Friday, July 11, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 11, 1890, Burlington, Iowa cSfflCE senate Vote in Favor of the Silver BilL LrMns IxneOf Democratic Dilato ry Sting 4nc f July 10 the offered a resolution which was calling on the secretary of tiie iteriorlor information as to selection for reservoirs by the director of ecological The senate then resumed consideration conference report on the silver and was addressed bv Morgan JH op rttion to the report He expected to wasto be a crisis in the question of rrency of the people of the United of jtsmuch so in regard to the dc inetization of silver and confining of n1o smglo gold as wastlie 1873 He did not know hut the effect of the vote to be ntoda If it should result in the Volition of the conference bill would more fatal to the prospect f diver coinage in future then the act of The legislation of 3 had he an act Ithe assassination of the cr dollar It had been presided er the same senutoi whose fine Italian ind was to be seen in the conference a bill which was a total departure ronl the action of both the house and and was as e sentiall new as if t had been w ntten b the senator from hio OTthra the last fiv e dav s Morgan rent on TO speak of the legisla tion on all important matters being by the conference iMmmlttoe whose proceedings were iecret so that if the committee were teibeu to the extent of one nundrcd million dollars no senator would he per mitted to find it Allison re anarkej there was no necessitj of secrecy about the conference they ware public committees Jlr Morgan replied to that i emaik b saying that in this v crj discussion Shcr declined to answer a question listothe proceedings in the conference ittce on the ground that such pro ngs were secret Sherman said he had never denied lathe senate any information as to what look place in the Morgan predicted that Ttben others of the conferees came to irealizewhat they had done they would Jed like kicking themselves over a ten acre The bill would monometalize lie would inakc gold the only ithtoR with which to pay debts or to buy The craft of the senator from Ohio after twelve months considera tion hav e lived upon a hill that ould ire thoroughly destroy silver forever money than the conference bill spoke for three hours and closed with an appeal to the senators not to senator from Ohio Sherman io thrust his stiletto again into Call also argued against the con ference report Plumb spoke in its I The bill would give the country Usmueh money during the next year as free coinage would The hill is a long step in the right It is Plumbs belief if the bill becomes a law so nicely and easily will it work and so will it be to all people of the United States that the next stop will be free He would vote for the conference regretting that it is no glad that it is no i After further debate a vote was taken land the conference report was agreed to nays follows t iCullom Dimes Ed Eimu Joneffof Petti dlplomatic and consular appropriation Dili That Dill appropriated fifteen per more than the current yet the gentleman laving it In charge attempted to push jt through fifteen minutes Against that the democrats protested and the result was the waste of timeof which the complaint Why should the republicans complain of the democratic side when they had the responsibility attending the large major ity which they had made by questionable If they wanted to do business let then hring their members back from electioneering and summer re sorts of said when the democratic party obstructed legislation he did not nor did he onder at the present exhibition of obstructive tactics made by the democrats of the The school in which the demo cratic party trained was a school of ob struction It B as totally incompetent to he a leader of public to pro ject any new ideas of or to carry into actual an affirmathe pol ic It might before the people While the country had been going for ward with rapid strides democratic part stood holding on to the coattails of The gentleman Ten nessee McMillm said no matter what the country Wanted it must not look to democratic side Send for the republican members if something was needed here Do not depend on the democratic for it politically and in every other of doing anything but hold oiw At tempted fraud practiced upon the coun try by democratic talk about farm mort gages became a laughing matter to the democrats when a man spoke seriously on the The agricultural com mittee of the house had a number of im portant measures to docs it not do it Mr the demo cratic party has obstructed legislation to the extent of more than onequarter of the time of this Grosvenor extolled the present code of The democrats would never re peal or materially modify this They would camp tomorrow night where the republicans camped last night and say they were always in favor of this Grosvenor reviewed the legislation enacted by the republic cans in the present congress and then proceeded to criticise the democrats for their obstructive Let them be he Let them keep it Let them abuse their constitutional priv Third Day of the National Eduea tibnal Association Archbishop Ireland Beads a Paper in Declares ihFavorofCom pulsoryKdncmtlon and Church Control of Schools ilege to order roll calls but let it bo un derstood that the American people know what they were doing and why they doing The American people would decide between the republican party and the democratic party and with their ver dict they would he entirely Applause on the republican side and cries of from the July 10 third days session of the National Educational as sociatiOT was called to order another Immense crowd William K was elected E of New and J M of George E of submitted a resolution favor ing annual reports on the progress in pedagogical observations and mquir during the and it was adopted A resolution regarding spelling reform was referred to the committee on resolu tions The first subject of the morning Laws and Their En Archbishop of St read the first paper on the topic of The State School and the Parish Is Union Between Them Impos sible0 In opening his speech he de clared his 10 alty to the and said that he upheld but w ould hav e all schools state schools The imparting of instruction to a child was primarily the function of a child s parent The state intervenes when ever the family could not or would not do the work The state must conic forward as the agent of instruction or Ignorance will pievail In the absence of state action he believed universal instruction in any country would never be He unreservedly favored state laws mak ing instruction compulsor Instruc tion was so much by each citizen for his own sake and for that that the father who neglected to provide for his childs instruction sinned against the child and agairist and it be hooved the state punish Of he the parent enjoyed the right to educate his child in a manner suitable to himself provided always that education given in this manner was sufficient for the ulterior duties of the child toward himself arid Com pulsory laws recently enacted in cer tain states of the union objection able only in a few of their mdiv idual dissatisfaction with the school as at present The state it is tended to the elimination of religion from the minds and hearts of the youth of the he was his grievance against the state schools of The state school is It ignored re There is and could be no religious j past exalted The government of the order has becn placed upon a democratic basis grand lodge will meetings in it sees fit York as herhtofore The elders is abolished and all members will he known in future as Elks The temper ance question was freely discussed and a motion passed prohibiting the use of liquor at social sessions The next meet ing will be held on the third Wednesday m May at low ing officers were elected today C of San grand O Clarke of Now grand inner and G A of grand chaplain TELEGRAPH LINES t SAVED FROMMMQBrlJ fc TKe Countess Shrewsbury Res euedfrom Rioters i AiijAmerican ill J Experience of i bjWomen Who Try to Steal 4 Her Diamond t s Wires on the 1aclflc Coast Cut by Drunkin July telegraph wire on the Union Pacific railroad near has been and all communitation with the west and the Pacific coast by this main route of the Western Union Telegraph company has been complete since dajlight morning The for this state of things is a novel one It seems that a lot of cowbojson a roundup near Sjd noy isited that town last night and when thej had exhausted all pleasures of the metropolis of Cheyenne count at dajlight they mounted their ponies and proceeded a few milewest of town where the cut all thewiresaud knocked off the insalatori by shooting at them with The Western Union has sent a large foice of repairerto the but it my be some tune befoi f the d image i repaired PACED DEATH FOR TEN Imbedded AH Night 111 the Mud with Water Two Inches from His N J July 10 a resident of this was found on Tuesday firmly imbedded in the mud on the bank of Little Timber with the water within two inches of his chin It is supposed that he had been in the mud for ten although he is not ct able tocgrve an account of his mis his fearful experience ing ren dered him tcmporanl insane It is be lieved that he wandered the banks of the creek on Monday and that after he got into the marsh he was un able to extricate himself and gradually sunk in the mud during Monday night His terrible struggles probably caused dethronement of his IS HE A WILD MAN Old T The journal was then yeas nays The conference report on the diplo matic and consular appropriation bill was adopted yeas nays of submitted and the house passed the conference re port on the agricultural appropriation The house then went into committee of the whole on the land grant forfeiture of New spoke of the efforts of the democratic houses to forfeit unearned land grants and of the steady opposition of the senate to those both houses being in control of the compro mise had been patched The pend ing measure might well bo entitled a bill to compound a felony with rail roads which have stolen Pending further discussion the com mittee rase and the house teaching where the principle of nonsec tarianism It follows then that the child would grow up in the belief that religion was of minor importance and religious difference would be his The state need not teach relig but for the sake of its people and for its own it should facilitate and per mit the action of the But it hindered this Asa solution of the difficulty he would permeate the regular Actions of a IIalfJakcd Man Near Special to The HawkEye J Mo Tuly 10 ing north of this place e been badly frightened recently by the appearance of Monday night when the Bow street riot was at Its height the countess of with her escort and of New left the opera house and en tered her brougham to be driven to her residence The vehicle was stopped by tho mob and quickly surrounded Sev eral ruffilans vvsenched oft one of the car riage doors and others seized the countess and attempted to drag her to the ground and stiip her of the diamonds she which were of great Mr Webb sprang to the defense ot the countess and dealt assailants several telling blows but both he and his companion were rapidly becoming when they were fortunately rescued Just at the moment when it seemed that the countess would be dragged into the a troop of the Life Guard dashing against the scatter ing the rioters m all directions The soldiers assisted the coachman to replace the broken door of the vehicle and con ducted the countess and her escort be yond the reach of the mob Mrs of New had a similar except that her assailants were w ho stopped her carriage and ittiekcd her with even greater vio lence than the male rioters v isited npon the countess ot Shrewsbur Mrs Field was also rescued by the soldieis before the theft of her the object of the attack upon could be a comp A repoit comes from Vienna this morn ing that Premier ot Bul was shot by a girl at Solia ye ter da The story reached Vienna through Bucharest and lacks but it has created some anxiet here Stam boulolt has been the real ruler of Bul garia for some and has stood in the way of Russias designs much more than Prince Ferdm who is merely a figurehead lie is a strong man with en lightened v lew s and a resolution that nothing can shake To his firmness was entirely duo the recent execution of Ma jor Panitza for conspiring to kidnap or kill Prince The prince was willing to let the a gallant soldier in the war with off with his but the stern prime minister insisted on making an example If the report of his assassination should prove true it will make little difference whether he lost been at andf at a total loss ot i J It is Impossible at this jnoment to thejnumber have been many charred be yond recognition t and others fearfully mutilated Fifteen soldiers are receiv ing attentionsat the them being and it is The number of civilians injured is 4 considerable Fully ot tho town is de stroyed and seveneighths of the inhabit ants are homeless The various British West India islands have aided with grants ot money their afflicted sister colon t GENERAL FOREIGN FordVlTerribleVExperietiee at A Serious ireat Narrow Escape f V State Honors to American July A banquet given to day in honor of onithe dallfes ootaJareSfightfng that1 Its stopped that constables havebeen serving j as witnesses in a cases drawing witness fee ami each thefdectsfono the Iowa supreme court tkiniv direction LAWYER x was the visiting riflemen Emperor William scut a tele gram from Christiansand expressing his good wishes Emperor Francis King Humbert an Leopold sent cordial iTlie Cession of Inly the hone of lords this ev cnmg Lord Salisbury mov ed a second reading of the bill providing for the to He generally belittled the Importance of the Island to England and magnihed the advantages to be derived from the trinS fcr liijureil by an July 10 the fleet ac companying Emperor William was enter ing Christiana a gun on boird the Tnederiih dcr Gross exploded pre maturely tirnblj injuiins live of the crew A NEW YORK Tbe south C irolina Code TrUliferrcd ti Manhattan Keach Xi w Inly 10 the inattei otherw i e or the officers of thcliw thcie will be aduel fought at the seaside morn ing It all comes from a Sunday row among some fashionable folks at Manhat DBS July Is very much worked up over a maddog Several dogs m this vicinity have gone mad this summer and much is felt all especially In the suburbs regarding the To daywhile Dan a in the state was passing the street on his way to thestate house large dog with flaming eyes and frothing mouth rushed out ol a side street directly at hpa i Before Ford could jump aside the vicious creature had attacked him and in the struggle that ensued sank his fangs Into Mr Fords Fords left thigh creating an ugly and painful gash Breaking away from the frothing Mr Ford hurried foa physician and had the wound cauterized ind is doing as well as can be The dog was It U probable that an effort will be made to have all dogs m this city Morgan thePenaltyot Illegal ings brought by the grievance committee of the Polk County Bar associatum against Setlt Morgan for disbarment be gan la the district court todaybefore JudgeBishop The brought against 3Iorgan are that he collected money for client withont to said client for the1 that he in duced an lady to a false statements or Its contents tried to Induce witness vto testifyIn case under promi e of receiving money for the same and general ij principles Judge Bishop after TJ the testimonyof someOf teen then disbarred Seth Morgan thev Polk county bar Morgan at present rusticating the 1 SERVANT GffiLS state school with of the majority the religion of the chil onuu COtlt StockbrldEC VTiUUi I llutc Blnckliurn ull t n COLkrell rauik f Jones of 1 1jisco Tbc following pairs iverc announced Hale and Chandler and 1ad ilock and Teller and Wilson of lora and Wilson of THE More Democratic Dllitory vcuttors prayer in the house this the demo cratic program was opened by Outhwaite raising the point of order that there was no quorum This to business for a short but when a quorum finally dilatory motions were offered by the democratic members which had the effect of pre venting the transaction of any business Enloe of wanted the journal it being recorded that un a certain vote he was present and not He was not present during that During the talk on this matter Rogers of gained the floor and made a speech In which he discussed in a sarcastic the new rules of the Speaking on the matter of a free ballot and fair he said a lair count could not be obtained In this He then quoted from and commented in an ironical Speaker in Tlic iortli Jmcncmi JJcmcio on the subjct ol contested He commented io the other side of the house an article In tho JTorOi American Review signed He was told a lady had written but it was said the real author was a distinguished statesman from Maine who lield a high and honorable position under the present At the con clusion of his remarks the journal was amended as suggested oy Fithian and of then rose to have the journal corrected but the speaker pro Bur row s recognized who moved the approval of the journal and demanded tho previous The previous question was nays speaker counting a Fithian and Williams then spoke at some about the error in recording tho names of stating they were not present during tho roll call Cannon replied that that madev no If the rules could DO evaded b a man stepping out of theliousea second before his name was called and stepping hack after it had been the rule amounted to The gentleman had been according to his own and even if he were quorum withouthim so he Cannon did not see what harmthere was in moving the previous Ever since day before yesterday the re publicans had been trying todo Thismorning the witty gentleman from Arkansas Rogers wasted an hour scold ing the It was democrats did not want to They not want the diplomatic and consular bill It was evident if legislation was to be had tho republican representatives must be in their places and must do the legisla If the gentlemen were absent on account of hcnoped they would speedily recover and come If they were absent hy leave of the house he was satisfied they would There important bills to ne There were sitting wrongfully in this house members not entitled to sit and rile republicans owed it themselves to seat the men who were entitled to seats to spite of alltlie common scolds in the United fEepuolican of member must be and refuse to in to give the speakers right gentleman FORMULATING The IJejiulilicans Senators Hold a Busi ness July repubji I ein senator were in caucus three hours inight discussing the order of business Tin outcome was a decision to conclude tinconsideration of the pending shipping and then take up the sundry civil appropriation There was a pro lougiied donate respecting places to be as signed the tariff and river and harbor bills as well as the expediency of the considcr ion of the national election bill this but no decision was reached as it was believed before the matters above referred to were disposed of the demo cratic policy would be sufficiently re vealed to guide the republicans in for mulating measures to meet the The speeches tonight showed there was a decided majority for the federal election bill and it is said no one strongly objects to but a fairly good number showed a great deal of lukcwarmncss on the sub There wasalmost unanimity In the opinion that it will be absolutely neces sary to adopt the closure rule in order to pass the and Senators and a few of the other old senators thought this would outweigh the benefit to come from the bills Senator Edmunds suggested sitting it out but it soon developed that for one reason or said plainlv hot weather did not propose to do this These senators favored doing business or It was from the west that indifference to the bill though at least and it is said western senators were by no means favorable to Senators Aldrich and of the rules were among those who dren of tho be it as protest ant as protestantism could be and ho would do as they do in pay for secular instruction given in denomi national according to That each pupil passing an examina tion before the state officials and in full accordance with the state would secure to his school the cost of the tui tion ol the pupil state In conclusion tho archbishop protested against the charge that the schools of the nation have their enemies among Cath Catholics were loyal to the coun try and demanded Christian state Oscar state superintendent of schools of read the next paper on the same general Cooper held that the compulsory education law contravened the fundamental idea which is dominating the development of Amer ican the minimum of law thoroughly enforced with the maxi mum of law with a minimum of free Rather than compulsory laws he favored better schools The general discussion on the subject of compulsory laws was participated in by Aaron of James of Super intendent of and State Superintendent of The last speech was the strongest of the being a complete statement of all reasons in favor of such President of Wiscon read a paper on The Corelation of tho Subjects Taught in Elementary of Iowa and others continued the discus a wild A report today comes from Keokuk to the effect that the man has also been seen on several occasions on the outskirts of that on which oc casions he badly frightened women and lie is described as being old in with a shaggy beard and a ferocious cast of His matted white hair streams from the palsied while his eyes roll wildly cither with fever or The creature appears in almost a naked con tan beach hen the ste uner stirtcd his wife at the hands of a agent or of one of the Panitzas His death would deprive Bulgaria of the stead hand that has held the helm through the storms of the past live years and leave the way oped for Russian as The statement telegraphed all over Europe this morn ing that Russia will not propo e the duke of Leuchtenberg for prince of Bul on the ground that the present state of principality Russian JtUSSliill 1ULC1 carrying only a red blanket th t th meau which he uses as a His chief de light to lie down near the railroad remain there a short time and then jump and soon repeat the He has occasionally begged for food at farm but his con dition has always alarmed women and he has been driven It is believed that the man is no other William a prominent old resident of Pal who disappeared from that place some weeks All efforts to capture the strange man have proven A BLOODY RACE Six Men Killed and Twelve Wounded in a Georgia Melee July A fatal race riot occurred at Starrs mill Fa ctte this afternoon Tour negroes were killed and six two of whom are reported dying Eight whites were shot but it is thought only not favoiablc to is interpreted to advisers are acv ing him to take some decisive step Lord Salisburys plan for acquiring the Congo Free State for England appears to have miscarried for tho mainly through the opposition of the American and the Dutch delegates to the anti slavery Belgium now steps in and by a loan of given without makes an arrangement by which the territory is to come into King Leopolds possession in ten The real meaning of this is that Leo polds enormons which include the patrimony of Maximilians have been eased off through the friendly in tervention of Lord Salisbury and that the Bclaian king in nurse the Congo state until England is ready to take formal possession of There is a good deal of comment in po litical circles over the changes that Parnell is gradually making m hi faith representa arise lie is b ick for the city then was a rush One of the first to rcaeli tho deck was an old gia haired who appropriated two c imp satdow non one of them and placed his feet on the othci bud dcnh Edward a member of the 2few ork Outing who is stop ping at the Avon Beach Long espied the sceond and approaching the old asked him if the stool was he replied I want to rest my foot retorted oung Romberg I want that chair for a lad and I m going to have it Then Romberg grabbed one end of the settee and the old gentleman the A tug of war ensued and the test of strength suddenly telling on the old fel he relinquished his hold on the chair and Romberg fell violently to the As soon ashe regained his feet he started to punish the old but Alfred E an insurance broker who is stopping at the Oriental Manhat tan interfered and warned him not to lay hands on the old Then Hassatt walked up to Romberg and ac cused him of assaulting the old gentle a stor politel re torted the Outing Club man You arc OPENED THE Kepublic uw of Des If old an Enthusiastic Special DES July republi under the auspices ot the six re publican held an enthusiastic and v ery largely attended ratification meeting tonight Judge George who was the permanent chairman of the state presided and made a very forcible which was greeted with great applause low i band of thirty pieces furnished the and the campaign opened m a way that shows the Des Moines republicans are in line without Vmong the speaker vveie Ray II b Wilcox John Y Sfonc md Late Yonn Hon John A T candidate for made one of hi speeches and received a regular ovation Resolutions heartily endorsing the state ticket and platform and also the nomina tion of Captain and pledging that the siv clubs would use every honorable means for succe s The whole ticket was adopted b i unanimous vote amid great cheering A national air was played by the band and the meeting ad journed with three rousing cheers for the coming WAR IN THE A of Disgust Over tile Ontrict Judge Special to The HawkEycJ I is w arm the camp of the seventh judicial di triet of Iowa As was announced by THE HAWKEYE Wednesda morning a dele gate contention of the members of the bar ot the counties of Jackson Muscatme and was held at this city Tuesday afternoon for the purpose ot placing in nomination a strictly non partisan ticket ot three candidates for district judge It was expected that Judge of Mu Judge The FairDLsh Washersat Organizing forHigher Wages Special toTieflavc Ese t bT la Jul JO this age of labor organizations the servant girls of our enterprising city are not going to be behind hand the movement and are perfecting plans for the ot a servant girl s Thefirst will be to secure an advance in from fift cents to one dollar a Next will a demand for lighter work and more liberty and noninterfer ence the should he to stay late at night There is trouble ahead in more than one family the become A FATAL STEP hould K Walks Ott Train at Crestou Ci tsriis Tuly 10 R Earlev a supposed resident of walked off the rear end of a passenger tram near Deerfield list night and was mstintly killed Buried in Special toThe HawkEyeJ July 10 while Frank a farmer living in Greely went down into awell to re move the carcass of the walls ot tlfe well caved burying him beneath twentytwo feet of soil and rockA gang of men were actively remov ing the debris from his which was found considerably mutilatedHis wife i awiv from home but the neighbors are noc certain as to the place Alierton Will Try to Break His Special to The HawkEyeJ fa 10 a Howat of Clinton and Judge Wateman of of making them wa eighteen fatally in killed and ful band of parliamentary As fast as vacancies Thi the bill to stop and ben ator Teller was ever more determined in his opposition to it than Senator Ed GENERAL WASHINGTON Veternary Inspectors of Imported Amer ican Cattle to ue July depart ment of at tho suggestion of Sec retary effected an airange rnent for the appointment of three vct ernary Inspectors for the purpose of in specting all American cattle landing in Great The secretory day the restrictions of the British gov ernment upon the importation of beef cattle from this country on the ground less plea of the continual existence of contagious cattle diseases n the United States were unjustifiable and had lasted long Ho now proposed to prove to the satisfaction of the British author ities that no disease exists m this coun try to warrant these 11 maintained in spite of this evidence some other cause must be assigned for American Steamers Ordered to Central July navy de partment having received information of Luble imminent between Salvador and Guatemala has ordered the United States steamers Ranger and Thetis to proceed to the west coast of CentralI America and look after the protection of the Ameri can The Wyoming Admission Act July president late this afternoon approved the act for the admission of Wyoming as a state of the General Crop July crop re port gives the condition of wheat for June as against last Spring wheat has advance from to Taken together winter and spring wheat make an average of instead of given last A Crisis at July general feeling here regarding the railway situa tion seems to be that a crisis is at A meeting of railway classes is being held here afternoon United States Com missioner of Education delivered an address to tlje normal department on the difference between the normal and the high Tho art department elected Han nah Johnson of New presi dentforthe coming Miss Lillian of vicepresi and of secre of read to the industrial manual training department a report on tho nomenclature and classification of manual training work Professor Alexander of Mich igan advocated early educa tion in geology before the department on elementary Gustavo Gutten of followed with one on science training in the primary and grammar Miss of told of prisori schools in mining The main topic at the evening session was the place and function of the ag ricultural Papers were read by of and Lewis of South While this Was jn session tho alumni of many colleges and uni versities were meeting in social THE PYTHIAN The Supreme Lodge at Milwaukee Klcct Days Program July this morn ings session of tho Pythian Supremo after the transaction some rou tine the election of s officers was Tbe trouble started with a row between a darky who was selling and a white The qurrel was taken up by until many became involved and the shooting spon became ROBBED OF HER Paran Stevens Loses Worth ot Jewelry at Rhode Jul facts have leaked out here this afternoon of an ex tensive diamond robbery at the residence of Paran Stevens on Bellevuo ave The police are very reticent and at the request of Stevens decline to say anything Saturday last Mrs Stev ens missed from her jewel caso a pair of diamond bracelets valued at She claims to have lost worth since Keokuk Nauvoo July railroad com mittee appointed by tho citizens of Nauvoo recently to make a canvass of the stock citizens should subscribe towards the capital stock of the Keokuk Nauvoo have corn pleted its labors and have assigned some hvo hundred shares at S100 each to citizens as are Interested and who are able to make such The subscription not to be paid until the road is built and trains are running between Niota and through whicli is promised by the rail road company in July If Nanvoo makes tho subscription of it will have done all that could be asked of that It certainly needs a road to place in market and undoubtedly it will get It is a matter of congratula tion that Qnincy is to bo a winner by such a and that it is a move in the right direction of freedom from the rail road tyranny which has kept this city under in the filling them w ith Irish Protestantand men of English university The Irish of are always ready and willing to vote for whoever may be selected b their great but the priests and the Catholic element in England aic somewhat siispiciouslv wonderina what Parnell s move is to Tho selection of Mr Hirrionfor Mid Dippcrary and Rockford Maguire for one of the div iions ot Donegal are cited as instances of the leaders desire to se cure able and highly educated protest ants as members of This policy has the entire approval of the Irih parliamentary and is pur sued for the purpose of conciliating the mass ol the Irish protestants and remov ing all cause for criticism on the part of English nonconformists and Scotch pres byterian Mr Knok is a son of the protestant bishop of Belfast and is very popular among the ounger prostest ints of Ulster Fully a fourth of the Irish members are now protestants and all o them represent constituencies thit ar overwhelmingly THE FEARFUL WORK OF Details of the Destruction ol Fort on1 the Island of POUT OF July coi corning the destruction on June 22 o the town of Fort of in the Frenc Island of have just reached Immediately after the catastrophe Governor of sent an appeal for assistance to tho governor of assuring him that threequar ters of the town had been burned and that more than persons were with And arc a plain every day indignantly exclaimed the After gl tnng at each other furiously for a moment the angry men flow at one another with the ferocity ot a couple of tigers Romberg let out with his right and caught the broker m the The latter retaliated by knocking the Outing Club man Then they clinched and were having it out hammer and tongs when they crashed through a window into the ladies cabin Custom Hou e Inspector Daniel Webster who is an separated the belligerent swells and held them apart until a spe cial officer pulled Ha satt aw a from and took him to the forward tart of the As tho boat John enteredher Up it the battcrv Has att broke away roin the officer and hurrying back to where Rombers was surronnded his friend he cilled him a coward and a cur arid offered to do him up then arid Romherg declined to haveit but intimated that he would like to meet the broker on the field of Chen Ilassatt pulled out his card and thrust it Rombergs The atter pulled out a piece of pasteboard md handed it to Hasatt After the ex change of cards the men were led away b then respective friends In the afternoon Rombergs seconds called upon Hassatt arid made all the arrangements for the it is w ill be fought w ith pistol at Bath Bea h at sun rise Thursday morning whould be as they now compose the bench of the district special matinee to morrow All half brother of the famous Axte will trot for a purse to beat hi record ot 2 16K Xotwith tandmg I e is still somewhat lame from the effet ts of ac cident at the fair ground track lost tall it is thought he will prove faster than Axtell in end Judicial Special to Ttte HawkEye J i July the republi aud are regarded with the highest de convention held here giee of satisfaction by citizens and Jude j Heapersoll attorneys kinson were unanimously But the bar primaries had been packed u took m the interest of the defeat of the last termlne who would be the third and one or two others of this and had also tampered with the feelings of Mr ot Lyons They went to the convention and both thesejudges were lett oft the Lyman A EIli of and L M Fisher of substituted ft was a piece of dirty pavilion at Chicago filled with exhibits work beneath the dignity of the made oy the children of the sentative bar of any county dis lowii Childrens Fair Associa Special to The DES Jnly 10 movement has been started in this cit to organize an low a Children W orlds Fair associa tion The plan is tohwe a and the smal wind that was Transfer Depot trans entrusted theTr The loss was judges to the that it might be taken onto Twice when polit ical nominations have been made they have risen and rebnkcd them with aeleat t against heavy regular mvjorities They TComlnated Special to The HawkEyeJ Aloises Jnly 10 congres conventioa today BHUTANS SILLY on the H Sea In Tuoune m an editorial on the Behring sea matter to morrow will sa that congress has acted in cilling for the corres pondence on the Behring sea controvcr It is ev says the thai Lord Salisbury is advancing some most absurd There is some reason to believethatacertalnqnalityot menace has been imported toluslater tones borne curious military and naval opera tious have been going on lately about our Great Britain has been strength ening her splendid defenses at Halifax increasing the military and naval forces adding to her licet at the Ber mudas and Bahamas and sending consid erable squadrons to Behring If she desires this display to be interpreted by the United States as u menace she i Georee D of Sioirc Cityvfor feel that these directly con ftom he district trary to instruction and expressed wish are a betrayal of faith and a The I v papers of the district are united in de uanding that the nominations to not and they ore unanimouslv ported by the The Democrat of tin cit this evening publishes a call for a nonpartisan niass Kenbminated Couirressman If la July hcms of the third district haverenom inateil Congressman A LOCKOUT WClllUg i work ol the bar convention This call is supplemented with page ol inI terview business and representa Retaliating Upon NEW July manufacturers association of Xi tivi all of whom agree that these has given notice to their cutters nominations are iniquitous The feeling that the wonld all be locked out and the meeting will be at The manufacturers state that thisstep is taken m for the boycott placed on one of their Alfred Benjaman Co Over persons will be out of out homes and The legislative proceeded George of Eau was elected supremo chan and of Ken supreme vice chancellor Supreme Eli San California supreme master ex Dela ware supremo keeper of the records and Tennes see supreme master of Mor San Francisco grand secretary of the endowment of Chicago supreme Inner of Wyoming supreme outer of District of Prize drills were continued the Tcrack of tho order making a fine Tonight there was a magnificent display of fireworks at Cold Spring Park in the presence of a crowd of eight Tomorrow the prize drill will Dont Want Special to THE July exciting ly contested case in the county court has just begun at trying the Hunt Drainage districtagainstCharles Gardner and The case is one of eminent the commissioners of the Hunt Drainage representing thou sands of acres of valuable bottom lands below served an order from the court to throw channels for draining purposes across the lands ot Gardner and damages were to be Gardner and other land owners object and re spond and say that the contemplated drain be Useless and dangerous to their A host of witnesses were present and many The drain age matters of the Hunt district have occasioned no little THE all the situation The sceivefreieht dovoting their Their Session at Cleveland t July Grand Lodge of Elks finished theirhusiness to committee was to stf cure an injunction against the Kew YTork was ThVnew consUtutiopT provIdeSjthat each Syrnp of FiKV i Produced from tho laxative and nutri tious juice of California combined with the medicinal virtues of plants the most beneficial to tho human acts the kid liver and effectually cleansing the dispelling colds and and caring habitual Con i t i July just reached this city that the7Lalte El mo from here fin the the Sti burned not theSlosstwill cure council Immediately voted in aid ot the On tho morning of June on receipt of thenews of the lire at Fort de two steamers with men and pumps on board were sent fiom and on their arrival at Fort de France at about halfpast one tho whole seaboard was In Tho fire had destroyed every thing within the space of over one hun dred yards up tho river It was not until the of the presidents office had caught fire that the pumps arrived and organized meas ures were adopted to save the which after an hours hard struggle was Meanwhile the cathedral was In flames and was soon in The panic became Women and children were screaming and running hither and and furniture was being thrown out of windows into the streets until they became almost Impass At the last when it was too dynamite was employed to ar rest the progress of the Terrific explosions were heard and whole blocks were seen to killing some and wounding At night the fire had consumed everything between RucDufosso and the and between the Sayane and river Madame At about 10 tho houses at bottom of the Rue du Government were only by strenuousefforts were the presbytery and gendarmeries Had they fallen the whole town must have been It was right here that the progress of the flames were morningwastpitiful inthe The is engaged in a foolish and regretable It is not agreable to a spirited people to feel that an effort is being made to awe them into submission by the display of engines of We can imagine no proceeding on Englands part more like to convince the American people that the Behriug sea is a mnrc ctausuni British borhood than the presence of the gunboats in the neigh of our PrlbylofE Wecan fancy no demonstration more ad mirably calculated to unite this country in a resolute determination to persist In its extreme demand than the sight of British cruisers hovering around our Atlantic It is desirable that Great Britain should appreciate this The Americans cant suppose this unusual congress of war ships is an ex pression of genuine British But whatever it it serves no good purpose and the British government will do itself a favor by ordering its cruisers tended by the leading members of the bar of the other three counties as well as prominent citizens fromall ot and by hundreds of business men ot Davenport The nomination of the judiciary of the district has been dragged into the meanest kind of politicsafter having been carefully taken and now the people mean to come to the rescue and drag it out And after this it will probably stay It will kill the ALBIA A Escape From a Serious Con Jnly suffered a loss by fire this and the whole busness part of the town had a very narrow The lire was at the southeast corner of the public square and a strong breeze blowing from the southeast and our only steam fire engine In pieces for The losers are lost no Mason and Imple insured for SSOO in the Hartford on buildings and lumber no meat S500 in sured Jor S300 In the of Des By the time the hook and dec assisted by the got the fire under the steam fire engine was Several smok ing buildings were South Dakota The 7 Inde pendent convention here adjourned to day after nominating thefollowing ticket lieutenant gov of Yankton Frank of Millbrook Captain of Bijou secre tary of ot Harvard attorney of Get tysburg for Leavitt of Lincoln The convention refused to any States Indorsement for JUnlted THE DES MOINES LEADER Frank The Out T a Complaint of f to The DES the constable who shot Chambers has sworn out complaints before Justice Parrott against the upon tho Des Moines leader basing that paper commenting his char acter and action as constable5Ifa have been made the are knownto bo1 In the and are expected to be servedthefirstf thing in the begone of the most sensational cases in Strike on Pie touisvOle and July three hundred Nashville brake men and switchmen have gone on strike Traffic is blocked and one hundred cars ot fruit and other i ishables are in the There are no developments in the situation today cept that the Louisvilleand has brought fifty new men to the city and they will be put to work this No trouble has Vonltry at the July meeting ot has heretofore known In the Poultry Breeders was icld The will ze a corporation under the Columbian Poultry the intention being tohave leadquarters at Chicago for wort paratory to holding a grand exhibition faj if thoroughbred poultry sometime tng the worlds Veer July local paper a big fight is among the brewers this It lies which has bought upa numJ her of the largest breweries the city the ana the result of the fight so far hassheemf prices from S3 p the outside JuneCrop Keportj report ot the Illinois stateboard ofjagn cultnre will show that area Is devoted to small the was strewed twith odds 4 and the midstof which were camped Ing for Application board of railway J J t V nied the application of f but theyield waireach 1889J Small fruits tipto the averager there stock r ro the application of reduction otthelocal fjtDEs rate in Kansas to Lbclng madebyithe

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