place for such a demon This answer to their demand exasperated the mob and they rushe upon the dragged hit from the otherwis maltreated The patriarc finally away from his assailants and made his Military assistanc was asked for to quell the disorder and A SERIOUS in wo Work Trains Come Together a Ship July se ious accident happened in tho New Man hester ship Two workmens through some unexplained stupid ty on the part of a Tour workmen were instantly killed and many others of whom it is said wenty will certainly LICKED UP BY THE Bxrcxos July The revolutionary movement continues o Fighting between government troops and revolutionists today has been Tho government forces were efeated and of them killed or Tho navy has joined the re olutionary Insurgent artil ery bombarded the government house nd barracks today for twentyfour A truce has been arranged be ween the opposing The triumph f the revolutionists appears to be as lie Business Portion oT July business portion of was de troycd by fire The town was without a water A Fire ut July this morning destroyed Meadimbers carriage actory and several frame causing a loss of Minneapolis Plow Works July plant of tho Monitor Plow Works was burned this entailing a loss of ully Two Barns Special to The July one belonging to John Mays and one to tho widow wero burned yester day afternoon about 4 No cause of tho firo is Mays barn was iull of hay and had a buggy in it belong ing to All were No Destroyed by SPOKAXE News reached here lato last evening thai tho town of a great mining camp of the Cour dAlone mining one hundred miles southwest ol was completely destroyed by fire with tho exception of the depots of the Union Pacific Northern Pacific rail The firo started in the Centra hotel and burned north and east over the entire business portion of the The loss is estimated at a half a million dol Bay Island Drainage Special to The HawkEycJ July Bay Islam drainage which has boon under process of but for severa years burdened by litigation imposed by a portion of the property finally been by agreement o the parties and the district will be organ ized in a short time and work will thei proceed which will result in reclaiming a large section of Bay Island lahdi Derailed by a Jnly freight train on the Louisville and Nashville was de railed this morning on a bridge nea by a horse caugh between the The engineer am fireman jumped the engine fell upon th George killing him in tho engineer escaping with botl legs A brakcman was seriouil Excursion Tickets Via to Sioux City on accbun of the corn on sale September 2 to October u till October fare for roundtrip ne Thousand the Argentine Government Forces elcgraph Communications Cut olutionists Incensed President Colman Said to Have Re elegraphic Communication f BUEXOS July author of the Argentine Eepublic have otified all telegraph companies whose nes connect with thelines of that conn ry that telegraphic communication will e suspended until further The Goverment Troops July dispatch from sent at 10 says the ovornment troops have been largely re ibursed and President Colrnan has re lie Revolution by Argentine July of the Ar cntine colony in this city published a ote in the Lulierly hailing the revolu on In Buenos Ayres they resident Columns financial policy has uinedtho and many private Revolutionists dispatch re eived from Buenos Ayres states that the oader of tho revolutionary movement be inged in that The revolutionists re incensed that the best positions un er thcgovernment were given to men rom tho Province of A dispatch urther states that Scuor Eoca will prob bly resume the presidency it isbe eved that he is the only man capable of cstoring Previous to the rranging of the the war which had just joined the revolu onary movement bombarded the loyal st Later July Times dispatch romBuouos Ayres says president Cel the police and suffered erribly in attacking Civilas and troops The provisional reopened eavy artillery firo at dawn Sunday n troops under vicePresident A terrible mistake occurred uring the the eleventh egiment suddenly turning in favor of he provisional They ap roached the artillery and before they ould make their friendly intentions nown to the insurgents they were mown n the narrow Tho minister of iar was wounded and the minister of nance was taken Colonel Mar Major Campos and many other Dicers were and the f firemen was shot by his own A hort armistice was held at noon and an ffort was made to stop tho The armistice lasted one At one clock ships began firing on the govern nent Palleghini having refused lie terms of the provisional The Civica union seized twenty tug boats nd tho gunboats Cannonade and The British uuboais Beagle and Bramble have ar ived to protect the English whole navy has de favor of the provisional govern Tho Patagana is bombarding the overnment house and the Parana is helling President Colraans he gunboats command the railways rom tho 4 warships have ceased Bulletins announce that ho revolution has Certain srovlsionals up to the present have had he best of tho July Celmans troops have occupied the houses 11 around Plaza Mayo and has placed ight artillery in the The demands f the Cicica union have been reduced to request that President Colman Tho fleet lies a good way out with steam Tho armistice extended until two 11 Celinans officials the civicals are treating for sur but this is Fortysix annons have arrived forCelmans also one thousand two hundred Che foreign ministers have instructed the ommandcrs of the British and Spanish if the fleet resume lombarding to protect that it is contrary to the rules of war to bombard an open city without 3 government troops have resumed Tho streets leading to laza Mays is blocked with bales of offered terms to the prom sing not to proceed against tho civilians surrendering and to permit the iffleers supporting tho civicas to Troops of civicas show no signs of yield Cclmans troops tried to carry the artillery positions of the but were repulsed with heavy of the union civicas lavo rejected Colmans Tho hailed the decision with Tho firing has Tlie Salvadoriau Troops LA July is reported hero from unofficial sources hat tho Salvadorian troops had made an advance from Atescatempe on Jutiapa and again met the Guatemalan army with the usual disastrous results to the which had again been de feated arid was in full retreat to followed by the victorious A Diflerent You July the house of lords Baron Straheden raised a question as to whether the office oi premier ought to bo combined with thai of foreign Lord Salisbury replied that Gladstone had asserted It was impossible one man to discharge tho duties of both offices unless possessed of superhuman might be true when the premier was the leader in the but when the premier was in the lords the case was The Heligoland July Heligoland land bill passed the third reading in th commons A Village Destroyed by July village o Brack was nearly destroyed by fire Many buildings were Foil women were killed and many persons in Johnstown Flood July rotary of the Johnstown flood relief has a report showing the total con received ivas The total expenditures were The committee has casl in Refused a Xew July suprem court refused a new trial for Tom Woo who murdered nine persons in Bib Its a BToly Special to Tho Jnly pro lectors of the new Keokuk an Chicago railroad which is proposed to b constructed from Quincy to o 4T xiooasaarsapaniia the levees and t fronvj Warsawithrougn medicinal Solibjal lanfilton to to connect the Santa are asking that of inland situated some Istancoto the west of the straight ake stock ecuring tho of the amount as been but a few wealthy citi ens are hanging It is nowan ounced that tho projectors have re eived big inducements to build the road Sonora ff Tho scheme Is regarded as blutf to frighten Nauvoo citizens Into utting up tho while others link the new route is under serious con THEATRICAL Icinolrs of Old Theaters and Old Actors In Special to The July 28 day last while the Quincy ball club was taking life a burden to anyman who ailed from THE HAWKEYE randerer found halo old Colonel Thomas inff and led him like a lamb to slangh Colonel Duff is a grand specimen of hysical although the snow akes of many winters have given him a Iver He is the guest of his eautifnl and accomplished Dow who was known as essie She yet retains her superb oice and its softness is riotyet lost to he ears of her many Colonel Duff is a pioneer in the legiti mate He was among the first stock come west and try con usions with primeval Ignorance and rejudices against the His tutor e under the father and as certainly a guarantee his pro Colonel Duff was an actor of the Id And he was a good iven to this day the old mans eyes glow ith enthusiasm as he recites some iriling passage from the Bard of One of the first or of vhich Quincy could boast was Hcrzells Charles the ecently committed suicide in his nowpartially nd occupied by a livery stood at ic southwest corner of Eleventh and Iain It contained a of uaint old fori lany as they have re cntly been carried Pinkham Hall was Quincys first legiti mate opera It was managed by Duff and Here hakespeares plays were but the cards were often yielding to the never Id Uncle Toms William ell was also one of the most popular ramas Among the earlier nd most distinguished actress who raced old Piukham Hall was Charlotte She was a noble er leading man at that later a Icthodist sleeps in a soldiers rave in the pine guarded hills of Wis From his own lips came the tory oft of Miss Cushmans nobility and indness of Colonel Duffs eyes moisten as he peaks of the early of the oldtime rother actors and if we may ay He knew the Booth family inti ately and was often the companion of dwin at his fathers country home near Belle A great change has come to the stage ince the early In many respects he tendency has been There s always room for and in lie march of reform it is hoped that inincy will secure a new opera he needs it The Davis Will July photographic opy of the will of the late Davis filed in the supreme court Vccompanying the will is a copy of a etition filed in the Silver Bow court raying that John Davis bo appointed The hearing of the ument on appeal from the district court vas postponed till October 6th next and ohn Davis was forbidden by order of he cburt from qualifying as adminis Picked Up a July steamer which has arrived here from reports that on the 26th vhen off the Five Fathom light ship she ticked up two boats containing twenty the crew of the British steamer Charles which had been sunk in collision with an unknown schooner the ame Robbed His MISSOURI July bold obbery took place in this city Friday ight by a man named who stole rom his roommate about S500 in money nd drafts while the latter was He immediately but foolishly eturned to town this morning and was Dromptly He is now in jail waiting preliminary He etnrned a portion of the Board of Trade Dealers July Hess and lobert small dealers on the toard of have Hess was hort two million bushels of oats and the rapid rise forced him to the The liabilities are estimated at ind ho had about up in n addition to his oat speculation Hess lad sold a lino ot May Cigar Men Called July vorkmen in the cigar factories of this in which the bunch makers and rollers JJwho arc now on a strike were ormerly were called out A parade was made by the strikers There were nearly one thousand men in The Sea Wing July government nspectors heard further testimoney to lay in the case of the wreck of the steamer Sea Wing at Lake H has been established that Wetheren overloaded his boat contrary to law anc due caution was not observed to guarc against The Trotters Are Special to The HawkEycJ large num Dor of fine trotting horses from Hancock county are entered at the Kahoka races this week and will make the rounds b the Some of the animals have good Pretty Annie Goodwins Sad NEW July verdict b the coronors jury in the Annie Good win case finds that she came to her death from an abortion performed by Me Augustus Shaw and the coachman are held as A Feeling of July feeling of de pression prevails on the stock exchange Argentine and Uruguayan issues arc practically unsalable and have dcelinec from four to nine per Excursion Tickets Via to Des Moines for Iowa State on sale August 28 to Sep tember 5 good for return up t and including September One far for round Cloakmakcrs at NEW July balance o the locked out cloakmakers returned t work today under tho new plan of agree and the troubles between employ ers and men are Nervous poor di sexual cure by Samples free a Wittes drug Will Jnly Central trafli association hasdecided to meet the re auction in wool rates from Louis t the Merit as the marveloussuccess o HoodsSarsaparilla It possessestru rSpecial to The DES July of rinkinp spree last about mid Ight Herman Carlson was shot by John The immediatecause of the uarrel was a quarter ad been received In change in one of original package and which oth Peterson claims he acted n selfdefense and that he fired the first to scare but that ho latter then attempted to draw a when he fired the second which struck the victim just above tTie ght ranging back and splitting the s Carlson is still and Peterson las been bound over to await the action fthe grand A QDESR CHARACTER OCCHFOVER Fatal Affray Results from a Drinklngf pass the hat around and getenong send tTnterkircier and bring back lains conclusion of That da you and Brother Battles f the scheme Business Matters at Crops Suffering from the A Cold Robbery at Missouri cath of McCormacIc tVhoClaims to Have Heen Counsel to the July oftho most ccentric characters who ever lived in owa was James FMcCormack who assed but of life by the dorphine route t Council Bluffs a few aays He as known all over western Iowa as the queens Little tfs known his early but rumors say that ears ago he was a cobbler in while making shoes at the tudied law late life and was admitted the Ho came to Creston some venty years during the infancy of IB and began the practice of i is said that in the first trials in which was engaged he signed his legalpa ers he informed the meant queens He ways stoutly asserted that he had been dmitted to the bar in London and for ears was counsel to her the He displayed considerable knowledge Latin legal and wasespe ally versed in the criminal As a peaker he displayed some remarkable ratorical His voice was finely and he had a gift of stage nnsnrpassedby the great trage With these natural how there seemed to be ingrained into very fibres of his being a criminal in Once he was arrested for forg convicted and sentenced to the peni but his defense was idgenious nd on an appeal to the supreme court he von the case and was He ini returned to Creston and re umed the practice of He was fre uently before the courts for drunken ess and other but always eemed to be able to thwart the e possessed a trait of cunning which erved him and for years he dreaded by all His wife died about two years ago and e inherited from her quite a handsome Last winter he disposed of H of his interesss here and left the city fith in saying he intended o return to A short time after is departure letters were received from im postmarked and shortly fterwards from All of this ime he was known to be incoln and other western He ad mailed the letters to these foreign orts and had them He tad evidently a strong desire to make lis old acquaintances believe he was a great Being much dissi and probably seventyfive years of he soon squandered his A ewdays ago he appeared at a hotel in Council Bluffs in a ragged and pitiful He was assigned to a vhich he remained in so long that the lerk becoming opened the The poor old fellow was found itting in a dying from a dose of morphine In the pot ers field his body has found a resting and the people of this among vhom he lived so will forgive his frailties in contemplation of the tragic mding of his unhappy j Will Have Brick andTUe FORT people are feeling very hopeful over that towns irospects for securing one of the largest irick and tile works in the The Irooked Creek railway people have been Icnown to have the establishing of such a plant in that town in contemplation for ome A meeting of all the stock lolders of the road was held for the purpose of taking definite action the Its outcome has been made but information comes unofficially that it was decided to build he The plant is to cost An abundance of the best quality of clay is located at Lehigh and the business iromises to be one of the most extensive n the That Cuttle SCKASTOX July has ust been learned here that the herd ol cattle shipped from Emmett county to hicago by and Boswell were principally from this and it is jausing quite a stir among the The heaviest looser is Paup 40 head of lyearold Garland and Bullcr each had from fifteen to twentyfive head of young cattle anc cows in the The Boswells were ormerly residents of this county anc have always borne a good reputation and could have given bond for any amoun to secure the return of the cattle had ii been asked from A most inter ng useful career was onit Oth by of Cni A large number at friends elatives attended the MriCn ings age about eighty yearsra is family can look pride bacfcup le life of He came this state i 847 and entered the land on as ever since earned the br oc himself and his own t by the sweat his b Only one person is still Hying intb ommanity who was a member of th and of 1847 This Is Moreh irho lives near Cnmmings there is something inspiring and every reflection imulas and incentive to ener etie and Benjamin Elcher St oday on an extensive t Washington and Wyominjcar he principal objective Vesey and Cupplcs are v Ing here relatives foe a lew Small grain is either in stack or pr ess of and is alt ain Is badly needed for It wilL ut Immensely short if rain does not sooc ome to EAWJLKXJJ Disgruntled Special to The HawkEycJ July dem ocratic county convention which was held at Vinton on July 23 has cansec hard feelings among the throughout the and it is pre dicted thac tho whole democratic ticke will be defeated this They have been gaining ground for a number o but they have formeda ring am now look out for a crash this Crops SuireriiiK for Special to The HawkEyeJ July of Marion county is suffering from great No rain has fallen fo over two About half of the ha crop is burned up and tho potato cro will be a total About fifty pe cent of the corn Is The Sioux City fontooa Bridge Opeue SIOTJX July Pacifi Short Lino pontoon bridge across th Missouri river was opened for traffic to The order was given today for th work on the Short Line between ONeil and Ogden to begin at Trets Pass the JEIat July HAWK notice by the Chlcag papers that the Burlington club has sui ceeded in grasping fifth place the In terstate leagueThis exalted positio was easily secured by dropping seve games out of the last eight aver remarkable record for the late leagu We had thought ting the Burlingtons against the leadin club of tho IowaIllinois on our grounds here fora goo purse to the winning club ahd expenses the losing club to get forty per o gate maney that mlgh position indicate that in acontestojt against Otf umwas fineclnb theBurlm tons would be couponed the ItghtfJan iortyiper being A FATAL STABBLVO g a quarrel in Des Moines early Sal ay morning over a Frank Doi as seriously and probably abbed in the left brest by James ho has Both are Tiown In police A DIGFOB twelve Ii ates of the Linn county at Mario ttempted to dig their way to libert hrough the walls of the ani had almost succeeded when they we scovered by the who induce to remain his guests for awhili BY AX ELECTKIC ttumwa Wednesday sevenyearol ohnny Turner attempting oard an electric car fell heels and was cut almost in twoHi ved nearly thirty but did noi egain No blame ttached to the men in charge of thejj A DisTEESsrxo peculiar stressing case is that of Fanlon f He has been confined to hi ed for some time with an and the other day while suffer ng with a headache closed his eyes mt out the When he openei lem again his sight was WAS OXE OF A PIOXEER amin of Coffins Grove elaware how a welltodt was one of the hardy band thai the desperate journey across t ocky mountains with the late Gene ohn Fremont in the early 40s eudi n privations that came near being thi struction of the entire THE POWDEC WEXT Bi a La Porte City small foam cigar box full of He decidedq o experiment with it to see if powde vould actually go off with the aid of i ghted The experiment rely even beyond his expect He will bnt nature i ave to supply him with a new eyelashes and A NAUEOW ESCAPE Fnost of Battle had a narrow scape from being crushed to death t ther He machinery of the mill when his pants aught in the He had the resence of mind to grasp a post and old on till the buttons gave is pants left him in a very manjj He escaped with slight CAMP MEETIXG tate camp meeting association held it nnual meeting for the election of office t Clear of was elected pre ent of Eagle Grove rice president Hear recording and and Taylor treasurer The camp meeting this year has been Although there has been jeople in attendance than at some bthe yet the interest has been and the preaching alent from without the bounds of jatronizing conferences has been Among those from abro vere of Kan of Chicago Philadel and Chaplain of Jnited States army in A YAUDS a grand kick at the Sioux Union stock yards which bronghij about a settlement of long standing con plaints against the Sioux City live narket The shrinking has been inprecedented and exorbitant las caused great complaint from shfp while the dockage on cripples waiS equally Then the lluctu itions of the market have involved ship pers in several the packers bavin made a practice of running prices above theOmaha quotations receipts were light This would cause rush of hogs and then the prices drop far below a proper The suit has been to impair confident market and the receipts weeks have fallen off to a stock exchange held the result was an arrangement to corre the Look Prevent tendency to wrinkles or Ing of the skin by using LeaurelleOfj Preserves a fresh co ditioh of the Prevents witheTti ing of the drying ot the flesh Prevents Prevents chapping Keeps skin smootf orprepaid by express c receipt of Jersey An AccljlenC at JBrlflgeJ July some men were placing a trestle in ane railroad bridge near here today way striking a barge twentyfive sinking drowned and two were fatally hurt Syrupof Produced from the laxative and nufi tious juice of California figsr combine with the medicinal virtues of plaritj known tobe the most toi human acts liver and effectual cleansing tho coloj and and curing habitualcoif Paul Recount PAirrv July chamb commerce today adopted aresolutic protesting against the recount of thence Paul snch recount made solely on account of allegedlfrancl in Minneapolis between the two 3 An t he stomach and bowels thioughShJ fly cure badtasteto and Spiel children5 Sma Samples free at JJHWUttfadtug on ing AccdunKBEmeeifi

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