Saturday, May 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - May 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURL ESTABLISHED SATURDAY MAT 189a II1NTH1ST HE 8EFATEKA8UBE P1BEB THE HODtt ALMOST The Proceedings in the SenateIke President Signs the Oklahoma Bill Bill to Amend the liter state Commerce May home took up consideration of the senate bill to protect trade and commerce against un lawful restraints and After a as Head every question other than the one under of offered an amendment making unlawful any contract or agreemen to prevent competition in the sale or purchase of commodity transported from state to The amendment was adopted on a viva vnce and the bil was pasaed in the same manner with a tingle negative XHJt BUI May the senate the committee on interstate commerce made a report on the subject of Ameri can commerce by Canadian Ordered Vest intorduced a bill to amend the interstate commerce act stating that his object was to place express companies under the provisions of that and asked the attention of the interstate commerce committee on the subject The bill was referred to that committee Mitchell offered a resolution which went over till calling on the secretary of the treasury for information as to the importation and exportation of gold and silver during the year 1889 and as to bank notes retired and the kind of money issued to take their The concurrent resolution heretofore offered requesting the president to enter into negotiation with the governments of Great Britain and Mexico with a view to securing treaty stipulations for pre venting the entry of Chinese laborers into the United States was taken up and agreed A message from the house with the house amendment to the senate depend ent pcntion bill was laid before the senate and the chairman of the commit tee on pensions moved that the amend ment bo nonconcurred in and a confer ence was Sherman suggested that the bill and amendment be referred to the committee on and it was The customs administrative bill was taken the question being on Grays amendment to strike out of the four I teenth section the words except in cases wherein applications shall be filed in the circuit court withm the time and in the manner provided for in section fifteen of this and insert a provision that where congress has not clearly and dis tinctly declared a classification on any imported the lowest of rates shall bu levied and and the col lector shall inform the secretary of the treasury for report to The discussion of the amendment was interrupted by to say that he was not present when the report was pre sented from the interstate commerce on the subject of Canadian railroads and a member of the committee did not as sent to that He thought sec tions of act as to the long and short haul and pooling should be The discussion of Grays amendment was resumed and in the course of it Shorman declared that if he had his he never would allow any of those rev enue onsen to go to any It was all administrative and not a judicial question and if any grievous error had boon committed the remedy was to be furnished by congreon After a long debate Crays amendment was rejected without ray offered another aad was dis cussing it when Frye remarked that it would cover palpable attempted The remark was resented by who asserted that attempted frauds were on the other side of the chamber and the rights of of a temporary government in the terri tory of THE TOFHAOE ABD OCBAS KAIL BXBVICE Senator Frye win report from the committee on the bill known as the shipping league ton nagebOl already favorably reported from the committee on merchant to the house with amendments also the bill to provide for ocean mail service between the United States and foreign and to promote which has been known as the Frye The bill authorizes the postmaster gen eral to make contracts for a tern of ten with AiMriryi citizens for carrying the United States mails in Amer ican steamships between the ports of the United States and the ports of foreign A LAKD OFFICE Commisssoner general of tile land in a detission holds that moneys paid by the public land entry men to receivers at the local land offices in their official capacity as soon as public moneys within the intent of the and sunh payments are held to ae payments to the government In the cue in receiver at abicoided with a large amount of money paid to him by entrymen upon making final The decision here tofore has been against the allowance of entry when the money had been paid to tne defaulting receiver before entry was allowed and the final receipt WILL ATTEMPT TO TABS THE The managers of the river and harbor bill have decided to attempt to pass the in the house on Monday under a s nspension of the shout went up from the The theaonon with the folio wing wfll give but s fatal idea of of about foniT the game to those who did notwitaesBit OFFICIAL PRICE 15 CENTS PER 1 CUBE AID EIC1TBS CfllTBT f IT IQ8ED IT THE BILL FiKL The Home Boys Fairly Outplay the Meets a aterloe Defeat at fialesbnrgGamefl EteewhereAtrhe Tan p IPO or flva the game aad howled aad and Terre nSTXBSTATE Pr Oalesbi BALLOT the Govcraor Hill Balnctsatlr Bill May Hill today approved the ballot reform In his message accompanying it he in art I havj steadily opposed every effort to impose unnecessary restrictions and impracticable relations upon our election system which are not adapted to our free institutions or which would render elections enormously expen sive and It is to be that such endeavors has only been partially In the inter est of an honorable compromise of dif ferences of opinions and with a sincere desire to agree upon a bill which should accomplish something towards Had the attendance at the open ing ball game on the home grounds of the Interstate season yesterday been at all commensurate with the games worth as an exhibition ofthe great national pas the grand stand and the bleachers would have been packed to suffocation j and seats on the greensward would have been at a Secre1 tary Chamberlin would have been under the necessity of purchasing an extra quart of neatsfoot to keep the rapidly clicking turnstile reasonably well lubri 2b 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 i 0 3 a u 0 0 6 0 0 4 0 c c S 0 1 L t BOORB Bl Burlington 2011100 0001100 Burlington Van Zant to nr to MI a Andenon Qnincj sum Earned Bunt Ouinc TwoBase HttiBosl gen and ThreeBale HitFull Doable and Triple PI Cnrben Lo On aeon was idled L moa that they an ia the ssatter of aad it ta understood have determined to leave that portion of the business in the hands of where it properly be Whw Jt kmM Placed at At a meeting of the di lastBightit was decided to re Cling aad aad Manager Murray wffl obtain new men who win greatly strengthen the I i moMGE IHE APFfiiillGE OF 1 BEADT1TDL ABED UTESTiiTLES IOWA for Hlttinf Man with Andenon Struck Heal 1 07 Andenon L Time of WILL BpMdal to Tn May Initial later stateLeagne game played heretoday proved an overwhelming defeat forPeo ria their pitchers were knocked oat of the One thousand people the The score the even purification of though it shall our elections not be wholly Amesican citizens commerce were in engaged in foreign the right and that business which competed with business favored the manufacturing The amendment was The discussion was interrupted to re ceive a message from the announc ing the passage of the senate antitrust bill with which was re ferred to the judiciary The discussion of the customs bill was then At four oclock the dis cussion was closed and the senate com menced to vote on the bill and pending Vest called for a separate vote on the committees amendment to the third to strike out the entry shall be liquidated the or ageat of imported subject to reap poiatmeat by the board of general ap shall have the privilege of be ing present with or without counsel at ae may and insert the following or person acting as shall fix and liquidate the rate and amount of duties to be paid on such merchandise and dutiable costs and charges according to The f amendment was agreed 84 to Hisoocks proposition to give a trial by jury in certain f tiled to secure the assent of the committee and was not All other committee amendments were aimed to and the bill was yeas nays Payne being the only democrat voting in the Conferees on disagreeing votes were Platt gave notice that he would nest Monday ask the senate to take up the bill for the admission of On motion of of the bill authorizing the issue of aotes on deposits of silver bullion taken up and made unfinished for Wednesday next until dis posed The conference report on the Okla homa town sites bill was presented aad agreed After an executive session the May large a ber of inquiries have bean received by the republican of Ike ways sad means committee teapeotiag the date of Hie probable pasaan I have felt constrained to yield my views as to several provisions I must still deem I am not to haggle about mere words or useless During all the controversy of the past three I have invariably insisted upon the right of an elector to prepare his own ballot at home and bring it with him to the polls and vote and so long as this bill does not materially infringe upon that I am THB CLAVION of Bta LTTTLK May the Clay tonBreckenridge committee today Clayton told about his going to Plummerville on the day after he heard of his brothers He said no one in Plummerville offered him any sympathy or any The houses were No one was on the street and everybody avoided He thought the conspiracy to murder his brother had been concocted in and t was known to at least twenty Sve men in the county that it was to He believed hie brother killed by Oliver Bently and Bob He was firmly convinced the persons who stole the ballot boxes killed his He did not charge the democratic party with being He believed the governor had done his duty in his efforts to apprehend the but thought he had been Isd off on the wrong After Seal Special to May Conklin publishes a challenge to Reuben driver of to trot a three best in mile within one for Conklin owns a string of among them Jacoby is employed with the Hancock County Horse owner of CO Both men campaigned last Conklin offers to trot any one of his horses against Comas for the sum named Considerable interest is manifested in the Jacoby says he will give Conk lin a race in due at May The news that the president had signed the Okla homa bill reached here this The town was soon ablaze with A shotgun brigade volunteers paraded the discharging their pieces and Dispatches from other parts state the news was received with great cmunr Special to THI May The follow ing well known young people of Han cock county have recently been married Meham Hans and Miss Anna Kircsbaum Frank Oschner and Miss Lizzie Nauvoo and of Kansas to Miss Jessie of May Serious forest fires are reported tonight from the northern part of the Much age has been done around and along the Omaha where the woods are ablaze and two or three houses in town The extensive lumber mills of exGovernor Pillsbury at Gull are in imminent dan at La Special to TBB LA May Six applica tions have been made to the city council by parties wanting to run It is said the license will be The eases various parties here for illegally liquor have been no one knows It is now leaned that Ferris elects an antilicense against selling Then is a In onr And he is wondrous He bis all of nakas On him there are no ABd wken ke fines Us FtaSM an With all bis and soetn He runs unto the grooer man And buys ten Bounds AJluaeel wttsi May is settled beyond a question that the Swedish wosnan who over in the Oephaloaia aad was de at Cofloapes it afflicted with She will be seat toherhosae oa the As it not more than five hundred patriotic citizens scattered themselves in variegated groups over the They saw a most excit ing and hotly contested game of ball and rere not backward in attesting the fact The weather was The sun shone bright enough to satisfy the veriest bsse ball crank A delightful breeze swept in off of the bringing with it the sedative odors of the newly born It was not too warm it was not too It was just and the frisky ballists seemed to be imbued with the etherial mildness of the occasion as they capered about the enclosure in their preliminary Both clubs created a favorable im pression in their practice but the crowd seemed to be somewhat partial to the home players and accorded them much applaute in their pretty handling of the Promptly at Umpire Reeves stepned to the plate and whispered Play balll Faintly the echo returned from the flint hill over the Play and for the home picked up a bat and posed himself at the Four times the bsll end of the umpires indi cator clicked and Shugert went to first He didnt roost there long but took a tumble to amidst great Kate tried to knock the ball over the fence and bring him in but only suc ceeded in placing it in the center fielders This sent Shugert to third and Bines single brought him scoring the first run of the The visitors went out in 3 Thus the first inning was highly satis factory to the who indicated their feelidgs The second inning was productive of two runs for the home team secured by singles from Van Zant and Katz and Andersons while the visitors were unceremoniously Ander son striking out two men The home team made another run in the fourth by singles of Anderson and The visitors did not get further single by Bines in It was a game for your Shugert runs like a house Sam Hill Steve will twirl Murray for the visitors did very clean Will Fullers fine three bagger was a beautiful Shugert caught the crowd with his work at short Hunkey Bines did his usual great art behind the bat Vandevers throwing wss favorably commented Anderson was in great form striking out men with wonderful Bines made a great slide to second in the first and got a yell from the Vsrney managed to get his optics glued to the ball every time he went to Corbetf s fine running stop of Longs low grounder in the fourth inning was heartily Manager of the is not He lays his men are batting the ball hard and will get there Er Peoria Martm and Donovan McSarley and Time of three Halt Special to the Msy About people witnessed the opening of the season here to The day was lovely and the contest Terre Haute played a good uphill game and won by timely batting and an error at first in the lait The score by innings JwraHaute 0 000220015 Bvansvllle l 03000 0004 Base Terre Haute Evansville Terre Haute Evansville Play Qoincy at Peoria at Terre Haute at than A scorching the fifth was of another straight mark when backed by looked like several more runs were Fullers terrific It but Neal steadied down and struck out Van Zant and Anderson perished miserably on and the viMtors came to Vandever was an easy victim to cir and the visiting Quincy cranks began to make up their minds to atony when Mahoneystopped up to the plate and whaled the official leather for three coming home on Neals out and a sacrifice by The sixth inning opened with the usual run for Burlington caused by a terrible scare which Shugert gave the leather sending it so far out into the field that he rooited on second base be fore it had been fielded He stole third and came in on a snap shot by climbed the golden DIDNT HAVE A staircase in the The bloody last half of the sixth When Andenon went into the box and punched a hole in the sawdust with his toe plate he had no idea that something horrible was about to He his honk of gum in the same smiling way that is his wont He was getting a little indifferent aad two Ban took their bases on balls them Murray found the ball for a single and would have filled the bases bntPrescott attesapted to coase aad Two were on bases and one oat There was a general groan from the aad prayers f or a home ma Bushman The Quincy boys are a athletic looking company of gentlemen and won much favor with the fair por tion of the The Burlington people were not a bit stingy with their A number of pretty plays of the visitors received hearty of who is visiting Manager se cured some instantaneous photographic views of the game Reeves umpired a generally fair his decisions rather favoring the home if He has a good voice aad speaks right out ia In the Pitcher Meal was hit on the hand with a pitched ball and had to take a He finished the game ia pretty good Katz picked out a ball that looked like it would go over the fence aad then struck it His bat and he had to be content with a single If there ta say point of the game that Dickey Vanziat dont see with his naked eye its no use for any one else to look for it with the most powerful micro scope The wire netting covering the windows on the ball trains are an excellent Last year there was too much danger at tending the promiscuous climbing in and out of the car windows The Narrow Gauge men have placed wire aetting along the sides of the cars over the windows of the ball train to prevent the dear cranks from hurting themselves in their hurry to get out at the In the seventh inning Vandever grab bed a redhot liner from Breckenridges bat and dropped Breukenridge think ing he held stopped running and al lowed Van to recover the ball in time to cut him off at Manager Anderson said he knew he would because he had turned bick a mules ear and blown into it previous to g out to the He said the ndian woman told aim if he did that and escaped alive he would be sure to have good The official score sheets are hand somely gotten the cover being printed in red and gold with an elaborate design showing a blazing sun with a catchers mask in the a base ball with crossed bats sad a birdseye view of the Flint It has a fair bit of advertising and contains considerable in formation concerning Interstate and other league President Spaldiag ta the most gener ousminded magnate in the I doat can what side the newspspen They can beleagueor brotherhood as they see fit But what I PhuadelDh Cincinnati New AMERICAN B ocheiter 3 PLATBBS nilladelphla New Turk WI8TKRS Sioux Kansas The State Little Child Scalded to DeathCrestosi to Have a New lewa Liquor DedsleeState May this evening the northeastern heavens be came suddenly illuminated and immedi ately all eyes were cast ia that A large blazing fire was seen traveling with lightning rapidly towards the leaving in its path beautiful wreaths of which remained aa of curiosity for several miautes Shortly after the appearance of the meteor a loud report which caused the earth to shake aad tremble The citizens were greatly Parties have gone out to investigate aad farther developments are awaited with I home ia seat the following tele I gram ia the interest of as it wffl aid them IB their busbies of violating the prohibitory While it makes it more difficult to enforce the it does not destroy as many a rumseller will find out Morally aad politically the case wffl stand ia history as a twin brother of the Dred Scot JOHR SKBN AT Special DBS May special received here from Algona tells a simUar tale as to the meteor passing over that Algona is about twentyfive miles east of and the meteor must have fallen between the two THE 8TATJ5 eoveraor sine Cw eloae of the f staff Special to THB DBS May as Commanderinchief of the state today signed the commissions of the following new staff officers Buchanan inspector general Hiram aidede camp Byron Marshall coun colonel of first regiment Mar Pottawattaraie commis sary general Frederick Mus surgeon general Jac Wapello judge advocate general James chief of engineers and chief of signal officers Charles E general May the United for aa amount equal to the stock they being an ssssssniuit of one hun dred per cent for which the stockholders wen Some of the stockholders voluntarily paid this among others being the children of who settled today and their cases were dismissed May whole sale grocery house of Gillian assigned assets estimated at TRAVEL AHD TBAHIC inspector of small rank as arms with TO A CUM May following is the score New Bsse Brooklyn Hew York Brooklyn New York Bat Murphy and Kinslow Keefe and May following is the score 100000002 600001006 Base Philadelphia Boston Philadelphia Boston Bat Hinted and Milligan Rtdbourne and Ferguson and Hol bert May following is the score 0 n 0 0 want to see the newspapers the dignity do is to treat the game with the dignity its patronage Tell the people exactly what occurs and let them be the But above all be serious if you and if yon cant try to for the sake orthe The Evansville Journal thus tells how the good people of that dty took their clubs victory in Terre Haute Tuesdav As the shsdes of night fell over the dtr a large delivery wagon passed through the from braadtaheahta bat The brandish was good for a fining the Mnager banted a grounder to Breckea who threw wild to cut off Long Both Loaf and Monger oa the oaly error of tattlag atffl oa bases aad bat oswoat picked oat a good baU aad thacoraarof the romaa candles found their way toward fhewagoa had a large baaaer oa each on which was inscribed Evaasvffll 13 Terre We are the People The wagon was followed by a large crowd of enthusiasts blowing horns and making other iadeecribaUe aoiieT ft recalled the pleasures indulged in politicalvictoryT Skyrocket up in aQ parti of the dty ia honor of the event George Dickinson has this graph between two stan in the 1 When a swiftly batted fielder Brotherac of tana n o o o o i 2 0 0 0 1 Base Pittsburg Buffalo Er Buffalo Morris and Carroll Keefe and Gunning and May following is the score i i 4 1 000 200 04 110 Base Cleveland Chicago Cleveland Chicago Bat Hemmings sad Brennan Baldwin and Knight and Natlesuu May 2 following is the score 1000830 New Base Philadelphia New York Philadelphia New York Vickery aad Russie and May The following in the score 1 R 1 0 0 0 1 811 Bsse Boston Brooklyn Boston Brooklyn Nichols and Murphy and McDermot and May scon by innings 00100 0 1 U 0 2 0 0 0 1 01 06 Base Cleveland Cincinnati Cleveland Cincinnati Bat Lincoln and Zimmer Rhiaes and May score by in nings 001010407 6801000 10 Bsse Chicago Pittsbnrg Chicago Pittsburg Batter Congblin and Jones and a at Special to THB COTWCIL May Yesterday afternoon while William Jones was taking out a basket of clothes into the yard she heard screams from the Rushing ia she found her tweatvmonths old daughter lying on the floor with a stream of scalding water pouring over its breast and stomach from a patent wash ing The child was scalded so badly that death The funeral occurred this The child must have pulled open the faucet used to drain the CTMtosi te a Special to THB May party of Chi Burlington and Quincy railroad Creston and went A Pacific Junction superintendent of the west divis telegraphed back that the company had decided to commence preliminary work as soon as possible on a new pas senger depot at the plans of which are already The new depot will be one of the finest on the Burlington and the order has caused great rejoicing VICR FBBSIDKNT OODDABD May third vice president of the Topeka and Santa Fe has It is understood he decided upon this step two weeks ago while President Maavel was ia and tele graphed his to take effect May It is understood hia relations with the aew traffic manager are un the latter refusing to recognize his authoriiy ia the absence of the pres PISM Atmmm Engine 275 on train 113 sat fire Thursday night to bridge 44 on the Des Moines and Jo branch north of The damage was promptly repaired and caused ao Bridge 261 A on the main line west of Emm caught fire yesterday morning and suffered considerable These make three bridges ia the state on the Burlington lines burned within a few It ta supposed the dry weather lias rendered them particularly liable to become ignited from sparks of passing Yesterday morning a special went west on the Burlington consisting of private can and 50 Car 200 came in on train 3 at and later a special was made up of the three can above named aad sent west about eight The party on board consisted of President VicePresident aad Treasurer 2nd VicePresi dent aad probable General Manager Brown aad Division It ta surmised the trip ta taken to give Harris a view of the lines over which he wffl be given The following amendments to the reg ulations of the Relief de partment took effect May and are con sidered a decided stop in advance New employesot over fortyfive yean of age who pass a satisfactory medical may become members of the Relief Fond immediately upon enter ing the iastead of waiting one at hitherto required by the regu The distinction between accident on duty and accident off duty is TKANDSIE IDIi THE THBEATEIED STS1IE IB CfflCABO VELOPES 01 AX OffiJPECTED IIMR The Old Black Road Has the Appear aaee ef tomr Tears Agofto Ms or For alga Strike May The threatened strikes in this which may be said to have technically begun yesterday when organized labor took a wen not made apparent until this morning the men failed to resume work at many The black road ia the vicinity of McCormicks reaper works had much the same appearance today as it had four years None but striken could be seea aad they had entire pos boy and girl em ployed ia the Malleable Iron works at Twentysixth and Rockwell ta The total number of employes ta No particular reason was auiga sdby the men for quitting A committee was appointed tonight to wait upon the officials but they declined to appear before their Pres ident Baily called the striken about him and upbraided them for going out without any notice and told them that when they found out what so that in of accident oft hap May Brook lyn Athletics May May Columbus May Louis Louis Ottawa May Dubnque won again today by a score of 13 to THB eighths of a mile Defendant Watch Me Sir third para farld to thai ditioaaloae with thei per ceat to the hsttau byaddlafoaeaadoMkalfiEt to the pitchers is atWbntabk the large seam awde by the tiabstttaa AgaaM that ta sttettvi test c Free batttef playanoathe sfl lover of aitta tot de baae aad keeps th Second aad oneeighth Oriflsmme Salvins Dun boyae third Third of a mile Priace Howard Salisbury Lord Peyton third Fourth of a mite Moasoon Prodigal day Stocktoa third Fifth RaceHalf mile any Bock Win Gnat third Sixth Baos Fiveeighths third of a Warlike May First eighths of amfle Cousia FnidFU Lovalaad third far lam IOWA AND What If ay be 9a Court DES May of liquor ia original packages will soon be come numerous in Taking ad vantage of the decision of the United States supreme court in case of the Peoria dealers are already ne gotiating for the agency of the products of outside brewers and with a view to handling their goods in this Seven or eight such deals have already been made in this aad branch houses will be opened as soon as the necessary arrangements can be com It is not that in cities like Des Moines the stocks of such agents will remain free from seizure by the The latter wffl swear out warrants as aad seize the oaly to return them by order of the as ia this way they will get their which is about all they care KAHSAS May 2 seems to be little question that the decision of the United States supreme court on the original package question ta farreach aad that under that decision liquor may be sold in this or any other state ia the original package regardless of any prohibitory or license The best lawyers almost without exception take this view of the Governor Humphrey said regarding the decision the meager report BOW at hand it seems to go a long ways ia the wrong direction from the Kansas standpoint the enemies of prohibition who to be so hilarious over the re sult wffl find that it ta more far reaching ia its seope and inevit able consequences than would ap pear at flnt and ia that respect entirely too sweeping for their for the blow leveled at prohibitioa by the practical effect of the decision also strikes down the license system prevail iag ia most of the The constitu tioa for yean hedged about aad protect ed human aad has been made to cover other but it remained for the present cenrt to find within its pre visions a shield aad protection for the traffic ia pint bottles of baffle that has been nader the baa of the law judgment for hundreds of elevating it to the dignity of between the Coagnss pening on or after May benefits will be paid for the first six days of dis also ibership after leaving so far as concerns the aad ao doubt wffl ia the exercise its exclusive power to regulate the states m such a as to leave to the statsa absolute aataority aad eoatrol over the ao far as Jatoriratiag B qaon an Than ta a bfll aow oa the a for that as I am surgical attend Memben of the Relief fund who have been ia the service three yean and mem ben of the fund one year immediately preceding termination of may continue their the service ia the death The rates for death benefit after termination of service will be based on the age of the member when he joined the and will be the same as the rates charged for additional death under regulation The Louis GlobeDemocrat says that there is a strong suspicion that the Burlington aad and Commodore Bart of Du are working hand ia glove to se cure the franchise of the Wiggins Ferry companys transfer It is thought that the road wants these privileges for aa entrance to the city in stead of its outlined route along the The Burlington and Quincy railroad on the 1st of the month offered its stockholders the right to subscribe to 5 per cent fifteen year debenture bonds at par in the ntio of 10 per cent of their present holdings of This will make a total issue of The new bonds will be convertible into stock at par and will be virtually a call upon the Burlington and Quin cy The proceeds of the issue will be applied to 100 miles of new road ia Wyoming and ia the vicinity of the Black Hills and to retire about Minds falling due the present The issue has no relation to the Burlington aad Northern The directors of the Barliagtoa aad Quincy have declared a quar terly dividend of li per The Democrat says John known to fame as Coal Oil is station agent of the Bur lington aad Missouri river road at Ash where he has lived for over twelve He ran through a fortune of nearly 000 in the three years from 1865 to The old Steele near Oil City has been and is now makiag another man for Bhea this SanTraneiseo We wonder if Henry George wffl ever forget that memorable anniversary of the Declaratioa of ladepeadeace when he delivered the better part of a seven teaacolnmB oratioa at the California Theater He began his oration late in the After he had spoken for aa hour or so the gallery began to mani fest unmtatakeable signs of The orator deaaud it hundred pages aad Thtawat getting fresh he A thousand yean hence who wffl fight for liberty r thoBfaad yean heace who wffl they wanted to let him know their de The men seemed not to know what to say in The chairman of the moulder1 a committee says they want ten hours as a days and fifteen cents advance in and fifty per cent extra for over At the great McCormick reaper works about fifty moulders went but work was prograssing as usual A large preparation of the employee ia the foundries of Barnum Ajax Forge and the Chicago Oar Wheel went and these concerns are As no formal de mands were made on At the WellsFrench Car shops every one of the thousand employes weat out and the shops were The blacksmiths were the only ones who made known their which tor eight hours as a days At Roberts foundry it was said the men seemed anxious for either a strike or a so the works has been shut down till next Monday to accommodate them and make The entire number of employee of Fairbanks Co soaps and lard man ufacturers wffl go out The coppers to the number of eighty struck this The report is current tonight that nearly all the planing mill men in the city will quit It was also said that all the woodworkers in what ever branch of business were restless and might join the strike at any Everything remained quiet notwith standing a large number of men are aad the police say they do aot anticipate any Four hundred men ia Damans furniture factory and seven hundred in the Chicago Cottage orgaa factory struck this afternoon for eight Several thousand lumber shoven in the lumber district along the Black road are dissatisfied aad a strike ta anti cipated among OARFBHTKRS STRIKE AT May journeymen carpenters ia this be tween 900 and struck today for eight hours and 25 cents aa hour as the minimum Nonunionisss an fast joining the aad by tomorrow but a handful wffl be at One big contractor only signed the arbitration committees and the builders and trades exchange so far has ignored the FOREIGN STRIKE May Valencia many of the masters conceded the demands of the workmen but the strikers prevented the men from resuming The railway goods porters and dock men became but were suppressed by the Troops are aow guarding the threatened factories and other establish A STATE OF SIEOB May striken con ducted themselves in a riotous manner throughout the They impeded all kinds of stopping market carts and scattering and trampling upon their A civil guard was continually engaged in attempting to disperse the but failed to quell Finally a state of siege was Late tonight strikeri fired a tool hut the guard charged on the mob and two striken were Another group attacked a printing office in which a proclama tion was being They put a stop to the and the authorities were obliged to get the proclamation printed elsewhere under military RESUMED May striken have re sumed work throughout the 8TRTKBR8 COMMIT May ty thousand striken are parading the streets many The The calvary disperses all the Twenty persons have been rmatitnx XBBlB a May The Bmia Belief committee gave a reception in honor of Stanley this The Priace of Wales presided aad proposed a vote of thanks to which was adopted by FOREIGN May Senor the yylflM to died to May General Gretly died to write for liberty r A thousand apeak for liberty hence who wfll The pease at the last Ubertyiaipiiias iatssTOiratoty was brokea from a voice ta the which raag thai through May for has raewned hie seat ia He walked out of the tonight amidst aa Bykert wse charged by the oppaattta with receiving for uaiasaiipo litical influence with the goverasseat to secure the timber limit ia the Cypnat Hffls of the northwest The government wse paid HOW for the llart which was subsequently sold for Bykert said he had not ban tnasad fairly by the government or the in committee aad would ably reonsasaeailed by The lieeais states even wffl ia the light of the shall do tUe the whole Toa Harry Than was lathe of totha aad of ft Hear George folded Try The law for srapdatlOB of be nadar the gating election and fair play at the seek re of hie Aa iaqnrtaat dtaaofaq stomach aad T the A aew i cure bfiiooaaem had sad A Sawrt The little cap op said the aulhe doyoakaow when to pat your ti

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