Saturday, June 7, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 7, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED STILl TALKIE PRICE 15 CEHTS PER WEEK THE BL Both Branches of Congress at Work on the Plumb In the Senate Talks for Free of Minnexota Advo It in the ral Washington June the senate the house amendment to thi senate bill establishing a public park in the District of Columbia was disagreed to and a con ference MiUhol moved to reoonside the vote by which the senate yesterday passed the bill authorizing tlu construc tion of a railway bridge across the Co lumbia river near Anew conference was ordered on the dependent pension The silver bill was then taken up and Plumb addressed tho He believed it was all but unanimous opinion of the people that a very in crease in the wiliuiuof currency was The circulation today was less than the framers of the financial legislation of ST4 although Iho com mercial business of thcountry had doubled within that The total amount of money which the ioople of the United States had fur the transaction of daily Imsiijos could not exceed He believed it lessthail oui and that narrow foundation had been built an enormous structure of credit propped here and b ilevioo of varion and il kepi and while the base on which il did not grow in propfiriion o the Tlie en ator from Xiw York illiseockj had yes terday althiiml prosperity of if the jiicture why i tinsenator and his committee iihe ioinmit Wove I1 Ills thai only should lire viieanev ol the bank be niiide but there ousrlit to In addeil in thai it leut us much ns would reill from ilnfree ooinairo of lie wiiiiiiL I nhandou his idea in Iiiviiriif tiiii and lo widen the base Hie credit inn sure bvnddiim to iie Ihe Slates mint eonid inrn lo ill iors ii the Tinted in ilie conlii be wls It I National l every day n tired ihis year lioinc lifieeu Iliiiiili wenl on Iu speak of I hi silver bill in eiinncciiiin wiih the of The senate was appealed to yesterday by the senator from New York Iliseock aijainsl Ihe bill iu the sacred name of Silver was tin American much larger pro duct than many others which were to be protocicd by duties of two hundred or throe hundred per cent under Ihe coin ing tariff He would like to ask the sonalor from New who was so iinxions about foreign what he intended do with tin1 tariff which would prevent tinIniiod Slates from having amy funinn He hoped Inniiplil interpret tinsenators remarks on I hat point as a hopeful auuury of the action of tlmi seiiiitor in piiltins liis knilo inlo Ihe bill now before the liitanee committee a bill which would raise the price of nearly used by the masses of iho The silver bill was then laid aside and n message from tinpresident relating to of an armed force from a revenue cutter at Cedar was read ami referred to the committee on THE A n I InSilver rrolilitii baio was resinned ihjs nf tin1 said InIeprownioil of silver de lirst agrieiillnral dis Ihifanners of which wore not linl not wholly The depressed ion wasdue lo low prices of agricultural lie heliovod tho prices were alloetod liy the amount of money in An increase of eironhn ion advanced and a shrink ngo of ciivuhitinii diminished Tho increase jn ourchasin value of gold was due to the fact that ils produc tion was while its use in iho arts was If silver had been allowed in retain ils place as money tlirougliniil tinworld it too would have enhanced in purchasing Silver should ho restored to former This was demanded by the groat miirs of ihe American It was no argument to say Iho people did nut understand iho They Tho people could think and reason as well as the members of Tlie judgment of a popular mind like a was generally Comment on throe measures before tho house lie said the treasury bill was most infer a friendly secretary it might he made use ful in iucreaslui the volume of currency under an unfriendly secretary it might In Personally ho ho liovod the tree coinage liil prosontcd not only the best hut the way to settle the whole hut he lio liovod il wa always best to j iold some thing lo if iy doing so legislation auoM equally ctlicacioiis anil less dbjoit ionable iouU bo Such a measure was iho republican mucus oi New con lined his remarks not u tinsilver but to tho nmcminicnl relegating to people within the proMriboil The choice of such administrative offi whoso functions of onieo lie entirely within iho prescribed area and whoso choice is of consequence only to the peo ple whom they immediately of said the country was mot with eomraetioii of the cur Tho ponding bill proposed to givo the country an increase to offset tho ami oven It was prartioally a free coinage capacity of mintswas The output of tUo mints was livo million The free coinage of ovory dollar of American silver would bo about liftyono million Yot this bill proposed to givo liftyfour millions a yoar of legal lender treasury It was a free coinage bofausolt provided that when silver was at par tho mints Should Inopen to free The country medod oxpixnsiou of cur roncy in a safe way and this bill provided for of spoko against froo lie assorted the domoiiPtization of silver was not tho cause of tho decrease in Tho prices havo boon going down for a hun dred Tho meant the more of remarked in that all love Walker added that he was going to vote for tho pending bill because the members of the house f rom 186S up to tho present for the purpose of get ting back had urged and encour aged tlie people in their folly until they had come to such a state of mind that something must bo done or they would break the members It was pure that was all there was about of contended that silver demonetization had cast a blight ing curse over everybody except the Xo increase ihe volume of circulation was the only way to not only the agricultural bnt evcry other Interest in the He criticised the treasury declaring it was intended to stop the further coinage of the silver It was a Wall street He also criticised the caucus bill and advocated the free coin age Bland said he could only protest against the right of the members of the minority to offer an The gag law was placet upon the minority for the purpose of passing a bill through the the effect of which was to demonetize The bill was a Wall street and a gold bng scheme to change the ratio between gold and It recognized silver bullion according xo its gold was being mur dered in the house of its lie especially criticised the bullion re demption arguing that it would prevent any appreciable expansion of It would hold out a tempta tion to the hecretay of the treasury to make millions of dollars out of specula tion in Wall The free coinage of silver would not only appreciate free sil ver but depreciate gold bullion and bring two metals to a The government must either issue iiat money or give unlimited use of gold and of advocated the bill as a long in the Jt would result in the remonetization of silver and the two metals ultimately going hand in of said pros perity would not return and the down ward eourse of prio not be arrested un til silver was returned to its proper Th only and perfect remedy was to reverse the action of and I back to the fno and unlimited of of Nebrsoka said if tary Windom had purchased and coined Uie maximum amount of silver allowed under tic laws four per month there would be no need of this and he Would have strengthened the administration of To that section of the substitute which provides for bullion redemption Dorsoy emphatically Would it not be belter to cover the one million redemp tion fund into the treasury and use it as a pun of iho circulating medium in cae the Iliited States notes were proutod for redemption and there was no money to meet the allow the secretary jo sell the bonds to A MYSTERY THAT DEEPENS The Body of Ella Cordell Found on a Lonely Did She Commit or Shi Murdered Mysterious Man Driving a Gray Hone Fig ures meet l ho The bullion redemp tion feature would be Mriekeii out and in appealed to of the 1ou iilluw a vote on the appeal the genliomell on the o lieved in free ioinairo to its jiropor The iiolise five until ciLht d to tun silver to I The IriMiltiit Takes an June and left Washington this aftor nuii on ilie Iuiteil Stalls Dis patch for a voyage for recreation mi ilir Potomac river iud Chesapeake STBENGTH OP THE II Indicated by 11 Vote Tiikin in tlu June an hours a resolution to refer all bills relating to amendment to ihi constitution Hi the subjects of drainage and to a special committee named in the resolu was adopted by a vote of fortynine to As this resolution was niooicd by who gave notice thin a lottery amendment would bo in tln action taken is regarded as indicating tinstrength of proposed lot tery FIVE MEN a Northwestern Train Near Km June North western passenger train from wliirli reaches Chicago at two jumped Ihe Intel two miles west of here at eleven oclock lliis morning on account of a broken A gang of section men were working about two hundred feel from engine left tin1 and before they could pet away the train had run them down and toppled over on The entire train was wrecked and Ihe engineer and four of Ihescciion men wen1 killed Tin1 two section men and some of the passengers were The killed are Kdward of Froo who had been an engineer on this division for overlhirtylivc years August uf Wimiolwao Kmll of Winncbairo John of 1oea louica John of The passenger coaches were pretty well A WHOLESALE Thomas Willhinis Confesses to Various Itrutal June Will the murderer of Jefferson Moore and his son lias made a written He says lie quarrelled with Oiarlif and killed him with an axe and buried the He told the family had guuo few days later durins a quarrel with old man ho killed him in the same way and made similar disposition of the Kogariling the death of In1 says ii was caused by a dose of medicine he rave her for lie buried her body without a permit because he was too poor to buy a It Has been learned that iu killed a farmer named near Illi He was tried and to be but Governor Oglosby commuted the sentence to twenty years imprison He served seventeen years and when released came to The police think Williamson is guilty of an other murder two voars a The iiff of Mrnoimntc June Tln facts re garding the reported uprising of the In dians in the Menoininec reservation is that exAgent Jennings refuses to vacate the holding that the property has not been receipted He suspended by Inspector Ches It is a matter of current report that a conspiracy exists to eject the gov ernment officials from the tiiat thi1 Indians will not hesitate to use force and that there is a regularly or ganized plan for defiance of the govern Inspector Cliosney will not say anything as to the governments in tentions in event of Jennings refusal to it is understood troops are about to be called to assist in expelling the stubborn Miles Xerve and Liver An important They act on the stomach and bowels through the A new They speed ily cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at Wittes drug Shot His JEFFKKSOX June Harry aged last shot and mortally wounded his brother Ed aged mistaking him for a Virus nervous ness and hysteria are soon cured by Miles Free samples at Wittcs drug A Sheriffs Salary Bill June Governor Hill has signed the bill making the office of sheriff in New York a salaried Special to The June since the bloody and and altogether heartless mur der of good Pearson by an organizec gang of outlaws at over in Han cock have the people of that community been so worked up to a pitch of horror and excitement as has been caused by the mystery surroundinj the disappearance and probable murde of pretty Ella of Me Donough The facts as to her starting out to visit a sister in Den and her utter disap pearance from all sight and knowledge of friends and relatives after havens been seen at has been related to the readers of THE HAWKEVE The story in brief is that Miss who was a prepossessing young lady of twentyfive and a grea favorite with her on the night of May 2G last left the home of Dr with whom she was in a village on the bordej of McPonough and Hancock She intended paying a visit to a sister residing at She went to Macomb and remained over anc the following morning took a train for where she was last seen by per ms who know It is stated at Golden that she purchased a ticket for this but it is almost known that she did not come Be coming greatly alarmed over her pro longed absence the friends of the young lady instituted a Inquiries in all directions proved of little Vague rumors were afloat of per having seen the missing girl at dif ferent places on different occasions siiict her The most pronouncec of those was that a mysterious drawn by a single horse and occupied by a man and a closely veiled was seen hurrying rapidly along a lonely byway in tinwile lands of Crooked Creek bottom I in eastern Hancock A day or so i afterwards an empty grave on a lonelj side wlm Ilu Mfi of Crooked Creek wa found by two The had evidently been lately dug and had later been rilied of what had been I placed Strong convictions im l imdiattly gained currency that the strange lady in the buggy was the miss ing Ella Cordell and that the strangei whom flic had mot by previous arrange or had enticed her away with him to this lonely retreat after assault ing murdered and buried his fair victim in this be coming fearful that the crime might come to he exhumed the body and took it to a more secret hiding Whither went with his ghastly burden was a matter of conjecture at the it being thought that some lonely thicket in the vicinity might contain the Large hunting parties scoured the woods in all directions that night in quest of the but none were Suddenly the scene of mystery is trans formed to a lonely island in the Missis sippi On Friday last some fisher men found the body of a woman stranded on the beach of an island a few miles above The body was buried on the island at the A day or two afterwards the news of Miss Cor doHs disappearance came to the knowl edge of Canton parties who immediately began investigating the matter of the discovered A description of the clothing and jewelry found on the corpse was sent to the police here and it was concluded beyond doubt that the corpse was that of the unfortunate It is believed that she was assaulted and tho theory being that the tragedy occurred in Crooked Creek bot whore the body was first Tho murderer aftowards exhumed the corpse and drove with it to the Mississippi river where he thought to everlastingly cover up his crime by consigning it to tho turbid bossom of the great father of Marshal Trimble received a letter yes terday morning giving particulars of the linding of the body at Curtis Landing May The young lady wore a dark brown or winecolored dress and her un derclothing was of fine At her was a breastpin with a small chain attached and there were small ear rings in her Those articles of jew olry correspond with those worn by Miss She also wore a pair of new in size about three and All the hair had come off the A piece of dross was inclosed in the The letter and piece of cloth were for warded to Investigation brings to light much in connection with the mystery which makes Kookuk tho thea ter of ono of the principal scenes in the On May Morri while coming from Carthago over took a man driving a gray horse hitched to a The man appeared nerv ous and frequently loaned Toward and drew a robe about some object in front of In passing Morrison saw that the object that had so frequently engaged the nervous drivers attention was quite largo and completely Mor rison drove rapidly to this city and left his team at a While standing at tho corner of Third and Main streets he noticed iho gray horse coming up Slain The bulky object that had been in the vehicle had On the afternoon of May 2S a young man hired the rig above referred to at a stable and Frank employe in the drove him to Dobbs is also at east a thorough search today did not revaal his The man who hired the rig was apparently twenty two or twentythree years of The man who was sent with him is described as a worthless fellow who was discharged May The police will try and find whore tho missing driver of the gray horse was on the afternoon and evening of Mav The soft glow of die tea rose is acquired by ladies who use Pononis Oomplexion Powder Try and has strengthened See the great game ECHOES FEOM THE Several Buildings Wrecked In the Vicin ity of Xew KW June terrific thunder storms of last through out the night and long after seem to have been From all noints of the compass and from hun dreds of miles away stories come in of flood and havoc by lightning and high Several lives are reported lost in and about the Several buildings were struck and hquses were un roofed and trees and fences laid pros Killed by June tne Pioneer coal sis miles above the at 9 oclock this during a heavy lightning struck a killing Tom stable and Stun ner a colored and par tially paralyzed William the com panys store and a boy named Dick Dills and Alex ander will June the begin ning of the third inning of Platers league game while Cleveland was at a long threatened rain began to descend and the game was Cleve land had made six runs to the Buffalos The rain was preceded by and finally a thunder and wind storm of cyclonic dtmatigimm and m bolt of lightning struck the metal ball which topped the flagstaff on grand splintering the staff and tearing off loll few It then descended ground by means of a telegraph As the lightning struck the buildBig there was a report like a cannon Women fainted and men yellet and general pandemonium A few cool heads quelled the and the 875 people who were on the ground quiet ly The Damage at Council BlnfiV June flood which prevailed in this section for two days is gradually At Under wood two large one contain ing bushels of and another containing were Con of loses and of bush Traffic on the Rock Island and Mil waukee roads is shut The latter road cannot repair the damage short ol ten days or two The Rock Island cannot use its road between here and but is moving trains over the Burlington and Quincy as far as Red thence to where they have a The Milwaukee road has neither received nor discharged trains for eights six The Bur lington has been almost unaffected by the storm and its The loss to growing crops can hardly be A Cloud Kurst in June cloudburst caused the creek which runs through this city to assume the propor tions of a A great amount of property was destroyed and a number cf buildings and bridges carried RAttKOAD Complaint of Chicago Cut Rates Filed with the Investigating FORT June com plaint has been filed with the investi gating committee of the Western Freight association that the Mason City and Fort Dodge road has been cutting below the association schedule on grain rates to The road has taken bushels of oats out of Fort Dodge within the past and the competing lines have been very A Burlington Fast June is an nounced hero that tho Burlington will put on a Denver lightning train by June to leave Chicago at 1 and ar rive hero at 10 where it will con leet with the Louis and Denver ox It is also stated that the time of l lie trains between Chicago and Kansas City will bo shortened matoriaily to compete with tho Atchisons fast Tho postal cars will changed from the Eli train to the Denver ex press to lighten the former for the pur pose of greater The Terrc Haute TKRISE June was the last day of the At one time there were on the track Roy 1alo Alto and an exhibition of cracks never equaled on any Sunol is given the quarter in 32Ji Johnson throe heats in and the last quarter in a This quarter of in connection with Sunols are probably the fastest brushes of the First pace 8300 Findlay Frank Jersey Boy third Second trot S500 Almont Date Curry second Fraudulent AX June Pond lias made an investigation of the sound ness of the walls of the northwest wing of tho new city with the result that in a number of places where the walls were supposed to be ot solid brick four feet they were found at an average depth of eighteen inches to be filled with broken brick and In the cross in which there was a ieavy triangular mass of intended to support a thirteen ton girder and other ighter tho condition was found the Further investigation has been Fruit Damaged by Special to The DALLAS June ind the day before the severest wind swept over this place and neighborhood inowo for with a cloud ess Large quantities of early such as cherries and wcro blown off the trees until the ground was covered with unripened Many trees were either broken off or blown Clouds of dust filled the air most of the Ordered to Shoot on SAX June information received at army headquar is to the effect that no Apaches lave left the San Carlos It s thought Hardies murderers have crossed the Mexican border and troops are changing positions along the Orders have been issued to shoot the marauders on sight and permission is ex pected from the secretary of war for troops to enter The Lower California SAN June latest n regard to the filibustering scheme is that advices have been received to the effect that the Mexican government has requested the government of tho United States to send a regiment of soldiers to San to prevent any jrobable or possible conspiracy to capture dower California from being carried A Reduction in Coal June Milwaukee and Paul road gives notice of a re duction of seventy cents per ton in tho coal rate from Chicago to alleg ng the Burlington has been cutting tho through rate from Released From Jury June the bills signed by Governor Hill today was one exempting editors and reporters of newspapers from jury duty in cw York To Dispel Headaches and to cleanse the system yet when cos ive or or when the blood is im lure or to permanently cure labitual to awaken the kid neys and liver to a healthy out irritating or weakening use Syrup of Metropolitan We never knaw before that it was a matter of pride in any community that ts streets were but now omes the and says thistles are not so numerous about town as The dog fennel las also almost Blue grass ias taken its and our streets are ndead Free samples of Miles Restorative Nervine at Wittes drug Cures Sleepless ExSheriff Sentence SETT June supreme general today affirmed the conviction and sentence of exSheriff the Best hemically kills diseasebreeding line of black straw hats in fine Milan and fancy lace braid at Sold Isewhere as high as As a child grows older he should grow Just like boarding house but A DRUNKARDS A TenYearOld Boy Terribly Hurt Just for c Toting Man Drowned In Mniical State Neir and by the dozen at George yon ont very late last nighty sir I was in very WatMrigtan to TOOT vatd primary tonight Special to The DES June a railroad was passing alons Walnut street last night in an intoxicated condition where some boys were He picked up tanyearold Gnssie Clark and threw him to the The boy sustained internal injuries which may prove Welsh is under He says he was in Marshalltomi Musical June great two days musical inaugurated and backed by nearly eighty leading business men of the closed lasl and was a grand despite terribly inauspicious weather The outdoor afternoon promi nent among which was to be a trained chorus of had to be aban but various concerts were held in the opera house to large Drowned in a fSpecial to the Hawkeyej June young man named Shaffer was drowned in Skunk river near Metz this morning abouut 9 Being a stranger in tho neihh he undertook to drive across a slough whore the bridge was gone and the water was very deep and horse and horo and driver found a watery The Moines Special to The DES June and attorneys for Weathc and indicted for willful misconduct in throush helping themselves to additional salary by irregular today Clod a de murrer to each alleging that they arc charged of no offense known to the laws of It is probable that none of the boodlor cases will be reached this term of HOHSE THIEVES A YOIIIIJ Woman and Her Pal Caught Near Juno notice was given of the loss sustained by David Lupton of several horses from his farm a few miles west of the Wednesday Sheriff Marshall and his wore called to Fairfield by say ing suspicious parties had been scon near As soon as they reached the town they scoured the outskirts aud found the gay pair out in the brush south of the They wero immediately joined in close union by the friendly and thus braceleted brought to the Their names are Dick Shohi and Mary Mary seems to feel quite be ing engaged in eating peanuts at the Fairfield station when first soea by the and though surrounded by a crowd of curious staring wont on cracking tho shells and swallowing the meats as calmly as if in her owii BLIND SCHOLARS Program of Commencement Kxerclscs at Special to THE June commence ment exorcises of the College of the lilind in this commenced last night by an entertainment Wood cocks Little Tonight there was a review of classes and lecture at S by Eugene of With a Knapsack through Switzerland and up the The remainder of the program is as follows Juue of members of the Alumni exercises at 2 p Students prayer meeting in the eve Juno of tho Alumni social in the June for the Rctta Ruth literary and musical Alumni con cert at S Juno of Closing concert at S The reunion of old students will bo largely COLLEGE Iowa City Carries Off the Field Day Hon ors at Special to Tlie June first annual field day of the Iowa Collegiate Athletic association was a great success here Iowa colleges had made great preparations for the and it went off very The winners wcro as follows Ladies Miss Xoll Iowa Gentlemens George Sollinger and Cornell Base ball agricultural first Robert State 302 feet aud 0 Fifty yards State first 5 Foot ball State 1ST feet and 3 Running broad State univer distance 20 feot and 10K Putting 10 State univer 335 One hundred yards State Hitgh height s feet 3 Running high State University height 5 feet 3 Ono hundred and twenty yard hurdle State Uni come in but was ruled out on the ground that he had touched two Imrdles race was awarded to of but it was protested by the owa City people and they may yet get it IS Throwing sixteen pound of 70 feet 5 Seventyfive yard race state university 7 35 Pole height 9 Standing broad upper Iowa uni versity 12 feet and 2J4 220 yards Pleasant 23 45 Half mile first Iowa second Iowa City took seven first places and four giving a total of nineteen points and she thus carries off he fieldday Grinnell has sis firsts and a number of giving her second No table should be without a bottle of An gostura the world renowned Appe tizer of exquisite Beware of countev HAWKEYE A XEW cornerstone of Iowa Falls new college will be laid FOB THE is an applicant for the loca tion of the industrial school of the adult blind and offers to donate the Humboldt college bonding and grounds rained at about WHAT Davenport Demo crat thinks an onion palace would be the proper thing for Scott The onion crop in that county this season be A SEBiors Thomas who resides with her at met with a serious accident last Saturday night while on a visit to her son In this She was walking in the yard at about half past nine and stumbled a piece of post and in fcHinS fractured her hip an injury from which it is doubtful if she eve fully as she is nearly eighty years of TV MTT1ATR Eccentric of Some of the Feath The theory with regard to birds that in the love when the males are ex cited and engage in the females do not fall to the strongest and most nor to those that are sfirst inthe bnt that they are endowed with a facultj corresponding to the esthetic feeling or taste in and deliberately select males for their superiority in some aesthetic qual such as graceful or fantastic melody of brilliancy of color or per fection of Doubtless all birds were originally plain without or naments and without and it is as sumed tnst so t would always have been hut for the action of this like natural has gone on accumu lating countless small tending to give a greater luster to tus species in each My experience is that mammals and with few there are really no the habit of indulging frequently in more or less regular or set with or with out or composed of sound exclusive ly anil that ihese which in many animals are only discordant cries acd choruses and irregular mo in the more graceful aud me lodious kinds take immeiisurably more complex and more beautiful Among the mammalians the instinct ap pears almost but their displays as a less admirable than those seen in There are some it is lite the squirrels nncl of ar boreal almost birxiliko in their rest lessenersr and in the swiftness and certi tude of their in which the slight est impulse can bo instantly expressed ia graceful or funtastic action like the Chinclullidie have greatly de veloped vocal iml reseuilne birds in loquacity mammals com pared with are slow iiid heavy aco not so moved to exhibitions of the kind 1 am The often very elabor of heavy like those of the galli naceous nru represented ill the moro volatile spceies liy perionuaucts in the air aad these are very much more while a very large number of spoonbills and about in the singly or in Some in serene they rise to a Viist and tioat about iu oae spot for an hour or louger ata showing a faint bird clouii iu the blue that docs not change its form nor grow lighter cad like a flock ot starlings but in the seeming con fusion there is perfect and amid many humiivik each swift or slow gliding figure keeps its proper distance with exactitude no tvo ever even with the extremity of the long flap ping or The black faced ibis of a bird nearly as large ES a indulges iu a curious mad usually in the evening when feeding time is The birds of a while winging their way to the roosting all at onctseem pos sessed with simultaneously da ing downward with amazing doubling about in the most eccentric man and when close to the surface rising again to repeat the all the while making the air palpitate for miles around with their metallic Other also birds of other have similar aerial The displays of most ducks known to me take the form of mock tights on the water one exception is the handsome and loqua cious whistling widgeon of La which has a pretty aerial A dozen or twenty birds rise up until they appear like small specks in the ami disappear from sight altogether and al that great altitude they continue hovering In one often for an hour or alternately closing and the whistling notes jind flourishes oi the male curiously harmonizing with the measured notes of the female and every time they close they slap each other on the wings so smartly that the sound can be distinctly like applauding hand eveu after the birds have ceased to be The sprightly birds with powerful and varied are great performers owing to the nature of the ground they inhabit and to their suspicions it is not easy to observe their A The finest of the Platan rails is the ype a active bird about the size of the A number of ypecahas have their assembling place on a small area of level ground just above the and hemmed in by dense rush one bird among the rushes emits a powerful thrice repeated and this is n note of quickly re sponded to by other birds from all sides as they hurriedly repair to the usual In a they to the numtier of n dozen or bursting from thi and tanning into the open and intantly beginning the per is i tremendous scream ing screams they utter hare a certain resemblance to the human exerted to pitru and expression of erctreme frenzy and A for its vehemence and is succeeded by a lower LS if ia the first the creature had well nigh exhausted Tins dou ble i repeated several times and by other sounds as they risa half smothered cries of pain and moans of the unearthly shrieks are renewed in all their screaming toe rush from side to as if possessed with mad the wings spread and the long beak wide open and raised verti This exhibition lasts three or four after which the assembly peace fully breaks The singular wing sparred and long toed jacana has a remarkable per which seems specially designed to bring one the concealed beauty of the greenish golden wing The birds go singly or in and a dozen or fifteen individuals may be found in a marshy place feeding within sight of each in response to a note of they all in a moment off feeding and fry to one form big a close and emitting ex rapidly repeated display their like beautiful flags grouped loosely together some hold their wings up verti cally and others half open and fibrating while still others wave them up and down with a measured In the ypecaha and jacana dis both sexes take Same Old From the Peoria Alleged business mens meetings to denounce the McKinley bill are what may be called old They were leld in Xew York just before thelast na ional and they were held in Pennsylvania just before that state gave republican Styling democratic meetings business mens meetings is just about as honest as sell ing oleomargarine as pare Delhi Fire Works of have given full control of their full line of fire works to A correspondent wants to know how ong girls should be courted On ol Free Press Cream the primaries A frigid many people are upon original sin and original ia BOtadl Hob Ttxtnef tor the blood NO HTHES FOR English Farmers Likely to Favor Advice for Lord Dickering with Germany Over African Mat ters Severely Condemned Other Foreign June English agri culturists who bear the burden of sup porting the established clcrcy in the way of tithes on their produce are very res tive under the burden and not at all sat isfied with the government bill transfer ring the payment of the rent charge from the tenant to the What they want is a rtvolutiou of the the cir cutustames uiuivr which tithes were val ued in 1S3J and tho high basis which prices then established being very unsat isfactory The farmers siem in clined to join in the clamor for disestab but so far they content thorn selves with declining to approve tho gov ernment bill ami calling for The action of the house of commons com mittee in rejecting a proposal to revise the tithe system to meet the altered agricultural conditions will doubtless induce them to join the ranks of the howlers for disestablish The Chmniflc this morning offers an other installment of advice to the gov ernment in regard to its article being dimuy antagonistic to tho sug gestions iontauiod in the presumably inspired arliilo in tho on the same The only honest and patriotic course for Lord Salisbury to the Cltruniclf is to stop hi troatings with Germany with rofeniuo to the re respootive sphores of influence of Ger many and England in Africa without de and see to it that British traders in East Africa noocupy tho positions from which tho premier has evicted them through his desire to The spectacle of England turning hot back upon Englislimon in Enatlish terri while assuming an of sup plication toward is thai tho people of Great iirltian are not ac customed to aud uro iuciiiutl to tiv courairo a continuance Thi Korlin rorrespoiuloiu of tlu Stamlanl say that resolved to wait until England a wiilinsnos ID moot her half m1 initiations on African territorial qius lion have eomo to a Tho Itritish cabinet is entering upor tho critical stazooi its existence and tlvi stautuhost tori no longer attempt tv conceal tho fact that thoriis friction be Lwcou tho Thoro was an ani mated debate attho council mooting torday as to whether tho land purchasi bill or tho publicans compensation liil should bo with ihe result Kalfour had his This will anger tho publicans and place many lory mom bers in an embarrassing Gosehei will take charge of tho land purchasing bill today and try to the linancia clauses of tho which nobody olsi through tho committee The Tarnellitos and radicals will give i most strenuous opposition and there will be some fun in tho house during tin next few Sir parliamentary secretary to tho foreign was aitaii obliged yesterday to give a categories contradiction to tho false statements per sistently miulo by the Jfcw Foundlam delegates hero that the French luu landed men and earrioil things with a high The French he said had acted strictly within tlicir triiitj rights and had only complained to tin proper quarter of violations of the treats by Xew The public are disgusted with the arroganci and recklessness of statement of the Xew The French ministry triumphed easily yesterday over a combination of royalists Koulangists and am secured an emphatic indorsement of its proRussian The opinion is fast sainingground that there is something moro deliniti between France and Russia than more mutual expressions of goo Professor uf the University o has published an article predict ing that the middle of present montl will witness an eruption of Mount Etn of greater violence than has character ixcd any volcanic disturbances of tha mountain for many Tinagricultural districts of Hungary are threatened with complete itastructloi of crop of cereals through thi pesti of loll Work of June Freudenthal Austrian a mob of foui hundred weavers attacked anc captured all of tinfactories and com polled all tho operatives to roase work and leave JuHories Captiirtd by June Freudenthal Austrian a mob of four hundred striking weavers attacked am compelled all the opoarativos to ceas work and leave the Suspects June Persons arrested or suspicion of being fonnoiteil with a nihi iistU plot asainst tho life uf ihe czar o havo been tiuro bein no evidence of their SLAP AT Caprivi NotiHps the 1oivers that the Princes Utterumon Are Merely Private Juno Berliner lilatl says that Chancellor Von Caprivi has oBicially advised the European powers that the utterances of merely reflect the opinions of a private It is scmiofficially stated that the com munication referred to was merely a formal and official announcement to the various European of the resignation of the prince as chancellor of the a procedure usual in stih The Vienna correspondent of the says that no communication has been re ceived by the imperial cabinet from Chancellor Voc Caprivi with regard to the utterances of FDBIOUS FIGHTING DT THE A Trench Correspondents Account of a Recent June The latest news from French Soudan is given in a corres pondence to Le Temps from Loins Dated May The correspond says Commander anxious to determine the marched with a small column composed of Cnosebongou in order to disperse the ast partisans of King The jlace is a rear fortress and was defended iy about one thousand The attack egan April 24 and our valiant troops succeeded during the day in occupying a ortion of the but the Toncoalers ept fighting inch by The battle raged throughout the night with great It was not until in the evening of he next day thai we were the masters of the As to its defenders not a sin gle one They were all killed n the spot or blew themselves up by set ing fire to their powder We had fifteen killed and seventytwo wounded Bambaras auxiliaries suffered Two Europeans only were killed and seven tripe and pigs it Boecks Wedding On Thursday evening at eight oclock he eldest daughter of and a talented young attorney of Jk Mc Clintock The filled with the family At onecorner of the east room a beautiful canopy of lace and flowers had been con structed under which the young couple stood while the solemn rite was pet formed that made them After an elegant and beautiful they took the night train for their home in Se followed by the best wishes of their wide circle of OK STOSMTOSSSD wasnnttedfn RIvrr Navigation During Thurs days Tremendous Rise In Uia Steamers plying on the bosom of Father of Waters found it convenient to hug tho leo shores during the tremendous blow In consequence of boing obliged to take such tho Mary Jlortou did not touch at this port until nine oclock yesterday twentyfour hours behind hor When about to leavo Rock Island the wind had increased to such fury that it was deemed impru dent to attempt farther and sho lay at that point until midnight of Thursday night the gale having in a measure sho resumed her Tho Vernio an upper rapids suffered from her attempt to face the From her en counter with tlublasts sho came out minus hor stage and with sadly demoral ized The northwaerd ar rived at two oclock yesterday morning and laid by hero until six She carried the hoaviost load of tho a large part of which sho put off moro than making up for in tho quantity shipped from for passenger list also showed a gratifying ituroase over former thus indicat ing that the passenger season has fairly The Polla stormbound above tho city came down yesterday with a raft of The Charlotte Koocklor passed down with lumber for Louis Though the Pittsburgh took pack ages of freight from hero tinquantity still awaitim transportation to the north is really remarkable at j shows at onco the popularity of tho river as a means of communication and of manu Among the quantity of freight awaiting shipment are kegs of nails made by tho MeCosli Iron ami Steel company and cases of canned of tho liurllngtoii Canning both invoices being consigned to An extraordinary rise of ten and one half inches in twentyfour hours was corded sending tin river up with a whoop to six foot nine and om half inches above low water Tlie forry got in its usual good work for Kurlington by bringing goodly number of Oqiiawkions to the city yes terday to do their Quito a number of our exchanges com ment upon Mayor Duncans veto of the license ordinance and quite generally ap prove his Tho ludianola intcTrUtunc says The mayor of Murliugtoa lias shown nerve enough to veto tho ordinance for licensing original package houses In that There is but ono lawful way to govern to conform to and the laws havo been made for this If a competent court shall decide any of those to he the city is in law bound to accept the situation till it can bo lawfully n enact ing the prohibitory law all laws permit ting cities to license liquor houses were They cannot enact a valid license ordinance for want of authority from They cannot prohibit tho sain of intoxicants shipped In from other states and remaining in original because of the decision of the supreme court of the tnltcd It Is a most unfortunate dilemma Into which the people havo been driven by the fanat icism of prohibition and in which the in nocent must suffer equally with tho the better way is to suffer with as much fortitude as possible until congress or the state legislation shall grant lawful If the situation shall become grave tho legislature may be convened to relieve Thoro is one consolation Thn free original pack age is but a little worse after all than tho palmy days of which has from the lirst little butter than un bridled free lamented de cision has clone little than to strip off the mask and open the front doors instead of the back And even this change is only in the smaller fn most of tho cities of the state there has never been any pretense of a A Line The telegraph gave mnagcr accounts of collision that occurred Wednesday on thiKcokiik branch between Moody Station and The Hannibal Pratt being nar the has a fuller ac count of the follows JJoth paw that a collision could not be gavithe re versed their iMigiiiw in company with their jumped for their In less time than it takes to tell the collision occurred and was awful in the the noise being heard at West tlireo inilei Tho engines were almost completely demo as live loaded freight cars eleven empty box They were piled one on top of thu other in a fearful timbers Hying in all directions and pieces of wood were thrown a great distance from where the collision oc the second car from the engine of the southbound sitting on the brake was Jerry a with his back to tho to avoid getting cinders in his When the collision occurred he was thrown from the high into the and alighted in a farmers field adjoin ing the railroad companys He sustained a number of severe bruises but no bones were Engineers Bibb and as well as Brake man Fisher were also but not to any great and it will not bo very long before they will be able to re sume Gallaghers Injuries arc greater than any of the other but no serious results are anticipated unless he is injured He alighted soft ground the might have been The blame of the accident Is laid to the Jo train dispatcher at Quin who gave the wrong orders to the conductor of ths northbound whigh was an extra freight bound for It is reported that he has already tendered his Beecbams Pills act like magic on a weak An Old From the New Democrat aad Where was Grover Cleveland on Dec oration Kflod Ton can haw t easy enough by taking Hoods 4 tones the digestion and cures gick Bane Go ont A great game will take cleanest atest in improvements 1 The dollar yon take in is a dwarftrl one you pay oat a Hoffmans Hsrmlew HeadachePowderae tain no opium or other hnrtfol miss todays

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