Sunday, May 4, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 4, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Pages I PART I THE ESTABLISHED WE1T DUTEEEICE JOES IT IAIE H POBITION TOWASD Woman the Last and Highest Achieve ment of CreationLillth and Her as She Means to The fly on the coach wheel How do travel And just about as as the fly regulated the speed of so much do we control and the speed ofthe Of course ever so many of us imagine ourselves the deux and fancy that if we were eliminated from the af the coach must cither stop or le shunted off the crown of the highway where we keep But looking at the matter more philosophic perceive that through the few thou sands of years of which alone we know anything at all the world has gone me thodically carrying out some system of which we know very little the earth producing her such as just at the time the previous supply ot material is and not at all in answer to mans demand or We how the race of man has gradually developed from perhaps the perhaps only tbe clay devouring to its present let us most devoutly is not its final perfection and wo which is just now what we want to the curi ous development of womans place in the KCale of and of her relation toward Taking for a moment the biblical account of the we per ceive that it perhaps by evo perhaps from HIM low est forms to the man coining after the and woman after thus placing her at the crown and sum mit of Perhaps it hounds a little arrogant for a woman to Kay that this eminence is act ually womans proper but I thinkfcw men will duny that a perfect woman nobly planned is the highest work of civativu power from more than onepi mil of il not from all and when nun considers the development of woman in thcse latter and per ceives thut the progress of that devel opment is rather accelerating than di one clings closer to the coach and wonders where in life it is taking us to Of course we all knowlhat woman has not always stood at the bund of That proud eminence has hithorto been claimed by who assumed to be lord not only but of woman and woinni lias more or less meekly and morn or less consistently allowed the There is a pretty legend in tbe Talmud that wlitm Adam was created a woman wis also and mimed Lilith she was of such irrace and charm as bus never wince been seen upon the and being independently had as muoli power and regnant authority as her The so the Tal mud was more than a little un pleasantness in the paradisiacal house Adam laid down the and Keraicly capped it with which she claimed was just as valid as lim and we can well imagine that Ul itliH tongue and wit were just as much mi innimble than Adams arc than your husbands The consequence was that find ing bis not worth the appealed to Allah fur and with better result than many husbands obtain fur it was then thai tbo deep sleep came upon and therib extracted from his side was faslnoncd into a being derived from was sub ject mid obedient unto as Adam decla was the helpmeet he had failed lo find in That young disgusted with the introduction of a went away and sit up a paradise of her and from her miraculously sprung a races of glorious but rebellious a sort of afrits or who ever since have claimed the earth for their own and con stantly amused themselves with tempt ing and dominwring over the sons of Rviand thwarting and annoying her Ami the reason I have told this kmg story just here is because I am dead sure that tho daughters of like the wandering tribes of have strayed across the and are claiming tbe New World as their especial This accounts for a great deal besides the milk in the cocoauut it accounts for the aggressive and independent stand assumed by woman during the last hah of this century it accounts for the min gled admiration and indignation with which men regard her new demands it above for the disagreeable things the women who dont want to votes say about those who do it is the old warfare of the daugh ters of Eve against the daughters of aud with a little consideration one may divide all the women of ones acquaintance into throe and third estate so mixed in then heredity that they side witb first and then the and then with and then with neither of the more positive of thought and I am afraid I am a for I never have been able to train invself into that meek and mild admiration of man as a master that Eve and her daughters so sweetly and the future of woman seems to me to largely embrace tbe future of the world and of So long as Lilith and her re mained in their eastern solitudes no Stanley lias yet the daughters of Eve occupied the stage of the worlds and both history and tradition show the part they He slaves sometimes of mans sometimes of bis they tailed for their savage performing menial lahorwhile he hunted or fought pre pared his food and ate the morsels tossed to them over his shoulder bore on pain of death must not punish a eon lived in less honor than a or and died less regretted ia days of they rose to be pam pered and flattered objects of an un real did listened to bards singing mile long ditties of love and flirted with the pageor the and became hitter prndei and bigots in their old age later they scheme to outvie other in the graces of a grand or a Charles or they marry country squires and suckle fools chronicle small beer until their drowsy But it is un gracious to pursue this retrospect of what womans existence and what her Halations to man have been in the tar mow change taut flnMBti in the ismttar of feels the dimly per ceives tie and cannot for the lif e of him understand what is the or how to control it Steam he knowi all about electricity he is grappling with pretty successfully the odic force he talks about with more or less inteffi but what sort of force or power moves this coach which he dimly perceives he does not only rides upon giving up the says there isnt any power at it just goes nobody knows and for his part he is apt going to attend to any such non sense woman is what she always hat the adjunct of the Jeebler less responsible half of hisown whom he is bound to to educate to protect and to While she is young and pretty he will make love to and if she resists his pursuit he will probablj want her very much indeed and say a great deal about her perfec tions and merits liaving obtained and in parenthesis the man remarks that she generally is as glad to be caught as be is to catch mans dutv is to treat her but not to let her snp pose she cau manage her own much less his hasnt she promised to love honor and and does she fancy he isnt going to exact the whole bond Ho doesnt expect her to know or care about his business if he is a business she couldnt and her opinion wouldnt be worth takingif he Is he takes good care not to tell her anything about his be you women cant keep a and invariably put on their bon nets and run over to Soandsos to retail every bit of gossip they can pick up a woman has no idea of law equity or If he is a he has a fine for he pehs her with and be obedient to your own hoc in a fine chest Altogether man is quite sure that he knows all about woman and is perfectly competent to guide and govern her along witb the But this new departure What is to be done about it he peevishly mutters Nonsense Dont be silly Go get a new bonnet if you want but dont talk like a This doesnt quite seem to quiet the and he waxes wiity about long haired men and short haired wo and aslcs his or or if she is going to order the nether garments of his tailor or buy them readv Even this withering sarcasm doasnt altogether nip the pestilent growth of this stem of and then the shrewder kind of man tries to identify himself with the new and is ma nanimous and kind and patronizing to and holds out his saying Ill help you up to the sad dle right in front of and you shall manage the snaffle and the curb and keep the To this proposition Lilith in that man is quite welcome to ride his own horse after bis own and she shall not interfere so long as he does notobstrnct her but that she is her self well and feels quite able to manage whip and spur she is very willing and desirous to ride alongside of her comrade man in the most amicable spirit she sees that they are both bound to tbe same and she grants that each can make the road pleasanter and more profitable for the but she insists upon it that her steed Progress is quite as valuable as his nag and if he will not allow her room to ride by his side ehe shall certainly push for the and may unfortunately crowd him to the wall as she At all ehe does not propose to be crowded to the wall nor does she intend to ride any longer upon pre either behind or before men she is daughter of equal in everv way to although in a different direc tion she does not claim to govern or direct nor does she mean to let him govern or direct That sort of thing does very well for the daughter of that poor creature who could not resist the blandishments of Satan nor the de sire for forbidden aud having got herself into a dragged Adam into it after But says am quite a match for Satan and his and am brave enough to fight my own battles and bear my own All I ask is that man should treat me as well as I treat or as he treats his brother There lies the Will can mau see that a new condition of affairs obliges him to adopt a new atti tude Tiie good steed Progress is bear ing woman to the front will he draw Precedent aside and make room that the two may ride on true and faith ful or will he insist that she run at his sit cozily upon a pil lion at his or perch precariously in front and guide the snaffle rein One thing is and the old order of the world is changing and a new order is coming in nor can the will one man or all the men in the nor of all the women into the or or alter the course of that great The only thing both and can do is to adaptj ourselves to Let the women open wide their eyes to the new sphere of action opening before them let them emancipate themselves in tbe best mean ing of the word from the swaddling bands and chains of roses that hare fettered their limbs hitherto Jet them hi their own persons and in their daugh seek to know what is going on in the and form opinions upon such matters as independently of men as of each Let theru cultivate the man ly virtues of self while not letting go their own birthright of self what a noble creature the of the future may be if only to glo rious strength and freedom of Lilith she can add the feminine charm of Evel DIFFEIEIT DETELOPIER OF KM Apparently as Back on ai leted Disposition as OH Hit JTuseu lar MakeupShort Legs aad Long ToShow Still BJf9j of the referred to the illustration Tfcfa is ponderoni compared i although ft is the length as i X5 GlHTS FB ii i ii OWVUU 1 height as his fag taar Johnsons weight in running Here aid Wken tke Beautiful and is about ISO which is fortv Brook Troit be Canrfct ire stfll he has inn 7 Followers of athletic sports often Where dfjes Soandso set the power to trav el over the ground so fast or in some othei Sow is it that such a heavy fellow is so activep Any attempt to have certain rules by which to answer these questions with even a fair decree of accuracy is thought bv most instructors to be so far as ana lyzing muscular development is Sood athletes vary so much in length or girth of weight and that it is most perplexing to even a careful observer to think out why it is that Soandso can accom plish certain athletic when some one else who loots just as strong and takes as mneh practice cannot show anywhere near such I UN celebrated professional sprinter and He holds the record for a 100 yard run of 9 45 although he is about the same in nnimng condition is about ISO which is forty pounds more stfll he has ran 100 and wonM be considered a monei active man for ha is also a great By these fflnstratiCES itwffl bet stea that there is a great difference in size and j shape of the legs of prominent and B with without being told who owned one would hardly snppcw that CT conld carry its owner over ground faster than that of There are none of j the fine lines in C which are displayed in I although thedeveiopment of the former is very It would be thought that the rapid motion necessary in nnming fast would be found In The two athletes reoresented by these legs have a very different style of strides about 7 feet 3 inches in running 100 while B will go 6 inches but tha shorter one is put in a little which enables more ground to be covered in a cer tain space of time for a certain The illustration Less for shoivs the leg of OF SP2BS TO DSE TDK Brook Troit May be Canffct of Vcrioog Slant Silver AJfT men in all ages have found angling a means of livelihood or a source of healthful Simon Peter said I go afish ingr and thev said TVe also will go with This quotation from John graces the title page of Izaak Wal tons famous book precisely as given nineteen centu ries ago tha disci running out lure amiu taivps sue omv tune If you ajtempatheerperiment on the you would lose your ioai and your Lee there be a stiff quartering and no w with a steady and a goad right down on the momiting the very crest of the waves that in tea seconds more wfll break into shivers on the Keep a quick a sieady nerve and a readv You wfll take the edge of a swift Current where it pDnrs out of the Fear not tha mounting combers or the the tide will bear you back andieep you off the taiiuns tae leg 01 OB is nes sgo ma usci very unlike in build to his jj nf j pies of the Saviour earned their daily bread JohnCTn rpTirrcfmtoH hv UG Thpv nra by caStinST the net into Thft iKnoa very unike in build to s jj nf represented by They are about i by measurement i wh hich is even i greater than Wendel Johni that of their represented ov lueyareaoout J ueiinto me the but the inside measurement iwho witl Simon Peter simply had to of Johnsons leg is 37 which is even i tner manual strength the net into the and those er si and dexterity to and we change with son holds the best record in the world for a times and we change with standing high jump without 5 feet 8 i kem Suppose a man of this later age meets a friend and in answer to a JBeeliliiJJ I IV il f TWO PEETECT Most instructors or judges of athletes la j more stress on a mans disposition than on the size of his muscles in endeavoring to ex plain why he ii so strong and The powtir of concentration is known to be large ly developed in a good athlete in other the ability to summon ones self for an elTort is prominent in men who have made good athletic As the mind controls this ability it is quite natural that an athletes disposition should be considered of importance in describing the causa for his athletic It must be supposed that ones mind bis all to do with excellence in muscular for the if not the size of the is known to corns in for a largo Most good athletes have what lire commonly called long Their sinews do not stand out in bat they extend moreover the length of the Different kinds of exercise will put differ ent shaped on a and an arm which Is used simply on pulley weights in a gymnasium can be distinguished from one which has beeu used in tug of or horizontal and parallel bar The accustomed to a great deal of light will be more knotty in The lines of its muscles willbe clear and as a sample of muscular develooment it will be very it is pat to heavy work be found Tiwre will be no action to tha and as most atbletic feats consist of concentrated the arm not being used to will compared with some other one which not have such pronounced looking but which may be at horns at used in The illustration Two Perfect Arms shows very weil two different types of muscular de E is the right arm of tho holder of the American record for the pole vault F is the arm ot ths well known athlete Frank who injhis tiay was a great tut of war man and dnmbboll Hs also was a good gen eral but Etrenjth of arm was his Baxters arm without been mostly brought up to its flne state of development by the exercise of the game he has made such a record at Pols vaulting consists of an athlete clearing a bar by means of a pole with which he sticks in tha ground closes to the and swings himself over the latter by means of tbe momentum of bis run and lifting with his While in the air ail the weight of the body is supported by the which in turn bear on the and an athlete whe can lift well with is whether or not he can gain much momentum from his can perform at the game better than ons who may be able to gain more force in his ran bat has not tbe strength in his arms to enable him to lift Much practice at pole vaulting is felt by most athletes in the arms simply be caase they do so much work and if took no other exercise for his arms than pole their appearance would not change from the even though his favor ite exercise does not develop all the muscles of the It cau reaiiily that E21 Patricks having such tremendous muscles for its can an exorcise shoving heavy far better tbnn an arm lifc tuough the muscular develojv UW Where are you going the friend replies j I intend to try my luck at the lakes for a I week or If the questioner desires to go along he cannot start on the as did the fishermen of Unless he is a regular sportsman and has his kits for all sorts of he most buy an for fly In detail and cost the pur j chases will look for something like this j Bxd of split greeahart or lance weight eight to Click drag So to Silk enameled and A fly S3 to Early spring trout or to SL50 Fish Landing So to A miscellaneous assortment of indispens WITH CASUAL BEMiRIS BE8AIDDI8 TBE ASTOfi FAULT A Few SnsseslIoM for the Benefit of the Army and These lia ble to be Hit with a Kodak Indian of the wo Johnson holds the best record orld for a standuv broad jump with such as a bait bos of split a clearing sinkers and 510 to Besides these which are solely for the use of tbe the angler murt attend somewhat to bis personal comfort He should wear old clothes and warm particularly if he intends to fish from a and to these I add a pair of hip rubber boots for brook and j pond not forgetting in any event a i suit of oil skins for use in rainy Thus equipped for a contest with the mem s of tbe tinny tbe angler of the early time may look about him and decide of the world for a standuv broad jump Ume maj look about hlm decide out 10 feet 10W There Is a Te aud whut sort fiih shal claim difference of four inches in the length of their have to so great an difference of four inches in the length of their and the oneshown in C is about four inches more in circumference at the upper epart than Both are good all round witli the advantage on Ds but tbis may be due mostly to the fact that C has piid more attention to D has livvrmadea fast record at tha latter tiie little he has done at it showad a very slow He has not the abil ity to stride and judging by tha length of one suppose that h9 should a runner of au unusual He weighed when ha was in his best condition ItjJ or nearly twenty pounds less than The long musoles previously spoken of are well displayed in and when doing any kind of jumping this athlete a great deal of He does not jumn with what might be called a nervous but uses more of a slower muscle contracting ac tion which impresses one that considerable force is The action of C when jump ing is quicic compared with and the same ability to concentrate quickly is shown in his jumping tbat be displays in running 100 Considering the great difference in physical characteristics between C and would it over be imagined bv one hav ing a theoretical idea of athletic ability that C could run so fast ns 100 yards 9 and that D could not ran fast enouIi to be worthy of or that C could stand still aud a farther spring than while the latter can outjnmp C in nearly every other vrav These questions are and their very complication makes them all the more difficult to reason that must not be overlooked of a certain athlete excelling some other one in certain seemingly against all plausible is tbat au as a takes up a special rule which he with continued ftac develops the muscles and thereby becomes unusually Then when ha is compare with some other one who theo retically may be better built for the but who has not practiced so it sboald not be uifncnlt to say wliy he is actually bet ter at tbe particular event than the other There is a great deal of truth ia the idea that certain athletes ore built for different for it would be found by trying a extent annihilated distance that the man of meabs and leisure mayat small inconvenience cast his line either in the lakes of the rivers of Canada or the waters of the south and choose as tbe object of has pursuit anything from the small and beau tiful brook trout to the giant tarpon that lurks along the rcci bound coast of THE EBOOK The season for brook by the has just about and if one is so fortunate as to own a stretch of trout if is able to purchase the privilege of a few hours he can find no better amusement than in trying conclusions with this little king of American Protected now in all his haunts by wise and strictly guarded from human ignorance or the trout breeds in tbe unlured by fly or passes the winter in dignified and when spring fairly opens and the game statutes permit tbe casting of the line is pre pared to do vigorous battla with the unknown foe who holds the JL ILY ITSKBESIANS SPBHra at the month action of the tide is constantly wash ing ont the and as it is borne down on the current it presently sinks by its own specific gravity and gradually piles up until it forms a little ledge a foot high or Right under theedga of this ledge the small fry congregate and tide runners forage for Here throw yonr Just now is a critical In two seconds yon will either be pounding on the beach or surging down on the impetuous cmrent of the strong ebb The breeza is blowiug Up mounts your boat on the glassy whose crest is foaming just two rods in A false mo ve no w is ruin hard down your helm Now while she toss your squid into the deep green you have himl Keep her away and haul in Hurrah a four pounder Blnefish are due along the Atlantic coast about June 1 and good but tha tarpon is the leviathan with whom the skilled anglers delight to Thousaneis search for him through hours of patient waiting along the Florida How few are for tuuate in securing one of tha glorious orizes may be seen from the following record of the bes catches for the winter of 1SS9 and spring of 1890 made by visitors toFlorida Kansas 113 pounds S3 pounds 70 The scales of the tarpon often measure three inches in diameter and are coated sil very He is known as the king and is the largest of the finny tribe caught with rod and While perhaps uot so as the forms of sport indicated the spring angling along the inland rivers aud lakes brings much satisfaction and substantial There is some compensation even fn hooking a and one may a battle royal when a huge Mississippi catfish swallows his Shad are and just shy enough to make the watery chase and whitefisb aud fresh water herring all amply reward tbe skillful For whoever seeks amusement by the aters let the like Izaak Wal wish him a rainy morning and that if bo be an honest angler the east wind may never blow when he goes Loafs Louis Bierbauer or as he Is geu 189H byt Astoria sits enthroned at the month of She mighty She is a good sown and reminds me some of Heidd We playedthere against the Sal vation Army and Smiths Bile The Salvation Army on the coast this spring is doing rather a rocky They are mostly carrying on a guerrilla warfare in their They seem to be on neutral giving most of their attention to Instead of doing a devil defying street act and trying to scare old SatanT by means of a tambourine and two homely why dont they take in washingoccasion including their own Par Recommenced his baseball career in 18S3 with a semi professional team of his native After playing with several minor teams he signed with the Philadelphia Ath Through the release of Quest placed oti second base and did Brook trout must needs exist under For four sea lutely natural conditions in order to retain I ons ha guarded that position for the play ing more than five erally who is to play second base the Brooklyn Playersteam during the com ing was born at Wai It Work Belle in a calls writing letters to me he write very often three times a and just he writes only a miserly thirtyfive pages each ITnlMaltby Im afraid the goldfish ia going to makes you think Tom my held him in my hand awhile ago and he felt right Sift fMlimipfclral There iga nice thing abouthaying two babies in the said What is that They each eery ao loudlvyou tear the BOTH HAVE RCX 100 TAKD IX 1IJ SECONDS ment of both were comparatively the Kflpatrieks arm fits a man 5 feet 7 inches whilo Baxter is over 6 feet 1 inch The muscles of KBpatricksarm have n better leverage in shoving a hcivy weight than and the latter might practice for ever aud still not be able to make any kind of a showing with Kilpatrick at fitting or shoving a weight for all In power the muscles in Baxters in pro portion to its stand oat far better than those of But by their physical anrmgnmant it can readily be imagined why thera is such adifferencejhi performing heavv Baxters arm is of the and al though he u not known to be extra good at lifting or throwing heavy still for his favorite exercise the mnscles of his arm can not Or KUpatricks arm is of tha stout If it were shown in the same position as Baxters the which are so pronounced on the front part of Bax ters upjier would ia ESlpatricks dis play a sight generally seen ia ancient engrav ings of athletes and Kilpatricks upper when bent at the time this picture was measured 16 inches in eircnmfer He weighed about 183 and he could take a dumbbell weighing even a few pounds more tban that figure and shove it slowly above his The illustration Both have run 100 yards in tan seconds shows the legs of twoHar vard college A is Evert TTeo ctamand B is Wendel Tha in aefemeuaremet of A is 33 wfafle tfcat ot B is S6 inches still both have traveled 100 yards in die same and nmther could run the distance faster than thair credited Baker is of the decided greyhound He stands 6 and weighed when he made his record 188 Wendell is three inches and of about weight The lines of B finer and more sinewy thansfaownin so far speed ta number of novices in a gymnasium in many kinds of exercise that each branch would produce better performances by some man than by It is easy to see that one man having small arms and heavy legs can not climb a rope as well as another who may have big arms and small but the big legged man may jump further than the one with badly dcvelopsd lower Itisawell known fact that patrons of gymnasiums are finely developed above the waist while devo tees of athletic show equally good This is mainly doe to tho dfflerenca hi apparatus found in tha two The Betent A certain Shakespearean club in one of the most fashionable suburbs was enter tained successively by the various mem It finally became the duty of a popular young bachelor to assume the position of Wishing to make the evening a pleasant reminiscence to all present the gentleman had BosaUe Mnsio in whiejh he proposed decorated in a charming manner also had a delicious luncheon served br the bast bait for bis a Bervea get splendid results from trolhng with large a pronaent and the appoint1 Ld gandv Tha season opens about ments were elegant hi every Jmiel So thoroughly enjoyable was the evening Basides tront and black bass the only fish that every one felt like expressing their protected by the laws of the United States thanks to the young and in various anii the In pretty speeches did the ladies denifV itbe Ust of fishes available m the and their appreciation of his eff i unguarded by statutory the most Surrounded by a hew of hfe ttractiv5 to the dTf3 jraests the face of the donbtedly the striped He can be found me lace or tne young man was from Rodin iieir rare virtues when placed upon the ta In many streams where they ore pre served the fish are fed regularly on hashed raw As consequence they crow in but lose their savor and delicate the flesh becoming absolutely An glers who desire to meet the brook trout all his glorious independence and not as a iver fed serf will avoid the stocked ponds and streams near the large where the fish come confidingly to the surface expecting to be not and seek tha brooks that dash and fuma along the slopes of the Rockies or through the forests of the The lakes in once unequaled the world over for are now and all things con the streams of Quebec afford tha finest sport in this branch of angling at the present Probably the next best flgh for light tackle after trout is the black The block bass is a bronze backed fighter from way and he will give the wielder of the rod and reel ample em ployment for an hour at least before he acknowledges hfmqalf vanquish Almost any lake in the North ern United States or Canada can boast the presence of this superb but its most curious and safest home ig in the reservoir at Central New York artificial body of MXOVZD BT BLACK TOter with bass that the drinking supply of the metropolis might be kept and the plan has proved most The bass do their duty in the way of destroying and as a reward are exempt from the wfles of the by the are considered LOUIS hundred championship He led in the official fielding averages of the American as sociation in ranking second In 1HS9 and fourth in ISSfi and Everything consid it is safe to count him as one of the coming Another 3Insical Josef Hoffmatm and his contemporaries hava found a rival in the field of mu sical and she is a little Her name is Elsie JIaud Stanley She is only 12 years yet she plays tbe most diffi cult compositions of Schumann and it is with wonderful feeling and She seems to have an abnormal amount of strength and agility in her tiay wribU and and a very considerable furore in enthusiastic She recently arrived in and at a pri vate recital did so well that it is not afc all improbable that when she appears in public ihe will prove one of the sensations of the London musical ELSIE the Atlantic coast from Cape Cod to and the best places to look for him are among the reefs and rocky shoals at high young lady me arcie and offered are among the reefs and rocky shoals at high thanks where thanki were Her Menhadea and shedder crab Tnntp the manner of expressing however best and the angler will find a one pound caused the light to die out of the younsrltriDed eallant a fishier for life as its gentlemans and ababv which weighs ten as perseded It night be reinarkedheni Iamch that the voung man had offered hw li j i The trngfish is also a gamy and attractive to a Eosalie Court belle the I ot aXKDtiaiHe succumbs to the month and been refusei AndrtTr8 of a smailstroI1S hook scrimp bait u He ngnaHy swims and is a hard and 01 tte fteady If one seeks to tactle the must complii he must search for that splendid charmin nmrmooTd wrecks and mussel magj aheepsliead he must search for tttat splencua ment you on the charming manner ta ocean product among old wrecks and nmssel which you ha ve entertained us this and ba sore to coax his nagesty from been perfect T native depths with a heavy hoot and wire iT frothe ehMrshead has hnee teeth and a Everything has been perfect bfc native depths with a heavy hoot and win lovely we have noticed the for the sheepshead has huge teeth andi nothing that would have evenings perha are other and in a niauant mVT 8a salt water The becnnsa of j an accomplished there mode stfll of taking aa cH wot He Did Cet bigger fool a man is the more luck he Gus De causes you to make that remark You know Tom Beady1 he has married widow worth Humph If he had had luck in pro portion to his stupidity he would have had a million at He De Slow one of the by a chap rushed out on me lawst night and swore hed take my what did you do De Slow by he couldnt take my life any easier than I took it and he left Must have known ton PLAYING When they know the great adversary of souls well as I do they will not try to scare him with cross eyed women or hive him and his hosts by beating the tbesackbut and the land soft soap and unselfishness wfll do more toward giv ing Satan that tired feeling than all the loncl and onion flavored hosannaa of misguided men and bleating who seek to harass the hosts of hell with a bass drum while their own with empty stomachs and unlaundried weep at But I was speaking of I bought a perpendicular lot with pockets in it and brackets for holding farm Astoria was settled in 1811 by whose family are said to be people of His descend ants live in Xew York and are among our best The Astors and the Nyes are quite They often bor row dishes of ns when they have com pany come in suddenly on While our ancestors were catching the Astors were catching The elder Astor was nore than tho elder for when pe Tolcum began to squirt through the ground our fnlts had to hire out to while tho Astors did well in the pelt and yreen hide Astoria really a good city and shows much thrift and The Astor family do a very commendable act by establishing a library or some per manent insf i Titiou there worthy of them selves and the thriving There are people in The canned sal mon is caught all along and the low sob of the steamer echoes back from the rich green velvety moss which uphol sters the high steep while ever and anon the wail of tho sawmill calls forth the sympathetictears of the highly saturated and tho beautiful hills in their fir trimmed garments give back an answering While I there the president is sued his annual warning the seal poachers to go right a way from By law ho has to do this every year or lose his I wish I could Ret a clianci to write a message for the president one still prepare tho speech of the queen for Just one would do I presume it would also do everybody But it possess its I would write a speech for the queen if she could memorize it and get some good elocutionist to fa some suitable gestures for would at tract and draw forth comment Instead of giving the md rather trite facts about ac peace with the various foreijpi that I had married I would give a whole lot of bright family gossip such as must come to the ear of an old lady in such a position ejf trust anel confi dence as she and I would in little society notes and a called TinMan About annual messagr of the Ls open to Local hits about would make tho document far more juicy and generally In rtead of going on with sis or seven col umn of nonpareil adviceand sugges tions to congress as to what to do during the coming I would boil it down to five lines by saying you may go home and do yonr electioneering if you instead of coming to Wash ington to do Leave your address with me and I will see that your salaries are sent to The salmon industry is not so profit able now as it used to A salmon that used to cost 25 cents now costs to the so it is a question with thesm whether they can can or Yet I suppose that after a certain a Man might do well in a salmon AH styles of on the Interpreting tne Johnny Badmatcb come Ha anpa are fightin ter ribly up to de Come win and seprate em Whynotr Its a caime to part man and Lvwrence beat memory in daring Because yon nerer tethnot Takeacatrigged1 stepped weeU wcmuseyou never I stepped the articles I teH you i one tbat works for wrick down gotoKre Mrt A Ely There was a bigblock on Essex street Indeed Horse carriages Nor Wagonsr the Odd Fellows renca A Great Bis queer in baseball When anna k released he is no longer And when he resigns he withdrawn By George ifs wonderful ntwnom I had fejrmerly A curious feature of the shorn tanks of the Columbia fa OB It is a long trough cnt V and supported by high ft long sometimes extending for miles up the inaccessible MTh and ping the almost inexhaustible pine woooi which cover the Eight or tim inches of water will do the work of hundred f earns in scooting the wood down these and in fact fax places wagons could not be used at It is a beautiful sight to the tenderfoot Cords and cords of two and four took wood come down these flumes to rteamboat wet and but otherwise in good In Portland I met an actor who had just returned from AlnaTqi He that Alaska aa yet ia not a good show He saw the I asked him how the scenery was and other works of He said they very I had never heard works of God indorsed so heartily by an actor and so I speak of it I do it in order to prove that many of the unkind criticisms we hear relative to tha creation are really and from a feeling of envy and jealousy worthy only of smaller A truly great man will not try to belittle No matter whether wo are trying to ooiiii strnct solar systems or elevate the Amer ican nothing cau be gained by tha exhibition of a small Do not order broiled oysters in Port Other victuals are reasona ble in price and well but there is no ecoaomyin buying broiled I paid sixty cents for six broiled and each one smaller than a collar On the coast the clam ia tho Ward McAllister of nautical He grows to an enormous and is arro gant to a I saw in San Cisco a clam shell which had beean used for years as a horse I saw a man who said he saw His name was Samuel Post and a letter ad dressed to him at will call forth a pleased and happy At Tacoma I saw several of the Si wash tribe of I paused to them more Especially a bright young Alfarita squaw with wkite teetli and black They had beeu blacked tfy her I But she was quite and therefore a curiosity among the who area trilling I looked at her earnestly until came timidly toward me with a wet mackerel in ouo hand and a blood curdling oath in the Then I said to Lacy We now go and look at those lots of if you axe not toe Ho said perhaps that would be the better so we trudged The Chinooks ana more fond of door sports and Hoi land Their lives are spent mostly in their which gives them won derful depth of chest and a paucity of legs which is quite One of them looks very robust as he as but when on laud ho with MT ten conversing it would make yon sure to grin at tinway his toes turn in On tho And his string halt style of and his Watorluiry talk make you Vof his knees arc out of even whoa hes out of ami his language you dumb When Francds Train got ready to go around the world a few weeks making the starting it suggested ho take with liim e laughter of old Chief Seat Duchess of and hear to throne of Pinall She is now over 98 years of and no longer fatal gift eE bcutu but she said that parents were and in their ab sence she certainly would not consent to take such a journey with a man of whom she knew very little She sold that there WHS already scaudal enough ia royal families risewhere without any contribution from her queen thnn tnok a small bite of Piper Heidsieck tolwio and declared the audi ence at an As she swept proudly put of the cutting another notch in her slin resumed her pail of as sho moved oft down she looked eveninch a More prosperous monarchies may learn a valu able lesson from the conduct cf this gen tle divested of her kingdom and most cf her reigning yut scorns to give the tongue of scandal aHcJe at I briefly one day not long She wcm a slightly white wooltm toboggan cap and an air of chas tened Also red and ingrain rug with fringe on Her teeth have fallen by tho way but she still and as a charmer has few equals on the The Chinooks not a warlike but they still retain their tree nobility of Indian character which bestows upon the women the in alienable right to bear the children and do the light such as frilling digging rutting cordwood and breaking Some of these Indians are quite inge Yesterday I saw one Michael Angelo trousers were retained in place by means of a new tic It was all he could do to keep from betraying his pride and being of fensively but he daughter ilultnomah was selling soft shell crabs on a falling market also shrimps and other It is custom ary for bright young tourists to with these red brothers and Most they are led regret The Indian does not shine a but for powerful word strength of diction and general scope of fishmonger syntax easfly gets the best of the I rarely argue with an Even when I lived among the more j are the eati my and town I The Siwash is also plain spoken pv do not know how thereal estate men in knowing that he can Astoria but certainly many of them at lead an upright to espress It must be a pleasant T rf j Kfe to You just get up in 1 just Heard of a young man m Port morning when yon get ready and put oa land who came up with us on the steam yambed qufltvprovided you tt on He bragged good dealfa social foHy about the duties of the day hy sitV after he got home about how good a ting down in the glad sailor he and made quite a hero of be real He made fun of his fellow pas sengers a and proceeded to be the life of the After awhile a young lady in the group began to look over some photographs and stereoscopic Gradually she artlessly got the attention of the and she pro duced one which showed the young1 on board exchanging views the The picture spoke for ttselfwith no uncertain He had forgotten about there being a Kodak on I sometimes thtntr that science win eventually make prevarication hut is stiH am portunity I beg leave to submit the I The Beportars Ktst Week Second and the Editor Third Editor and It Fonrth KB Half Way BaggsBo yon TOW wife Uncfe

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