Thursday, May 15, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 15, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE ESTABLISHED TH1EJBSDAY STOR Senator Teller Talks Earnestly in Favor of the The Bill in the Bill for the Eitabllihment of Agricultural Public May some discussion on the liquor Plumb de sired to know what the question was be fore the and was informed by the vice president there was no question He then demanded tlie regular and when Hoar desired to make some further Plumb objected and insisted on tinregular This was resented by who remarked he had never sein such au exhibition of Then you never look Into a was the retort of Edmunds introduced a bill to establish a university of the United States and had it referred to a select commit a member of the judiciary explained that thebill was rendered necessary by the late decision of the lie fully con curred in the of the but supported the principle of the courts opinion extended in other than dis tilled 10 opinion for and he preferred that tiie bill should have applied all articles which the slnics implit desire to prohibit the in order not ti de lay action in the he had assented to the report uf the also a member o the judiciary commit expressed I lie siuiie silver bill was then taken up and Teller addressed the He spoke of the bill as relating tu perhaps the mnsl important question that has been presented to tinsenate since ilie dcinun olizKtioii of silver in if it could lie truthfully said that the question was ever presented to the lie dis claimed any anxiety ur any especial in Leresi the price of silver and except that silver wis an American therefore every American to huve nil interest in advancing its The Colorado had only enough produce to meet the peoples wants and thereby get fair McCune proceeded to explain the process of the plan propofed to regulate the issue of produce He said that the necessity for excluding imports of agricultural products was if the quality of certificates was to be pre The certificates would consti tute the soundest and best currency in the Probably not onehalf of the the appropriation asked for to put the new machinery in action would be but the sum should not be ab solutely flxed at the as in it would be necessary to extend the system to include all of the products of labor not covered by In con clusion McCune said that the National Alliance had not sentont a single printed petition and the house petitions and de mands now pouring in upon congress were the spontaneous offerings of the fanners of the United who were convinced that they knew what they wanted and were going to have in commenting upon the said the farmer would do well to manage his domestic affairs without government The currency system of the present was The srovernnicnt had not managed it properly and could not do It had taken from states the right to issue al though it was itself no judge of the needs of the people of the and their co ple were the best The hearing will be continued toinor IT LOOKS LffiE A BIC DEAL The Fasseu Investigation in New York Suddenly Tammany Leaden that tlie Committee will Xot Hold An other Meeting Until Just fore the Sext comparatively vanceiniiii ul piire silver Illtliuilgh llny priiiinccil of all ihe silvir in the they did depend upon tinMlvir and very shortly other interests nf the stale would fur outweigh ihe interest uf silver The silver product of the Iliited ounces lasl year was insiiniliccni in comiinrisnii with the Kroiit inieresis of the country tluit involved in ilie rehiibitntioii nf silver jis a money i not do In say Ilie silver barons of ihe west i were demanding or Hint its demand j was in i lie interest of cheap It demanded in the interest of Immun in the interest nf in ihe inierest of in the IntcrcM of Ihe whole human lie criticized Ihe Wiiulimi bill and saiil lie could not see whin the ofthal scheme Tliwi sclieine met the approval nf the mid ninnnmeiallisls inid was reason i winrani the thai il was a irojan Of Ilie hill reportid from the tinance commitlee lie il was founded on the same system of limmohtl anil there was some philosophy in inn it did mil io use silver as its IuiidumenUil idea as in tlienllier thai silver was a mcial and nothing Teller wint on to spcal if the sil ver plank in the intlional republican plnlfitrin as full reciinnilkni of silver and saiil the iihinU was in seiled in of ihe universal de iiiiind of the country for Hie use of silver a and lie would insist iiiiiiu ii whether it parted him irnm the administration or Did ihe pending hill lie asUed rec ognize silver in arcordance from Hie platform lie thnuglii Without i concluding Teller yielded lo a lull In jnin exeeillivc I When ilie door reopened the silver bill was laid informally nnnl tomor and ilifSciuiirprtirceuVil to ihe busi ness on ihe ami after pasring several liill 6ENEEAL WASHINGTON Kuilrnuil Before the Senate Com May number nf prominent railroad men were before the senate committee on commerce today to express their views upon the several bills referred to intended to compel rail road companies to equip their freight cars with power brakes and automatic Liquor Importation Hill May the bills reported in the eeuate today and placed on the calendar were the senate bills subjecting imported liquor to the provisions of the laws of the several In connection with the latter liill Hi who reported it from the judiciary said he would asl tlie senate to take it up for in the adI consideration it an early Vinennr Makers May delegation of vinegar ainonc whom were Paul lletclnier nt and Jiaden of appeared before tlie ways and means committee today to request that that section of the internal revenue portion of the tariff bill be stricken This sction repeals the law allowing vinegar in be made from alcoholic Xtiminateil liylhp May president today sent to the among i lie following nominal ions Pension at lioton John at San Register of land at North Pin of public at Ash David at Nebraska Ansou il North Nouiinatioim May tiie session today I he senate coniirmed the nominations made recently by tins presi dent of the officials of Oklahoma terri l or Hurl Islands Iubllr May senate bill appropriating for a public htiildiii at was passed to CUEESON He Thinks tlie Country Would Not tic Bel lir wllli a Civil Service Like liujj IN THE Ilitprinentnl Conliniic the 4onsiilern liin of the Turin Jlay motion of nf the house tnsistcil upon ils amendment lo the Mmitc de liill and a conference wns I The house then went into commitlee of the whole on ihe t a rill Various I iinieiuliiientslooKintr in the reiliiction nf j the duty on and glass ware was niiide on the democratic but met with no In the course nf Ihe disensinn on these amendments McMillen said of a I tlnss asked for proteclinn from foreign while as charged with impiiriiii foreign labor in violaiion of the contract labor liyniim snid had come bifnre ilic ways and means committee and lind a with the gentle man from Virginia Nelson mid and then gone away and made an atlklavU false from beginning u linyne said he would lake Camp bells word as soon is he would that of the gentleman from and he knew them nf WOM con tinned what tingcinlimnn from Indiana had In Uic course of some further remarks liyniim said the commitlee on ways and means in tho formation of its bill had closed the doors nf the capital against tinlabor of tlie but ad mitted the TJic very entrance to lie rapid was closed in or dor to keep anybody Irnm coming in bin those tho majority would It ad mitted the mamifaoiurers but if honest labor ooino and knocked ut the door it was not McKiiiloy said the imputation of the goiitloman from Indiana that the ways and means committee had closed the passage to house hi order that tho majority might have a private con suluuiou room was Hj did not permit any man to impute to the com mittee any bad motives or lack of cour tesy to the The minority ot tho committee know any imputation of that kind was absolutely Having considered sixteen or eighteenpages of the bill the committee rose and the house THE FABiSEBS Cuutlnuation of the Arguments cultorvl May representing the Farmers this morning continued his argument beguu yesterday before tho ways and means committee in favor of the Pickler bill to establish suntreasuries for the receipt of agricultural He was ques tioned bv members of the committee re specting tiie details and probable effect of the Baync wished to know if one effect would aaottbeito encourage ovjerproduc MoCunorepliod thatit would lor Justus as the tanners feeoamo mope profitable than others there into that tonri Jlay a lengthy inter view with a reporter for a local Kirst Assistant Postmaster Gen eral Clarksnn is utiotcd as saying The government uf the United States is a not a business The genius of mir political he lies in ilieaciive interest taken inllie gov ernment by That this interest should he kept alive and arotiswl to even a greater extent than at present is most The essayists who enjoy formulating theories lor an ideal govern ernment admit their cherished systems can come through ihr political ac livity cf the Clarkson thinks decidedly that lliis country would no he better olf with a civil service like said perpetuate an nlliecholding of which every member arriving nt the ago of sixty shall receive u pension Wha iiim in life would be theirs save io hung uii by the easiest method Their ambition would die for of nourishment and their value to tho country I believe con tinued service in tingovernment employ is bad fur any and after a certain period all public servants should be Mint back to tinpeople to renew Kncli office have i Jjxed tenure to preserve the rofpoct of the occupant and if ihe occupant desires a secondteriu lot him by bis work that he is en titled ii Clarkson would not abolish civil service bin thinks every man should be examined by the oihcial in whoso employ ho is to such a principle prevails in why not in the Clarkson in reply to a question as to tho comparison of our service with that of that the business of our gov ernment is irausactod nioro accurately aud at a lower percentage of loss than any other public or private business in A Serious XEW May Mus gravo was arrested this morning at the Union League of he is a on the charge of sending an indecent pamphlet through the mails liboling tho relatives of The name of the complainant is Augus tus He did not appear iu court when the case was called today and an adjournment was had until next The libclous article is in the shape of a typewritten pamphlet and is entitled The Statement of a Blackmailing It is remarkably sensational and very YoiaS May 5s believed that there will be no more meetings of the Yassett committee for some and it is rumored this morning that a has been fixed up to stop the inquiry into the affairs of the much to the relief of the Tammany of the one of the authors of the is going ro and will remain all Whether JJoardman will continue the investiga tion or during the summer will be decided at a secret caucus which meets at Ivins office this Sen ator Fassctt is in the city and will attend the From a reliable source it was learned this morning that the senate committee not attempt to stirupfurther trouble untiljuit before the Ivins says that important business mat ters in Europe had required his personal attention since last but investi gatian prevented him from Mat ters are now in such that he must go at once or be a heavy loser A gentleman connected with Ihe rubber trade told a re porter that Ivins had made up his business quarrel with exMayor Jrace and was going to Europe to look after Graces Peru It is hinted that there is some hitch iu lluatiuiug these on the London Whether this is true or Ivins has large interests in America that can only receive projxr attention from according to the opinion of his is too domineering and is therefore not likely to be allowed to conduct the You may depend upon it then will be no investigation until just before elec said an independent politician this The wife of Senator lassett is one of the heirs of the late William The largo Crocker estate in California must be divided on Jime and for this reason Senator Kassett is go ing to California to protect his wifes in terest Patrick McCann was busy packing up at the Vincent Restaurant this morning and getting ready to leave in a few days in with the order of Park Superintendent Par McCann has lost his buoyant but has not apparently parted with any of Lis determination to not against leaving the pa but the lie have succeeding in making him He said lie be had decided to sell off his goods at The sale will be made Monday in the cafe where everything in the of furniture about the building will come under the There will bo several thousand dollars worth of cutlery and table linen in the and as soon as it is disposed of McCann will for McCann says that he has spent in repairing and titling up the but does not expect to realize anything like the sum he has connected with the arc already under and an influential commit with Baron Rothschild atits has been organized to suppress the Hundreds of men most be engaged in the for it has been shown that in case after case betrothal in accord ance with the religious customs of the country were entered into before the vic tims conld be induced to leave DT THS General VonXoltke the May During the debate in the reichstag today on the military Count Von Moltte spoke in its sup was always growing more and it was imperative that Germany should have a strong military A stroriR gov ernment alone would be able to maintain GOLD FEVER IK OWCKAl The Iowa Supreme Court Defines the Meaning of the An Original Package U Xot limited ai to Quantity or Dealer the Elcht to Sell In Any Shape PRICE 15 CEHTS PER Preparatiuuc Reins to Work a Re cently bUcorered Ltud of Great A conference was held at the Grand Pacific yesterday between two Chinese noblemen and two representatives of the mining machinery firm of Fraser Chal with the result that negotiations The lEiirlingtnn Annoiinio u iliy Cut in Passenger May Bur lington and Quincy railroad announced today that nest Saturday the rate to Paul from Chicago would bu reduced to The present rate is firstclass and for On Saturday this basis of rates will be in effect on the majority of roads both ways between Chicago and Missouri river points and between Chi cago and This afternoon ihe Milwaukee and Vaul retaliated on the Burlington by making a throe dollar rate between Chi cago and Council Omaha and Kansas and to Sioux as well as making a cut to Thp Iliirlingtniis Kansas city Cut May Missouri Pa cific has met the Kurliugtou to Kan sas City and other western points and has made arate of to irnrrul Ascnts the request of General Passenger Acrent of the Eock Island and Pacific a meeting of western general passenger agents was held this morning lo try and lind the solution of the passen ger rate As several of the roads were not represented nothing was THE SOUTHERN Tin A Now Secret IrlaU May is rumored that a new secret Irish association has been formed with its head centers here and at The new league is said to already consist of ten thousand mem principally Irish and a largo number of the latter being French One object is to obtain money in Canada for Irish home and another to wage warfare against British with the final object of separation and annexation of Canada to the United Tlie Kentucky May addition to the names mentioned last night for United Stales senator in the democratic that of Evan of Owen was put The opinion seems to be that Lindsay will be Carlisles chief Change of monthly Ir hot are cured by Soles Free samples at yittefc drag store Jueen Victoria taareJs with Tiiuneranre Committrr u Strong May the Southern Methodist Conference today the committee on temperance reported in favor of iinfermented wine for sacra ment wherever practicable and approved of the resolutions introduced last week opposing all laws licensing or permitting the manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquors as a because such laws provide for the continuance of traffic and furnish protection against its ravages that the proper attitude of Christians to ward the driuk traffic should be an un compromising opposition and voluntary total abtinancp is the sole and true ground of personal temperance and the complete legal prohibition of traffic is the duty of The re ort went on the calendar and will no doubt cause much debate when it comes up for POWDER FOR TEE GERMAN Emin Pashas Demand for Seven Salary and a Life demand made by Emin Pasha upon the Egyptian gov ernment for seven years salary as gov ernor of the Equatorial province in Africa and a life pension is generally at tributed to the influence of his German advisers and not to his own desire to make and considerable specula lion is rife as to whether it will be com plied That he is entitled to some compensation for his services and for their accompanying hardships is con but the question of full payment of his salary during his term of virtual together with the bestowal of a is a matter that will unques be subjected to serious consider ation and find strong opposition before ft is finally disposed The demand how will doubtless furnish a new and in exhaustible supply of ammunition to the German press in the warfare those Jour nals are waging against Stanley and everything and everybody TRAFFIC Df TOUHB Baron RoUueaUd at tlie Head of a Move ment to SoppreM the May is only a tew weeks since the Prussian poifce arrested several men while crossing the frontier in Upper accompanied by twenty handsome Russian Investigation developed the fact that while the girls supposed that they had been engaged as seamstresses tailors in they were In realHytai route to Buenos thereto be distributed among the broth els of South mountains of The magnitude of the deal may be understood when fJ is stated that the with all its machin ery and will cost not fax from This sum will include all preliminary The announce ment that such a gigantic mill was to be built in China astounded even the mem bers of the well posted as they are in all matters pertaining to mining and mining They had no idea that there was enough gold bearing rock in China to pay for the erection of a stamp mill of any They were in formed by the Chinese noblemen that there has been discovered in the heart of China the richest and most extensive gold bearing lead in the There is an old story in Chinese history to the effect that at one many cen turies there was tremendous excite ment over the discovery of gold in the But after a time tlie gold gave and although the industrious Celestials continued to dig for several years their profits were very Fi nally the search for the yellow grains was entirely given The Chinese did not know very much about mining in those They did not know that by crushing the rocks and treating the re sultingdust with chemicals the hidden gold could be Now they know all about the methods of gold produc Chinamen rushed to California during the gold excitement and a few years later to They returned to their homes with money and About two years ago some Chinese prospectors entered the TaiShan moun tains determined to find gold liearing quartz if it existed in the Be fore the first week of their search was ended they found significant outcrop A little later they discovered the great lead which is now known to be of almost fabulous One of these men was Leng a man who had had con siderable experience in mining and pros pecting in and who knew the wisdom of They kept very stai about the find until a company had been formed and a clear title to a large tract of land Some crude stamp mills were and the crushing and re duction of quartz was From tha outset the production of gold was enor and it is stated that not a ton of ore has been treated that has yielded less than In particular cases the ore has yielded as much as to the The news of the lucky mining venture spread rapidly in but for some reason has been kept from the A controlling about eighty miles of land in the gold sent Chu Ling Kwan and Tong Sing Kou to this country to make preliminary arrange ments for the purchase of the necessary machinery to begin operations on a mod ern and gigantic When a reporter was admitted to the room the distinguished arrivals occupied he found Chu Ling Kwan attired in the full dress of a Chinese Every garment upon him was made of the soft est and shiniest of Tong Sing Kou wore American Tong Sing lived in America many and attended American He speaks English very Our property at one point is within sixteen miles of the sea said and it is not more than twenty miles to a good port The land owned by the tompanies is all in the county of Ning in the province of If you ore not familiar with the geographv of I will tell you that the mines are on across the Corcan sea from t awtSa insula of Corea and directly west Tong Sing opened a unrolled a chamois skin and exhibited his speci You will he that the gold is quitu coarse iu these speci It is not so throughout the In some places it is exceeding fine and again it is found in The streams which run through the mountains wash out gold and people make a living by cradling the sand in the bed of one After every heavy rain the sup ply of gold dust iu the river bed is beheve that in a very few years the mines will be the most valuable in the We contemplate erecting the finest plant in the There was a difference of opinion among the stock holders as to whether it would be better to erect one 300stamp mill or three 100 stamp We have asked Fraser ChalnKis to make estimates on both The stock in the mining companies is held class China Most of the stockholders are gov ernment but the government of the Chinese empire does not in any way own or control tha The com panies4 are essentially private corpora tions DES May has been considerable discussion throughout the state since the decision of the United States supreme court was rendered in the Keokuk liquor ease as to the exact mean ing of the term original Some have held the opinion that the case containing twentyfour bottles was the original and not the and that therefore if a case of beer was imported it must be sold in that and the beer could not be sold in single Others have maintained that a or a or or any closed container of the interstate beverage is an original It is how by good authorities that the su preme court of Iowa has already promul gated a judicial definition of the term formally entered into looking to tha packages in a decision handed construction of a 300stamp mill in thef down in The court at that terra had under consideration the case of Collins et appealed from Keokuk superior Henry and was filed January The decision is found in Iowa page The state ment of the case is as follows This is an action in equity to enjoin the defendant from maintaining a nuis It is alleged in the petition that defendant in a designated building in the city of a place in which he carried on the business of selling in toxicating liquors in violation of the laws of this Ou the hearing the su perior court found at the time and place mentioned in the the de fendant kept certain intoxicating consisting of whisky and and that he was then engaged in the business of selling the same Miat ho purchased said liquors in states of Illinois and and imported the same into this The when was put up in which packed in a certain number of bottles in each The only sale made by defendant was by the rase that the cases were not opened by but wre delivered to the purchasers iu the same condition in which he received them from the Tlie whisky was also put up iu Otic purchased iu put up in quart in each of which was blown the name of theman ufacturcr and when was se curely sealed with a metallic and placed in a pastboard and then wen1 packed in boxes or barrels for and were in that manner shipped to de purchased in was put up in pint each of which when was securely closed and and these were also packed in boxes or barrels for and were received by defendant in that His sales of whisky were by the single On receiving the barrels and boxes in which the bottles were lie opened the and placed the bot tles on the shelves iu his and sold the same to his customers in such num bers as they He did not in any instance open the or sell the li quors in quantities less than that con tained in When he made the pur chases ho intended to sell the liquors in this state in the niauner pursued by him subsequently in making the lie was not a registered nor did he have a permit from the board of supervisors to sell in toxicating liquors for the purpose for which such liquors are permitted to be sold by the of the But the purchasers bought the liquors in tending to use the same as a and that intention was known to him when he made the The superior court in that the transaction of selling the beer in the manner in which it was done was beyond the power or control of the state to but was purely a matter of commerce between the which could be regulated only by the congress of the United States that when tho boxes and barrels m which the bottles of whisky wore shipped to and received by defendant and they were removed there as a matter of in terstate was fully consum and that subsequent dealings with the liquors governed by the statutes of this state and the judgment entered was iu accordance with The ftjr the state will resist the motion on the ground that it is a bad precedent to permit prisoners confined iu penitentiarfestoattend the trial of their and is a danger ous ruTe to The Billings case is doubtless most important one that heard at this term of the The defendant firnow confined at Ana mosa penitentiary under sentence of life imprisonment for the murder of County Attorney JOngsley of Bremcr at in case is one with which the pub lic is There are eleven grounds reversal set forth in the argument which Billings himself prepared in his cell at Anamosa in fact the entire ab stract prepared and filed by the defense is the work of the condcmcd man Es pecial stress U laid upon the statements of Judge who presided at the trial of the in sentencing The very first sentence uttered by the judge in the customary review of the evi a If I weyethVjnry trying this case I should render a verdict of uot guilty from the evidence introduced Then he took up in detail tho circumstances surrounding the case which tended to support the theory of tho defendant that Kingsley attempted to murder and failing iu that committed In the course of the judge uses tho following language It is and barely that he Billings might have shot It is within the It is uot I dont think it is But the jury has found a ver dipi upon these I dont feel at But I am wiilins to and my views of this testimony go on record and appear in the supremo court on his that he may have the benefit of and that the supremo court may view the testi mony presented to tinin in the lizlu of my opinion of it It they to set aside tho all I perhaps if there was no that I should set it Following this strange statement corn from the presiding itillinsrs was pivon the limit of the law in his ease The case will be watched with much imcnst by tin general and should Billings be permitted to appear in person in present uis interest will still increase The decision of i lie court upon the mi tion for such permission will lie fiW BRICKMERS ON A STRI1L One Hundred Men Out in Des Moines and Work MiM Clover Dies of lajtulw Smaahup Iowa Court The Catted CourtState Special to Tho DES May The brick yard strikers are still out and thooutcome is very About one hundred brickmcn are now on a strike and there are only a couple of yards in It is saifl that several operators have ex pressed themselves as bciny perfectly willing to pay increased wages providing their competitors will do But that they think it Unwise to yield to the demand of strikers and run the risk of being undersold by operators paying less wages unless ail On the other hand a number of strikers arc willing to go back to work at the old scale rather than remain They formed an organi zation with car not to but did ing to cross before cars backing up reached Joatai WmrUfm rmlr t May Boies today decided to reeoMWkiv the president for appointment Iowa commissioner to Professor of Linn and J who welt promoter of the Sioux City corn Over by BOOSE May an orphan while attemg to crawl into the end of frei beat his slipped and thel passing over his left leg and injuring1 He will probably Appointed a Deputy of is noon i in Ei ward the United States ami Metcalfe daughter of the lat James were united in inai riage by Kishop Metcalf was accompanied to the altar hy her son Lyman Metcalfe and Henry Ti Wolcott was best After the cerr motiy breakfast was served at the res deuce of Tlie new ly wedded pair leave this afternoon fo Xew They will bo at home Jun nth and I2tli from t to i at Connecticut A Fat The fat men of Bnuaela have just formed themselves into a club which they l call Le Chib Le Chib dea Cent Oat being the minionm weight of emck A hundred kilos are equal to ourweiKnt IbetearealnadT and Bondays they drive oottoa reataazut alitfie way from Qte town and dine By good eheer they attained their noble propor and by good cheer they mean to retain So far everrtainir haaroBe lor men who are fat aad toeath an pto It your whofjti anpy and hwafa of Opinion of the I own Supreme distinction drawn the superior court between the different transactions does not appear to ns to rest upon any sound legal The liquor was in each case put up by the manufacturer or dealer in another with a view to sales in that The subsequent packing of the bottles in boxes and barrels was a mere matter of convenience in the sale and shipment of the When the defendant pur chased one hundred bottles of either beer or lie in effect purchased that number of packages of the and when he sold by the bottle the transac tion was of the same The fact as a matter of convenience in hand ling during the transportation of the prop the bottles were packed in boxes and can make no difference as to the in of the If be had the right to bring the liquor with in the and to sell it he had the right to adopt such means and mode of shipment as best suited his con venience or interest so far as we are there is no regulation upon the subject of either state or national enact The right to buy and sell in such quantities as he chose is necessarily in cluded in the right to buy and sell in any The right to bring it within the state by the carload is as certain as the right to bring it in by the single bot tle or other If his interest or convenience would be better served by shipping into the state in cars fitted up with or other vessels attached to the and from which the liquor must be drawn at the end of the he had the right iu the absence of statutory regulation to adopt that mode of trans But in that case the liquors on their arrival within the state would of necessity be placed in other vessels than those in which they were brought within the state and the result of the distinction would be while he had the right to bring them within the for the purpose of selling them here having brought them here in exercise of that he had no right to sell them because he had adopted a mode of transportation although perfectly required their removal from the vessels hi which they were The unsoondncss of the attempted distinction is shown by the absurd results to which it would If he had the right to sell the liquors in tie state because the transaction of their purchase and transportation was one of rather than it follows necessarily that he had right to make the sales in whatever or quality he fit Any other hold It seems to would lead to results and conclusions owing to be alike to legal Judgment and the common sense of Three Tkrouts May Ni reached here today o a triple uwnle Iommitted at near here last John an aged am wealthy his wife and a growi up were found this morning ii bed with their throats cut from ca to The door of the house wa standing open and fur niture and walls staided and bespatterec with The scene was horrible am the news spread rapidly about tho vil The murdered persons were th wealthiest in that section of country am the theory is murder was committee to get Found a or ISpcclnl to the Jlay T a wealthy old batchelor of thi died on the inh and hi will has just been lie a large estate to an adopted a Xew York boy narntid Frederick Speck The young while rummagin around the old mans found chest which contained in gold Worrells relations will make an effort t break tlio Clininherlalus Eye uml Skin A certain curefor Chronic Sore Eyes Salt Scald Old Chronic Fever Erzema Prairie Sore Jsrjiples am It is cooling and Hun drods of cases have been cured by it after all other treatments have 25 am cent boxes for sale by all The tallies The pleasant effect and the perfect safety with whfch ladies may use the li quid fruit of under all conditions make it their favorite rem It is pleasing to the eye and to the yet effectual acting on the liver and Two Hungarians May work train on the Ueach Creek road was run into by a local freight twentylive miles from Two Hungarians killed and several seriously William the Bailwar Mail Oca May the New England superin tendent of the railway mail died yesterday lufttantly XKW May au attempting to board a train on the Xew York Central railroad this was instantly killed by one going the other SUleV and Lirer An important They act on stomach andbowels through the A new They speed ily cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 23 Samples free at Wittes drug The Cherokee May Chero kee commission methere yesterday and determined the course to but it is impossible to learn their conclu sions Snow ID Xorth May A Journals Jforth special says eight inches of snow fell there last night and it is still Farmers are ju cer take yonr measure fo He keeps Tale May Tne graduation exercises at Yale Theological Seminary was held today in the Battel The graduation class num bered V EMIraly Who is that benevolent looMng man giving away Jnarfales to boys He is a gives them to beeanaetaisfondof young foter he does it because he knows rin the knees of their MS this A Convention In At tended lijr Special to The May Womens General Missionary society of the United Presbyterian church of Xorth convened in this city last even ing an ot about one hundred delegates from all parts of the The presidents aiiMual address was given by President of Monmoiith An hearty address of welcome was de livered by Wash after which an hour was spent In a social The morning Session principally taken up with rue enrollment of dele gates and reports from auxiliary tlie womens the orphans hoiuo and the Memorial located iu Kcports to tlie society how total of 7ii4 auxiliary having nearly KUDO The tntat in the various bcMiiviilent objects are nearly Committees were appointed On nom chairman On Miss chairman On Wylie uf chairman On planof of chairman On This afternoons session was taken np with the nf the committee on The Womans orstan of the published in The report shows the publication to be in a flourishing Carson anil presented this A paper on Family Worship was read by of Clairs A very interesting paper on Knox villo Mission was presented by Miss Henrietta a colored lady student from Knoxvillc Her paper created a great deal of interest in the work among the frecdmen of the The delegates and visitors tilled the First United Presbyterian church during all the The good people of Washington are taking good care of the some of whom are west for the flrst Sessions will conlimut during Thurs and many subjectsof interest In con nection with the work of the church by the women The women of the United Presbyterian church arc wide awake on the interests of the Kingdom of Among those in attendance are Pittsburg of Allegheny of Put Stewart and of Des Moines of Chicago Omaha Davenport IOWA EPISCOPAL Intefciitiiig by HUhup Terry in May Perry read his annual address before the Iowa Epis copal convention yesterday It gives the following statistics regarding tho membership and church property in the state 1 52 com churches and 70 vested 20 value of church Bishop Perry said that the diocese nf Dubuque would be created within live as the church in Iowa bus become too for one He predicted the failure of the pending parliamentary proposition for the disestablishment of the Presby terian church in and said he ex pected tlie ultimate disestablishment of IJritish He regarded favor ably the proposed revision of tlifi West minster as he has never met a Presbyterian minister who insisted that he believed in Bishops of and of Utah and were The United Circuit Special to The DES May the United States circuit court this afternoon the of Bayless from was on trial before a full fudge Love being a motion for new trial in case of Johnson from Council was over In the case of McMillen the mo ion to remand the case was The docket thu term consists largely of motions and there are very few important to be Supreme Court Oecbiioaf Special to The May Supreme onrt rulings Carson and Band Lumber Company Stout appel from Keokttk affirmed State from Clinton affirmed State appcl from Polk affirmed Bailer fromObrien affirmed Chicago and Northwestern tailway Company Kossntn from Kossnth re the Special to The May Clin oa local chashier of the Jurlington was arrested today for S250 of the funds of the com panyBartlett is married and a resident f this It is thought that settle ment will be effected by bis he arrest caused considerable excite mebt and The peculations date back some greater shortage y yet Caught it Special to The HawkSynj DES May H hasappointcd of i deputy state veterinary AntlTriut tSpwInl to The OKU May law SIHS into effect HAWXKI lite UOIWE J worth of horses were shipped from Fate Bold during A Junrr Worth ty alliance and Knights of borwill hold a joint meeting at Nottb wood June ii and A LAXPLOIEK CXKEII ael a Davenport der arrest for attempting to ejecfcan1 desirable tenant with aid ofn A celt foaled at Ilospeis lust week with The extra member is a fore growing from the breast between other Siror hunting pliers Andy of shot himself in tlie right bullet passing clear through and wound which may lieecssttatiampuU StlCIPK OK YlHjri At not far from the young anil daughter of family in high eummittee Xo cause IH AXU of Madison left his homv Saturday May anil not since been heard He to he Powell was an ofdt DISTRMIKU bud distemper has been prevalent itmongtlMh horses in tne vicinity of ffarlan foracime The glands under and after breaking and the animal STATK port of the state industrial schools April an average of MS at Eldora and 111 girls at A warrant for liasbceu issued by tbtf state auditor for the of ihe In AT SlnCO January 1 nine together with seventeen horses and two cows have been burned at The ires have ail been but ull efforts to catch the perpetrators have so far proveil His FEELINGS WKKK It Wolfenberger has brought suit several parties in Fremont county for at tempting to tar and feather him on aet count of some tender tetters ho wrote tot a married whose husband to the Tire HOUSE of Lucas himself the other day in plaguing a by shoving a live chicken in its The horse didnt seem to enjoy the and wheeling suddenly gave Henry swift kick stomach which will confine him to his bed for some CuKAMEisr important meet ing was held at Monday by ery under the auspices of Bale Comniissior in which they cussed plans for asystematic orgsniza tiou of county creamery associations and the Improvement and betterment of tho creameries of the Several cream eries are being built in Buenii county this THE CONTEST KOI THK Moines and Cedar Rapids are the only contestants so far for tho temple which the Knights of Pythias of the con template The former has pre sentcd plans for a and the latter for one to cost The sealed bids of the two contesting localities will be presented to the grand lodge Its meeting at DCS Moines in AVALUABLE wallet containing deposit Warren county bank for note for 311250 was found under the steps of the state honse at Des A 3lfp of paper In the wallet betkrs the name of toe It is thought a robbery and that the robberxvi removing the hid the port where it was An made to discover the 4 PECUUAB explosion occurred near thia place other says the State Center Enter Fairchlld bought ant empty gasoline barrel in town and man potit in the wagon to take it While on the road he noticed a rattttrig noipein the barret and stopped toInyemtt1 gate The noise was probably caused bj the which bad been driven ml the bat boy finite he turned on blowing oat the hurting the boy probably frightening barrel had been emptied ot gasoline 1 days What was the cause t blowing up farmer to new I may give the roan critter a I thought could I can English a Uttle throw the bone over tne fence bought afifty cent bottfe 4 bftfains Pain May whfle theelerator block was caught aqft The wonder that Arwto Carelessness of ibe efevator ibeen rbejumatfem for At the tlifcei bought the was unabte to walfe I sayi that Balm RUHRHi Mri abowe Some people at gettato the iretiey they waritWgeti In almost ewy outjtae west therearer

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