Friday, May 9, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa TARIFF TAIK not to be laid aside until final action Is The territorial bills go over until after the action on the silver i The house bill providing for the classi nepresentative of Mis fixation of worsteds was taken up and debated at some It was passed without amendment by a vote of 32 to The senate on motion of took up the pension appropriation The pension appropriation bill appro priating for the next fiscal year Opposes the Tlie Consideration of the silver BUI Pomponcd Till Pacific Funding party May After the journal tinhouse went into ionimit of the whole on Thetariff of Mid in the last campaign the claimed the fanners would by Vet sifter the republican victory the depression in agriculture greater than This depression fol lowed the Rreal protective ii was not a temporary condition the coun iryluidto Furm prices had riot recovered UK panic of I Jin finistani tenilcncv in liii downward iliatlim 02 was taken Amendments by Sherman and Washburn to increase the number of pension agents from eighteen and twenty to twentyone gave rise to a long As the vote disclosed the absence of u quorum the senate ad BUBUNGTOITS PUBLIC BUILDIH8 it ANOTHER ASYLUM Eleven Idiots Cremated in a New York County Poor Tbe Other Rescued trith Gre Sickening Stench of Kurnlnc Fatal proceeded to it was in power of any tariff raise any agricultural product unless it could be seen it was brought jnto roiiijietiiinn with a foreign Instead of hav ing to meef coin petition ni our own oii Hit American own produce to supply the agriiuUiiral d of Morse inijuiifd whether the fanners did not have compete with ihe farmers of re vealed another injustice Tinwestern fanner had no rijm but ihe etVeci the on agrjcnliiira proilneis was to the farmerof the with a duty of live cents per were froin io New it wacheaper io pay lielimy on eggs than i pa railruiid imin the to ihereliire lieiarill Kiivc no lienelit fa nunof the West aud the fanner the extent of the then snli Both HOBMM of Special to JChc HavrkEy May conference report on Unrlingtons public building bill parsed Imth houses HAEBISOF8 tinI How tlie Jrexiilrnt In Kept Informed of May Chunan go county poor house was destroyed br fire at midnight last night and eleven of the inmates perished in the The fire started in the insane ward One Irendredand twentyfive paupers and iu fr May many wonder how with his numberless manages to keep up with the ivents of the particularly with tinpublic opinion of hi admimV lint he does and liy the simp lest Of course for him to devote his timiin skimming the liaperof the great land would be Impos for it would require twothirds of his an attendant reads ovrthe daily papers From and west the leading voieiiiff ihe sintimejits of How into the Uhile House they arc lirst jilaeed in the hauds of a and competent This pirson reads each periodical All criticisms on all on his nil parly opinions and sectional senti a everything bearing upon the president or Ills administra tion in clipped from these papers aud in a scraphook for his inspec It no mallr whether these sentiments arc favorable or adverse in tinir thiy So all the n that i ihe only way Harrison could be able 10 lind nut if his policy i in touch with the or regulate his in accordance with the senti ment of seel ions of the it is used to pursue tinsame hod of dipping from ihe papers regarding her and preserving them in a scrap Senator Sherman is said to pos sess such a which covers his politi cal life for thirtvlive Slid the le suriilus by iv anul anil il this conlliei of theories which a In ihe campaign ot isss to the people lull debatcou form anil III Ihe I ill favor of the The verdict was pronoiineetl the presidency and popular from the pari a measure ihe coiuiniitee on means it in execute ihe verdiel and it into a iariy was amiiu Infore Ihe with the appeal thai they The pimv a larill for the republican party favored a larill and not in cidenlarr llol illl illlelll i to ila n The a of liunows defended ioiiipi1 i iroods u in coiii il i iiaii mnvsi riili IlMllpel il ion ill I lalun compel it ii llli and III and and food il labor was lree trade tinrieli and Inn harder work lo ihe for cheapness the noi propose in en pr all prevenieii i larill for uard u part a int protection the tin lree tniile timi uiiivs labor meant petition in Che mi val cheaper meant cheapinsv t lonuir ami In this parly liateveimiuht be the cause of ini would he to assert il WHS due in a policy which hail ajhome I and ninetyfive linls of the Ina for one il would not he marketof tlie In the xi id I in i we have soimhi io reduce ihe cnne to a basis of ihe irnineniiil witlniui impairing a single Ainerieuii industry or ihprivinir a single of the product ol his ol t sneicli this this putrid ninni ihe disseei In some re spects it ior it was fear fully and Again it was tlie eanii ai without fiirm and all There was a gen eral change irom ad valorem io specific ies were cr a ml tli is change iinsnnier from getting the The pany would lake issue publican parly on the lie also Iiiincreased duly on oil i Inoilier sivlc spniie thevictory achieved by tlie republicans in That was a when one huiulreil ihousaiui majority was Uie This provokeil a poliiical lilt between Millikeu ami which lasted some MeMillen iheii o an an alysis of the bill ussertiiiR that aside from the fiiLar there was not in which tlie ilnties had not liccn MeMillen predicted when the ides of November arrived there would so up rum ihr republican party wail ol of was op in any seneril discussion ot the It should lie passed While ibis measure was pendinj in conirrcss the business interests of the coinnry would be in a uneasy condition which ivuld only be relieved when the president ilncou his signature mi the Kefer rinirtoihe airricullural he aclmitied in some pans of the country the condition of Uufarmers was bin Indid noi think ii fair that the inference should be that the farmers of for eign countries were iu more favorable On the lie as serted theforeiKu farmers were iii a much more deplorable condition than the farm ers in the fulled In the last ten years the farm lands of small in had depreciated in while lie asserted iu the whole of America the value of farm lands had notdepreciated one He predicted the next census would show an increase in the value of farms in the countrjr over the value in of Xew spoke against the bill and the committee arose and the house took n recess until eight At the evening session speeches weic delivered by of Connecticnt of Indiana of Missouri of Tennessee of Maryland of Tennessee of Texas and Brookshlro and India The house then GENERAL WASHINGTON Olllrials by tin president today sent to the senate the followinj of persons to he officials in Oklahoma tjeorgc of governor Hubert of Niipreme court nllicial Kdwanl of chief justice Abraham of Mis and of associate justice Warren mar shal Horace of Inited States TinImilic lEullrnailN rnnaing May of ihe house committee on 1acifie rail roads at a mceiiii tmlay refused to re liorl lieracilic railroads funding bill to He insisted that ihe two rail roads ihe racilic and Central 1a cilic Inon even terms so far as ihe is This will postpone the final action upon tin bill until the next TinSilver Cmlrr May the repuhli caucus this niorninK the iuitinn was again the subject of and airaiu no conclusion was The silver men refused to ac cept and Mippmt a bill containing a will permit the redemption purchase notes in under any THE CIVIL SEK7ICE niilll Merliiit the May William president of ihe New York Civil Service presided at its annual meetina lastnisiht and made tinonly lliirinR the course of his remarks he condemned lirst Assist ant IVstiiiaster General Clurksnii for bavins made thirty ihousanil removals for political than any ad minisiraiinii before ever made in the same UiiLtli of He congratulated his Inarers on the fact that the man whom one of ihe two parties will slum be obliged in make its candidate is so favorably disposed toward civil service This reference to Cleve land was calmly THE LAST SID Tlir of SiMiutor crowds of people in witness the nbsequiesof Senator May Largo in ihccity loday His body lay m state in the Presbyterian church all nunniiis and was viewed by thousands of At twelve oclock ihe funeral services were held in the church and wore attended by a large number of officials of the state and gov as well as At the con clusion of ihe ceremonies the procession formed marched Jo the cemetery whenthe remains wore May The considera tion of the diver bill lias been postponed nntil when it will he taken np Illinois Stay association resumed its session The following officers were elected for the ensuing year Mat Cariiiivillo tirst vice Dixou second vice Chicago recording Chicago treas Pcorhi assistant Arnica The best salve in the world for cuts salt fever chapped corns and ail skin and posi tively cures or no pay It is guarantiMxl to give perfect satisfaction or money Price 23 cents For sale at Henrys drug Bane persons were confined in the build ing when it caught as there are no fire facilities iff 1he the flames spread rapidly without being So efforts were made to save the build ing and all attention was paid tn remov ing the The poor house was a wooden threestory and the flames were first discovered iii the north wing of this The building where the insane were confined adjoins The origin of the lire is unknown but it is likely that it was started by one of the crazy One of the bodies has been identified as that of a zirJ named Many of Uie inmates of the jjoor house were txnh of the insane and the some It is reported that tome of the officials are among tin There is natural apprehension among the county people who fear visits from the escaped Latest reports state that the number of persons who perished in the flames will probaWv reach The build ings were located about seven miles from this town and one mile from the small hamlet luilled There is no tel ephone nor telegraphic communication with and the only help that could be secured was from a few neigh boring They worked heroically to subdue the but within two hours the buildings were entirely de stroyed and the inmates of the insane asylum were escaping in all A special messenger arrived here this morning for Sheriff who imme diately left for the after swearing iu a large number f who are now scouring the country for the missing The two churches and one ho tel have been turned into leniporary anil tinrescued are transferred u those ijiiarters as rapidly as The lire is said to have been caused by a woman iu the idiot after smoking a placed it in her pocket before it was entirely Slit was almost immediately enveloped in and when the keepers reached her room they found her burned to a Tinnames nf the dead so far discov ered are Sarah Sarah Galla Sarah Laura Delia Deborah Mary Ann Lucy Warren and Amefia At At forty others are unaccounted but it is believed that most of the missing are cither in the neighbood or iu some part of the The superintendent of the poor has telegraphed to the chairman of tlie state hoard of charities issue special order for an immediate transfer of the insane to the state At twelve oclock seven persons had tiind by the special The losses will on which there is an insurance of It is nowlearned that two who were not patients but officials of the asy were burned to making tlie lotal loss of life Kxcitement over the destruction of the poor house and county insane asylum this morning interests all who had friends among the Preston is six miles from any anil a procession of all sorts of vehicles has been going there all smoke and stench from the holocaust was perceptible while at the scene of the disaster the stench was The idiots were locked in and roasted like Keeper Mainwariug said On open ing ihe door leading from the hall to tin idiot departuitnt I was thunderstruck to see the interior a mass of I at tempted to the poor who were all secured in their cells as but was driven back by the heat and 1 saw UK idiofs wore doomed nnil nothing could save 1 then aroused the In some instances the poor people were dazed and it was necessary to carry them bodily from the house and turn them loose in the yard and There were twelve iuniates in the idiot asylum and they must have been overcome by heat for 1 heard nothing from them and roasted like Coroner Frrnald of this place went to Preston aud ordered removal of the charred and blackened remains iu the Uuokots of water were dashed iijKiu thejii and at length the roasted ones were pulled out and laid upon the AH were burned hcyoml recogni In instances the remains were removed with nothing hut a skull or a few IKIIIOS giving any indica tions that they were once human dated Xew York ilarch ad dressed to GovfTflor of in which tie writer acknowledges receipt of an offer of the posi tion of chief of ordnance of Virginia if he would res from the and says It not my wish to leave the service of the Cuited States so long as it is honorable for Jne to remain in it and therefore so long as my native state Virginia remains in the union it is my purpose to remain in unless re quested to perform duties alike repulsive to honor and A SBraACTMKL Crontn Hi Means at Commnui catiiig with Outside May the dis coveries that Coughlin and Sulli who are serving life sentences in the penitentiary for the murder of had secured facilities for com munication with the outside world by a dispatch from Joliet says the investigation shows Tom the foreman of the outside gangs for the cooper was the mail took Lttrs from the con victs and reolies wen sent under cover to his He IBS been Nothing was discovrrpd in the letters so far found except requests for certain luxuries the prisoner wanted smuggled but there has been much wild speculation as the extent and nature of the Attorney who represents the scoffs at the idea that there is anything in the nature of a plot by means of which the prisoners He de clares that they do UM wish to being convinced that the supreme court will soon grant them anew ABOUT JOINT Conference of Railway Attorneys and the Regarding the THE LABOB Ristuiirnnt Ko Out nn a May The colored wall in about eighty in mornins presented a demand fur a reformation of lifiurs wages as upon bv the waiters union last iiiilnand being de nied the request struck at when their services wenmust in Two of were arrested for tryin to intimidate those who took their Committees of strikers visited other restaurants employing coled lured help and to get them to come out at hut without It is all of the color rs In the about nine hun will bo on a strike before Mondav recap Conductors ami ijrukcnitii oil a May Xo freisht trains have been muviiig on the Union between Portland and Umatilhi since Sunday owing the strike of con ductors and braketneii on account of a reduction iu Strikers Keturu Imr May In accordance with the arbitration agreement dwlarius the carpenters off as far as the bosses association is about four thou sand men who have been idle for a month returned to work this The Strike at Tonbaii May Twenty thousand strikers at Toubaix have resumed work and the strike is practically METHODIST Strong Resolutions Condemning and May U the Southern Methodist conference today Dun of introduced a lone pre amble and the of which was the condemnation of Taking such diversions as can not he used in the name of the Lord Among world ly diversions condemned are theatrego card playing and the like also that the use of such as theatre and legitimate had a pernicious eflVctou the minds of the especially when used by the minister of the The reso lution met with strong opposition but was finally Another resolution to make laymen eligible services on ail committees precipitated a discussion which consumed tinremainder of the IN THE al THE PffiE Fit May hoard of Fire Inderwrivcrseritorod upon its twentyfourth annual session today with sixtyeight fire insurance companies throughout the country The The pleasant effect and the perfect safety with which ladies may use the li quid fruit Syrup ol under all conditions make it their rem It is pleasing to the eye and to the yet effectual In acting on the liver and first Stair Grarral liffoae Editorial and Tltira fourth Sporting aua flunmM Sncr and Illsiulrotis Illnte Jlay town was by another largo fire this morn ransiug destruction of the Cen tral house and four The hotel was the property of Francisco and had just been repaired and refurnished His estimated loss is about and insured for The other property belonged to Michael and was His loss is about and was insured for The fire so the hotel people in one of Schicks bouses adjoining the hotel and the flames soon spread from building to building until all were con The wind was favorable to the buildings on south of them or the whole block on the uortwest of the square would liave lxxn The LOM by Fire at May loss by last nights fire will probably reach the losses being only partially cov ered by A BOt ASuir loTake from tlwStmirianl I Com pany Its May Gen atson has brought suit in quo war ranto in the superior court to from the Standard Oil company its charter for violation of the laws in various wavs The petition cites the fact that the com pany has forfeited its riiht by ohi into the Standard Oil trust of New York and in receiving trust certificates ijeu of us former of The princi pal point cited is the fact that its board of directors are nonresidiuu direct violation of the state Supreme Court Special to The HawkEve DK Slav court of Iowa has met a few vious to the regular May term np some husin January Annaml Meeting and Santa TOPEKJU May At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Atch and Santa Fe railroad to Allen Mauvel was reelected presi Jonathan Atred iield Trial at Special to The May the twelveyearold boy who nmrdered Frank Archer in the east end Willis Pntnam was arraigned before Juspce in Elm town aiidwaived a preliminary examina andiD default of Ijail was committed to the county It is reported that other boys were implicated in the mur der and the prosecuting attorney has or dered them It is now expected a special grand jury will be called to act in the A C05VICT Truoted to Do Out Door Me Adnutafe of the Special to The May Last night Lewis a prisoner trusted with working on the prison made good his escape by swimming the Wapsie Ruble stole a horse in Cedar county it for four gallons ot for he was sen tenced years in His time have out in October dollars arc offered for his capture and evcryeff on is being made to apprehend uprciuc lays pre to finish np some business connected with the i i lilpd tho followins decisions in the office of the elort the snpreme court this Killner appeal from Keo kuk district David judge opinion by Robinson affirmed State of Iowa Thomas appealed from Ringold district V The indictment charged defendant with sediietion nf nm Xcllic alleged to be un married woman of previous chaste char Defendant was found and sentenced to bv Eothrock State of Iowa Appeal from Taylor John ment for mnrder in the Opinion hv Grander judgment of district ronri the case remanded for a new trial State of Iowa Lawson Laldwin Jefferson district court judge indfctment for at sault and attempt to produce miscarriage of a pregnant resulting te Defendant found gn tvof m der in second judgment reversed Richards Appeal from coun Beck oMtltotion or the New Joint Rate ThedFirrt Iowa Joint Ratr From the Dos Moines Leader Mar me conference announced exclusively i yesterdays Leader between the rail ay commissioners aud the representa ives of the railroads was held at the commissioners rooms yesterday after It was more iu the nature of a trial than a commission playing the double roio of witnesses and The representatives ofVhc roads Attorneys of the Wright of the Rock aud of the arrived at the state house about two accompanied bv huperintendent of the Chicago Turlington and and immediateli proceeded to Attorney Wright announced lhat the three attorneys had been appointed at the conference held at Chicago last week as a committee to appear before the board and if what board proposed to do about the joint rate law wnat construction would be given it and wuerwise gain as much information from the deputy trinity as The board consented to undergo an examina tion and answer all questions put to them in the most complete manner possible Ihe commissioners by answers to divers explained the pro visions of the law as they understood the authority conferred upon them to make joint rates to and from all poinU within the the rates to be based upon the proiiortioii of the through rate allowed on a like continuous haul or upon the interstate rate charged by the roads for similar The under tilt for one company to permit its cars to go upon the lines nf anv other company with which joint rates are nrtdo or that the initial company shall pay the expenses of transferring tlie goods Attorney Itlythe the present rate from a point fifty miles east of field as twenty cents per while llie rate for one hundred was but twentv four He asked if the shipment were made to a pointiifty miles from r airfield on the Rock Island would the be under the joint rate to accept twelve the half of the rate for a hundred mile as its share for a transaction the commission ers schedule allowed twenty cents Chairman Smith said that was about tin size of The railway attorney asserted that such rates wore outrageous and could not he Chairman Smith cited the grain and cattle rates from the the charging of Iowa producers twentylive cents per hundred on ship ments to while the roads ac cepted twelve cents as their portion on shipments from western Attorney Kish protested against the application of interstate rates to local Long hauls at very low rates are a legitimate part of railway bnsines It is necessary for western farm pro ducts lo reach the eastern markets at low rates in order tu make any profit at all for the and while those rates are often extremely it is not the but the who profit He asserted that every railroad would oil could it dispense with this through business at low He instanced the shipment of flour from to Liverpool for a less rate than could be shipped to Xew York H would mean bankruptcy for every in Iowa if t lie proposition to make local rates on the same basis as in terstate rates is carried into It was now Attorney Ulythos turn at insisted that it would he impossible to for a moment seriously consider the placing in operation joint rates to every point in however unless local rates are verv materrially There was no for the making of such The roads were perfectly willing to make joint rates to every point where tliey were but they did not wish to oo compelled to do lieiausu they voluntarily rates to some was no reason why they should he compelled by to make such rates ti every In response to a nuery as to how far an application for joint rates would ex tend if asked for between two specific Commissioner Campbell thought the request would compel ratesbe tween all intermediate points on the because the hill specifically said there must be no This deciskm was the subject of another earn est protest ou Jtho partof the railroad They couldnt see what was the use of a provision of the law providing for the making of demand by the before a rate should be made be tween any certain points if a rate de manded by a shipper atsome other point would compel that Itufc it was light on the subject they were after and they were getting Commissioner Dey was then called to the stand and asked the point blank ques tion whether or not the law was constitu Dey was of the opinion that was a question that the board did not have to pass was a body stitutwua4 provisions that a solvent com pany should be compelled against its will to enter into contractual relations with an insolvent comoany and become responsi ble for shipments in the hands of the lat Any such law is surely and certain ly he was the grounds for a desire on the part rajroad for a determination of the legality of the law ou the part of They did not feel that they should comply with its until these points were decided and yet nol wish to be in the least disrespectful to the commission and disregard its orders Attorney Wright thought a more proper designation of the law would have been an act whereby it is ordered that the Jobbers of the state are given the power to make joint rates between any and all roads in the irrespect ive of the justice of those or the wishes of the or the judgment of the This completed the railway side of the and the decision of the lioard was was long iu Chairman Smith announced that the board could see no authority by which the board could suspend the operation of They were given no siuh power and bad no right to assume Wheth HORRORS OF James of Fulton Illi Dies an Awful Bitten Twice Remedy In H Mad Stonefearing Injury Hb Family He Han Hlnwelf Chained Ukr a of a pair of shoes made at tot a girl living at Tho girl for whom these shoes were made only seventeen years and is seven seven in height and 235 She has had many often to pose in all of which she has re The insole referred to inches in length and Inches tn width at the broadest THK unos nr cr or not ihe lawwas uncunstiiutional was a matter not for them to The law was laid down for their guidance anil they must follow its Those were that immed iately upon the lilinsr of a complaint and the refusal of the company to make a the commissioners must make This provision the board would follow and if the companes desired to they were of course at liberty to do That was all thai was accessary to ter minate the The conclusion had been announced in unmistakable terms and the railway men then took their Front iheir statements during and after the conference it is fair lo pre sume the companies will contest the They certainly will if tlie advice and arguments of lilythe Wright are taken by ihe The complaint of Uobert DonahitiC of IStir will doubtless go down into his tory as the subject of a lonsr and hitter hiral THK FiitsT The first joint rates to be put into under the new law were with the They are an nounced by the liurliuston and Western and the Uumesion and The made and it is a flat rate of ten cents per one hundred from Hiirliiigton tn all points on the Iliimeston aud The reduc tion from the old schedule is about twentylive per WAffS FKOM THE Iuckits One Ip anil Dm Snnthwnnl Dull Front There was a drop of three indies in the river Six feel and ten inches is the above low The which was expected down last will not arrive until this morn She was delayed many hours at because of the river being full of logs shot into tinmain channel at that The Mary Morion will be up this morn The Cile passed south with a log The two ice Polar Wave and belonging to Lootuis of were libelled yester day to recover wages claimed to lie dm seventeen men who were employed in loading steamer tn reach Minneapo lis in eighteen years was seen in that city last The trip from Iaul was made on the government in charge of Engineers Diishane and Thomp The trip was made to Major in charge of the an opportunity to examine tin The only dillicuity experienced was at the big piers of the Mississippi Boom company above Tin water is seven feet and the can be moved to shallow The Adalanded at Chcevers at the foot of Washington Captain Iteuo and Major MacKeusie are enthusiastic over the state of the and the latter will recom mend an appropnation for the clearing of the channel so that largest steamer may run to the falls of FSpivial to The i IH May from hydrophobia are not and the agonies attendant upon such dissolution in But the sufferings and subsequent death of James Bevard i well known citizen of in this in consequence of the bite from a rabid seem to rival in horror any similar some years ago was bitten by a supposed rabiddog He immediately went to in Hancock anil applied a madstoue to the This owned by T M originally came from where it was found in the possession of a nogrcss who had cured bites from snakes and mad Shu was pronounced a witch for fear of her gave the stone toiler relative of the Ortons aud it lias remained in their hands x reputable citizen of has retained the stone for many and out of the Score or more of cases which luvojwtn trtateiLHevards is the first to prove When applied to the wound the stium adhered drawing off a nuantky ot poisonous mat and after several similar appli cations lievard was satisfied to re turn and oxieriouced no fur ther annoyance from the wound ago a huge hound went mad near ami ran umucU through the biting stock and other Before it dreadful journey was ended it had bitten lievard ami two other persons near The or at least one that passed on ami at in M Oonough whenil caused niuih ami the other two vic tkuip went immediately to in Hiijirtick and applied the niail Ir adhered tenaciously in each especially that of to applications Tin men relumed satislied that the danger was who had suffered to his family ami friends against any possible evil him self hand ami so dial incase he went mad lie could injure no His friends were inclined to ridicule lievards pre but In remained Two days ago lievard began to show evidences of Ills friends and family became alarmed and in his last sane moments Rcvard begged that he might be more securely so that no harm mightcome tl his loved The mans sufferings be came hideous in the He raved constantly of the myriad of dogs that were jumping at him with open jaws dripping with The of water threw the sufferer into horrible Then came those intervals of burking and yelping like and snapping at anything iu Death releaved Hevard yesterday The other two men are in an agony of The authorities have issued an order that all dogs in the township he extermi Terror and excitement is at white heat in the county over the and no one knows how many dogs and other animals have been Litigation Ukcly to Keralt rail ot an DBS Extensive litiga tion is likely to result from the falling of the meteor in Winnebagn county last Small chunks from a pound weight down were scattered a mile square or but large weighing close to oiw hundred was dis covered three in the ground by a party who saw it He sold it to a Minneapolis but agents of the owner of the land replevied it before got it away from the and it Isnow in the possession of the The pieces are all covered with a thin coatingof brown burned but the inside is of a bright gray with flakes of iron or but as a whole it is not of so great specific gravity as meteors usually The large piece was ton hot to handle when tirst The whole coun try is secured by searchers and but llttlp more will be as the eloud of smokT and roaring continued to the A larger mass may have fallen in Minne THE SOLDIERS ORPHANS district Opinion I find Ponds Extract article in the care of the i the Also for forraienltiselncasesof infla Sea SiS and ExpreM Offlce Bobbed Special to The May The m Express office at this pojnt considerable money list nich d of no clue to the lbe K lberis Two GIrb May named McDonald were Slrls letter from the late Cfeorge Thomas has been found fat the statarchives here tom apporach to a railroad bridge the river when they saw he ing and becoming frightened into the river and urere Ladles who value a refined BwSBf across the state house corridor that was in the habit of passing upon such ques Attorney Fish couldnt see ihat much headway was being and announced that under instructions from the mana gers of the roads the committee were au thorized to make a proposition to the That proposition was that the joint rate bill hung up until a decision could be had upon its It was the desire of the managers that an agreed case be at once made out and its progress in the courts be facilitated in or der that an early decision may be In support of the Fish there was a very strong feeling among the railway men that the law was The provision that makes a road receiving freight responsi ble for the freight until its and yet allowing it no choice as to what com pany it shall turn the shipment over is certainly The comv I S leWt pcllinc of one company to give to f er theTuse of its or compelling the league Base liall payment of transfer charges Is b wlth a today One ranted usurpation of power on the ther must go to the of the law His plan for he cannot on a they are ting a railroad was to put in ratw to such hr throat points as the railway companies saw fit f publlcls blln ovTd0SMl witb basf and refuse rates to all bal1 1th a for Paron whethcr asked by some individual or the two In Heaths shining Spccinl ti The DKS May after midnight last night the prim angel of death carried from this earthly abode In spirit of Cuker famil iarly known as Katlur and the father of and the proprietors of Clarkson has imt enjoyed the best of health for the last six months and up to strong hopes tained that he woultf pull He is one of tinbust and widest known and universally respected men of lie was born at Penobscot In IsiO Inremoved to Franklin At the an of eighteen he went to Law re aud September engaged as an ap prentice in the printing trade with Xiilton where he remained until twentyone years His first newspa per venture was the purchase from of the and lie began in the work in which both he and his sons have achievd an en viable repntation In the campaign of that year he supported Clay for In he was married to Elizabeth She died in he married Miss Elizabeth In he sold his Lawreuceburg paper and purchased the Urookville Inquirer which paper he published under the name of the Amcritnn until He removed to Iowa in and at lirst settled on a farm in Urundy He was interested with hissons in the purchase of the and for years was known an authority on all agricultural removed to Des Jfoines about eleven ago and has since resided with his He leaves an aged widow and four The funeral will occur fire and a were found dead f in the mines at Gilbertson WffliaL w ohn a p on the South feated May question of the of de tempted to be forced by No legislative body had to compel a railway company to permit its cars to go beyond its control against its or to compel a company to become responsi ble for shipments beyond its charter lim its and in the hands of a company with which it did not desire to do At this point Commissioner Dey changed the modus operand and put Attorney Fish on the witness witness was asked for his opinion as to what effect upon the law a decision by the courts that this particular provision was unconstitutional would In the opinion of Fish the entire law would be and attorney Wrigljt agreed with Continuing his discussion of the mat Fish said the main and most im portant ground of nnconstitntiosality of the act was found in the provision that compelled one company to enter into contracts with other companies with which they had and desired to have no contractual The law allowed neither the railway companies nor the railway commissioners any discretion in the matter of making Everything depends upon the wishes of some person interested in making Fish declared it was to aD view Of the past history of their play ers the Brotherhood clubs should draw far better than they For they contain many men most popular with tlie in days gone On the part of the Na tional I freely confess we not drawing satisfactory As there is no money in it for The two ojy posingleagues are waging a war of ex It cannot last one or the other must give Nerv cured by Miles Samples free at Wittes yoof fnxcr for a rtropound otSecate The Trustees of the Inxtitittimi Conxltlrr IluiM further Special to May trus tees of the Soldiers Orphans home of this city have concluded a session of several days which is of interest to the state It hail reference the expenditure of the appropriation of or the uses of the institution during the In October main building of the home was destroyed by The in mates were all though some of them hail close Since then the place has been There have been about children ill the home all the Tintjiiarters have been ffliiale In the demand upon but nevertheless the little ones have been well cared health of inmates been There are few of and often weeks go by together without a single For a singular thing there were more than one or two cases of the influenza in the institution last at the time when it was at its height and when the most carefully guarded fami lies wendown with The children who lodged in the institution are far better cared for than might bo thonght possible with the facilities The steady increase of the de mand for accommodations for new has made it necessary to set tlie work of enlarging the The devoted by the legislature to this will simply go tn lill a long felt The new main building that will he to take the place of the one that was will stand upon the same but on a foundation It will be about feet fn will litbuilt of with stone trim and will be filled with all the modern It will in a good more than can now oe sheltered within the walls of the In addition to this the matter of sup plying the place with the water from the mains of the water company is being ar The lines will need to be laid a distance of a mile and a but there is money enough to do it and by the time the new buildin is done means of preventing any future conflagrations will be on the There has been some criticism of tinsource of water that is now supplied to the line the new arrangement will irtlince From all over the state of Iowa come orphan children to seek admittance to the ft supplies them with the necessities of gives them the ele ments of a useful and practical educa takes a mothers care of and sends them forth in time fitted to become the best citizens of the It does a work whose benefits cannot be fairly it is to be pnt in the way of doing still better work than in the is matter for every loyal Athletic Special to the May The fith and 7th of will be groat days for the col lege The State Athletic tuin moots lurc anil following col logo will send delegates to enter the con tost State Iowa pper Iowa Iowa Agricultural Cornell and Ar rangements have boon made to hold a state lawn tonmis totirnivmtMit on Many prominent amateur players from all over the state have signified their intention of being Rail roads will give a one and onethird Violently liisiuie from Special to May Moses an attorney of this city and also a correspondent for several was adjudged insane this bile driving to the hospital he over powered his throw him out of the vehicle and al lastaccounts was driv ing across the country He had a severe attack of from which ho has never Nut Guilty of ISpcciiil tit The May a farm charged with the murder of Mock on February was tried this The jury retired at four und at ten returned a of was for murder in tlie tiunil Dont Slay A denier iu green goods has circulars to suv erul parties in this city soliciting them to purchase supplies of the queur and explicit directions as to how they may be or got into trouble with treasury Nigntil by Dies May The governor yesterday signed the sthoolhook and the antitrust Only two more measures remain without his this good penitentiary bill und the bill to incrrnsi the salary of the officials of the Soldiers Both measures are said to be Appointed by the Special to The HuwkEye UBS May Governor Boies today appointed of Ksther fish andc Professor of state veterinary IOWA The fire which destroyed the palace of tfns of Belgium from a fcrofceaand unsafe lamp in the serranK qaarters which had been reported tat times to the bat without The king once refused to pay ttrty cents for a kerosene knocking tttltam oat at the stewards weekly that jugswere to bold A PEDDHHG The Courts to Deride the legality of I lair Common in Iowa MASOX May legality of the ordinance prohibiting peddling is to be The ordinance to common in Iowa cities and has been the source of much Warner shipped a car load of maple syrup to this city and attempted its delivery to parties from whom he had profusely taken He refused to pay a claiming that he was not a It was finally agreed that Warner be allowed to deliver the an arrest to follow and a fine im posed in the justice An appeal will be taken to the district and whichever loses there will go to the su preme This differs from the Tut PYTHIAN Pythian temple committee at to formulate a report to present to grand DCS Monies submitted plans for a ami will undoubtedly secure the State Dental society hold their election Tor officers the ensuing year Highland the resulted Peter president Hatch vicepresident Des Moines secretary owiv Sioux City will entertain them next DIKD OF HKAKT fish ing on the river bank U Sun Charles Ilaldall slipped into the wa He was rescued by who attempted to resuscitate Falling to bring him back to life a doctor was suin upon examination was found that had died of heart disease while in the lie leaves u wife and six A FAKMKttPeter apparently prosperous farmer of York Iowa has forged thf names of sureties to notes aggregating nearly twentyfive hundred on which he has received funds from various persons in lown Oxford and Ma and looks as if Nolan may have the fat fried out of Hi lias borne good reputation and the knowledge ot his fs as painful as it Is SUIT Tire execu tors of the estate of William who died last winter from the Injur received in a collision on the Burlington A Quincy railroad in Decem have brought suit against the company at Red Oak for dama Charles Hernardin has suit against the company for the same amount for injuries received in the spring of Bernardin was an employe of the company in the yards at Bed Oak anil was rnn into by an engine and so badly injured that he has since been incapaci tated for THK OLUBHT is oldest person in and of the oldest in the United in Hil of Linn She is one hun dred and fifteen yearn of age and comes of a family remarkable for The family consisted of one brother and three two of whom besides Milliard are now InjDakola and the other in family name is and William the has now reached the agii of one hundred and four John the surviving is hun dred and nine years of age and stilt en joys good The other was one year after the signing ot the declaration of and died recently at the age of one hundred and twelve Hfllfard is a spry old and P likely to retain her physical vigor many years to Little Market has received and are agents for the cele brated brands Rand WafMI Mocha and I ton and Ptirity These fees are the finest quality and one trial will convince vou it i the best in the world right direct LKIOTE The 413 Jefferson flrttfai Dodge that at Dodge he was taking orders for here actually I The final decision will be I poor awaited with much it wffl I sexual affect a number of wholesale establish Samples 1 meatsin Chicago and other points Wtttefr drag through their agents retail large quanti ties of goods in this A Tony GivvtMb KeoKuSviHajr is ou tothel

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