Sunday, June 22, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 22, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE ESTABLISHED KEYH SUNDAY The Yellow JUNE A Romantic Mexican My MESHY ttttVyymen and shot at a moments if I could have laid hands upon saidthe an itBjffEortB to shako them We ride rousing himself from his taciturnity for nonce to confirm this And now just because he pretended to devote himself to the service of the existing government in the last part of bucking and we Tmt rarely come to Copyrighted liy and 1ublishud by Special Arranjrement With CHAlTElt IK a small on the southward slope of tingreat table land of Mex lay an fair as an earthly Well was this the properly of Mariano del Prado has or the Place of T WeU is it called Las said Amy writing back to her family an account of her journey in a distant And Well is it called Las thought youns Walter of the neighboring particnlady when the beautiful young American girl from New York had come there to make a The mansion continued Miss Amy has the most peculiar of What vrill you say when I tell you it stands ilk the open side of a volcano dont tremble for me wait till you hear me It is an extinct and the past terror but jrivos greater zest to the pres ent We came down to it first from a great sho The diligen cia that brought us from the City of Mexico had bumped and shaken us but I forgot it all at the view of that AVo seemed to hang in on tho rough and the col ors of tho glorious prospect below us were palo like thoxo of n Cuernnvaca cried making out somo domes near a tract of sugar cano of a moro vivid green than the Her PJCS filled with tears at tho sight of her then she fairly broke down and Boliliod on her fathers Never had 1 felt more warmly toward tho You know wo thought her rather slow and dull at The other girls at Rushs ridiculed her for stupid but I even that much of it was tlie shyness due to separation from her own country and also lack of facility in nnr on this Inns jnurncy of ours from New York sho IIILS developed many sweet and attractive I am sure unlike ns is her name to her dark skin and over developed the mak ings of n charming woman about her Lucky for was it I took this enlightened view of or I should never have locn And now I am only too delighted to find I was right Her gratitude for what little considera tion I showed her is really quite moving so is lior Tho gen eral is just tho nicest old gentlemen in tho stolid and formal daughter takes after him in dispo sition as well us in his heavy typo occupied only in thinking what kind hearted thing ho can do for us You know of old my habit of digress eing so dont expect a straight story from mo at this late I meant to tell you about tho house first and then about tho At a little hamlet of a few cano and adobe with aruined liko an undent in tho midst of wo were met by a lively consisting of Don the son of the and tho dependents of tho hacionda romo out to welcome Don Anpr1 is a mcrn of perhaps They had dismounted nnd were resting under a pleasant where some In dian women had oranges and lemons from their own trees for but the moment of our arrival they leaped into tho saddle nnd berjan to dash along beside us in gallant They fired pistols in iho air and made dquionstra tions of joy that wore almost Their 1 am ing yon herewith an aspiring attempt in water together with some photo 1o show the costumes of tho Tho heavy the bands around their hats and the rows of coins down tho legs of their trousers are all I cant got over oven the old mens wearing tiliort jackets you should see tho rotund general in his One of the whose name I learned WHS Don Walter looked particularly spirited ou He was only an it who happened to at the and came along with tho Bnt my attention was drawn away from their eccentricities ly our coming to the We rodo through flowering hedges and and presently there was the white mansion be fore The Cerro is a truncated cone of three or four hundred feet in One side has boon torn probably by the force of somo ancient flow of and discloses to view what was once the cra and is now a natural bowl of ex quisite with soft and pleasing In the center of this open at tho top of a gentle rise of where it receives the breeze only from tlie most favoring quarters and is shel tered against every stands the imposing scaipt Iwttlenionted and loop holed Against and with a gabled belfry in which hang two tiers of old bronze to summon the family to chapel or other domestic The emerald bowl around perhaps half a mile in which had onoe been so fertile now with crops and merging near the top into the darker green of rich presented a scene of peculiar and quiet one place only was a trace of roughness to be in some basaltic with hot springs at their from which wavered up thin wreaths of Be hind the Cerro rose tall and savage of which it made a Up there among at a great distance yon could see the white thread of a There was a beautiful light tiie herds were coming and the bells of the hacienda etrnck with a musical I marveled to find this palatial abode Mng of when there was used to keep his deer in a crater ring something like the Carro he had only to shut in one side with a and there was his deer park And these old volcanic cinder as we make the very choicest of soil for vine yards and I 1 am have never been abroad but I have often heard my father tell abofit drinking the delicious Lacryma Christi grown on the slopes of my dear I had to admit at ome that this was idy first venture into that great world of travel and ro mance after which my vagrant long had such a this is an opportunity that bids fair to make up for all my past You will think it shocking in but I have hardly had time as yet even to be not sure but I am grate ful for the ailments that reconciled you to letting me come home with the kind general and his to try the ef fect of their milder I am far better already you would hardly know I stop a dozen times a day at the love liness all around me to cry involun tary beautiful What a sweet and perfumed air What delicious what terraces and in the old fasliioned formal style of the foreign palaces What fish with carp in them What foun labyrinths and clippedalleys What thickets of laurel and rose trees flaming in their and oranges starring the dark breadths like golden lamps My common poverty stricken how am I ever to go back to you Have you an hacienda some ten miles wide by twenty lying upon the mountain slopes in such a way that it possesses a number of different climates of its varying from temperate to and grows the choicest productions of each Have you herdson a thousaifll and employes like a small army Have you a majoi and a and a half dozen othor principal subordinates be fore tho ordinary servants even begin Have you an establishment the granaries of which alone are like monumental and the various buildings of which cover acres of ground I should say You have only a sweet little flat near tho with al most tho prettiest portieres and blue To another one nearly of her a certain finfly this sprightly repeated substantially the same dwell ing a little more fully on the young man whohadlooked so particularly well on There is to be very fitfle society here it she said the places are so far and the people have had so many feuds and He has some kind of sun eying to do for the gen so L suppose he wffl come back oneofoutfew He is very and you know your friend Amys pen chant for good Wffl you ever forget our silliness over Montague How many of us were there who used to adore his photograph and post ourselves in front seats at the matinees Senor Don Walter like the solid air of the simpleWalteradded to the ro mantic half or even wholly I dont understand all the but he was brought up by threefold maiden in the They live on a small aid he looks after some of their He has had a scientific but I believe does not prac tice any profession When I say he is handsome I do not mean that there is anything finical about him onthe he has a strong and manly air there is a certain plain if yon can see what I in the midst of his good Is this enough about a man whom I have met only once What should you think if I should marry a Fra Diavolo sort of husband and settle down here in the tropics for good and all Bnt what is tho use of being girls if we cannot be nonsensical together once in a while Not that so to be seriors is of the least consequence to me besides this heavenly I have all the surround ing hamlets and all the littie provincial and the few months of my visit will pass only too I have not left the hacienda as but to morrow or next day we shall go to Cuer A small village lies and it is about four miles the it was always one for them and two for himself TO they let him settle down as a respectable ranchero and honored member of soci I declare if s too bad to see hiia allowed to lead a young man Theres no telling what they set down in the very jaws of A most intelligent young the one who happened to be here by accident who rode beside plained to me eometiiing of the character such a He Epolffi though with a good ideal of and made interpreter 1y the are great many ench hills oftanaes china in it is but still very high up in the air and lacking bedrooms enough for the comfortable accommoda tion of all my numerous brothers and But I love it just as it in spite of what I have I only wish I were back there with you this very Not one of you but deserves the pleasure I am having now much bet ter than Ah perhaps bet ter things are in store for us Ah whymust there have baen people so cruel and unscrupulous Why could not dis honest trustees havo taken some other peoples money instead of ours Not that 1 want anybodys to be but there are so many that put it only to vulgar and ostentatious Do you know I often think we are just the ones to have money Disinterested of isnt it We like nice things wo have refined havent we I am sure we do do more unw with our wretched lit tle makeshifts to keep up a figure in tlie world than many Trith large in Of course it isnt so hard for because 1 have always been used to the troubles happened before my time hut I of tei think how dear must who once had everything so very Why are there not be nevolent rich people who find out about the cases of deserving families whoso money was made away with by faithless and in some artful way set them on their feet again That would be true I am in their I should hie nothing better than playing the good fairy in that this is a long way to come to write you on matters we have discussed a thousand times at You will think your daughter and sister could hardly have gone farther and fared if she is going to be impressed in way by the opulence of her hospitable Mexican I asked Don Walter their Don means only the same as our though it always seems as if it ought to mean a great deal more if we are all likely to be blown up some fine living recklessly in the crator of a vol the writer hardly think he smiling at my Yon see the rather pormanent look of things around and I believe Popocatepetl has had no erup tion for soine thousands of So much the more reason why it should happen I for there was a slight irony in his though I declare it to you I have only lately begun to get over breathing gin gerly on this and waking up of nights to think about it Yon wiU not deny that such things can happen and have happened I went more I am sure before Vesuvius broke out and swallowed up Pompeii the ancients had looked upon it as wholly and never thought of it in any other I that Spartacus was besieged there by a Roman on a plain that then exist ed in the top of it The wonder to me is that people ever get up confidence enough to do anything in such insecure Don Walter Arroyo looked as if he were aiittie surprised at my reading to ten the I was These are some the small risks one takes in he appearing by no means overcome with And you do the poor earthquake and rolcano They have many good points about as 1 should like to know are a rent for sigplus and they np the necessary inequali ties of the earths which would otherwise soon be polished down by the elements as smooth as a billiard earthquake ought to honor its able if by special ex was a long time since I had teased and I felt like it CHAPTER IL On tlie next day bnt in the family drove into in their ram shackle with two or both as servants and behind It was ramshackle not for want of a they had the most modish of everything in their stables at hut on account of the condition of the roads and because most of the traveling of the country was done on The del Prados sat in it beaming with an air of benevolent contentment There were various commissions to be accom The market gay as a scene at the the bizarre the great ruddy water drewforth the admiration of For her the most ordinary details of common life ware mu or interest the tne the municipal a few sol diers practicing bugles before and particularly some prisoners work ing on the under who frightened The Madre as they called the Senora del varying it with the affectionate diminutives of Ma drecita and Mamacita assisted by her explained She was an old with bright a largo iron gray at a first a rather stern look on her dark face but this was for there was really no unpleasant sternness about She was of a more conserva tive cast than the coming from one of the aristocratic Mocho and having her sympathies still strongly bound np with while her husband though he to be was of just as lineage was an en lightened member of the party of prog ress and liberal Such intermar riages are not infrequent in the needless to the feminine con servatism has to giro though mak ing itself much felt under the They stopped at the drug with its colored the with his long rows of white tapers suspended be fore his and then turned down a side street to find a little shop where dried rose leaves and all kinds of dried medicinal and were ex posed for Just coming out of this shop as they reached it were two women in a garb resembling that of nuns and yet retaining about it something One of them had a perfectly charming roseate and under a dark much heavier than the usual The other was mMaiA raw an entirelymat ter of fact looking The Senora del Prado spoke to them very and made Amy acquainted with introducing the younger one as Sister and the other as Sister And what brings you to town today she asked We haVe sold some of our embroid eries and dried answered I am sorry we have not room for yon in the carriage I would like so much to drive you We do not mind the we are so well used to we are not go ing said Her eyes wan as if to the belfry clock of an half ruined church acroai the beautiful inits as are a myriad more throughout the you go and pray sranntimai in the garden of your former convent hut before that we are going to breakfast with the senoritas Many of our friends are very kind They are the aunts of There are three of and three of the Dona Cataliua is left at and they consort much aaid the after the others had smiling as if with a feeling of humor about it senoritas Arroyo aze good They must have been very j hard to suit in their or some say their father did not wish them to and used all his influence against it They have rather spoiled their nephew by want of firmness Heis too wild a colt for them to though he A favorite of too and has msay fine Then is Don Walter cx are np to Don Walter now discovered and rode forward and greeted them with a yet easy Senora del Prado snook her finger at him at the first and taxed him with his bad On the said I have been away finishing the survey ef the northern boundary of your estate ever since I saw you and I only met Capt Perez just here by accident The return of the general reminded me of my negligence I should have had the work done Then I hold you said the holding out her hand to him in a friendly Shall I do myself the honor of wait ing on you tomorrow to present my re general Tomorrow or when you please my house is always Don before riding away apologized for his travel stained appear His he had been in a very rough part of the in the thick mountain forests and along the Barranca of a place seldom His eyes roved with a respect ful which he seemed to make efforts to over the fair face of Amy as he md he paid with the other some well turned com by which even the most decor ously brought np of young women could hardly have failed to be Do not be ensnared by said the by way of playful the blonde type of beantr ia rather rare among and you may ex pect plenty of floras lit erally flowers while yon are They stayed quite a while at the herb shop and then stopped to buy shoes at a shop advertising itself under the sign of The Boot of which consumed a good deal more of their Meanwhile Don Walter dismounted at a small new f onda or restaurant under the columned portala that ran round the principal This place had lately been opened by one Antonio a former employe of the hacienda of Las as a rival to the fonda of the Bella in the opposite What can you give me in the way of a bite of breakfast demanded the cus sliding easily into a chair by a small The landlord assured him that every thing in the air and sea was at his bnt the best dish he had ready at the moment was a very fine or general Bring it And what is the news here of late For one del Prado has re turned from the United He drove through the plaza here awhile I knew he was And he has brought with him the handsomest young girl in all the a friend of his so some old ac quaintances at the hacienda tell Her down her is as bright as so many but shes a beauty Shes prettier than that picture over Hombre Man exclaimed in affected The picture referred to was a wretched daub of the Mexican goddess of liberty on the waB back of the whence the native was chiefly I swear it by my head and the merits of all my defunct cried An tonio And how is it with ypurself pur sued the thinking per haps he had heard sufficient on this snb 1 1 am having much trouble just now on account of my which Im expecting the men here every minute to put Are you a good judge of those matters Not Im you I want the title of my place to give and its cost me many a good nights sleep to pick out just the right A title may make or mar a man Tve known it to be And what did you settle upon La Alma de Mexico the Soul of Mex but there are so many others that might have been How would Ancient Glory of Mexico strike you That has a more sonorous Then was the Sun of The The The Great Mississippi Bnt here the men arrived with the and he broke off and rushed out to meet Don having finished his followed in a more leisurely By that time a little crowd had gathered del Prado was passing and Antonio Gassol ran into the challenged the attention of the and brought it to his door almost by main A ME DAY Juliet Carson Tells How to Cook and Serve The SortAppropriate Bill of fare for of BeceipU PnjveJce Womea snowy whiteon u IDT Koa ibiflBusttal He oily in way and oondpded with which with Capt Francisco Peres That man wjQ bring him to no They saw Walter riding into the street in dnsty beside a man much older titan who wasmonnted powerful looked beck along some agricnl aaid hot ffidOey jail fiat I Wfll yon do me the great my he to give us your hon ored opinion on this point Some of the boys object to my new There it is up and a neat bit of if I dare say so So it is said the with a sort of fatherly interest in the fortunes of his late servant that was pleasant to j you boys I couldnt please you could I I wanted to do what was right and fair aU bnt you can understand that for What is the question at friend Antonio we shall never get on at this TO BE Electric This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to reed no special men All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of purer medicine does not exist and it is guaran teed to do all that U Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of liver and will remove salt rheum and other affections caused by impure malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial of constipation and indigestion try Electric satisfaction guaranteed or money 50 cents and per bottle at Henrys drug If there is one tiling greater than a girls praise of her own home when she is m another it is her abuse of it in comparing it to the other town when she gets Just as sure as hot weather comes there will be more or less bowel complaint In this Every personal especially ought to have sore reliable med icine at hand for instantuse in case it is A S5 or 50 cent bottle of ChaB Oralen and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what JOB ooght to and all that you would needVereC for the severe easei HE question which most often tron the housewife is that of the I daily to provide for 1 the family that never noon and Above what to choose for the principal meal of the whether it comes at noon or at It is my pur pose to here give a fair selec tion of dishes flksly to satisfy the aver age American the materials for which can he found in nearly every part of the At this time there is such an abundance of canned goods gen erally available that vegetables can he included in an bills of fare and to such perfection is their preparation brought with a wejl made they can hardly be distinguished from The use of sauces is of great import ance in varying the flavor of different and in increasing their economic Our present concern is with the selection of a good summer As many Americans do not use soup and fish we shall not give both upon the of fare unless some special occasion is in Bermuda Shoulder of with Mint Fraah Tomato Strawberry Cream If any of the ingredients required in these recipes are not some sub stance may be used which win produce a similar or at least make a savory and palatable acceptable to those before whom it is to be In the first for any fresh fish wiU serve the purpose in place of the sea food for which the formula FISH FILETS Upon the sea or lake board any fresh fish maybe split down the the largest bones removed and the fins and entrails trimmed away either the fish maybe cooked in this or the flesh may be cut from the spine in two each comprising one half the fish these pieces can be skin upon the cutting a firm hold taken with the left hand of the nearest the blade of a thin knife sunken through the flesh down to the butnot through the knife blade gradually against the skin and pushed back with it away from the end held left hand until the flesh and skin are smoothly These pieces of fish thus freed from skin and bone are called filets they may be fried or at and served with pepper and or lemon juice and or with any sauce SALAD AND The salad specified above is of fresh made quite cold upon the ice after being washed or scalded and They may be served whole or sliced either alone or laid upon lettuce leaves or water cresses the taste is con sulted in seasoning them with pep per and or with sugar and vin egar or with a little The vegetables are new washed clean with a cloth or brush in plenty of cold and then boiled onlyuntil just salted and kept hot under a folded towel after draining off the The asparagus is the small green va well the tender portion cut in small and boiled only until tender in salted boiling As a American cooks boil vegetables too They should be drained from the boiling water as soon as they are tender enough to If like the aspar agus they should be thrown into a vessel of cold for a few moments to set their color and preserve their form then they can stand until it is time to serve them reheat them as quickly as either with sauce or salt and and serve them at BOAST LAMB WITH M3JT This favorite summer dish for Ameri cans is seldom served in its prime con because housewives are apt to forgettwo things hat such a deli cate and immature meat as Iamb is more likely to spoil from exposure to unfavor able temperature than beef or mutton that it must be perfectly cooked topreserve all its No confusion of taste should be created by a mixed seasoning or by stuffing it use only salt and the surface has been browned in the hottest possible and either its own brown gravy or a good mint Some of the bones maybe removed to facilitate the vein of the neck cut carefully the joint tied orskewered in proper the surface wiped with a wet and the meat then placed in the hottest possible oven and quickly or before a Tory hot open between tnat and going to purgatory would take the latter and lighter punish But doconsider for onceT Women hoarders do not hang about the hone any as They eat their breakfast and go off to business do not expectorate and after browning When cooked to the desired degree the lamb can be kept hot while the drippings the pan are mixed over the fire with dry ii heaping tablespoonful for each pint of and two or three of drip pings when the flour is quite mixed boQing water is to be stirred in gradu until the proper gravy is must boil be palata bly and then served in a gravy Mint sauce is made by mixing a cup ful of fresh finely with the same quantity each of vinegar and cold or as the intention is to serve STRAWBERRY CRKAX Tkecream suitable for French cream gyfl0 is made by mixing a cupful of cold water with the white of a fresh eax and confectionerssugar to a paste whiek can he molded into httle in each of which a ripe strawberry is JCUET Coasox WOMANS WORLD IN ontSe carpets or break the They do not They do not come home drunk at 3 oclock in the morning and raise the house with ringing the front door ben because they are too befuddled to find the key They dont eat as much as though I am glad to they are doing better in this respect and eating more than in the sentimental days when they lived on toast and I have been investigating this subject and the only objection I find to the girls is that they wash their stock ings and handkerchiefs in their wash hanhis and want to heat an iron once a week on the laundry to iron them what of it That does not annoy and its a good deal bet ter to wash the things than to let them go isnt it bless the girls I yield to no woman alive in my admira tion of the masculine of their intel their lionlike their generous and their good looks When men have kept their bodies at their and are not too or tumble down old there is not an object in nature more splendid than I have always appreciated I I hope that is satisfac Bnt if I had to take my choice be tween living in a house with all the boarders men or all I should take the What pleasure I have had with my women comrades While I like as I have I must own that the truest friends of my life have been and it hurts this dis crimination against women For twentytwo years the ladies of the National Woman Suffrage association have been told at their annual conven tions that they had not gained a in the way of progress they they can retort on their persecutors that they have gained one just The judiciary committee of the house of representatives have agreed to recommend an amendment to the national constitution entitling wo men to This has never happened in either house of congress The nearest approach to anything like it in the senate was the appointment last year of a committee on woman But the progress is really very The house committee recommend the pas sage of the it is Then the house itself must pass the amend After that the in its lum awfully slow would take it Say that in the course of three years or so thq senate actually did pass the Then it would sti have to go before the to be rati fied by threequarters of The whole process would take several the question is still in dispute whether the decision as to woman suf frage belongs properly to congress or to the legislatures of tho several Wyoming has decided this for by admitting women to the right of full I have been looking over a report of the work done the past year by a num ber of womens On the whole the work is and deals largely with the burning questions of the things on which hangs the earthly salva tion of men and But some of the rubbish these women have been pack ing info their brains is While not half the women know in what congressional district they while not one woman in twenty has studied the United States constitution or thatof the state in which she while not one woman in a hundred can give an in telligent abstract of the laws governing the property rights of married women and widows in her own I submit whether it does not looka little far fetched to be investigating the works of the early Russian That is One of the edifices in Detroit is the Mary Palmer Methodist Episcopal Of the women who have given millions of money to churches Palmer is about the only one who has received any recognition of the fact that was worth Where else in Protestant Christendom is a church named for a woman Miss Elizabeth Bisland says that the most beautiful people on earth are in Their eyes are like their complexions like polished and their walk and carriage like that of gods and The men are even more beautiful than the In saying this Miss Bisland states a fact in race Among savages and uncivilized peoples the men are always taller handsomer and more finely formed than the In the progress of evolutionman gets his development Woman has not yet had her complete development in any Bnt it will HE REIICIOUS Notes and News Gathered From all The Cumberland Frabjtteriaa Ckmnh ai IU DiMntlrom the Weatmbdater Standard ofFaith Made E Cumberland Presbyterian church was organized in The three ministers who were the founders were expelled from the Presbyte rian church of that day because of their rejection of the doctrines of election and reprobation as taught in the Westminster Confession of In 1813 the church hud so increased aa to form three These pres byteries met in that year and constitut ed a which at once formulated and published a brief statement of their points of dissent from the Westminster They are as follows That there ara no eternal That Christ died not for a part only tat for all That all infants dying ia infwcy are saved through Christ and the sanetifica tion of the That the Spirit of God operates on the or as coextensively as Christ has made in such a manner as to leave all men In 1814 a Confession of Faith was which is mainly the Westmin ster with the doctrines of unconditional reprobation and limited atonement elim inated This remained the standard of faith of the church until when a commit tee was appointed to form an entirely new which in 1883 was adopted by the almost unanimous vote of its general A few extracts from this last confession are here given OS THE DECREES OF for the manifestation of his glory and by the most wise and holy counsel of his own freely and unchangably ordained or determined what he himself would what ha would require his intelligent creatures to and what should bo the of the obedient and the Though all divine decrees may not be revealed to yet it is certain that God has decreed nothing contrary to his revealed will or written ON DIVINE God the Father having set forth his Jesus as a propitiation for the sins of the does most graciously vouchsafe a manifestation of the holy Spirit with the same intent to every This call of the holy Spirit is purely of Gods tree grace and not because of human ind is antecedent to all purpose and in tention on the part of the sinner to come to Christ so that while It is possible for all to be saved with it none can bo saved without call is not irresistible but is effectual in those only in penitence and freely sur render themselves wholly to the only name whereby men can be ON THE SALVATION OP All persons dying In and oil persons who have never had the faculty of are re generated and ore ottfteir The text of book it i vulgate except thatl Urn are pot after PkuTlM Thereami in theprmtinswhirA even to Latmi The cover is of m the outside with flourishes and been are protected by solid Another of these metal been fastened and the fragmenta daawa itin hanging to the ftnrabflity was aimed atinbmdfiaKf morethan it is Father lambing says that thiar 1 B five years older than Jtartinlrthenl Luther was born 1488i book was printed says it is probably one of which were chained in the i The law represents only says The Womans the ffmjeai of he Against W About this time of the year you see in the newspapers advertisements to smnmer J ft mmtmt Where and Practical business as a do not feel much interest in or respect for the efforts of women while they would compete on a business refuse to be governed by business There is a demand for home made pickles and pre serves at a fair business but only a few women who can but partially supply the demand have taken advantage of as a fail in this work for two because they do not do their work by exact which always give a uniform but by a species of which requires that every lot of goods shall be Sec they are anxious for an immense return from their goods at once and usually overestimate the They are often in such need of money before they begin to work that they cannot afford to put their goods before the public as a business man The Methodist The movement in the direction of a Methodist sisterhood is rapidly taking a tangible A private conference of leading Wesleyans has been at which a council of advice was of the Childrens hasreceived from Mewburn to start and a house is to be taken near Victoria Park capable of accom modating ten or twelve who will be bound by no bntwho are ex pected to spend a considerable number of years in the The sisters are to devote themselves to ministering to the sick evangelistic visitation and to moral and spiritual education in con nection with orphanages and industrial The cost is estimated at per At the other end of London Price Hughes has received offers of personal service from many more ladies than the two houses now in occupation can An appeal is made to Methodist ladies to provide the funds for another The United Presbyterian r conformed its statistical year to the schedule of the c It reports church 815 seating capacity for and i at McCosh says that he haa young men at Princeton to decline come Presbyterian ministers in i quence of their unwillingness to the They would have been men with a The English Presbyterian church 1 now in China twenty ordained 1 ten medical and lady the number of mnnicants in connection with the c The cause of Presbyterianism ing up in the Under thtt missionary labors of 3fo Carthy there are now eight An edifice costing goinjiii npat Saranac Lake to be dedicated ta and a committee of the presbyteryl expects soon to organize a church theww Three other church buildings are tot J erected in the neighborhood this f next The Decrease to President of Indiana in a history of saysi of the students at present logical seminaries less than onefi are graduates of tion of partially educated men iaTi Many can remember wfcwtlj the decided majority of theological dents consisted oE college Less than twenty years the number fallen to The Torgnm cently expressed its regret that so 1 a part of the men in the seminary at New Brunswick had taken a college Perhaps i tity compels many to shorten of If so it is desirable that it removed as far as A miniitu has need a thorough Christian Bishop Taylors Bishop William Taylors Episcopal missions in South are warmly indorsed by the Gospel in All Lands for are five stations in Chili and two During the last ten yearn i in gold has been invested building schools and i and furnishing During tliiiim tenv years over twenty missionaries have 1 constantly at and there are twentyeight or twentynine in All have had self and some of the stations have had over self all of which has invested in the From It is always wise to be willing to be especially when such instruc tion tends to the salvation of the how how infinitely is obedience to and how dreadful is the folly of those who continue to be his enemies Fear without joy is and joy daw antt expect no income till they are well They therefore come un der the head of objects of charity rather than as independent business Kew York t A BeUec That pink and white young woman was who has been called gentlemen In the boarding houses tans advertising are by women who tints set before the world publicly an example ol crneDy and latterly their own How can ever expect men to do justice to women when we ourselves tieat each other Hke lam satisfied there is no fa tunes that did a and who was more than talked about when she married the di vorced brotherinlaw of the Duchess of Her hair was be ing that perfect blonde so seldom seen ex cept heads of but she lacked Her discovery was very One morning at Xarragansetfone of the youths went in very aly as he was jar out come from the depths of tin deep Mae sea a whose long yeUnr hair was floating in the With his month foD rf salt it was rather for a ftlui4eziBgr young man to but hemanagfa gasp out Are without holy fear would be Our faith may be slender as a spiders but if it be real we are in our own measure The more we trust the more fully shall we know this True fit for kings and Kes in obeying The dragon lost his sting when he dashed it into the soul of Answers to prayer are sweet cordials for the We need not fear a frown ing world while we rejoice in a prayer hearing The quietude of a muns heart by faith hi God is a higher sort of work than the natural resolution of manly for it is the gracious operation of Gods holy spirit upholding a man above and therefore the Lord must have all the glory of A child of God startles at the very thonghtgf despairingof help in A gqoa conscience can sleep in the mouth of a True grace can be shot bnt can never be shot The best of men need mercy as truly as the worst of Sinners are never satisfied their gap ing mouths are turned in every their empty hearts are ready to drink in any fine delusion which impostors may invent and when these fail they soon yield to and declare that there is no good t hing in either heaven or A CURIOUS OLD avaAtotlns bat to two rtumiililii Women am ft Kew fcom Tnwwinr Rie Father of the Possessor of What is probably the oldest copy of the Scriptures in the United States is a very curious Bible in the possession of the Father the historian of It is a folio in containing about 900 pages 3f heavy parchment and bean a marked resemblance to the first Bibles printed by Gnttenberg when he invent ed The Bibles printed at first by Gnttenberg in 1430 and 1455 are de acribed as quarto in double col the initial letters of the chapters being executed the pen in Father Lambings Bible was printed in and is thereforeone al tto earliest secimens of The let ters are in large Gothic atedwork fnl The gilt of tfcbngbputon The best salve In RELIGIOUS Nearly 205 churches and conferf sions are reported by the missionariesof the American Sunday School union the results of their efforts in union Sunday schools in the past Since 1834 the society has Sunday with a i ship when started of In South as early as Society for the Relief of Widows Children of the Clergy was i it is believed to be the first one f in this or perhaps in the i It is notable that it was not then to say the widows of for it was not in those days how they could be of clergymen who were not In the seven Baptist theological nariesof this country there are 659 At 168 accessions 1 been made to tho Methodist church i Old Zion church of Kew York city 1 been it is to the c Dutch Reformed for South church traces its lineage back j the Dutch church of the Bogardus of the first church built upon Manhattan i The receipts of the board of missions of the Reformed church for year just closed were about i excess of nearly The debt of theboara hi reduced from to jMjjOft A Students Missioniiryanteh formed in fefe gether the students who feelc foreign missionary and to I increase their Each signs the following ary union Ifr my i if God to engageiai mission Here Howard son of Hudson ia The Hiram Binghanvof t coflege class of hast translation of the Bible into I gnage of the Gilbert Padfiel In and near Cesarea WestemTl Mission at Christian Endeavor aredoingt work among the missionary that is dona by similar societieaji United The number of ministers Spnrgeons and gent out to labor in the i now reached Of these living and in variouai the A leadin HocM that tty is slowly but gteadQyi less in never zetrof The fotnrer of is indeed in

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