Saturday, June 21, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 21, 1890, Burlington, Iowa T fir ESTABLISHED SATURDAY JUNE RICE 15 THEf KEEP m The Democrats Continue to Cause Turmoil in the mention Canes Disposed Legisla Executive Bud Judicial Bill Passed In the nutionsCapltal June contest in the house was renewed this Tho journal of yesterdays proceedings was not read and the speaker announced tint pending question on the motion made by of to approve the journal of Wednesday as amended by the resolution of The previous question was yeas nays of before the an nouncement of the changed his vote to the aflirtnativc and them moved a of New voted with the The republicans voting with the democrats in the affirmative wore atid Townsend of Mills moved to table the motion to Tin1 motion to reconsider was nays The question then recurred on approving the Journal of Wednesdays proceedings us The motion as amended was agreed nays The clerk then proceeded to read the journal of yesterdays The journal having been read and ap of asked for recognition of the conference report on the antitrust and of was on his feet raising the question of Islands pur pose was to offer the following resolution That house hill direct ing the purchase of silver bullion and the issue of treasury notes and for other with the senate amend be concurred nays consider the conference After u in tin course of which of declared it was the first bill directed against the trusts that had ever passed the American congress and tljat in fourteen control of thi parly had not pro duced a syllable of legislation of the the report nays of presented the report nf tinIlidions eiimmittee in the contested Mississippi election case of Chalmers Morgan in favor of and nf presented a from tinsame committee upon the case of Miller in favor of llland then offered his resolution to take iiji the silver McKinlcy made the point of order the motion was not a that the only way to reach the speakers table was to follow thcordcrof the morn ing of lidded as a fur ther amidst sarcastic democratic that the bill was not ou the speakers table hut in 1 lie hands of the coinage llhuid argued in opposition to the point of order and held that the bill was on the speakers table within Springer said the effect of the special order under which the bill was originally considered was to take the bill out of the conimiUcc of the The only was whether the senate had added to the uitiUcr a new nuicnd nient LhiiV was the subject of considera tion in the committee of the After considerable further debate on that point then were not twentylive men under the dome of the eapitol who believed the bill was incorrectly referred upon their Morrow replied that the majority of the house declared lie was here to carry out the wishesof the majority of the Kultcrworth said there wus no tyranny like the tyranny of a majority that acted in dis regard of democratic ap of said yester day while the motion to reconsider was pending and resolution had been the chairman walked up to the speakers took up a bill that he Williams believed was the silver bill and handed it over to the clerk of the committee on This looked like conspiracy to obtain physical possession of the of chairman of the committee on said the bill was delivered to Itis chrk before eleven oclock yesterday During the upon the request of tlie jour nal it had been put in his posses sion for it short time in order to make some clerical bill he Con ger had again taken it back to the com mittee McCreary maintained that under Vlie constitution the bill hud never burn properly in charge of the committe on The constitution required the house to keep the 1ntil that journal was approved it was proper to send a bill The entry in the journal was lie held the bill was on the speakers table and should be placed before the house for After further discussion by tlie speaker and island modified the language of his resolution as to direct that the speaker under rule lay the matter on his including the silver before the house for The speaker said perhaps he could simplify the matter and suggested to Bland that he understood his wish to be simply to get at iliis matter when it would naturally come supposing it wus upon the speakers table not passing upon tin1 matter in this the chair proposed to do was that when the bill or whatever it might was it should be brought be fore the But the gentleman did not soem to consider that this was Fri bill that private bills alone were in Itland asked whether the bill would be laid before the house tomor row The speaker declined to aiiswfr that question until the proper McComas demanded the regular Tho speaker said the regular order was a private bill which he passed to the Springer wished to know when I the chair might be expected to decide j where tho bill i Tho the bill wouldj be in providing tho views of tie other were correct about which the ohair presents no because he does not think it the proper As llland and Springer finally insisted on a specific ruling the speaker finally ruled that islands resolution to proceed to the consideration of the silver bill was not in order under the Bland McKinlcy moved to lay the appeal on the The yeas and nays were ponding which Crisp moved that the house The motion was de feated but the hour of five arrived and the under the took a recess until Mo business was trans acted at the evening Stewart the senate today rising to a question of personal denied the ittie recently published giving an amount an Imaginary the consular and diplomatic appropria tion bills were recorded and placed 011 the The consideration of the executive and judicial appropriation bill was After some discussion the amendment increasing the salary of the commissioner of the general land office from to and assistant from to was agreed A mo tion to increase the compensation of sur veyor general of Oregon from to was agreed The bill was then formally reported to the senate and the amendments made in the committee of the whole agreed A motion to in crease the salary of the commissioner of Indian affairs from to was Stewart moved to strike the item of for the executive officer of geo logical This gave rise to a long Major Powell was harshly criti cised by Stewart and others and de fended by At the close of the discussion the amendments with drawn by The bill was then TEE PRESIDENT A ICallroud Bonding Bill Squelched by a June Har rison today returned to the house with out his approval the bill to authorize the board of supervisors of Maricopa to issue certain bonds at the rate of per mile in aid of the con struction of a certain The pres ident treats the matter in great detail and says the bill seems to have passed the house under a misapprehension of its true nature aud The report of committee ou territories stated the county would receive bonds in payment of money proposed to be The in did not provide for a loan to lie secured by but for a subscription of The bill does not submit the question of urantinn this aid to a vole ol the people of the county or con fer direct authority upon the supervisors to issue It is that in an election was held to obtain the views of the people on the It does not appear from the says the who were the managers of this socalled election what if was given or iu what form the ijnestion was There was no law providing for such aud hciiis wholly voluntary it of under the management of those who offered the I have Jieejj given what purports to he the vote at twelve standing and lint of the affirmative vote were at Ihueuix and tss at a town very near If there were no other objections to the bill I should deem this ukmc suflicicut that no provision is made for submitting to a vole of tinpeople at an election after due notice aud under the sanction of the law the whether this subscrip tion shall he The president con siders at length the ijuoslUm of limita tion of municipal aud other indebtedness and says Marieopu county is one of great extent and this great area is to be taxed to construct a road which can be of advantage to but a fraction of The existing hondcd indebt edness of Maricopa county is and the tax assessment about The boudod say of the floating already largely in excess of the legal limit and it is proposed to increase it by a subscrip tion that will certainly involve nearly a quarter of a II the bill becomes D law the bonded indebtedness will easily approximate trn per cent of the assessed value of the property of the The president feels the force of tlie argument that the freight charges now imposed by the railroads in opera tion are but does not afford much relief in that direction as there would lie Inn one competing lledoes not thinkany one will insist that irm aud permanent prosperity of the community would be promoted by loading their energies and industries with a great GENERAL WASHINGTON Niniiiuatfd livthe June The presi dent today scut to the senate the nomin ations of Mitcheyst to be United Stales attorney for the northern district of Illinois James of associate justice of the supreme court of Simpson Chester postmaster at A luUc June The report that thesuperintendent of census had authorized supervisors to give out the census ligures is denied by He says the report is without Ilill June Tinhouse committee on postollices and post roads have postponed the furt her consideration of tlie postal telegraph bill until next Signed the Parnrll Tension June The presi dent has signed the Vill granting a pension to Delia the mother of Stewart LABOR The Cleveland Sn itclimcn Return to Work lit Shore Juno mon on tho Chicago and Loui6 and the Shore and Michigan Southern returned to work this morning at what is known as Lake Shore Tho Nicklc the Valley the Can ton aud and the Pennsylvania companies yardmen arc still out and ex press determination to remain out until they arc granted at least ten hours for a days work at the Lake Shore scale for twelve hours More and Cutters Locked XKW June firm locked out one hundred of their cuttor and cloakmakers this morn making twelve firms in all now who have locked their men About seven thousand men and women are idle in consequence of the but they arc cheerful and say they arc able to hold out all summer if necessary to make the employers recognize the Flint Class Works Scale of June flint glass workers have presented their scale of wages for tho ensuing year and the man ufacturers have the matter under con The scale advances wages about twelve per Urakctaieni Strike June strike of the through brakcmen on the Monon gahcla division of the Pennsylvania rail road was settled the men accept ing the proposition of the officials for a slight A Bookmaker Safe Bobbed June safe oi Lewis a was opened last night and in worth of diamonds and about in notes Much FeelingEngendered by the Arrest of Seven Minneapolis Census Tak Arrated Enumerators on Days June trial of the seven Minneapolis census enumerators came up before the United States Com missioner in this this They were arrested by the United States marshal on warrants sworn out by William Pitt of this alleging fraud in connection with their census It is alleged that false returns were being and that a mass of documents seized at the same time have been held as evidence in Citizens of Minneapolis have een greatly aroused and have appointed awyers for the defense of the seven enumerators So much feeling las been engendered that every little point in the history of the ease has been and consequent indignation at what was considered improper and out rageous interference in Minneapolis af airs by the city of Paul has been greatly The stories about assaults upon residents of the two cities are not only much exaggerated but en tirely Still there has been aud s groat interest in the Affidavits were filed by each of the even defendants expressing the belief hat United States Commissioner Mc afcrty was prejudiced and they feared an impartial hearing was Ar guments were heard in the matter until loon when an adjournment was taken to without any decision having been At the afternoon session Judge JlcCaf crty announced his decision against the men for a change of aud at the request of the United States attorney who desired to communicate with the de partment at Washington before acting t was continued until August MUBDEBED AT Contract NEW Jnne Italians and twenty Hungarian Immigrants were de tained at the barge office on sus picion that they were contract So table shonM tee without a bottle of An the oserofexquisite Itawod directors for worlds fair Juno fonaally FICBTINC FOR and MinneapoliSr The Census War Paul IrimiilKton Elmer llHiniltuu While Out ipeciul to The June Donoiigh county is terribly shocked over another This time the scene of the tragedy is iVhilc out swimming in a creek near town Elmer Hamilton in sport tied the clothes of his Otis Ienning into hard This so enraged young Pentiiiigton that he immediately irocured a revolver and shot Hamilton in the loft lircast near the heart inflicting a wound from which the boy died this Penningion immediately tied he renniiigtous aKe is about fourteen vears and he is the son of James Pen lington of this The murdered boy was about the same age and was a son of Thomas There is much ex citement over the THE FATAL ami Potts lluiie for MurdiT at June Potts and his wife Elisabeth wore hanged at this Horning for the murder of Miles Fawcett n This place has been in a ever of excitement over the execution and people began pouring in from the country at an early Over sixteen women applied for permits to witness the execution but the sheriff refused The conduct of Potts for the last ive days has been an alternation of ivstorical screaming and swear ng at her Owing to apprehen sion of trouble on the part of Potts he officials have kept the hour of exc ulion Yesterday morning Potts attempted suicide by gnashing her but was prevented from further njury to herself by the vigilance of the death After the reading of the death warrant Potts earnestly ejaculated I am mioeent and God knows and her nisband reiterated tho On the they bore themselves with brav TV unexpected by those in After they were bound Potts made sev ral most earnest endeavors to clasp the naiid of his wife without Finally a touch on her wrist caused her to turn icr eyes toward his and this mute appeal of love cause their lips to ineet for one free They repeated their assertion of innocence and while the clergyman was saying Put your trust in God the trap was sprung and all was soon Ilangcd fur the Murder of Ills June Gubers was langpd in the jail yard here this morn The crime for which he suffered was the murder in February last of his two children aud whom he hacked to pieces in a most brutal manner with an Murderer June Ed ward who murdered his para mours was hanged here at jight oclock this He declared iiis innocence to Ilubbed a June burglars were surprised by the police early this morning while breaking in the They with the officers in liot and many shots were ex After an exciting race and a tierce struggle one of the burglars was Tho burglars had about com pleted the job and were on the point of leaving with their A Verdict of Sot June jury in the case of Corcoran and Aldormanelect who wore on trial for alleged wholesale election frauds during the last returned a verdict acquittin g the RAHBOAD Careless Banklns BesnlU Disastrously to the Park of June Park National bank of this city closed its doors this and a crowd of depositors now urround its place of The causes of the failure are not yet A notice posted on the door says It is n charge of national bonk Charles Packard is its It had been organized only a ew years and its stock sold at par No statement of assets or Ha lilities are obtainable at this The bank was not an important its Capital stock being only The eport of the condition of the bank on eporioi me conaiion OI ine oanK on speaker when the licensing bill was last May 17 showed loans and discounts Knisrnssert in committee on He the amounting to notes and bills ediscountcd surplus fund and undivided profits The ailure was not unexpected in banking Its president made money in that business and took charge if the it is said without sufficient knowledge of The result was hat loan deposiis were understood tobc onductcd less strictly than conservative lankers consider necessary with the re ult of getting a rattier poor line of President Packer insists the bank is olvent and will be reopened The overnuient examiner refused to WHY T1IE 11AXK June comp rollcr of the currency said this afternoon hat his action in closing the Park Xa ional of is based on the eport of the bank It he comptroller the bank made arge loans on doubtful security and ome oflicers of the bank have been heavy borrowers on its The comptroller ays a receiver will certainly be ap loiuted unless there is a change in man agement and liberal contribution o new apital to put the bank on a sound NEWGASS Tin Bid for Lottery Privi No Itffnre the Louisiana Legisla UATOX June New offering a year for ottery has just been intro duced in the house by of Fclic Shattuck denounces the Kew rass proposition and claims it as an infant oru of a blackmailing lie says of Jsew wanted to get nto the Morris but as ho had lot succeeded in doing he Newman vould go as high as with Xew ass which was five thousand nilcs away on the other side of the At The Morris lottery bill was yesterday engrossed and passed to its third read ng in tlie tho vote being 02 to The antilottery members claim that he governor will veto the lottery rncas ire and that its friends can not secure he necessary twothirds to pass it over ho A New York Express on tbe Goes Over an Embankment Jnne New York express was wrecked at two oclock this morning at Childs Station on the Balti more and Ohio of the Catholic university at Washing and Harry son of con gressman of were among those seriously Bishop Keene was cut about the head and body and badly Ralph a son of Senator is among those slight ly Two sleepers were thrown down an the fireman was killed and Charles chief engineer of tbe Staten Island Rapid Transit was so seriously injured that he died before he could be carried to Another account of the Baltimore and Ohio accident says Charles Ken of New and John of were the persons No one else was seriously The wreck was caused by the breaking of the main rod on the firemans II crashed through the killing him in The engineer jumped down and crouched behind the fire Immed iately afterward the rod on his side gave war and tore that side of the cab to and the engine then left the rails carrying the cars with A Vvnl Babbit Ttmp KunaoxvasSt June W farmer of is one of the inventors who are ootapeting farthesthe of offered by tbe govtenunentof New South Wales for Hut trap vhleh May lie detidedtobe be elective n ridding that fearful pest of ter from Australia saying that the com mittee which is to decide the nutter hasi ooked with favor upon his and nviting him to visit Australia and dem onstrate the working of the He will probably do so in a few The rap is simple and It is a device to dump the one at a pit by means of a platform swung OB pivots below a suspended In a trap of similar device he caught fiftyseven ibbits in one night in a cEosiD ns VICTIMS OP THE Paraellites Fail to Grasp a Golden Salisburys Narrow Gonrm mentSaved Cram Defeat on the li censing Bill by the Absence of Irish June governments narrow escape from defeat last night was a timely The ministers would have been beaten on the most important measure now before the house but for the timely arrival from Ascott of Lord Hartington and a little band of five tory who had been hurriedly sum moned by and the no less timely absence of several The government was taken by surprise and the whips were caught The who are ever on the saw the chance and seized it with avid of the great radical newspaper was the last V Man it Pernlinr Denth During a S June elec ric storms accompanied by much rain and heavy prevailed last night in lortheastern and western Mis At Atchison the rain fall was ex ceptionally Water forced itself n the water several of which mrsted andflooded cellars all along Commercial At Mis the rain fell in torrents and flooded he streets and bursted several Joseph Coombs while attempting to recp an inlet was overcome by the oree of the water and carried into a A Number of Persons June tornado swept a portion of this county early this ivening doing terrible In the rillagc of Subletto many buildings were four persons killed and others In the outlying country many farm houses were damaged and eople more or less In Brooklyn ownship a school house was eighteen children being how scr ously has not yet been Struck by June severe electrical storm prevailed over this vl inity last night and considerable damage was done near John Millers louse was struck by lightning and his amily All will Washed June reat hail storm in this vicinity Wednes day did great damage to all kinds of Tho storm was followed by the leaviest rainfall in ten years and farms already stripped by the hail were washed of everything An Illinois June tornado passed west of here in a path eighty rods wide and about four miles in Everything in its path was cither totally wrecked or badly Four peo ple were probably in jured and several others slightly The storm first struck the house of tearing it to pieces and terribly injuring The residences of Vindcomp and Bradley were wrecked and outbuildings destroyed and Vindcomp and Bradley were slightly The house and barn of Sut lifl was badly damaged but the family es caped with but few The most extensive was at Hishousq barn and other outbuildings were com pletely demolished and Conner and his wife received fatal A school house a short distance east here was blown all to not a timber being left school was not in session at the A son of Morrison was badly hurt by falling At Leonards place the house and outbuildings were badly dam and one of his boys was probably fatally hurt and three others slightly in To Dispel Headaches and to cleanse the system yet when cos tive or or when the blood is im pure or to permanently cure habitual to awaken the kid neys and liver to a healthy ont irritating or weakening use Syrup of Will Banquet the Fair Commis June are completed for the reception and banquet to the Worlds Fur commissioners by the citizens of Chicago next Thursday even Besides the national and state com missioners there have been invited the members of President Harrisons Chief Justice Justice Harlan and Governor Free samples of Miles Bestorative Nervine at Wittes drag Cores Sleepless idiscussed in committee on had not finished his speech when committee arose according to the timehonored usages of he was to resume when the committee up the bill Bat the rad icals had counted saw the opposi tion had a majority of those and it was decided by a hasty council of war that Storey should not resume his speech and that the talking should all be left to the To the astonishment of the ministers nobody spoke at and the most obnoxious clause in the licensing bill was about to be put to a vote with the certainty of defeat and the con sequent dropping of the Just at this critical moment Hartington and the bevy of sporting squires walked in and the government was saved by a majority of The ministerial victory was really due to the the most unrelenting enemies the government has in the Before the house went into com mittee they were peppering Balfour with questions about Irish and their blood was warmed up for a Balfour and hi few supporters encour aged knowing that every moment was precious and that a trainload of their friends might arrive from Ascot before Storeys expected speech would be Tlie Irishmen played into Bal fours hands missed the only chance they have ever got of throwing him out of The radicals are angry and freely express their disgust with the Parnellites lack of It now leaks out that some of the younger Irishmen were enjoying themselves at Ascot Heath instead of being in their places in the This is the explan ation of Archbishop Walshs sharp rebuke of the absentees in this mornings Dublin Freemans There is consterna tion in their ranks and angry tel egrams from their constituents are pour ing in on demanding an explana Henry Labouchere was also among those whose love of horseflesh overcame their political His radical brethren who are not sports arc very wroth with Lord it is settled the Newfoundland fishery troubles by con ceding to France entire control of Mada gascar and a free hand in In re turn France will give up the rights given her in Newfoundland by the treaty of This will evoke another jingo wail over the surrender of British inter ests and the premier will be accused of basely truckling to if the report should turn out to be he will have succeeded in en tirely satisfying the Newfoundlanders and putting France in a more amiable mood in regard to On the the common sense of England will sus tain him and he will have enhanced his reputation as the one English statesman who is really skilled in foreign diplo With France and Germany satis tied he will be free to deal with the seri ous home troubles which confront him and to prepare at his leisure for the next Londons Jfew Chief of June political undersecretary for the Indian was announced in the commons to day as the successor of Munro as chief of the metropolitan Brevities by June king of Daho mey is negotiating with France for the establishment of peace between the two June the new governor of has arrived at his The colony is every where June court of cassa tion has confirmed the sentences passed upon Major Panitza and the other con spirators who were found guilty of at tempting to overthrow the government of Knights succeeded in having the wages of the cfgarmakers The man who headed the shoemakers union was little better a lunatic and the Knights had to expel This man was now ready to oppose the best inter ests of All workingmen should stand together and he Powderly was ready to resign in favor of Gompers if the workingmen of the country would unite under The Knights of Labor have bourne insult and misrepresentation in silence long Hereafter they will strike back when LOTS OF People of Cloud Jut a Little hensive of June hun dred million feet of logs coming down the and the water constantly some anxiety is being felt by lumbermen concerning the safety of the The sheer boom above the city broke last night and allowed the logs to jam against the railroad bridge Eivermen say that this jam will not break until loosen and that the logs in the boom here are The jam now extends above Sank Eapids and the entire river is a solid mass of The saw mills at this point have over feet in the drive now which they cannot but this will be no as they can ex change with Minneapolis parties who have logs in the later Every ef fort is being made by the Cloud Boom company to avert impending An endeavor is being made to open a channel on the west side through the and thus open a way through which logs can be WOKK OF RESCUEBS AT QOMPEES of Much Remains to Be Dune llefore the Imprisoned Miners Can He June work ing with all possible energy all night the relief parties find this morning that is still one hundred and thirty feet of slate and coal to go through before the imprisoned miners can be No more tapping has been but it i thought that the imprisoned men will be reached by nine or ten oclock June Leader re porter has just arrived from Dunbar and states that there is positively no truth in the statement that signals from the en tombed miners were heard by the rescu ing party last evening or during the Ho says that the mine superin tendent telegraphed morning to the officials of the Dunbar Furnace company in Philadelphia that he did not expect to reach the men before and that there is now no hope whatever that they will be found The dis tance to be dug at ten oclock this morn ing was about one hundred and thirty feet through slate and Only three men can work at a time and progress is necessarily SHASTAS MISSING A riausrible Explanation liven fur Its Strange SAX June scientists are greatly interested in the dispatch from Redding announcing that one of the peaks of Mount Shasta had i George of the United States geological and coast survey gave a plausible explanation of the disappear ance of a part of old He said My opinion is that the large mass of accumulated ice and snow has fallen away from the mountain thus chang ing the appearance of things from In the summer when the ice and snow melt masses of rock arc con tinually falling away from the steep sides of the It is quite likely that an unusually large mass of ice had in carried with it a part of the rocky thus changing the outline of the mountain Congressman Dolllver Lnnnimonsly Nom inated to Succeed Special to The June republican congressional convention of the Tenth district this afternoon unanimously nom inated Dolliver to succeed Iowa Democratic Central Special to The demo cratic state central committee had a har monious session here ten districts being Cedar Rapids was chosen as the place and August sixth as the date of the coming state Jnne Journal this afternoon says Census Enumerator bert unwillingly gave its reporter tM approximate number of people living in and it states this number a The tatter the Knights Labor from the HEW Master Workman of the Knights of this afternoon sent President of the American Federation of a letter in which he agreed to meet the latter on the stage at Cooper Union tonight for a discussion of the difference between the Knights and the He added that Gompers was in error in his letter of yesterday in saying the Knights had been preparing for this meeting for several He Powdcrly had no intention until Monday evening of taking up the subject of charges against the Knights emanating from the headquarters of the He said he would talk on other but in defference to Gomp ers wishes will first discuss the subject at allow Gompers some time to re ply and then take up the other mat He denied emphatically that his invitation to Gompers was in the character of a Gompers issued a written reply to the effect that he believed Powderly never expected his challenge to be accepted if the idea was to entrap him Gompers into a packed He accuses Powderly of being a petty forger and He adds that he was ready at meeting or anywhere else to repeat and prove all he said about the Gompers was not present at the meet ing of the Knights of Labor Cooper Union was and many people who were unable to gain admit tance attended an overflow meeting out side the After reading Gompers letter Powderly invited Warner to take the Warner said as this was a regular meeting of the executive board for specific pur poses it would not be proper to adopt Gompers suggestions to give him half the time of the meeting for a purpose not contemplated in the At point about two hundred men as if by and left the Powderly thereupon said All who desire to leave will please do as there are hundreds outside who cannot get This was received with great Powderly then spoke on the insinua tions made against the management of the Knights of Labor and read docu ments showing they were the first to to suggest the eight hoar IB the future they would continue In the eight hoar movement to help who are wflling to help He went Into an analvsls of the statement of the nembeohip of the and Special to The MASOS June tre mendous rain fell over this section last A dispatch has just reached this ity to the effect that the vestibule train oming north over the Iowa Central has ust been derailed ten miles south of IS was due here at four fo particulars can yet be Night rams over the Milwaukee are all de Up to they have not ar ived at this Bane Ball Matters at Special to The DES Jnne a meeting f the base ball directors today arrange ments were made to pav the players to and prominent merchants have made a guarantee which will enable the lub to finish the Also the itizeus assure better patronage in the uture and the prospects look bright as hose in charge are men of means and vill not let matters fall Had Enjoyed the full June Kra for the past twentythree years ardrnaster for the Illinois Central rail oad for this had a quarrel with a ardman named The matter ot into the justies aud in the cstimony given it leaked out that the ongtrnsted foreman is charged with ha itual pilfering from tho cars of the corn One of Kramers own witnesses estitied to the fact ot taking stolen grain o Kramers The disclosures rcatcd quite a ou the trength of the accusations tho oads had a varrant issued for Kramers Hancock County Special to The June prohi bitionists of Hancock county will hold a county convention at June to nominate county otticers and select delegates to various conven Will be Heard at Washington June western rail roads have been advised by the interstate commerce commission that they will be heard at Washington on July S if they desire to show cause why the rates on grain and food products from Nebraska and Missouri river points to Chicago and should not be The commission has reported to the senate that the present twenty cent rate on corn from the Missouri river should be reduced to seventeen cents that the rate from Kansas and Nebraska points should be reduced two cents and rates on other grains should he the same as those on A Large Class Jnne Gib assisted by President of Marys and ordained today the largest class of candidates that ever filed into the Among them were of deacon of acolytes of tensure of Thomas Palmer June a largely attended meeting of business men today interested in tbe success ol the worlds Columbian exposition of resolutions were adopted urging on the national commissioners the selection of Thomas of as president of the command ing him as a man fit in everyway for the The American June Hamburg Rifle Association have made extensive preparations to welcome the American riflemen who are coming from New York on the HamburgAmerican line steamer Wieland to take part in the Berlin A contest has been arrange to take place here between five of the New York riflemen and five members o the Hamburg club for a challenge Gold for NEW June Icfcelheinter order golc bars for shipment to Europe tomorrow Total ordered thfcr tola since June Soever have cancelled their order of yesterday for gold for Tenth of Jaly between all Burlingtonroute stations east of the Missouri river on sale July 3 and good for return till July one fare tar round Why is it that a woman who has a hns who does not care for her per rance wflfbegin to fa up at soon as he is dead Is it her husband would not awidov make her feel as if A WRECK An Iowa Central Vestibule Train Derailed Near Mason D Fartienlan of the Corewr Stone Court Bouse laid Iowa 3f Can be A CountcrftfitvrN in he United States admin stinging rcbuko to William R who was arrested last March or counterfeiting ten cent Shep ard pleaded guilty and asked for the icrcy of the The judge fixed the onalty at and costs and a term of ightcen months in the and hen suspended sentence during good be This action of the judge created sensation in the court An irnra Special to The June excursion if Creston people took a special train to fornitig this afteroon to participate In he cermonies of laying thi corner stono f the new Adams County court V delegation of Knights of Iythias also iccupied a car ou the train and will be by Corning Sir Knights to A Farmer Special to The June a inner residing cast of the was as aulted by an unknown party last night and frightfully bruised and cut about the lead while on his way He is un able to see this He remembers icing struck on the back of the but y whom ho docs not Twelve Cows Killed by Special to The June residing ten miles west of had twelve cows killed by a stroke of lightning this They vere standing near a wire Killed by Special to The June the Ms year old son of Constab le got hold of a bottle of whisky last drank it and died at eleven oclock to Uoiuul Over Without June ice had his preliminary hearing yester day on the charge of attempting to mur der Policeman The prisoner was lound over without Vetoed an Original Fackage CEDAI June Snaufhr has vetoed the ordinance passed by the city council licensing original package There Is no probability that the ordinance will be passed over the mayors Of Interest to June case that occu pied considerable time in the United States district court yesterday was that of the United States Plunk of in which he is charged with violating internal rev enue laws by keeping and selling alcohol without a It was and not that sales were made by the the who is not only a physi but also a A quantity of alchol was sold to a school who said he wanted it to demonstrate to his class the dangerous effects of alco The jury were out for several but came in again and asked Judge Shiras for further instruction as to whether one sale would constitute a vio lation of the revenue Judge Shiras said if two men would meet in the road and one should the other a drink of whisky from his that would not make a case against the but if a man should go into an open saloon and sec the keeper sell a man a that would be evidence that he was a Accordingly the jury went out and after considerable delay returned a verdict that Plukett was not MASKED The Railway Agent at Com pelled to Torn Over June oclock Wednesday night while the temporary agent at the Viele railroad was engaged in reporting the night two masked men entered the station and ordered his hands He but a revolver was presented and the agent changed his He then surrendered to them two American express packages containing in the aggregate the sum of They then ordered him to turn his pockets whieh contained 351 belonging to the company and a but just at this point tbe wife of the regular who was and who resides on tbe second floor of the station hearing the noise below opened a door to investigate the This lucky occur rence frightened the robbers and they made good their escape with the and have not yet been WITH POMP AID dBDf Corner Stone of the Adanu County Coart House iaid at Special to The June corner stone of the Adams county new court house was laid today by the Masonic fra the grand of Iowa being master of The city was clothed in holiday large crowds from the country and surrounding towns and cities participated In When completeo the court house win cost nearly forty Xaaeatta TEMPCAB encampment CoBUUoderj1 of Knights the state of Iowa win be heWi ftona Twenty IB and twelve in the Gilchrist preached the mon to the graduating clas listened to by a Targe and UTO XHK bishops of Iowa and North attend the centennial qpcxniav or mencement of the university of Jfova OR 26th of This foandMt royal letters patent granted by and confirmed by George v oldest British colonial college numbered amongits distinguished ates Sir John the hero ot re lief of and the Judge known so well by hlsx early humorous Issued ooder the nom do plume ot Sant earliest delineation ot Yankee humor in transAtlantic KEOKIIK MEDICAL the trouble last spring intheKeokult Medical college an entire new been The following welt known medical men will compose thefaculty at the fiftieth session of this Institution Hillts and Carl of Keokuk of Chi cago of Moi ot IWi of Fort SI ben ot Qulncyr St of of Joseph of New York and William of Professor of Med ical In Search ol Written for THE In their ardent desire for truth and after discussing tho best and most expe dient way of obtaining Socrates and four of his friends decided that the strict est intercommunion and tho closest se clusion would soonest bring them to tho longed for They therefore rented a vowing to remain apart from the world until they should have discovered at great truth and for thu furth erance of their project they swore to ob serve the most rigid voracity in their speech and On the ftrst day ot their seclusion who had been persuaded to join the party solely on ac count of its object and who wus accus tomed to a great deal of fresh threw open all the windows which caused Arts who was then very to sneeze violently and to complain that DU was thinking only of his own con when he opened all tho windows at the risk of giving pleurisy and other agonizing aud fatul diseases to the rest of the am likewise thinking of their for fresh air is benctichil too and necessary for both young and and I am the only man in Athens who rightly and acts upon this and blowing his This you should you Diogenes methinks for one whoso values fresh air you show a strange con tempt for water though you do live In live up to my and if do Fresh air is a it there would be no cither of body or of Do you follow Socrates and am of your air being a necessity and water only a I live exclus ively in the I am a poor and cannot afford my object being to find an honest extreme bathing would waste my valuable interfere with my and extinguish my I were absentminded enough to take it Into the bath with Do you apprehend Socrates me no 1 know whereof I speak and my arguments arc least allow me to attempt a should I encourage you to bring ridicule upon there is no reply has been awakening with a Very very reply no reply You see the upholds was asleep and knew not what was You speak hastily and like a Socrates t wrapt in meditation which the vulgar might mistake for but E lost word ot what was your wifes temper has infected his eyes to His wife do mention that much abused true she has she not cause When did Socrates so much as light or bring in stick of or evett s put up the clothesline Xuntippe does all the work from early morning till late at night Socrates Is In the squares and porticoes and groves of but when he matter how late In the no hot supper how he swears Once being left in charge of the baby for a few moments he cruelly and carelessly sat upon it thereby nearly causing Its I am also credibly informed that bet makes constant personal applications of that which the governor of North Caro lina said unto the governor of South Carolina Socrates greatly nevar drink speak ton During the latter part of theconve tion Plato and who hitherto 1 been matching pennies ina ly from an artistic point of drawn near the group where the la has speedily lost himself In the cont plation of To his mart appeal Plato had only murmured force of habit which that philosopher had impatiently to Phidias and meeting 1 fixed gaze had angrily exclaimed pray what are you staring i Phidias am staring t your nose and Imust sayj more pr terods nose never met my This was the last Goaded I Sociates flew at Diogenes came to andt joining his the fight became j Aristides being too old to from his shuffling with his tapping floor with his and by exclamations of fop medley Diogenes lantern was and broken and darkness added togt The loss of the dear ion ot his wanderings incited thea more vigorous and thftt became so terrific that the people house ran their heads out of their i dows and called loudly for the as usual in those were 1 after alt the1fu tore had been smashed and the ants nearly the watchsa and marched them alt to the i tion where the begged to be placed in solitary here they meditated and bit of that to nuke ntfcs of all mankind yon Juov speak the TKEHTKEK 1 gusting people if Ittoinuthe power oft AT

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