Thursday, July 17, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 17, 1890, Burlington, Iowa STABL1SHED CKINRIDGES Says He Was Legally Elected and Tells of the Fryes Kesjioiiso to Secretary and eral WaslilnRton July elections nnnfttee of the house held a special sskm today to hear Eepresentativc of and Judge ihn McClure make the concluding ar iments in the ClaytouBrcckinridge infested election Brcckiu agercad an elaborate brief prepared by Garland aud the case was In rcf taice to the murder of Colonel e brief stated that no pains had been iarcd by Brcckiuridge and the state ithoritics to bring about the conviction BrocMnridge Lve of his relations with toncl Ho had been on the i friendly terms with him and during they had frequently slept Ue detailed the efforts made ring the murderers of Clayton to jus The rewards offered by the state by private contribution had He had contributed jto the Speaking of the theft je ballotbox from the Pluramcrville Breckinridge said that clicved the box was stolen by the The box had not been He and the people of the state But every energy to prosecute the that Judge McClure seemed to fjf they did not want to he could not get of standing in Arkansas to in f him for the circuit judgeship t Judge Breckin nd that he had proven that a ma Cof the votes in the Plummervillc ibox had been cast for He ided that many negroes had voted Jpa and then testified that they had ioriie members of a negro club had If the committee were joio unseat they would do him itical harm if they would do it in a if Let them put him proper manner and stop the po hticrangle that had been Aa brief recess Judge McClure ad Ho held the Arkansas election Clayiias elect J by a majority of whilider a rule of the house which tiht the proper gauge Clayton slioul credited with a majority of B committc then Mr Cftn That Tlicy Will Kx feed tlu July fjchairmof the house appropriation emphatically denies that of this session for the current ral year will exceed the rev estimates the appropriations and says The ordi fjiary of the government for the Ifiscal yeindcd June are re portcd bje treasury at fUiidcr existing laws there is IBO reason anticipate a less sum from lone ordin revenues during The I postal rcvies for 1S91 arc cstimatcd by poftaer general at making a u of iJeduct Sing the aftgate th will be a surplus of wli is mori than ample t lancet tiic riiremcnts of the new pcn law ma the reduction of taxation f rcthe enactment of the Mc at L T1 P Under the constructirn given to theact of 1SSS by the interior depart and he en as correct had been withdrawn from settlement covering twofifths of Ihe area of the United comprisng square or For what and for how long were these lauds with drawn In order that the government might have reservoir sites and canal sites narked out for irrigation The Lord only knows how long it would take out that He thought con gress made a great mistake when it ap propriated a single dollar for an irriga tion and the sooner it retracted the step the better it would be for the fromthe committee on ap reported the Indian priation carrying an appropriation of The discussion icsunied and Matt argued in support of the amendment and n a genera defense of the desert land the swamp land law and the other and of the United He favored a repeal of the irrigation law md said its retention meant not a single acre of public land affected by it could ever be entered by any homestead settler and charged that there was an object contemplated by the shrewd man who drew up that provision in the conference The discussion continued until six when the senate aoV jpurncd the pending amendment THE Hunting for a Land Grant Forfeiture July the house the journal having been read Urcek of objected to proval and the yeas and nays were or dered on the question Shall the journal be approved It was agreed of called attention to the colloquy which occurred yester day between the gentlemen from Illinois and Tennessee Cannon and dur ing he in their anger they han told some truths which were entirely omitted from the He wanted to know whether tue democrats could do the same The chair is unable to The house then went into committee of the whole on the land grant forfeiture After a brief discussion the com mittee of presented the conference report bill authorizing the construction of bridges across the Iowa river at On agreeing to the report of raised the point of no and a call of the house was Only Hi than a quorum On motion of McKin ley a resolution was adopted directing the sergeautatarms to bring to the bar of the house such members as were ab sent without After waiting an hour and a half fora quorum to appear lircckinridge moved that all leaves of ab sence be Peters offered an amendment ex cepting those members absent on ac count of illness Pending the vote on Breckinridgcs of Mich moved and the house GENERAL WASHINGTON BURLINGTON CLADISl FOlv SENiR FRTES letter in to Secretary ISlaiiies WAsniMiT July reply to Scitary Blaiues has jiwrittai him in pan 1 assume flyour views a contained in what is knowii as IhiHalc That you f that the Latin I republic will rjivc produce of ours free from duty inoinpcnsatlon for free 1 assij that the amendment the result a thorough investiga Tiic diffilty about ft is the nount of siltto be received from liicse states vould be compara Jvcly and the consumer sugar wol receive no benc from Your letter to me this of reciprocity to Jua mid Porto I if sugar nceived free fm these islands as well piSfiom people would bo ynofitod audugar would be prac Hutill Spain admit into frufrom the list of t articW named in aat Of we couknot enact a law more F to Spainluiu to the Bo whatipain woiildcxchange andaii you give a list of r would The better 1 wuld be to make the h t slnlould recci the controlling one for all lUso tourtjffij CERTS Our Senior Pair Cheated Out of Race by a False and Other Contents Spirit in ah eral Iowa Xews 3fc Special to THE HAWB HOTB The second days races o jn regatta of the Iowa State rWwirA ciation were held today wit ur ng races and a tipoverthc Jp to noon the course was o di the only wind being o lly the time y to tiic wind had lucre n ach that it was necessary to tnm for an at whici trrO cgan in rather rough watei The first event was the sl i bt Cedar Rapids and Di iiu by hugging the sho i ho water was gained t at the uru which was made in its re nearly than lower part ol The length ii Tliol has been made to In this vicini casion of his first a stated dial tho man gray beard and mattec ame fierceJook in his ie same time wrig its body like auy about Many Lake Pepm VietimsSolemnize Red WingS up a wild watt and on the tipeatancc it was nth the tangled white hair tbo light in his and the siimo Courier lias William ilrowued at the that Moss was and the body waif Of Fabius it was first 1 ere BUI led in the ceme Muuy Compliments tSpccW toTS Di s July representativ ttiis is recelvint Inters for his efforts at ing the passage of his Harrison evidentlyapi vices as ho made the loi of the pea identified id tho at Jie distance being ir u 3 ilsncd the Dubuquegot away horn the uri with a lead of maintained to the and they crossed the line pullinga powerful i the time being withCfdar Eajiids more than half a minute The senior single race out ibn of Uty has the pen governorSigned the p and there are seyer in the iu congress in congratulatory d work iu tecur T President Teulates his scr congressman with which hi oroncoMillei of with which the inhibitory liquor al and of j t the winner of the junior s r jr IVv made a very pretty race u iin i j which Turner reached lirstj and Kosche Inthis rdct Tiip finished This was btst and most hotly contested on tin There were two entries for xnior Burlington and liurlintf Um claimed a false which tin judges and aver the course in Hi jfiiiittoii wa backing into position whe were sent away without 1 x refused to call the judges decided the r Dubuque has offer race over but Burlii The Case of M Turner and of Dubug for the prize in the senior The Cases won easily in 10 The tipoverthecanoe r by of the same They TVill Suppor Special to Ltis July 1 lus been indulged ii ratio press that the frie man Struble would not t of the Sioux by the demo ads of Congrei upport congretsional c in jful and prouiocnf party leadcrsBces received by wild the assertions are j discloses friends o Struble arc was tho warmest fnr lt rivingforking The Victims of the Lake Cart als Cj clou Cincinnati Explosion Horror Other Crime Hun July dole ful tolling of church bells is still to be heard iu this city the list of re covered dead from the disaster having been greatly increased since Eight bodies we brought up this morn the afternoon sixteen more were brought up and one was sent over to Lake and tonight another Hhoat load scene at the lake tho disaster having occurred two miles this side of Lake City in Goodlme is a sad When the bodies were recovered Sunday night and Monday morning the faces were calm and peaceful and showed little or no signs of having cotne to a sudden Not so with those found last night and All these were bloated and blackened hcyond recognition so that the and jewelry and papers were the only way for friends to claim their The warm weather and the shallowness of the together with the fact that several big steamers sent up heavy swells today as they passed up the brought bodies to the surface very The patrolling row boats towed the bodies ashore where they were identi fied as soon as and shipped to this THE CLEVELAND chairman of the bounty board ot super wera drowned yesterday at New port a pleasure resort nine miles Spurgeon beyond her ami the lieutenant lost his life trying to rescue Both bodies were z lrownetl While July Truxton the thirteenyearold son late Commodore oE the States was drowned this afternoon Awhile Killed In a July Wen and brakcman on and Ohio were killed in a collision last night near Hartford A SteamScow steam Two Henrys was burned in the Uke off this city this Her crew of fourteen men were rescued by a i Three 1eople Killed ly July an old and respected farmer near Moose his tenyearold daughter and Herbert aged a SOIL of were all instantly killed while at the supper table last night by a stroke of OHIO France a England Great s Regarding Congo Special to The July 16 in tUis neighborhood r and excited ov jue of their alliance A slkk jo tin iiiime of John 1 h m pure manilla twine Kik ihoir notes the skip A List of Those Killed ill the Powder Ex July following is a list of the killed in the explosion at i Kings Mills James Henry r Samuel James considerably i Moss and child r the loss whi neighbors have ing who who sold it twelve cents tcr discounting No twine Billing Call Ill iitvial 10 THE HA A MURDER AT COTJNCII is in the iijider charge of murder his case by th y WKEYJ J niteutiary hero and awaitin a r The THE Civil today the senate 1 offered ii resolution which i referil the cciimittec on foreign llling on tie secretary of war lor inforuiiion as t the arrest by the Spanish aihoritics u Havana of ah JWican ctizcn and minister of the gosp iovvAoflered which n us agreed I calling on the secretary of the interS for as to the rpcrsoncl of Iho geological its The rcsoliiin offacd yesterday by Culloin as to transportation of goods in bond bctwl the Atlantic aud 1a cilic ports of United States over the Canadian was agreed to after extend the scope of Assistant Secretary of the July prcsiden today sent to the senate the nominatioi of Allured of to be assistant secretary of the Nominations July senate a one oclock went into executive session and confirmed the five appraisers o merchandise recently appointed by lh president under the customs and admin istrativc July Jame Soley lias been appointed assistan secretary of the RAILROAD Changes in the Jtock Island Divisions i Dies July several years the Hock Island railway manage ment has had in view the changing of the divisions of the line in The arrangement under which operations have been carried on has been to divide the Iowa main line into three One division extended from Davenport to another from Brooklyn to and the third from Stuart to Council It is now announced that two divisions will be made of the main from DCS Moines east and and that the machine and repair shops will be located here in the near ground already having been Plans for the buildings have been and having the erection of them in charge are expected in the city within a few Superintendent Itoyce will be here tomorrow and President Kimball will also arrive this Readjustment of Grain July committee ap pointed to submit a plan for the read justment of freight rates from Missouri river points to Chicago reported to the eneral managers A list of sweeping advances on everything except which was reduced two and a half and corn which was reduced three They also recommended a reduction the wheat rate from the Missouri river to the Mississippi river to fifteen cents and on other grain to twelve cents that the rates from A Man Itcats and Shoots wilc to Death and AVouiids Jiiy residence of Frank old was the scene morning of an awful Hall drunk last night beat his wifu aiul thrsiv her out of doors in her This morning at daylight tinwoman entered the house to get r Hall set upon her and beat l floor with a revolver and ii t bullet into her Si imiirliI bors heard the shots and ra Bennett attempted to ilio n but fled on receiving the Hall emptied h the others without t the house and cut his throa i died in a short time but 3ii iu jilay at liasjn supreme without getting umpire a game ino freflufintljHe is brought July tu llo irrastd five salooiifluliuque ins liquor within for ihi Junes cuunty limit of tor at the Si They gavo liuil Of fifteen cptember term of tried at the JuijJCaseade saloou rase hiivn been ijie turai of court ao and 1t hosbpealtid to live parties tbatwhiclij been agreed by court docides shSovcr way the sn rttit rii the cases tletcrmim and Trunk the time of Vhascrs of land of the ans in Nebraska was being amendei inquiry to the The senate payment to Omaha tribe i Teller inljuced a bill giving a pension of year to Jessie the committee on Sawyer inAuced a bill to estab lih a limited posl and telegraph ser vice I The senate wenho executive and at the reojicuilof the doors passed the bill to establish national military park at the battleh of The senate then timed consideration ol the civil iroprJation bill and adopted the pendiniicndment increas ing the appropriatiobr surveying pub lic lands from The next amendment thaWovokcd discus ICauias and Xebraska points to the Mis souri river be so reduced as to preserve a difference of three cents between the through rates and the sum of the except that no advance shall be made in tiic present through rate on The managers deferred action until tomor Will Extvml to llis Sloims KT July is said in nilroad circles that the Jort Madison and DCS Moines now known as the Narrow will be ex tended DCS Moiues The proposed sion was theoucin1 pographic surveys the item for te and adding ihesebrds Onehalf vvhicli sum shall expended west of the one hundred aiairst and so much of tlifct of October Ail aejnaking appro priations for undry of the government for tho td vear ending June as provt for thcsclec rtion and location of reseWs aud canals upon public lauds of Irrigable hcrcbicpealed pro that reservoir andnal itehere tofore located or rcniain tcgragatcd and reservcdom entry or until otuerwisnrovided by law Spoouer annouuccms intention to vote lor the by committee on appropiions s The tost of Irrigation suneffliad been atseveji itfcn 5 flis ovv n was if it t to fio he cost Avould be fenty mij ivlla a place which with a large ship ping has at the present time only one the DCS Moincs Valley branch of the Rock Island From PeUa the road will probably run to Prai rie twentytwo miles west of the and also a good shipping and from Prairie City the road will go to DCS NO FOOD FOE SIXTY John Kotli Mies at After a Total Alwtinaiiec of Two HI July Koth died Sunday night at the county asylum near having just passed six tieth day of total abstiuauce froin food of anv kind He had no nourishment eWt a slight quantitj of water which was injected into his aomach by mean of a silver tube placed in the throat native of aged 40 aud was attacked with pro ressive paralyi two monthago which affected the muscleof the throat that he could not FOlt SUXSTKOKE Use HerefordAcid Tlr suv rc ceneSnng UtoSt to a case ot sunstroke Hancock Countys rspccial to The July 1C icviscd census gives Carthage school district The census of Han cock countynill exceed Platfs Chlorides is a Especially prepared for household 1 i Xfl i f THE CROOKED BAR Indignation llelilTii tions Special to Tho HawlKj July iniln of the Scojt county Bar held here this Intions were adopted lion of the bar delegates in present judges of the district of Iowa and and this evening i least objectionable nomine h This leaves the rcnora n present Walterman andAndrew M tor of The t intense in the matter and h the result of a general uprlLii Uirmu out the A similar held at Clinton I likely follow in Jackson where the sentiimn1 the crooked work of equally BISCUITS WILL BE Tlit Cracker Trust to rirnii Ues Moines Special to The Hawl Dies July stated that the American facturiug i with a capital stoc has made arrangcra DCS Moines cracker factor them at least enter the western syndii v formed to Compete with tlx biscuit This rii wl one of thelargest trust i NO ORIGINALS ON AND Tlireatened Use of Tar I v 1 Scare Away Saloon s July within the history of tin has ever created such indi roused Saturday last wh 1 11 known that parties from i town were about to establi t i i c an original package sa V i In evening the people assenil i express their indignation s i 11 an abandonment of the atte i rrim speeches were made bj i r i i t tt and resolutions id i that Leland is not an incornorun i town and therefore without law ul poln l ers to control or prohibit tu toxicating liquors or prole from the insults of intou t and as the federal and failed in their decisions the citizens in assembled therefore pase i i ordinance Be it Leland and that it si i to sell intoxicating liquors ol citv of Leland or Its vlclnlt j Any person or pen of section 1 Tlio BluIV ParhJ Speciiil to TbD fj tiinR and the ISjnly fur thn first day in turgest attLudaucu Tbovio history of Jin anj well mrn liintry was taken tlielastolUK wis connected vvifway Tin unit he grounds are alth the water irystiil aud purohiply supplied with hall The din at dinner wish I and families board I SKIS many private boferintendent Iieasant and i other towns English aionj ft I in syndicate uu j owned by tliejiugbl cicvu of tho 1 firm of lellerand Franey a Ralph Boby Kick an unknown Pourteen received injuries more or less and Ernest who had his skull and inter nally will STATEMENT OF A BYE Joseph a well known resident of who was visiting a friend near the and who was an eye witness to the gave a very viv Id account of the He had left the mill and was standing on the hill near by and saw a freight train switching to a side I saw the he on one of the cars as they shot onto the and he was waving his hand to some one on the As I looked I saw two detached cars bump against what I supposed was an empty An instant later there was a rum bling and then the very ground seemed to saw a puff of followed a moment later by anoth and the cars disappeared and the station and powder house seemed to The dense volumes of smoke and llamcs came pour ing from the doors and windows of the cartridge factory and 1 saw women and children tearing at each other in j their frantic endeavors to 1 saw a number of women conie out but some certainlyperished in the A dwelling house near by was blown from its foundation and dashed to the A mother and child lost their lives in the We got to work as soon as possible and I know we got fully a dozen men and women out from the powder To add to the terrible scene there was a constant snapping of car and the rescuers were in danger of being killed at any I dont want another such and I hope 1 may never again be a witness of such a THE LAKE A of Victims liodits Found Yes July bodies of victims of the Lake Gcrvais cyclone were found this They were f Cabinet require ampntatlonJafctfiaa was a faithful now July is now r jchools session ot parliament eEPPmaJ eclded by suit the board rsolthecityof court was asked equesting llSianght in tho lower 6C thcpabli jowers in the premises and cannotf the teaching of the languages fn f thelower grades of the Dreary KAXSAa July tfCAXSA The com tho nonhrfurgcst grain buying close together in a marshy portion of tho loiawd ail The elevators i two hundredfeet from the rough northwestern The bodies of Charles Schnrmeier and rfaellle were considerably muti but that of It Schurmcier I was not Will ratter lnl to J wkEe j one of the Icadiily Patteri i ibis imsjoineding tenor singers of j j ijtiie George Thatcher j the lyric field as i tiii IOWA IN 1 t NUT TIII CACMTLO farmer niar OrangiwKU ively engaged inU quite exten i UP says his crop cauliflower and wotild halll be worth S200 i it had notir bean worth SiOO ivi j been injured by NOT THE or section A WL lie tarred and feathered and the village and pledge ourselves liy to see that the above ordlnl and that the penalty be strict ThatTrcpledci those towns which prohiul toxicating liquors and to assist in tlie noble work or Thenieetingseemstolu its for the partie the opening of an or house have abandoned thi A BIG FIRE AT OS The liristol Manufactur Works Degtro Special to The Ha i Jul morning destroyed the E turmg Company ivork Feed causing a loss there was a very 1 11 P I unlnwful Jnl in Ii ir r Ui TIC illil 1 1 1 1 X I f UI I H who tilt i in1 hcd njU me Vi new governiTiuNJiEX1 is linished ftcent buildius at Ot tUi postofGce afaud will be oeculiiitt u a Jew fcdcrnl oua i PS nd bricjiH building Is a hint i at mi of structure i u i 1 IOM min ot Le JUunja u it wa liaiilijlniro Scott u ok fire IKJ hay ui the an 1 wagon Thefand burned up tho has 11 i h the was barely time wjiecl on iho The friction of th A Toircn caused the lire Ii in u an to gl gam ins that an Uuisuilly 3 rothirs following Wallace ti aud a I now making i tour of have been swiijirgo number of peoplp 11 of Boijdled and Tho Whilerirjn is among the latest in a shell Kame jthe ollicial was absorbed him of a sneakthief Dkvrn SKT feeper a tweilliM Anamosa In ihi and AV is burutiaryr tho oinr sent from Died iu the HP 1 trt Mid aifenry county in ISSo ferrcd to Animfid was afterward tier iu His crime was concerned in and having Veen the patient died abortion case in which AMJ iil bo rcpre cnted wP National Farnby a full delegation iu Lich j TUP govern at Council tious to ill d jior has mailed cominuni liit year requeelegates holding over bo unable to sting if thty o i o to notify hin si pomtel Ihcr delpgatesian be the Omaha and Charles Gordon tile Same Special to the July Omaha Bcc of the 14th prints an interview with irresponsible parties who claim that the Omaha is no other than Charles of Burn near Tho article is a slander upon a most estimable widow lady of liurnside and her The late Gordon never had a son named Charles Gordon nor did he ever have a Considerable indignation is felt here over the unnecessary and sense less THE CORDELL MeDoiiongh County Olfers a JSeward of for the Conviction of Her Mur McTJon ough county board supervisors have offered a reward of S200 for the convic ion of the iniirderers of Ella vho is believed to have been killed by an nlawful surgical operation and her body hrown into the CRIMES AND j His Vinufac am i jiO on kin d the the The fire originated in the tlr Unstol Heroic work firemen saved ad 01 ii blocks TWOLEGGED Direful He nits of the lilac It of Package llotx COON la Julj 1ft piu age establlnd at Coon Eapida few days ago th ntarn arc already beginning to It Din Hcndncks of Viola killed a rattlesnake last Monday which had tttw lugs They were placed about ax inches back from AsOTKEKClj ton HcrnlcJ Clia whosijells of a fanner ctar COTU never been qil truth aud vcracitj igo a hen who some Iu duej on twelve doubleyolkfd cliicks appear time twentyfour aru now thretfcd TSventjthrce of tlicn the twenty fo weeks old and doinrj entente of Snrth having died aftrun CNrorfvcral a joung rested at Fa from was ar of caarhn the other day child The the death of her infant from natural girl claims the infant died poor to pay Tcauses andas iho was too the Irodv Imneral expenses she buritd sympferself itwasfonni j lung womibthy is with tho unfortunate pin and pendins snvestfe wii promptUctd tinder SaOn w jlfurnished by how ball iJnt Trost as todayf Dont miss thc AdJlph I receh es a A The Ktpublican State Ciiiventfoii at July republican state convention was called to order ac halfpast eleven by chairman of the state central When exGovernor Foraker came upon the stage with Colonel he was greeted with prolonged and enthu siastic The exgovernor was introduced and delivered an Foraker said I want to talk chiefly about the campaign upon which we are But I have a few words to say first concerning that of hist We did not come out of the last contest very We lost the governor the general assembly and the United States the three greatobjective purposes of the and as a we lost also the lieutenant governorship and the control of the state next election can tell how many repre sentatives to From now for ward let every republican look to the The last campaign can be re membered only in so far as it lessons as a benefit All connected with it that may be a cause of criticism or bitterness of feeling should be But if there be those who must have a victim those whose minds are so constituted that they cannot be satisfied ivvithout definitely fixing the to all such I have an appeal to My appeal is that you place the blame upon Whether it is just or unjust for you to do I shall hot stop to question neither shall t a word of but on the I shall bear most gladly all that the bitterest enemy can ever imagine as ap propriate to be laid upon my if thereby I can in the slightest degree promote the good of our common What happens to me or any other individual is of 110 in a political to but what happens to the great republican party is of the highest concern to Kb mat what may have been the causes no matter what republicans may have voted for a democratic it is all of the past and only heartburnings and dissensions can be the result of cher ishing such with bitterness away with animosity away with prejudice away with rivalry away with everything that stands be tween our party and our partys tri The governor then referred to the administration of Governor Campbell and pointed out instances in which it had violated its pledges made on the The speaker was loudly The convention then took a recess until the convention reassemblicd the committee on permanent organization named Governor Foraker for permanent he and Congressman Thompson was Nominations were then quickly made as follows Secretary of Daniel Ryan supreme Ladden Minshall member board of public Frank McCollochl The platform was then It reaffirms the national platform of endorses President Harrisons adminis endorses the action of the repub lican members of both houses of con gress in fulfilling the pledges of the The thanks of the country are due the republican congress and Speaker Used for tlie action amending the rules of the The democratic claim that members may be absent in a parliamen tary sense for the purposes of defeating aquorum atMhe same time be physically present to further obstruct public business is denounced as revolu The platform coruially en dorses the administration of Governor Foraker aud denounces the demo cratic legislature for ex travagance and partisanship in stancing extravagant the gerrymander of congressional dis tricts violating the rights of local self government by legislative reorganization of numerous towns and cities for solely partisan purposes it violated the sacred of the when under the mask of pretended contest it robbed the people of a lieutenant governor and a citizen of an The platform was adopted amid prolonged applause and the convention TO ind end on must be thescfi dbcretlonf sition tothis arrangementhas almost en tirely disappeared through tho govern ments representationsof party ex The question of the reorgan ization of the ministry js still a puzile to He will not listen to the clamor of lord Randolph Churchills friends who keep dinning in his ears that he is the most competent man in the the leadership ot the and Churchill now bitterly opposed by his old friend aud member of Stockport and former editor ot the Sew Vork who has fallen foul of himBalfomr cannot be the Irish office Goschen is unpopular with the and who is Salisburys is unfit for the work and person ally averse to taking the ing paper Kansas idltionot the cor a v lay by Hot winds yesterday ind causing great damagegli whose sections of the state wnichlhav IJiad no Insomosections thefai jrshave about given up resting any crops at At IS no more than half tho state thattJf jven well ary we waere a manjf itions farmers tearing they will have no tcl fee 11 Then he is about to marry a ti whose with him have ed lady been a source of gossip for many years Al though neither is it ud that the bridal trip wilt last long ei ough to allow the gossip to simmer down The result is that old man Smith s left to blunder away at the but ready at a moments notice to be shunted up to a seat among the Iord where he can sleep comfortably thanks to the blundering lolence of the striking has a new lease ot the home and who has gained credit through the postmens is slated for the next la the At present he is only a member of the outer circle called the government and does not it at cabinet French diplomacy blocking Eng lands progress abroad at every and the differences between the two govern ments are increasing rather than dimin In addition to the longstanding dispute about the occupation of Egypt the Newfoundland fisheries difficulty supplied France with another which was used to some purpose by For eign Minister to bring Lord Salis bury into a more conciliatory Then the watchful Frenchman found that the AngloGerman agreement con flicted with French conceded by Sailbury offset by discovering that Trance had overstepped her treaty rights m and promptly the Trench unearthed agreements and stipula tions made by the government of the Congo free which effeetuallv bar Lord Salisburys projects of purchase and eventual annexationof that state to the empire or its sale to Ger Thus a sharp political game of chess goes on between the two powers in which neither seem to have the advan Lord Salisbury isaid to be much TheSea TOtet Special to iv July which wascapsized In m Lake Pepm where so many lives ost was simply an unwieldy rafter andTjf las been engaged in towmgr 3ort for Ab She was tartcd with a raft thp day following1 lisaster and the steamer LnellaIs jerfonning that Old river ay that the Sea Wing was Slander Spwlol to Tho July justice of the peace of this town and a member of the highly Gordon was in Carthige Jay getting letters and affidavits to show hat there never was a Charles n Gordons family and that maha story is a A mass of jmony will be fonvordPd in the DIil Not Adopt the Cmc vco July 17 managersof he western after long discns lon failed toadopt the ees report on the adjustment of rates rom the Missouri river and blocked the scheme by ng toagree to the proposed grain rates from Kansas and Nebraska finally a new committee was ippomted to consider the whole irritated over the attitude of In Paris there is a deepseated feeling that there Is a secret understanding the AngloGerman agreement by which the English fleet is pledged Germany in the event of a France and A New J July Proc or and Gamble a capital t composed of Now munnati organized to manu acture oils trticles of incorporation here todayi VOTED FOE ANOTHER SENSATIONAL A Great Scandal Promised for July There ianother sensational murder in Trance vvhich promises a greater scandal than any that has occurred for mjinv years The man who stands charged with the murder is a priest named whose bad repnta Drowsy Drummer was TVTth the From the Xew Torfc A typical knight of the snpsaek wtlfr etained In a smalltown in Coifo a wlule where revival meet VJ njj wai m He had met a w with i f Blends during stay had what is popularly known asit oad on he drifted into ihe revival meeting and took a seat well ip in It was rather closeIn the and warm air was The drnmmtr yielded to drowsyv after nodding alittle sank profound and slept e ministers r ither long and dry dis The audience sung a hymn and u I t p lion has kept his bishop from giving him 0e drummer slept Then the evan regular employment for some He 1 elf gan his address and wound because he cannot the wlc1 thls Bluest but pleads that it WIU you heaven The victim is a married woman named tease rie whose relation ith him were a r Every one in the church except the cause for but who recently drummer arose the evaa turned her back upon him and got aikel1 to be of the Ue killed her with a Brothers in the same pew as the sleeping which he admits he knew to be but says he did it was cocked His explanation is that he merely in tended to tap her on the shoulder and that the gun went oft by The police are today making a careful search for compromising letters among his which he earnestly pleaded to be allowed to arrange before going to GENERAL FOREIGN Itiotous Strikers in July were re ceived here today from Chili stating that the strikers in tho Nitrate district num ber A conflict occurred between a number of riotous strikers and a body of troops in which forty of the former were killed or VreuclL July The Gauloiays an has occurred between na tives and French expedition to the upper Niger and the French w ere The Gold Pre July pre Charged With July d John of thcTarentiim failed were ar rested at Tarentiim yesterday charged vith embezzlement of the funds ofthe They are charged with receiving leposits wucn they knew the firm to be A Oold Jar Thief Uiidvr July is understood the mystery of the robbery of in gold bars from the States Ex jress company last has been cleared and that i teamster named lieliert is tinder arrest for the THE FARMERS Ireveiitud a lilooily July dis patch from Blackville says the white people of Barnwoll county prevented any further trouble at the Kcarse settle Most of the detachment of inili tarv who vvcnt to Kearsc have Their captain said today I have not the slightest doubt there would have been very serious trouble at Kearse had our squad arrived promptly on the The riotous negroes were dis Some of them will be Ilia a Bail July fortythree years committed suicide by hanging himself on a bed he was found by his wife when she woke up at five oclock due to hard is the sup posed Dietmer went to bed sober last night for the first time in two weeks and it had abad eifect on July Camp bell has just respited Brocky who was to be in order that the supreme might look into the case regarding an alleged error in the j JSravely Gave His 4 SAXTA twentyfourth United StateSjinfantryi stationed at IJirt geonfsfdaugh A Sleeting in Session at S July special meeting of the Farmers Alliance was to order this President in announcing the purpose for which the convention was stated that the farmers of assembled for the purpose of deciding upon taking some independent The convention has beeu called upontho of suballiances tliroughout the You said President have a great work ahead of This means the beginning of a new political and I hope you will return to your homes the knowledge that your work is well Ignatius Donnelly made a brief ad He said the newpapers had charged scheming against the This was lie is op posed to being a candidate for and will support the man Some say that I Wtraycd the cause two ears I want to say that that con vention was a meeting of the Farmers There were only ten farmers I did not want the posi tion they offered and I protested against I but I told them money had to be raised to defray the ex It was not and my friends asked me to getoll the I tell I am not I have worked for jou for eight years and I have never asked for or received a cent The officers ot thelalliance wcrfs made qfficers of thejolnt One bal lot was taken for which re sulted Knute Nelson Ignatius Don nelly David Back Henry New man H laker and a large her were It is believed that Donnelly or Baker will nominated for rnium ongold at the close todaywas quoted at IS per Everything Tninquil Senegal July semiofficial note was published this afternoon denying the report received from The note says everything in that vicinity IN accidentally brushed against nm as he at The drummer rnb ed his partially heard he last portion of the re which Was I want all of von who want to o to hell to stand The drummer struggled i orward and rose eat in dazed sort of way ippresscd laugh he heard from some ot ie younger an ot orror he noticed on some of the the older ones Steadying himself gainst the he looked at the evan elist and thensaidr I dont know just ctly what were voting but you to be in a hopeless yot Jnly July Sth a appeared in your paper to the effect iat the rresbytenan church of late had taken steps to build a ollegetobe located ai ost of Will you kindly correct iie hgtires We note that other papers re copying the item The building vhen completed will cost is1 he Texas Female state which will be conducted undue J he auspices of the Presbyterian churchS t will be located in the center of a tea Celeliratetl the Bastiles July 101st aniuvtr sary of the fall of the bastile cele brated with great enthusiasm here Mon The city wore a festive appear ance and tlie streets were thronged with holiday icre campus Sherman has now four each costing wo publio chool buildings erected at sostot about If Travel or he voyager cannot be provided euiedy and protective medicine than i fcr3 xist toprove that It nullifies ifiucnues and the elfectaof the ioincrs have nil contributed tbeir Cholera iestimonriaits Its protectlveu July board of health Juente has been most effectually deraou itratctt in regions and other not really that fact would 1 jincc have been Inno cliiss ot inlcrs have its remedial preventatlvi properties moro jfiau cases of malarial module rhich It Is the most popularspecific lae 1 both hereand here Is informed that cholera has reap peared in thirtyone commonsofValcncia and DARK The Funeral of General John Jfremont iaXew NEW July remains of Major General John C Fremont were laid at rest this morning in Trinity ctm Distinguished ot prominence and men who had been lifelong friends of the deceased were among those who attended the funeral services in t Ignatius Ritchie conducted the imple services ot the Protestant Episcopal There was no At the conclusion of the services at the Una eh the funeral cortege moved up Eiftli avenue and thence to Trinity where the remains were temporarily placed A ceiving Death of Cornelia slViirilWIiipple July Cornelia Ward Whippley wife Of Bishop of died this W njoys on this It ost uppctizer Short When time should it not obtain of absence Too much confidence neverl in They are a The wit of eminent lawyers one ifldern courts is essential The man who sings the songioCt Id Sexton has to have burytouofjoice Jes It Is due to uneven clotUnir ot tho rapid cooling when it The important thin is an fntlanunationi iC rone of the nncl to itarrh Is essentially nati longer a nu3 proved its Produced from the and nutri tious juice of California combined with virtues of plants known to most i beneficial to the human acts onjthKkid and v Special to The HawkEyel of passed through here today on a to Efe says there have heavy rams between Peoria and and that in splendid ifferera shouldresorttoiit Ion ailment becomes seated andt 1 Hotel t antE voor the JWJ gostura thft

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