Thursday, June 26, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 26, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED THE SIOUX Cm CONVENTION I THUBSDr Resolutions Adopted and Officers The State Central Farland Nominated for Secretary of McCarty for AuditorState Sioux June republican state convention was called to order at eleven oclock this morning by Chairman of the state central 8 of Iowa who was fllectcd temporary made an ad dress of some eulogizing the work of the party and predicting success at the next The of the committee on resolutions was then At tlii afternoon session reports of committees were received and adopted George of Polk coun was made permanent of and of Warren readme The following state central committee was named Klrst Junkiu Jefferson Musca tlne Black Cerro Oordo fifth Linn W Mahaska T K An Warren Wall Kinggold Duluth Humholdt eleventh Beima Mc of Kmmct was noini nated for secretary of state on the second getting and yi for The platform com mittee then reported 8s follows That the republicans of Iowa in convention reaffirm our devotion to the principles of the na tional republican partyiind we make no other of fealty to the republican party of heartily endorse the prudent anil patriotic administra tion of President with special commendation of the movement for closer ami better both busi ness and amoiiK all American governmeul and do specifi cally declare our adherence to the prin ciple of protection to American industry applied in view of the interest of all conditions of our people anil In view of the interest iff all our industries we regret that discrimina tion may lie widely mnilr Inn never in behalf of thestrong against the never against the In this spirit we hold all legislation should be had whether it concerns the raising of reve nue or the disbursement of the same by the general by the state or by a subdivision of the local government whethei it concern the aggres sion or be in definition of the limita tion upon foreign We arc in favor of such expan sion of currency as will the growing demands of tin in crease in population and trade and offset the contraction resulting from a con tinual withdrawal of the naiimial bank To this end we favor such legislation as will utilize as money the entire silver of our mines and we favor such laws as will aid in the ultimate unrestricted use of both precious metals as The republican party of this slate is in favor of promoting in every fair and honorable way the industrial interests of tin people of this Wo believe the business interests of the people are interchangea ble and Particularly do we be lieve the great industry represented by the farm stands of the head of Iowa Industries and that the faithful guardian ship of thai interest is the prime obliga tion iipiui those who make and adminis ter our We congratulate the peo ple of this state irrespective of party re upon the measure of success liUiiinod in i ln contest in this state in behalf of just and legal control of the railway corporations doing business in this and we appeal tothe people to see to it thai there be no recession in the just policy of the stale in this We believe the efforts to nullify the in terstate commerce law should be resisted to the Mid that national protection and state protection may alike be equal to all communities and among all The republicans of Iowa offer their sym pathy to the producers of the south who seek now for discnthrallment from the Industrial bondage of the grinding mo nopolies of the slates of that section pro tected and promoted by nil the power of tile organized democratic party of those We believe thai in breaking up of these systems under which industrial freedom is impossible and which rob and persecute the lies one great hope of the freedom of elections and popular social peace and general prosperity in the southern ihe revolt in the south In behalf of liberty and a popular government and popular it is a matter of minor concern in what name the battles are fought and We wel come the first growth and spread of power of the republican We cordially approve the purpose of the re publicans in congress to so amend and improve the pension laws to make further and generous provision for union their parents and child and we already believe that day is not far distant when a general service pension law should lie and will be We express our abhorrence of all trusts and trade conspiracies of every kind in tended to destroy compel it ionand and perpetuate and call for the enactment and agree ment of both federal and state laws to completely such iniquitous and dangerous combina to prevent their further organ We declare against a com promise with the saloon and stand by the the people of tljjs state in their hostility to spread and We favor such legislation on the part of con gross as shall protect the police power of the states in their efforts to confine or prohibit the public And for the approval of the work and record of the republican party of this state in this groat cause of involving the public peace and safety of good we ap peal confidently to the electors of Wo congratulate the people of Iowa upon the promise of the year upon the meas ure of success that has attended the past and upon the confidence and courage with which the state awaits the future The platform was Lyons was nominated for receiving 513 to 340 for and 107 for General of Marshall was then nominated for treasurer by Judge Kothrock was nominated lor the supreme bench over of John Stone was ronominatod for attorney general ty Pray was for clerk of the supreme court on the second bal lot of was nomina ted lor reporter to the supreme of Franklin was nominated for railroad commissioner a stiff fight and over a heavy oppo an Indication that all those who defered to local question of advantages or disadvantages of prohibition are there lore ruled out of the Many who State voted with the democrats sig nify their intention of returning to the fold and working with the The temperance plank ig considered one which will please excepting the extreme radicals in either The antiprohibitionists throughout the gate telegraph that the platform is jjroader and more liberal than they had reason to expect and are greatly pleased McFarland will receive the entire supl port of Polk county Lyons has many friends which are rejoicing at his The success of Raymond makes Des Moines republicans ILLINOIS Ticket and Platform Adopted at the Springfield June re publican state convention completed its abprs last Frank of was nominated for state treas urer on the second The other norameesare Superintendent of public Richard Edwards the state Charley Neeley W Mansfield and Charles tong who was defeated for state central eommitteeman from the sixth district and Morris colored were elected membersatlarge of the state central The platform declares in favor of the Australian ballot system and the federal election bill now Infore congress favors enactment of laws to protect work ingnien from accidents and which guar antee reasonable hours and fair compen sation demands the abolishment of trusts railroad combines opposes stock watering approves the disability pension hill recently passed by congress declares in fnvor of the compulsory education recommends that children be allowed to lie educated at private schools and that public supervision of private schools bo abolished favors all proper and practical methods for abating the of the liquor trafiic indorses tho na tional administrations and Speaker Heeds rnlinps in the house of represen and hnally favors a continuation of the republican tariff policy and the use of both gold and silver as The nominations made hy the judicial conventions arc is follows Clerks of the supreme Alfred Taylor Finn Theodore Clerks of the appellate John McKenna Christopher Duffy Mntphy JcoiRe CoiigriwKinaii Bnvrcll June man Kowell was rennminatcd today by the republicans of the fourteenth con prressional The bridge at Washington Million the Milwaukee and Paul went down with a On the Illinois Central two bridges were washed away between Dnbnqne and and seven hundred feet of track was washed out near The Chi Paul and Kansas City was washed out for thirty miles west and north of Dnbuqne and the road has not been in operation except east of Dnbuque In the city the damage done was great Many houses in the upper part of the city are flooded with The damage done in this county is estimated at over SOLDIERS DISMISSED PBOjfTHE Governor Boies of the Man agement of the Iowa DES June Boies returned last evening from Marshall where he has been investigating the management of the Soldiers tight of the inmates had been summarily dismissed by the commander for drunk enness and other minor and had become public Finally the city refused to aid them and they were forced to leave town or submit to arrest as va One veteran was found by the governor in the loft of a hog He was and inmates of the home were conveying him food by They were afraid to make his presence known either to the authorities of the city or the Governor Boies ordered Com mander Smith of the home to care for the sick and will endeavor to render ALL AMENDMENTS REJECTED The House Votes on the Senate Silrer Bill A Conference ii OrderedThr National Election BUlThe Wyoming Ad mission Bill CnderCoiuiden Uon in the making it Change the The resolution went over without action and the senate proceeded with the Wyoming admission the report of the commit tee on territorial admission Vest opposed the He in the a state had been admitted with small population of some sectional party But none such existed he has a popula tion of not over siitj scattered over the immense area of ninetyseven thousand square Vest would not vote for the admission of Wy oming and its present constitution permitting woman Woman suffrage was antagonistic to the spirit and institutions of the American He deplored the extension of suffrage to the colored men in the south and said no intelligent man today would give it He himself would no more give them the right of suffrage than he would give a deadly weapon to a Cer tainly he would not give it to colored COSCHEN MUST To Be Sacrificed to Save Salisburys Lord PENNSYLVANIA Tho State Convention at IlHrriKhu re Adopts a June republi can state convention was called to order this Graham was selected temporary After the ap pointmentof at a re cess was taken for a half The on resolutions had some trouble in agreeing upon the plat and it was when the conven tion Walter of Alle was elected permanent and organization was completed by mak ing the temporary officers A further recess of one hour was then At halfpast two the convention was called to order The committee on the platform The report was unanimously The before making a decla ration of expresses grati tude to Chairman of the national for his matchless services in the last presidential It then declares in favor of a pure asks congress to grant a per diom pension to soldiers of the late endorses the McKinley tariff bill requests the strict est enforcement of the laws forbidding entrance into the country of foreign pauper labor and contract laborers urges the passage by congress of such legisla tion as will iircvcnt the importation and sale in the state of oleomarga rine and intoxicating liquors contrary to the laws of the state declares in favor of ballot reform favors a just and equit able increase in taxation of the property of and that the local sys tem of taxation be so reformed as to per mit the taxation of capital to such an ex tent as to enable a reduction in the taxa tion of real estate in the commonwealth to an equitable The following gentlemen were nomin ated for governor General General Ma jor Charles Stone and Hen ry Clay llelamater secured si large majority on the second ballot and his nomination was made of was nomi nated for lieutenant and Stewart was renoniinated by acclama tion for secretary of international General Hastings was elected chairman of the state but he declined the Andrews was selected and dismissals less frequent in the A PLUCKY IOWA A Kecrcant Lover Followed to Indiana and Sued for Itreach of June Lillian of filed suit in the United States court yesterday against of Bedford this claiming damages for breach of promise of Miss Hauley is a graduate of the State university of is twentyone years of age and a school teacher by The defendant is a wealthy railroad The complaint alleges that Ferguson became engaged to her April and in the fall of that year he expended for a wedding trousseau for her and has since refused to marry The plaintiff brought suit some time ago at Bedford to collect a note from Ferguson but the jury found against Ititten by a to The Juno Har a man claiming to hail from went insane at De Witt last He was brought hero today and placed in Late in the Jailer Flan on had both arms bitten by the besides his back and sides badly and was knocked The after tearing his way through two iron was ovflr powercd and in irons in a solitary cell by the combined efforts of four men He raves calling on God to save him from or whom no one He is a stranger A Little Girl Special to The June little oneyearold girl of and Norman Castle fell into a well that was unpro tected The mother was frightened out of her senses and ran all the way to the ru flier where her husband was at to tell him of the awful losing her presence of mind and not in forming any of the neighbors what had When they returned the little one was beyond the power of rem edies to restore June the house the conference report on the naval appro priation bill was The previous qnestion was then ordered and the con ference report was Conger then moved that the debate on the silver bill be extended to three at which time voting shall His motion was agreed and of took the floor in support of the house bill and in opposition to the senate The debate was continued at great length by of of of Michi Dunnell of of of and Williams charged that the presi dent sent men here threatening a veto of the free coinage bill He did not propose to go to the president and go down on his knees and ask what kind of silver legislation should be McKinley in closing the debate said he wanted the use of both metals toP att spoke of tne d of a Wyoming and said wfth irrigation it heat Intense Heat at Special to The today exceeds anything recorded in since the signal service was estab lished reaching ninetyseven de Street work and much work in the mills and lumber yards was Several men and a number of horses were overcome by the There are numerous cases of the latter in the country surrounding but no persons have Hurt liy a Fallinc Special to Thp HawkEye June the carpenters were at work on the Christian church at four the scaffold letting four men fall twentyfour feet and seriously injuring who is Her Minnesota prohibition state convention today nominated the following ticket Pink Minneapolis larrctt secretary of Kandiyohi county Ramsey Ole Douglas county attorney Robert Dodge county clerk of the supreme Lincoln The platform declares for the total annihilation of the liquor traffic the election of president and vicepresident by a direct vote of the people and woman BENT BACK TO THE A TERRIBLE A inhesion Belle Suicides and Father Kills a June excite ment was caused here last night by the suicide of a beautiful young Miss Annie daughter of Judge John The excitement was inten sified when the father took the pistol from the hands of the dying daughter and killed Professor Nothing is known as to the cause of the Professor Davis came here last March from Lake Forest North Caro and took charge of the academy ANABCHET NEBBES continue and opposed the senate amend He wanted metals to stand side by side equal in their purchasing power and legal tender The gentleman who favored the senate amendments wanted silver to do all of the Whatever we had for money in this country must be equal in purchasing power and legal tender whether silver or paper each re deemable in the other and each ex changeable for the other and each of equal The hour of three oclock having ar Conger moved that voting Bland moved thni the house con cur in the senate Springer moved that separate votes be had on each section and the first vote was taken on the proposition to concur in the first section of the senate bill providing for the free coinage of sil the coins to be full legal tender in place of the first section of the house bill providing for the coinage of worth of silver per The motion to concur in the substitute proposed by the senate to the first sec tion of the house bill was Yeas nays The following republicans voted with the democrats in favor of the free coin age amendment Cou Mor of Illinois of Colorado of Kansas of Ohio Dorseyi of Kansas Owen of Indiana The following democrats voted with the republicans to nonconcur Andrew Mc of Massachu setts Turner of Jfcw York The pairs were of West v with Philan MeCormick and Morgan Nuto and McArthy liowne and Pickler and Stah necker of and Wike of and Clunic Osborne and Hayes of and Earwig Dolsoll and Mar of Texas Ray and Hooker Texter and Price Thompson and Sency Rockwell and Rogers of Wiscon and of Missouri of and Dibble of New and Lawer Wickham and Biggs Grosvcnor and The absentees were of New York of and of The announcement of the vote was re ceive Springer then withdrew his re quest for a separate vote on each section and the house then by a rising vote of 140 to 85 nonconcurred in all the remaining senate The house then voted that a confer ence be asked with the senate on the of presented the conference report on the diplomatic ap propriation and it was agreed from the committee on reported back the substitute for who were far more impulsive and thoughtless than Another ob jection Vest made to the constitution of Wyoming was that it gave the right of holding property to Platt said Wyoming had as good a right to admission as any territory ever He was surprised that the gentleman so devoted to home rule should not be willing to allow a territory to decide womens suffrage for He believed the population of Wyoming was nearer than In conclu resonrces Some Talk ot DUgoluttonA Possibility That Sir Henry Hartington or Chamberlain May be Called Into the could support ten million At the close of Platts remarks he made an effort to have a vote taken on the but Vest objected and moved an amendment and the senate THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL Between with cheers on the republican The Petition for a Pardon A rain Consid ered by Governor June peti tion for a pardon for Anarchist Neebe was considered by Governor Fifcr again Senators Burke and others were a The eov ernor said he could not determine when the matter would be QEIATLY aoaxOttr the Itas June The general n among prominent republicans BW to action of ttempunlkan e tone universal ttie ticket latter Judge Karauacti Fames Sentenrr on Convict Special to THE June Kava of the district court today pro dounced sentence upon James who was convicted of burglary armed with a deadly Owing to the fart that Quan committeed this crime within two weeks after having been released from a five years service in the he was given the full penalty of the law When the judge had Quan asked to be sent to Anamosa in place of as he had been at the latter place and believed the former Quan attempted to poison himself last night by drinking water in which he had placed matches until the sulphur had been soaked The preparation made him very ill for a He will be taken to the peniten tiary this DEABTBOUS STORM IT Flooded and BridCM Canted the Low KeacttBi June electrical storm struck Dnbnqne yesterday morn ing at one Two inches of rain fell in two hours and the wind blew forty miles an hour down On the hills the velocity was much The lightning and thunder were terrible and Many families sought refuge In fearing a In Rock dale south of the the flood carried away bridges and drove people to the hills for AtThompsonsmiU drowned cattle and horses through the first story windows of Titles residence and tiwfamHyaougnt refuge In the The supervisors have noejved notice that twentyfive or thirty on taUges flmmghoat tkeooontyare The Case Against the Michigan Central June States Juge Blodgctt today rendered a decision against certain executive officers of the Michigan Central for violation of the in terstate commerce All were dis except exAssistant General Freight Agent who was fined and given sixty days in which to pay Two of a Freight Train Come Bmkeman June bad wreck took place on the Bock Island and Pacific railroad about three miles cast of here last which resulted in the death of Brakeman Charles of The freight train broke in three The first two sections afterwards came piling up sev eral cars and doing considerable To Rebuild Glttingg rSpccial to The LA June con tract for the rebuilding of the Gittings recently destroyed by was let today by the board of trustees to of The build ing will be in every way a better build ing than the former ToDtiacl Headaches and to cleanse the system yet when cos tire or or when the blood is Im pure or to permanently core habitual to awaken the kid neys and liver to a healthy with out irritating or weakening use Syrup of Special to June a lad about nineteen yean was bitten by a dog He has gone to to try a mad The dog was the resolution introduced by of setting apart five days of the present week for the consideration of the national election The substitute provides that immediately after the pass age of the silver bill the house proceed to consider the electiom bill until July 2 at two when the previous ques tion will be considered ordered this not to interfere with general appropriation Springer moved to adjourn and Enloe shouted This is a bill to revo lutionize the Finally it was agreed to allow forty minutes debate on the resolution with the understanding that the previous question should be con sidered and Springer withdrew his motion to McMillin and Blunt vigorously attacked the bill and from this time on there was great confusion on the Cannon and of In engaged in a colloquy somewhat personal and this added so much to the already existing disorder that the ser geantatarms came forward with his mace of office and restored Springer moved to table the reso On the yea and nay vote this was nays Coleman of being the only republican who voted with the The resolution was then After arranging to meet at eleven oclock for the six days during which the debate is to the house A Heated Conference Held Strikers and June Telegraphic ad vices from points in this Wisconsin and Iowa indicate that the tieup on the Illinois Central is not as complete out side of Chicago as was generally sup While most of the branch lines seem to be at a advices are to the effect that the main which traverses the state from Dunleith to is stjll in and that lines in Wis consin and Iowa have not so far been The fact is that the chief officer of the United Railway employes who alone has authority to order a has taken no action in the Yesterdays action of the strikers declar ing a tieup on all the lines under the management of Division Superintendent Russell was taken without authority in the hope that the chief of the order would approve it as an accomplished A conference was held between the strikers and officials of the road as far as practically nothing except a heated The divisions of the road now reported com pletely tied up are those from Chicago to Illinois Chicago to Free Illinois and Chicago to As a result of the tieup express companies of this city are refusing mat ter for points on the Illinois About worth of perishable freight is sidetracked at Illi sixty miles from Live stock enroute for this city from points on the Illinois Central is being brought in by round about routes over connecting It is estimated that between and men are There is danger unless the strike is soon settled that it will spread to other The Big Four road which has trackage arrangement with the Illinois finding itself unable to get freight into the city made arrangement with the Chicago and Eastern The strikers suspecting the Illinois Cen tral was also using the Eastern sent word to the employes that the line should not handle Illinois Central The request was complied with with a The eastern Illinois men re fusing to handled any more Big Four Much perishable freight is now side tracked on the Illinois Central MANGLED AT A The Itest Man Ititten by a Mad Doe and is Jfow in Jfew York for JfEW June Paul Gibiers latest patient is a man from who has but one chance in twenty to The patients name is James Wallace He arrivedat the Pasteur institute here last Tomlinson is twentyfour years of is and is a typical JVpJatte M7 June Superin tendent Wdfcl this morning says his the population of Loots is The Wyoming Admiraion BUI Under June the senate a bill to prevent transportation in bond of merchandise between the United States and Mexico and to restore that right wherever Zona Libra is abolished was reported Call rose to address the senate on the subject of resolutions offered by him and reported back adversely from the committee on foreign relations one authorizing the president to open nego tiatiation with the Spanish government for the purpose of inducing that govern ment to consent to the establishment of a free and independent repub lic in the island of and the other in relation to Ger man ownership of a large proportion of the bonded debt of When the clerk was reading the second Sherman rose and moved the doors be Edmunds seconded the motion and the vice president directed the galleries to be cleared and the doors were Call being thus unexpectedly shut off in his desire to make a speechobef ore the said that he would wfthdraw his but the order to close the doors was insisted upon by Sher man and and was carried into The doors reopened at 130 and the senate took up the house bfll for the admission of Wyoming into the union as a The bill was temportrfly laid aside and Infills offered a resotoUon In structing the committee on privileges and elections to inquire into the publica tion of ttofieeord today of the personal renort whether it is in accordance with the rates faltiled On the evening of the 10th he was to have been the best man at the marriage of a Miss Helen Caldwell to a cou sin of the groomsman named Robert The guests were at the the minister was ready to pronounce the compact when the pet dog of the family began to snarl and snap at every thing in Wilt thou take this That was as far as the minister when the dog sprung for the Tomlinson grabbed the beast and saved the but was frightfully bitten The canine tore his throat in a horrible man almost severing the jugular Then he started for the but Tom linson fell on the brute and killed him before he could do further The marriage was indefinitely Disappeared with June circles were greatly agitated yesterday when it became known that Louis of Louis Mayer wholesale had disappeared leaving it is amounting to Fred a friend of his from New recently opened a retail store and began giving large The two firms kept on buying until their outstanding paper in the town amounted to between and Most of this falls due July Lewis has disappeared also and it is thought that both are in the United A movement is on foot among their creditors to have them brought Who Are the tacky Hundred A novel and expensive method of ad vertising real estate Commencing Mon June we will give away 100 choice lots to any one sending us their full name and address with 2c for return These lots are 25x125 feet and will be worth in less than three The present population of Salt Lake City is in five years it will be the largest city between Chicago and San We mean business and if yon want a Warranty Deed to a splendid send on your name to THE SALT LAKE VIEW ADDITION Salt Lake Will Swim the Whirpool NIAGABA June of North and Samuel of New have marie the necessary arrange ments to swim the whirlpool rapids on July Both will be attired in bathing suits and vests made of They will start between 3 and 4 June decision of Speaker Peel on the point raised by Timothy Healy in the house of commons yesterday has made dissolution the ques tion of the It does not leave the ministry a leg to stand on and the licens ing bill has to be sacrificed in its en Goshen cannot remain in the cabinet after such an authoritative pro nouncement of the unconstitutionality of a government measure for which he is personally unless he and his colleagues are willing to run the daiiy risk of an adverse The general opinion among members of the house is that he will endeavor to stick and drag the ministry down with but the prac tically unanimous voice of the tory party demands his Not a single tory is in favor of Every man of them is in favor of holding on to power and reorganizing the By forcing Goschen out and taking in Hartingtonor Sir Henry James and re casting the ministerial policy the lories think the party could be rendered har monious again and the ministry would be enabled to select its own time and a bet ter issue for an appeal to the The ministers held a hurried consulta tion yesterday and another but it is understood that nothing was decided on except the dropping of the licensing The hnal decisions as to disso lution or reorganization of the ministry will not be reached at a formal Lord Salisbury and one or two of his most trusted colleagues will first have an informal consultation with Lord Hart ington and Sir Henry per Joseph and after they have agreed on a plan the formal cabinet meeting will register the decision arrived Whatever the tory leaders do must be done and every hour makes it more probable that they will be forced to take Lord Ran dolph Churchill into their Meanwhile the government is losing ground from hour to hour in tincountry and its indecision is fast making friends for the which has resolutely pursued a definite policy and presented an unbroken Caines address to the electors of Bar issued the very day of his fell like a bombshell among the tory It announces his secession from the unionist condemns the government policy all along the line and expresses satisfaction with the present attitude of the Glad stonian liberals on the question of home He boldly challenges a de cision by his constituency on these The general belief among north ern members is that Caine will be re elected by the help of the Gladstonians in spite of all the aid the lories and the unionists will give his There is a strong arising from Caines wellknown intimacy with Joseph Cham that the result of the election will decide the future If Cainc is reelected fto one in parliament would be surprised to see Chamberlain step back to the liberal fold after first making his There is feverish anxiety here and no one can tell what may happen The large circle in lierlfn interested in African affairs is greatly excited over the discovery by the American of the record of the existence in ancient time of canals around the Nile This discovery of the authen ticity of the datta of which there is no suggests the possibility of the re opening of the Soudan by the British by the restoration of the whereby the possessions of ler many in southern Africa would become practically valueless as compared with their present promise of With an unintertuptedly navigable Nile and an undisputed protectorate over Zanzi bar England would be enabled to control the trade of the most fruitful portions of Africa with marketing facilities which would throw the German companies hopelessly out of The Parnellite members have arranged to give a complimentary banquet to Parnell at the National Liberal club on which is the anniversary of the Irish leaders Many prom inent liberals have been invited and sig nified their intention to be Daniel did not essay to enlighten him on the decision of the he asked What did the judge The court simply affirmed the decision of the lower was the And that said that Ive got to be touched off by this electric the sooner its over with me now the Im tired of this for I guess the laws all right Warden Durston will take Kemmler before the court in a few days for re He is of the opinion that another date would be fixed upon for the as their was no necessity for another The electrical apparatus is in readiness and the prisoner could be disposed of at an hours No one except the condemned mans the Houghton and the prison chaplain are allowed to see Kem HORRORS OF A Tale of Snflerlng Told by Count Lan In his narrative of the Count of Monte Cristo Alexander Dumas endeavors to establish the proposition that those who have suffered most are capable of enjoying If that be Count an employe at Hudsons clothing has an enormous capacity for appreciating the good things though even his pres ent straitened circumstances do not permit an excessive indulgence in Count as he would entitled to be called in though preferring plain THE WATER A Clear of I Frank resides at 503 Fremont street with his wife and two He is very short of very thick very though only 54 years anti very cheerful in notwithstand ing his sufferings entitle him to be known as a man of many He speaks eight one of which he de tailed the thrilling story of his lifrhow for fourteen years he was a politi cal prisoner in the wilds beaten with starved and CATTCRED IS WAR It was in 1863 that the Poles rebelled against said in very fair En I was then 2T years and lived with my Count on a large farm near My fathers estate was large and he was one oT the leading noblemen of the The reTjel billeted 500 of his troops upon and although our family had in no wise participated in the to refuse levy meant Therefore my father Against these 500 troops Russia sent men and sixty The battle was short and de resulting in the killing and captur ing of the whole Six horses from our stables that had been pressed into service were killed and two of our men who were The tnird man was whipped nearly to death after the capture andtthen I was taken and soon set out with hundreds of others on our way to Si Thinly of a journey of over miles on thirteen with heavy chains on each ankle and chained thevvrist to another in a gang of 100 That is the way we made the most of the time the weather being bitterly Section 1 to 9 grants to the BnrlinghHt Water company the or laying water mains and pipes taui portion of for jewi and the right to construct and operate water works in For organization and other preliminwy soction eleven the capital stock of said Burlingto Water company shall be throe hundHd thousand of which amonntMki company may pay Up in cash ten per cent and no The object of this wilUbe seen in the tvg ther provisions made in section efevam for the means for constructing said water and for purchasing in place the proper asfollowsi Said company may issue their nofc exceeding two hundred thousand in which shall be secured by tirst mortgage upon said Thew bonds shall bear six per cent interest per FERDINANDS MYSTEKIOTJS The Prince Said to Have Left Bulgaria for June is reported here that Prince of has suddenly and mysteriously left Sofia and started for this city via and It is believed that tho visit of the prince is connected with the criti cal position of Bulgrrjan affairs growing out of the wcakeningof the Stambuloff ministry as a consequence of the resigna tion of minister of foreign FLOODS AND The River Out of Its ous Damage to Crops and Other Prop June and tributaries of the Oder river in Prussian Silesia have overflowed their banks in consequence of the recent heavy rains and flooded an enormous section of coun The damage resulting from the destruction of crops and other property is very The rains have also caused a number of landslides in various parts of the A large portion of the works of ihe Baltic canal have been involving immense loss to the contractors and delaying the work beyond the possibility of its completion within the stipulated GENERAL Many People Drowned by the Collapse of a Foot June foot bridge lead ing from the steamer to the landing stage at Jean collapsed this morning and hundreds of persons were thrown into the Seven odies have been recovered and many persons are stil Divers are searching for other Severe on the Scottish June gales pre vail along of Several fishing vessels are and it is feared thejr have been lost with the meanest kind of and only allowed seven less than five a day for At night we slept in log or stone sheds every ten miles along the more often without fire than with al ways always and always in pain from the galling At after thirteen months of we arrived at the end of our journey to en counter worse misery was set to work in tho quicksilver Three months Is as long as any human being can jtand it to work in those Many die in the mines and many soon after leaving The fumes of the mercury rot the loosen the teeth and leave tjie man a total When I had partly regained my health after this experience with others was set to digging holes in the The holes were not designed tor any use but dug just to keep us at and it was while thus en gaged that I received my first I was toe weak to smooththe side of the hole as nicely ns the officer wanted and simply told him FEAKFCL For that I was taken to the whipping laid on my face and fastened down by three one of which was passed over tho one over the body andone READY TO He of une the Sons of Veterans elected George Staddern of Illinois with rank of colonel of lieutenant colonel Captain of Pratt county The place for the next annual encampment was not men The Coafeauwd Murderer Says Tired of This June Kemmler was not informed that the court of appeals had affirmed the judg ment of the lower court in his case until he had eaten his evening meal was handed into his cage about 5 oclock by old his After he had eaten his last morsal of theliber ally provided meal he turned to Daniel and rid madr you seem to take it himself to htofnfl height and expanding his chest notnervons or and I towwbjjout solemn way how my case I knew aH along we I was ready to goal old heart dreaded to over the so arranged that a man can not make the least I received eighty blows with the and was two months and a half in the hospital Before I could leave my These knouts are of stout the points of the lashes being loaded with and a blow from them in the hands of a strong man as bad as a stroke from a pohjpemans I have seen men killed at the third After my first whip ping I received another of 125 lashes for callinc a soldier a dog who hod bayoneted a prisoner in cold 1 was nearly kill and it was almost a year before I could resume The scenes of brutality to be witnessed on all sides were simply frightfnL The killing of prisoners by the soldiers was They were under no restraint and the poor prisoners were killed for uttering the slightest word in protest against the most horrible mur Out of the prisoners sent to Siberia by the Russian government at the end ot the rebellion I dont believe ever got back And not one of them guilt of a but simply prisoners of But if the fate of the men that of the women was infinitely more They were whipped with stoat gads instead of the is the only difference I was ever able to They were whipped and poisoned to death in hospitals by and every public indecency heaped upon Even their efforts at suicide were laughed at as a I was six years a prisoner in and six years a prisoner under At the end of six years I was obliged to support m but was required to report daily to a certain I supported my self by making and then after thirteen years was given a passport back to A man cannot travel half a mile in Russia without a I begged my way from town to and when about half way back received sofie mocey from my On reaching boon I found an order from the czar requiring me to quit Poland within twentyfour hours on pain of I had Just time to man the girl I was betrothed to and hurried away to thence to Ant where a Polish friend assisted me to I have been here ten and although I am very poor nothing on earth would induce me to leave American soil Detroit Free annum and shall not run more than filtor years from Forthe means to pay all just and proper claims against said water company as they become soction 10 provides for a special water tax of ttve mills on the to be levied annually on all taxable property within certain pre scribed with the earnings of said shall constitute a water And for the manner and order of disbursing said water fund in tho pay ment of said sections 11 and 13 provides That the semiannual interest on said bonds shall bo paid by the city directly to the bondholders or their without ever being under the control of said That tho sum of two thousand dollars per annum shall next be appro priated for the purchase of somo of the aforesaid or set apart in some ap propriate manner to constitute a sinking That there shall next bo paid from the water the current ex penses of said company including tho necessary repairs and improvements of said water and including all taxes that may be levied upon said water or upon tho stock hold by stock holders in said That after the payments of there shall bo paid from the remainder of said water if sufficient and prudent and a dividend to the stockholders of said not exceeding twelve per cent per annum on the amount actually advanced by thorn provided said amount ol stock shall not exceed thirty thousand Should tho water fund prove Inade quate in any one year to meat all the foregoing claims upon for thak year section 13 provides that the deficit shall be made good out of any surplus that may remain in any subsequent year and should the fund bo more than sufficient for all the purposes aforesaid the sur plus on so much thereof as can be prudently shared may be added to the sinking fund aforesaid section 11 the rate of tho special water tax section 10 as well as the water rates section 19 may be or such surplus may be applied to the extension of the wdter district or the improvementotthjkWQrkr as the city council shall For tho purpose of extending the water and for enlarging and improving said water works to meet the increasing demand for section u provides for the issuing of now which may be secured by a second mortgago upon said and which must be regu lated on the same as the case of the first mortgago and the additional stock that may be shall be disposed of as the board of di rectors shall but no dividend can be declared on such additional stock exceeding eight cent per annum sec Why Ha Didnt Star Oat A young man who went west filled with enthnaiam and a desire to grow op with the surprised his friends by returning home after an absenceof sev eral He says that while he waa out land hunting in what he thought the garden spot of America he came acrow a boarded up claim On the nailed across the door he found this in which accounted for unex pected return Fore miles from a Sixteen miles from a Twentyfive miles from a A hundred and Two hundred and fifty Theres no place fike atey from feet from Weve gone east to spend the win ter with mv wifes Unrk rfe attached liirtat ter with my JaneTTntitigB chief tor and fojttelatfa wi tor yean a eattafu which Mt dye bat ftp WBtoat art IM tat tion Should It be considered imprac ticable or not advisable to carry out the provisions of section section 10 pro vides that an application can be made to a court of competent jurisdiction section 11 for an order directing the board of directors of said water company to call further installments upon the unpaid capital stock of the three hundred thou sand dollars For granting to the city council the optional right to take possession of said water In consideration of the water fund provided for in section 11 and for the payment of all against said water section 15 that as soon aa the financial condition of the said eity shall permit it to purchase and operate said the city council having Riven one years previous shall have the right to take possession and control the upon assuming ail the duties and liabili ties then devolving upon said when the termination of the franchise hereby ii the city or some other party with its con is unable or unwilling to take said by relieving the said company of iti then existing duties and then said franchise and tho rights and duties of parties under shall con tinue as hereinbefore until the said company shall be thus relieved from all such duties and liabilities including the capital stock actually paid For the purpose of giving the city council the control over the laying and extending the mains in the and the supervision over the working order of all the machinery of said water section four provides that the city may require said company to extent its along the streets of the either grad ed or and to furnish the in habitants of any street where the mains are laid with water at the regular and a refusal or neglect at the company to comply wlih either of such requife or a failure to keep the whole apparatus in working order for an un reasonable length of shall cause forfeiture of the exclusive hereby IS For the better knowledge and controt of the city council over the management of said water tion seventeen provides thatsaid 1 pany shall keep setting forth minute detail every item of income a expense it shall receive or whfebl books shall at any time be opon to inspection of any committee or agent of said city at the end of every six a shall be made to the said the gregate amount from each and amounts expended nnder heads of general or special and an intentional failure to perform in this shall work a feitnre of the franchise herein For the settlement of certain ences of opinions that may arise t the eity council and the water section sixteen that current expensesof said compn eluding the pay of be i unreasonable by the city eonn should said council refuse to J alliance which said company mar to be required by the eighth tttoordtoanceor snontdHnw between MA eoapany for any otftor Jjsetmtterol siiDjirftteit to c tibatoeoufotof

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