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Burlington Hawk Eye

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - July 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa r S heSeriateConsiders the Conference Kepbrt on the Silver Cox The Bill to Prevent Collision at Sea XMMd Jn the Jhe louserefusedyeas nayj to consider the resolution from the com mittee on July the senate ferine conference report on the I silver bill was taken up and Test proceeded to Estate his objections to A ma of the senate had he for free coinage of but the confer ence report absolutely did away with all adea of free and as intended to f icontmue the system under which silver had been persistently and consistently degraded since 1S73 He was anxious to socunabsolute parity between the two i metals as money metals He read the clause of the second of the conference being the established policy of the United states to maintain the two metals on a parity with otherupon the picsent 1 legal or such ratio as may be pro 1 vided by asked why that declaration had been It had put he lor the purpose ot saying to the treasury departmentthat until silver came to be on a parity with cold it should pay out gold and public business should be conducted on a gold i He for one would never vote to j maintain that The conference bill might give an increased jnarkct for silver but principal for which the senate two metals should oe on a been giv en away in jiliat bill absolutely and Coke expressed concurrence in the conclusion reached by Vest and said he would not support the conference Twothirds of the people of the United he who were in favor of free Jind unlimited coinage of and the admitted majority of the were liecked at every turn by the e and the secretary of the He pro posed to vote against the conference because he preferred it as it now Sherman explained and defended the A question had arisen In the conference he whether C the two houses could be brought to an lagreement on the two bills passed by them In the first section of the conference bill the language of thefirstscctiou of thehouse bill remained somewhat the but the amount of silver to be purchased had been in Much to his regret it had been fixed at a larger amount than the entire American product of silver It had been made mandatory not permissive on the secretary of the treasury to buy four and onehalf million ounces of silver each which at the rate of ounce or sixteen to one would amount to a yearly issue of sevcntj million in treas ury The legal tender clause in the house bill and in the senate bill had been somewhat and somewhat alike and the question had come up in the conference whether it would be right to deprive the citizens of the United States of the right to contract lor payments in gold or anything It been agreed that treas ury notes to be issued for like the silver dollar on which it was based should be legal tender for all pub licaud unless where otherwise stipulated in That same clause was to be found in the Bland Voorhces said the trouble about the conference bill was not whether the secretary of the treasury would obey the but that every single section of the bill gave a discretion to the secretary of Ike treasury who was packed against Every single section of tho bill and was intended to discretion on tlie secretary of the by which he could dis honor and degrade silver as He did not reflect upon the present secretary of the The depart ment had been packed against silver ever since he Voorhees had been a member of the not merely under the re publican but under his own until he was weary of He would not say the conference bill was a cheat or a but under its in stead of being more potent as a factor in the prosperity of the United States would shrink back and take its place as a miserable commodity instead of being clothed with the dignity of k Teller said that as much as he dis liked the adoption of he was compelled to support the confer ence bill as the only measure which could to the people of the United States for the next few Congress would assemble in December next and if the bill did not work well it could be reformed next Hewas restrained by tho courtesy due to another body the house of representatives from express ing his opinion with regard to its The body which had been considered representative body of the American people absolutely floated in tho face of ie New Crater atXorrU Wyom on a L July Ifoble received late this afternoon the following dispatch from SuperintendentTJoutell at Mammoth Hot Wyoming This dispatch just received from Xorris Basin there Vas a severe shock of followed by a terrible and the geyser called Sew Crater had an It is throwing a column of stones and water about two hundred feet in circumference to a height of about one hundred and twenty five and the whole basin around that 1 Opening of thejfational Educational The Welcomed to the City In Happy First of at GENERAL WASHINGTON TwoElection Cniei July house com mittee on elections today disposed of the two Mississippi contested election Hill from the third dis and Kernaghan from the seventh The decision was in favor of the sitting democratic Patchings and Tensions for Army July Belknap today reported favorably from the committee on invalid pensions the bill granting a pension of S12 a month to all women who served as army nurses in the late war for a period of six months or more and who rendered services to the sick on the The Presidential Party WASHIXGTONV July president Secretary Halford and and Ttfiss Halford arrived this afternoon from Cape Placed on the Retired July Gen eral Benjamin Giersoii was placed on the retired list of the army THE FATAL An loiva Lady Struck Down in July Lizzie whose home is at was prostrated by the heat this morning and taken to the county The day opened a little warmer than the lowest point touched by the mercury being 76 but it did not rise as rapidly as Clou Is overspread the sky and there was a good breeze from the At ten oclock the thermometer marked S3 The Hottest Day July has been the hottest of the the thermometer at the signal office registering at this A good breeze tempers the fierce heat and thus far no fatalities have been A Number of Prostrations in NEW July is the hot test day New York has experienced in a number of years and a number of pros trations have already been but so far no deaths have At the thermometer marked The Heat Ju July ther mometer registered 97 in the shade bore at this The Hottest Day in July was the hottest day of this The tempera ture was Died From the Effects of a Special to Tho HawkEyeJ DES July who fell from a tree while sawing off a limb died from the effects to day A BRAVE LADY the American people the demand made upon it by WiJl disregarding public There had been no In house in the interest but there had never been such a pressure brought upon congress as was brought upon it at this session to defeattho free coinage of He believed it was im possible to secure free coinage at the present because the sys tem which he could not speak of patient the voice of the majority in the house was stifled and could not be And it would never be heard until the people of the United States had sent to the house and senate men who were willing to represent them in spite of ex terior influences brought to bear upon Stewart said if the conference bill was executed in good as thesen ate w as bound to assure it would be it would give great He was confi dent that it would be an object lesson that would lead to free At 3 oclock the bill went and the senate passed to the memorial exercises in respect to the memory of late Rep resentative Alter addresses by Senators Dixon and the senate THE HOUSED The Bill Adinlttinc Wyoming an a state July motion of i of Kew the senate amend ments were concurred in to the house bill lor the admission of the state of On motion of of the senate amendments were an to the house bill for the dis posal of the abandoned military reserva tions in The speaker laid before the house the senate bill to adopt regulations for pre venting collisions at of asked for Its immediate of asked him to withdraw his request as he had a report to make from the committee on rules re lative to the original packages DIngley thereupon asked that the bill be ordered printed and remain upon the speakers of Kow i saying that the saving of life at sea was more important than the passing ol a bul for the benefit of prohibition The bill to prevent collisions at sea then from the committee on f reported a resolution providing for p the immediate adoption ol a resolution 3t Detho order for the committee Judiciary to call up lor consideration the and afterward the bankruptcy bill this orderto con leginning with today She Holds a Tramp at Bay and Calls As sistance liy July Ida the handsome young night telegraph operator at on the Nickel Plato is the heroine of a terri bly thrilling Before Miss Wakclv took the position at the little outoftheway station on Saturday she realized the dangers to which she would be exposed from tramps who follow the road from cast to she had not only armed but practiced until she became an expert with the Shortly after at an hour when there were only few the young woman heard some one at the and a second later a villainous face appeared at the Tho fellow demanded admittance and was whereupon he threw a lump of coal through the window and then made a dash for the Just then Miss Wakely flashed her revolver and ordered the intruder to He stopped to parley You wouldnt The brave young woman took deliberate but the tramp drew a While Miss Wakely held at bay the desperado with her revolver in one she used the other hand to call the next where a train was and to her joy she caught the whom she in formed of her The engine was and with the crew aboard ran to the handsome young womans While the crew were coming to the young womans the burglar tried to in duce her to hand over the contents of the safeand made bloodcurdling but when the engine with the crew turned a sharp curve he ran away in time to es cape A Democratic Leader July James the best known representa tive of the democratic in July National JEd ucational association its annual and largest crowd ever known in the history of the association The closing session of the National Educational coun cil was held this at which a committee was appointed to revise the methods of doing the business now in ogue and to make a report next The present officers were reelected for next A formal welcome to the cityand state was given at Kice w here seats had been placed under Governor in an eloquent wel comed the teachers to the D superintendent of public in called the veteran soldiers the past preservers of the union and the teachers the future preservers of the re President of the State University of said the teachers were come to a countrywhtch forty years ago civilization was but which today stands in the front rank in especially m President of the Winona Normal President L Lord of the state and president of Carleton also President of the national educational He then called on President who responded New members of the national educational council elected today were Uanl of Massachuetts of Rhode Island of Ohio Ella Sa of Oregan of Wis to fill the expired terms of H of of Minnesota L of Indiana O of Peuusyhania expresidents of the as sociation are as follows of the District of of Ohio of llinois of Ohio of Minnesota of Minnesota of Ohio of Missouri of New York of Massachusetts of Colorado and of Massa Several interesting state exhibits are to bo seen in different parts of the The Colorado exhibit has carefully tabulated pictures of Colorado school buildings and pictures and designs of special interest from that The Florida exhibits is composed of a collec tion of products of that Numerous college reunions are to be held during the At the evening session in the Peoples church Harris made a statement re garding the important work done by William of and sug gested that the association organize a stock company to purchase the plates of thirtjMjne voluins of the valuable journal of education issued by which publication financially crippled of the University of the at read an interesting paper on Forms of Discipline and Disciplies of He argued against the theories and insisted it was largely a question of teacher rather than of Normal schools should lay more stress on this for too many young teachers think teachingis purely No system administered will prove Tact is necessary on the part of the who should also show confidence in the pupils THE KNIGHTS OP Many Thousands of Them Encamped at July features of the morning in Pythian conclave circles were a grand reception at the exposition building and the opening of the delibera tions of the upreme lodge at West Side Turner The weather is slightly cooler The exercises at the ex position building were opened by Mayor who made one of his characteristic speeches of Governor Hoard followed by a speech of welcome in be assembly is declaration Jjof thoVrimary object wasjthe establishment of undsforthoTrellet the members of the literaryjpip fessiotfand as many subordinate lodges J had been ignoring this principle the com mittee on rected to formulate such amendments as will compel the observance by the subor dinate lodges this mark of the Officers were This bodyS opposed to Cleveland meeting composed of members who holdthat the grand lodge meet in New A The Case bVDecidedAralnst the iKallroadComn v publicans Elect Officers at Den Kmployea of tlie Illinois Central Beconw Stockholders in July Althoughrit is scarcely a week since President Stuyve sant of the Illinois Central railroadf Issued a circular letter to employes urging them to invest their savings the stock of that there sponses have been so extremely large as to indicate that the men are decidedly impressed w ith the Many of them have indicated that they will take a certain amount of the cost of which is to be deducted from their pay in monthly and the total cost will be considerably lessened by the dividends to which they be entitled from the Fishs idea is to in duce the employes of thpjroad personal interest in its j though this scheme has been successfully carried out in man manufacturing and other enterprises throughout the it has never yet been applied to a rail and its results m the case of the Illinois Central will be watched with considerable interest by the managers of the leading trunk lines east and It was stated some time ago that the offi cials of the Pennsylvania railroad were contemplating putting a similar scheme into but so far it has made no lir granted a change of hajwas i every Kway asked thS to certify avvacaricy He Is iwith hismnrder Larce Grain reportsaysvthata the win terand authorized announcement of any such July 8 the pub lished rumor that officers of the Illinois Central Railway company seeking to in duce their employes to invest their sav ings in securities of that President Tlsh said today that the com pany has no stock for but proposes to assist any of its officers or emplojes to buy one share at a time at a fair market the purchaser to pay in sums of not less than five On these sums interest will be credited and when the share is paid he if he begin the purchase of It is hoped to enlist cry frugal person m any way connected with the railroad as a partner on a basis of the utmost liber ality to the small It is not proposed to foim a or benevolent the of the company being that the men prefer to handle these matters The purchaser may at any time have his con tiact cancelled and his money re turned to him interest Thus the company assumes the entire risk of a fall in price in the shares and the expense of doing the President Fishs belief is that this properly presented will induce greater thrift among the men through their spread among the people a habit of saving and investing in securi ties of the railroad which runs past their The ultimate objectis to produce community of interest between the citi zens and the railways which shall give a perfection of railway service and amount to a profitable investment for the small dividend paying rail way scares i Special to the IOWA importance of tho thear guments of s theattorneys in the joint rate injunction case has attracted very little not a dozen people being present outside of those Tho over the case was tin the latter part r of May Cedar and Northern road sued outran injunction restraining the railroad commissioners from promul gating a schedule of joint alleging the law was Attorney General Stoncfilcd to the injunction and the hearing was set for Monday of this f Upon open inc the case the railroad company filed an amendment to the asserting that the railway act of 1888 is also unconstitu attorney general amended his motion so asto dissolve thisnew situa tion and thus the questionpresented to the court involved the constitutionality of the entire railway rate legislation of the Attorney General Stone arguing that the injunc tion restraining from promulgating joint rates for the Burling Cedar Rapids and Northern should be HP was followed by and John of The latter gentleman treated the subject from the standpoint of equity and juns diction the right to an injunction and right of courts to construct reasonable rates on joint He gav e some very pertinent illustrations of the the unconstitutionahty of the law and as the joint rate bill is an amendment to chap ter 28 of the twentysecond general as sembly he held that tho statute was properly before the court His argument was very long and citing many He also said he w as laying the foundation of an appeal to the su preme court of the United if the Iowa decisions were against He claimed the penalties ot the law were cossiveand He cited the omission in the joint rate and the argument on this point attracted the attention of both judge and ingfire started in the largegraiajieleva of Moines grain ThH lames gained a good headway was covered and then owing to a lack of fire nothingcouUlbe done to save seven large cribs corn being The origin of the fire lightning Is the prob able The loss is about partially i c H by Special to Tho July from OldMenKefuae to Co the Burlington and Kansas City freight engine going east this afternoon setiirrtoandtburned about forty acres of meadowoelonging to Smith Ten acres of meadow belong ing to in the same manner last T E A Ions T seesswimming down the river last even He came over the rapids and did not land but went on down was followed by three men in a skift to assist him if he showed signs of THERE IN a state of excitement thismorninj over the police strike and the prevails as to developments that may take place this eventhgv biesJrefused but bervvas enough to disarrange the machin ery ofthe others were only restrained from refusmgto go to their posts by the most earnest efforts ot their The and gen eral bad conduct of many of the strikers could not thorough miners or workers of the caixonly be acconntedfor Jy thebad tem per into whichthe men thrown by their long and bitter quarrel with Home Secretary aggravated by the arbitrary action of the military martinet who has replaced Chief They gathered in groups aroumLthe sta tion houses and hooted and hissed their nonstriking comrades great vigor Inspectors remonstrated 4with thfr provinces the crops were sa is expected that largeqn S inrtu AnJ Increased pec ted bar wtnlei ernment has sent a new note thetBrlt date upon which Egyptwill bythe British without of again occupylngthat The ITope Growing Ve died here last A little over a attack of year ago he suffered from an attack of paralysis from which he He has been a prominent figure in demo cratic politics for almost a quarter of a century and for more than half that period he was a leading member on the democratic side of the lower house of the Illinois general Merit We desire to say to our that for years w e have been selling King s New for Kings New Life Bucklins Arnica and Electric and never handled remedies that sell as or that have given such general satisfac We do not hesitate to guarantee them every and we stand ready to refund the purchase if satisfactory results do not follow their These remedies have won their srcat popularity purely on their half of the people of These speeches were followed by remarks by Grand Chancellor of Fon Du and of After the reception the members of the supreme lodge were escorted to the West Side Turn hall and the first meeting of that body Approximately less than fifteen thou sand men responded to the reveille at Camp Carnahan this There is a deplorable lack of about the management of the and the re sponsibility does not seem to on the shoulders of any particular Up to noon today only two brigades had submitted to Adjutant General McKce a report of the number men under their Several cases of prostra tion by heat occurred yesterday and to but none were serious The Red Cross society has established a hospital on the grounds and is caring for some of the The grand parade took place at four oclock this afternoon and was a most successful feature of the encamp Upwards of fifteen thousand men werein line The number would been larger but for the intense The Indiana brigade came first and fourteen hundred men under that banner made a splendid Pennsylvania and four hundred men were second and and were followedby numbering two hundred and The New Yorkers turned out three hundred The fifth brigade was represented by one hundred and fifty Californians and Knights from Tho sixth was from eight hundred under command of RAILROAD TinMatter of Grain Kates InterState July response the notice of tho interstate commission about grain rates from west the Mis souri as mentioned in these Chairman on be half of the Atchison and twentytwo other railroads appeared today and sub mitted a brief in opposition to tho pend ing proceedings of the commission on the ground of lack of ExSec retary of the Treasury of the counsel for the Erie submitted a similar The commission will hear arguments tomorrow from repre sentatives of the Chicago board of trade and shippers from Nebraska and who are of the opinion the rates should be even lower than those indicated in the report of the committee to the Demand a Special to The HawkEyeJ July cxcite exists over the refusal of the Burlington and Western to build a The rail road commissioners several weeks ago ordered a station to bo constructed pro viding the town would present a suitable piece of The town authorities purchased and mailed a deed for one hundred acres to the railroad company who tried to ignore the Another suit will be pushed to make them comply with the former order of the commis sioners Tlie Burlington Makes a Kound Trip July The Burlington The attorney in his said there was ample foundation for the statutes made in the interest of trans a reasonable compensation for service performed by the common carriers being provided On this basis it was as competent for the state to regulate the business and the duties of the different companies one with as it was to regulate like matters be tween carriers and The counsel for the railroad companies denied these assertions and insisted that it stitutional to enforce business relations between the companies against thejr At the close of the arguments today Judge Fairall said m the decision must depend on whether suffi cient machinery piovided by the joint rate act to provide for thesure pay ment to the carrier of its share of com pensation for the joint He took the case under Judge Tairall asked the counsel to submit 03 early as possible briefs on the points which constitute a joint rate and the power to compel a transfer of com panies cars to connecting the original haul road beingat the same time under obligation to supply cars to ship pers on its own It looks as if the case will be decided adversely to the railroad commissioners and will be taken to the supremo A SURPRISING A GOOD AITLE CuorPisoMiSED Iowa apple crop promises to be larger thisyear than any year since the mem orable winter that destroyed so many valuable a number of years A Patteeand Herbert two accomplished the difficult feat of swimming across Storm a distance of fnlly three without FATALLY IN the eighteenyearold son of a prominent farmer living near was probably fatally injured July 4 bj the premature explosion of an improvised cannon The lower part of his face was completely torn away and his ciesight destroyed A SUCCESSFUL of Butler county farmers went on a wolf hunting expedition one day last week and returned with twentyone young for which they receiv ed the snug sum A Dt coal mines at Wapello have become exhausted and the company is moving its stores and other buildings to the new town of near The residents of the town are following suit and a great many buildings have al ready been moved The town will surrender its charter and in time which was at one time a thriv ing little will live only in TUEVNEVEI COME near Creston has been visited by a sin gular list of calamities in the last few Last Thursday his team became frigbtenee and run cutting them sehesso severely on a barb wire fence that one of them had to be killed and the other was The day a daughter was bitten by a rattlesnake and her life only savedRafter the most strenuous And again on Satur day he lost an entire litter of fourteen which fell in a Rome says tho popeh very feeble is preparing written instructions for his The Premium on Gold The premtn on gold has advanced toSK percent f the RUMORED road has withdrawn from the Missouri its excursion rate river to Western other western Tho brigade hundred t General Nebraska furnished the seventh numbering five hun dred under command of General Ohio made a splendid showing with eighteen hundred and Iowa and Illinois showed up three hundred and thirteen hundred Minnesota had the biggest three thousand This is only a portion of the many brigades represented The line was an hour and a half in passing the grand Springs and but instead has adopted a round trip rate of be tween the Missouri river and to be on an equality with other Henry Villard Kleeted July direc tors of tho Oregon Transcontinental have elected Henry Villard CROPS IN GOOD Favorable Outlook for Largo Yields in Knox July condi tion of crops in this district were never so favorable as at the present Corn promises the largest crop in wheat ill yield a very large crop and oats are tho finest in quality harvested in Some small fruits also look well ancj promise an abundant A Fast Mail July fast mail tram from New Orleans over the Illinois Central due in this city on its initial run at one this ran into an empty freight car near thirtylive Do we have mosquitos repeated thejrcn SfSke the place and 1fl take the and yourVord about tiie icndbackforadozen mercury was la An OriElnal Package July brought against the keepers of local original package houses nere brought up before Judge Campbell of the circuit court The saloon men want the injunctions dissolved so they can re sume After an interesting argument the casen ent over Satur i A Bicyclist July has been re ceived that WM the well known died recently of yellow fever at de 4 Chapter Js v Chapter The in 0 July grand lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks met this morning with all the grand officers Grand Ruler Luinlan made the opening during which he referred to tho New York and said if any one present feared legal proceedings ho would be permuted to All delegates from New York state ap plauded and refused to leave tho An adjournment was then taken until to morrow morning Every lodge but 1 of New York city is The parade this although the heat was almost was a The banquet at the city armory tonight was attended by a thousand intoxicating beverages were THE MEETING NEW July grand lodge of the Benevolent Order of Elks in con formity the order of Judge Law mettoday and electedgrand ledge Resolutions were adopted declaring the meeting in session at pres ent at Cleveland not represent is notpart of and any and all nf its in or miles out of The freight car was totally butnobody The train reached here several hours late with its mails and This is the second accident that has happened on this division of the Illinois Central within twentyfour A Lengthy Shut Down July lengthy shut down is looked for at the National Tube Works at The firm re fuses to sign tho amalgamated scale but are willing to pay union This the men refuse to accept and as the immense plant is idle and about four thousand men are out of July a well known was shot and killed today by a saloonkeeper named Charles Belgrade then retired to his own room and suicided oy cutting his Belgrades wife is suing for a Hewitt was her and both men were up drinking last A quarrel this morning resulted in the Syrup of Produced from the laxative and nutri tious juice of California with tho medicinal virtues of r plants known to the most beneficial to the human system on the kid Oliver and effectually colds The Seventh Judicial District Convention at Davenport Holds a Lively Special to THE July dele gate bar convention of the seventh judi cial district oflowawas hcldat the court house here this afternoon It nas at tended by twenty delegates anda number of attorneys from other places as well as from Its object was the naming of tlie three men who are to be elected to the position of judge of the district court this The bar of the district has done this thing for years In stead of allowing it to be done by the political parties in the and the good of the method have been decidedly There is nowhere in the state a bench that stands higher than that of this district The explanation of this fact is to be found in the simple circumstance that the fittest are taken and none at has been the rule in the Today it was expected w hen the con vention opened that there would be no doubt that it would renominate the present Its members are all good approved m legal tried in tho strictly honorable and and it was thought the there would be no question of their renomina But there Informal after a consider able time spent in quibbling over showed that there was going to bo It was evident that a deter mined effort was to be made to unseat Judge of and Judge Alexander of When the formal balloting began this feeling became even and it finally triumphed Hon Lyrnan of was substituted in the nomination for the latter and TJ Fisher of this city for the Judge of was re nominated by he being the only candidate presented from his The action of the convention is a sur prise to It was supposed that the present bench had no and the defeat of its members today is re garded as the result of a few grudges that have been raised by1 the judges in the discharge of their Judge Ellis has been on the bench and is a leader among the republicans of this part of the Judge Brannan was the nominee of the democrats for supreme judge last fall Fisher is a son of tho other was one of the Iowa asscmblymeiJ in the last year that A Summer Kesort Uotel Blown Into A July S Reports were received at the railroad station late to night that the Bluff Point hotel on the shore of Lake owned by the Delaware and Hudson Railway was blown into tho lake this and several lives It is known a se vere storm amounting almost to a cy raged in that vicinity today and the wires are all down and particu lars arc It if reported from down stairs and escaped with his lit a Dangerous mis siles were hurled at the heads of others and many were unmercifully These acts of violence gave Sir Edward Bradford the excuse he needed and his prompt dismissal of the brawny ruffians who took part in them has turned the tide of popular sympathy in his This mornings newspapers are uuani mous in condemnation of the which sentiment is shared by the public generally Public opinion has condemned Sir Edward Bradfords arbitrary policy since his appointment as chief commis sioner of but is overwhelmingly favorable to him in its estimate of his conduct On all sides his course is applauded and nobody questions its The police were placed ac a decided disadvantage as regards justifica tion in attempting to strike upon the short notice they gave of their since every member of the force is bound by an agreement to give two months notice of his purpose of abandoning the The agitators of the strike were novices who had everything to gain and little to The veterans of the force hesitated to sacrifice the benefits and advantages ot their past long service by following the lead of their hotheaded and their hesitancy in thefuture will certainly be It is unques tionably to the coolness and better jnds ment of the older men in the service that the failure of the strike last night is These men had never committed them selves to an out and out and their reluctance to take the step influenced many of their colleagues who otherwise would have responded to the call for a general Two of the dissatisfied policemen have been sentenced to fourteen days imprison ment for having assaulted officers who were performing their The men are already weakening unorganized as they a general strike is not likely to bnt isolated disturbances are anticipated before matters return to their normal The dismissed constables are petitioning the authorities to condone their offenses and reinstate in their lost Today the en tire metropolitan force is either on duty or prepared to report for none of men having But the thing which alarms London most isthe action of the Tho men ref usad to take the placed of the police and almost openly British as a hate the po both Irish and and even aristocratic officers grumble loudly at having to aid the constabulary at evic tions in Ireland Fights between soldiers and police are of frequent occurrence in every garrison town in the three king and the authorities were therefore entirely unprepared for the mutinous DIS5SUHTLKD Deplorable of onthS Cheyenne July A PKmeer1 special front says that news from the Cheyenne Indian agency confirms the surmises of trouble About four dians are at the agency and they creat a disturbance today when it that no rations could be issued until Tuesday The delay was caused bythe fact that the cattle had not been driven in from the thus leaving Indians almost starving from until tomorrow The Indians objectl to be counted in the and thd sus will be taken with great t The condition ol the Indians is deplorasgl Yesterday twelve died ot consnmpvj tion and lung fever and the physiclanhat manv more serious coses on ness prevails almost entirely among theij semiciv A STEAM TUG Three Lose by the July storm swept over this region this ternoon and was the worst Several private yachts had nargj row escapes from sinkings The steam Little Captain Clarke of foundered ofl Rouses point and sank with Captain his son and whose name is on j So far as learned nolives v lost in this Immediate but j damage was done to Saratoga that near Point hotel a numbci of persons who were out in low boats wore Sixteen or more are said to be General Passenger Agent of the Deleware and left here after midnight for Bluff He said the latest information was that while tho hotel was considerably dam only one life was The storm was of extreme FWimtER July A passenger at two from Montreal says storm was general from Rouses Pointto White HalK Many houses at and other towns along the lake were The Blurt Point they was seri ously damaged but no one was One gnet name who was out in a row boat was ever saw a democratic officeholder In this lie is now city attorney He is well read and m some icspects but be has been working for this or for any other corn honor that he could find a office for mehsurate chance The Storm in July S storm in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern did great Trees vere blown down in all loads blocked cvervw here and wire communi cation At killod and his sister stunned by 111 July 830 tonight a very severe storm set ac companied by almost incessant thunder and together with heavy Many houses were more or less damaged The belfry ot the Methodist church was blown oft and fell upon Chester Shaws which collapsed under the Shaw was fatally Others of the family had a narrow No other fatalities were but several were badly TUe Fargo D July con cerning yesterday mornings destructive storm from several points south and west ot Fargo indicate considerable destruction with no loss ot far Mapletonaud Bowci City lost many roofs and business while almostevery farm in the line of the storm sustained damage to buildings and AtMooiehcadand Min there was great damage to prop erty and several people were slightly Theie were no casualties in this ELECTED A But Harmonious Meeting of Young Des Moines Special to Tho HawkBye DBS July notwithstanding the extreme hot the young mens republican club held an enthusiastic and largely at tended to the heated condition of the atmosphere all business and save election of officers was dispensed The elec tion of resulted in the selection of cnergetfe hardworking young who already have demonstrated their political They were C Dowell Amos Brandt and lewis secre Rothert Long Den Harvvood and Thejslub is in a very and promises todo good work in the f coming J 5 Gets a Change off i to The city additional to those reported jester A Tremendous Wind July tre mendous wind storm from the northwest struck the city this and did great damage to Freight spirit shown by the regiments in London The spirit of disobedience extended even to the Grenadier guards and the mounted life The soldiers will ingly charge upon disorderly civilian but they draw the line at doing police The cituens are now pre paring to enroll a force of special constables to preserve as the regu lar force is thoroughly demoralized ond the people have no confidence in Home Secretary A vigorous effort will be made to torce him to compromise with the men but little hope is entertained of The outlook for tonight is decidedly The liberals ot believing that Lord Hartington will soon enter the cabinet as a means of preventing the coltapse of the gov are making preparations to contest his seat In par liament when he shall seek the endorse ment of his The result ot the Barrow election has encouraged the Rossendale liberals to believe that Lord Hartmgtoa can be beaten by a strong and they are endeavoring to induce the cotton to accept tile like is in and the liberals of the county are now hopeful of entirely routing the tones at the next general THE URUGUAY FINANCIAL An Attempt by Government toSave the July this morning prints a dispatch dated Buenos July with reference to the financial crisis in This states that the Uruguayan legislature met in special session Sunday to consider what course was expedient to pursue in view ot the suspension of specie payment by the national A bill was passed which will be promulgated at sanc tioning the suspension of specie pay ments for six months and point ing out the necessity for the adoption of this financial policy This action has alarmed the merchants and a deputation of them waited upon the finance minister and sought informa tion in regard to the The min ister assured them the government had no intention of resorting to a forced cur The government fears thatthe people will not accept paper currency but desires to save the national bank if possible by the present intermediate measure If the effort of the govern ment to assist the bank or if foreign as sistance fails the bank will probably be forced to July no abatement in the financial Jn order to stop the run the banks The Behrinc Sea July appearing in American papers dated that schooners were arriving hereSC and at Maple bay for the purpose of Behring sea are wholly without There is a rumor here that thei English war cruisers lately arrived i port will go into the Behring sea for thejg protection of the British sealers J have gone there in large 1 this inot yet Texas on SHEIUIAXV July rains have greatly improved the corn and cot ton crop of northern continues to pour upon her and duetiv e Eastern capitalists investing largely in Texas was a ale of two of Shermans blocks consumaced Saturday The Presbyterian church have taken steps to build a femalej college here at a cost of about A Presidential Candidate Svs July who was the candidate olj the American party for president lost campaign and who has served terms in c jngress as representative died at his home in Oakland yesterday after a short Cut Special to The HawkEyeJ July a German farmer residing cut his throat from ear to Saturday dying He was eightytwo years Over the II vrov BOGOTA July tery bill passed the house over the govi ernors nays STOLEN trains were overturned on the railroads and great hoisting machines at the ore docks weie completely Many houses were badly damaged and 1the losses same storm did much damage tit but no one was If irrav jmMMinliv restores color elegant SI JOi size prepaid by express for Jersey i Annnal For the sixth annaaCregatta of the government issued a decree making yesterday a national One mill ion five hundred dollarsIs on its way here from Buenos Ayrcs and it Is hoped that upon Its arrival the financial distress will t j flEHEBAL FOREIGN A mans face is against him has a gin A piece of limburger cheese is tack m one can always find it in the A snlkey girl may sometfmes be en by takfng her out in a buggy with a seat just large enough for this of JacklVf Hows that youngan and yet hes a How do you pay for snake storiesi sir he as he entered the the replied the editi your husband a little bald Mrs Hendricks indfg isnt a bald hairon my fled with married Satisfied Why I am perfectly atcd with When a father is seen pair of stout boots it is not anj evidence that heis bad terms with hlsjj daughters 3 People go to the mountains andth seaside to do and yet whei young couples are congregated business is usually pressing In the She clone out Westr It has swept dpzensol farms clear ot bet the mortgages didnt budge an Inc A Hopeless is the crown That isa tis the bald man going tokill it1 is to try to kill but Sunday School you about the moral was Ing but not quite badash Brooklyn Man DoJfJjJIc like a wear necktie She dont you thegreatest InJlBJs the State Amateur Jtowinp to be held ulylS and tho Cedar KapldST and Northern rail of its actspurportlngtorelate to the or aniheadachesand curingiiabftual conv while i in e July astonishing of miraculous healmgvvas reported yes terday from the island ot Olerorijrneair A1 said to Have become suddenly miraculoes physical He uses neither in hypnotisnvjnor T s bufc simply places his feet hishands over the parts a way wBl sell excursion tickets fromall sta tions on its lice to Spirit Lake aUarate of about one cent Tickets will be on sale July M and good to retumnntll J nly TheIowa State Amateur Kowing association is composed ot rowing clubs from all the principaTcitiea In the and the sixth oneof the leading amateur aquatic t the United time other special ticket Possesses neaternatural thanTo own thegreatg bearfnswest fertile southKwherefail against degree asit orgreat t leave tSe beget third i Ity otordmaryrcmeuTcsirocifeveis Jjheegestures are1 to A StennlttentrorfremittentJ nnt areconouereaanaavertcfflj not r no otherpreptiruUonsinSn

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