Tuesday, June 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED AROTC OVER The Senate Discusses the Bullion Measure at X T IT r THE BURLINfTON lAWKEYE rThe Matter of ffeMlonTlie roblic Debt Statement Working Over the Tariff June the senate a conference was ordered on the naval appropriation bill and Allison and Gorman were appointed con ferees on the pan of the Among petitions presented were two from Nrw Hampshire and against further concessions to the Pacific and in favor of the government taking possession of Ilnmb introduced a bill prepared by of New for the pur chase of silver to use as lawful money to thn commiuw on Tlio heretofore offirfd by calling on attorney giwrul for information as to practice in the CnUnd SUitxjs courts at Fort and in regard to iITiiiiwjs in the Indian was taken and agreed IJawes gave uolife that he would tomorrow ask thesenate to consider the fortification The silver bill wus taken up and MorriTTaddressed llie lie said wage earners of the United States wire to lie fiinntod by the millions and were the most numerous elass of the It WHS elass it was now proposed to pay iff in rliiiiper ir in a depreciated Mtumlanl money and to reojiire to pay higher irics for every tiling they had Cimlil there be anything more likely to provoke strikes in all parts of the riHimry al an early The silver minerof Nevada and Colorado wanted everything about gold struck out and we want forty per cum more He believed hy wise IcRis latiou enough silver inighl be ntiiixed and a liimctalic standard He did not want 1o have the 1niied Sillies divorced from the commercial That was not the policy of those who led off in the Their trans parent design was 1o go Ijy single hound toa silver If the country was to have lint a single standard In preferred gold rather than He like to have both maintained and with the expecta tion llml with the increase of silver and good un the pan of the treasury the valuewould he silver advancing a good ieal ami gold receding somewhat in lie argued against the to issue legal lender treasury notes in exchange for silver us The conference report of tlie military academy appropriation hill was agreed The conference report of the army ap propriation hill taken up am the question of canteens who presented the spoke in Its Hale prmlicteil if this canteen sys tem went into eileet would soon be come oluiosions and last hut a short IMnmli suggested the movement against the canteen svstem was in tin1 in terest if the Hale said it was a serious mid grave whether the Iniled Slates government should fur the lirsi lieginL selling liijnnr to its Cenrge iid linn if llie proposition could noi lie tu apply to oihVcrs as well as to he wnuld vole against the wholc The conference report was agreed yens nays nays being Teller and The silver Mil was umun taken tp and Harris He said lie should vote for free coinage nf if lie failed in securing il In would support the next thing to il thai could he Tin silver liill ivcni over till tomorrow and the niter an csenuive TIlO In the house liidiiy memorial from Hie Philadelphia board of trade was presented favoring Hie cutiililishiiieiit of a postal telegraph The house lodav passed a number of including one transferring the ex pense of the i rial of Indians for crimes cimunilted on other Indians in the terri from the territories in the 1nitcd JUDGE HUSTON Snpiviiu1 Ccmrt Taken Kxrrjitinn In Ills report is ex tensively circulated that a lawyer had uiHiirtlied decision made hy tliIuitrd supreme rourt a few years in which the court took exactly the op posite ground to Unit lifld in the iripiiuil imikage This turns out to br Tlirre is a very obvious dostiurturn between those two The rase derided several years ago nroso out of tho by a stntioflfivr of a cargo ol coal brought into Lmtisinmi by liefore1 lie coal was i part of it had been so it was lunger mi original MoivnviM it is erroneous to staU the cmivt appears u liavo overlooked its de cision in The case was brought to the attention of the court in the argu ment of the counsel and was considered in the opinion of Justice who showed wherein they IOWA flmngrn Mmlr in For tin Work Special to The following posuifflce changes were made iu Iowa during week ending May 1890 Postmasters Shelby Jeffrey McDonald Marshall demons 1lymoiitli count lj GniBEAL WASHINGTON bill and will endeavor to secure the in clusion of the provision that no pension be less than per The McComasintigcrrymandcring bill was next taken up and discussed at The subject of national election laws was next Lodge and Eowell presented their After their explanation the caucus leaving as well as the MeComas for another The silver legis lation was not MTOSLETS He Thinks the Stiver BUI mil and Predicts Long of NEW June A Washington special to the Mall and Express says Major McKinley said this afternoon I believe the silver bill will become a law by an act of this although it is not a sure There is a demand for it from every direction and I do not think we ought to adjourn before the silver bill is The house will devote itself to the measure within a few this will he loop We will not adjourn in my judgment till late iu The senate will talk tariff for a I No I dont believe we will pass either the federal or the amiGerry inandering RaMKcl 0arriKon PurvliaiWK Itcal Estate in That Special to The June Bussell Har son of 1rcsideiit pur real estate in this city today to over SI Captain Lnited States pur chased a tract of laud in consideration of Jeorge of bought land to the amount of The assistant general freight agent of the Kansas and Texas railway purchased The Frank Leslie Illustrated Newspaper party are in the city tonight and are being They arrived in the city just as the firealarm is They have been in three prominent Texas cities at three large ires iu the last ihroe chased AFAMILY Six 1ermms UiRCovcred in the AgnnlvH of IJratli a in bed with a dying sister on cither side of lay little Archie of when a neighbor woman came attracted by feeble cries of Another child was rolling in the death agony upon the Xear gasping and helpless lay the mother and the latter relapsing into in Canipcau managed to say they had been The village physician was When he arrived one little boy was dead and the other evidently beyond hope of while tin grandfather and two little girls and an infant but three years arc in a desperate con Kinetics were and before lie left physician was success ful in saving the lives of three of the poisoned although it is feared are too far gone to Wednes old man went into the woods to dig roots to make medicine for a sick He gathered a of vari ous ineltidiiig some which tasted of which all members of the fami ly In a few minutes all were taken with fearful was in this condition that the neighbor woman found The about nine years of was The second has since and the doctor says old man and will anil it will he a close call for oilier The root which the old man had given them is known as wild a deadly FIRES TERRIBLE A Wliolr Family Irnlialily Fatally Iturned in Tcnrmrnt HOUNP tenement occu pied by several families burned this Tho lircmeii found the family of lloorge Sclilotliiiian struggling in the smoke on the second AVolf and wife and two children were burned and liis an old man seventy years of was smothered to death in his The wife of lliiuss and child were caught in the flames and dangerously Schlotlinian is not expected to The recovery of his two children is also It is thought that may Ueorge has been arrested on suspicion of having tired the OBJECTED TO THE llrer nl n Census ICnainrr XKW census enumerators began their work this fore One of them met with a warm reception in aliijuor lie was un ceremoniously hustled amid a volley of beer glasses which were thrown at Me then returned lo the place under po lice but was unable to obtain the informal ion ho lie reported the matter at the main RAILROAD Inblir Debt June Interest Iwarinjr Total Debt on which interest ceased since ma turity Vrinolpnl and intnvni J Debt drawing no Intcnvt Total debt iirinciiwl Interest WAS ANDERSON MURDERED A Train Mangles a Supposed Corpse at A Younj Printers Sad Fate at Des Xoinei A Mother Killed by a Bonmy The Jfew Secretary State Special to The June a coal and thirtyeight years was run over and horribly mangled by train 2 Sunday morning at the curve onehalf mile east of The engineer and fireman who examined the remains afterward say the body was Anderson lay prone across the track in such a position that he was cut in His head bears a gash in the top and a bruise on the It is gen erally believed that he was murdered and then dragged and laid across He leaves a wife and six KSOCKED FBOM A A Vonns Printer Fatally Injured by a Bock bland Special to The DES MOKES June Eock Isl and railroad bridge across the Des Moines river was the scene of a tragedy early this A young man named Edward Carberry was knocked off the bridge at three oclock by the ivestbound The younj man was found on the ground at the east pier with his clothing muddy and covered with blood about an hour later by the railroad AVncn the officers arrived it was found that Carberry was very badly hurt his legs were both bruised and cut almost in two below the and his feet were cut and mangled in a terrible Everything possible was done to save his but he died this Carberry was about twentyfive years of a printer by and had lately come to Bes Moines from THE ADVENTURES OF A Itg Coffin Tulre Smashed in Railroad Siorx a young man whose homo is in arrived here Saturday night from Spo kane bringing with him tlin body of his dead Fred Pal A few weeks ago the two left Al gona for Spokane Falls in search of a Last Monday while walking along the railroad was struck by a switch engine and and it the request of the dead mans father Benjamin had the body placed in a and started to bring it While coming through the mountains the train was and the coffin was so badly shattered that a new one had to be se Again they but had not traveled zlive hours when the train was again the coflln and the corpse rolled out into the Benjamin said he was not naturally but his trip has been any thing but Hosfeld mont this where he private employ of exGovernor UESDAY JUNE 1890 PRICE 15 CENTS PEJS to Cler ill enter the SWIFT BT A CLOUD Abwxt Totally Special to the COBXCIL June Globe today publishes an exclusive ac count of a terrible calamity that hap pened at nineteen miles north from Saturday About oclock on that date a heavy rain prevailed here in the vicinity to the north of the the clouds darkened and culminated in a cloudburst at were wrecked and considerables property The residence of Luke Sayles was visited by the elements of The house wis occupied by Sayles and his wife and Sayles and his son succeeded in clinging to por tions of the wreck until the water re but Sayles was carried away by the current and Several other persons had narrow escapes from a similar Meager repopts of the dis aster state that the water feD in one vast sheet to the depth of eight A large section of the track of the Chicago and Northwestern was carried away and trains were accordingly New Special to The DES June office of private secretary to the governor was to day taken by who succeeds Professor who lias for four and a half years occupied that re spoasible FrancU Murphy Will June Aon jiareil says Francis the re nowned temperance will shortly wed Rebekka a beautiful and wealthy widow of this at Correspondence or The June weather for the past few days has been very warm and but the threatened and much needed rain has not as yet made glad the heart of the Morgan and family made our city a pleasant visit last Hale visited Mis and Mrs Peter Brunk have taken up their residence in Kansas Wells is visiting in Miss Belle Hale is visiting her many friends in Clinkenbeard and Kussoee went to Frank Clinkenbeard has left for Au We did not carn when he expects to An Marshall is visiting iii Kirks county auditor was on our streets Mace now has his new store building nearly and in it you will find a fine large stock of jewelry tastefully Considerable building and improving is going on in our lively little HAWKEYE Infested With Fire June seems to be infested with fire bugs who have within the past few weeks started a number of mysterious all in one the mill and yards of the Mueller Lumber company barely escap ing destruction in two different instances and the evidences of incendiarism being so apparent as to be undeniable in Xight before last Mclchcrs hotel was fired and the guests barely escaped with their Last night the agricultural depot of John Buch was set on but the flames were subdued through the promptness of the Tuesday a tire broke out suddenly in a building oc cupied by Wahl and Shakes clothing and a loss of was entailed before the firemen got control of the All these incen diaries have originated within a radius of three and much anxiety and alarm is felt in the The cause is a Iowa Supreme Special to The DKS June court decisions Fleckenstoin from Woodbury affirmed Mansfield from Linn aflirmed Lynch ap affirmed State from Butler dismissed State from Plymouth affirmed State from Polk affirmed State Seth rom Polk affirmed ap Milwaukee and Paul Railway from Hancock reversed Kewman Milwaukee and Paul Railway Com reversed Polk affirmed Aetna Insurance from Polk He Pitied Victorias Lonliness and Offered to Marry But He Was Tried For Bomante of long EaclUh Denial Fron Gladrtoae Foreign June England to make love to Queen Victoria has been treated except In the case of the late prince as a sign of and more than one humble subject has had occasion to cool his ambitious passion in the narrow limits of a lunatics The latest candidate for this kind of penalty is Alfred a young Lancashire pitying her majestys widowed wrote a letter proposing to marry the queen and idding that no sum of money would buy him off from the purpose of becoming her majestys The young nan was pounced upon by the royal household police and arraigned before a magistrate on a charge of The magistrate did not take the timehonored view of the caseand shocked the household police by declining to send the youth to lunatic Young Carter was turned over to the custody of his fatEerr A Denial from June in reply to questions sent him by liberals in denies that he ever stated that the shooting affair at and the Siberian atrocities were parallel Though he says he spoka of them he did not desire the Inference to be drawn that he re garded the Mitchelistown affair as equally as bad as the outrage perpetrated by the Russian officials in Burns June Cunard steam ship is of the Will Sue the Master June statement is published here this morning that the special treasury agent will soon begin proceedings against the officers of the Master Carpenters and Builders associa tion for violation of the contract labor law in bringing in foreign carpenters to take the place of and pains which flesh is heir I have used AUcocks Plasters for all kind of lameness and acute by fre quent find that they can control many cases not noticed in your AJlcocks Porous Plasters hare been in use for over thirty and their value has been attested by the highest medical authorities as weil as by voluntary and unimpeachable testimonials from those who have used Beware of and do not be deceived by Ask for and let no solicitation or ex planation induce yon toaccept a substi AUcocks Corn and Bunion Shields effect quick and certain A SENSIBLE Breakfast anil lunch Clubs Combining Pleasure and There is a very notable revulsion of feel in oa the part of society in the matter of naeless display and lavish expenditure in From this time out common tense promises to Center more largely into such with the heolthfnl result of The Principal Wltucm June Domin ion was robbed of the principal witness iu the noted BurchellBenwell case to day by the accidental killing on the train of Brakcman TOOK HER AsMNtHUt 1reKMlcnt of llie Urrat Northern Railway late chairmaiiVf tinWestern States Pas sMipor lias been appointed assistant to the president of the Groat Northern Cutting The Central Traffic association today ilccidid to reduce the rate on ryo and their products Irom 3 to from Chicago U Xew York and com mon The Lake Shore road gave notice of an intention to reduce drcssod beef rate from 4S to 45 cents to Boston and New England claiming the new Canadian Pacific lino is cut ting To Dispel Headaches and to cleans the system yot when cos live or or when the blood is im pure or to permanently cure habitual to awaken the kid neys and livor to a healthy with out irritating or weakening use Syrup of TbreePeople Horned to June Kobert to light a fire with An explosion occurred which set fire to the clothes of the her fouryearold son and a young All three were burned to death before as sistance could be Crop Conditions DES June weather crop based on reports received from threefourths of the counties of the announces that the general condi tion of all crops is Corn is evidently somewhat below its average condition on the corresponding date last Replanting has been done in many Cut worms are at work in many localities on the ground recently In Chinch bugs are reported in Black Hawk Small grain crops are generally Hay on old meadows is very clover and new meadows fair to Kot cash In loss caush In J une DeoroftsiMifdciitdurinirtiic month Doorcase of debt staoe June Totnl cash In by general Working on tfee tariff 3une hours wore spent by the members of the senate finance committee this morning In further of the tariff The tine devoted to woofl Ifce Heavy June Arthur Sfteen years but as large as a grown was arrested and indicted by the grand jury on a charge of criminal as sault on a young tenyearold daughter of John She will He was put under Severe KartJmoake June The severest earth quake experienced in many years oc curred at an early hour this It was followed by two other which though milder were of more average June Edgar the skeleton of amastodon was Ita height is bead feeiloag its rite dawn One of the Killed by a Buna Special to The June yester day a team belonging to Miller a German living a mile northwest of town ran killing his wife instantly and break a threeyearold childs When the team started Sobacks wife took refuge behind the fence with the child In her The horses ran over the stepping on the wifes breast and crushing The child is doing GOB Clute June In dependence Gun club has been organ ized with the following officers Presi Bauser secretary and treas A gold medal will be purchased and contested for once a The club has about fifteen char ter Fell Forty Feet June a fell from the upper a distance of forty Friday night and sustained serious in which may result Be cannot account for the mishap inanv and cause ot the fall is to him a SETTLERS LOG old settlers of Humboldt county have decided to erect an oldfashioned log cabin in which the pioneers can meet annually and talk over old times amid appropriate A YOUXG sixyearold youngster named Lewis from the orphans home in New York arrived in Cedar Rapids tho other having made the entire distance He was consigned to family living near Cedar BOOKS OMXIVEKOUS other day a Boonc cow ate S3 worth of gro ceries from the rear end of a farmers and the granger gave notice to the authorities that he would hereafter boycott the town until all omnivorous animals roaming the streets were retired from INJURED AT MEMOIUAL During tho memorial services in the cem etery at Clinton a horse driven by a young lady ran away and plunged into a crowd of women and No one was but Anna Tom Miss Ella Gene Harris and two little girls were badly some sustaining the fracture of A SWIMMER Mer of while bathing in the Iowa river at Steamboat Thurs attempted to swim across the river and was A number of com panions went to his rescue but before they could reach him the river had closed over him for the last Ho was 21 years of and the only sup port of a widowed IXDIAX RELICS party of Dubuque relic hunters went on an ex ploring expedition to the Sinsinawa cat acombs near that city the other and in addition to the skeletons usually found in the mounds they dug up several large arrow pearl shells and a rude tool about four inches in tapering to an edge at one end while the other end is The implement is made of dark green granite and weighs about two They also found a number of charred or burnt and some of the bones were burned hard and which would lead to the belief that they were burned before being THE CDTKAMOX BEAX swindle that beats the Bohemian oats scheme is being worked on the unsus pecting according to the Des Moines A glibtongned agent goes to the farmer and makes a bargain with him to furnish him cinnamon beans just and for which there is great in the production of cinnamon which is extracted from the The beans are worth a will agree to gfre the far mer S5 for each cinnamon bean tree grown from the seed he furnishes when it has reached the growth of five and he will bind the contract by a good and sufficient The seed bean the farmer gets are the common red beans saturated with cinnamon and which seldom ever reach a growth above six The farmer will wait a good while for the return of his We advise farmers to invest In cin namon Change of monthly ir hot are cored by Miles Free samples at Wittes drag store Neighbor of MrsDixoii Saya a Chari table Word in who has lately gained some notoriety by her attempted elopement with her husbands farm dream of love being rudely dissipated in this taken in charge Sunday morning by her with whom she returned to A gentleman whose homo is in Hender son and who is intimately acquainted with the Dixons and the er ring wife and her saysof her that the public should not be too ready to condemn Up to six months ago sho lived happilv in her family circle but at that time her health began to fail and now she is but the shadow of her former Ho thinks that her mind was sym pathetically affected by her physical ail ment and in that condition was Influenced for evil by the designing farm THE LAST fewer heartburnings and a less marked tendency to The petty jealousies which beset the average society woman in spiteof the knowledge that she has strained every point to put forth her best appearance and have her entertainment a she sees Jar blessed with a larger install ment of this worlds without the slightest apparent forge are likely to make her feel old and forlorn even before the close of the first Doubtless all these troths have had much to do with the organization of two which in everjinstance limit the expendi ture for entertainments at their various meetings to a specified The first of the Breakfast is composed of six like tho the Lunch is an organization of some of the most fashionable the majority of should they so de ore able to entertain in the most lav ish The rule of tbe Breakfast club is that no one rural which the mem bers are entertained shall cost more than exclusive of At each meeting the hostess cf tho day has the privilege of inviting one young who is tho only outside guest By far the more interesting of the two organizations how is the Lunch which numbers nine for which each hostess must exercise her ingenuity to devise a coarsa luncheon at the outlay of That the thing is not only but that it can be done with happy has already been proved a number ot times by the various each of whom vies with her predecessor in devising a menu which shall combine the qualities of sim plicity and The a menu served at one of the recent will be read with In terest by every whether she be in or out of the social swim Bouillon 10 Lout Vienna bread CO Chicken three for SI 00 lettuce with mayonnaise dressing 35 Veal calves brain sauce 25 pect green peas 2i Cheese sticks Ono quart made ice cream Mint the ingredienti for which bunch of 2 cents pint of S cents two 3 cents cost 53 One quart scrreil shelled OS May Will you allow me space in the columns of your paper to compliment one of the school girls of your who met with us on Memorial Da to honor our fallen On the grave of Com rade Waldo Tflton was a box of beauti ful also his picture taken in 1861 in his suit of with his musket by his side surrounded by a wreath of Jane white and and the flag he fought to gressman who was stricken with placed there by his little pairiytfe for the third time several weeks I It cheers the heartof the veteran to ago and has been lying in a critical conknow he wffl not be forgotten by the dittari ever hag recovered Come and help His friends and physicians us decorate your soldier tatters are confident of his ultimate A SHWTX June oneyear old chfld of Thomas of auburn of fen into vaaMib Saturday and The Last Rites to the Memory of of The obsequies of the late so recently one of the most faithful aud energetic young business men of the and one greatly esteemed in social were conducted Sunday afternoon from his late homo on Xorth Sixth The services were con ducted by the the funeral hymns being led by the First Methodist church The throng of sorrowing friends attested the popularity of the young and his comrades of Company H acted as escort to his final resting place in Aspen Grove ceme At a meeting of Company following resolutions were adopted It has pleased God to remove from our midst our beloved Sergeant Kobert be It That while we bow in submission to the Divine we feel In his death the loss of a warm and faithful friend that H loses one of Itg oldest and most valued mem and the city an intelligent and honorable young business That we tender our heartfelt sym pathies to the bereaved mother and family in their great loss of so loving and devoted a son and That a copy of these resolutions bo sent to the family that they be spread upon the records nf the and a copy be furnished the daily papers for CLARENCE The From the Postal The enumerators will soon be around taking the census and it will be well to be prepared for The following is a list of questions to be asked Were you ever horn If has it proved to be money in your pocket Are you male or female If the are any older than you were ten years ago Do you know much of anything Can you tell the difference between anything ana anything else State briefly at length just how much you know of Do yon bring np yonr children in the way they should or do you let them pattern after yourself Arc you a nonpartisian voter Have you ever been known to pay your debts Are you a bigoted fanatic In preparing a solution of the race would yon make it strong or weak ID settling the labor question do yon use egg or codfish skin How many months are there in an oft year What do yon do in a caseof emer gency How many emergencies are thera usually in a case Did you try Rough on Eats when yon had la grippe Please answer correctly the Chinese Which is the easiest way out of a diffi culty Have you ever been V member of the legislature or committed any other crime Are yon in favor of turning the rascals ont Do you consider it wicked to do Do you think the saloon go t If when and where Do you believe it true that age affects the flavor of eggs Would you prefer Nellie BlyorJohn It Sullivan as thenext president of the United States Do yon think there should barb wire fence around the White House Do you think the worlds fair wfll have Chicago Which end of broom does yont wife use when ertt Total The only extra alioweil is and the invariable rulo is that each hostess shall have plainly marked on the menu opposite each article the cost Should ther be the slightest deviation from this rulo the hostess is not only lined f 1 in each in what is far more to the is adjudged deficient in resources and be low the standard of her These it must be are not mere commonplace culinary ex pression of women whose thoughts reflect the interior working of the dining room or pastry cooks but are very and are served and presided over by women of means whose names occur irith almost in every list of fashionable entertainments during the Wash Xcw York The License Ordinance and Other Measures Turned Another Block In Central to be Sewers On Talley Jntprovemsnta June J The council met in regular Mayor Duncan presiding present Alder men Kitter and The minutes of the preceding regular and special meetings were read and ap The clerk read a communication from he mayor returning without his approval the resolution adopted at the last regular neeting imposing a license for the sale of iquors not prohibited by On the call of the roll on the question whether the ordinance should bo passed notwith standing the veto all members present voted following is the full text of THE MATOBS To the Memlxn of Homrabft BHr Assembled herewith return you the following viz Licensing and regulating houses and places of public entertainment for the sale of as beverages not prohibited by Mow It llurpeneil An exchange recall j anecdote which used to be told of an ambitious citizen ot who rather indiscreetly had get himself up ns a candidate for some po litical and after the was found to have received only one The candidates mortification was ex to increase his all hia neighbors talked as if it were a matter ot course that he hart cast that one ballot Thia annoyed him so much that he finally offered a suit of to be worth not less than to the lone voter il be would declare A Dutchman responded to this proved his claim and called for the How did it inquired the can taken quite by did it happen that you voted for me The Dutchman but on being pressed he said Ef I told you dont go back on dem you promise no you shall have the any I delLs I make a mish take in de A Wiles Secretary ot the state board of charities and visited the poorhouae and jail in Waukesha county re In the poorhonse he found a case that is peculiar and will find its way into the It appears that a man pos sessed of considerable property ma3e it all over to his who subsequently sent him to the On learning the facts Secretary Wright advised that an ac tion in equity be brought in the courts against the wife to compel her to pay for the maintenance of her husband out of the In while a husband is under legal obligations to support his the wife is not similarly obliged to support her Secretary Wright how that in accepting the property the wife made an implied contract to support and that thesame would be enforced by a court of There are no decisions bearing on this but it is a good one for lawyers to ponder Madison An Unusual William who is one of the big gest manufacturers in teUs story which has a local any unmberof bogus noble men in this said Murray in the hotel but an American who affects a title in the Old World b some what A year ago I arrived at a littte town in the south of Ireland called Don The people were excited orer the presence of aa American Flags bands playing and everrthinj As I was somewhat aequaintec with the United I asked the BUM of thegnest so royalty Ko body except that he was one of toe biggest nien of the United na tive of Elbowing my way through UM crowd I went to the little and tfcen learned that I was to have the honor of being under the some roof with an oS etal wto stood uextto the president of the Hotted I went to the register to atett the rice president wag and to my surprise saw this on the hooks Alderman of Tri Foot Salesman at Mnsfc Store to customer fnM vf the YouTI ghre me i yon say for that the statute of the state and for the quiot and good order of the city of Bur adopted honorable body Slay iu council without my for the reasons herein set forth While I am very anxious to deviso any und all legitimate ways and means to re plenish our depleted but after mature deliberation and canvassing tho above license ordinance carefully and I fail to see wherein it can be As stated iu my annual message to your honorable body at the commence ment of our tliical year we are un able to enforce our ideas so as to derive revenues from various avocations that yet pay no tribute towards the support of our municipal In asmuch as your honorable body is con versant with recent decisions of the Lni tnl Stairs supreme as well as the supreme court oC our state relative to the importation and sale of pack I do not think that we can enforce the collection of per month for the sale of towerases not prohibited by It is true that right to impose a tax by way of license was not passed on by the above named for tho sivmo was not presented to the Jfow it has been decided that a state has no right to prohibit the importation of liquors from another Now can your body stay the The courts say The above license refers only to bev erages not prohibited by Iowas state prohibitory fortunately unprohibitid drinks ou the sale of which wo arc not desirous of im posing a very heavy While I nm decidedly opposed to I can not sen under tbf present obnoxious pro hibitory and the manner in which it is viz in many instances for revenue only to who pride them selves iu enforcing thu Ou the con parties who have been enforcing this prohibitory Law will use the ubnvu tuitrud license to further their With many of our I ranicstly hoped that the legislature of our state would have enacted 11 high license in lien of tlin present prohibi tory law if the avocation of the in former would hi Then above license ordinance suitably amended would ot my hearty Tho high system is the only ay to properly rcgulat1 and hold in leclc tin traffic in intoxicating ther cities in Iowa liavc been cnllwting vnr since law went into from but in itirs tho saloonkeepers havit not bpin arrassod hy informers or railrnadd way to country justices and there thereby throwing a heavy burdiMi nnecessarily on taxpayers by largc y increased court instead of llowing the city to derive a handsome During the six years then could ave been collected nearly two hundred hoiisand dollars in this city less crime nd more sobriety than has by rosccution and futile endeavors to en orcc the present obnoxious liquor the are my reasons or withholding my signature to the cense which is herewith re I The dork read the communication of he returning without his ap roval the resolution of Alderman Ep tein ordering the improvement of Crucgcr On the call of the roll n the question whether the resolution hould be passed notwithstanding the mayors all present voted tiav ept Alderman The clerk read the communication of returning without his ap1 iroval the resolution of Alderman Bonn inlcring the grading of On he question whether the resolution hould be passed notwithstanding the mayors seven voted aye and one and the mayors veto was not sns The clerk read the communication of c returning without his ap proval the resolution of Alderman Mercer irdering an electric light on Xorth Oak On tbe question whether resolution should be passed notwith standing the mayors seven voted aye and one and the mayors veto was not The clerk read the report of tbe city auditor of the condition o the various appropriations from the general fund OB 30th day of as follows incidental 4JMO Street light Street repairs 3 Fire Police B535 Accompanying the report was a state ment of the condition of the street pair appropriation and suggestions for the replenishing of said The re port was referred to the finance com The clerk read the of the city treasurer referring to the trans fer of certain fund accounts as ordered by the He reported baring transferred the balance of to the old bond judgment fund to the gen eral f bat had not transferred thft balance in the six per cent sinking fundt to the general land and asked the so far as It related to the lat be Referred to the dietary committee and city solicitor for examination and The petition of CaltendeaJI and JfeArthnr tobaTO improvement of Third street five installments was The petition of Wiisoai to have tax for he Woodlawn payable i was The petition of the Oil Works for the paving wilhi alley number between Courts bia streeta was The petition of Browtt citizens of the 2nd ward for drawa of the of John and K Woelheff for the repair 1 alley running north and south a and west in blocks 938 and The petition of Henry Stensbecfci and others for relief from sw from alley in Wells addition i The petition of Illiefe i for the improvement of tha ofGarfield Avenue with Warn Spray streets was referred to the nal improvement committee andc gineer for estimate of The petition of other for tho continuance of thw 9 under construction on May from Angular street MO ferred to the sewer committee Tho petition of J sidvwatk okS street between Locust and Cedar 9 was Tho petition of 4 for permission to lay private lite along the sidewalk on the weak 9 Woodlawn to Valley street sewer was reeefc Tho reports of tho finance approving tho official of son as city John JS city solicitor Scheura commissioner Patrick inteniiciit of markets Willli city and city clerk were adopted a fte city tretisurers list i paid during woftl The city auditor of claims approved as folio being allowed except such sanitary fund HILLS Oenerol puy city General pay Geneml pay ttre Oeneral puv police t r Street commissioners pay Street Grndlng Sewer Ulackraur 1 Klepplseli committee buckets fi Eil Murphy wugon Munro r Flutchlnson in nmrket Cullntonn Krlecbbaum gi piivinsr Boundary barrel salt for mJM Price dmgs for Henry repairs 1 Henry huac Herfry new wa city Henry giia inittee Jnmca HiKcrty A or Urn wiiablng t Fabric Fire lioxch Prtlrlnsfforftrude Ic Tlie publk Tfif prtntlaKi The TUB HAVfKE The pi Itnrllntfton Qua Lig liiinilLumber re tnic olt John stone f t 1 Curl April and Sundry Sundry a Electric May I bur of wharfage amounting The wharf c petition of for space mended that tho norths allotted to f or pulling1 1 received i Tbej of of received i Thewa resolnt at the i Eighth i is a thei Thei ferred it comp service time i next I Tbe remonstrance of Michael against the construction of a Market street was received and The remonstrance of RT against the construction of sewer i Valley street front street for the reason that such sewer was and paid for two years ago and Thepetituwiof Douglas fur otHcense tionof i Claims Jfe atSonfe

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