Tuesday, May 13, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 13, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED 1839 ABOUT such phrases as shotgun policy tation matter was finally seta Senator Jones Opens the Debate on the Silver Bullion Tfce Tariff Debate In the Clay Brecldnridee Investlgatlnc Committee Belarus to Wash ingtonCapital May Hoar from the judiciary committee reported back the house amendment to the senate antitrust bill with an The matter went over until The senate then proceeded to the con federation of the bill authorizing the is sue of treasury notes on the deposit of silver who reported the bill from the committee of the He spoke of tbegcneral unrest prevailing throughout the country Prices of all h had fallen and continued to When tin fall in prices was found operating on tin products of all industries when it was found not confined to any rlimi country or but diffused over tin civilized world found not to be charae tenstie of any one but to go on for a serifs of years it became manifest it could not rise from tem porary or subordinate but must have its genesis and development in some principle of universal What was it that produced the general decline of prices in any country It was the shrinkage in tiie volume of money rela tively to ilie population and The world had never had a proper system of Prosperity and speculation had been stimulated at limes by great yields from the and when those mines were worked out then came a re vulsion and lie went on to speak of tin national ratios between gold and silver existing for twentyfive thirty hundred ratio of to 1 and said it juis since legislative proscription ofSilver in Ocrmanyand the and its banishment from the mints of that any material change in that ratio tciM place and the present divergunce in tlm relative value of the two metals wns directly due to the legal nutlawery anil not loany natural It always had been the object if class to enhance the value of money by redncin the volume so that when tiie gold niim of California IIH Australia were prc ducing the largest yield h was propose 1o demonetize The motion of d niOlietiztltlllll ill the cie nf silver is wel asgold Junes tu aggraudizi the creditor class of the world and con liscali as far the rewards o the hardy lie spoke of the de monetization of silver by Germany after the war with France iiiflictcc greater evils on her people than her armies inflicted on and saic when it began Hi have itselTecta veritable liegira of the German population began to take If surprise at the selfishness of the privileged classes in Europe in demonetizing he was to lie said in defense of tin Iuiied States demuneiizing sil No such stupendous act of fully and bad even been perpetrated by representatives of a free It had proved prolific of enforced loverly and No better remedy could be applied than the absolute re versal of that legislation and putting back the monetary system of the country to what ii was before All nations of the earth used silver as money up to when ireal Britain siinilcned the silver link that bound her to the oil ment was received with applause on the democratic On the voteby tellers the amendment was nays The republicans in turn greeted the announcement with Mr of offered an amendment proposing to admit free for eign goods when exchanged for American It was rejectedyeas 72 nays of offered proposing to change the pon which the bill is to take effect DeSt toJnI3r 1891 re The enacting clause was passed over and the clerk proceeded to read the dutf able He reached J of proposed an amendment making the duty on commercial acia three cents instead of five cents ner pound of New moved to strike out the clause imposing a duty of a quarter of a cent per pound on muriatic The debate became desultory in sometimes some times political and sometimes bordering on the personal after which Coverts mo tion was A motion made by Coven to strike out the duty on sulphuric acid met with a similar The committee then arose and the house MOBMNGTllAY to JOled tjp Crimlaal saying he was wanted there for larceny His wife caused him to be brought into court on a writ of habeas corpus this He was discharged because there was no warrant issued for his arrest as the law LAST What the Win Do for BAD BUSINESS FOR BRAZIL Italy Nay Attempt Bulldozing Tactics Toward the of and who Xo32 West ThirtySecond locked up tonight on the A DA5GEROUS so fur reasons of her arising from hrr position as a creditor of all nations Inn tinindustry of the Kng lisli nation lieramc congealed Ijy reason of thill ion of Within 7 years thereafter tiie niniiher of lier laud owners were by reason of forced from to and a large proportion of the population had to live wholly or in part on the bounty or ganized Thai has been a part of the prire impiiseii the English people hy the creditors In reeard to the bill pending Infore the said lie hud reported it from tin committee on but it did not fully reflect his views regarding the relation which silver should bear to tinmonetary circulation of the country or the He declared hiniMlf at ail times and at all places a linn and unwavering advocate of fne nnd unlimited coinage of In of the great diversity of views prevailing on the subject and the possibility that by reason of such diversity this session of congress terminate without affording the country any relief from tinbalefill and benumbing effects of demonetization of he had joined with other members of the committee in reporting the lie held himself five to vote for any amendment that might be offered which might lend to make the bill n more perfect measure of relief am that might be more in with his individual Resuming the nrgimicnt Jones said The single gold standard men attcmoted to brush aside the equities involved by sneering at the Who were the debtors in this country he They were the the the energetic the audacious they were the upbuilders and They were the construc tive force in every as proba bly ninetenths of the business of Amer ica depended in form or another on the credit of any system which made the dol lars of a debt more valuable at the date of payment than at the date of borrowing was a system of He warmly de fended the silver miners from the charge of selfishness in desiring the remonctiza lion of At this point Jones postponed finishing the speech until tomorrow and tinhouse THE A Debate on the Tariff May the house after the reading of the journal McKin ley moved that the general debate on the tariff bill be limited to one An absence of a quorum rendered a call of the house A quorum appear ing the motion was agreed to and the house went into committee of the whole of in the on the tariff No one desiring to occupy one minute the clerk proceeded to read the bill by paragraphs for Breckcn of offered an amend ment to come in after the enacting clause providing that any citizen of the United States who manufactures or pro duces articles and sells them outside of the United States shall be entitled to admit free of duty any article of com merce which he may desire to use in his business to the value of articles exported After explaining that his proposition was tiie reverse of the action of the principle of a Breckinridge demanded tell ers on the to of offered an amendment providing that the president may suspend the rate of duty on anv im ppruxl article when in his judgment the manufacture or sale of such article is monopolized or controlled by any trust or After a lively debate the amendment was adopted 87 to Only two repub licans voted in favor of The an nouncement was received with applause on the democratic On a voSe by the amendment was nays The republicans in turn greeted the announcement with an r The amendment brought up a livelv debate in regard to Chrew a fire brand into thediscnsslon y repeating taestoryin re gard to uaveuteyers Influence upon tiie actadule In the MOte After W plflpUfnlly sjfrinVted with The ClaytonBrecldnridge Investigating Committee Return to May subcom of the house elections committee which visited Arkansas to investigate the ClaytonBreckinridge returned to Washington Chairman Laeey is satisfied there would have been real danger for the committee if it had at tempted to conduct an investigation at Mcrrillton and is con vinced a large number of persons inter ested in the case could not have been kept under restraining influences in those small The committee is now convinced the Hooper story of the killing of Clayton docs not meet the facts u this IOWA hunpis Made In Iowa For the Week Ending May May following are the postoltice changes in Iowa during the week ending May 1890 Name Franklin to Reeve Eobert post Postmasters Appointed Polk 1 hoinas Warren Dclewarc Frank Adams Andrew Thompson Linn Mary THE TRAIL OF THE at the iftral 63 West Thirty Hopkinson makes charge against Master son according to the Account given by Hopkinsons maid called at the house early in the evening and being denied admission kicked the door open and entered her demanding which he claimed she had swindled him out of A shot was heard shortly afterwards and Masterson rushed from the room with a smoking pistol in his hand and running Police station that be arrested shoot Hopkinson was arrested and at the police station made a counter charge against ExJudge Masterson comes from and is said to be worth five million He has been a visitor at the flat a long time his sou a boy of lived with Hopkinson un til a few weeks it is also owns gold mines in Chihuahua Old the Onyx mines in His story is that the woman swindled him out of in mine and when he demanded it she shot at and that she is trying to blackmail He added he had been her long The woman de nies the accusations and claims she was a partner of his in the that the money she retained was her share of the profits and that Masterson attempted to shoot A week she he beat her black and blue and took and a gold watch from In the womans possession was found loving letiers from Masterson in which he speaks of her as the onlywoman he ever truly Hopkinson is a blonde about twentyseven years old and claims to be Jealousy is at the bottom of the A prominent New York business said to be Geo Carlysle is mixed up in the af Mastersou is a married Special to The DES May Boies today signed the last two bills passed by the legislature and all ap proved one hundred and thirtysix has not vetoed although he had held some in his office longer than any gov ernor on the good time which he signed very nearly reached the constitutional limit of thirty The bill signed today for allowing prisoners a good time is veay sweeping in its Under its provisions the convict gains one month the firsk two months addi tional the three months the four months five months the six the sisth If he gains all his goodtime he really serves but four years and three This increases the good time about twenty per cent over the present up to six years after that he is given half of every year for every year he U sciit for twentyfive years he would only serve thirteen years and nine Owing to the length of time the government had the matter under consideration it was expected he would vetothe states Credited Kith am InteatJoa to GmuajWorking With Eng to Stanley and Tippoo I have infor mation if would create m great Stanley will be the first tD stir up the against Coming to Kallromd Coart Special to The HawkEyeJ DES May judges of the supreme court filed the following de cisions this morning Lother appeal from Buchanan district John btate of Iowa Frank ap appeal from Washington district Opiniou by Modified and and term of imprisonment in penitentiary re duced to six State of Iowa Robert Perren Union district Opinion by Owen reversed new trial Frank Shergley appeal from Jackson district court Opinion by Granger Isaiah Stanhope Swafford appeal from Bu chanan district J Nev Opiuion by Beck DISASTROUS WRECK ON THE Three Trainmen Killed Wrauet and Eleven Cars Injured ami u Number of lloiiftefl May cyclone winch wrecked Akron Saturday visited Limaville in the northern part of this Six houses were unroofed and others badly Amos and daughter were fatally injured uid a babe May is just learned the farm house of Jacob Kramer u Donegal township was destroyed by Saturday nights and Kramer and his wife fatally Lost in a SAX May by yesterday state that during the great March storm tin schooner Eliza Mary was driven on the reefs of New Seventyfive men were on Tin first boat lowered was vrecked and four men Those vim on the ship were A umber of recruits became panic stricken nd started to swim Those who scaped the breakers were killed by the In all four whites and forty seven blacks were BOBBED OF It ICrported That HuAlbany City Hank Has Sustained a Iilg May is report ed that the Albany City one of the institutions in the was robbed of during the The officials and police decline to discuss the matter and it is impossible to find out whether the bank was robbed or whether some official is The general belief is the bank has sustained a big MANIAC AT ii Insane Man is Frightening Women ami Children in Hancock Special to The May unknown said to hail from is wandering in the vicinity of Brecken as frightening women and He is well dressed and is a powerfully built It is hoped he will be apprehended and locked General Church May the general conference of Uio morning a report wassubmitted showing the past four yearsLhadbcfcnthfe most prosperous in the history of The report showed Sunday schools with teachers and total This is an increase during the quadren uiuin of with SGfl teachers and OSS The committee on epis copacy reported a memorial eulogistic to Bishop who was senior bishop at he time of his The committee on rcvisals made two long reports on proposed changes in the minor details of They recommended a non concurrence in nearly every Had Sot Heard of Any May John with twentyfive prisoners charged with illicit reached Covington today from He was accompanied by seventyfive wit Marshal Johnson had not heard of the reported murder of Captain the revenue and his twentythree when he left Pine and his judgment is that it is a mis Evcrjtissue of the every mus cle and organ is made and more healthful by tiie use ef To Succeed the Rich ard Vans was nominated for congress by the democratic convention this mornthg to fill tiie vacancy caused by the death of Samuel The special election in the third district will be neld May Vaux is a native of this city and was born in During Van Burens administration he acted as secretary of the American legation at Ko table ghouM be without a bottle of An gostura the world renowned Appetiaer of exquisite Beware of May Chica Burlington and Quincy at oclock Friday evening at the derail ing switch near the west cud of the main bureau the worst wreck that it has had for The place is about four miles from Before this there has been two or three wrecks at this and no clear explanation has ever been given of the but the oue last night eclipsed them all in its extent and fatali Train running between Galva and met the Conductor Parker was in Adams of Aurora was the James Maddock of Aurora the and Herb Mott of Galena head Mott and Maddock were all on the As the train drew near the derailing switch for some reason the engine on passing over the switch left the track and ran along the eround for about one hundred when it tipped The train wasrunning rapidly at the time and the momentum of the cars urged them forward against the locomo The first car was driven into the cab of the demolishing its pinning the brakeman and fireman tightly against tne boilerhead and in stantly killing The engineer was hurled from the cab a few yards and as he fell a car toppled over on causing instant The work of ruin went on until eleven cars were off the eight of them being totally Five were filled with the greater number of which were killed Four contained one old and one To add to the horror of the situation the flying cars had knocked down a breaking and commingling the wires so that the trainmen had to go to four miles in order to reach the city by Word was received here about eleven oclock that night and the wreckingcar wasatoncesenttothe scene of the The accident has been one of the leading themes of conversation among railroad men since it The opinion prevails at Galva that the heavy rains of the afternoon and evening had caused the track to settle on one side in the vicinity of the derailing switch and that this caused the The loss is thought to be less than THE FIBE Two Lives Lost In a Conflagration at I May occupied by a family burned this William aged and grand mother Catherine burned to Ths woman was eighty years old and The boy lost his life while at tempting to save Barn and Stock Special to The HawkEyeJ May barn contain ing a quantity of grain and nay and six head of horses on the Coleman three miles northeast of this was burned late last Victims of tongue Ponte May work of re moving the debris from the ruins of the Longue Pointe Asylum is still in pro but only the charred remains of a few bodies have been recovered and their identification is The safe has been taken out and most of the records found Des Moines Special to The DKS May is noth ing new in the boodle case this moruiii excepting that exAlderman Hammer has decided to refund to the city the drawn by him on the order upon Treasurer He will present it to the council at its meeting The drawn by four aldermen on the Johnson warrnt was refunded to Ilubhell a week The grand jury is probing the matter to the bottom and will probably not pre sent any of the indictments until all are made out and returned Supposed Burglars Special to The May young men named Irvine and Burns were ar rested here today charged with being implicated in the recent burglaries at Fort Marshalltown and They are thought to be members of a regularly organized gang of Sheriff of Fort will be here tomorrow to identify Crushed by a Railway May evenin at six oclock the Milwakee and Paul train struck a buggy at the Main street crossing at Iowa In the buggy were Miss Alice Aaron her daughter and All were thrown Miss Glover had a leg and an arm broken and re ceived other injuries which will prove The other occupants of the buggy were also seriously The buggy was broken into A Notorious Burglar May of the most desperate gangs of burglars which ever operated in this section has been broken up by the arrest of the a man named Morgan was caught in the act of tapping a till in broad day light and has been Identified as the man who went through the Hartley express office last His connection with previous burglaries was proved by incrim inating letters found in his Meeting of the Ancient Grand May most ancient grand court of the of will convene in this city in the hall of Star Lodge in its fifth annual with Susan most ancient grand of Des Delegates will be present from Des Cedar Rapids and May a lead ing Paris ridicules the ex planation to be advanced by the United States secretary of the navy that uie squadron of evolution is ordered from to improve its relaxed by frequent communication with shore and indulgence in the pleasure of tte agreeable Mediterranean The Tjfficers and men have not been Moored in this respect more than has been and other the French journals must besought The wish is probably father to the that the squadron is sent to Brazil in view of the threatened compli cations between the new republic and The Figaro maliciously hints thai the latter power is being eitged on by Ger The number of Germans in been lessened by the return of many who were engaged in commercial enterprises and who look to their nativegovernment for compensation for to their The agricultural colonists on the have and appear to be content with their Theyconstituted the bulk of the settlers there of German descent buttherepresentativesof capital invested in trade at the large ports have consider able and their complaints will probably cause much embarrassment for As Italy has a grievance asrainst the South American it will be better to allow her to take the initia and then excuses will not be lacking for Germany to sustain the Italian The principal one will be the threatened ruin to the German robber manufacturing industry by the advance in the raw material anil the alleged favoring of United States dealers in that France would witness with the greatest complacency any attempted bullying of Brazil by confident that the United as shown by its late will warn any European power against unwarranted hostilities in the Western Caprivis Brilliant May Stornlnj fWs Berhn correspondent says By todays speech in the reiehstag Von Caprivl passed with one bound to the first rank of European The opinion universally expressed in the lobbies was that in comparison with his predecessor he has nothing whatever to His speech was an intellectual His whole bearing and especially his strength revealed by his conciliatory manner to wards the opponents showed nobility of high integrity and clearness of The emperor and Europe are to be by CSpedal toThe DES May railroad commissioners left here this evening for they will hear argu ments investigate the complaints filed with reference to the refusal of the roads to establish joint A VUlare Almost Destroyed by village of Tiefen in Canton was al most completely destroyeAby Must Not Collect Extra JEFFEESOS May state 01 railroad commissioners today rendered an important decision to the effect that hereafter the practice must be abandoned of collecting extra fare from passengers who fail to buy tickets where extra fare is in excess of the statutory A Kate KANSAS May Missouri Pacihcthis evening announced a S3 rate from Kansas City to Charles Randolph Turns May Randolph exsecretary of the board of who has been missing several has turned up in A letter received from him today announces intention of remaining in Portland per He said nothing to his familv on knowing they would oppose the ThreeThousand Men May thousand employes of the National Tube Works at Pennsylvania struck today for a ten per cent advance in All departments closed down except the puddling and rolling Chairman of the Democratic May caucus of democratic senators today elected Sena tor Gorman successor to Senator Beck as permanent An Oil Broker May the oil failed today and barrels of oil were sold on exchange for his The shortage is small The Council snanffel lief of quirt the off i May The city council met in pursuant to Mayor Presents Aldermen Menetvi aniipiiynr 1 TheStrtread thecalll in which the following weif i reasons To the ordinal circuses and shows are consider an ordinance recst grade of Valley In accordance with this an was entitled An OrtU Amend an Ordinance entitled J nance Requiring Persons Cl Certain Business in this City License and to Pay Certain and Affixing Penalties for I tion The proposed ordinance 10 of the old ordinance and cnactf thereof the following All hibitors of i or other perfo show of any or place of ai shall pay a license as follows cus or menagerie shall pay not fa fifty nor more than one dollars for each days discretion of the mayor and side show in connection therewith dependent shall pay C for each days For ea museum or show kind not otherwise herein provfi exhibiting tent i than a shall be paid than I Much in editor of the Maroa has been missing since May Lieutenant Edwin Weeks committed suicide at San yester The Louisiana legislature convened News comes from Wiesbaden that Richard Crocker is t Physician May G a prominent physician this yester oommitted suicide by A note left by him said he had taken a dose of XEW May a wholesale made an His liabilities and timated at AKSWSBED DEATHS General Julius exOtlnister to the Argentine Republic Tlipij May exminister to the Argentine Re died at his residence at South Evasion this morning of General White rendered conspicuous service in the union army during the late Judge Sabin May Geo States district judee of died here this A JOlllosmire Lumberman May Thomas the millionaire died this morning of aged fiftyfive nr HOMott OF Accidents at Special to The HawkEyeJ May wife of cxKcpresentative George was thrown from a horse yesterday and had a leg broken and an ankle The residence of di vision superintendent of the was struck by lightning this The family were away from The house was but slightly Distillers After May Since the full text of the original package decision was made known this section has been flooded with circulars from Min Missouri and Indiana Petitions also are now in circulation ask ing congress for Charged With May Louis Hen a sixteenyearold farm hand employed by George living south of this has been bound over to the grand jury on a charge of He is accused of haying forged his employ ers name to a draft filched from a letter and of having had the draft FortyTlTe Flaes May During the term of the federal court which closeVLSatnrday evening fortyfive viola international revenue laws An to Eraet a mxmt lm CsOoa SPUES May The sec retary of state has issued a license for the incorporation ofthe Sheridan Monument association at Chicago to erect a statue in park to the memory of General The incorporators are Joseph E Richard James and re Killed him May An two and two brake men were killed by a collision of freight the East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia at a four miles from here The ac cident was caused by a misunderstanding of running Committee MeeUas May The meeting of the executive committee of the repub lican national committee which was to have been held here today was again this time The reason gtren for postponement is the ab sence of Hrst Assistant Postmaster Gen eral Kyt While at board train at Oils Charles Torrence under the cats and was Stanley Is May in an in terview today regarding the German movements in said hu was wearied by Englands apathy in regard to the operations being carried on by the Ger If England continued to remain inactive the Germans would secure a paramount influence in The em peror and the Stanley said are backing Major Wissmann and it is impossible for him to fai in the under takings to advance German interests in A Challenge to May the Australian pugilist challenged Corbctt to box in London for thousand pounds a to which the Pelican club will add one thousand Germany Working With May the debate on the East Africa credits in the reiehs tag today Baron Von Marschall ex plained that the mission of Emin Pasha in Africa on the part of the Germans would be confined to establishing friend ly relations with those tribes in the inte who are within the German sphere of interest and to estimating the cost of eventually forming some fortified sta tions in the In the negotia tions with regarding the boundaries of their respective posses sions in the predominating wish of Germany was to go hand in hand with England and to cultivate the common in terests of both The object was not to acquire as much territory as but to keep together what was naturally connected by a course of water ways as a means of Ou this point Germany was prepared to come to an understanding with Officials Removed for May minister of and the gov ernor of were owing to the protests of Germany and England against their condnWFin the Moussa Bey and other Vienna Bankers May newspapersan nounce the suspension of Bonus Lang The assets are five million seven million Gas Works Employees Gone on a May employed in the gas works here have gone on a GLADSTONE ON FREE Be Believes it Is Destined to Become May spoke at the Cobden club He said free traders must recognize with great disap pointment how much ground was lost by their doctrine within the last twentyfive Militarism which lay like a vam pire over Europe was responsible for much of the but not for all because free trade receded countries where militarism did not in the United States and in the British Protection applied now in not only to goods but to as instanced by the treatment of the The great republic never accepted the doctrine of free At one time there had been a Qualified progress toward them but this being the opinion became ac tually Still the strengthening activity and clearness of conviction of free trade in American par ties gave a favorable promise of ultimate triumph at the On looking over ihe world the prospects for free trade were certainly not This state of opinion had emboldened the champions of long lurking in their to venture out and renew the struggle under the name of fair Regarding bimetallism Gladstone said it was a movement in the direction of Since the adoption of free trade the wages of the laboring men had improved fifty per England was working out a great social and economic problem for the benefit of the He was confident free though tem porarily was destined to be the universal of trade and would obtain a general acceptance in civ ilized VICTIMS OP A Bridegroom Who Xbrgot His Didnt Remember the Never was in my lift said the little tugged nerr ously at his bristling But my father had one of the worst cases I ever heard He was a man who usedthe good old fashioned birch To add to the good effect of the punishment he used to send us out to cut the K it was not a good he sent us back for Once he sent me on one of these melancholy and as my of fense had been playing from school for three days I was in no hurry to return for iny When I came in the room he was pacing thought fully up and down the he I am glad youhave I wanted yon for but it hits slipped my I win recall it in a And I discreetly backed out of the room with my birch behind and tossed it over the That was the last I heard of that Case of suspended said some My continued the first was as bad as my He lives in a New England and he went to Boston once to transact some business which would occupy two At the end four days he had not re wifes anxiety was relieved on that day by which read What did I come to Boston for Have been trying to remember for three Real telegraphed his Of came back the That reminds said one of the of a friend of He was a lawyer in a small and frequently after working late at nigtit at his office would sleep on a comfortable lounge which he had in a back When he was married there was a wedding breakfast at the brides home and the couple were to start on an evening train for a wedding H had to run around to his office for a few having forgotten some little thing which had to be attended The hours went on and H failed to return to his When train time came and no bridegroom appeared every one was thrown into a The bride and the news spread like wildfire in the littletown had abandonded his bride and fled the The only one who seemed not to suspect him was only shed refusing to listen to any condemnation of her missing but declining to offer any Finally she could stand the strain no longer and posted her father to H 9 H had gotten deep into his work and was just on the point of sleep on his He was so up over his cruel blunder that he was ashamed to face anyone but his and extended his two months wedding trip over a They made one of the happiest couples in the but to this day his wife has to find his hat for him and remind him what he wants to do when he leaves the A singular case but one which could hardly be called absent another of the little is that of the stock On the morn ing on his first baby was he came on the floor with a radiant Catching sight of he rushed up and with a beaming smQe and joyous Congratulate old man Pm the happiest fatherinNew York There never was such a handsome baby born I do congratulate old I aa he sqoeeaedin hand He looked and then of blank despair went over Tnte hanged if I he disappeared from the but in a couple of bonrslfeltsoaie one nearly arm frpm its 1 went to find 3JBW Tori TribimV Si effect and the perfect safety with irhieh ladies may use the li quid fruft Syrup of under afl conditions make it their favorite rem If ft pleasing tothe eye and to the yet effectual actfaur on the Iddneysy liver T that for a wgel or a month is desired I shall notbe less than twenty more than fifty dollars per monthyl discretion of the Each st hibitor or performer shall not pay than one nor more than live dollai day in the discretion of the The ordinance was given its first ing in full by the the rules the ordinance read the and third times and Alderman Bonn presented1 the of Grupe and n and property owners on Valley praying for the reestablishment of f grade of that if the street i tilled to grade their property woul about two and onehalf feet City Engineer Steyh being caM upon to give his said the leaslFi jcctionable way of granting the prayed for was to change the establ grades as to make the north C from Boundary street lawn one foot lower than south By this and by lowering sidewalk three the would be left only nine inches below He presented an ordinance accordance with the above suggcstli which was read in the rules the ordinance read the and third times and THE RAILROAD C01 Will Hear the Complaint of Shippers in this City ToDay The state railroad commissioners Des Aloines last evening and will a in the city this to hear the plaint liled against the Burling Cedar Rapids and Northern by Buril ton The commissioners have been ten dered the use of the Commercial Clufc parlors for their sitting and the hearing will be given at nine oclock this morn The following is the complaint May To the Honorable Board of Railway Commissioners The Cedar Rapids and Northern company are dis criminating against the undersigned shippers of Burlington by charging a higher rate for the transportation of freight from Burlington to all points on their line of road north of Cedar than they are charging for transporta tion of freight from as by the copy of the Cedar Rapids and Northern railroad local dis tance number giving rates now charged from and the and Northern railway number from Louis via Burlington to all points on the Cedar Rapids and North ern herewith We therefore pray that your honorable body under the act of the twenty second general In relation to preventing unjust discriminating knoWn as File 373 establish reasonable rates that the Cedar Rapids and Northern Railroad company may charge for transportation of freight over their lines of road in the state of Signed ClItTTESDEN DoSAHCKj1 SMITH EMBAIMING BCBIALCASE The particular discrimination com plained of is that the Cedar Rapids and Northern is the only road hv Iowa wh ieh has not volnn tarily made joint and that by reason of snch refusal the complainants are obliged to pay higher rates from Burlington topointsv in north of Cedar than ship pers from Louis or double the are As an instance of this is the Rates via fine Fourth Burlington to 23ft SOc Louis to tfe iyc And the rates by the Burling ton and Quincy tariff to points equally distant on the Iowa Central are bat thir tyfive cents The Burlington shippers have not en gaged any one to argue case for they will content themselves with presenting the plain statement of facts to the mm One of the chofce9Tnnsical ever rendered in the city was the given I Ssevening at Clark opened the p with Joseffys everwelcome Mflt played it in a characteristic Infested The second number was a vocal MayingV Band which was exceptionally welt dne and proved a Band his debut as a Miss Anna played Last Hope and Her Alfred Sommers celb by and Thet by were eseeedfisgfe joyabte and given in a truly mnsfebimary oneortheir bigUy tfonf By the

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