Wednesday, May 28, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 28, 1890, Burlington, Iowa KEYE ESTABLISHED PRICE 15 CENTS PER WEET AS INTERNATIONAL Report of the International Ameri can Secretary Blalnei letter the HotterXhe Imported Uqnor BUI In the and Har tor BUI In the May president today transmitted to congress a letter from the secretary of state inclosing a report of the international American conference on the international Ameri can bank In the letter the president says it is not proposed to in volve the United States in any financial responsibility but only to give to the proposed bank a corporate franchise and promote public confidence by requiring its condition and transaction to be sub mitted to a scrutiny similar to the exer cised over our domestic banking The subject is submitted for the consid eration of in the belief that it will be found possible to promote the end desired by legislation so guided as to avoid all just In the letter to the Secretary Blaine sets forth the advantages to be derived from such a project and in part merchants of this country are de pendent upon the bankers of Europe in their financial transactions with their American as they are upon the ship owners of Great Britain for transportation and will con tinue to labor tinder those embarassrnents until direct hanking systems are estab The report of the committee the PanAmerican conference presents a simple and easy method of relief and tho enactment of the measure recom mended in UK judgment of the con result in the establishment of proper facilities for interAmerican bank A bill has been prepared at the state department to carry into effect the recommendations of the The bill designates Inited States delegates thn PailAmerican conference as commissioners to receive subscrip tions to the capital stock of The International American books for which purpose may be opened in New York and other principal cities in the Ameri can As sunn as fifty thousand shares are subserved the subscribers shall have the IISIHW power to organize a which shall have the same privilege now enjoyed by banks gener Its acquisition of real how is limiieil to lifteen per cent of the capital stock paid The corporation may be designated by the secretary of I Intreasury as a depository of public money anil may be employed as a finan cial agent of principal oflicrrs sliiill lie in Washington or New with power to open brunch offices in the Inited and South und Central The capital stock is lixcd at in Sltw which may beincreased by a two thirds vole to not exceeding The business may be begun as soon as twentylive per cent of the subscription is paid in cash but at must paid within iwo Tho board of directors consist of twentylive less than fifteen to lie citi zens of the United The stock holders lire made liable to the amount of their subscriptions but no Cor porations shall tile seiniannually with the secretary of the treasury a report of the financial condition and the ultuir shall all times Inopen to the examin ation of officers of the treasury depart A provision is made for the ap pointment of a receiver and winding up of the affairs in case The capital stork is Impaired more than twenty percent of Ut amount of stock actually pnid and the directors fail to make such impairment Thr Hilt Other May Allison presented a remonstrance of citizens of against the imposition of duties on ores from culled up the motion to consider the passing of the bill some weeks ago to pay to Margaret Kennedy for supplies taken for the use of the Tin1 bill was indefinitely riillom offered a resolution railing on the secretary of the treasury for in formation as to the authority under which merchandise in appraised or and goods of domestic ori gin are permitted to be forwarded be tween Atlantic and 1acilic ports of the Inited Stiitis over the Ca nadian 1acilic to report by what authority mer chandise other than the products of contagions countries is permitted to the Inited States under the consu lar seal and proceed to their destination without entry or examination at the port of first Then he evi dence of irregularities and that tho coun try was probably losing some of its re The resolution went over until The senate then considered the im ported liquors the question being on the substitute reported yesterday from the judiciary Cokeargued against the constitu tional right of congress to delegate its delegated powers back to the ticorgo supported the Eustis said question was a per plexing A dilliculty arose in the attempt to reconcile the conflict between the rights of property under the consti and the and that moral sentiment known as Today it was proposed to legislate against the breweries and distilleries of the It is proposed to toll the people of Iowa they shall have power to regulate the commerce between themselves and all other states in the liquor To morrow they would be asking for the exclusion of cotton seed of which tho state of Louisiana produced a large amount in Thon they would bo asking that dressed beef front and tobacco from North Carolina should not be fonsidered article of commerce within tho meaning of the and thus power would bo given to each stav to build ou its exterior limits an unpre ventable wall that should exclude the pro of every foreign country and every other The ponding bill could not become a law with the help of his He was a states right democrat of the strictest sort and was in favor of the states exorcising to an unlimited tent the rights which they had but tho powers which they hadlodgod in the federal government and lodged wisely ho wanted the federal government to ex orcise Alter further debate the bill went over without of giving notice that he would asfe the senate to remain in session tomorrow until the bill was disposed The vice president announced the ap pointment of Blackburn as a member of tho committoe on appropriations and Carlisle as a member of the committee on territories and woman The conference report ou the bill to simplifythe law in relation to the col lection of revenue was presented and agreed to and after an executive session the senate substantially the bill recommended by secretaries of the treasury during the last three and its provisions were practically the same as those con tained in the Mills It was a bill not to increase the rate of but to pre vent frauds upon revenue and to protect the honest merchant and honest importer against the dishonest importer and dis honest consignor and The conference report was nays the speaker pro counting a The as a re frained from The house went into committe of the whole on the river and harbor appropria tion of offered an amendment providing that Cowden and associates on certain condi at their own expense construct an outlet for the floocVjraters of the Missis sippi river from a paint about ten miles below New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexi through Lake on such lands as they may own or acquire such an outlet to be not less than one mile in with an average sectional depth of ten feet below the gulf and of sufficient capacity to discharge the flood waters of the Mississippi river at that and provided with proper levees on embankments from the river to the lake to preserve the lands immediately above and below it from in advocating the amend said the outlet would not cost the government one cent until it had been put into operation and proved to be suc After a brief discussion the amendment was lost without of offered sub stantially u similar but it was also McCreary raised the point of order against those portions of the hill which proscribed a penalty for the maintainance of obstructive bridges across navigable Pending the decision the com mittee arose and the house STATE AND LOCAL The FlrHt Kibults of the Eleventh Census Regarding the Financial May census office today made public the first results of the eleventh census in relation to state and local It consists of a pre liminary report on the indebtedness of counties in the United The reports show the principal of state debts at the present time is of this is bonded and iio This shows a net decrease in the total debt during the last ten years of the bonded debt having been leireused by 24i and thefloating debt in creased by The decrease by geographical division has been as follows eastern middle southern western The total bonded debt of the Inited in ISSOand in This shows a total decrease of of state and national debts in ten The total bonded debt of counties in the United States and territories is against in The floating debt of was while the present floating debt a decrease of This shows an increase in tho total debt of the coun ties during Hio last ten years of GENERAL WASHINGTON An Important May ent of tin Census Ioncr issued todayau important order to llir census super visors that they will instruct tho enum erators in cases where persons refuse to Answer on the population schedule relating K physical and mental disabilities or questions relating to homes und to enter in the proper column the refused to No further steps will bi noc essary on tho part of supervisor or as all legal proceedings will be instituted by the Washington office through tho department of Thr Dead Lock on the Pension May conferees on the general pension bill uad another meeting but accomplished noth They talked for an hour and ad journed until TinTariB May senate committee on finance today decided to consider the tariff bill in full It is believed hearings will be If so the session will be materially pro The bill may be reported to the senate by IVnsion May conferees of the general pension bill had another meeting today but accomplished noth They talked an hour and adjourned until next Nominated by the May president sent to the senate among the nomination of Rockwell to be United States marshal for the western district of Wisconsin Boltiuo Sulli surveyor general of South Dakota William of commis sioner for the district of Alaska receiver of public Charles of Wisconsin George United States marshal for the western district of Iowa May in Iowa Xashua Whit A CASHIEKS BUltt May McKinley sub Mjitteamcontcrenoe report oalhc customs one of the to the re PRESBYTERIANS The Next General Assembly to Meet at Detroit Next The Gcrmaan Catholua at The Soathera Coaferraie Ad joonu to Meet Agate la Other Bdlcfow the Presbyterian general assembly this morn ing the report of the committee on nar rative gave a summary of the progress over the entire The total number of communicants are over a gain during the year of The benevo lent contributions to all causes were not less than Large additions from schools have been made to the but in many there is de plorable tendency to nonattendance at church yet in spite of Sabbath in floods and no year has seen such increase of Notices of the death of 117 ministers were read by the stated Elder of moved a resolution in favor of meetings of the session to meet at least That Elders Flickinger and Griffith of Iowa urge upon in the name of the the passage of the law permitting states to prohibit or restrict the liquor now before the motion that the revision committee be allowed to publish their conclusions as early as March or April of next at their own was of wanted to know what answer he should return to his presbytery as to their which asked for neither revision nor a concensus but a new creed to be used alternately with the He was answered that it was now in the hands of the committee on Adjourned to meet in Detroit next Immediately after adjournment the committee on revision held a meeting and decided to meet in Pittsburg on the first Tuesday in GERMAN IliK ICxcitciuent Over the of the Oswrgo National May the judgment of leading citizens hero there is a shortage in the accounts of cashier of the Oswego Xa tioual to tho extent of Others more conservative state that it will not exceed The excitement is greater than at any time since when the bank of Oswogo collapsed for Thompsons which are the cause of the banks ap pear to have been confined M his dealings in tho Big Thompson has lately transferred considerable property to his creditors and deeds of other prop executed some time have re cently been placed on Thompson is vicepresident of the Xcbraska Bank ing and Loan doing business at and owns property in Sow York and It is not thought that the bank will be reorgan All connected with the institution are reticent about its Thompson states that if pushed to it ho will expose two of Oswegos most substantial who are implicated in the The Ladiea The pleasant effect and the perfect safety with which ladies may use the li quid fruit Syrup of under all conditions make it their favorite rem It is pleasing to the eye and to the yet effectual In acting on the liver and A Comer In Ktw May is every indication of a corner In the present crop months in the cotton market and the bears are climbing over each other in their efforts to July option sold just after noon at an advance of points from the opening and the rest of the present crop months were 40 points above last nights Their General Convention Continues in Session at May convention of German Catholics was tardy in assem bling this The convention did come to order until about 11 when speeches were made by William of of Father of and Spanhorst said the Bennett law presented a political ques tion that Catholics could not be cause it directly affected the welfare of their Itishop Flasch referred to the liennett law in his address and upheld the right of the church to go into polities when its interests wercd He was followed by Bishop of Green who proceeded to attack Bennett law in a most bitter He said the law practically denied the right of a child to obey its parents by putting its claims before those of the As the bishop proceeded he warmed to his subject and fairly brought his hear ers to their feet by the intensity of his He became pathetic and sarcastic by The matter of teaching they tell is what we are He exclaimed But this is not English is now taught in our Hut if the state has a right to tell us we must teach English it will soon be telling us what we shall eat and what shall be on our table for family din They are all of a these whether in Illinois or Massa They attempt to interfere with personal Carried out to their logical conclusion they would be very dangerous to the church and to This Bennett law was conceived in the minds of free thinkers and those opposed to the Catholic church and her He was told recently by a Mason that the Bennet law was first suggested by the The man said could prove it to if I did not put so high a value on my that the Bennett law was first agitated by the grand lodge of Masons in the state of The applause which fol lowed this statement was In closing he urged his hearers to oppose all measures like the Bennett law to the best of their ability and stand firmly by the administrator of the Milwaukee then spoke briefly and at the close of his address the com mittee ou credentials reported and the ionvention adjourned until At the afternoon session the following resolutions were adopted In view of he attacks on the most sacred rights of jarents which have recently been begun jy nattvists and adherents of paternal we are compelled to present to the people of this state the following declara tion By a device and natural parents are entitled and in duty bound o provide for the education of their we claim for the parents the right to select such schools ror the education of their children which they are convinced will best promote the welfare of their In case the parents neglect this the state is justified in com pelling them by appropriate legislation to discharge their The state may when parents are unable to provide for the education of their as sume this From this The justification of school attendance tinder the above mentioned necessity of pub lic right of general taxation for their we declare that we make no claim upon the public school for the support of parochial and other private schools but as citizens and taxpayers we insist on our at the risk of being de creed as enemies to public protest against any misuse and waste of this As we make no claim on the support of the state for our parochial and private we deny the state the right of interference with the manage ment of private if these collide with public order Or law of Because the socalled Bennett law the above mentioned princi ple and unnecessarily and unjustly cur tails our religious we hereby de clare ourselves for an unconditional re pealzof the Whatever good there is containedin this law has been long ago offered by other and therefore we cannot recognize from it any other intention but this To compel the citizens who provide for the education of their children to adopt the methods of those who hate their and also declare that without regard to former pgrty connec tions we will only vote for such candi dates who pledge themselves to work for the repeal of the James OKton Catholic diocese of 3jed this aged or denominational appropriations of pub ic of reported temperance resolutions deploring the re sults of the recent decision of tbesu ireme court and hoping that congress rould pass such laws as would render the decision Resolutions were adopted condemning lotteries and eclaring no state should license May reports read at the annual meeting of the Congregational Sunday School and Publication Society oday showed encouraging During the year five hundred and thlrty ne new Sunday schools have been organ and thirteen hundred and seventeen schools in fortyseven states and terri ories have been of was elected A number if other officers were also Southern Methodiiti May general con erence of the church of the south djourned last night after three weeks and arduous The gen ral conference will convene the first Thursday in The place of meeting will be determined ILLINOIS ive Hundred Delegate Attend tbe State Convention at May state onventiou of prohibitionists was called o order at this with ve hundred delegates from all parts of llinois The chairman of the tate central John of called the convention to of deliv red an address of Ross of was chosen tem porary and Samuel of temporary In his Chairman Hanna said the origi nal package decision was a good thing or since it got the question nto national After the appoint ment of committees on esolutions and the convention ook a recess until two At the afternoon session the temporary irganization was made of El on behalf of tho armers presented an over ure from that body asking for the aid of he prohibitionists and pledging a return if It was referred to a pecial It was ordered that be raised in the and nearly waspledsed in the It was resolued to place in nomination to morrow full state officers and also United States Chasing Murderous SAX May regard o the murder of Attorney Henry Hardic a couple of days ago by hostile Indians ioar General Miles ssuud orders to pursue the and use the same tactics as in the pursuit of The hostile band consists of Cid and his who were sentenced o ten years in military but after erring a few years were pardoned by resident Cleveland and returned to heir The civil authorities hen tried them and sentenced them to e While being taken to Yuma penitentiary they murdered the sheriff nd Investigating May joint com mittee on immigration and naturalization resumed its hearings in this city this The first witness called was ilermau editor of the Staats He was examined at length as o the effect of tho increased immigra tho character of the number of foreigners in this At the afternoon session the secre tary of Garibaldi legion testified that the majority of Italian immigrants in Chica go were men of families who intended to remain in this He denied em hatically the existence of any padrone system in The BaptMa May todays meet ing of the Baptist Home Missionary So of presented an account of the missions in He lamented that only fourteen thousam Mexicans were of the Methodist brought fraternal In the course of his remarlQ he said that war will result Jf the English Ungnage be not taught Inpoblic mlttee whom be referred the petition ot the national league reported favoring its objeoU Tie league seeks to Mcnre tor the pnteetiqnof TL Coatrecatifl alls i in IS SPAIN DANGER Thousands of Socialists in Province of the KeiroUtioa Their Oaly to gorlalhai Tha Sew Fac tory Have Not Joined the Whisky May of the distillery firm of Henry Shufeldt says the persistent rumors being circulated that they had joined the dis tilling and cattle feeding trust gener ally known as the whisky or entered into any sort of combination with are simply sent out for the pur ose of effecting stocks of the trust in Sew and are without a particle of On the Track of GKAKD May lotelkeeper here has received informa of a mysterious couple who has een living in Louis believed o have been Defaulter Silcott and a woman The hotelkeeper went out to hunt them but when ho reached the point found the couple had Major Kimball May for forty years a prominent newspaper man of this state and re ceiver of public moneys under Garficlds was murdered last night while on his way home by unknown par of whom there is no Endorsed John Special to The May demo cratic caunty convention John Palmer for United States sena tor and elected delegates to the congressional and senatorial The primary system was AH save that of go tin A Railway OfBcUl KASSAS May formerly general agent at Beatrice of the Kansas Wyandotte and Northwest ern has been appointed general freight and passenger agent of the North western An Abwonder May exmaster in chancery of Logan who disappeared in leav ing a shortage of was arrested yesterday in New HaguiresBenne for nearly 50 yean the Infallible Thousands of testimonials Indorsed by the WesternlSmnitary army officenJiOBpftal steam boat Taken In time a sure pre entlve of Asiatic John Davto Elected May legis lature today elected John Davis gov ernor and other members of the state ExeonioB Tickets to Denver t Good going June U and Good returningafter Jane n till thirty days from date of Oneregn lar firstclaw fare for round Account Muter Plumbers May Spanish cabi net is much excited over the discovery that the great industrial province of Cat alonia Is honeycombed with Of of thousands of working men in the province it is said that very few are outside the labor in mean a great deal more than in their character being not only but from a Span ish point of Not withstanding the examples of Germany and where the heads of the state are giving serious attention to the problems connected with the present Spanish ministry and the mon archical party generally show the utmost indifference the needs and demands of the laboring and treat with poor ly concealed attempt the suggestions that Spain should follow in the wake of the more progressive nations of The condition of Spanish labor is worse in any other country of western the only amelioration being such as is secured by strong organization in certain The effect is that the workingmen are learning to look to rev olution as their probable though there is no information of any existing conspiracy against the It is reported from Berlin that the antisocialist which will expire on October will ndt be This is a part of the governments bid for the support of the socialist members of the who are also expected to be won over to the emperor by the bill amending the present factory and work shops which goes very far in amelior ating the condition of the laboring peo Althoug the bill permits women to work eleven hours a this is quite a reform in where women are often employed for thirteen and fifteen hours a Regulations regarding the hour of commencement and ending of work must be hung up in the also the time and manner of the calculation of the payment of the amount of notice to be given before when such period is not already fixed by and the list of grounds for in tant dismissal without the penal ies their nature and extent and by regulations as to pay ment and the purposes to which the money will be Children cannot De employed under thirteen years of and then only when they have completed he requisite attendance at primary On Sunday each workman must lave twentyfour hours rest and at Easter and Whitesuntide ortyeight This includes all workmen in salt oundries and similar branches of indus In certain other handicrafts work men may work five hours on Sunday and Children can work six hours a day and persons between thirteen and iixteen years of age not over ten The fact that Emperor William has een ordered to remain in his room for en days as the result of his carriage ac ident induces a general belief that his njuries are far more serious than his ihysicians will It is freely licted that he will not be able to leave lis room for a much longer period than hat but those who are in a posi ion to know his exact condition adhere o the statement that though his injury s painful it is in no wise serious enough o keep him indoors beyond the time set y the An eminently reliable and implicitly rusted correspondent of the Clironicle elegraphs to that paper that Germany iss positively prohibited all caravans rom entering the sphere of German in luence in east Africa in spite of the fact hat this action is in direct defiance of provisions of the act of the correspondent Is by no means the only violation of existing treaties and agreements of which Germany has been uilty in Africa though it is possibly the most The discovery has recently been made that not content to confine her colonizing operations to eastern and cen tal has been carrying on secret negotiations with the emperor of Moroco with a view to acquiring a foothold on he northwestern This has united France and whose governments lave long been rivals for the possession of the most desirable portions of and England will not consent to have another great power secure territory in onveniently near The Margate mystery ig expected to develope some startling The coroner has taken possession of the dead Major of who died suddenly last and Miss the young woman whom be reg istered as his wife at the Cliftonville will not be allowed to go away un til the inquest is A Village Destroyed by an May vill age of in has been de stroyed by an The earth quake was preceded by rumblings which caused the inhabitants to flee from the and they thus escaped death from falling in a Torpedo Factory May explos ion occurred in the torpedo factory ai whereby one officer and four sailors were Five Men Killedby an May explo sion occurred in a torpedo factory at Ifikolariev whereby one officer and four sailors were JCexiean CITY OF May circles in Mexico are agitated in appre hension of what may be done with the Silver bill in the United States The Mexican press simultaneously takes up the discussion of the filibuster ing scheme against lower Conservative Journals are making the af fair an excose for an attack on Ameri A HICI FUIILT but on found that not been opened nor the fire listurbedtn any of my family have heard it room humming a the sound of sweeping he Dooror dtming the but on folng into the room the found it has been heard to go into a room and strike a but no match nor any thing could be It doesnt always visit roomsthat have no occu H sometimes comes right into the midst of the family or rather nto the same room and attract their at tention by so but aside from the sound there is At first we were somewhat annoyed y the manifestation as the noise made y it was so natural that we thought cer tainly somebody was but none of us are the least superstitious and n time we felt acquainted and paid no urther attention to It only appears n and we get along with it irery Of course it is a mystery and we would like to solve that is We are not afraid of It only calls on us wo or three times a From the Somerrille Two lovers went to the hue ball game One afternoon in Be was a crankshe never bad Prof eatioaalptarera He faithfolly tried to explain it She tiled to ondentand But the more he the leu she knew Why he thought the game vas He he yelled Hi hE She calmly looked about And If anyone made a threebale She asked K the man was She tried her bat to keep the Bat when the game was done He found that Whenever a fool wag hit Sae had given the man a It his ardor to hare her aay tthennpirebatr dtatiniahedUs TJUatlM WWom He broke the woulOnt bare to IVee suaphs of HUMBeatorative Xerrine Com H A FIRE AT CRESM The 4 Stock Yards Lightning Rod Swindlers at Work Sear Xmaon Against the Ot tumwa Electric Koad Su preme Court A Spook That TunU a LonU Hotue Twice a you ever hear of a ghost that ap peared in the and with the movements of a person in life said Assistant United States Attorney Johnson to a Louis newspaper re porter the other If yon have not I am a little ahead of yon on that sub you usually appear at night and their general appearance is suggestive of the other I do not believe there is such a thing as a but there beyond a or if yon insist on calling them which cannot be ex plained with the present light we have on the The researches of the Psychical society may in time show a natural cause tor everything we now re gard as I have been cognizant of queer mani festations for nearly three whieh I am at a loss to but which I be lie ve wfll be found to be dueto natural although it is a deep mystery i This I dont call it a nothing more tart PMWS about the daily alSalrs of I tew heard supnannoH IN Applied by Hindoos to Discover satires of India nave many curicua Kliefs and some of which are essentially oriental in their common to many nations and shared y ourselves only a few centuries tee day an English magistrate was paying a visit to a Hindoo gentleman who was an old friend of in the course of which he lappened to To his astonishment up jumped the rajah as if galvanized and egan furiously snapping his fingers In startling proximity to his Observ ng his visitors look of unfeigned le explained this was done to scare away the devils who might have otherwise seized the opportunity to jump down his How strange it seems to this practi cal belief in and fear of com bined with so insultingly low an idea of their intelligence and power I once an odd instance of the same fear and yet contempt for unseen powers shown by an English lady in the beginning of this bishops was afraid of and if left alone in the bouse would whistle as she walked through the passages at night in order that the ghosts might take her for a BELIEFS ABOUT THE The Scriptural belief in possession by a devil is held to this day by the natives of and very recently a case came before an English magistrate in Bengal in which a Brahmin was charged with having caused the death of a lad by his attempts to exor cise an evil The boy had been made to lie on his in the presence of his parents and other sympathizing while the priest danced on his call ing on the name of his O hear But whether the god was or whether the devil in departing took with him the boys own cannot be The boy died and the civil know ing nothing the nature of re ported that he had died from injuries caused by the Like the Russians of the present the Hindoos think it brings a person ill luck to be openly admired or and if you should praise or even look too admiringly at a child the mother will hastily with draw it from either beat it or say something disparaging it in order to counteract your ill omened admiration and avert the jealousy of the The belief in some form of ordeal for proving the guilt or innocence of an ac cused person is another of the traditions of the past which we westerners have out grown and cast but which still forms part of the practical belief of the people in DETECTING Of this I remember an instance occurring within my own on the occasion of a robbery having been committed in my when the police summoned the whole of my servants to the police station in order that each one might separately and solemnly be put to the It was a droll sight to see the procession setting forth on this headed by the mag nificent find the imperious bear tailing t h rough minor dignitaries down to the indifferently clothed coolies who brought up the The ordeal is conducted by a Mohammedan who mutters certain mysterious invocations over the which is then pronounced to have the power of pointing out the guilty person by opening miraculously at a condemnatory passage when touched by A factor in this doubtless even if relied upon for bringing it to a successful is the power of superstitious fear over the con science of the guilty To most natures the idea of being discovered in this supernatural and awful manner is so terri ble that the culprit rather than risk it will make voluntary and BO depre cate the heavier anger of the gods reserved for those who defy On this occasion the Koran unhesitatingly pointed out one of the servants as the thief Whether he was as he or merely unimpressionable and hard of heart as we had much reason for I cannot confess he would living as we do in the Nineteenth he could not be imprisoned on the sale testi however of the owint to the modern prejudice there exists against applying could he be made to The conditions which made trial by ordeal so generally success ful in the ages of faith are altogether want ing in the present skeptical and scrupulous IS THE The reproach of skepticism how IK applied to the Their powers of belief are I was once taken to sec miraculous spring that had suddenly appeared in a dry and barren and was bringing in much wealth to the fakir who had appointed himself its It was very to be discerned until pointed lot little faith even thought in secret that it could be produced by the holy mans pour ing in water every But small as the he sucked thereout no small advan for the peoples faith is and crowds of pious persons made pilgrimages to the divinely favored Curious instances might be collected from the records of Indian law courts illustrative of the Old World beliefs of the which are brought at times into such strange col lision with the legal forms of procedure established by our modern A man was once tried for murder when he put forward a plea sneh as could only have occurred to an Oriental and to a believer in the transmigration of He did not deny having killed the the con trary he described in detail the particulars of the he stated in justifica tion that afcd lie had been ac quainted in a previous state of when the now murdered man had murdered in proof of which he showed a great across his sidewhich had been the that had ended his previous ex He further said that whenhe heard he was again to be sent into this world be entreated bis master to excuse him hadapresentiment that he should nyeet his murderer and that harm would come of All this he stated is pfltficct itfmLttfSBt and and conviction of its truth and aumvjetion shared by a large num ber ofthose in Special to The May noou today destroyed the east half of the building and fence of the stock yards one mile east of the The fire started from a spark from a lo The fire department was soon on the scene and extinguished the though a strong south wind made the work of extinguishins it The loss is fully Iowa Supreme Special to The DBS May court decision Manwell Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway appellant from Benton county Searle Morse A ap pellant from Mahaska county Clair Burlington and Quincy Railway appellant from Pottawattamie county State appellant from Kossuth county City of Osage from Mitchell county Lightning Rod MASON May gang of lightning rod swindlers are now working this county and are roping in their vic Their contract is so drawn up that by the insertion of a comma the party purchasing agrees to buy points and braces to be counted as twenty foot of rod On a common residence a man is swindled out of from SlOO to A Gang of Vlcloua FORT May city is troubled by a gang of vicious tramps and the police are kept busy trying to rid the town of A dozen ruffians took possession of a part of the town and helped themselves to everything they They were finally routed by the police after a pitched The Doodle DES May is expected that the aldermen and exaldermeu who have been indicted in the boodle cases will be arraigned some time this All of them have secured counsel and are ready to answer the charges of willful misconduct in A Woman May woman was run over by Huntingtons special train at cut ting off both Philpott went out on a special train this afternoon to amputate the A May through freight on the Evansv ille and Louis road broke in three sections near Huntingsburg A serious smash resulted Two men and a number of race horses in the cars were slightly Suit Against the Electric May Mattic Thornburgh has brought suit against the electric street railway for dam agos for personal SELLDHTWHISKT Earnest Flaher Will Probably Have Complete Term in Special to The May a former Atlantic who was con ditionally pardoned from imprisonment by Governor has opened an original package house in this Fishers pardon required him to make an oath that he would never sell liquor in Iowa again and now that he has gone into the business there is strong proba bility that he will hi required to complete his term in Fackwootl May people are busy now plowing which is very slow about coming A new harness shop is being fixed up in the Mitchell building by of who comes here with good A new addition of thirtysix feet will be added to warerooms of Mitchells implement and hardware and Tausy are off for a pleasure trip before they come home they will see the National Park and probably will travel through British America and Alaska and then Miss of was the guest of Chandler is visiting her daughter in northwestern Myres is staying in town Myrcs and Charles Hintz were OIHs guests and Snyder have moved to PAEMEBS AND THE Hare you NeverwedJ There wag Helen TinMfVj aer names Fre forgot you tike to be a sister to York Which Will be Asked American The census year began June and ends May Each state has from one to eleven supervisors districts There are 175 supervisors in There are who in all parts of the country will begin their work Monday June Every farm will be visited before June and the following questious will be keeping in mind that the figures you are to give nearly all pertain to the crops of and not to the growing crops of 1890 1 Your name as occupant of the 2 Are you renter for or for share of the crops of the farm 3 Are you white or black 4 Number of acres of improved and 5 Acres 6 Number of artesian wells 7 Value of and live 8 Fences Cost of building and 9 Cost of 10 Labor Amounts paid for including board weeks of hired white or 11 Pro Estimated value of all farm pro ductions or on hand for 12 Forestry Amount of wood and value of all forest pro ducts 13 Grasslands Acres of each kind of grassland cut for hay or pastured tons of hay and straw sold clover and grass seeds pro duced and sold silos and their 14 Sugar and beet sugar and molases product and value of 15 Castor neons Cereals In dian wheat amount of each sold and and 17 Rlee amount and 18 amount and 19 Peai and Beans and value of crop 30 Pettnuts and 21 Sops and 22 fibers and and 33 Corn and 24 Lite Stock and asses number on hand June number foaled in 1M0 number sold in 1889 number died in 1889 25 Sheep Jfnmber on June of fine and an other number at lajsJav dropped in 1889 sprras Iambs sold bt 1889 soU in 1889 other than sifng lambsf slaughtered for on farav In 1889 killed by dogs in 1889 died othercanaesin sprfet of 1890 and fattof Sumber of OR farm Jtane hemp Broom and other cattle on hand June MSB number of pore grade andctpa mon calves dropped in 1839 sold in slaughtered for use on and died in 30 gallons produced on famr sold for use hi families sent tocreamewj or factory used on including for butter or cheese used on farm in raising cream for including for creamery or pounds made on andsold in sent to creamery or factory sold other than to creamery or made on farm and sold in 31 Swine Number on band June sold in 1339 consumed on and died in 32 Pmtltry Xumv ber each of gecsev and ducks on hand June value of all poultry products sold eggs and value in 33 Number of pounds of honey and was and 34 Field of bushels produed and and 35 toes Sweet and bushels produced and 36 Market Oanfetw and Smatt Fruits Number of acres In veg rasp and other small and total value of products 37 Vegetables and Fnttto Jot Canning Number of and in or green other vegetables and 38 Or chords plums and and other orchard fruits in each the number of crop in number of bearing number of young trees not and value of all orchard products Number of acres in vines bearing and in young vines not products of grapes and and value in Besides these questions ou the regular Agricultural Schedule Superin tendent Robert Porter has ordered several special investigations in thn In terests of among which are Seed and Truck Semitropic Live Stock on the great and in cities and villages also the names and number of all the various farmers such as Agricul tural and Horticultural Poul try and Beo Farmers In no part of the census work have the lines been extended more than in the direction of and if formers will now cheerfully cooperate with the enumerators and other officials in promptly furnishing the correct figures more comprehensive returns regarding our greatest industry will be obtained than ever The Ver talkin about nuteral but I reckon the one I once had beat any thing you ever sat eyes or any one But I lost and it was the worst slap I ever knowln as I doabout the price some picturs In my young days I was mighty fond of and I wouKf let go the plow tail when my hounds wtis yelpin after n and I could set under a hickory tree watchln fur a squirrel half a day with out One day I told that was my I believtwl Id shoulder old Tom and take a But the only thing I could get was a after half a days When I got home who should I see but a crazylooking coot of a feller settin on the grass eatin what Sally had give him for his She never turned a beg gar but I never took any stock In As I came up he How dc like a and I could tell by his way that he was nobodys if he did look Thats a tine hare you says and it wouldnt make a bad Youd better let me paint a likeness of Youre a pictur hey says I am an animal says Ive got a pictur of game in the house that I dont reckon any one fan and so I went in and brought it says that is very inferior If you could sen what I can do YOU will say I am what will you give me to paint a picture of the so natural that your dogs will bark at I aint got nothin to spend on says Will yon give me two nays I wont give yon a says Ill make a bargain with Ill paint and If It suite you can have it for titty It it dont suit you Ill keep I He had some and at it he The way he drawed off that rab bit and slashed on the paint wnsjest boys Hed pick up a little paint here and a little there off the board he held on his and almost before I knowed it he had a likeness of that dead rabbit hung up by the heels as true very natttr As soon as he got it done I heres your He pocketed It and away he After a while Sikes came The Squire was a great man for and when he sat on it he I declare where did you get that Why says thats a wonderful Imita says Whatll you give me for Squire says He studied a was he finally Ill give yon ten I was for I thought his offer was a big but I didnt let on that I thought for I knowed he was good In a bargain and wouldnt offer morn it was so I told him I would think about After he left and I took supper off the rabbit I had and then sat down and looked at the picture till we got tired a She that if It wasnt worth so much she might cook it for I went to bed and rabbits dollars danced in my head all The firit thing in the morning I sat it up and looked at and couldnt hardly get off to I was mighty When I came home at night there was an awful smell in the What on airth smells Sally I I dont says she N something all the and haw j bunted high and It most be an rat says got toHndi what it fur I wont eat any supper 1 we So we looked and bat it was i After a while my wife ssys be something has got behind the pictures let me So she went to it as it sat on the I face to the and would you belli it was the pictur of that rabbit i had and all Botl wusnt I sick I never heerdofany painted so naterat as tospfle inrt Now if that painter had pait the rabbit settin hewnftalfvf and not hung him up by the heelsrj dead as a door you wouldnt Ben Stokef here with but walkln 2 af4 the Taito 1 The democratic dty conned

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