Saturday, July 12, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED SATURDAY JULY PRICE 15 CENTS FOR BIIETAUIC A Besoluiion Calling for an Inter national TJio Conference Silver Hill Itiunrted the Mills Approved ny the Washington July the senate Teller introduced a joint resolution declaring it to lie the determined policy of tlie United States government to use both silver and gold as full legal tender and instructingthe president to invitothe governments of the Latin union countries and of such other nations us he may deem advisable to join the United States in a conference to adopta common ratio for gold and silver for purposes of establishing internationally the use of bimetalic money and securing a Jixity of the relative value between such The conference to be held at such place as may be agreed upon by the executives of the governments joining in and in the judgement of the president of the United a sufficient num ber of nations shall have entered into such international arrange ment lie shall declare the ratio so fixed lobe the existing ratio in Unijted The president is to appoint hoi less than three nor more than five com missioners to attend such conference on tliotart of the United The joint resolution was referred 10 the finance of offered a resolu tion which was referred to the commit ice on foreign relations railing on the ecreiary of state for information on the tibjcet of an American being deprived of his liber ty and property in in the 1hil llpninc islands and as to what action has been taken in regard to the matter the state The the con adoration of the senate bill to establish United States land court and to pro settlement of private land claims in Xevv Wyomingl Ari and such claims being by virtue of Spanish or Mexi can The bill was discussed until two oclock when the shipping bills were taken up as unfinished and Gibson addressed the lie ar gued against the proposed subsidies for but was in favor of moderate postal He spoke of the im portance of establishing a line of steam ships to trade with the Congo country the building of a government dry dock at New and reforming the tar iff by admitting commodities from South American states at lower rates of He appealed to the chairman of the com mittee on commerce Frye to relax the rigidity of his policy to allow ships to be purchased abroad and sailed under the American flag to take off the tariff duties from supplies and out tits that go into the construction and sailing of and to accept as a com promise the policy of giving postal sub sidies to Americanbuilt Coke said be had to frame a bill to place the American Merchant Marine on an equality with those of other He would not commence with taxing the people for the payment of but would take hold of the shipping laws of the United States and repeal It was simply impossible under the tariff and navigation laws to build up the foreign carrying trade of the United Vest offered as a substitute fur the bill as to the American Merchant Marine provision for free to be used only in the foreign carrying not in coastwise or lake The bills went over without action after an unsuccessful effort by Frye to have an agreement to vote upon them After an executive session the senate THE portas a caucus committee upon the question of changing the rules of the senate so as to provide for the closure of debate at the will of the majoritj and to ascertain and report that result can bo if deemed to con duct hiiiucss WAmNOiov July pre ident today sent to the senate the following McCooC Sixth to be hngadicrgeneral Major Augustus G quarter master with rank of lieutenant Capt Edwin Atvvood quai with rank of Acts July n president today approved the legislative judicial aud executiveappropriation the act to provide au additional associate justice of the supreme court the terrttorv of Xevv Mexico and the act to provide for of certain abandoned mili tary reservations in A Substitute for Dorseyii July house committee on Indian affairs today di rected a favorable report to be made on the substitute for the Dorscy hill extend ing the time for the pur chasers of Omaha Indian lands in Xe The substitute was framed lo meet the objections made by the presi dent iu his message vetoing Unoriginal bill on the HARRISON ON THE TiltConference Import jn the Silver liill July the house of presented the confer ence report on the bill granting a right ot way acrosthe Mille Lacs Indian res ervation to the Little Mille Lacs and Lake Superior Railroad Iurthcr proceedings were dispensed with and Tinronferem1 report was of presented the i inference ou silver After n had bten read a question of considera tion was raised by of The question was put Will the house proceed to the consideration of the1 con ference and it nays The speaker being unable to record a quorum a call of the house was then On the will one hundred and ninetyfour than a to their It was then on suggestion of of thatii four Utlehe allowed tomorrow on the the end of which time the previous Mtiestion should be The house then took a At the veiling nn the first pension bill called of Tonnes made the point of no quorum and the house He Says Tiiat Ouestioii Is the 3lost Im portant One of the July Journal thi evening publishes a telegram under date of giving the text of a letter written by President The letter says in part The tariff question is the most important of theday and the people should be thoroughly educated on As there is no doubt the farm element is the back bone of this or any other free it is necessary that they should understand this so they can choose between free trade and pro The free trade question is a dangerous one to handle and if it should win in 1S92 it would cause great distress throughout the something never experienced by the American A TIN CUP lien liankrupt in Now Wurtlt July the Louis business men who went to the wall on Klack as February is locally known to grain operators was Benjamin who was short i cents on bushels of He became a hopeless Shortly after his misfortune he went locating at where ha became a hotel Today the owner of what are said to be the mines in the situated near Tin They rival the famous Comstock and a conservative esti mate places their value at Lewis has written his old friends here that he was down to his last dime when he opened the Two men are tak ing out worth of stuff a day by the most primitive Lewis was so poor when ho left here that friends made up a purse for KILLED BY AN DES MOINES LEADER Frank the is the Complainant iClaims t he Paper Libelled The Leader for a Writ of Habeas Coriiutt General JoiraXews andXotet Special to The DKS July Warrants for the arrest of Henry editor of the R city and business as indi cated last were served late this afternoon oy Frank the com who was appointed as a special constable for the purpose of serving the The defendants have tiled a peti tion for a wrifof habeas on the grounds that Parrot is not a justice of the peace and has no authority to receive complaints or issue Because Grant township for which he was elected justice was abolsishcd by act of the board of supervisors on July 8th and all the proceedings were taken since that The petition wilj be heard and the outcome is watched with great OUR HUSBANDS IN A Mother Kecouics Insane oil Hearing ol the Death of llcr Jlushaml ami XEW July Eck ert was killed this morning by the explo sion of a gas generator and his two sons were seriously They were mak ing soda water at the time of the explo U is aged died in the hospital latT but the other son will The widow and mother had four other She became in sane and cannot be ACCIDENTALLY MAY APPOINT i Traiii Krotlicr to the Governor ing fora IMace 1iuler July It is reported today that John of will be shortly appointed to a place iu tlie diplomatic The resignation of exSenator Thomas rainier as minister to Spain leaves the of Michigan any reprcsen lation in the foreign service and the re publicans of that commonwealth are in sisting upon another The probabilities are that one of the repre sentatives to some of the minor conti nental courts will be sent to Madrid and that the vacancy ihus created will be Riven to who by the a brother of the present democratic gov ernor of GENERAL WASHINGTON Lieutenant A Target Jtille Gets ill Its Work 1111 a 11YearOld Hoy Named July morn ing about eleven oclock Henry aged eleven aud son of one of Newtons most respected while shooting al a mark ou a telephone post with a target accidentally shot a boy named from the who was playing with some companions around a pond near Physicians attended thebuy and is probably not FEARS OF AN Small 1ox at Asiatic Cholera at NEW July San Ainouio special says that many deaths from small pox have occurred at Laredoand thai the epidemic is July case of al leged Asiatic cholera was reported yester The health department is investi gating the HUNGRY The Situation in the Xew York lockout Still i July situation among the lockedout cloakmakcrs is un About fortylive Polish Jevvs were detained at the barge office this morning as coming under contract to take the places of cloak They were held for examina STANLEY His Marriage lo Miss Teniiant May Have to he July Stanley is suffering from a severe attack of gas tritis and is confined to his His feared that his marriage to Miss Dorothy Teiinanu which is arranged place Westminister Abbey will Youngs Address Before the Womans Club of July a meeting of the AVomans club Young caused quite a stir by her response to the toast Our Quoting Young began cease your si Xo longer Idly sir Though 1 am your wedded YetIm not your How shall we preserve our hus bands continued In selecting your husbands you should not bo guided by the silvery appearance as in Xor by the golden tint as found iu Be sure to select him as tastes Do not go to market for as the best are always brought to your It is far better to have unless you know how to pre serve Some women do this by keeping him in hot Others let him freeze by their carelessness and in Some keep them in a stew by irritating ways aud Others roast them or keep them iu pickle all their It cannot be expected that any hus band will be tender and good managed in this The only true way to do witli him is to preserve To do this you must have a preserving kettle of the fin est porcelain or if that is an earthenware pipkin will do with See that the linen in which he is to be preserved is nicely Tie him iu the kettle with a strong silk cord called as the one called duty is apt to be and he might fly out of the kettle and be You must remember that husbands arc like crabs and they have to be prepared while Make a steady lire out of neatness and Set him as near the fire as seems to agree with If he sputters and do not be Sonic husbands will do this until they are quite Add a little sugar occasionally in the form of what confectioners call but be careful to avoid pepper or as these things spoil the A little spice improves but it must be used with good Do not stick any sharp instrument into him to sec if he is becoming But stir him watching the while lest he lie too flat and close in for then he soon becomes spoiled and Watch him carefully and you cannot fail to know when he is If thus you will lind that yon have a well preserved husband that will prove a joy to you and the aud lie will keep as long as you need un less you become careless and set him in too cool a A king for the beautiful realm tiilled And A man that the Shall look upon as He did the A ml Is very A BOX FACTORY KcftisHl to Work Kxtra Hours Because of Uot Weather the July majority of the expert sawers at the box factory are taking things having gone on a The proprietors had sent a boy to notify the men to be on hand after supper the other but the men thought ten hours work on a hot day was all they wanted and failed lo put iu an appearance until next When they learned that the engineer was on hand at evening and undertook lo work at their they at once demanded his discharge for being med and this request being they quit The striking sawers were formerly members of the Chicago and Louis The factory man ages to operate without its expert though somewhat Here tofore when the company were rushed with orders the men have never objected to working after WHY THE WIVES COME tlie first of August be moved to at which place it will continue to be issued under the present We hail with delight the emerging presence of Tunes in this The Mercer county now in Cession here in the high school will close Good work has been A Hill to Kcvivv Hie Jtank of of the July The have to be postponed account of his An Fpitleluie orTyphold tSpcclal to The July 11 Bole returned from the Clanuda hospital for the insane today and reports there is an epidemic of typhoid fever at that w Inch both puzzles and worries the authorities There are at least fifteen now and the number is The institution Is a compaiativcly new one Some place the cause on the defective others on impure ice used iu the drinking water A full investigation will be WIPE AND The Funeral of the AVemllaudt A Sad Xtn Julj Johns church at llobokon was thronged with people last Thursdaj Two massive oaken caskets stood iu front of the the silver trimmings on which were very The good people were stricken with sorrow Franz the university the themusl the was dead because he could not get and his sweetfaced wife and the little one were He could not get enough food for them So when this deliberately killed himself and persuaded to join him in tlie dark waters wit II the little one so that they separated iu the good people of Hobokcu were struck to the There was money The committee had to refuse contributions to defray the pense of the The church was terribly and nearly every one of prominence in Ilobokcu was Amelia who recently be came tlie legal creditor who was about to seize the little be longings of the was It was she that scoffed the idea that Wcudlandt had committed The deep toned organ swelled out its solemn the same music which young Franz Wendlandt loved so well to draw 1astor Iretind shook his snowy hair from his forehead and began to speak He gently chidcd his people for holding to the old medieval idea of refusing suicides Christian He spoke of the mans terrible struggle with He followed the workings of his mind through those dark Then in a loving way he pro nounced a benediction over the unfortu Their sorrow was so he that Christ would forgive Gottlieb of Soutii Wctidlandt was the organist of the Third Reformed Church of Ba of which Andrae is the pas Pastor Andrae was very much disj turbcd by the He grew very earnest over He showed that Wend landts education and life un fitted him for a hand to hand struggle for His pride would not let him He was a By work ing all night for a German newspaper lie could sometimes make Tic tried a dozen different things without He saw no hope in the He could only Then the crowd came forth to look upon the Wendlandts casket was not Ou the top was a photo graph showing his refined face to The tiny babe lay in the arms of its The little one had only a taste of He lived in his mothers lie died He was there when they found the Still be rests with The little form was all in little lips were pursed in a The mothers face and Only the whiteness of death was It was a sweet witli sorrowful lines in Then they took the little family away to Hoboken Wendlandt was graduated from some of the highest of the German Less than a year ago he married a woman who was beneath him iu social This caused a rupture with his He was sent to Amer He arrived in llobokon on Decem ber and went to live with Jacob He left him in In March Knobbe loaned Wendlandt Srr with which to purchase household and took a mortgrge on the When Ivnobbe married again on July she forclosed the Wendlandt had three days to raise the Be ing unsuccessful he went with his wife and babe a few days later to the free swimming baths at the foot of fifth They threw themselves iu the water at that A BISHOPS APPOINTMENT Ail Innocent Advertisement that Caused Much July fol lowing advertisement appeared in the Personal the Star last Sat urday A GENTLEMAN WHOSE WIFE IS AWAY fortliesnmmcr wishes to meet discreet lively vounjrludv to accompany to places of Address All went right till Monday when the trains begun to bring in sus picious wives who had left their hus bands in town while they went to the the country and elsewhere for house committee on military affairs today di rected a favorable report on the bill to revive the rank of lieutenant general of the The bill permits the presi dent lo appoint to that office an officer of the army distinguished for his skill and bravery in the late war and the office is to expire upon his A Coniiiuinicatioii irom the Secretary July president today transmitted to congress two com munications from the secretory of enclosing the report of the International American conference concerning the pro lection of trade marks and copy rights in commerce between the Ameri can republics and action for the better protection of public health against con tagions In Favor of the Baker July house committee on commerce today heard argument by General of m advocacy of the pending Baker providing for the amendment of the in terstalc commerce act in relation to tlie sale of tickets by and other To Change the Senate July out the instructions of tiie republican sena torial Chairman Edmunds bas ap pointed Senators Frye and together with Senators Al Itailroad Men Keturii to July returned 1o work at noon today ou agreement that the general manager of the Louis ville and Nashville railroad shall thor oughly investigate the demands and complaints made by the men and at the end of ten days give them final decision as to what will be done in the way of granting SjTUJl Of Produced from the laxative aud nutri tious juice of California combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be the most beneficial to the human acts ou the kid neysliver and effectually cleansing the dispelling colds and and curing habitual con An Unwelcome rsnecial to Tbe July hugh four feet in was killed in the private office of Cherrill Shalls exchange bank yesterday after noon by book keener Donahue hrnest andWillie The bank is located ou a principal business llosfords Acid If yon are aud can cannot try 1 The Iatriarchial July supreme temple of the Iatriarchial Circle today elected officers as follows 41ex of supreme council of SAVED BY HER A Steel Hand Stops a Deadly July Gits of this probably owes hcrlifc tojier John Kerwin was celebrating with a revolver the other when one of the bullets accidentally bit Itoos in the She thought she was badly wounded at but an investigation de veloped that the ball had been stopped by one of the steel bands of her Fmieral of KiCollgressmrtii ISnccial to The July fu neral of exCongressman Lyman occurred this He was buried with Masonic the Grand Army of the Kcpublicaud Uoyal Arcanum attending in a The casket was beautifully banked with floral This morn ing from nine to thousands of his intimate friends viewed the remains ly ing in state at the The delicious refreshing cool ed to the skin by The Roman Jtespect f tlie American Keromnienila July special cable gram to the IFewlcm Wtitclniutn brings the news from Koine that the propagan da lias arrested the appointment ol Bishop Bourke as bishop of the combinec diocese of Omaha and The importance of the news arises from the fact that it is evident the propaganda will not sanction Komau appointment as against the recommendation of the con gross of American On llishot OConnors death the bishops of th province were called together in this city and sent their names to Rome frou which to choose a It was generally believed General Philip of would receive the The bishops will agaii recommend Brady as this action shows an unprecedented regard for the Ameri can bishops recommendations and it i thought that it indicates that the tinn for the arbitrary government of th American church promotions by th Italian propaganda is Xot An July Kel seyin the city court today gave a decisioi on the question of the sale of liquor i original pro prietor of a who was refused claimed that he had not beci selling since Evidence showei that a bottle of ale and corkscrew been given to a and Attorne Judson claimed that such sale was in a original package and came within th recent decision of the supreme court p the United Judge Kelsey he that in this case theoriginal package wa the barrel in which the bottles of al were and fined Case an An appeal was Change of monthly Jr hot are cured by Dr Free samples at If Wittcs drug store Sherman and Iiigall republican members on the rules to re commends Itto a Lumber Company Assign July The Stones lines Lumber company assigned to III to Found Hurled In a Special to The Sioux July dead body of John a was taken from a water trench this A caveIn occurred on West was the only person working on the job and was not The contractor was informed that he had quit and it was only when the workmen commenced to clear out the trench this morning that his whereabouts were Item from Correspondence ot The HawkErcJ July who has been conduct ing an academy at this place for the past three years has been elected and ac cepted a as of the Ot The academy here will be unless a new man is found who will continue the insti and to which effect a movement is on The of Kcithsburg on the clothing at ljv An lurtane Mothers July near Fair Vermon this murdered her two children a girl of seventeen and a boy of s lire to her house and cut her own throa She was undoubtedly Death of ExSenator July ExSenato Thomas McCreary died at his honi near yesterda in the 74th year of his He had bee a paralytic for Always Use rlatta Chlorides to disinfect the water closet All Diniculties Amicably July grievanc has bee in conference with the Gould system r ported that all differences are amicab adjusted Merit as the marvelous success L Hood8Sarsaparllla It possesses tru medicinal Sold by all A TERRIBIE Crowd of People Precipitated Into the Water at timber are Drowned ami Mail rimi4l Terrific Explo slou til Chicago in MUM it July tunble acu ent occurred at tonight bj hich a number of people were ut number ofvictims can not e known till The disaster appened by reason of a chain attached 3 a ferry boat slipping out of place and lowing the front of the bridge to sink id precipitate a crowd of six hundred seven hundred women arid chil en into the The people ere crowded there awaiting for ic new t ferrj steamer ust arrived from Xew to When the steamer got within two eet of the lauding a of persons imped on board and at that moment ic accident The other end the bridge went down suddenly and ic terror stricken crowd slipped off into IB harbor as though they were descend piling on top tf each other mckmg for help and scrambling or mcaui of safetv 1or some inutos there was a mass men and children struggling the but the accident had hardly appened before a men leaped to IB rescue The droning people wre apidly passed up to men standing above n the and the rapidity With hich rescuers performed the work re ilted in a great majority of those who ill in beiiig saved from When ic crowd slipped olf the landingstage people numbering some hun crowded to the sides of the wharf id threw sticks and boards to the Strug Ing mass iii the while a lifepreserverswere thrown themfrom ic Many people were struck and njurcd by Hying boards and all the odies recoved bear cuts and he statement of spectators show that ost of those who fell in were women and lildrcn and the scenes immediately fol iwing thedisasterwere When 1 those in sight had been brought the work of grappling for the rowued ones Within two ours four bodies were but up midnight no other victims had been It is believed at least three or ur others are Intense cx tement prevailed in Dartmouth and all fax when the news of the disaster jread and thousands flocked to the they remained until a late atchiug those working in the wing to the it is impossible o toll who arc but the number be The names of those hose bodies were recovered are Miss essic Peter Miss Allie ynott and JohnsHundy A TERRIFFIC Niimher of Ieoplelvitled mi July frightful explo on occurred tonight on the steamer Thirty people were aboard the learner at the When the work of escuing the survivors had which as almost instantly after the uly two people could be be found who scaped To make matters worse re broke out on the wrecked vessel and uge volumes of flames and smoke im ded the searchers for the dead and dy The bursting of the steamers oiler was the cause of the t was on the Chicago river at the foot f Washington street that the explosion This locality is in the heart f the eitv and the explosion brought eople running iu terror out of tall huild igs blocks Most of the victims were tevedores who were unloading the ves Only three of the Tiogas crew were eportcd on the The lire was a tubborn one and made it impossible at lie time to verify the report that the oilers had A statement was urrent that the explosion was due to uother accidental lighting of large tuantity of combustibles iu the arrow confines of the Tiogas deep In the near the steamers tern was where the fire held through bursts of lire could be seen a reat jagged cleft in the Tiogas decks nd and on the tall smoke stacks angled a huge frame work of timber waying backward and telling Vf the terrilic force of the sent it there from thirty feet be While the lire was still in an associated press reporter met the aptain of the illfated steamer ou the orward The officer consented o stop long enough iu his task f straightening outi the confusion revailiug to give a stateiueutof what he cnew of the Said he My utnie is I arrived icre last evening from in eom uand of the and we were unload ng at this dock when the explosion took place this I was iu the freight shed on the dock when heard a terrilic and running out saw the north quarter of the vessel enveloped in All of the crew of twentylive men were cither aboard at the time or were on the dock or in the freight after careful thai ill but three were accounted for and Those all from ivcre Second Engineer ieorge Lookout and Beck Ham William Besides the three missing who belonged to the there must have been twelve to fifteen met and probably half a dozen add tional These were the labor ers in the hold who were doing the un Eight colored men are posi lively stated to have been below and or seven others were at the hatches aid ing their fellow stevedores lower down The explosion occurred in the no in the machinery or as near as could and was probably due ti some combustible freight stored Up to nine dead bodies weri taken from the wreck and live or mori wounded conveyed to the Tiogas stern settled to the bottom of th river but it is not deep there and th decks were still above the It i estimated that will cover th damage to the vessel and Death of Three Victims of a Itail ArelilGii ear July lieaban and Henry I last nights railroad accident near Oswe which three women were killed died after four hours IN The Town Yisited tast ytgbt by a trous July from Ithaca this morning states that most disastrous lire ragedIn that tow last and that a total of twentj three buildings Were No mor particulars can be had Ithaca is th county seat of Gratiot county on the To ledo and Ann Arbor with a popt lation of The town doe woodworking institutions and is a pro perous Cotton Kciinery July refiner of the Southern Cotton Seed Oil compan near here burned More tha two hundred thousand gallons of o were lost by the burning of Los ridge over bpoon sixteen miles 1st of was destroyed by fire jes rday evening m twenty The Trains were llagged in me to prevent Two hundred on are rebuilding the JfIreiu a PUILADELPUI July brewery the Henry Muller Brewing company as damaged by lire th morning to the of Tw o men w ere badly j ELLA CORDELLS resitCleus Char Under Strict July etectives are busy m this city working evidence in the murder of Ella Cor of McDoiiough t i now learned that all partie suspt oned of the crime are nndet id that some very stattltng develop ents will soon be One of the stectives has been visiting but s yet it cannot be learned for what rea A bundle of bed clothing wrapped round a carpet was found near here id is in possession of the nd there is reason to believe that the nd has something to do with Ella Cor The murder was doubt ss committed at Detectives ay they will soon reveal the entire plot id bring the murderers to Arrest of a Supposed July xcitcinent has occasioned in Mc onough and the western part of Han ock county over the arrest of one Lewis who is supposed to be at the head a band of counterfeiters The gang had its headquarter at Vishnu a summer resort iu McDonough and a quantity of crooked silver ollars has been inadeand It thought the entire gang Will soon be A lloirililu July has cached here thata man named John living at murdered his Other and then chopped her body to When the crime was discovered art was found lying beside the remains iting a portion of Uangeil for July red was hanged at noon day for the murder of Jeff e confessed his NKW July John who murdered his paramour was hanged here July allagher was hanged this afternoon for murder of Louis He died irsing the AN INNOCENT in He Ihiiliic Chestnut un a Chicago Policeman and Came to From the Arkansaw u Chicago one night last week a icelydresscd man was caught in the act attempting to pass coutcrfeit nd was taken to the police hen drawn up before court the next lorning he seemed instantly to awaken n interest in the for he was in eed a finelooking fellow with a well red air and a face of striking express SAVhat is your name the judge I am Leroy he When the officers that had made the rrest were the judge turned Lcory and said I am orry for It docs not require much f an effort to sit in judgment upon the isdeeds of a man whose appearance be jcaks a hard but It requires an nn otnfortable exercise of nerve to pass ciiteuce upon a mere youth that bears he aspect of gentle the prisoner spoke please do not exercise your nerve to an ncomfortable extent ou my I m perfectly willing to relieve you of all esponsibility in this ou may discharge I suppose thejudge you see I have a duty to ou are charged with attempting to pass ounterfeit and as the proof gainst you is there can tie no oubt of your I dont think that I am think that you are I do dont you know whether or not ou are guilty I can not positively The ruth I was very much intoxicated ist and hardly know what I am that I never carried ny counterfeit money about and if attempted to pass worthless I anuot understand how 1 came by lint yon did come by it in some of all the counterfeit money I ever aw I think the bill you tried to pass was he Will you please let ine see it The judge handed him a piece of green The young fellow looked at it or a moment and then roared with You neednt Vhat you now perceive to be a rank lonntiTfeit last have veined clever eiiouge to I am uot laughing at the raukness of counterfeit I am laughing at the nan HIT iu which the bill came into my 1 am an actor and played ast My position iu the drama was uot a very high I ac cept a bribe of 510 from a fellow that is ittemptiiig to run away with a 1 took the green paper and put it uto the pocket of my vestI had been drinking during the performance and did uot change my clothes after the but went into a saloon to get a after taking I must have tendered this stage money for Your explanation is perfectly satis said the Iain pieasei to Hold on a moment exclaimed a po What do you want the judge asked t want to say a word in regard to this I want to say a word in re gard to a strange Sotm time while I was on the police ford of a fellow that looked a good deal like this man was arrested for pass ing a counterfeit aud at the tria next day he gave us the theater racket just as his nibbs lias and the judgi let liim LIovv do you explain that1 The young fellow began to hem am and the who by this tim had opened his eyes pretty asked Were you ever iu not at tlie tim that other fellow innocently attemptcc Passnim As the young fellow turned to go h remarked This is the worst police ridden town I ever Thedaywhe an innocent man had a chance has for ever American Institute of July American Institute of Instruction in ses sion here passed resolution favoring an educational exposition a Chicago at the Columbian ei dorsing fn th public schools aud commending federa aid to Blueberries Blackberries and Cantelope at the Litt Womeu ought to be carefi about opening their A youn woman at being frigh screamed loudly and dislocated he No table should be without u bottle or gosturu the world renowned App tUerof exquisite Bewareof countc A Bridge July Ch and Quincy covere at the TELK HOW TO rogress in the Educa tional Association at Storm KalMecl by u Keftolutloa Declaring Election of IHe Si July todays session the national educational association of arose to a question f pnv ilege to deny the published state ent regarding his candidacy for the Alexander ot then got he door on a question of priv ilese and ead from the constitution of the associa on to prove that the method of the ectiou of officers yesterday had been legal and was therefore null aritl e offered aseries of resolutions setting orth this statement and moved that the ection of officers be now His otion was immediately and e spoke in support of Ele said the onstitutton provided for an election by which had not been either was there any record of any ection nor of the announcement of one y the president His speech was heart y President Cauheld explained the resent constitution had been adopted or a small bodv and was in many ways nsuited for the greatly augmented umbers of thepresent he very rapid growth of the association ad compelli d the waiv ing of many con titutional and it would now e physically impossible to carry out all ic exact provisions of the e argued strongly in favor of the advis bility of the action saying it was etter to make one mistake than a thou and in trying to obey the letter of the iw for the reasons He declared ic motion and resolutions out of of who had sec uded Forbes appealed from the but President Caittield refused to ear his appeal and his decision was reeled with combinetf applause and The chair called immediately or the report of the president of the ducational and the matter was ropped for the session and probably for ic George of offered a esolutiou on the Columbian exposition at recommending the appointment of commissioner of education at the ex The lirst paper of the morning was on Organization and system originality nd individuality in teacher and y Henry of Des The concluding paper of the morning as an explanation of the work ana cope of the university and school exten on system of reading and lectures by nited States Commissioner of on At a meeting of the board of directors lis afternoon au informal vote was ken on the place to hold the next meet It resulted in 20 for Saratoga and for The vote does ot decide the matter beyond but as referred to a committee of five to onsider the propositions of the two ities and decide During the afternoon the various de artments met for the last time this he kindergarten department elected a resident for the Eudora of La of was elected resident of the department on elemeut ry The general topic of the high school as finishing school was considered by the econdary education of and James of read papers onagen ral and others followed ou special The college department considered the uestion of college administration and of matter of raising the standard of col eges in Committee reports were heard by the epartment on industrial education and naiinol Lewis f South was elected Aaron of read a aper before the music department ad ocatiug music as a regular part of the equired school work and the placing of t ou the same ground with arithmetic nd all other Judge of the Louisiana supreme delivered an interesting address onight on the race he concerned only the ut the whole It will not ettle must not be let It demands brave thought ml determined action if we would solve t by a bloodless All he trouble in the south arises from po itical jealousy of the negroes and from ear of the whites that the negro rule vill be restored and utterly destroy the lew born progress of the The rue solution of the race problem on a ust basis lies iu the restriction of suf rage and the only just restriction is an educational If tint negro vas enabled to exercise the right of suf rage intelligently all danger and ap rehension of racetrouble would This qualification should be ulopted by the general government Hid the same government should give the negroes the means of an education to jnalify them for the burdens and respon sibilities of tiie citizenship whicli the government placed on them to subserve ts own Public education is the peculiar and grandest distinction of the American nation and it ought to be pit into the national The press should cease to be partisan iu the presence of tills grave The statesmen should throw aside all tem porary expedience and adjust the ques ciou ou the basis just and fair and safe to both President of Livingston Xorth nexi delivered an address ou Education and the President Price i and an eloquent He argttei that negro freedom wotiid never be com plete until the uegrd became educated The solution of the problem is the grant ing to the negro all the civil rights to whicl he is entitled as a member of the human The race problem is a natitra outcome of and change must be made in the character o that While educating th poor the poor whites of thesoutl should not be President Canlieldmade a brief closing turning over the gavel to the nev who spoke fo a moment and then the thirtyfourth an nual convention of the National Educa tional association was adjourned Xew Albany n Xew IndianaiS jrcentage 5randF apids Division percentage DivisortSov 1 hicagor per centager sevenf Maney ross lr Louf pec Special tothe besf vision commander valued at 5100 Tirei ittalion Illinois 10 first regiment special prizejjl division distancW rora home by shortest railroad routed Vbbott Division Fall Rlvervl ossachusesss Lincoln Division win awarded If J lihcation ot the ritualistic work he supreme lodgerof SIOuv J The weeks exercises grand band concert WITH LOCKEB ird struggle the Democratic i ventioa of the Sixteenth Cor Futy I supposition that when the j ratic i ongressional convention for the vteenth in session ft Omllcv ijottrned last night that matters would faxed up and A nomination madedur ig the early balloting this his was not the case the coaven on having great difficulty m i pon man to pit against Tbo rst ballot this morning the lowed no After the fortyninth ballot was taken motion to adjourn until as but it failed to secure a Monot and Warwick were close igethcr on the fiftyfourth the inner holding his 52J and the tatter aving pulled up to Zimmerman nd Sherrick lost to Warwick John Warwick was IB seventyfourth PRIZES Tite Iytliiiiii Knijilits Conilav ut July Gen cral Carnahan did not intend to issue or dcrs to break the cftmp late th Knights began to take thei departure at an early hour thismorning TheIythiau supreme lodge had not ye got down to and itwill probabl be nearly the end of week before a adjournment is This morning session was almost entirely devoted t routine and a recess was take at until three oclock to give th committees a chance business referred to The announcement of awardfo for the drills were give this afternoon in Jnneau parkTh lirst wen to Efastin Division of Michigan per centage Er percentage Austin Xo Sew GENERAL FOREIGN Tile Popes July to the Iness of the the Montreal intiicw ominates Cuidinat Taschereau us his Canadas July state cut of the revenue received and dis irsed by the Dominion of Canada for te fiscal year to June shows sur its of the largest since the The Lomloii Letter July are becom ig more quiet among the letter id they are performing their stial A Decrease of July bulletins rom Volencia show a steady decrease of ic Betting On it Mountain From the Kew York The recent attempt of a Texas man to et up a fight between two bulldogs and puma reminds me of a queer proceed ig in our old mining camp in Xevada There were plenty of mountain lions rowling around in those one ti day we built n deadfall in hopes to nake a The fall was aheavy which was intended to break the but one night a varmint was aught in such a way that he was simply eld down and not a bit He ras fullgrown and as savage as a meat and we had an awful time getting im down to camp and caged We round but after about a week along came man with the meanest looking cur dog t his heels you ever The animal vas homely and awk and he weigh over twelve ounds at the The man heard bout our and after looking him ver he said here serins to be au opportu I think my dog can lickyour lion nside of rive You could have heard us laugh and yell mile but the man preserved a cry serious face and added Anybody kin but money Ill bet a hundred even up hat my dog licks your We jumped ou to him awfully rapid nder that and when he of ered to make it SSOO we jumped the After the stakes were up we set fixing for the There was a lattiral sink near by about as a irctts but as we had no way to en lose it we had to get a collar around our ions neck and send seven miles for a hain to hold By the use of forked ticks and blankets we got him out of the age and chained him to a stake the enter of this My but wasnt he ipping madT He rolled over and lestood on howled and ind none of us would have gone within of him for a thousand dollars The light was set and there vere 400 men At t o clock in the morning everything was and the mister of ceremonies announced the bet thai this i re log licks that ereIion in five minits The owner of the dog advanced with the canine under his and the lion The dog was Hung at and wonderful to the lion gttve him one lopk and turned Thc dog ran him five times around thai itingat his and scared half o the big beast twisted his head out of the broke through the and dusted for the ced ir The dog ran him out of sight ind then lame back as if nothing had the shouted the and the stakes handed We offered the a hundred dollars to explain how it was but he couldnt do it for a E dont All I know is that every thing gets out of his wav not us could ever feel islied as to why that raging old lion turned coward the way he tlow tlie Doctor Acts When a doctor is called to the bt dside of liis own sick child he look at hK medical books with a vt ry dtffeient spirit from that with which he studied it when he sat in the academy of and listened to and heard about the relation of certain partstof the human and theeffects at such and such medical and the significance of such and such symptoms These were all abstract matters then but that sickness has come intohis ow n o practicalquestion presents itself to namely How shall meet this tide ot fever What shall I lla in the ind there is no counselor or friend ne He has nothing to consult but his book AncC how differently he goos to that from what he did when he was simply studying It is his childzand If there any Mtccor he must Bud it Xow he reads for a purpose how sharply he lest he mav commit u mistakel And when he cured her J with what confidence he goes to hi neighbors children when thev are sicfc of thfrsamedisease And after succeeded iu curing them alsoby ing the same hesavs Talk A against the book oE I tell it has carried me throuzh m inv It is the medicating powerof the that gives it its t do not Its beautiful historicaf statements things areadmirabler but it wisdom and power ot God of mansInnermost thatiltsjwi The ancient battle singing a fighting Asa pickmetip use HendueW Powders Jn the

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