Sunday, June 15, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 15, 1890, Burlington, Iowa nun QBE ll ESTABLISHED SUNDAY JUNE WRITTEN BY CAPTAIN CHABLES AUTHOlt OF DUXItAVEK THE CODOXELS MABIOXS cc T for The CHAPTER HE one thing lacking to plete the chain is Gower said the as he looked tip over his It would be difficult to wll what became of We get tidings of most of the desert ers who arc as prominent among the men as he appears to have been but I have made and so has the and not a word has ever been heard of him since the night he appeared before Clancy and handed over the money to He was a strange char from all and must have had some conscience after Do you remember him at Hayne I remember him We made the march from Big Horn over to Battle Butte and In was a soldier one could not help Of course I never had anything to say to but we heard he was an expert gambler when tho troop was over there at Miners Of course his testimony isnt neces Clancy arid his wife between them have cleared after burying you alive five But nothing but his story could explain his singular ning the whole executing with all the Hkill of a professional de serting and covering several hundred miles with his then daring to go to the old find and sur render every cent tho moment lie heard of your What a lend that woman was No wonder she drove Clancy to drink Will you sum copies of her admission with Clancys affidavits askod Hay Hero they arc in answered the Tlin rnloncl lulks of having them printed anil strewn broadcast as warnings judgment and too confident Icstimony in Divested of he legal encumbrances with whifl such loeumonts aro usuallv sunyrm substantial ly as follows I was sergeant iu K and Gowcr was in had boon stationed to gether nix months or so when ordered out on the Indian campaign that sum I was dead All my money was and my wifo kept bothering mo for I owed a lot of money around and Gowcr know and sometimes asked mo what I was going to do when we got back from Wo wore not good him and Thoro was money dealings lietwncn and then there was talk about Clancy fancying him too Tho paymaster ramo up with a strong and paid oir tho boys late in as IP expedition was breaking up and going for and all Uie olTieurs and men pot four months Then was irancandtwcntv men of F troop ml on but the had his pay rolls with and tbo men bad nil signed before they and si the captain ho drew all for them mid put each mans money in an envelope marked with his name and I be lieutenants and then crowded it all into some bigger I was there where I could BOO it and jowcr wiis watching him Its a big pile tho captains says Id like to bo aroad agent and nab When I told him it couldnt bo over ocvon hundred he Thats only He has his own pay and six hundred dollars company und a wad of greenbacks lies been car ryin around all Its nigh on to four thousand dollars lies got in his sad dle bags this And tbiit instead of ramies coming be sent word he had tlie trail of i big band of md the whole crowd wont in There founompuiiipsof un der ami V und K ivhat wis left of wcreordcicd Lo stay by I be wagons and liringthom safe ly down ami we started with them over towards Baltic keeping south of the way the regiment had gone to follow And the very next day Ivaynor got orders to bring his battalion to the river and get on the while the wagons kept on down the bank with us to guard And Hayne was acting and lie stayed with us and him and Hull was together a good There was some wo because Earner thought another officer should have been made quartermaster and Hayne should have staved with his and they had some words but Hull gave Hayno a horse and seemed to keep him with liim and that iu sight of Battle the steamboat was out of sight ahead when we wont into and I was sergeant of tho guard and had my fire near the captains and twice in the evening Gower came to nie and said now was the lime to lay on the monoy and At last lie says to arc flat and theyll all be bo down on you you get back to the No man in America wants five hundred dollars more than you Til give you live hundred in one hour from now if youll got the captain out of his tent for half an Almost everybody was asleep then tho captain and so was and he went on to tell mo how he could do Hed been watch ing tho It made such a big did the in all the sepa rate envelopes that he had done it all up a memorandum of the amount due each and packed the greenbacks all together in one solid pile own the lieutenants and tho it up in paper and tied it firmly and put big blotches of green scaling wax on it and sealed them with the seal on his watch Says You get the captain as I toll and Ill slip right get the some other paper with a few ones and twos in the package his his watch and everything is there in the saddle bags under his and I can re seal and replace it in five and hell never suspect the loss until the com mand all gets together again next By that time Ill be three hundred miles Everybody will say twas Gower that robbed and you with your five hundred will never bo tasked him how could lie expect the captain to go and leave so much money in ihis bags with no one to guard it and he said bcd bet on it if X did it right Die Siad hod no luck tracking In dians that and tte regiment He knew they were scattering which way and waseager to strike All had ito do was fto creep in wshe and tell Jiiinl wasrare Iliad beard an Indian drum and and he could hear them if he would come out on the river rnnlr Hed go says and think of wouldnt believe it but he He sprang up and went right out with just flinging his overcoat round him and he never seemed to want to come The wind was blowing soft like from the and he stood there straining his ears trying to hear the sounds I told him of but at last he gave it and we went back to and he took his lantern and looked in his saddle and I shook for fear but he seemed to find every thing all and in the next ten minutes he was and Gower came and whispered to and I went with and he gave me five hundred in Now youre says he keep the sentries off while I get my And thats the last I ever saw of Then a strange thing Twas hardly daylight when a courier came galloping and I called the and he read the and says By you were right after There are Indians over Why didnt I trust vour ears Call up the whole The Eiflers have treed them at Battle and Eayner has gone with liis We are to escort the wagons to where the beat lies beyond the and then push over with all the horsemen wa can It was after daylight when we got but we almost ran the wagons cross country to the and there Hull took F troop and what there was of his leaving only ten men back with the and not till then was Gowcr missed but all were in such a hurry to get to the Indians that no one paid Hayno he begged the captain to let him so the train was left with the wagon master and the captain of the and away wo You know all about the and how twas Hayne the captain called to and gave his watch and the two packages of money when he was ordered to I was right by his and I forgive me through the crack and tear in the paper I could see the lay ers of when I knew twas only some ones and twos Gower had slipped in to make it look right and Eaynor stood there and saw the and Walsho and Bugler White but them two were killed with so that twas only Eay ner and I was loft as and never till we got to Laramio after the cam paign did tho trouble I never dreamed of anything ever coming of it but that every one would say Gower stole the money and deserted but when the captain turned the packages over to Hayne and then got and Hajno carried the with tho saddlebags and toChey and never opened them till ho got weeks when wo were all they turned on is own officers and said he stole it and gambled or sont it away in Choy I had lost much of niy money and Clancy got the and it made mo crazy to think of that poor young gentleman accused of it all but I was in for and knew it meant prison for years for and perhaps they couldnt prove it on I got to drinking and told Kayner that the was down on me for swearing away the young officers character and then he took me to Company Bwhen tho colonel wouldnt have me any more in the and one night when Clancy had been rais ing my hair and I wanted monoy to drink and shed give me little Kate told mo her mother bad lots of monoy in a and that Gower had come and given it to her while they were get ting settled in the now post after the Battle Butte and he had made her promise to give it to me the moment I got somebody was in trou and that I must save liim and I be lieved and charged Clancy with and she beat nie and and swore it was all a lie and I never could got tho And at last came the and it was the iieutonant that saved my life and mid brought back to her all that pile of money through the It broke my heart and I vowed Id go and tell him the but they wouldnt let She told mo the captain said he would kill me if I and she would kill I didnt until they told nie my discharge had and then I was glad when the lieutenant and the major caught me in When they promised to take care of little Kate I didnt care what happened to The monoy Clancy perhaps two hundred belongs to Lieut since lie paid off every cent that was stolen from Supplemented by Clancys rueful and incoherent Clancys litory did its Clancy could not long persist in her various denials after her husbands confession was brought to her and she was totally unable to account satisfactorily for the possession of so much Little Kate had been too young to grasp the full meaning of what Gower said to her mother in that hurried interview bnt her reiterated statements that he came late at before the regiment got and knocked at the door until he waked them and her mother cried when he came he looked so and had spectacles and a patch on his and ranch he only stayed a little and told her mother he must go back to the the police were on his knew now he spoke of having he gave her mother lots of for she opened and counted it afterwards and told her it must all go to papa to get some one out of were so clear and circumstantial last the hardened woman began to break down and make reluctant When an astute sheriffs officer finally told her that he knew where he could lay hands on she surren dered So long as he was out of the not be held out but the prospect of dragging into prison with her the man who had spumed her in years gone by and was proof against her fascinations was too She told all she could at bis Hun had turned over his property to Ueut Hayne just before he was killed and that the lieutenant was now tried for failing to account for He brought enough to cover all he had she to persuade her to so to San Francisco with She promised to think of it if he would leave the he swearing he would come for her and That why she dared not ten Hike when he got He was so jealous of To this part of her statement Clancy stoutly adhered but the officers believed One other thing she Kate had declared he wore a heavy patch on his right cheek and Clancy remembered Some scoundrels had sought to rob him in He had to fight for life andmoney and his share of the honors of the fray was a deep and clean cut extending across the cheek bone and up above the right As these family revelations were told throughout the garrison and comment of every kind was made there is reason for the belief that Burton found no difficulty in filling her letters with particulars of deep interest to her who by this time had carried out the programme indicated by Capt Eay MidJune had come the ap parently benefited by the sea had landed in New York and were speedily driven to their old quarters at the Westminster and while the captain went to headquarters of the department to report his arrival on leave and get his a card wassentnp toMissTravers which she read with cheeks that slightly paled He is wont throw him after all he has done and borne for you I shall keep my was the Another as though in a second with quick and bounding step strides the glittering moon and Bayners heart stands Only for an She has seen and recognized Lawrence Concealed from them he Van and there can be bnt purpose in his coming But what can he want with right ful lover She springs from the lower step on which she has been runs across the tessellated and stops short in the gazing after the two She is startled to find them close at Van close to the facing towards his features ghastly in the his left hand and supporting on one of the tail wooden pillars the with white clinching advancing upon Above the low boom and roar of the surf distinctly A TALK WITH Some Pointers About Engagements for Burlington Young Gnmdya Hot Kecardeel The Kfehta of Eacaged Lorars Bramcli of Promise CHAPTER SX And so shes really going to marry Van said Bnxton to Waldron a few days later in the month of sunshine and I did not think it possible when she was the Why do you sav so now Kayner writes that the cap tain had to go to Washington on some important family and that she and Nellie were at the sea shore and Van Antwerp was with them from morning till night He looked so worn and she that Nellie ould not but take pity on Heav sns think of having five hundred thou land dollars sighing its life a way for you when hes 2aynor made me promise to send it right because ho would never give her one but she sent his Its and Til show And Burton darted into the When she three or four young cavalrymen were at the gate chat ting with and tka picture was passed from hand to exciting varied It was a simple carte de of the style once spoken of as the head and shoulders being it was the picture of a clear cut with wavy black hair just tingeing with a drooping mustache and long English The eyes wore heavy He bad ridden eastward after iiis making liis war down had stopped at Yankton and gone thence to Kansas spend He had reached Denver wife the and theredie though partially shaded by the gold rimmed were piercing and Van Antwerp was unques tionably a fine looking Here comes said Show it to He likes pictures though I wouldnt like this one if I were in his Ilayne stopped in some surprise when greeted Waldron warmly and bowed courteously to who was watching him nar Want to see a picture of the man you ought to go and perforate asked Web with that lofty indifference which youngsters have to the ravages of the tender passion on subjects other than To whom do you refer asked smiling and little imagining what was in store for said holding out the Hayne took gave one seized it with both stud ied it while his own face rapidly then looked up with search ing Who is this he The man whos engaged to Miss Tra Van Van Antwerp ex claimed liis face white as a take Royce And iu an instant he had turned and Ill be hanged if I knew that he was that hard drawled Did Royce But Royce did not Donl be so Van It is very early in the sum and you have the whole season be fore it is very different from last I cannot explain but I know there has been a I feel I used to in my wild days when a change of luck was Its like je gamblers but I can not shake it Something told me she was lost to me when you boarded that Pacific express hist I was a fool ever to have let her Is she still so determined I cannot shake her She says that at the end of the years time originally agreed upon she will keep her promise but she will listen to no earlier I have about given up all Something fearful something I cannot shake me that my only chance lay in getting her to go with me this Once with I could make her happy He breaks off looking ibout him in the hunted manner the has noted once or twice You are all Van Ant Why not go to bed and try and sleep You will be so much brighter to I cannot But dont let me keep f m go out and smoke a Sood Whatever somes of it I shall not forget your bo he turns and she still stands it the foot of the watching him He has aged greatly in the past few She is shocked to see aow how irritable he has As he moves towards the doorway she notes how thin his sheet has and wonders at the ir resolution in his movements when he reaches the broad He stands there an the massive doorway forming a frame for a picture en sil his spare figure thrown black upon the silver He looks up and down the now deserted gal his pockets for his bites off with nervous clip the end a huge strikes a and before the flame is half applied to his weed throws it Own tarns out of tight hears the clear tenor ring of his voice hi the tone of command she last heard un der the shadows of the two thousand miles awav No wonder a gentleman in civil life looks amazed at so peremptory a sum mons from a total In his high indignation will he not strike the imper tinent subaltern to earth As a well bred woman it occurs to her that she ought to rush out and avert hostilities by introducing them or something but she has no time to The next words simply take her breath away Sergt I arrest you as ade serter and thief You deserted from F at Battle Buttle She sees the fearful gleam on the dark mans face there is a sudden a a straining to and fro of two the other agile and trained muttered panting and sure as taller man is being borne back ward against the She sees the dark arm suddenly relax its grasp of the gray form and disappear an Then there it comes and with it a gleam of With one shriek of warning and terror she springs towards in Hayne glances catches the lifted hurls his whole weight upon the tottering and over goes the Knickerbocker prone upon the Hayne turns one instant Go This is no place for Leave him to And in that before either can Steven Van alias springs to his leaps over the balcony rail and disappears in the depths It is a descent of not more than ten feet to the sands beyond the dark passage that underlies the but he has gone down into the passage When running down the gains his way to the space beneath the no trace of the fugitive can he Nor does Van Antwerp appear at breakfast on the following nor again to any person known to this An officer of the spending a portion of the following winter in writes that he met him face to face one day in the galleries of the Be ing in civilian of and much changed in appearance since he was a youth in tho straps of a second it was possible for him to take a good look at the man he had not seensince he wore the chevrons of a dashing sergeant in the Battle Butte He has grown almost wrote tho and Im told he has abandoned his business in New York and never wfll return to the United has grown A tele gram from liis wife summoned hitn to the seaside from Washington the day after this strange adventure of He found her somewhat his sister inlaw very pale and and the clerks of the hotel unable to account for the disappearance of Van Lieut they had told them he received news which compelled him to go back to New York at once but the gentlemans traps were all in his had gone to New York and thither the captain A let ter came to him at the Westminster which he read and handed in silence to It was as follows By the time this reaches you I shall be beyond reach of the law and on my way to Europe to spend what maybe left of my 1 hope they may be few for the punishment that has fallen upon me is more than I can though no than I You have heard that my college days were w and that after repeated warnings my father drove me from sending me to Tyoming to embark in the cattle I pre ferred lost what he gave There was nothing then but to enlist and I joined the Mother still believed me or near wrote The life was hor rible to me after the luxury and lack of restraint I had I meant to Chance threw in my way that I robbed poor Hull the night before he was repacked the paper so that even the torn edges would show the resealed just is I have had to hear through her pure ind sacred lips it was finally told and her lover God knows I was shocked when I heard in Denver he was to be tried for the I hastened to not daring to show myself to him or any and restored every cent of the placing it in Clancys as I dared not stay bnt I had give it to who had The police knew and I had to I gave every cent I and walked back to then got word to mother of my fearful danger though she never knew I was a she sent me and I came east and went Then my whole life I was appalled to think how low I had I shunned stud did well at Heidelberg father for gave and died but God has not for and at the moment when I thought my life redeemed this retribution over takes If I may ask it is that mother may never know the I will tell her that Nellie could not lore and I could not bareto Some few weeks later that summer Miss Travers stood by the eame balcony with an open letter in her There was a soft flush on her peachy and a far away look in her sweet blue What news from Nellie asked fluff has Indeed Where1 At He writes that as he the mnmont he entered the baU she came nrnnmg rip to arching her hack and pairing herdelight and welcoming him just as though she be longed there now And HeUie He says he means to keep her until X come to churn Kerv dby Samplesfree at 1 ft HEKE isno law in the social code at once so stringent and so variable as I that relating to the manner of con 1 an engagement of It is a good deal like the childrens Simon avsunsl Simon amjs thus And whether it is this or the play ers most do exactly as Simoo Grundy has demanded that betrothals should be of the most almost surreptitions character that there should be an un derstanding between the young and a a very of the brides family should be let into the but that the world at large should aston ished and taken altogether ty surprise in hpnTirig some fine morning that Colin and Phyllis were married very quietly at the brides home a few days Then Grundy takes a and the marriage is to be arranged be tween the two families and announced by a betrothal party given by the brides Just I it is the thing for the girl herself to give a tea to her girl and receive their congratula tions and some little as it of the more costly wedding gifts to all by In so strict is the idea of ladies only on these occa sions that everybody was very mnch scandalised by the presence of the Colin of one of these latter engagement So very awkward So indelicater exclaimed one of the guests in my pres and I could not bnt suggest that perhaps the fiancee felt that seeing is be and wished to prove that her pretentious were not without This parading the engagement and the engaged is perhaps one but certainly a former friend of mine went to the other when she one day invited her own mother into her bedroom exhibiting a white silk dress lying upon the remarked Thats my wed ding and I shall be mar ried tomorrow here at I alwaysthought if I had been that mother I would have replied as coolly indeed fm bnt I am going away for two or three and shall start in an Another New York girl whom I knew out of the house one went to the Little Church we all know waa of choc olate creams and went while her husband took a train Some later he returned to the called upon his and the two together announced the marriage to the somewhat astonished parents of the the daughter re marking that she didnt want the fuss of an But it seems to me that these secretive people lose one of the very prettiest and mostideal epochs of tha of open and privileged One feels it in reading history and seeing the pretty pageant of thefiancailles of some fair young princess who returns for awMletoher fathers house a yet bearing somewhat of the sweetdig nityof matronhood and the honors of her future In the English marriage as used in the mother there is provision made for a betrothal to be followed as is now the moments by the real marriage and at one wed ding whereat I assisted in London the man and maid stopped at the entrance of the choir and there gave their troth before proceeding to the altar where they were It seems to me that if some pretty daughter of Murray Hill were to Betithe fashion of going to church and being be and then having a receptioniin her fathers it would be received as a quaint and original idea and charming All pretty may be ex panded Eke bubbles until they and this has Therewas a period when especially in were looked upon in nearly the same light as and great immorali ties sprung from One of Sir Wal ter Scotts The I upon this the be trothed pair calling themselves hand fast and openly living The same abuse of betrothal is brought forward in Wflkie Collinsnovel of The Cloister and the one of the beat stories he ever In the mar riage records became so obscureandso vague in consequence of this abuseof betrothal that the Scottish law was in defense of tha rights to ordain that any couple themselves man and or even living together in those actually to be held as although no marriage ceremony had been imposed upon The privileges and rights of betrothed lovers have and perhaps as vague as the importance of betrothal We shall all agree that Scotts and others like pushed both rights and privileges to an undue but on the other hand I heard one lady boasfr that husband had no more thankined her hand before she was married to and a man of my acquaintance bemoan ing his unhappy marriage said that he knew nothing at all of his wifes character nntil it was too for they been alone twice before their wedding and at home she was effaced by her clever and managing mamma Bnt very either of men would be content with such a cool and formal engagement as andlhow erer they they generally time goes on to secure some private and I daresay to indulge in some caresses a little warmer than the kissing of It is the nature of man to and to be the nature of woman to and to keep on flying as lone the pursuit continues and let me tell you in your my that it isthe very best way to keep up his interest in the pursuit bnt still a loving and fiding yotmg girl does not alwaynxipy is the time of yonr greatest and at any mdeai wife you earn for yourself a place that many wirasnerer Bat now hue yon are promised to this in his whfle yon with fhe shining robe ofan VpMnd fanunanty has not aa yefrbe tnjyedthe fact that yon are after aU only an ordinary whenhe not be with yon at aU nrochrf his absence in reviewing lart now is the tone if TOO are and hold yourself steadfly keeping your own koeylug him in that you may estab yourself in a position with regard to this man which yon need never Dont be or or prodtthand old for no real man can endure that and keep his love bnt never come down from your throne to sit at his feet never lay aside yourroyal robeiof reserve and sensitive parity never fail to respect yourself and yonwin never lose his and there is absolutely no foundation for enduring love bnt respect believe for it is MeBtalk of liking women whose hearts outrun their who hare no wfll oftheir who are like wax in their bnt although they may eagerly seek these pretty dolls for an hoar they soon weary of and if they ever marry the wedding day is the end instead of the beginning of the love Be my little be wiset Recognize your own strength and your own power and make the most of it hold yourself back and your lover wDl pursue remain queen of your own posi tion and he will make you queen of his come down from your own place and lay yourself at his and he will rest his foot upon and believe it is the natural and right thing to I hare a theory of my thatif a man breaks off his marriage engagement it is almost always the girls She has been either too hard or too soft with either chilled him into the convic tion that she is heartless and devoid of or she has valued herself so lightly that he has learned to hold very sheaply what is so lavishly And yet I condemn very seriously the man who for less than the gravest causes wfll break oif his engagement to the girl he has seriously invited to become his Nothing is more damaging to a girl in a social point of view than to have been and although she may not at all to blame in the or at most have only shown errors of judg ment and self a sort of stigma attaches to her in almost every circle of and another man is less likely to seek her in The man is not nor are his chances of subsequent marriage affected at whetherit is he or she who breaks off the and for that reason it always seems to me that if an engage ment must be broken the man should have the chivalry to take the odium of being discarded upon his own and declare the young lady to have been the I am always so sorry when I see in the papers that some or perhaps some is suing a man for breach of promise of for I always im agine it to be the suicidal expression of angry pride and wounded self love as well as other and that the hot desperate creature has only seized upon the weapon nearest at hand wherewith to strike at the man she still and is so bitterly ashamed of herself for One class of women take to and one to and one to the and one to resolute and I am sorry for them for I am sure they never would so disgrace themselvesex the extremity of great and I know that in the very nature of things their however will entail more suffering in the And I am for the more digni fied and patient victims who say not a word and do not a but draw the robe clese over tho bleeding wound and and and smile in calm de fiance of their own breaking hearts and wounded I pity but I hardly know whether I pitied a now whom I used to She was engaged to a man whom she not only but re spected and and who as all the world the one man in the world whom she should A noble position was offered to and he went to Spain to make arrangements for ac cepting it and to prepare a home for his One of the sudden fevers of the country seized upon his unacclimated and in three days he was His bride to be made little open in the same day she heard the news set off to visit a sister in a distant When she came home she was dressed in widows and al ways wore them until the day of her some twenty years Shewas always always always gently tender and loving to those who but never pre tending to any other place than that she had widow in heart if not in It the happiest life she could have FRAXK SECRET SOCIETY Lodge Room Gossip from AU Over the The Grand Encampment of the CaiforsMd nights of Fjrfhhu at Other Fraternity Mat ters of Pythian encampment at Milwan fc IJ which is now the subject ot so I much and for which so I much anxious preparation is being made among the uniformed rank throughout the is very accu rately represented It will give the thousands who Intend to participate in that demonstration a much better idea of the as laid out by Carua han and than could be con veyed in columns of The Chi cago Times representative visited the grounds and prepared the sketch on the DIAGRAM OF THE The camps are situated on an elevated plateau fronting on a wide boulevard and commanding an excellent view of the en tire parade grounds and much of the city and surrounding An electric car line and two horse car lines will land pas sengers at one end of the while at the other end will be landed all passengers arriving by tho Milwankee and Paul The parade the major generals officers mess sta are all inside the inclosure that surrounds the Celd Spring park race The grand stand is very large and will accommodate several thousand spec The drill grounds inside the in closure need leveling and but the citizens committee of Milwaukee promise to have the grounds in perfect condition before the meeting of the supreme The Continental Cantonment of the triarchs On 3 the continental cantonment and biennial of the Patriarchs Militant will open at to continue one The details are practically hav ing been carefully looked after by Grand Sire The occasion embraces the entire army of the Fourth eight and one grand department of sixty regiments fully the officers with staffs and the army scattered from Maine to Cali fornia and from Quebec and Ottawa to tho The railroads have olTered one fare and the commander by the help of succeeded in obtaining a guaran tee fund that will ermble him to take one third from The mayor of Chicago has placed at the disposal of the army all the parks of the particularly Lake Front where the parades will be A series of prize drills will be to occur at intervals throughout the and representative military organizations from various parts of the country will give display There will be nearly 000 expended in prizes and to guarantee The matter is exciting general interest as far east 04 New England and up among the Rockies in Several are expected from New England and a very large contingent from tho Pacific The occasion will be entirely mili tary in its and as the sovereign grand lodge is not in session on that date more time can bo devoted to the parades and other Chicago is enthusias and with characteristic enterprise is preparing in every possible way to enter tain the large concourse that is Prizes will also be offered for exemplifi cation of the work of the and many fine degree staffs of the Rebekah branch will be It is expected that at least four different kinds of beautified work will be New Ohio and California meth The occasion promises to be one of the most imposing zfnd profitable in the his tory of the Two too closely the manners of had Actaeon hounded to deathfar peep ing at her in the who expended all in drrerting her prefeadu torn theehaje Oey are not generally inortaDr if the engaged lorer akias or andl hare heard of dear Btfle who not only accepted bntretumed and were after an none thr lovers wfll demonstrate I and for wife the old who and atwsym feel very toward any of tibeh tweet nffiav which voder my Kttte word to and Senator TValthalls Miss Courtney the daughter of Senator Walthall of is by all odds tne prettiest young woman in the sen atorial She is a with a clear complexion and rich Her features ate regular and delicately her teeth are like her and her eyes of liquid expressive and Miss Walthall has a petite well rounded and Her charm of manner is sweetness and natural She is not a young woman to delight in the gay and frivolous round of social and her fathers desire is to save her from becoming a fashionable She is the apple of his and the devo tion is Care of the A childs teeth should be confided to tha care of a dentist while they are maTring their If dentist is proper ly versed in his he makes a rec ord of the childs physical tendencies as well as the state of its and to these notes he adds from time to time such nililhins aa are significant then he sends for the child once a month or once a toits and is thus able to dertlop the best teeth that are possible to ones constitution or physical of Hundred and Seventythree Xew 3Iemherff at Once Detroit of initi ated 273 members at one time Friday even April This is believed to be the largest number of candidates ever initiated at one time by any lodge of any society in the The average age of the 273 can didates initiated is S3X Workman degree members were ad mitted to one session of the grand lodge of Women inventors appear very often on patent office and oneof them who socceeded in pushing through anrm pmtsuteut in an eyeglass springjs said to bars made a very comfortable fortune by ths crystallization o her ideas in practical Just as sure as hot weather comes there will be more or less bowel complaint irf this Every especially to have some reliable med tetatftat hand for instant use in case it is A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Cham berlains Cholera and Beniedy is just what you ought to have and an that you even for the and dangerous It is the best the most reliable and the most successful treatment known and is pfeas For sale by all pietnce U Just hear that The balance in hands of John supreme receiver general fund April waa The in Arizona have in vested in a California does not show as rapid growth as in former The membership is a net gain for the year of only Michigan now has a larger membership than Massachusetts passed her some time Tha grand jurisdiction of Indiana has adopted The Recorder as the official and it will be sent to every member of the order in the In Iowa there are 4495 members in good being a net gain for the year of There were 16 assessments for tha past The has obtained a foot hold in Nova The first lodge recently established in ftuKana grand lodge resolved to keep a special deputy or organizer continually in The Kansas workmen desire the mini mnm age of admissionreduced and fixed at to pay aU i members donated which wMcantandi with tyaurth Baglywas The I Sital steward of Masonic Constellation I figures on membership follows grand District oC loss of 157 53 royal arch with members ffsntem members Geoigisv members in 398 gain at 28SL Ohio Masons are agitating of building a Masonic The Maryland Masonic Reentry celebrated hi Some months ago the light i bishop of Bat i enthusiastic journeyed to miles to take part in theinstatiatioK of Lord and to Adelrifc to take part in the installation of Lord JBt tore as of South The Masonic home ot numbers 105 Masonic 10 life I 113 individual members and 701 On the nnmisr of inmates was 18 admitted dnrinff past 7 5 honorably illix 1 leaving the number 1ft total assets are The balanesaff cash on hand is The body of Tung ChmTuaft was recently buried in New York with great Masonic Mora than 500 Chinamen were in the At the celebration of the fortieth anni versary of tha grand lodge of California John Stevenson He born in New York in and has bsea Mason for sixtynine AMERICAN LEGION OF Enoch Supreme Coss Other A recent number of The Guardian con tained an excellent portrait of Enoch supreme commander of the Amer ican Legion of Brown presided over tho destinies of this order for over three filled his position with fidelity and During the years of its existence has bsent disbursed by the order to beneficiaries of deceased During 1880 about two millions and a quarter was paid on 7S4 The total membership was and the total amount ot in surance in force was No pleasanter place to visit could found than the headquarters of at Snnmtne Secretary Warnock is and will open his books to inspection or do wfeafc else he The offices are admirably ar and for all the room occupied rental is only per The pursued is and so thorough to the arrangement of all papers and books that the record of each council or member can be turned to in a The of this order are admirably and it now has an accumulated emergency fund of nearly half a The of hod 108 deaths in Jan thirty more than in any previous the effects of grippe to amount of 60 per Over half due to KNIGHTS OF on he Or der Is There are 85 lodges in Georgia has been paid out in the state to and orphans 500 new members and 9new lodges were added lost The increase in the United States f or rnary was new Efforts in several states of creditors tort levy on the death benefits for debta left the deceased have proved unsuccessfai This thoroughly establishes the inviolabtt ity of the death No new lodges will be organized in tions likely to be visited by yellow During the epidemic in Memphis in was paid out in death The membership of the order has nearly doubled during the post six Knights of the The great camp convention of the Order of Knights of Maccabees ot Michigan wfll be hi Bay City during the first weak hi August The local tents have ap pointed committees to take charge of the matter and provide accommodations and entertainment for the visiting and their It is expected that will be fully strangers ln the the occasion will be one of great interest to the members of the The supreme chief Oronhys ot the bos completed J work in the state of Washington and is now in British While in he instituted a high court for that After the completes his labors British Columbia he will visit where he intends instituting a com The order is rapidly increasing in ntemn ship and new courts ore being reported 1 loyal True At the recent session of the grand lodgov held at grand presented his annual showing an increase of over 900 nu bers during the past Nineteen I lodges have been opened during the j and bnt one has become Hisi port showed the benevolent system oft order to be in a Order of This order has been successfully i in eight states and in Cart supreme is i to make an extended visiting subordinate lodge of the A ritual is being and will be I for the lodges about a Ev claim for benefits has been paid wit twentyfour Order of The eleventh anniversary of the was celebrated Saturday afternoon i evening of May 31 at Concordia by the fortyeight councils of f i exercises and dancing were the the Proposed Beraiion of To gether la Tine of Daltonv sent out call for a reunion of theBnral Masonic This was formed at above asd was made up of the Masons belonging Conmniis which tlhr Thirtyninth Tittysixth ngfrnmts of Vol unteers ot the Army of ameers of the order constated otstpnai Ticepresident ft was tor mutual benefit of aUf ingtqsBid with that auy member eoald could usehfa SfflSK There are now councils ami 9 members in the TTnitedStatesandH The reports from the supreme a office show an increase lorlSSVot 1 members the for was Order of Charter lists have been opened inv Colorado and Sootfe Lodge 19 started with membersf Ji Aaserlem Tratenal The increase of the order for shows a gain of nearly s benefits paid to April 1 the fire lodges of i nowin process of formation in StuJ while one will soon be 1 I i Iains Cough Bemedy fav mf eeHent for It cough or colft wflt i There is naduiger

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