Wednesday, May 7, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 7, 1890, Burlington, Iowa nn THJl ESTABLISHED WEDNESDAY MAY PRICE 15 CERTS PER MANIACS ROASTED AIM A Horrible Calamity at a Canadian Insane Over One Hundred Inmates Ferluli In tlie of the Burning Fearful and Awful Keen en of May line of gaunt towers is all one now sees of the longue 1uint lunatic lo cated ten miles fmrn and with many was today con sumed by the The sights witr nessed during this tragic scene are such as never lie Xothing could excoid the horror attending the ronsideringthenumber of the terrible nature of their death and the manner in which the hilples victims received their to the spectators was a of horror was to the lunatics U inoinenl of and in their delight they disporlod themselves in the llamos and TUMI nLAXlxr in turbulent salinfuction al the ruin that was aljout them and nut until the walls tumbled over tlnir heads were their ma Tiiiicul screams There were incarcerated in Longue thirteen hundred for that asylum was a prison more than a and now not than eleven hundred ire but many es caped into Hie fields and and the dead ure aies unuingst What the nuinlier if dead iV purely a matter of eonjeeiure und ian never be since nn other neurd is kept than that in the asylum and they were de Taking into consideration tho whole of I lie froifl the lire and the sis ters in is a conservative esti mate to MIV A IICNJililMl VICTIMS inol their though some assert the nninlieii dniililc Unit and others place it bulnw lliis tin fact re mains nn Midi calamity has fallen upon tliiProvince of ijneljco since the since Quebec was a management of these most ol all creatures has been its They hiive lieen farmed out to nuns ill head per and thesis tors iiim to Loop them as frugally as pos Ilinslniilioii of llielniihl ing there i in Mime minds as to whether ii intended fur an asylum of ii lihiM In any ii the latter purpose ii of brick und wiis hundred feel Tho main iMiililiug tho and nn each Oile extended four wings stories in Thfire today slnitil in ii eiipbniird in the second ward nn the womans side in the upper story A IATIKXT and on by a Jiingiludifiiil slmlt eonneeted with the ili Iliums noun nppearcil blazing tinruuf in Ilie renter of iaili A telegram was wut in MoiiI real lor aid ami an engine ami reels were started at They might as Imve rrmuiii lit fur in live minutes they lifiusled I he water supply and the only thine lluil could save llie building was the anil it half a mile the Associated Iress reporter arrived willi the lireincn tindiniie nf une tower hart just fallen ami Humes were out every A the heal iiuTPiisiiI the sta tuefill from their nielies iu the anilihen ihe habitants prostrated thcm er iiliiiid thai mi AIM HAH THEM fiiniitiire and utensils uf inn were heing showered fruni the ami a stream of illI men piuned mil ul Ihe eastern a male patient Aiming the it Tho less hiipe les placed in and lliey wcv icmuved wit hunt 1 upper where violent ere there fame tile I hey resisted the nuns Miiiui them lu make their e A inaiiiac would eriim the grin as only madmen can All the time the fire was burning every high house top in Montreal had its curious The long road was thronged with The transportation service of Montreal was pressed into senice and every available omnibus aud hack went out with THE FIBE i Thr Singer Sewing Machine May Singer Sewing Machine discovered on lire late The entire fire de partment responed but ther work so far has had but litttle effect and at 2 tinmain building was nearly destroyed and the fire is spreading It is likely the entire factory will in which case the loss will amount to several mill ion The works employ Great excitement prevails and thousands ape viewing the A Village May busi ness portion of the village of Latham was burned entailing a loss of about with slight THE FAMOUS Full Text of the Opinion of the United States Supreme In the Iowa Liquor Prohi bition or License Can Restrain Interstate Bole of FvBeachinc A Hiink Blazr at Special to The Ruf May people of this little village were aroused by thn cry of lire last niKht at and in an instance the bells were ringing and ivcrj body was busy at work to keep the tire from The wheu discovered was breaking through the windows of the Thomas The Snyder Itrothers were carrying good slock of with but little in The building afew feet owued by dealer in hard ware and seemed doomed in spile of all efforts to subdue the but at last the lire was under the building and contents were but were greatly damaged then the two dwellings north were in great danger and willing hands were ready to help tight Tlie loss is estimated at about with little or no A DAYS Terrible Work or a Cyrlour at May destructive cy cloiMvisited Salt Llood yesterday The residence of twelve miles from that was blown down and of twenty persons in the house Miss Dela Car aired Mjveniecn Mary Oar nged und ilie little baby of Cibbs were instantly and her twelveyearold daughter were ncrionsly hurt and may lililiti nnd her young daughter were The other children in the house were Al Kali a little further about u dozen houses were wrecked and many persons The damage to crops and timber very At the little town of on the line of Parker and Ilodd four people wenkilled and many others seriously Many houses were demolished in llml Al llnbin in Ilodd eight persons were live of whuni licluusied to family of A heavy hail storm prevailed through out this doing immense damage to The hail completely destroyed the and the first crop iu Graham and Young county will be but from ih pillienl V illlil sere li rseape ti i i be ie iui1 Mill KINi thai uiiii up Wrerk on Ihe May wreck oc curred one mile west of here Sunday nighl about midnight on the in which live ears were and the track obstructed until about 7 Train west had a heavy stand pipe one end of which rolled off while going around the curve just west of this ditch ing the live loaded with lum No one was DECOEATION heat became lli llaiUes Tin1 pans nn u i lie tup As the mure intense she would and remain there until the Id had come from all attracted by the an hour the little village was one surgini mass uf vocif erating the were to save the building the iiirneil their attention to the in burst in i lie doors willi lnidc Chief Jtenoii says It was such a sight as no lireninn ever before has In one ward he entered wove uvcutytive pa and at hi approach they huddled together like a pack of entwining their arms iuu one mass of lie i lie said the 1 could no more seporate the crowd than J could part of your In another ward TitKir FiiirMrx to They entered a coll and the which had a spring closed behind As is customary there was no handle on ihe and lilt1 door re Misled theii axes and they rushed to the but were driven back by the The suspecting their scut aid 10 ibv other side and the men were carried down on lad The engineer did good work saving ten and every fireman did heroic of which they may feel One uf tinTertiary Seur lay sick in iho infirmary on the liflli and to her rescue came three iJilbcri and They their companion nnd bore her iu a blanket to iho hut they were MtT 11Y A OK snd all None of them were ovor twenty years of Sisicr tho is brokenhearted and lieing at present in ill her name may bo added to the already long list of VKiciors lloufuuo and Baralet were carried from the building uncon and whatever must be said of the management as a tho individuals exercised every power to lessen the calamity they had neglected to A loud explosion was followed by a crash of The interior was giving Wild faces sunk from the windows and THK smtlKKS OF MAKIACS were lost in tingeneral and one by ono the walls toppled inward and fierce blaze that burst up from the newly added fuel rose to the dark sky trad shot its glare over the Lawrence to the southern shore and even tinged the crest of Mount Eoyal ten miles Then it died down into blackness and nothing but tlie few broken towers re The spring rains had converted the place into a quagmire and only horse men could get from place to The poor sisters most of them young and deli stood ankle deep in the mud secur ing and superintending the removal of such furniture as had been Tho patients wandered about clad In scant When released many of them leaped for joy and bounded like deer across the fields to the Patients of both sexes escaped though a cordon of police wore thrown not all wore and HORRIBLY 8TJOOE8TTVE TAIX was borne in by an inhabitant who WM coming through the woods to the scene the A now dread has come upon the inhabitants from the presence many escaped lunatics and they mount tjiemidves fortunate If they juvvruor Aside May SO as Jubllc Special 10 Tho DKS May governor to day issued the following proclamation or ExKfTTiVK DEPAKT May proclamation by the governor The thirtieth day of May lias by eotmrtSS and the general assembly of Ihis stale been set aside as a public consecrated to tho memory of tindead soldiers of the republic and It is meet for us as a people to profess our fealty to the principles for which the nations heroes fought and and to teach thus the virtues of valor and patriotism to our children Horace Governor of the Stale of do hereby reiiuest all the people of the common wraith to refrain upon that day from all neecssurry labor and to join with the sur viving soldiers in eulogizing the and decorating the of their dead In testimony I have hereunto svt my hand anil caused to be allixed the Great Seal of the ISIIAL State of Done at Dos this sixth day of 15y the Governor Frank JacksoniSecretary of lly Leisy fc plaintiffs in Chief Justice Fuller delivered the opinion of the court The power vested in congress to reg commerce with foreign and among the several and with the Indian is the power to prescribe the rule by which that commerce is to be and is a power complete in it acknowledging no limitations other than those prescribed in the It is coextensive with the subject on which it acts and cannot be stopped at the external boundary of a but must enter its interior and must be capa ble of authorizing the disposition of those articles which it so that they may become mingled with tho common mass of property within the territory en Gibbons U 1 j Brown 12 And by virtue of its jurisdiction over persons and property within its lim a state may provide for the security of the and comfort of persons and the protection of proper so yet a subjectmatter which has been confided exclusively to congress by the constitution is not with in the jurisdiction of the police power of the unless placed there by congress ional Henderson Mayor of New 85 Walling IKS 440 Hobbins Shelby Taxing 1DO The power to regulate commerce among the states is a but if particular subjects within its operation hot require the applica tion of a general or uniform the states may legislaie in regard to them with a view to local needs and cir until congress otherwise di but the power thus exercised by the states is not identical iu its extent with tho power to regulate commerce among the The power To pass laws in respect to internal in spection ijuarantiiie health and laws in relation to fer ries and belongs to the class of powers pertaining to essential tu local to the pro gress and development of local prosper and to the the safety and ihe welfare of originally neces sarily belonging and upon the adop tion of the constitution reserved by the except so far us falling within the scope of a power confided to the general Where the subjectmatter roijiiires a uniform system as between the the power controlling it is vested exclusively in and cannot be encroached upon by the states but in relation to tho different rules may be suitable for differ ent the states may exercise powers though they may be said to partake of the uature of the power granted to the general arc strictly not but are simply local which have full operation until or unless circumscribed by the action of congress in effectuation of the general Cuolcy Port 12 It was stated in the thirtysecond number of the FcJcmlisl that the states misht exercise concurrent and inde pendent power in all cases but three where the power was lodged cx clusivoly in tho federal constitution sec whore it was given to the United Stales and prohibited to tlie from the nature and subjects of the it must necessarily exer cised by the national government ex lint it is easy to see that con gress may assort an authority under one of tho granted which would ex clude the exercise by the states upon the same subject of a different but similar bet which and that possessed by the senoral government no inherent repugnancy a particular powor of ihe general government is ono which must necessarily bo exercised by and congress remains this is not only not a concession that tho powers reserved by the states may bo exerted as if the specific power had mn boon elsewhere re on the the only legitimate conclusion is that the general government intended that powor should not be affirmatively and Ihe action of the states cannot be permitted 10 effect that which would bo Incom patible with such in asmuch as interstate consist ing in the salo and exchange of is national in its and must be governed by a uuiform so long as congress duos not pass any law to regulate or allowing the states so to it thereby indicates its will that such commerce shall bo froo and County of Mobile 105 091 Brown 114 631 Wabash Railroad company 557 Bobbins Shelby Taxing 120 That ardent distilled ale and beer are subjects of barter and traffic like any other commo SKOW IN vom Various Points of ahlc tfpecinl to The May storm of hail aud sleet passed over Hancock county adding damage to that done the crops and fruit last night by a heavy Seeding is partly and not a reason could be as signed for confiding ihe over the one which did not conduce to establish the propriety of confiding the power over the Story section And although the priecise question be fore us was not ruled ia Gibbous Ogden and Brown yet we think it was virtually Involved and and that this is among other cases in Bowman Chi cago and Xonhweswrn Railway com 125 In latter section 1553 of the code of the state of Iowa as amended by of the acts of the twentieth general assembly in forbidding common carriers to bring in toxicating liquors into the state from any other state or first be ing furnished with a certificate as pre was declared because essentially a regulation of commerce among the and not sanctioned by the express or of con Theopinion of the deliv ered by Justice the con curring opinion of Justice and the dissenting opinion by Justice on behalf of MrChief Justice Justice and discussed the question involved in all iu phases and while the determination of whether the right of transportation of au article of commerce from one state to another includes by necessary implica tion the right of the consignee to sell it in unbroken at the place where the transportation terminates was in terms yet the argument of the majority conducts irresistibly to that and we think we cannot do better than repeat the grounds upon which the decision wa made to It is there shown that the transportation of freight or of the subjects of com for the purpose of exchange or is beyond all question a constituent of commerce itself that this was the prominent idea in the minds of the fraiu ers of the when to congress was committed the power to regulate commerce among the several states that the power to prevent embarrassing re strictions by any state the end de sired that the power was given by the same words and in the same clause by which was conferred power to regulate commerce with foreign nations and that it would be absurd to suppose that the transmission of the subjects of trade from the state of the or from the place of production to the was uol for without that there could be no consummated either with foreign nations or among the It is explained that winre state laws al leged to be regulations of commerce among the states have been they were laws which related to bridges or dams across wholly within the or police or health or to subjects of a kiudred not strictly of commercial But the transportation of passengers or of mer chandise from one state to another is in its nature admitting of but one regulating power and it was to guard against the possibility of commercial em barrassments which would result if one state could directly or indirectly tax per sons or property parsing through or prohibit particular property from en trance into the that the power if regulating commerce among the states was conferred upon the federal govern iu the present said Jus tice the lawof lowaoperated upon all merchandisesounhttobebrought from another state into us there could be no doubt that it would be a reg ulation of commerce among the and lie concludes that this must be though it applies only to one class of articles of a particular The legis lation of congress on the subject of inter state commerce by means of designed to remove trammels upon trans portation between different and upon the subject of transportation of pusseugcrs aud Revised sections including the transportation of nitro glycerine and other similar explosive with the proviso as to any city or town within the United not be prevented by the language used from regulating or from prohibiting the traffic or transportation of those sub stances between persons or places lying or being within their respective territor ial or from prohibiting thn intro duction thereof into such limits for or consumption is referred to an indicative of the intention of con gress that the transportation of comniod fties between the states shall be ex cept where it is positively restricted by congress or by states in particular cited by the express permission of con It is said that the law in question was not an inspection the object of which is to improve of ar ticles produced by the labor of a to tit them for exportation it may for domestic Gibbous Turner 107 55 nor could it be regarded asa regulation of nuarantine or a sanitary provision for the purpose of protecting the physical health of the community nor a law to prevent the introduction into the state of infec tious ir Articles in such a condition as tend to spread disease or not are not legitimate subjects of trade and and the selfpro tecting power of each may be rightfully exerted against their The One Introduced by Senator sideranons growing out of the CrTtTTTYP CITVTB Bill or peace of the Its OLLLtlLSb A OIL V lift policy may be directed to other It may choose to establish a system directed to the promotion and benefit of its own manufactures or arts of any description and prevent the introduction i Jones Favorably and sales within its limits of any or of all articles that it may select as coming into competition with those it seeks to pro Senator Becks DUabUjtv Pension Bill Bill to Frotect Washington The police power of the state would extend to such as well as to those in which it was sought to legislate in behalf of the peace and morals of the In view of the commer cial anarchy and confusion that would result from the diverse exertions of power by the several states of the it cannot be supposed that the constitu May effort was made by the senate republican silver committee today to agree upon a silver bill to be reported to the Three congress have intended to limit j of the thirteen members were the freedom of commercial intercourse among the people of the several 3Iany of the cases bearing upon the subject are cited and considered in these and among others the license 5 wherein laws passed by New Hampshire and Rhode in reference to the sale of spirituous came under review and were althoush the mem Snow at Special to The May commenced snowing and sleeting here about today and continued until the snow melting almost as fast as U It was clear at Au Enthusiastic Railroad Meeting at May was a arpe mass meeting of the business men of Tonieroy held in the school house Fri day night to consider a proposition from he officials of the Des Moinesand North western railroad to meet them in a con Rockwell City and arrange for the building of the main line of their road from Jolley through Pomeroy to Pocahoutas to be built standard A committee of seven was ap pointed to go to Rockwell tomorrow to meet llllaob StaUt M May hundred gates were present at the opening of the fortieth annual meeting of the Illinois State Medical society in this city this The meeting was presided over by President John of Clin Giving in to the XEW May more shops today gave in to the striking carpenters and it is believed the strike will be ended in a few days as there are only a few shops stillholding out against the de Died From Special to Dm HawkEyeJ May Rob who was crashed so badly Sunday night under at this died this Senate queen of proved to quite tooth some and Peoria May umpire awarded the game to nine to dity in which right of tariff and ure so recognizedby the usages of the commercial the laws of congress and the decisions of courts is not Heing thus articles of can a state in tho absence of legislation on the part of prohibit their importa tion from abroad or from a sister state Or when prohibit their sale by ihe importer If tho importationcannot be prohibited without the consent of con when does property imported from or from a sister so become part of the common mass of property within a state as to be subject to its un impeded control In Brown Maryland supra the act of the state legislation drawn in question was held invalid as repugnant to the pro hibition of the constitution upon the stales to lay any import or duty upon im ports or and to the clause grant ing the power to regulate commerce and it was laid down by the great magistrate who presided over this court for more than a third of a that the point of time when the ceases and the power of the state is not the instant when iSe article enters the but when the importer has so acted upon it that it has become incor porated and mixed up with the mass of property in the which happens when the original package is no longer such In his hands that the distinc tion is obvious between a tax which the import as an import on its waj1 Urtiecomc incorporated with the general mass and a tax which finds the articles already incorporated wHtihat mass by the act of the importer that as to the power to regulate com none of the evils which proceeded from the feebleness ofthe federal govern contributed more to the greatrev olution which introduced the present system than the deep and general convic tion that commerce ought to be regulated by congress that the grant should be as extensive as the and should comprehend all foreign commerce and all commerce among the states that that power was comple in acknowledged no limitations other than those pre scribed by the was coexten sive with the subject on which it acts and not to be stopped at the external bound ary of a but most be capable of en tering its that the right to sell any article imported was an inseparable incident to the right to import it and that the principles expounded in ihe case I applied equally to importations to a sis ter statet Manifestly this must be for the note public policyapplied to and such exercise of power cannot be considered a regulation of com merce prohibited by the constitution and the observation of Justice in the License 5 are quoted to the effect that what does not belong to commerce is within the juris diction of the police power of the but that which docs belong to commerce is within the jurisdiction of the United States that to extend the police power over subjects of commerce would be to make commerce subordinate to that power and would enable the state to bring with in the police power any article of con sumption that the state might to ex clude whether it belonged to that which was or to food and clothing and with nearly equal claims to as malt liquors and the products of fruits other than grapes stand on no higher grounds than the light wines of this and other excluded in effect by the law as it now d it would be only another step to regulate bers of the court who participated in the decisions did not concur in any common ground upon which to rest That of Pierre et Xew Hampshire is perhaps the most to be re ferred to In that case the defend ants had been fined for selling a barrel of gin in New which they in Boston and brought coast wise and there sold in the same barrel and in the same condition in which it was purchased in but contrary to the law of New Hamp shire in that The conclusion of the opinion of Chief Justice Taney is in these words Upon the the law of Hampshire is in my judgment a al though the gin sold was an import from another and congress has clearly the power to regulate such under the grant of power to regulate commerce among the several the congress has made no regulation on j the the traffic in the article may be lawfully regulated by the state as soon as it is landed in its and a tax imposed upon or a license re or the sale altogether according tu the policy which the state may suppose to be its interest or duty to Referring to the cares of Massachusetts and Rhode the chief after j saying that if the laws of the came in collision with the laws of congress au thorizing the importation of spirits and distilled it would be the duty of the court to declare thus con tinues It been if a state deems the traffic in ardent spirits to be injurious to its and calculated to introduce and pauperism into the it may con stitutionally refuse to permit its importa notwithstanding the laws of con gress and that a state may do this upon the same principles thai it may resistaud prevent the introduction of or pauperism from But it must be remembered that pestilence and pauperism are not subjects of although sometimes among its attendant They are not things to be regulated and trafficked but to be as far as human foresight or human means guard against Cut spirits and distilled liquors are uni versally admitted to be subjects of ownership and and are there fore subjects of and like any other commodity in which a right of property And congress under its general power to regu late commerce with foreign may prescribe what article of merchandise shall be admitted and whatexcluded aud may therefore or as it shall deem the importation of ardent And inasmuch as the laws of congress authorize their no state has a right to prohibit their intro These stale laws act altogether upon the retail or domestic traffic within their respective They act upon the article after it has passed the line of foreign and becomes a port of the general mass of property in the These laws discourage and diminish the price which ardent spirits would otherwise But although the state is bound to receive and permit the sale by the importer of any article of mer chandise which congress authorizes to be it is not bound to furnish a market for nor to abstain from the passage of any law which it may deem necessary or advisable to guard the health or morals of its although such law may discourage importation or dimin ish the profits of the or lessen the revenue of the general And if any state deems tho retail and in ternal traffic in ardent spirits injurious to its citizens and calculated to produce vice or I sec noth ing in the constitution of the United States to prevent it from regulating and restraining the or from prohibit ing it altogether if it thinks The Hampshire the chief justice differs from Brown in that the latter was a case arising out of commerce with foreign which congress had regulated by the case in hand was one of commerce between two in relation to which congress had not ex ercised its But the law of 2 The ten together with Senator who was invited to take part in the after a discussion lasting nearly three decided to report to the caucus to be held some day this week the bill reported by Senator Jones from the finance committee some weeks with One of the amend ments strikes out the provision in the reported bill that notes issued for the purchase of bullion when shall be and instructs the secretary of the treasury to reissue them with the proviso that the amount outstanding shall not at any time be in excess of the amount paid out for the bullion Another amendment is an ad dition to the sixth of the bill adopted by the house which pro vides for counting into the treasury about seventy mil I ions of lawful money now held for the redemption of national The Joues bill directs the secretary of the treasury to purchase monthly silver bul lion to the value of notes in payment thereof to be redcmablo in law ful Senator Mitchell while personally he was in favor of free coinage of he believed thmeasure the bullion redemption having been thrown into an He was living alone and had just sold his Tha assailant CLABK305 The Father of the Autetant Post master General Away DES May father of Assistant Postmaster General and of the State who has been sick for several grew suddenly wore tonight and soon after midnight Clarkson was J born in rnaine in 1S10 moved to Indiana in 1S20 and lived there until when he came to was elected to the state Since his REICHSTAC Emperor William Addresses Members from the He Protection for the Workmen uud Iteclarcs That His Kflbrts Directed Toward the Main tenance of twenty years has been agricultural tor of the A HAUNTED odi la the din chamber whence but yesterday Passed my tllieil witii awe I stand I Aad haunting Zjores fluttering on every band I Whisper her praxes who is far A thousand delieate fancies clance and play On erery object which her robes uavd And tenderest thoughts aad hopes bloom and expand Tn the sweet memory of her beautys Ah could that glass but hold the faintest trace Of all the loreluiess once mirrored The clustering gloryof the shadowy hair That framed so well dear angel face Bnt it shows my full of And my bean is her beautys dwelling Hay AN IRON mately lead to free lu this Sen ator Teller SORROWING iff the Services Over the Kfmuins Senator Mny remains of Jumes late Uuiteil States sena tor from wore borne from the of Representative Breclcen of to the marble room in the capitol this There the were viewed by several hundred people before their removal to the senate A number of floral tributes were brought to tho senate chamber anil displayed on the clerks Amonif them was a wreath of lilies and roses from Presideut and The senate chamber was opened at but owing to rain and announcement erron eously made thattlie admission would he by ticket the galleries were not filled at twelve oxlock when the senate was called to order by President m tern The floor of the chamber had been supplied with chairs for members of the house of representatives and other officials invited to atted the pallbearers and members of family with invited After reading of yesterdays Blackburn presented the and it was read and entered on the onmotion of a recess wastaken until At President protern fngalls calledtho senate to Fif teen minutes later the pallbearers and members of the house were announced and they by the chief jus tice and associate justices of the supreme The diplomatic corpswas repre sented by Sir the British and members of the justifiable and The attention were anil women and1 effecting theso only uomu up tor be carried ouu An Especially MarderoiM Locomotive the East There ia a particularly vicious engine on the East Tennessee It has killed twentyseven and engineers and firemen feel a superstitious dread whenever they have to take a run on the rails with this man I sometimes said a grizzled old gtoker a few Jays there is a murderous spirit in that She killed two men before she got on the While she was being steamed up in the shops a plug blew and two j mechanics were scalded to Then i it was brought south and sent out on its first She mounted the rails and plunged down an killing her engineer and Soon afterwards she was fixed up and put on the road She ran for t a while all until one night the en gineer that was driving her saw a head light bearing down on him to reverse the lever and run back but the engine acted like a mule and wouldnt answer to the She wentwhirl ing on and crashed into tho other Five men were killed in the two angina But I cant remeffiher half the devil try that engine has Once she seemed to get into the dumps while on the road and just wouldnt be She acted as if the devil was in her cyl Whenever the engineer pulled open the throttle she would storm down the track like a hell and it was like stopping a backing bronco to get her down to a quiet An emigrant train was running and the engineer of the man killer had Hay reichstag was openod today by the emperor in In his spewh from the throne his majesty said he hoped it would be practicable at pressing questions which would come up j for He wanted above all things to effect further legislation for tho protection of the The strike movements during the past year had suggested an examination of the question wheter the laws of tlw existing state organization iuleiiuately took into account those wishes of tho work ingmen which were i capable of claiming tho foremost those of Sunday rest childrens In said his such measures will consideration as can without endangering tho industry of the Our industry only forms a link in the economic work of the competing in the worlds i made a point of going about among tho European states whoso economic position has somo chur actor for an exchange of views regarding a recognition of legislation required to pnitecl our I most gratefully acknowledge the favorable re ception of my suggestion by all the states The resolutions adopted by the labor conference in Berlin expressed their common views on the most important Held of work and the culture of our 1 do not doubt that priuoiplos laid down in these resolutions form seed from under willspring up The workingiucn will bt Ulossod by fruit which will be harmoni ous relations bciweon the Ko ferring to the foreign eolations of Ger many ius majesty said that his otTftrts wore iincoasiiigly directed toward the maintenance of The rending of the emperors speech was frciinoiitly interrupted by After its delivery Ihaiicellur Von taprivl declared tho ificlistaii Tho mem bers of the fricsinnige parly laid it motion on the demanding t bill bo passed reducing the corn duly to three marks per double quintal also a reduc tion of the heat root tax and export bounties and withdrawing from the dls tiUoihs the existing privileges relatliiR to and demanding general revision of ivrllTs with a view to an abolition of corn and cattle duties and a reduction of duties mi other articles of general especially farm The socialists will introduce a bill for tho immediate repeal uf corn Tlie military bill tixtS Uui peace effective exclusive of one year After October tinarmy will of 558 battalions of squadrons of 4Ht tiold 31 on and M pioneer and 21 train bat orders to look out for After a run of Tlie iionreciirrinK expenditure rison and cabinet assemblage Shortly after onefoclnck the casket was borne fol lowing came Senator Bocks and Major her husband and tho friends of the After ashort service tho coflin was homo to the hearse by Tho flooraudgallerieswcnfsoon emptied of an hour or so he came in sight of tho emigrant train as it rumbled slowly up a i heavy grade then it disappeared over the crest and this devil of au engine went charging up and over about a minute be Tho engineer expected to see the Japanese and llrnzilian legislai emigrants away down the but Five minutes later President Harthey had slowed up and were only a few hundred yards Down went tho engine bellowing like and as soon as the emigrants heard out they i steamed as fast as they Bnt the j old hell cat coukl outrun the Flying and there was no stopping She rushed eatingup the space between her and her Eager the thirtylive minutes faceswere looking out the windows of was declared adtne passenger car and the en journod until tomorrow In tho procession to the depot follow ing the hoarse were the family and rela tho president and members of the i cabinet in and the members of i the house ou the after a wait of a few minutes the casket was placed in one of Iho coaches of the special train and at three oclock started for That city will bo reached tomorrow at nine oclock and the funeral will take place by tho new amount to Tho increase In prominent yearly expenditures is uuu The Irtmimii May report of tho spu committee sent to investigate the condition of the Panama canal estimates that it would total sum o francs to complete the and that would lake between seven and eight years to do the Ifiimuchil May official statement was issued showing revenues of the United Kingdom for the year end ing March to be and the expenditures real or supposed and extravagance And in food Justice Mathews thus For the pur pose of protecting its people against the evils of intemperance it has the riiht to prohibit the manufacture withfn it limits of intoxicating liquors it may aio prohibit all domestic commerce in them between its own whether the articles are introduced from other states or from foreign countries it mav punish those who sell them in violation of its laws it may adopt any even indirectly or remotelv to make the policy effective until it the line of power delegated to eomrres under the It cannot with out the consent of express or regulate commerce between its people and those of the other states nf the union in order to effect its ho ever desirable such a regulation nuVht it be supposed that hv omitting any express declaration on the congresshas intended to snhtnit to the several states the decision question in each locality Of shall and what shall nnt articles of traffic in the state commerce of the Hampshire acts directly upon from one state to in tin hands of the importer for and therefore a regulation of act ing upon the article while it is within the admitted jurisdiction of the general gov and subject to its control and The brought up for decision a state is prohibited by the constitution of the United States from making any reg ulations of foreign or of com merce with another although such regulation is confined to its own and made for its own convenience or in and does not come in conflict with any law of In other whether the grant of power to congress is of itself a prohibition to the and renders all state laws upon the subject null aud He declares it to ap pear to him very clear that the mere grant of power to the general govern ment upon any just principles of be construed to be an absolute prohibition to the exercise of any power over the same subject by the The controlling and supreme House MemlMTs Attend the May after the reading of the journal the house took a recess until After recess an adjournment taken until j tomorrow to enable themembers to ati tend the Beck Hastily May Assistant Postmaster General Clarkson and Clarkson left Washington this evening for their home in DCS in obedience to a telegram announcing the alarming Clarksoirs Disutility Pension Itlll May meeting of the senate committee on pensions was held today at which the Merrill disa bility and service pension bill substituted by the house for the dependent pension was Formal action was postponed until the next meeting of the It is un the opposition to tin house measure i unanimous and the committee will recommend that the sen ate nonconcur in the action of the fireman and when they found that they could not check the speed of the stood at the doors ready for a They had to tako it pretty Al ready the emigrants were leaping from the steps and rollin the The enginemen waited till the last moment before the and leaped for were all I am afraid to say how many lives j were lost as the engine tore into that train packed with but it 1 swelled the list of the men that the old brute had I No matter what road she is she has been on a great has kept on killing the men who stood at her We all feel a little nervous WEDDED of MinlHter at to The May pastor of the first United down the sides of i Presbyterian at Des was united i marriage this evening at S to j tougher of and her of aud numerous costly presents were Afterspending a couple of days with friends here und at the nowlywoddcd couple will go to their new Friday Married in Fpitliil tn The May a young tradesman of was to we have to run for when you i day married to Miss Amelia steam her up it seems to put the devil in daughter of Alderman of Kee i IOWA POSTAL Establishment and Discontinuation of and PostraaKterN Special to The May following are the postoffice changes in Iowa during the week ending May ISJO Hamilton Morris postmaster Marshall Thomas Postmasters Appointed Carter Dunham Bon Charles Franklin Louisa Will power over commerce with foreign naj Johnson tions and the several states is undonbt Smith Johnson edly conferred upon in Dallas Berit my the state neverthe Stuber Mills for the safety or convenience of or for the protection of thehealth A Good Cue In reference to vour What I Would Do if I Were Rich I would build in the suburbs of large cities which I would dispose of to the poor at a small rent a the rent to go towards the purchase of the and in each house I would place a bath a luxury not now enjoyed by the poorer but very Erecting a large num ber of houses would minimize the ex I in the largecities where avail build a bath which might be used at a nominal cost by the As It IB the workingmans family ia obliged to do without thia The per son who has a claim to modesty cannot in the cramped quartersoccupied by the enjoy thia health Half of the diseases are bred in the foul smelling where the inmates await with eager anticipation the de lights of the free that is open in the summer It thia were done in thn winter you would soon observe a decrease inlthe death what inter conatryj to each aceouhi its own caprice and arbitrary criminate for or against in any state and sought he as an article of conqnerce into c If the state of Iowa may prohibit porUSon of intoxicating 101 other It mar or any other the use which it nay deem not to Iwco of its make regulations of com merce for its own ports and and for its own and such regula tions are valid unless they come into con flict with a law of He com ments on the omission of any prohibition in and concludes that as he the framers of the constitution Thomas Bremer David Tobias Cerro Gordo coun Hark Hill Sharon Johnson Jennie Yoder Clay ton Muth White Mills TO PEOTBCT PBO Representative Proposition to Modify the Interstate Commerce May Bontelle of Maine today introduced in the house a bill intended to repair the damage inflicted upon state prohibition laws by the recent decision of the su preme court in the original packages The bill is in the shape of a sec tion which it is proposed to add to the in knowing that a multitude of minor reg ulations must be which con gress amid its great concerns could never find time to consider and provide intend ed merely to make the power of the fed eral government supreme on this subject over that of the then the omission of anv prohibition is accounted and is consistent with the whole The supremacy of the laws of congress in terstate commerce act and reads as fol rases of collision With the State is j nntbmir mntninwl in secured in the article which declares that j tte laws of in pursuance of the powers shall be the su preme law and it is only where bothgov ernments may legislate on the same sub ject that this article can teftHtfHen that the legislation of con and the states has conformed to Construction from thTitoTenunent as exemplified in relation to and pilotage health and quarantine lows That nothing contained in this act shall be construed to authorize the sale or traffic in intoxicating liquors in any state contrary to the laws A Jtonmoath Fanner May a farmer living near was assaulted by an unknown man about four oclock Sunday while going to his bound hand and foot and robbed of 9300 and the keys to his The robber ransacked the securing fflortand overlooking 3900 which was 3fo Adcocfcw A valuable addition to the working outfit of a gardener is a new transplant ing pot made in the body being divisible and the bottom remova In the bottom ia re moved from the the pot inserted in a hole in the and the keys which control the grip of the side pieces are when the nalvea are pressed laterally apart and raised from the learing the earth aad plant it had contained in the new York Commercial Courmmptioii Riad the following Was down with abcess of the and friends and physicians pronounced me an incurable Began taking Kings Xew Discovery for Consumption am now on my third and able to oversee the work on my It in the finest medicine ever Jesse Middleware says Uad ifc not been for Kings New Discovery for Consumption I would have died of lung Was given up by Am now in best of Try Sample bottles free at Henrys drug Western Unitarian May ninth annual session of the Wornuirs Western Uni tarian conference began here this morn ing with delegates present from Iowa and other The session began with the address of Presi dent Victoria of after the reports of the officers were made and various papers read a recess was on Counterfeit Wright is one of the most efficient experts in counterfeit Miss Hoey is and has held her position for many Fitzgerald fa in the comptrollers where all the bank come for Much of he money that amvedat thetreworybyreaion of railroad acci through her She ia A tweet white haired and hu been at tar dcdc for twentyare Utter to New York I find Extract an indtopemable article fntbeeueofthe dek Grippe with tihemMtaeceh Abo for unotamvnd ot timnuttlmP Bnekllnit The best salve in the world for cuto salt fever chapped corns and all skin and posi tively cures or no pay It guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money cents per For sale at Henrys dray Ladled who value a refined complexion use Pmmais It produces soft nd beautiful A Heroine Special to The May death of Miss Enth Pettijohn of this She was 83 years old and fur fortytwo years was associated with a missionary toy Hiss Pettijohn was matron a mission school for Illinois Bepublleaa Central May republican state central committee was in Mfssiol here to day to determine on the time and placa of holding the next After hearing arguments foe aad against an early the com mittee decided to hold it June 24 Ihe Ladim The pleasant effect and the safety with which all conditions maker it fteir It eye yet effectual in the Hrcr and may use of

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