Saturday, July 19, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED SATURDAY JULT ITHE BOOZE BUBBLE BEL IConsIderation of the Original Pack age Measure Extensive Arguments oa llotJt Sides of tlic Sundry CITI Ap propriation Bill in July the house of from the com mittee on reported a resolution that the house shall immedi ately proceed to the consideration of the package1 the previous question to be Considered as ordered Monday after the reading of the and that the house shall consider the the previous question to ibe considered as ordered Wednesday the reading of the The house decided to consider the reso After some debate the resolution was jmodified so as to provide that appropria tion hills shall not interfere with the consideration of the two and the was then j The original package bill was then I Taylor said cr had such a Ijlowbeen given state rights by the crtainmcnt that under the cpuslitu j citizens of a foreign Dilate might ke into another state any property that subject of commerce and there without liability of taxation or burden of While he preferred Jio house substitute he feared iisadopt Jion would endanger the con sequently he advocated the senate ot said if Iowa could prohibit the importation of intoxi cating liquors it could exclude tobacco imd it could go further than guarantee ing the health and morals of the It could protect its own products agaiust those of the other It would be better to amend the constitution than inanglc it by these of did not believe ie remedy for the original package saloon could be found in cither of the proposed lie argued in favor of the defining an original jiackage of intoxicating liquors in bottles ins a case containing not less than a dozen and not in as a cask con taining not less than five I of whose decision as a judge was overruled by the decision of the supreme spoke in favor of the proposed He could not in dulge in the hope expressed by Adams that on n rehearing of the question a different result would be Any Iliwyor who studied the dissenting opinion jfof the court would see that every Ipossiblc phase of the question had been Idiscnssed thoroughly before the decision was He was informed that rehearing had been applied for and If any relief was to be given the people from wrong and evil to society growing of the decision of the su preme court it lay in the direction pointed out by the peuding They delegated no power to the They merely exercised a power delegated to congress to regulate commerce among the Taylor denied that the proposed legislation delegated any power to aud opposed Adams substitute on the ground that it would turn every local option township and county in the Bnitcd States into a liquor selling town ship aud county by the of f Henderson of Iowa said no decision tendered by the supreme court since that had decided that a human soul was 3i proper artcle of had so texciied tin feelings of the country as this lorjginal package No good Citi icn would fail to submitto the decision if the But he Henderson would not sit down folded hands and wait runtil the supreme court made smoc otlier While hi was willing to recog iriizo tuo derision as a he was uu flrilling to sit still one moment and sub to the operation of decision if was a lawful remedy and ie believed there Let the jgcntleiupii not that the supreme jcourl in throwing Ihis thunderbolt Into 111 r republic did tail to send with a It cried out to congress we believe this to our rivebelieve it yonr duty to remedy the The people of the with BOutngard to party or people jhrho bended their knee and uncovered their heads in the presence of God and ithcir appealed to congress for fits aud for one he would not hcsi iatc to SPending further the house took a Nothing was done at the Billon raising the point no TEE say anything respecting the Senators not members of the c understand the committee will cry considerable changes w the bill and reduce its length matcmlly July Eus of assistant secre tary of the navy Kettlcton of and Spauldmg of assistant secretaries of the treasury Henderson of Lewis of Massachu and Ferdinand N Shurtleff of general appraisers of inerchau he Associated Press Meets Irre parable to s of Valuable Papers am w Escape of THE SEEKING SEA The Krlti h War Ship Arrives itt Julj the flag ship of the North Pacific with Gear Admiral Latham armed here jesterdav The admiral was interviewed with regard to the suggested move ment of the warships to pi otect Canadian vessels in Behring He stated em phatically that he yet received instructions to send any of the fleet to the north to protect British vessels from seizure by American vessels or to retake any that might be seized m Behnng Had England any intention of sending one of the fleets to Behring sea this year to prevent the seizure of schooners flying Ihe British it was presumed that oidcrs would have come long if one did it would be practically too late in the season to accomplish the end aimed at AVe certainly should make no move in the matter without ample in structions to do HARBISONS The Presidents Wife and Meet with an 1 CAIE July President Harrison aud McKee nar rowly escaped serious injury when out driving last night On Washington a boy driving a dog cart in the opposite lost control of the horse which dashed madly up the The cart swerved into aud nar rowly missed overturning the Harrison The horse then ran into an iron awning post aud demolished a large plate glass He fell on the pave bleeding profuselyand at the sight of blood McKee She was soon and the presi dents then proceeded to their cottage without further RAILROAD Xcw OuiucyNauvoo IXoad to be a Santa July president of the Kcokuk and Chicago railroad was in the city recently consulting with a committee of the Business Mens Arnold stated that the road would serve as a feeder for the Santa connecting with that line at Ar rangements were made whereby the new road may use the Kcokuk and Hamilton bridge across the The road asks in stock from which is not to be paid until through trains are running from Quincy to Chi via the proposed road and the Santa A considerable portion of the stock is already and responsi ble persons have promised that the bal ance will be July soliciting committee at work in behalf of the pro posed railroad from Quincy to has met with fair Up to Thursday noon subscriptions to the amount of 000 had been The Chicago Junction Kailways and Stock Yards Company July official an nouncement will be made tomorrow of the incorporation under the New rscy of the Chicago Junction railways nd Union Stock Yard with ic following directors Chancey Xew York John Quincy Boston exUnited States Minis er Edward Ver jtont William Xew ersey John Xcw president of the Adams Express ompanv Frederick Chi ago Eight Hugh late chancellor of lie exchequer Francis Baron Boisscrain on Bcnard director of Limited London Adolph on of The trustee for the ond holders and register of transfer is he Central Trust of New The capital stock is This lock will be fully paid in cash and will c and the stock holders vill have no personal liberty A BIG DIAMOND The Sundry Civil I51I1 Under Consideration Irrigation Survey Amendment f July In the senate tic resolution offered yesterday by Allison making it in order in the consid eration of appropriation bills to inove to llliinit debate mi amendments tolive miii iTitcsfor each was presented and on the table subject to call from the committee on In an to which was referred the jprcsidiMifs message vetoing bill to ngc the boundaries of the Uncompah gre Indian reported it ifwithont and at the me reporting a new bill for the The bill aud message were placed on tho t Consideration of the sundry civil ap propriation bill was resumed and SflJcagau continued his argument begun He warmly defended Major and in the course of his I said it was because Powell could not be I used by speculators in public lands that r had been made upon This led a lively spat with Allison said ho desired toi put Shimelf on record against any appropria tion being made in the direction contin fuing the irrigation He was I firmly convinced thai a n immediate stop he put to that The re suit of its continuances would be to in vohe the government in enormous ex Ocnditures and After further dlscusion by I Teller and the amend iient was agreed Items of for circulation sur for engraving maps and f for office rent in Washington out and the bill laid Alli F son giving notice that he would ask the senate to remain in session tomorrow I until it was A conference was ordered on the lau forfeiture bill and the senate adjourned GENERAL WASHINGTON riercos Motion July Senator Pierce rloday proposed an amendment to the providing that after one year irom the passage of the the prcsi in his may direct tha tho duties on sugar imposed under th now in be reimposed a agamstany nation or country failing to into adequate reciprocal relation With the vjnitcd States regarding tin products of this country jand the president is directed to pursu jsuch negotiations as may be deemci to secure by the o unrestricted en trv in any sue country of the jgriculturarproducts o United States The Election July A meeting o he republican members of the senate ommittec on pm ilegcs and elections asieia to consider the federa The committee refuse to or Precious Gems Taken from a Saratoga July loon sneak thieves entered the Bliss cot age here and got away with vorth of diamonds and The col lage is occupied by Levi vice irosideiit of the Uuited and his and their A eward of is offered for the recov ry of the Result ofaii Original Package July Phil ips decision granting an injunction to irosecufion by county has re iulted iu Hopkins holcsale liquor of Kansas nstituting suit in the United States cir cuit court against County Attorney Sheriff Police Com missioners Bonebrake and Chief of Police Gardner and Editor of the Dally Telegraph for 000 alleging Shot Two Brothers July Gayton a son of a ihysician of this shot and killed two mothers named Willie and John Young Sorton and Willie Bird traded Today Willie accompanied by bis brother went to Xorlons place to get him to trade Xorton refused and John drawing a told Willie to break open the stable door and recover the At this point Young Xorton shot the Birds Xorton has A IackaRc of Money July package con taming consigned to tho care of the United States Express company has mysteriously disappeared in transit over tho Lake Shore and Western The package consisted wholly of bank and was shipped from Chi cago early in the It has been traced as far as Two Kallroad Bridges ISpociai toTne July heavies rain known for years visited this part o the country About cigh miles west of here two bridges and twc thousand feet of the Pcoria znf Western track was washed away by th The report that the Toledo Pcoria and Western bridge across Spoon river was washed away is a lloueu on At Itouglj on Hard or Soft ISe dominated uy Acrlamation cnn July IS J president of the Slat Farmers was nominated fo governor in the state convention toda bv acclamation Hon B JLee was nominated fo judge of the supreme Beechams Pills act lite magic on a weak stomachs Pears soap is the most pleasant toilet adjunct ire Destroys Their Large Building New York SEW July Western Union Thelegraph building caught fire t en oclock this morning in the dis tributing room on the fifth The perating room on the floor c and ie Associated Press rooms and restaii ant on the seventh floor were complctc y Seven lues were miracu ously A few minutes before en oclock the operators began to ar to go to About fifty men d young women reached tho operating oom when a messenger boy saw puff f smoke under table in the distribut ug room on the floor below the operat ig scarcely had time to inves gate the cause when the wooden table as in flames and the file spreading with he rushed up o notify the hew arrivals that the build ig w as on They w ere compelled o go through the distributing room to et down A panic was the result Vomen men rushed own to the Inch in less than two minutes spread Imost over the entire distributing urning up instruments and tables iif so The entire when the panic crowd passed was lied with dense They fell over ach other jn their wild efforts to reach place of A messenger with n operator by the name of the only persons who retained reseuce of inind enough to The oy rushed down stairs and out the uildingand sent out an while kidinore got down the lire extinguisher nd endeavored to quench the Ie saw it was impossible 1o bo of any and to save himself rushed for ic stairway before the fire could over akc By this time the flames had cached the ctiling of the distributing oom and were eating their way through o the operating lat connected with the wires that dis ribute news throughout the country In less time than it takes 0 tell this the entire floor was ablaze nd flames were extending to the oor on which the Western nion companys restaurant was lo As soon as the smoke was noticed ight Manager Tobin crieJ and 1 a moment all the men in the rear umped for hand grenades which hung bout the walls those then began to lirow down the hole where tho flames The contents splashed when he glass broke and the liquid spluttered little as it met the That was all ie visible Hand grenades could ot fight fire like Tobiii called a icssenger boy to go down and send in he As soon as tho boy started stairs the operators unrolled a ig hose wheel which is kept at the outh side of the floor always ready for n emergency of this kind and Tobiii urncd the water It was a pretty ood stream and it looked at first as if it vould beat the waves of flame out of But it did not a The ne effect it seemed to have was to make ie fire shoot up liigher and it was no iced that the smoke came rolling out of lie big hole in greater volumes than be These operators worked tho hose ntil the smoke became so thick they ould see where the fire Three adies of the day who had cpt cool and the operators worked like They soon heir efforts were The elevator ian had brought the elevator up to the fth floor and the women went in the ars with some of the They began o realize by this time that the fire was oing to be ainoro serious affair ban at first When the last few uen crowded into the last car they were ust a little bit As they jassed the floor below a hot wave rolled ver which made their throats dry nd and as the car proceeded firebrands fell upon them and inrned their When the ear cached the bottom they were all glad nough to get Xot until did hese men realize that their escape had almost been cut and it is not on ecord where men worked so hard under uch fearful circumstances anil against iucli odds as did these thirty On the restaurant floor there were four men and three seeing cs ape cut off from every became lanlc Tho young wornen4wcre waiters in the restaurant and the men vcro cooks and chore The women rushed around the restaurant screaming and wringing thcr One of the finding there was no possible means f escape rushed for the scuttle of the The trap door was ushcd off and the prisoners climbed to nc Flames were shooting out of front windows and volumes of smoke luffed heavenward from under the eaves jf the great building aud the structure crowned with When the great crowds on the rtrcets saw the men and women rush out on the roof a cry of horror went for it did not seem possible that they could In a few minutes after the fire started there were fourtcn engines and hook and adder companies and the water tower on the The water poured in through he flaming windows and beat down upon tho falling to the ground in a perfect All of the houses surrounding the building were much lower than the roof of the Western and for those on Lop of it death seemed A long ladder was raised upon the roof of the Liuilding adjoining and placed against the rear of the burning It did not reach within fifty feet of the West ern Union Two scaled tho ladder and throw a rope to the which was caught and The firemen then pulled themselves up hand overhand until they had reached the and amid cheers of the asscmblcc let down the seven persons to places of It just in for the flames immediately burst up through and soon enveloped the The immense amount of water soon be gan to have a telling effect upon the fire and finally the flames died away alto The entire upper part of the building was gutted and every instru ment and rendered How the fire originated no one seemed to but it is surmised that two of the companys electric light wires bccam crossed and set the flooring on Had the fire broken out an hour later the of life might have been Fullj seven hundred girls and men are em ployed in the great The floors are flooded with water to a depth of a foot or and the dcstruc tiou which was started by fire was abso lutely completed by When th day force arrived shortly after cigh oclock it was but too evident that th usefulness of the great building was a an end for the The ruin of th operating room rendered every Wcsten Union wire on Manhattan Island useless so the Associated Press opened head quarters in Jersey every facilit being afforded them by the officials o the Pennsylvania and before th fire was under control tho various circuits of the Associated Press were in activ No exact figures can yet b given as to the but it will be heavy The building is filled with offices on th fhelotter floors which are occupied b some of the greatest railroad magnate The system of the Pactfi railroads is operated through instruc ions from the andUhero re the private offices of Jay Sid ey Norvin Green and others ho arc famous throughout tho The vice president of tho Western nion is of the opinion that of iiat company will not mucliTjosceed He also believes they vill he able to employ a considerable orcc in the main hallway in day or Already new switchboards are on he way from and all that noncy and energy can do to quickly re tore the service for tho public will be The Associated Press will uso the xecutiv e room on the fifth floor and uch other rooms as can be had The AssocIatedPress furniture and all its apers and records dating from and This loss 3 Allthe mateiiaUfor a iistoryof the giowth of the press in Vtnerica contained in letter books and les is destroyed and can never Tbe re The money value is estimated t There is no William Henry general is aheavy loser by the destruc on of rare books many of cannot be The fire burned out tho Ship News and no dispatches have been rc eivcd this morning from Fire andy Hook or Tne stimate tho loss of building and t TESTIMONY he Investigation of the Tioga Explosion July the coroners nquest in the matter of the explosion of ie steamer City Oil In icctor Grain testified that he hadsevcral mes found naphtha on board of vessels n this harbor shipped by Geuucsseo 11 company of and had notified ie consignees of that but had re eived no lie had found three Ipmcnts of naphtha by the Gennessee ompauy via the Union Steamship corn any during the present They rere simply marked Diamond and said he had no doubt thcGenncsscc ompany in Buffalo and its branch house ore had knowledge of a violation of the aw The treasury pcpartment at Washing on has taken cognizance of the case and rdcred a seizure of the Tiogas cargo of SOMEBODYS liahys Lips Stitched Together Hefore It was July party of young men and women were rifting in a row boat on the Delaware ver at this place a woman was ecu to come out from tho shadow of a lump of trees a few yards own tho river stop at the edge of to A splash was as ic woman was still standing on the those in the boat thought that a iece of thebank had slipped down into he In a few moments the Oman disappeared in the clump of trees rom which she had This niorn a fisherman came across a black undle floating in the When he pened it he found the body of a litibby and was horrified to see Iiat its lips were tightly stitched to The woman iu white had brown the black bundle into the nd tho stitched lips of the child tell vhy no cry was A SUPPOSED SEA t Only an Day Finltack Whale Near July two days ast the cottagers along Kantucket each have been frightened half out of lieirwits by a sea monster which disj cd itself so close to the beach its to plainly seen from tho Of the more timid ones could think f nothing but the mythical sea nd all along the beach only the boldest arcd to try the surf Yesterday the huge creature made his ppearance even nearer the aiid lundreds of people saw him swimming o and At one time a huge head vould bo raised out of the water and gain a fin of unusual size would be or several hours the creature patrolled he but it was not a sea serpent ftcr It was only a finback whale bout fifty or sixty feet He was unusually close to the shore and his pe uliar antics gave rise to the story that he sea serpent was at SMALLPOX IN llundred Deaths In Three Mouths and the Disease SAX July Garnet has returned from a lengthy stay n the state of Most f tho time was spent in the He describes the city as gener ally but ravaged by small I was he that the Icaths there from the disease have aver igcd over four hundred people a month or the past three and cases ire reported The epidemic is most y among children and is confined to no particular locality of the There icem to be no quarantine measures adonted to prevent the spreading of the There are scores of foreigners caving the aud there is scarcely any travel into the stricken a person dies of the disease tho jody is placed on a board andcarted i way on tun heads ofmen to the burial The face is exposed and the winds passing over the body of tho dead carry the pestilence to all quarters of he city and surrounding Measles arc also raging aud many deaths are occurring from that source among HERALD TO ew Yorks Jreat 1aper Seeking a SEW July specialwriter in the Star has it on good authority that James Gordon Bennett has deter mined upon one of the most importanl moves history of New York jour It is nothing less than tho erec tion of a handsome building for the use of the ITcmld on the lot now bounded by Sixth Thirtyfifth and Thirtysixth A Genuine Case of Asiatic July was a genuine case of Asiatic this city Every symptom de except it was The victim was wife of a well known She died within twenty four Two prominent physicians say it was a genuine Gold Bar Thieves July new indictmen was found by the grand jury today againstJohn exdriver for United States Express charged with the theft of a gold bar Indictments Were also returned agains three other and one of them Ehrets was arrested this after The Cordcll July detective was In this city Wednesday investigating th Cordell From the questions h asked it is evident that it is believe that some doctor in Quincy figures ir some way in the The detectiv would say but but intimated tha developments would be mademashor Syrup ol Produced from tho laxative and nutn tious juice of California combine with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be the most beneficial to th human acts on the ki liver and cffectuall cleansing the dispelling colds and and curing habitual con WORRIES JHE ngland and France Worked Up by AmericanJ lathered bj the Tariff Jlehring Sea Trouble Also a Source of Much to British Statesmen Eastern sated their curiosity to its fullest Meanwhile Hho mounted police lad bceu called and their clattering tho street struck terror to the veaker who made another rush for trampling to death m their lasto and frjght two women m posses ion of the together with several artloads of ilonde switches and miscellaneous spoil July is a source t trouble to many Europeans ust Jetweeu the McKinley bill and theBehr ig sea difficulty many statesmen and anufaeturcrs in England and on the outincnt arc kept awake nights and ecp up a constant fire of interrogatories n their respective Ed the Gladstonian who epresents Tjundorland in the house of wanted to know yesterday there was any truth in a state cnt cabled from America that Presi ent in a communication to iord had threatened to deal ummorily w itli British sealers in Behr Ho could not obtain a satisfac ory answ Due notice of the question ad been given and it was asked at the egular question but Sir the under foreign ound it be and Sir ohii the tory member for Chat was put np to gfve an evashe reply o the effect that the government had not cccivcd any report that President Har ison had made such a All he the belief prevails in the best nformed circles that the American por lon of the correspondence wasmuch tronger in tone Salisbury epresented it in of lords the thcr day He is not accused of falsify but of simply toning it down o as to make it grateless on English French manufacturers and politicians reas much worked up over the McKin cy billas the same class in lupuy has given notice of an intcrpola bn of the government Which will come p in tho chamber of deputies this after He is an advocate of joint y the European powers in the ill and wants to know whether intcr ational law can be appealed to the urpose of preventing America from renouncing and whether he common law tribunals cannot settle ustoms Bcbot it is reply that the question ow a subject of ncgotiotions between he governments at Paris and Washiiig It is stated that the dissatisfaction n France on account of the increased uty proposed on French products by lie McKinley bill has resulted in theac iial opening of negotiation between the and United States governments n the the French minister of oreign bflairs seeking some intimation rom Washington that the proposed ad ances may be Interest in the eastern question is kept p by significant little items of intelli ence published from day to day nd having no apparent To ay the announcement is made ia has ordered the building four new onclads it is arc espe ially designed for the Black sea The late czar practically tore up the reaty of which limited the Rus ian naval force in the Black rithout the aid of the British the Turkish navy could now be as effectually rippled in as it was at Inope if in case of war it ventured trough the Simultaneous y with this announcemcut comes the that Seryia has sent a note to the towers informing them of its intention o exact reparation for the murder by Moslem fanatics of the on the groundthat it was a iblitican The present ulcrs of Seryia are strongly proEus and are endeavoring to keep the lalkan political cauldron so hat pretexts for interfering may not be The porte will probably make show of punishing tho to tave off the trouble for a Pope Leos little excursion to the rtists studio to inspect the statue of Thomas Aquinas is the subject of a lot controversy between the clerical rgans iu Home and the Italian liberal The latter claim that the arriage ride in question has demon trated the absurdity of the prisoncr ifthevatican theory by showing to the vorld that the pope can go where he pleases in Eome or in Italy without dan ger of molestation or The ilerical both In Rome and in get over the difficulty by claiming hat the public streets through which he papal carriage passed should be con idcred as properly part of the Vatican But the fact that the holy ather drove outside the actual precincts of the Vatican cannot be The Parnellite deal with the torics is icginning to give evidence of its exist and the extreme led by are growing more angry rom day to looks to iractical results caring nothing for English parties except for tho con cessions he can obtain for Ireland from takes no notice of the muttered censures he hears all around Bal our is understood to ho working up an imeudcd land purchase bill that will meet Parnells views and to contemplate the Introduction next session of an Irish ocal government bill similar to that re cently passed for Scotland aud This would practically give the control of the Irish counties to the elec torate which returns the Parnellites to parliament and destroy the last vestige of the political power of the landlords as Parneil and his leading col leagues are confident that this would give Ireland additional strength forthe struggle for home rule and enable the Irish party to play a freer hand in par Two delegates of the German govern ment are at Durham inquiring into the causes and incidents of the It is understood that Emperpi William asked and was cordially granted permission to make the which lie thinks may prove serviceable to him in his study of the labor question in gen with a view to efforts in his own Chancellor Von Caprivi will visit sev oral of the smaller German courts in the with a viewto solidifying the relations among the various Integra portions of the Spain has decided to build a whole flotilla of submarine war vessels after models of tho Eacl boat will be constructed with accommo dations for from twenty to fifty men Perat is for the time being the greates man in The London CTmmlcIe says tin appointment of Rhodes as premici of the cape government is a triumphfo British imperialism and means a chccl to Germanys pretensions in sbiitl A FUNNY ostile oil Various Questions of Interest n July Samlruifier inspired by Prince Bis denies that Bismarck initiated he international labor lie onsldered international protection of abor a He did not oppose the because he hoped that it vould tend to convince the emperor tint abor measures were of doubtful Ie approves legislation securing work nen against old accident and ut not measures interfering with tho ndcpeudcnt iclations between men and heir He maintains that ocial peace iv ould not be secured by iving way to the covetous spirit of vorkmen GENERAL FOREIGN NEW AiiltJprisiujc Imminent in July Vienna corre pondent of the Daily Nens sajs accord to advices from Ilntchuk a rising is mmincnt In Bulgaria and bands led by lie Russians will endeavor the buntry from Warehouse Manchester lanal Companys warehouse in Liverpool as An enormous quantity of grain and flour were Xine July the federal today sentenced ine men to death Charles Reed col for the rape of his stepdaughter nd Siras John John Ball and for complicity in the Cross murder asc An American Consul July American consul icncral here died FOUND A Women Crushed to Death at 1rinuess July Though it con taincd tragic the town i laughing at a pecularriot whichhappenc It was the result of a free exhibi bition of the trousseau belonging to th Princess Thun Before the door of the building where the exhibit was t he gnen a crowd of overOOO women as sembled Thej demanded admittance i a body and w hen the officers declined t tax the capacity of the apartments th entire force of females attacked the po the the in fac every male with parasols finger nails and vehement execra tions utterly routing the fore placed there and putticg tho uniforme officers to ignommous flight The crow then surged into the exhibition room BISMARCKS Inch Comment ill Galeslmrff t Sus Discovery Under July old Swede is cleaning out the cellar un er the millinery store of Ql had a ghastly kind of a surprise this While he was poking around n the dirt lie brought to light part of a mman comprising the high and lower leg bones and with ho tendons all He carried the ones outside and then called to 01 saying See what I have she was not pleased over the In she was The in digging unearthed other Thejiolice were notified and examined he place and the They voted the eg bones to have belonged to a very tall and the rib as too large for any mman Tho bones seemed to be lovered with a kind of and the lonclusion was reached that some doctor lad thrown an old skeleton Into the interesting feature is that he bones are held together by the liga ments merely and are not mounted in the isual Loose vcrtebre were found his The search will be Died of a Snake July llt ile thirteenyearold living in the edge of Clark near was recently bitten by a and died from the From icr description of the suakc it was bought to have been a The poor child turned tho cuticle the appearance of a snake some time be ore the Sen July government nspcctors began yesterday an investiga into the causes iwhich led to the oumlering of the steamer Sea Wing on liake Pepin last Sunday They refuse to make public the result as far as he examination Special to THE CEESTOXV July so for as ie eighth congressional district is eon were rather roused up today by ie publication in the Creston Oazettc of card by State Senator Harsh say ig ho will accept a nomination for con He Is urged to do this by many epublican editors of the Son tor Harsh is also looming up as a Farm rs Alliance The issue of the Gazette this of which Senator larsh is advocates the free coln ge of silver and also contains an ed orial headed Follow which makes a drive at the McKinley billThis nnounccment will complicate matters onsiderably but it is safe to say with the npport indicated Harsh would be a trong DAMAGING Ugrhtning Does Grea at Des DES July IS lolcnt elcc ric storm visited this city onsulcrable damage being reported by Osborne nd their five children reside in a two tory frame house on the corner oE Day nd Wiley Eversince the cyclone f July which destroyed every ling they had on a farm near Waukeei ley themselves escaping with their lives y taking refuge a cave while trees down upon Jsborne has been nervous about the storm began this morning he rose and went up stairs and brought own his children so as to have his little ock All at once there was an wful a blinding and the ouse was filled with line or ten minutes Osborne felt stinging pain iu the top of her as IE needles had been run into the Her eldest daughter lay beside er but fortunately none were The was visited in very Lightning had knocked off bitten out burned irough walls and created havoc gener The bolt came down an oak tree In he shattering and before reach ng the ground leaped over to the house nd aronnd it of the eighbors were also A terrific annonading was kept up for half an our in that part of the One bolt ruck the ground In the bed of Birds boring a big hole in A few min tes before six oclock the tower of ranklin school shattering ne corner and shocking several persons n the George alf a block from the school vas knocked but not seriously Eeports from other parts of the ity are equally startling CATTLE WITH Farmers July Farm ers alliance of the second district organ zed today and nominated General James of Blue Earth for rarneil July mother of Charles Stewart Par is confined to her bed with cholera A Ucpuulicaii the Pleasant The passage of the silver bill by con and its signature by the so as this congress is con the fate of and settles it The victory for silver was de cided and won without a democratic vote or voice in cither branch of The feeling had become well irri sistiblo throughout the country that sil ver should be maintained at parity with gold and be retained in permanent union ivitli gold as the money metals of this This feeling manifested itself during Clevelands but the Wall street manipulators of his ad ministration dictated his policy and com pelled him to declare it even before his The position taken in Clevelands reply to the silver men was consistently maintained his and no legislative act was passed by a democratic house In favor of free or even enlarged coinageof democratic now so boistrousin their demands for free coin was then afraid to utter a word of protest against the gold syndicate that President Clevelands The democrats in both senate and in tho present forced the lighting in favor of free anc with the help of the silverstate passed ax practical free coinage through the This they did to put republicans in the and break down republican strength In the east b legislation they knew to bo Had ii not been for the better judgment of the house the republicans have been in the But the defeat of the senate coinage bill in the lower house lc to a conference which form u lated a bill possessing all the advantages of the senate bill without its dangers and occupying a true safemiddle groum between the extreme policy of the silvei and antisilver You Take Xo Kisk In buyinjf Hoods Sarsaparilla for it is every recognized as the standard buildingup medicine and blood It has won its way to the front own intrinsic merit and has the largest sale of tiny preparation o its Any honest druggist will confirm this Mr you decide to Sarsaparilla not be induced to bur any thing else Bo sure to get His Orders Somewhat remember an Irishman he was a and I think it was his day on guard says a writer in York Tribune One of the orders o the post w ere In ease of discharg your alarm the and inform the nearest policeman On being ques tioned as to his dutie1he said a brogu thatwould have bjoken a teacup I case of alarr rum the gnard an shoot the nearest and ther is little doubt he would e done it Headache Powders con no opium or other hurtful drugs Henrys T Niemanns today v CANDIDATES Political Bombshell the Eighth Congressional 5 Signifies nu Willingness to for CrcstonI vCa zetteV Storm at Des told that if the woman was would kill To arrested and to the statfonjij QUEEK BRAHKS A tu flue StallionKllledl struck a treein one mile ot jesterda and passed through badly injuring MrscHalt 1 She may recover belonging to William vas also killed by JightnlngriwHcI irew the horse clear out of the jam was also killed at he sue of eggs fell at en miles south of doingrmnca Heavy rains there and at lemphis f nzzled as 1 DES July fflcials in the governors department i a Each has tried a prol em with varying convict wal ommitted to the penitentiary at Fo December a term ix Under thelaw at that tlm on first year he received fiftyjdaysj good and sncceedingfyeai ixty The new lawwent intoel ect July and allows one mom good lonths for three monthkfo he four months for thefour ve months for the and monl or the These officials red for the date fortheexpiratioaofTj he convicts One fixes ate the latter part of thcr some time in Angnstrand the third ould have discharged the prisoner ajs Governor Boles has not yet assed upon the me Hundred and ThirtyFive Head Quar antined Xear July state eterinary surgeon has ordered 135 head f owned by McJy who ivcs on the Beal Taylor as twenty head have al eady died of Another ence has been built around the lot in vhich the cattle have been confined and he dead cattle dog bit wo hogs at the Carlisle place near town few days and was not One if the hogs went mad and There 3 no knowing how many animals his dog may have Assist int State Veterinary Surgeon vho visited the scene Mid ies I vas informed that there were several lead of cattle near Villiscaafflicted with and I visited the I found hat the reports were Some ime ago a mad dog bit several head of and as a result the cattle became afflicted with Several lead died of the I do not hink that anything further will develop n this A close watch is being maintained and I have instructed the authorities to wire me any further de elopments without all that s necessary to keep the ailment confined las been A TRADEMARK roctor the After a Davenport July Ohio soap have irottght suit in the federal court here igaiust John and George if The complainants state they have built up an extensive radc in soaps In this and foreign coun and that to guard against imita ions of their goods they have a lecnliar symbolism on the various wrap for their which radc mark was duly They rurther aver that they are the sole own ers of this which they value at and its validity has been es ablishcd in the circuit court for the northern district of Missouri in a suit against David Hackman for infringe It is alleged by the complainant the Davenport firm used this same copyright unlawfully for more than two much to the complainants t is prayed the defendants be made to account for all moneys received from the use of this copyright and pay amount 10 the also that they be forever enjoined from using said trade The amount involved in this suit is said to aggregate HEIR TO A An Independence Restaurant Keeper iu July Hill a baker and restanranteur of thi is a lucky It looks as though lie will be a million or two in a short One bundled years ago John Brand died in Amsterdam In 1701 his wife also ing no heirs and the government converted all prop erties which has boon ac cumulating ever since Mr Uillberg has recently received official notification from also a private letter from a brother in stating that after a century of research kith and km havi been and the final papers provin relationship have been The ur cnmstances of the case are not Hillbcrg is only able to state tha Mrs JBrand was his fathers aunt and the living relations on tin side of the house are The estate enormous in the last hundred years has imountcd to A meeting of the heir was recently when it was decided tc make an immediate settlement THREATENED Ail Jltcitinsr Episode at a Kcokuk Depot July IS exciting affair occurred at tho K lino depot las A colored thewife o Sidney the husband and white claiming to be a negress were the principal actors m the littl scene Anderson accused the whit of having attempted and par tially succeeded in alienating her hus bands affections The accnscdcame t Keokuk f rom Quincy about two weeks ago and has been the object of consider able attention from male members of th race in this utjv It seems she was the probably for o leaving and that Anderso was there for some purpose orother Hi wife followed him and raised a rowvSh Kate Special to The HawfcEyeJ1 DES July Lambersonyy carpenter wfio was arrested 130 from Kate Shelly and not performJgl the contract as also for d randlng the lumber had reliminary hearing today and i The cose collapsed by f the lumber merchant getting mixed is 1 lie Sloped a MASOX July prings has a lively trong was arrested for run ing awav with the wife of Jlr 4 resident of Eoekford and Franklin wen married four eeks the latter being a daughter f D The facts are yet eloped All the parties are onnected Election Jnlj IS house ommittee on elections today wo or more contested cases in favor 61 ie republican contestants They were ie Florid I case of Goodrich vs n or Goodrich and thr West Vir 11111 cae of avor of Corn aud Corn July has airlv commenced good ather corn looked Ithough it needs An original package house has just pened in bold Democrats clafni aey are going to poll more votes ext election than for a long time if the usiness holds HERE AND THERE IN A COTLD threeyearold hild was found in the woodsnear Casta a the other ft had been deserted nd its cries attracted attention TO Bin eastern vndieatp i negotiating for the purchase f the town site of Dubnqne with the intention of manufacturing plant STiChJNO TO the Atlantic oOf the 3jO who signed the ilcdge at the Murphy meeting at here w ere a dozen or who belongto he eitagory of old o Thev are ticking to A ts representinghimself o be a missionary of the Meth di t Epicoptl has come to grief at He collected money or the ostensible purpose of building but in reality his collections vent m unlv to the support of original pick ige He is held oa a charge f obtaining monev under fata pre A DiurMvi N a meet ng of the city council in Dubuiiue the ther day a drunken alderman made show of according to the Times whieh sivs tie presented the appearance of in intoxicated sphinx Ie uncorked an immene quantity of original package eloquence The coun il would h ive got through i great deal more work if he had not been j durinc the da Th vollejs of drunken taths w Inch ho hurled at the mayor were Iiguting md and Mayor Stewart di pliveil more patience than vidoiu in not ordirmg the nember deposited in the cooler or twice the was obliged to call on the marshal to keep lumnri wellknown mu ician of Du hid a remarkably close shave for his life the other diy m company with a man named was cistern with giant povder Adeepholtt was loaded and the fuse who was then hoi ted to the surface by Burke On reaching theJ2 month of the well Qumn stumbled and fell heidlong to the bottom on top of burning fuse Tho fall rendered him at most but with wonderful presence of mind though seriously inj he grasped the rope that had lowered a second time and was quickly g hauled to the just time to escape a frightful death from the which followed a moment laterJ His spine was b idly injured and his head cut by the fall but he is expected to re1 Goldeit Weddln jr An interesting family event i by no meancommon has not before re1 ecivpd public notice We refer celebr vtion Monday night of anniv erarv of the marriage of Slmglufl to Mis E A interesting occurred at We t in the year Therj 13th was the real but the following Monday fcbsj being the seventieth versaryof the birth of Slinglu It was determined to t combine celebrations this object thefbn sons of the aged together with thirteen grrndchildren gathered the hospitable roof of the cefebrantsandj pai took of a bounteous Thcr were precnt Mr and MrsWarren Carpenter of Kansas ter being a niece of and luff goldheaded umbrella and a similar were tho anniversary devoted rel To ouwillsendinyour wew you our illustratedmmphtetv about Br Dyes Celebrated ElectroVol Belt and ana theircharming how theyvmU quickly restore vlgora Pamphlet your areet wewill send an Thtttiger is eating m IfiH unpleasant TIzagaBa wouldbe very pleasantrphuiepj l ntv to Ph

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