Friday, July 25, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 25, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Uc THE BURLINGTON JULY PRICE 15 CEHTS ESTABLISHED TO EDUCATE THE RED The Indian Appropriation Passed in the Bill Work of the Catholic Church Amomf the Indian DUeloeed In the The Bankruptcy BUI Passed in the of the and asked in view of the respectable source from which It eman that it be printed in full in the Sherman objected to printing it in the Record as Alliance will take notice of the objection and where it came After an executive session the senate THI July the senate with the vice president in the Morgan introduced a bill to fix the limit of value and to provide for the free coin age of and it was read and re ferred to the committee on The bill recites that the market value of silver bullion is rapidly approaching the value of gold on the standard relation fixed by the laws of the United States and that there is no provision of law for the coinage of standard silver dollars or the purchase of silver bullion by the gov ernment when the value of silver ex ceeds one dollar for STlif grains of it therefore provides that the unn of value in the United States shall bo a dollar of 412K grains of standard silver or 258 810 grains of That those coins shall be legal tender for all public and and that any owner of silver or gold bullion may it in any mint to be formed into dollars or bars for his benefit and without The senate then resumed the consider ation of the Indian appropriation An amendment which provoked dis cussion was one increasing the appropri ation of for the support of the Indian schools to including the construction of a school building at the Black Feet agency in Yost opposed the amendment as the introduction of a system intended to abolish denominational education among the He spoke of a visit he made to an Indian agency seven or eight years ago and of his observation of the work of the Catholic church in educating the A school building which had been erected by the Catholic church was standing unoccupied because the agent would not permit the Jesuits to teach any of the Indian The Jesuits had succeeded better than any other people living in the education of the Whatever prejudices he might have against the society of he had said that much as an educated Davis also opposed the amendment and spoke of the efforts of the Catholic missionaries at Black Feet These good people applied to those philanthro pic Misses of Philadel and obtained which they expended in a school recently These men were now to be not only that there was to be a gov ernment school put on that reservation in competition with but that they were to have no contract whatever for the education of the as had been plainly implied in the correspondence be tween the commissioners of Indian affairs and the persons iu authority in the enter Vest explained his position to be that if Catholics wore doing better in educating the Indians than the other de lie was in favor of the and if the Presbyterians or Baptists wero doing he was in favor of Hut he was convinced that the Catholics were far more efficient among tho Indians than any Protestant denomination could Ko other de nomination oould take their be cause tin like all other people emerging from had received religious impressions that were perma He did not care whether it might be called religion or The Indians were Catholics and would remain There were some which had received from some peculiar personal inllucnces a direction toward soint Protestant The discussion was continued by Tel who also spoke of the Catholcs as the most successful educators of the Indians and by of who gave figures to show the groat difference in expense botwoeu the government schools for the Indians and those carried on by religious Do ridi culed tho idea put forth by the eommis sionor of Indian affairs as to the necessity of high education for Indian children and said it was much more important for them to learn bow to carry on build houses and raise After further debate the amendment was agreed An amendment appropriating for tin1 erection of an industrial school near Smith Dakota was agreed to a like amendment for an industrial school near Xorth The next amendments were to strike out two one of for the sup port and education of sixty Indian pupils at Joes normal school at and one of for one hun dred Indian children at Holy Family Tv dian Illack Foot Dawes of the relative largo appropriation made for Catholic In dian tho amount for being against SI for schools of all other There was a very ellicieut and urgent and active Catholic bureau of missions in Washing ton which was very earnest in pusli iug Catholic Indian schools on the gov Tin Indian bureau hav ing declined to enter iirto the contract for three normal schools in Indiana California and this mission bureau had gone to the house and ob tained the insertion of the The senate committee thought it would al low the item for the California school because it belonged to a mission which had been ot work in southern California one hundred and twentyfive If ho wished to discuss the differences be tween the Catholic and other he would want no better object lesson than the difference between the mission In dians in the southern California and ag gressive Clieyeunes and The mission Indians had been under the in fluence of the Catholic church one hun dren and twentyfive years and were to day of selfsupport as so many The committee on appro priations shrunk from doing anything that might awaken a regular That was why the committee recom mended striking out the items for schools in Indiana and If they kept in the Metho dists and Baptists would say that they had not been Jairly At 2 oclock the tariff bill came up as unfinished and was laid aside until After further discussion on Indian a vote was taken and the amend ments nays So the items for the and Blackfect are retained in the Pettigrcw offered an amendment appropriating for the Santee tribe of located at South being an allowance of a dollar an acre for the land to which they are entitled in the Sioux reservation agreed On motion of an item o was inserted for thirty schoo buildings for Sioux Indians also an item to pay the Indians of Standing Bock and Cheyenne River agencies for ponies taken from them iu On motion of the item for a school building in the Blackfeet agency was amended by fixing the limit at The bill was then reported to the sen ate and all the amendments agreed to by the committee of the whole were con cnrred and the bill by request the Labo introduced a bill to secure the rights and freedom o speech and within the The Terry Bankruptcy BUI Passed With Unimportant July a short parliamentary the house pro ceeded to vote upon the committee amendments to the bankruptcy These amendments are principally ver bal and informal in After they had been disposed an amendment was adopted enforcing the laws of the giving wages for labor the prefer A vote was then taken on the minority substitute which is known as the volun tary bankruptcy This was dis agreed nays The Terry iiaukruptcy bill was then passed with un nays NO DANGER OF A BehrinE Sea Congressmen Uelittle the July publica tion of the Itehriuf Saa correspondence causes no excitement or alarm Both participants in the Blaine and Lord are com plimented on the skill with which they parry each others but that is about all the interest awakened by the mass of verbiage which was yesterday dumped into the The feeling most general in congressional circles is that the whole subject is too trifling a matter to threaten the peace of two power ful When it comes to such a pass that the United States must confront war with Great Britain in order to protect a private corporation like the North American Fur company in the en joyment of its monopoly to catch seals on a couple of rocky islands off the coast of then it is time the government hauls in its And that it has done so is known outside of this mass of cor When Sir Julian Paunce f orte on June sent his message of warn ing that the British government would resent any seizure of British sealing it seen at once that the orders issued by the treasury department on May 20 to the commanders our own revenue vessels must be revoked and they were as everybody and there the matter In the meantime negotiations are going ahead with a prospect that everything will be settled before the close of the GENERAL WASHINGTON FELL INTO A A Little Boys Sad Death at Daren Original Package WagonsA Prominent CitlMB Drops Dead at Disastrous Fire General Iowa Special to THE July the fouryearold son of Henry was drowned here this morning by fall ing into the family The little boy was standing on the platform of the cistern and was about to geta when the plank that he was resting upon broke and let him through into the Help was near at but all efforts to restore him to life were It is thought that the boys head struck something as he fell and that he was in sensible before he reached the HIS ABM TOBN Terrible Accident to a Little Boy at Crrs Special to Tnc HawkEyeJ July an elevenyearold sou of of this while playing in the Pearl mills last evening was caught in a belt running one hundred revolutions to the minute and had his left arm torn off near the The boy managed to get loose and ran for a doctor leaving his arm behind him on the Amputa tion at the shoulder was successfully per formed and the boy will DES MOINES The First Brigade Will Hold Its Encampment at the Special to The DES July has been practically settled that Bes Moines will be the place of holding the first brigade which will be the last week in This will be a large meeting of the Iowa National The brigade is composed of the third and fifth The regiment of United States regulars stationed at Omaha to gether with a band and full line of regi mental officers will A POPULAR UANT The President Visits an July accompanied by Secretary At torney General Postmaster Gen eral Wanamaker and General Colonel Ernst and Captain of the left here this morning on a special train to visit the encampment of the Pennsylvania National Guards at Mount The party will return at mid Senator Seeds Nomination July of associate justice of the supreme court in New Mexico John son of North consul at A BOARDKG HOUSE BLOWN Three People Killed Instantly and Others July Bullards boarding house in this a threestory was blown up early this Three persons were killed and a number more or less in There were thirteen people in the The explosion shattered the walls and they collapsed in an instant and fell in a mass of Most of the occupants of the house were asleep and were hurled from their beds and either buried under the falling debris or thrown on top of The killed are a Lockley and Gus The cause of the explosion is a Oil lamps were al though there wore gas pipes throughout the entire There are many ru mors of an ugly nature but nobody will take the responsibility of making a direct One man insinuated there had been a row in the bouse to ward the end of a jollification in which the inmates had been TWENTY BAFTEBS A Xewapaper Mans Appointment Meets Witn General Special to the DKS July of the La Mars who lias been selected by the state central committee as its is well known and ex tremely popular Chassell is a shrewd and experienced young politician of intelligence and fidelity to the In 1SSS he was elected as the second assistant secretary of the and so well did he do his work and so popular did he become that last winter he could have had the position of secre tary of the senate without a but loyalty to to whom he had promised his prevented in his mind accepting what his friends He is one of the most prom ising young republicans in the party and the day is not far distant when he will receive much greater recognition than that just tendered A DES MOINES WIFE this morning and has been running in full blast ever It Is expected that quite a number of Burlington tmnls fiends will be down on Field Day Pre pared to swoop but we would suggest to brother Furgeson who haslhe matter in charge that he bring bis in fluence to bear on the management to have the court and put into some kind of preparatory to that A BOBSET the Mecca of Many Hone Special to The July the home of Allerton and birth place of is getting to bo quite a horsey The new horseshoe track built recently by Williams is considered quite as a horse men from all parts of the state are arriving with their string of horses both for general training and to get in shape for the Au gust Among those already on tho ground are five Adrian Wilkes trotters from four colt from West Union and seven from the Highland stock farm at Among them are Rhoderick Argon and Keno Mctmont and Serious Head End July 24jThe Quaker Oats train from Cedar Rapids had a head end collision on Moingona eight miles west of at S30 yesterday Two engines were pulling it up the Jiill and were struck by a fast train coining The three engines were badly de the head one of the oats train being crushed between the other two and Only one car was Some sheep were killed on the stock train and two stock cars loaded with empty beer kegs were smashed to kindl The men saved themselves by The track was cleared for the passenger trains in about seven A Bold Bobber July burglar who yesterday entered the residence of Mil ton deputy United States col and with a loaded revolver de manded money of was cap tured yesterday in a brewery and was fully identified by the She turned the keys on him after he had effected an but he escaped through an open window before tho officers arrived on the He gives his name as George Union County Special to The July republi can county convention met here all the precincts in the county being rep of was elected chairman and of of was reuominated for recorder of for and James of for OUT FOR The Nebraska Republican State Convention at State Ticket Nominated nnd Platform State BepabU can Polit ical nnd General July via two oclock this morning before the commit tee on resolutions of the republican state convention made its After being it was The platform reiterates the principles enunciated in the successive national re publican platforms from 1856 to en dorses President Harrisons administra approves the national legislation on the silver denounces en dorses the disability pension and de clares in favor of a service pension de mands honest elections and favors the Australian ballot as a means thereto op poses land recognizes the right of labor to favors the control of railroads by demands the enactment of laws defining the liability of employers for Injuries sustained by demands just taxation of cor porate a reduction of freight and passenger the establishment of a system of postal and favors the enactment of more stringent usury A resolution endorsing prohi bition was tabled and the platform is si lent on that The convention finally adjourned at ten oclock this Before adjourning the following ticket was nominated Rich ards secretary of of Red Willow Thomas Ben of Dodge Captain of Gage attorney of Saline land George of Custer state of MINNESOTA had filed against tor conduct unbecoming au officer and a which had been forwarded to the war This will no doubt induce charges against General If It has not already been and it is not very improbable that one of the largest military courts known to the army will be the or that one or the other of the officers mentioned will be relieved from in the depart It Is clear that General Brooke has been made the instrument by which the most prominent candi date General Kantz for the next vacancy of brigadier general may be placed out of the way of a few very am bitions General Kantz was one of the most gallant soldiers of the and this attempt to injure his chances for well merited and long deferred promo tion is severely commented on by mili tary men here and MINISTER REID LIED An Alleged Printed in Paris Emphatically July today publish au alleged interview with Whitelaw the American which makes him denounce the McKinley bill as a measure opposed to civilization and represents him as declaring it was improbable the citizens of the United States would long endure the and that the increas ing difficulties of commerce would imperil the success of the Chicago Reid authorizes an explicit denial of the truth of He authorized nobody to speak on the sub ject in his The secretary of the American legation denied the responsi bility for the statement THE A Baft Cut Adrift by a Miscreant Goes Over the Ottawa July dispatch from eightysix miles above Ottawa on the upper Ottawa says that two ago some miscreant cut the rope a raft of logs to the on twentytwo raftsmen were stop The raft with all asleep n board drafted out into the river and ito 1he rapids a mile below before those n board were Of the twcnty wo only two got No trace of the bodies has been The Incorrigible ISrute Arrested ami Fined Without DES July distressing case was brought to the notice of Police Judge Eggleston Tuesday The parties in tho case were not strangers to the the principal being John charged with assault and preferred by his He entered the court carrying a lioth were rather noisy during the often breaking out into denials and denunciations in language that was anything but suited to conversation between man and Kimcs frequently called his wife a and she returned tho compliment with an occasional warm Kimes was convicted and fined and ordered commit ted to jail until the fine was He stormed around the carrying the and swore he would not pay any fine or go to He was finally quieted and concluded to going to a bank for the money and still holding on to the Returning he laid the baby on the paid his fine and In about live minutes information was brought to the marshal that Kimcs was again beating his The officer went to their wretched hovel near which is anything but a and found Kimes lying on tho floor and her liege lord walking about the room carrying the baby and swearing at his wife in a terri ble Tho woman refused to file further information and the unhappy couple were left to their They are both the girl not more than seven They have been before the court the wife in most cases being the Kimes has paid several fines and served light sentence for the same SHENANDOAH Dropped Special to Tho July a prominent and highly respected suddenly dropped dead of apoplexy to It will be remembered a brother of his lost his life in the same manner about a year ago at the same A Distructive Fire at Special to The July destructive fire this morning destroyed Burrels store and the Masonic and Odd Fellows The loss is over twelve thousand dollars with but a little The owners will A New Freight Special to The DES July railroad commissioners today promulgated a new classification of freight which is to go into effect August IOWA IN A DAGGER IN HER iiicide of a Mother Who Accidentally Crushes Her Children to July John the wife of a well known con yesterday accidentally caused he death of her twin aged hree by crushing them in bed while On awakening her grief vas terrible and before her husband ould prevent it she plunged a dagger nto her She is now in a critical THE SEA WING Government Inspectors Secure Damaging Evidence Acaimt the RED July gov ernment inspectors have secnred the james of 214 persons who were on board the illfated steamer Sea Wing which was wrecked in the storm on Lake The steamer and barge were allowed by aw to carry only The pen alty for the violation is Syrup ol Produced from the laxative and nutri tious juice of California combined with the medicinal virtues of plants mown to be the most beneficial to the numan acts on the kid liver and effectually cleansing the dispelling colds and and curing habitual con ProtectingAgainst the Election July public meeting was held at the chamber of com merce today at which resolutions were passed protesting against the passage of the election The resolution ignored the proposed boycott against the north ern Proprchs of the ot the Scientific Special to The July com mencement exercises continue with un abated Last night occurred the graduation of tho scientific and a fine one it The stage scenery and decorations were entirely changed and arranged in a most artistic Although the exercises did not begin until eight oclock the main auditorium was filled by halfpast It has been utterly impossible to accommodate but a small portion of the vast throng that Several hundred listen to the exercises from the campus each This afternoon occurs the annual field It will be held at the grounds of the Shcnandoah District Fair association and will be largely The alumni meeting and banquet tonight will close the most successful commence ment in the history of the Tho good citizens of Shcnandoah turned out en masse with their carriages and took all the visitors to the city a ride over our beautiful little BLUFF FARE A MITCH BLESSED Joseph Hiner has given birth to two boys and a and all are doing These make sixteen children born to and the eldest of whom is but A KEEPERS Michael a Dubuque saloon was waiting on a growler cus tomer at tho back door of his thieves entered at the front door and carried off a money bag containing A VALUABLE of is the possessor of a valuable relic in the shape of a piece of It is twothirdsof a printed by Hall according to resolution of passed at Feb ruary On one side are thirteen each bearing the name of a state linked forming a great in the center of which is American On the other side is tho in scription Mind Your Mull received tho piece of money from his who received it from his Adjudged Missoum July and Breseo were taken for the second time before the insane commis and this time adjudged Upon giving bonds they are now trying to they have the right to appeal to the district Until lately they have been comparatively quiet regarding Bresces of which they allege she has been defraud A day or two since Breseo demanded of one of the local banks the sum of which the alledged had been placed there for making other violent all tending to show his unbalanced state of whereupon the information was sworn out with the result as above State Convention in Session at July republican state convention was called to order this morning by Stanford chairman of the state centra and Lieu tenantGovernor Rice was chosen tem porary president and committees were appointed by the chair and the conven tion took a recess until two The committee on permanent organiza tion reported in favor of making the tem porary organization and the report was The platform was reported and unanimously It endorses the state and national adminis claims the high license system in Minnesota the Tjest means of con troling the liquor traffic yet adopted endorses the introduction of binding twine manufacturing into the prisons denounces monopolies and trust favors the regulation and interstate commerce of common carriers pledges the party Iu secure a reduction of rates on lumber and coal approved the Australian ballot system recognizes the services of the soldiers and endorses the disability pension law introduced and championed by Senator Davis favors free text books in public schools and firmly opposes any federal legislation de signed to restrict the competition of Canadian with domestic common car Nominations for governor being in order the names of the present governor the present state exCon gressman Knute Nelson were The first ballot resulted 350 74 Broden Governor Merriam was brought to the convention by a and made a brief speech of The remainder of the ticket is as follows Lieutenant of Nicollet state Joseph Biblotcr secretary of of Faribault county state of Polk attorney Moses Clapp clerk of the supreme of Washington A GREAT Railroads Makingextensive Preparations for the Transportation The July Michigan Cen tral and other railways here are making extensive preparations for the transpor tation of members of the Grand Army of the Womans Relief Corps and other kindred to the na tional encampment to be held in lloston on the second in The announcement is made today that the special headquarters train will leave Detroit over the Michigan Central on August and numerous special trains will be run from there and READY TO BOIL Affairs in the Balkans Approaching a Critical Mlatoter MlatloBBaulaa Piea Hade Befera Demanding the In demnity from A Lively Rate War July is announced that the Missouri Pacific has cut the rate to Boston and return for the from Kansas from to Other roads will make the same rate via Chicago and it is bo lived a lively rate war will There is a lively war in wool The Second Judicial District Democrats Will Do the Trading Special to The July democrats of the second judicial district met in con vention here today and nominated of as one of the dis trict leaving the other name on their ticket ostensibly for the pur pose of trading off one of the two repub ean nominees and electing one democra tic A REPUBLICAN Cook Killed iu Mississippi for Making an Incendiary Political a widely known republican of Jasper was assassinated yester day afternoon near Mount Zion church in Jasper He was a candidate for the constitutional convention and is reported to have made a Very incendiary speech during the He was found late in tho afternoon and had apparently been dead several hav ing been hit by fifteen Cook had the reputation of being a turbulent spirit in the community and his chief de sire seemed to be to antagonize and en gender all the race prejudices MODERN WOODMEN Official Program as Vroiuulgiiteti by the Executive For the information of all interested in the approaching national encampment of the Grand Array of the Republic at the following is the program for the week issued from the national head quarters August the column to be formed in accordance with vote of national encampment of 1SS8 by departments in order of senior except that the department in which the encampment is held takes the In the Grand Army and Wo mans Relief Corps joint reception in Mechanics hall admission by badge of or August of the national encampment at 10 in Music Winter Meeting of national Wo mans Relief in Tremont Temple In the evening Grand Army campfire in Mechanics August ses sions of tho national and Womans Relief In the evening a banquet to the del gates of the national encampment and to invited guests in the Mechanics build August by rail to and clam bake there for the delegates of the national encamp mant vand Womans Relief In the evening camptire by Womans Relief Corps at Tremont August ex cursion for the members of the national encampment down the harbor to Minots thence along the west shore to Cape passing Mar blehcad and to Thatchers Island Fish dinner on A reunion of naval veterans will be held during the Head quarters will be established at the hall of Koarsage corner of Wash ington and Union Park Re unions of other organizations will also be The Womans Relief depart ment of will furnish a lunch at Itumstead hall for the delegates to the national aicampment each day during the session of the en PROM July may be the result of the crisis In the Balkans some decisive step must soon be Sir William the British embas sador to Is now hurryinff to Con stantinople as fast as express trains can carry with Lord Salisburys advice i to the porte as to the course it should both as to Russias and Bul garias Sir William came here post was closeted with Lord Salis bury for several hours and started on the return journey on the first available All this indicates that the crisis in the Balkans has arrived at a critical The general opinion among those best informed on eastern affairs is that the last Russian demand on Turkey for the payment of the war indemnity was only made after all military preparations had been prepared for crossing the Ar menian frontier and seizing enough of the territory of that province to make an The Bulgarian difficulty is equally finding himself assailed on alt sides and his posi tion fast becoming had no re source but to appeal to the religious feel ings of the Bulgarians and their hatred of the He demanded the recog nition of Prince who had run away to and the control by the Bulgarian patriarch of all clerical ap pointments in where the Christian population is mainly Some decisive action by the porte may be looked for within a few days after Whites return to Important negotiations have been go ing on for some time between France and England relative to the AngloGer man agreement and the complicated African questions which it has Although they are not concluded there is a general belief in parliamentary circles that the main features of an agreement have been settled and that France has the best of the the French foreign is rapidly rising in the estimation of European diplomat and it is conceded that he has made the most of his opportunity and proved himself a match for the veteran Salis The Englishman wanted to make the negotiations cover the Newfoundland dispute and the Egyptian so as to rid himself of all difficulties with France at one Ribot would not listen to this and managed to confine the discussion to central and eastern Africa and to leav ing Newfoundland and Egypt open for further He got pratically all he France will have a free hand in the territories worked by the Niger and the Gambia and the rich regions around Lake and and her nominal authority at least will be ac knowledged in England really loses nothing by all while France will have the formal sanction of a treaty for claims heretofore resting on very imperfect In the mean time the Arab and the negro irregulars in the service of France are fastening her hold on the new There seems to be no longer much reason to doubt that a peace has been patched up between Lord Randolph Churchill and the Salisbury ministry The conservative papers speak in term of the highest praise of his speech at the Conservative club last From the tone of their comments it may fairly be inferred that the chorus of approval is inspired and this supposition disastrous that baa occurred road was the Ion being mated at The amount of t washed away coven altogether wenty Two work a hundred men have been working oad since Tuesday noon and if notkbv urther happens trains will be able tt get through by noon Satlsfaetonr fata Thoasand WU1 Week NKW July The cloakmak rs strike was settled today and the mm will return to work in the through the exertions of Coroner Levy an agreement was reached which is sathv actory to both The manofae urers recognize the onion and will dls harge all nonunion men in their reserving the to re am the American girls who are working or About six thousand laborers will return to work AN INDUS DANC1 Kern and Liter An important They act on the stomach and bowels through the A new They speed ily cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at Wittes drug A Opera Home NEW July The opera house and a number of stores at Earlville burned this causing a loss of partly Vesterdajrt Doings at the Popular River Literary Correspondence of The BLCFF July weather has been all that the most fastidious could ask for during the last two and the cityites who have been seeking spiritual and physical recreation have been making the most of The meet ings have been progressing without a and the various exercises have proved very This after noon of gave a very interesting and instructive lecture on tho Mound Evans is a very fine student of and advances some peculiar but wellfounded theories as to the origin of this race of and showed himself well ac quainted with the Wednesday and this morning were delivered two sermons on Sacred by of and of the first being concerning the life of Paul and the second of A great deal of interest is being aroused over tho decla matory contest which takes place this and a programe of which ap peared in todays The rivalry between the favorites and the field is increasing as the hour approaches and the natives who are thrown upon their own resources to such a large ex for amusement and find nothing better or more interesting talk about and so the approaching con test becomes the theme of universal con The tennb court was fired np Boswell 111 July the Iowa cattle who was arrested Tuesday afternoon and who has been locked up ever since while tho police were trying to find out what they had ar rested him was released this morn He was brought up for examina tion in the court this morning and the sheriff of Emmett said he could have evidence in regard to the case with in two The judge released the prisoner in the meantime on his own Bnchllni Arnica Tho best salve in the world for cuts salt fever chapped corns and all skin and posi tively cures or no pay It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money Price 25 cents per For sale at Henrys drug Serious Results of a Bailroad July evening an express train on the West Pennsylvania railroad struck a wagon on a crossing near Harris The driver and team were killed A gang of laborers constructing a sewer at the roadside were so frightened that they let go their hold on a large cast iron pipe which fell into the ditch and upon two men killing one and fatally injuring the The Purest and Beit articles known to medical science are used in preparing Hoods Every ingre dient is carefully personally exam and only the best The medi cine is prepared nnder the supervision of thoroughly competent and every step in the process of manufacture is carefully watched with a view to securing in Hoods SareaparUlathe beat possible Transferred to the Big July a meeting of the directors of the Alton and Torre Huute railroad this afternoon a formal transfer of the main line of that road to tiie Big flour was Nervous poor dif sexual cured by MOet Samples free at WIttai drnf A Convention of Followers at Rock Special to TJe ROCK July hundred and seventylive representing ono hundred and sixty camps of tho Or der of Modern Woodmen from Wisconsin and Nebraska as sembled here The meeting was called by the camps in this congressional and is virtually a convention of the followers of McKinnie in opposition to Head Consul Root and his McKinnie addressed the meeting and resolutions were then adopted declaring the allegiance of the delegates to the society urging a vigorous prosecution of tho cases pending in the White Side county court against the managers of the order complimenting State Auditor Paray and Attorney General Hunt in their zeal in the investigation urging delegates to attend the special meeting of the head camp at DCS August 4 the favoring of state jurisdiction con demning the recently instituted sovereign and recommending the discontinu ation of the Echo as the official organ of the AN ARMY Attempt to Defeat General Chances for July a long time there has been considerable discontent and friction throughout the military department of the evidently brought about by the management from which is not as smooth as might and which seems not to spring from the quality expected to be found in an army There is no doubt some reason for more or less dissatisfaction but just what induces it no one seems willing to The last unpleasant fea ture strikes higher than usual and is like ly to give more trouble than is perhaps and results in considerable It seems the department com mander invited some Information from General Kautz relating to his The information was given and returned to General Kautz with anindorsement to the effect he had made statements not in accordance with the whereupon the latter asked for a re dress of his and by reply was placed in thus shutting off the avenues for further application Much MviMled and Local Correspondence of The July been having some very refreshing rains in this has turned much cooler and altogether we feel very much more as if life was with the We understand Brunk hasde chled to close his business at this we have not learned where lie expects to notice Davis is moving his restaurant building from where it stands near the Dodge Frank and Hugh liruuk left for Kansas City on the genial agent of the and at this point left this morning to en joy a much needed Freed will look after the business interests of the during his ab but we have not as yet learned who will look after Macks interests at the grocery But we wish to state to the fortunate individual obtaining this honor that he will have a task on hand if he does the case Young of Bloomlield is in the city Tcnnant is reported im shipped nine cars of stock to Chicago Tuesday Miss Lou Hcrniday is clerking in the post office department Corey of spent Monday and Tuesday in this the guest of his brother Brunk of Kan sas City was on our streets Roe has recovered and resumed work at the Wabash The Pnlplt and the pastor United Brethren Blue says I feel it my duty to tell what wonders Kings New Discovery has done for My lungs were badly and my parishioners thought I could live only a few I took five bottles of Kings New Discovery and am sound and gaining X pounds in Arthur Manager Loves Funny Folks writes After a thorough trial and convincing I am confident Kings New Discovery for beats em and cures when everything else The great est kindness 1 can do my many thousand friends is to urge them to try Free trial bottles at Hcnys Drug Regular and An Unreliable July of the board of railway commis characterizes as unreliable the report that no elevators in North Dakota will accept grain for storage this strengthened by a statement in the Chronicle to the effect that it is learned that a strong movement is in progress to restore Lord Randolph to official All these indications tally with the rumors that have been afloat recently concerning Lord Randolphs improved status in the There is no doubt that he will prove a valuable addition to the conservative strength on the gov ernment Sir Henry Lord and who personally dislikes Church have been working hard to effect a Their chief obstacle was the personal antipathy of Salisbury and his to but that appears to have been The chief opposition to Lord Randolphs return to the cabinet now comes from his quondam friend and Louis who keeps cabling to Amer ica that no reconciliation is Churchills acceptance of a cabinet posi tion it is involve sweep ing changes the governments Irish Tho decision of Chief Baron of the Irish has dealt the gov ernment a severe He said simply that shopkeepers were justified in re fusing to serve obnoxious people if they considered that so doingwouldhurt their Balfours whole policy on Ire land is founded on the theory that the shopkeeper who refuses to sell to a boy cotted person commits a criminal lie must endeavor to secure a reversal of the chief barons decision by tho court of queens bench if he does not wish to see the utter collapse of the whole coercion Richard the chief is one of the ablest if not the very in He began life as a moderate and is be lieved to privately wish success to the Parnell Editor Deaeribes an Indian Ponca the senior pro prietor of the Fairfield who was appointed to an Indian agency by Presi dent is now in the Indian ter itory in the performance of his iVriting to his paper from the Pouea Junkin describes an InfMput lince 9 I have described several but hesc had their and I be dear that yon will be inter ested in a description of One hun dred or more tepees and half as many jowers were erected and constructed in valley of the Salt Fork of the Arkan sas aoout two miles north of the When I arrived those engaged in hi eagle dance were standing in t semicircle stripped to the mi with leggings on and a sheet or Ianket around the They were broiling in the Each participant was dressed with paint of a color most admired by Some had black faces witli white others had yellow with black while others had red with white and some were variegated ike Josephs historical coat without its supposed About fifty were engaged in the Each performer iad a whistle made of a dogs to which was attached bright colored When the music of the with its eight or ten the dancers blew their whistles ana com menced a movement of the knees which brought the body into and np and down the heads bobbed for about ten The feet were not elevated from the but the up and down motion and the constant blowing of the dog whistles were pretty vigorous and the sides of some of the fat fellows shook like the jelly that gathers around pickled pigs feet The heat finally became too intense and or ders were given for the dancers to get I into a booth where the sun would not shine on but where the wind could not strike and the sweating process As some of the dancers would become exhausted others would take their It was the most solemn and lugubrious performance I have witI nessed for many a day that solemn to the for they were dancing for the Great Spirit to send I guess they were just as earnest in this form of prayer as would have been the Christian people in a church who had met to pray to pray to the Great Being to preserve them from some impending White Eagle said they were I asking for and if they did not get It tho failure would not be the result of their neglect to ask for During the rests between the dances of the men the squaws were diverting attention to They were having a scalp About forty enI gaged in and I am sorry that several I of them were school They moved I around in a circle and sang and laughed I to the music of the discordant I Thro old women appeared to have the I most One of them was Stand1 ing a woman of large frame and I pleasant These three danced out1 side the carried a I small pole which was attached a Sioux I and which she would elevate I and lower as she passed around the One of the three ai immense fat woman weighing about 300 She had so much avoirdupois that she could not raise her I feet from the ground and dance around I like the more agile buthadl to Every few steps she would stop and shake her fat sides until she I would almost go into convulsions and I break in but she held and lost nothing in weight except a gallon or I two of A white lady wanted to examine the but said I wish yon would let I believe Davis once a similar As the three vira passed around the circle they woulddnckl their heads like passengers on a boat when passing under a low bridg and a laugh would go forth from circle of THE GUATEMALAN Conflicting Reports of Battle CITY OF July have been received from Guatemala to the effect that Ezetas army attacked the Guatemalans near the frontier of the Guatemala territory yesterday and that the Salvadorians were defeated and leaving on the field many dead and wounded and three which Guatemalans Advices from San Salvador are entirely These dispatches report five separate victories for San Salvadors who are said to have captured a large amount of President Diaz has authorized the Asso ciated Press correspondent to say that not a single Mexican soldier has been moved to the Guatemalan frontier that there arc only two regiments on the en tire line the same number that has been stationed there for three and that nicxico will as she is now ob the strictest QENEBAL Soldiers Quell a July dispatch from Valparaiso received today states that a mob attacked a number of stores in San the capital of the am sacked The military was callec on to secure order and they soon quelled the Will Maintain a Neutral July received here from the City of Mexico state the Mexican government will maintain a neutral attitude in the disputes between the Central American Th dispatches also state that the States and Mexico will offer to act as ar bitrators of the questions at issue be twcen loadaa Duch Co July on the Lon don and Katherine looks hasstopped the dock laborers union having ordered the men there in couse qncnce of some trouble with the direc The transition from long lingering painful sickness to robust health ml an epoch in the life of the Such a remarkable event is treasured he memory and the agency whereby 1 ood health has been attained is ully Hence it is that so much heard iu praise of Electric nany feel they owe their restoration calth to the use of the Great Alterative nd If you are troubled wit ny disease of Liver or Sti of long or short you urcly tind relief by use of Electric Sold at 50c and SI per bottle lenrys drug Removing a Cinder From the From the Ladies Home The proper way to get a cinder oat c he is to draw the upper lid ver the utilizing the lashes of 1 ower as a that it may sweep urface of the former and thus get rid he gently drawing id away from the pass a amels hair fold of a soft s or three ween This procedure nearly all suffice when it does i he services of a physician are i t is a remarkable fact that a very mil body will give rise to intense even after it has been the I sation remains for au hour or After the intruder is the lids every fifteen minutes in water till the feeling The Fly and Ant So Fues and ante are quickly al a tcaapoonful of Bough on a saucer of sweetened water place am I shelves or suspended in the room or fat teaspoonful of Bough on Bala with a 1 pound of tirown sugar and sprinkle r out of reach or on rear lower out of reach of this off the avenues lor lurtfier application CMSWMM u aa for It U said General Kwitx bat Its disinfecting power July washon on the Colorado Central is the Blown to i July At oclock this morning the Corning smill the Mountain View blue up with Two workmen in the the time were blown to fragsMmUaa the mill entirely Chapter 1 Weat no Chapter Took Hoods Chapter 3 Java coffee try will The National WevHa Vatr 4 NEW July on permanent of worlds fair commission tive session this morning and win tlnue in secret session until 0 Change of

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