Thursday, June 19, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa 41 Cx f T T i THE BUKLING110N ESTABLISHED BECETO WITH APPLAUSE The Democrats in the House Jubi lant Over the Silver The Measure wax Presented to Thei from the Senate at In dian Appropriation TurinHillCapital June motion o of the bill was passed u confirm the tittle to certain cemcter lands in SaultSto The house went into committe of th whole on the Indian appropriation bill The committee was in session but a few moments when it rose informally to al low tho house to receive a message from the The silver bill as amended by the sen ate was presented to the house at It was received with tremendous ap plause by the democratic and of immediately moved that tin committee of the whole rise in order that the house might ot once proceed to tin consideration of the ot who had the was induced to yield this but tin chairman of the committee Allen o Michigan directed the clerk to continue the reading of a long printed prece dent bearing upon the point of order then under At tinconclu sion of the reading Klaiids motion was put and was defeated on a standing voti by 7 lo On a vote by tellers Ihc committee re fused to nays con tinued the consideration of tinIndian appropriation Tinconsideration of the Indian bil being on the points of order raised by the appropriatians of for Ihe Creel for the Iotlawalamic and 000 for the Mexican Iottiiwalamie In were stricken from the The committee rose and passed the bill and the house THE Tln Turin lllll IliKcd on tin June In the senate from the linanee reported backthe tariff bill and said it was expected that it would be brought up for consideration earlier than one weekfrom Moudiy The table required by Plumbs resolution would be ready probably within about four The bill was placed on 11 from the committee on com reported back the river and harbor appropriation bill with a written report as to each Placed mi 1he offered a which went over until instructing the scrgeantatarms to make no changes In bis appointees or em ployes prior to without the consent of the Kvarts gave notice that eulogies of the lulu Cox went post poned until Thursday of next The proceeded to the consideration of executive busi The1 doors jvere reopened at The conference report on the antitrust bill was presented and agnied Hoi h houses recede from their re spective amendments mid it remains ex actly as it was passed by the The house bill extending the time of payment for the purchasers of land of the Omaha tribe of Indians iu Nebraska was passed with amendments and a con ference The afler some important busi proceeded to the consideration of the executive and judicial ap propriation An amendment was agreed to increas ing the salary of twentysix committee clerks from to and the salary of clerks to senators from lo Tin1 senate disposed of seventy pages nf the bill and THE TARIFF Semite It Will IM lEeporlrd to the June A full meet ing f Ihe senate finance committee was held to il which I lie liy n stricl pnrl y vote was lo report Ihc la rill hill No lonnal ropoil ncrompaiiind the nor is ii ciTCiin lluil any will lie Annum ihc principal changes made arc tinfollowing lllassware classiticntious an1 changed and a large general reduc Uou uuuli sliel rails are reduced from io PIT ion no homily is to lie given lor less ilian pouudsof sugar Tobacco is Slight reductions irc mude iu many ilcmsiu the agricultural schedule and exporters of meat arc nol rcliateon salt used in curing Natural ellervescinc mineral naiersarc made The duly on cotton manufactures is reduced all through the Inly slight changes are made in the principal one being a t ypoirruphical error the house refused in The bounty for Mlk and MlU cocnons raised and reeled in Ihe I uiled Slates is stricken and works of an are taken from the free list and made dutiable at a SO per ceni The limitation of as the value of wearing apparrl a person may bring into the Inited Stales is siricken The senate finance committee also struck mil all changes made by the house lull in the internal revenue regulations respecting the tax mi the manu facture of vinegar from alcohol vapor and tinfortification of leaving the law as it stands at The internal revenue tax on opium prepared for smok ing was increased from live to ten dollars per There are a large number of changes in the chemical many decreases and some Among then tannic or tannin is reduced from 1 to 50 cents per pound crude glycerine from i to cents opium containing si per cent or less of morphia and opium prepared for smoking is increased from S10 to SI 2 per pound brimstone and not otherwise provided are transferred to the free as are also muratic and sulpnuric not otherwise provided for peppermint oil is made 25 per cent ad valorem instead of Si per pound sul phuric or propylic alcohol dutiable in the chemical schedule at 10 per cent ad valorem is transferred to the liquor schedule and changed to 42 cents per Many changes are made in the earthenware and the glass ware all being Among others arc glass aud glassware not otherwise enumerated which in the house bill are covered by six separate paragraphs are run in solid in one para graph including small mirrors and lensos and made to pay a duty of 45 per cent ad This being iu the nature of a large general In the metal schedule the following are the changes Iron ore containing more than 2 per cent of cent per pound on the cop instead of IM cents for class S of copper on ore steel dutiable at cents per pound is made to include iron from 10 to 20 wire and class dutiable at is made to include iron thinner than 20 wire Iron or steel rails are re duced from SI 44 to per The provision that after July the manufactures of which tin plate is the chief part shall pay iu addition to the rate of duty upon tin plates on ad valorom duty of 35 per is struck On manufactured valued at not more than cent per a re duction of onetenth per pound is made in all Cold polished iron or steel Is V cent per pound instead IX Cast hollow ware is 2 per pound instead of S The provision mak ing 45 per cent advalorem the minimum duty on chain Is struck The THURSDAY JUNE duty on shotguns and 35 and 40 per cent ad i changed from 40 cents to SO each ac cording to value and 35 per cent ad Fine copper imported in th form of ore is cent per pound instea of cents old copper 1 cent pe pound instead of cents course coppe and copper cement 1 cent per pound in stead of cents copper in other form not manufactured cents per ponnc instead of 2 cents nickel and nicke alloy 8 cents per pound reduced from 15 block zinc cents pe pound reduced from lj cents gold whtchas and gold watch case 5 per cent advalorem reduced from 4 per mica dutiable at 35 per cen and nickel crude dutiable a 3 cents per are transferred to the free In the wood schedule sawed boards are made per thousand instead o The house fixing an equal retaliatory duty on sawed luinbe imported from countries imposing ex port duty on was struck out and a provision inserted making the duty im posed in such cases the same as the rat under the present In the cents per pound bounty is extended to maple Xo bounty to be given for less than pounds of sugar per Persons whi apply for or receive bounty and not on titled thereto shall pay a lino not ex ceeding or be imprisoned fora period not exceding five or Sugar between 13 and 10 duties standard pay a duty of MO per pound instead ol being as provided for by the housi Sugars above 10 duties 010 cent per instead of 410 Among the changes in the agricultural schedule are Barley 2 cents per reduced from 3d Barley malt 4 PIT reduced from 45 Cleaned rice cents per re duced from J uucloauod rice 1 per reduced from 1J4 uroken rice Jf cent per reduced from rice Hour and rice meal it per reducedfrom cabbages 1 tent reduced from fish not specially enumerated 4 per redudod from 1 The duty on lemons or limes ii laekagcs is reduced per cent n full per instead ol 00 cents per barrel of 3 instead cents per pound i cems per pound reduced rom prepared not specially provided cents per pound reduced from 3 The provision giving to exporters of meat a drawback if the duty paid on salt used iu curing of ihc meat for export was struck The following are among the changes u I Inschedules of spirits Wines and ither beverages and still wines iu jugs each not mere than one per instead of any ex ess beyond the invoice cents per instead of but no additional duty s assessed on the bottles or jugs rnit not specially provided ontaiuing not more than IS per cent of cents per instead of cents soda and similar waters in bot containing not more that of a pint in cents per instead of 13 ents containing more than i of a pint ind not more than M cents per instead of M cents natural efler mineral waters are transferred o the free Among the changes iu the schedule of otton manufacture are Cotton cloth ulued at more than s cents a sijuaro if cents per square aril if 4 instead of 30 per cut ad The provision that lady made clothing having India rub ier iu its composition shall be subject to duty of 00 cents per pound and 50 per cut ad valorem was struck All pile 12 cents per square tird and per cent ad valorem if olored or painted or 14 cuts and Lli per cent ad instead f lo cents per square yard and o per cent ad The maxi iiini duty on hose is 40 cents per pairs and 40 per cent ad nstcad of and 40 per Tho max iiium duty on shirts and drawers is icr and 40 per instead of and 40 por Corsets are Unlimited a as separate paragraph and lie duty will be charged according to the laterial of which they are The schedule of hemp and jute lanufactiirtTs undergoes many binding cents cr instead of cents bugging valued at 0 cents or less cents per square aril instead of cents valued at more ian cents per square cents er squnre yurd instead of cents row n and bleached linen cloth contain ig not less than Kill threads to the liiaiv inch 35 per cent ad valorem in tead of 5il per Iu the house bill manufactures of vog talile tilier except cotton not specially rovided for are made dutiable at 50 per rut ad In this bill they are ivided into two one valued t 5 cents per pound or the duty on is cents per and others allied above 5 cents per pound tin1 duty n which is 40 per ad hose chises include Sisal or Manila dutiable at io per ndval rem iu the Vegetable hair African libre and Chiha grass llamir tillable at per ton and 15 r ad valorem o transform to the free list all manu ictures of vegetable fabrics except cot and jute not otherwise provided re divided into two classes valued at 5 cuts per pound or i cents per onnd valued at more than 5 40 er cent These include all fabrics containing less than 100 ureads to the square inch and sheet and ollar linen cloth dutiable in tho house ill at rents per pound at 15 por cent dvalorom and 35 por cont ad re ject Iu the wool schedule Russian Camels is taken out of wools of tho third On woolen and worsted aulod at not moro than 30 cents per ound tho duty will bo hues the duty imposed on a amid of unwashablo wool first hiss instead of twice that and on Ioolou and worsted knit fabrics ud manufactures of every description uade wholly or in part of valued ot more than 3 the duty per ound will bo three times the duty im osod on a pound of unwashed wool in ho lirst instead of twice that in hats and flannels for under valued at not more than 30 cents er tho duty will be the same as liat imposed on pounds of wool of ie first instead of 1 On trimmings and buttons of wnich wool or worsted is a competent will be GO ents per pound and CO per cent ad valo instead of 70 cents and GO per In the silk and silk goods oods in the price are made dutiable at per cent ad The provision bat silk when composed in part f India shall pay a duty of 10 ents an ounce and 60 per cent ad alorem was struck In the sundries schedule a minimum uty of 50 per cent ad valorem is pro ided for in the glove Paintings and not otherwise jroxided 30 per cent ad valorem from the free Common clay tobacco pipes 33 per cent ad valorem reduced from TO per In the free list peltries and other iroper effects and goods of pass ng or repassing the boundary line of the territories of the United States are Tapiera is made free without any The pitch of coal tar is Works of brought by irofessional lecturers or scientists or temporary use or exhibition not for and now admitted free for a term of six months may be retained in the country an additional six months in the discreUonof the secretary ot the treaa PRICE 15 CENTS PER Gypsum or sulphate of lime is taken from the free list and made duti able at SI per THE SILVEE It Will Probably be Referred to the Com mittee on Weights and Meas June In strong probability the difficulty arising over the position in which the republicans in the house find themselves in consequence o the passage of the free coinage silver bil by the senate will be overcome for the present by the reference of the measure to the weights and measures it was said the speaker late this ordered that the bil be referred to the Represent ative chairman of the coinage had several interviews with Eeed during the day supported by other members of the urged that under the rules the only proper thing for tho speaker to do was to make the refer ence Conger at eleven oclock tonight said he did not believe Reed had decided the though he might have done Under the rules this reference could be made at any time and nothing more would be necessary than the speakers It is believed by the friends of the original house bill that this reference would result in secur ing time in which to reach a compromise basis upon which both senate and house can The conservative silver men are of the opinion that the outcome of the proposed reference of the bill back to the committee would bo the passagi of a liberal silver bill and the defeat of the DID NOT SETTLE THE Tin Kneel in Wall Street of the Senate Vote on the Silver XKW June Judging by the effect in Wall yesterdays vote in the senate on the silver bill did not go very far towards settling the Uar silver would be worth about should the free coinage bill be yet it is quoted today at against last The opinions of bankers and brokers as to its ultimate effects were very di but the general impression is the measure means a mild iullation of cur rency and an advance in every commodity dealt Russell Sage and other promi icnt men say they look on the with apprehension and fear the II effects to follow its Some bankers said the adoption of the free coinage measure would be a disaster and work great The effect of these unfavorable opinions have put a damper n the little boom that started just after the opening and the believers in the ad rance decided to refrain from any active iiovcment until the passage of the bill hrougli both houses was an assured liussel Sage said I look with ap ireliension on the action of the senate in lassing a free coinage If the law should ever become operative it would reate such inflation that a panic would c sure to In fact I believe the fleet of the law will be felt immediately in its passege because European holders of our securities will be almost certain to brow their holding on our at east all securities not payable in John Inmun said It looks to me iko bad The effect can only be Of there might be a temporary boom in business if free was but the final wiud jp will almost certainly be IX of Zimuicr Bullion regarded the passage of he free coinage bill with great com The trouble he house may not follow in the senates We want more money in this ountry and free coinage is a practicable legitimate way of securing HARRISON TO Ie Says He Will Xot Uc a Candidate for ICeno 111 i if June berly will today print in his Critic the esult of an interview held last evening iy a prominent republican leader with resident The gentleman is lot only a but an intimate friend if The latter is reported to lave said in reply to an observation con the action on the senate bill Personally I regret but politically shall not be governed by anything ex ept what I conceive to be my duty to he whole I am not the presi Icnt of any one nor am I presi liiit for purposes of My illy is to the whole county and I will idform I am not nor will I be a andidate for I am sick overwhelmed with the ingratituds of riends and the impertuuity of selfish AVheu my term is ended will lay down the office with a sense of elief such as I have never before en I will be back to esuine the practice of law and retire rom public whatever I nay do with this or any other public uestion will be wholly free from per onal GENERAL WASHINGTON lie Disposition of thSilver Itill the Ab sorbing Juno all ab orbing topic today in tho house is the irobable disposition of the silver bill vhich passed tho senate Vhen the bill was received from the son to this islands motion of the ommitteo of tho whole to rise to im nediatoly consider the bill was received vith wild The vho saw a chance to score a sup orted it as a with two Vo republicans voted for the It s entirely improbable that the bill could ave boon reached even had the com iiittoe Presidential June president oday made tho following nominations Grime Iowa Thomas owa Nancy Visconsin Robert of Califor commissioner for to reside t Sitka Porain agent for the ndians on tho Chcyenue South Amendments to the Klection June house ommitte on the election of president nd vice president and representatives congress today formally decided by a arty vote to report to the house with Mjrne amendments the federal election ill agreed upon in the republican caucus Monday Commissioner to June the onCrmations today was that of of commissioner for The Senate Notified of Indian Contracts June message las been sent to the senate notifying hem of the contracts made with the Sac and Fox Army Shooting June army hooting contests will take place this at Camp Gold Leaving June hundred oousand dollars in gold has been ordered or shipment to Europe The gold shipments to Europe today were since June To Dispel Headaches and to cleanse the system yet when cos ive or or when the blood is 1m lure or to permanently cure habitual to awaken the kid neys and liver to a healthy with irritating or weakening use HORSEWHIPPED IN A Sioux City Ladies Defend Their Fair Names from a Against the Wljisky a Horrible Suicide Fortunes Strange Adult Blind Siocx June night a delegation of women headed by Nellie proceeded to the Ex change at the stock for the purpose of chastising Pat they had circulated slanderous stories about their fair Snyder is a buxom widow and for some time past has been keeping company with For some season she got tired of his attentions and threw him Pat resented this slight upon his affections by circulating indecent stories regarding the morality of his old The stories coming to the ear of Suyder naturally caused indigna At first she was disposed to have him but at a conference composed of ladies of her immediate ac quaintance it was decided to give him a Last night the ladies assembled at the residence of Snyder and at once went to the hotel where Gorman was boarding and ranged themselves in the being each armed with sticks and harness Kitty Flynn was dispatched to the room of Gorman to tell him that Nel lie was down stairs and wanted to see Pat was just preparing for bed and at first he did not want to o but after thinking over the matter finally Upon reach ing the hallway Lue Forbes started the ball by striking him with the butt end of a buggy Then whips were Hying in the air and the women made a desperate effort to play even for all past Gorman made a break for the and as a parting reminder that women could not be slandered with a sister of struck him across the face with a upon reaching his locked the and grasping his re swore that he would shoot the first person who entered the The women then retired and left Gorman very much but proved to be a German named was brought to this He will be ex amined by the commissioners of insanity He has a wife and children in the old conntrttj and had saved up the money to send fcKthem when he was robbed of his Irwas this that caused his attempt at Charged with Jury DES June Foley is under arrest on two charges of contempt of court and attempting to bribe a He told one of the jurors of the district it is that it would be S100 in his pock et if he would hang the jury in the the liquor ease against him which will shortly be Kirkman imme diately informed Judge Kavanagh of this alleged attempt at Texatlons to State tSpecial to The DES June fstating that it is impossible for Judge iFairall to give the injunction case of the Cedar Rapids and Northern a hearing on the the day is vexatious to the state as the railroad commissioners can prac tically do nothing with the establishing of joint rates on this road so long as the injunction of the court rests upon The case will be heard July Wedded at Special to The June high was celebrated a happy wedding at the residence of John 904 Concert Their Miss was united in marriage to of Fort Mad Many friends of the happy couple were present from both The groom is foreman in the Stout lumber mill at Fort and Sprague left for their new home in Fort Madison this LASSOED Desperate Deed of Uii gants Imperils a Kansas City Mans June des perate with a secured a 00 check from a Kansas City Stewart is in a precarious condition to night from his rough He was rid ng near the city in a buggy when John and Doc Golden threw the noose of a long rope about liis and dragged him over the dash He was helpless in their hands ind signed the check to The trouble grew out of litigation over the title to lands claimed by the Goldens and jy Stewarts A MAGNIFICENT Trn Thousand Dollars Donated to the at Iowa IOWA June peo ple who have had faith in the building project have been Close this morning gave to lid in the erection of the building for the Christian Shcdoes this be of her deep interest in the associa tion and in memory of her lose made the first large subscription to the fund when the canvass among the citizens was begun last and now Close gives the subscription that ilaces the whole project beyond a doubt ind assures the building the condition that accompanies the gift is that the still lacking shall be subscribed within thirty A NEW OPERA Fairlield Citizens Moving to Replace the One Destroyed by Fire Special to The June the time of the burning early in the spring of the Lemon opera the only place hat was the least bit suitable for public some of our most influ iitial citizens have been at work trying 0 secure the erection of a building that would meet the requirements of a first opera and would bo an orna nent to our These gentlemen met and formed themselves into a They determined llrst to put subscrip tion papers outand ascertain how much could bo raised that The result of heir work is that was pledged as 1 bonus to tho person or persons that would promise to invest at least McKc Roth and Richardson agreed to take the bonus and put up the It is their intention to put up i or house and to have it itted up iu the latest Dun of liurlingtou is to furnish the THEY DESECRATED Davenport People Fighting the Crema tory June city hav ng given place to the proposed crema ory in her city and a number of graves having been desecrated inmak ng excavations for people arc now lighting tho crematory company in the The objectors have won a sub stantial Judge Waterman having granted a temporary not on he ground of the desecration of rat because a municipal corporation holding property in trust for the public cannot divert the same from public use by and on principle this applies as well to a lease as to a AGAINST THE WHISKY Jndge Kavanagh Renders an Original Package DES June Kava nagh has rendered a decision in the orig nal package case of the state Terry The judge sustains the lower court in condemning the the evi lence tending to show that Chambers had broken the original packages and was selling in quantities to suit pur The opinion says that the right jf a citizen to import intoxicating liquors nto the state and the corollary right of he importer to sell the goods thus brought in is no longer a controverted but holds that the goods must remain in the package in which they are The original package business in Des Homes is revolutionized temporarily by Judge Kavanaghs The search is closed up five places today where eer was sold in and confiscated he The decision will be evaded by shipping bottles of liquors loose in cars and not putting them in At present no beer is sold by bottle rOBTDHTS 8TBAH8E The Wife of President Lincolns Private Secretary a Steamboat June has recently been discovered that the wife of the first private secretary of Abraham Lincoln is a cook on the steamer The secretarys name was Frank He was born and raised in this and was s brilliant He was Lin colns secretary for two years or Ie returned to Dubuque and died several Drears leaving his family Attempted HonOMe June Paul northbound train was nearing Seeney he engineer perceived a man Ifing with tis head on the The train was brought to a atop and the who A Ileavr Rain Special to The DES vicinity was visited by a heavy rain storm this morning accompanied with a wind at Lightning played with the wires about tho city and burned out a number of fuses and connections on the electric street but no serious damage has been Tho rain continued for several Attacked by B Vicious Special to The June a prominent while grooming the trotting stallion was at tacked by the Some of his teeth were knocked part of his upper lip bitten off and he was otherwise severely injured about the head and Struck by a Special to The June workman named Back was attempting to move a handcar away from the track to avoid it being struck by the westbound Ho was unable to get out of the way and was struck by the trian under full He is badly having a leg his head injured and side Sentenced for Special to The DES June Jerome was today sentenced to ten years in tho Madison penitentiary for assault with in tent to commit The crime was committed on May He enticed live yearold Myrtle Day to a secluded Deaths Special to The June Elder of the Oskaloosa district died at his home hero this The immediate cause of his death was a though ho had suffered for some time with Webster County for Special to The June repub lican county convention was held here yesterday afternoon and delegates to the congressional and judicial conven tions The delegates to the congressional convention were instructed for Kiioxville DES June committee to select a site for the industrial institu tion for the adult blind returned to this city having made a tour of the competing A meeting was at which Knoxvillc was chosen for the HAWKEYE A A large barn be longing to of was burned Friday night with its consisting of farm several horses and all grain and hay of last years Four prisoners confined in the Newton jail made their escape last Friday night by sawing off the bars of their Hod held on the charge of grand was but the other three have so far managed to elude the SUICIDED WITH A BED Mary a young Norwegian girl living near was found hanging in her room Saturday She had taken the bed fastened it to the then getting onto a chair placed the noose around her neck and kicked the chair No cause is assigned for the rash A The two young sons of of aged seven and three while on the way to visit their grandmother the other day met with a frightful When near the end of their journey they were attacked by a drove of vicious The boys tried to but the younger one was overpowered and had it not been for the bravery of the elder would have been He succeeded in dragging his lit tle brother to a place of when it was found that his legs were broken and his limbs and body terribly mangled by the teeth of the The older boy was similarly but no oones were ix A Among those injured in the wreck of the Burlington flyer near Council Bluffs Monday are the following Judge of Red face leg larcerated by window glase Hannah of en route to Salt Lake severe contusion of the right left cheek larcerated of Au en route to Dennison right arm dislocated and body badly bruised of Red and arm badly bruised Hannah of Da returning from a visit at Red badly injured about the body the con ductor of the train severely cut about the head and Xone of the injuries are regarded as A SEXSATIOS AT A sen sation has developed at Davenport by the discovery of the elopement of Gipsey the nineteenyearold daughter of Captain with a gambler named Frank or Captain bet ter known as Sleeping a sobri gained in consequence of a speech made at a democratic state convention a few years was for many years a prominent being postmaster at Webster City for a while under the Cleveland He afterwards went to a small town in whither Hoff followed and induced Gipsev to elope with They arrived in Davenport last November and the girl was placed in a business college under an assumed where she learned steno Her father instituted a search and located her at Davenport last but she tried to evade him and went to where Hoff runs an original package Her father finally found her and induced her to leave Hoff and return home with Hoff has a wile and tamfly Irving at but it is understood that the girl did not know this nntlhf r rnln nad CALLED M A A Keokuk Physician Positive that He Conversed With Ella Clnes Being Picked Ip that are Almost Certain to Lead to the Discovery or the Mnrderer Crimes and June made in the Cordell murder in this show conclusively that the girl came to this After leaving the Hotel Keokuk she walked about the city in search of a wretch vile enough to per form the operation that would hide her shame from the A reputable physician of the upon seeing the picture of the murdered girl in these recognized it at ouce as that of a sweetfaced young lady of modest demeanor who called at his oSlee about a month Her visit was made in the After considerable hesitation and unfeigned embarrass ment the young who the doc tor describes as about twentyfour or twentylive years of made known the object of her The phy sician asked her a few questions as to her which the girl reluctantly When questioned as to her name she did not reply for some and then gave a name that the doctor felt assured was an assumed He then told the girl he could do nothing for her and advised her against the step she He spoke to her in plain terms about the nature of the offense she wanted calling it and tried to make the girl realize the frightful enormity of the She appeared to be considerably impressed by his conversation and left the giv ing the physician to understand from her actions that she would abandon the The fate of the poor shows that she did not do but continued her search until she found a person or per sons capable of committing a double This action on the murdered girPs part would indicate that her betrayer was shrewd enough not to implicate himself in the arrangements for the He sent the girl to this city on a lonely search for a medical miscreant who would for a paltry sum perform an oper ation that involved childmurder and placed in danger the life of the woman upon whom it was The fact that the girl carried away but little of her own money from as fur as is would appear to show that she was supplied with funds for the trip and to defray the expenses of the operation by some person equally interested with her in having it From tho information now in possession of those engaged in the case and the work that is to be done at the instgation of the de termined men who have assumed it is almost absolutely certain that the wretch or wretches responsible for Ella Cordells death will be discovered and dragged to the bar of justice to answer to their double A SHINING LIGHTS Robert of Arrested in Chi cago for June of was arrested here today on word received from the police of that city for forging the name of Herman there by securing He worked for who is a clothing until a short when he came to Chicago and got employment in a State street dry goods He was a shining light in the Christian Endeavor society and a member of the He returned to Omaha this afternoon under Census Fight in Minneapolis and June party of officers armed with a search warrant went to Iaul this morning to recover the census records confiscated last night by Deputy Marshal They were driven out of Commissioner McCaffertys office at the muzzles of The city is in a state of wild indignation over the highhanded and irregular proceed Neither Lnitcd States District At torney nor Supervisor were parties to the Very Young June boys named Williams and aged 10 and 13 stole the team of Littlefield while he and his family were at and drove them to Alta before they were The authorities are now la boring with the question whether they should be sent home to their mothers or to the reform The team was taken from the hitching post near the Will Prosecute Prize SAX June chief of police has announced that he will make an effort to stop glove contests be tween professional pugilists as given in the various athletic clubs in this He intimates that he will arrest the prin club officials and prob ably the at the next contest to be given in any and will prose cute them under the state law which prohibits prize Suicide of a Young June Joseph a young attorney who came here a month ago from Lo committed suicide in his room last night by The cause of the suicide is not Thornton was a graduate of Yale and highly The Kimbark Court June trial by court martial of Major chief of the quartermaster de partment of on the charge of negligence in the execution of a lease for offices at commenced yester Stole Fifty Thousand NEW June Wal lace and Ignatius who stole belonging to the formers proprietor of Wallaces were arraigned in court They plead guilty to grand larceny in the first de gree and were remanded for CUBED 0 Six Illinois Boys Under Treatment at New York NEW June of the little boys from who have been under treatment for the past two weeks at the Pasteur 173 West Tenth have received their last inoculation and started for The seventh boy is suffering from an attack of and he will be obliged to remain under treatment for several days longer but Gibier says that all danger of hydrophobia has Gibier inoculated thirty three persons with the virus yesterday this being the largest number of cases treated in any one day since the opening of the A 15 years from was admitted to the institute He was bitten Friday by a large dog on both and his thighs were badly A boy rom Bay was also admitted He was badly bitten by a mad dog on the upper part of the left thigh and the abdomen on Jane ATI of the cases under Gibiers care are progressing favora WILL PAT A ma Offers tat the BATOS June the house met today the speaker re ceived from Isidore president of the New Orleans Stock a from Benjamin of offering yearly for the same lottery privileges applied for by John with an additional tender of security for the pay ment of the amount annually to the NO BAT 0 The IllFated Farm Hill Miners Han Un doubtedly June is not a ray of hope or encouragement offered the rescuing parties at the Farm Hill mine this except that they are one day nearer the completion of their which grows more difficult every Rescuing parties are digging through the fallen wreck that reaches to the and are now working within seventyfive feet of where they expect to break into the Farm Hill mine There are grave fears now of another explosion since the occurrence of this About two oclock this morning a heavy fall occurred in the main This shut off the draft and turned the smoke and heat back into the chamber in such vol umes that no man could The heat in the Mahoning drift is growing more and only an occasional blast from the fan makes their work This stoppage of the gas will also shut in the and work is proceeding even more cautiously than BAILBOAD A Wrecking on the Camilla Pacific Plunges Into a June accident oc curred on the Canada Pacific railway last night between Vlaremont and thirteen miles east of A wash out was reported on tho and an en gine with five men was dispatched to re pair the Coming suddenly upon the the engine plunged into the creek and all on board were Their names are John bridge inspector John engineer and sectionmen Lott and Four Men Killed in 11 Jvuc was a terrible wreck of freight trains on the Asheville and Spartausburg branch of the Western North Carolina railroad at Melrose last Four men are re ported killed and throe badly RAILROAD The Authority of the Iowa Board ol Com missioners DES June in speaking of the authority of the Iowa board of railway commis sioners over the railroads of the said Up to June US cases were reported against the various rail roads in the Up to June but fortyeight cases were while up to the 1st of the present month but thirtythree casesliave been report of which shows that the roads are beginning to understand that the board means business and that its decisions are They Want the Special to The HnwkEyeJ June Superintendent Levey of the Keokuk and Northwestern held a conference in this city with WHIard of and other officials of the Madison and DCS Moines The object of the meeting is not given out but those well informed in railroad matters here say the Louis line is trying to get control of the Madison This road runs up into the Iowa territory now cov ered by the Burlington system and as the Santa Fe road is said to be anxious to get into that territory and has been figuring on the Madison purchase the anxiety of the Louis line is readily Hancock Delegations In structed for Ciest and Special to The June con gressional delegation from Hancock coun ty to the republican congressional con vention is for The sena torial delegation is for of for the general Illinois June The republicans of the sixth Illinois district at Free port today renominated Representative At Fairbury the democrats of the ninth district nominated Nominated for June of was nominated for congress at the democratic convention here DEATH IN THE Loss of Life anil Great Damage to Prop erty ny a June clouds burst over Osceola last causing the water in Holder to rise to an unprecedented Tripp and Mary Thompson were drowned and their bodies have not yet been Nearly twenty buildings were removed from their bridges washed and other damage Many people were rescued from their houses at great LABOR TROHBLEST Morn Violation of the Contract Labor Law by the BOSK Juno Boss Carpen ters association will have its hands full in defending the cases which it is said will he commenced against the members by the treasury It is said that over fifty cases of violation of the contract labor law are already in the hands of Special Agent and that District Attorney Ewing is merely wait ing further instructions from Washing ton to institute It has re cently come to the knowledge of Agent Stitch that not less than 200 men came here from Canada in answer to adver tisements inserted in newspapers by the These men have expressed willingness to appear as witnesses for the Committees from the car penters council have assisted the treas ury agents a great deal in locating aliens who were brought here during the late Clevelands Railway Strike Xot June standing the rumors of Tuesday that an attempt wonld be made to resume opera tions in the railway yards this morning no work was done by switchmen on any Freight Brakemen June through brakemen on the Virginia and Charleston railroad struck today for the same wages the Pennsylvania pays on Its other AH through traffic is JUKE of Jtarrieit a Special to The June of was married here to day to Miss Helen Nervous poor dif sexual cured by Miles Samples at Wittes drug An Old Pioneer Special to The June William an ojd pioneer settler of Mercer died at his residence in Keiths burg on Monday the 17th He entered the county of Mercer in 183C where he resided until his period of fiftyfour is just what every family SMITHS CAG Even the Tories Will Hard Work to Swallow Gladstones Brave Tight faction In England Over Set tlement or the African Dis June announce yesterday of the revolutionary step decided on by the government to reduce the minority in parliament to a position of absolute impotence and took the breath away of some of the unionists and those older tories who have been sticklers for the maintenance of the privileges or The old man looked disgusted with his work and scarcely spoke above his His toryunionist supporters looked frozen and not a ripple of applause cheered him as he stumbled hesitatingly a task that was evidently not The abler torics looked ashamed and the unionists squirmed in their seats as prop osition after proposition that violated every principle for which they had been fighting for twenty years was But the determination to swallow it so that the hated Gladstone might bo kept out of power for the short span of life still left was visible bk faces of both lories and dissident liberals all the It was bitter but it will be gulped and the Salisbury government will be armed with power than has been held by any English ministry since before the revolution of The scene that followed was a fair in dication of the stormy times the house will have before the drastic changes in parliamentary procedure involved in the new rules can be Gladstone jumped into the fray with the agility and vigor of a younger combatant and an nounced his intention to tight the new gag law tooth and Tho mute gov ernment supporters looked and his own supporters burst Into a wild cheer when he told the ministers that they were sacrificing everything to pass the licensing tho whole na tion suffer in the interest of the Others accused two members of the cab inet of having a personal interest in an accusation which tho ac cused ministers promptly and Tim Healy hissed in Gosehens ear that he had one eye on the pollingbooth and the other on tho stock The rules will be but only after a struggle that will be The young tory squires will not slay away from while the radicals and nellitcs will swarm nightly in tho house and make things exceedingly The agreement between England and Germany in regard to Africa to England a few unimportant ureas and gives Germany in return the prize of Haligolahd in the German the English havo held since Ihe accession of the house of Germany has always felt sore at the presence of a for eign Hag so near hor The Island will be strongly fortilied and will be made a German naval As may be the settlement of the dis pute in the manner stipulated in the agreement between the two powers just published is seized upon by the oppon ents of the government as a club with which lo belabor the While it would be ab surd to assume lhat tho opposi tion would have been satisfied with any settlement the government might even though it involved the of the whole German empire lo it cannot be denied that they have a con siderable degree of for their strictures in Iho very general belief that England has surrendered too Several of the papers arraign the minis try on this notably the which pays Its respects to Lord Salisbury in a violent In its concluding passage the Jhroutelc says Lord Salisbury has fixed upon the brow of the imperial unionist party an indelible brand of which the cue to other powers to demand sim ilar Sixty Parnellite members of parliament called on Cardinal Manning today and presented that prelate with an address recognizing his great services to In the address the cardinal sahi he had great hopes for the future of Ire and believed that this would be realized at no distant He had not liked Gladstones home rule bilk though he had not opposed but he hai rejoiced in the liberal premiers land remembering as ho did how for many yearsvEngland had drained MANY DEATHS FEOM The Dread Siorge Spreading to othev Towns in Precautionary Mean it June deaths from cholera occurred at Puebla de The dis ease is said to bo decreasing in that but is spreading to other Deaths from the scoiige have occurred at At Cmrcajente and Four deaths are reported at The French government has ordered troops to be stationed on the frontier aft a pecautionary GENERAL FOREIGN ArchdncheHH of Her Claim to the June Mar following the example of Archduchess yesterday catod her claims to the throne of The ceremonies of the occasion we similar to those observed Iu the case Quarantining Spanish June of the cholera in Spain the gov ernment has established quarantined against all vessels arriving from Spanir A Cholera PAULS June bourse was pressed owing to fear that the chole will reach this The Budget Committee Passes the June Budget comn tee has passed Minister Bowlers f bill for a loan of seven hundred francs in three per cent Premier Kalnoky Seriously June Kaln minister of foreign affairs for the wft has been attacked by a His condition la One Thousand People llnmrilsaf June Felsaemisly has been one i many injured and many One thousand persons are T A lad of 17 years died lately from the excessive use He was known to have in one day sixty cigarettes and three strong Mixican l tors say he died of narcotic Railroad Injunction J IOWA June by consent of counsel on postponed the hearing of junction case against the commissioners until July The wont caeca of i other diseases of the are The State Vnfverattjr Co IOWA June ment ot the statei closed today with fortythree in the college JJoonewbft hn acadarfco without r V

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