Tuesday, April 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 29, 1890, Burlington, Iowa li rTl THE ESTABLISHED TPESDAT AHOL 189a WUlilIMO in flLH the Director ef the Wi Ctesjenl WaehBEctaa April director of the saint at Washington hM submitted ooBKTees a report OB the prodnetioa of precious metals in the year of The product in the United States was fine value Of the cold were deposited at the mints for coinage and manufacture into The silver pro duct is approximated at flue the commercial value being and the coinage value tM6 against an estimate product for 1688 of fine commercial and coininc an increase over 1BW of about 4 210 866 fine In addition to the silver about ounces of silver extracted from lead ores imported into the United States and smelted in this and over ounces from base silver ban principally from miking the total product of our mines smelters and refineries of about sixtytwo millions five ounces of Of this amount the government pur chased for coinage ounces there were uicl in the arts about 000 ounces exported to Hong Japan and India about shipped to London for sale about 20 000 000 Colorado still maintains first rank among tbe produc irg states with an aggregate product of cold and silver of over 1241 000 000 Montana is next with a product of 894 000 California produced B14 of which 000 000 is being about the total gold product of the United Utah shows largely in creased notably in Idaho and New Mexico report an in creased and Arizona and Ne vada reduced product for 1889 The gold product of Dakota Soutb in creased from in 1888 to in Oregon and Wash ington both report increased pro tat liquors at a They have aorelaticB to tha of goods from one state to i only oa iatorieatts the territorial limits of iaclude an each liqaon without If tha statues of the restricting or prohibitiag tha sals ofiatoxieatitg liqnon within its tern are to be bald iaoperative void applied to liqaon or brought from another state aad told by the importer in what are called original the con sequence most be that the IT aay state under the KHOOlS SAD tory and interstate and pretext of without license or supervMoatif aay public au cany or wig into and asD ia those states on the shbject and although his own state should be the only one which has not enacted a similar We would require aa affirmative aad ex plicit legislation on the part of congress to convince us that it contemplated or Intended such a result The court by the same vote ravened the decision of the supreme court of Michigan ia the case of Henry agent for tbe Wisconsin who was fined for selling liquor without a Lyng attacked tae constitution ality of the law on the ground that it would compel agents outside of the brewen to pay a year while brewers within the state could under a manufacturers license sell at wholesale after paying only 965 annual HE THE FH HI ILECTIKimH UP HIT He Makes His Will aad Seean Be the Beata ChairGtaeral dim The atasser ef River u tbe former in havlng produced The states of the Appalachian range show a slightly in creased product of gold over 1886 The net loss in gold and silver to the United by excess of exports over imports of gold and silver was The total meialic stock of the United States on January is estimated Gold coin and silver coin and AGAINST IOWAS LUJCOB The aapreaae Court itevenra the Deeleleai Sa the KeettaK l1qaor United Slates supreme through Chief Juatice today rendered a deci ti on advene to the constitutionality of the state la7s providing for the seizure of liquor brought into the state in original Such a law the court holds are an interference with interstate After liquor becomes the property of an importer the state may undor its police powen regulate or pro hibit the but it has no powen in the absence of express congressional author ity to prohibit the transportation of an article from another state and its delivery to the Tbe case in which the decision wns made is that of Gus Leisy of plaintiffs in A J city marshal of It was brought here on an appeal from the supreme court of Iowa and this court reverses the decision of the state The chief justice in delivering the opinion of the court says The power vested in congress to regulate commerce among the several states is a power to prescribe a rule by which that commerce is to be and is a power com plete in acknowledges no limita tions other than those prescribed in the It is coextensive with the subject on which it acts and cannot be stopped at the external boundary of a but must enter its interior aad be capable of authorizing the disposition of those articles which it introduces so they may become mingled with tbe common mass of property within the territory en That ardent spirits are subjects of interstate commerce cannot be Whenever the law of a state amounts es sentially to the regulation of as it when it inhibits directly or indirectly the recript of an imported or its dispo sition before it has ceased to become an article of trade between nne state and it Aomes la con fllct with the which in this par tioular has been vested exclusively ia the general government and is therefore Undoubtedly it is for the lagiala tive branch of the state government to determine whether the Manufacture of particnlw articles of traffic will injuri ously sffeot the public and it is for con gress to determine what measures the state may properly adopt as appropriate are needful tor the protection of the public life or but not withstanding it is not vested with the supervisory power over the matters local The responsibility is upon congress so far as the regulation of the intontato commerce is concerned to remove the restriction upon the state in dealing with tbe Imported articles which have aot been with the common mass of property therein To concede to the state the power to directly or articles so without congressional istoooaoaoa to the majority of represented in the the power to regulate the commercial intercourse batwaaa states by determining what ahall be its sub when that power was dfctiactiy mated to beexerdead by tha people of the Halted States And its paessasioa by the latter was considered essential to that i nerteot union which aoaatitnlioB adopted to Uadonbtedjyi it a difficulty ia drawing the the oiuaicipal powen of one aad the commercial powen But whan that liae is detoi modatioato ft without aerious venieaoe aaay readily be and oaaOid for delivand i opiaicmia behalf of aJmsittaad fiarlaa It eaaaia April In connec tion with the presentation of the memo rial inflation to the Mississippi river a up ahd was partici the point turning on the question whether the levee system was the correct or whether there should not be a combina tion of the Vest said congress one system or the should adopt Reagan stid his investigations had conylncea him that the levee system was a as it had proved in the Yellow rivor of where the bad of the river had raised and devastating over flows causing the loss of millions of lives had The outlet system was the true relief for the overflows of the Mis sissippi Barry held that the levee was only true system and said nearly every engineer who had anything to do with April latest about murderer William Kemmler is that he is still alive and no one but Warden Durston knows definitely at what hour or oawhat day the electrical shock wiU be sent through his It has beea almost settied that the execu tion was to take place but the machinery of the death room was not in final order when the working hour was over this evening and it is believed the er rangementa will not be completed until late Warden Durston said this execution would cer tainly not occur during the next twenty four Several of the scientists aad of law offieen whotave been in vited to witness the execution have ar rived Absolutely no newspaper meavtUae permitted to see it except the representatives of the two press as highest a oldest This Dunton showed to reporters the different afternoon Warden a number of electrical de the river held the same view Harris had believed in the levee system but the events of the last two months had greatly shaken his confidence in it and he suggested the appointment of a commission of scientists to be charged with the duty of a thorough in vestigation of the Eustis said steamboat captains were unanimously in favor of the levee system against the outlet Walthall said as far as he knew the people along tbe river had absolute faith in the levee system and were gen erally opposed to the He firmly believed if the outlet system was adopted it would not be long before the Mississippi river would become useless for After further discussion the business of the morning hour was proceeded Blackburn introduced a bill for admission of Arizona The land forfeiture bill was taken up and after some without discussion went over The senate bill incorporating the soci ety of the Sons of American Revolution was Plumb made some satiri cal remarks about the efforts to encour age the patriotism lying around loose in the and moved to amend the bill by providing its privileges be extended to the Grand No quorum and without action on the Dill the senate TBB Dcflara vices aad the chair in which Kemmler is to be It is the same as has been described recently at length in the The movable piece at the top supporting the electrode which will fit on the victims and the wire passing down the back and connect ing with another which will be placed at the base of the Saturated sponges will be put between the electrodes and the body to r re vent The victims wiU be firmly strapped in the chair and a broad leather strap will cover the face except the thus conceal ing the death It is understood the current used to came death will be between and volts in force enough to supply about Kemmler has passed the day about the same way he has the last He has read the bible as well as he could and listens to bis religious Dan iel Haughton and Chaplain He made his will to giving a pictorial bible to Keeper a pigs in clover puzze to A testament to Keeper Wemple and a slvte covered with autographs to Chaplain The laveetlaa LTTTLR April The Clayton Breckinridge investigation committee ex amined one hundred and ninetyfive wit nesses All but three were colored April beautifully and clesr this bat the outlook was ths reverse IB about four hundred homes in ItaOw sad from which the iikabitaati have ban driven by the oversaw in the Triaity The riff this rise was a few inches higher thaa that of whiek was the h recorded within the of the Large forces of men are now repairing the washouts on various The water last nigW raa through the windows of the flnt floor of the Dallas elevator and damaged a large amount of wheat as well as The 8t Louis Press Brick Aliens worth tha Dallas Brewing and othen are heavy losen by the WATBBS JaUmLY BlfltSG voters who were election day and at Plummerville on voted for Sheriff Shelby testified when the ballot box at Plummerville was stolen he made a diUigent search for it and did all he could to discover the He had a pistol in his possession which was found near the house where Clayton was He was ordered to deliver it to the committee when he will be examined regarding the Clayton Tnerarer Arehar April Ex State Treas urer Archer was indicted by the grand jury today on a charge of embezzling of the state April 28 water in this parish rising at the rate of eight inches a Those residing in the low lands an compelled to leave their homes and more to the bayou The crops which were magnifi cent are lost Twentyfive hundred peo pie will suffer in this parish from the The Bayou Chens people are Hkug for relief boats to saw live Every inch of ground in that section is under THR HRBDS OF THE April 88 Proctor has received several replies to telegrams asking for information in re gard to the extent of the suffering in the overflooded districts of the The governor of Louisiana said ten days rations for twentyfive thousand people should be sent to New Orleans for dis tribution throughout the The governor of Mississippi said probably twenty thousand persona in that state needed assistance and the governor of Arkansas said five hundred people in Phillipo and i considerable num ber in Dasha county were in great need of THK HOBBOB IN TS at Traaereek Saatl April the house the conference report of the public building bill was agreed The limit of the cost of the building is The message of the president return ing without his approval the bill to al low to increase its indebt edness was referred to the committee on The executive and judicial appropriation bills were passed without The house then went into committee of the whole on bills relating to the dis trict of The pending bill was for the establishment of Rock Creek In the course of the debate Hook of alluded to the coated erato graves in Arlington on the head boards of which are carved the Rebel He did not object to was not a word of re It only showed they wen the men who were led by the second great rebel of Robert I George Washington having beea the first The committee having the Bock Creek park bill was of South moved a reconsideration and the house Cleva Ballet pax April 28 a recess of several weeks the special house com mittee charged with the investigation of the Ohio ballot box forgery met today to take further The only evidence of importance was tha intro duction of a letter from ex President Cleveland stating Governor Campbell ant even remotely referred to the ballot box bin and that he did not know of the existence of the TMB RXPORT MRAT IHBPRCTION Bapreseatanve from the com mittee on today reported to the house the senate bin providing for the of meeta for exportation aad prohibiting tha importatioa of adnl teratod articles of Aa to the bill makes it iaclude Tha report aaya a anmber of fbialgB aotably France imposed netrictioas which prevaat the importatioas of our pork products npoa the ellagarioe they tola WaOs the coma does aot batteve the anatatloas have aay fouadatioa ia 4aiakJt our duty to vat to relieve tta prodaot tfoa whea wffl add at least worth of meats to tiw exports of Taare Bott asm the elaaae of aactfoa ralat Mich April Tamar ack shaft near Red was destroyed Sunday John Wil the only one at the foot of the shaft at the was burned to In attempting to rescue John Rowe was suffocated and John Thomas so badly burned that his recov ery is very Thomas was res cued by John who also brought up the body of Williams body was not recovered until 3 oclock this The origin of the fire is a and incendiarism is AIT ACTBKSS Pearl PcBla la a April this morning the brake of an express train on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad be came unmanageable and tbe train ran through the town at the rate of eighty miles an tearing away the depot A Pullman sleeper in which there were fifteen members of the Pearl of Pekin troupe en route for was derailed and turned Of the Miss Myrtle Knox died while being taken from the Miss Edith Miller had a leg broken aad a number of othen sustained more or less serious in The young lady who wss killed was formerly a telegraph operator in Kansas City and joined the comany not very long ago contrary to the wishes of her CHB BABS Uqaer Belitaa lai Beaten May April order has ban issued by the Boston police board that after May first next the sale of intoxi cating liquon over ban must be The enforcement of the law will work great in to almost every saloon keeper in the The hotel andsa loonkeepen protest and the former an of the opinion that the will work in jury to the hotel business CaireaienPewlac lato April nonunion in numbers larger than even the striken care to are pouring into and it is believed the master carpenters anticipated the fruitless con ferences of Saturday ud had agents in other cities securing til the nonunion carpenters they could Chief of Pa lice Marsh says the nonunion men will be protected in their work if it takes the whole police In the meantime the boss carpenters auociation and car penters council are making arrange ments to put four thounnd carpenters to A teamster in the employ of one of the largest contractors in Chi cago was hauling some carpenters tools when he was set upon by a gang of The hones were cut from the wagon and the teamster drugged to the ground aad given a severe The striken cut the harness to pieces and wrecked the A local paper says this evening that the trouble between the Carpenters and Builders association sad the striking employes has become a game of freeze out The members of the association have informally agreed to entirely sus pend all attempts to carry on business for the present The few men of other trades now working will be discharged Wednesday QOMFRRB NBW April 28 general executive board of the American Feder ation of after a protracted ses sion thie issued a manifesto signed by President After denouncing all who did not yield to his views as enemies of these who Gompers closes thun The Executive Council of American Federation of Labor having seletced the united brotherhood of carpenters and joiners of America to make the demand for the enforcement of the eight hour I tsk you to re frain from any sympathetic strikes rather remain at your work and aid the carpenters and joiners to win in the con To the carpenters and joiners my advice is to demand and insist upon the enforcement of the eight hour work In tbe demonstrations to be held on May 1 turn out in vast numbers and by your presence manifest your unalterable de termination to have the eighthour work day though by one trade at a yet for all as the ultimate result Allow no one to provoke refrain from all and let your watch word be the enforcement of the eteht honr work Be peaceableand MUIR OPRRATORS AHD WORKMEN IN SES April 88 delegates of the mine worken to the joint convention of mine operaton ana an executive session this held The OF PRICK 25 CENTS Saturday might Thomas B Peaker of the and tot saristaat pottmsster delivered two notable be especially iater the and a pernsul of ra remarks wili Justify every ioaof a pertinent and vigorous ciarkson had the happy faculty of talking nght to the poiat aad that healthy char clearly his not departed from during his sojourn in the east His wpicwai TheBepublicaa sad be honored the Dress in the manly and i way in which he banditti the God bleu cross the A Peuntylv leghanies One may not without feeling the g a pa with a partial It is a state very dear to For it is not a strangers blood that in my veins in affection ate response to the mention of its t was long the home of my waom sleep in its A few miles up one of the busy nven that hold in their arm this city of commercial victory my mother was Therefore I am in part Pennsylvania and every foot of Pennsylvania soil and very leaf of laurel about the fame of he or the fama of any of its peo is very dear to I love it for all hat it is in history and for all that it has done in a brave and generous way for country and It was in Valley that the continental nursing back into life dying found the re newed courage that insured the Ameri can It was at Gettysburg that the union army with its valor and blood laced the scarlet line of sufficient de ense between the exultant rebel arms and the discouraged government at In all the great crisis of the in every time of every gnat and honest need of Pennsyl vania has proven its its faith in and its love for So I ay as a son returned to the home of his God bless the loble and faithful old THR ADVARCR GUARD OF TBE If I were going to make a speech in and if I were going to speak for Republican as I have been asked o do here I would say many lain things in this time of plain can speak little for the as I have been a truant from my own work for over two and hardly feel the title to speak here in its behalf al lough my heart has been with it all the time I have been in other It eeds little speech from any one it speaks for The Republican news papers of America as I the trongest intellectual force on this conti ent and it is a party press that is hile and always the guard of the The oneideration of the party press daily rows more and more important We re in a state of transition somewhat as to party Brics was much derided for his phrase in 1888 that the campaign of that year was an intellec ual yet his statement was Po itical contests are coming more and more to be fought in the arena of dis cussion aad in the newspaper The ays of parades and physical demonitra ons are pntty plainly passing The torchlight and the redlight as politi al arguments are being superseded by the intellectual discussion of the The campaign of 1892 will be largely a ewspsper and it has already Let us be and say that 10 Democrats probably saw this before he for aay close observer must have eeen with and almost the marvelous manner in which the Democratic party has been trecgthening its lines in the newspaper in the last few It did not se to can much for the newspaper or the not use to care as tuch u the Republican party for the ewspaper and In latter days t hss been beating us in our own n the Urge cities of the east they have aptured nearly all the magazines and lustnted All the mercenaries f press and literature have been lured nto their A TRIBUTE TO THR The reinforced democratic press is a tartling thing for the republican party o and must face it with courage nd In New York city 00 copies of newipapen are printed Leu than of them are re This that twofifths of plan is to secure a reorgaaizttioa of the wage John president of the United Miae Workenof America OBBIBH IB NBW O the republican leader of the eighth assembly district aad the chief of the bureau of died at Baadera Coney at oclock Sun day after an illnass of several O Brian was bora ia the tenth ward of this city June Be was at oaa time a bookkeeper for A leaviag this place to act as secretary for exCollector Thomas The oflce of the bureau of ha held aatil last The fnaeralwm be oa April three oclock this moraiag fire was discovered ia a small frame house oa tha comer of Fifth aad State streets occupied by ertVbtd at a grocery aad The alana was givea by who Jumped from the seeoBdatory wia dow withe cattd ia her Two ware ia the baHdac bat fan seviagtl Virtal waojslB a Discussion developed the was present fact that the operaton would not themselves to say scale unless the era Illinois operaton wen adjournment was taken esent and ia tha meantime aa effort wffl attend Oeae April bucket shop failure is reported hen Johnstoa ft tha petroleum i The but the firm lay they seventyfive cents oa the dollar probably dollar for is caused by tha AB of tha board of todsv from Pnaklaat T received lac tha aettoa of tha woirata its eoBtiauous market theopiaioa w republicans of New York city and a environments are reading democratic taking the democratic version of aad the young people of the households being unconsciously educated the would not le party of abridge the their I the latitude of discus the papen of greatest circulation are al so New England has largely gone from the faith of the days of the war in its The same is true of Beady every large tttfJathe Democracy has also pressed itslwnqueet to the agricultural Baffin the last three or four yean many of the farmers papen in the west hava become advocates of It was straagth ia the It has be cpma aaiRteDectualfaahionof tha ia to sstk tomakearomaaceof the ia which tha eouthera soldier was a chivalric kaightaad the south a beautiful but hapless while the northern soldier was a roach fallow at best and woa maiabr by superiority of as wen as other things I have show how how ingeni how wonderfully the democratic party has sought through the fountains of every influence to convert this coun try to its principles and OOXPRSSIOH or If I were in literature aad had the title to speak for the press I would tell what I would do by making a confession in what I Ibelievrin the republican the party that was born outof the cour age and conscience of the nation in a time of great need to grapple with and settle questions that the previous gener ation in the cowardice that is called evaded and shifted to the shoulders of the next I believe still in the republicanism of conscience and courage that ruled in the early I believe that a the same as a man and a government should ba guided by the instinct of self I be and I love to say it that I be lieve in the republicanism of Pennsyl vania It is the oldfashioned kind and the honest Here yon have kept the faith of the The republi canism of Abraham who was such a republican and so proud of re publicanism that he never thought of oeing better thaa his is good enough yet for the republicans of Penn and it ia good enough for me The republicanism of Ulysses Grant the best republican of them who died forgiven by the confederates for hiving been a bet unforgivenby the mugwump for remaining a republican is still good enough here in this and it is for The republicanism of Tnaddeua Simon Zachariah Chandler and John brave spirits bless their mem still good enough republicanism for this and it is good enough for every man of honest blood and faith who has any pride in his party at As these men lived and died in the republi can I believe in it I also be lieve as they that so long as we have party contest we muat have party gov I believe that you can carry on business in government or elsewhere with your friends batter than your ene I believe that the pledges of Re publican campaigns and platforms can be redeemed better by republicans in of fice than by Fledges made by a political party to gain tha sovereign approval of the people should be kept in honor by putting in official place the men who believe in the principles and in keeping the A QURSTIOK 07 It is not a question of office nor of sal but of selfrespect for a political party must have its selfrespect as well as a It has its own selfrespect to preserve to the people at and just as much it is bound to preserve the self respect of the people in its own When it has called upon tha republicans and the smallest neighbor hood in the and republicans everywhere hava and the re publicans of the smallest community hava donesll that men could do and made enemies for its the party self respect in that community must be re garded as well aa its own selfrespect in the It does not matter so much who hold the clerkships in but in the days of a republican adminis tration every federal office in every neighborhood in the land should be held by a I not only believe in republicanism of the oldfashioned sort but also in Ameri The American theory is for fre quent changes in all public offices and for every American boy to have an hon est whether heseeks it in poli tics or There is no American sympathy for a lifeholding class in of flee aud no real American sympathy at tends the present experiment of creating a profession of The peo pies name is taken in vain by such re formers as have set up in America in la tor years to try to teach the people to be indifferent to public Here is the point that Americans guard most jeal ously of all things They have not watched history in They realize the truth stated by HaUam in his gnat work on constitutions that all govern ments begin as pure drift into and end in monarch Steams ef Ctaa The the Adah BHad State Saturday fortunate enough to be prseeat at one of the most pleasurable occasioas in the history of Konlton sad in the history of our public the Moul ton High School Alumi The alumni are to be congratulated upon the success of their not became an entertainment was but because it was much better aad of a higher order could have been hoped Monltoa should be proud of her public If her schools keep up the rate of advancememt that they have in tie pest few yean they will soon rank among the best schools of the BLaddof of Valley and Speeiel to TJH Das April f George Fitch i cideby shooting himsslf la 1 Tha daed was dona iathebsami house at 8t West street He was driveatntheactbji He was sixtyfive yean of i aad a LnroaK Apia RaceFive aad onehalf Boy Typataff third Second Qaamfle Ooldesi Beat LMmony 8am Mbn third Third Viveeighti of a Fourth RaceOne mile Eric Sorrento third Fifth RaceOne and miles Tristan Toragoa lock third Sevaneights of a mite Puzzle Shotover Zulu third The tables were very tastefully ar largalyl through this and that of the Farmers that the democrats first based their claim that the northwest was for free trade aad changing tofts democratic Bveaaa geodaaor ss that of the farmen was ntOixvL aad Alliances were MttUUhad systematically withaU the democrats aad afl the weakkneed repnb UcuitatiM neighborhood gathered into their Then they were supplied with tree trade secretly aad Bach a propaganda has BeverbMBkaown in America as that of tka democrats ia their hunt in secret sad ough achaagig reetradaia the west toTOuasnpnblieani here tonight that submit Oar owa tebe but it needs NO USB FOB THE XNSLISH Americans do not believe in the Kng liah theory of superior classes and life holding Their own acts and not the theories of reforms constitute their own All offices under their own control they change every two yean or whether in dis or Never anywhere have the American people made the least expression in favor of a life tenure in civil They believe that frequent changes in public office keep the public service just as the tides purify the They have seen corruption almost invariably follow long continuance in They also believe in the rotation of public The humblest family in the land may have an ambition to see one of its number placed in official posi The whole sympathy of the Amer ican people is with the family in that we cannot have tno much education in selfgovernment We cannot have tno many intelligent Ameri cans passing through office for to serve with pride and to fall back into the ranks of the people to teach what thev have The annual or bien nial legislature is worth aH that it costs to the people that it sends back to the communities educated somewhat in gov ernment This is true of congress aad of everything which helps to educate ia government or to enlist the interest of the people in it Not only do the Amer ican people demand that the list of office should be but they fear injury to those who adopt offlcehoiding for life simply because of tha salary that it Intrust this government to those who have no other interest in office and no other prida of country than to draw tha jven and the republic would be and soon It is the American theory that any office in this ranged and and needless to say surrounded by aa anxious throng of admiinn each aad everyone patiently waiting to become a competent judge of the good things toereon We married folks without ex assigned to the large central table running the entire length of the the young folks to the small side This was satisfaction to all the married folks excepting Tom The as we were afterward was made on account of the central table holding the largest supply of the com mittee oa arrangements well understand ing the fact that when we old folks go to a festival we go to eat leaving our nonsense at home to feed on when nothing else The master of ceremonies was very properly seated at the head of the central Al though Pullman peformed the duties of this high office very this position of honor should be filled by a very moderate one who will have time to most satisfactorily perform the duties thereon At nine oclock the signal to be seated was On glanciae over the assem bly we noticed LilUe Sellers Brann as the only representative of the graduating class of Graduates from other classes were present as fol lows Louella Downs and Kate Habtar of the class of 1888 Minnie Eva R Ota Inez Cal leu and Btickney of the class of 1889 Clare BsUe Charles Mary Turtle and Effis Garey of the graduating class of Good music was furnished by the orchestra throughout the Professor R Morgan made a brief but brilliant in which he traced the comparative advancement of the human mind with that of the geological A recitation by Miss Lovella Wood was wall selected and well L the toast said many our limited a the toast Schools The exorcises were ieloeed by aa ad dress by About seventy five people were We are selfish enough to hope we may be present on many such ODD in his responsa to Our things of which jf briefly responded to lasprwilve Cenaaealee at April most im portant news event which has occurred the past week in this city was the public dedication of the new Odd Fellows hall in this city on Saturday the seventy first anniversary of that Not withstanding the rain which com menced Friday evening and continued until lato afternoon There previous in the a large attendance from visiting lodges from La Glen Lucerne and Missouri and Centerville and The dedication ceremonies were presided over by Deputy Grand Master of and one of the best April Seven and onehalf furlongs Piak erton Bliss Carltoa third Second Race aad onehalf fur longs Black Knight National sec Consolation third Third RaceOne mile Glockner Buckler Friendless third a mile Ida Pick week Drift Laura Doxev third time Fifth of a mile Billy Parker Leo Brigel lago third Sixth mile and oneeighth Mamie Fonao Skobe loff third BASK April New York Base Boston York New York Bat Radbonrne and Kelly Keafa aad Gaffuey aad April Philadelphia Brooklyn Phila delphia 7 Brooklya Phila delphia Weyhiag aad Kinalow Knell and Ferguson and April Chi cago Buffalo Chicago Buffalo Chicago Haddock Mack Knight and Ji April Cleveland Pittsbnrg Cleve land Pittsbnrg Otovalaad Maul aad CarroU Grabar and GnaaiBC sad end in the his address ever deliv The audience was held spellbound for more than two and after the services were closed many antisecret people acknowl edged that Odd Fellowship is an excel lent society and a good institution for every At six oclock all visiting their daughters and were escorted to the Bad Ribbon hall where a magnificent banquet was Dapnty GranJ Master Rixey stated that he had all over the state of Missouri and had visited nearly all the and he was proud to say Union ville has the finest Odd Fellows outside of ia the taaweu government be flUed by a man fresh from the people whose pride inns coun try wfll make him faithful aad The trouble is not as the mui seesitthatthe people take too interest in but that they take too I believe the claim of the mug that the people favor a life holding class ia if submitted to the people would be rejected LUgwnmp M much by I also believe as a and would advocate u aa the purest The question of an possible The question of aa honest ballot is higher thaa any thing in politics or For it involves aot only the hoaor but the life of tha aa which is dearer to us aad more precious to oar children thaa anything of party hoaor or If the Ans traliaa system be the right thing 1st us have it lathe we need the AaatraliaB system f or votiar but aa system for gpeeiai to TBR April strong vein of gas was struck ia a well at a depth of two hundred aad eighty feet on the farm of A three milas north of by Weir and of Balle Plaiue Tha pressure is estimated at forty pounds through a three inch It comas continuously with strong puffs at aad carries sand and mud one hundred tad fifty feet The flow has a strong sulphurous odor and turns the drill bit a deep bine A steam whistle was put on and worked clear aad whether it will be in flamable gas or aot remains yet to be April Hew York Base Bostoa New York Boston New York Bat Getzein and Bardie Sharott aad April Brooklyn 10 Base Philadelphia Brooklyn Philadelphia Brooklyn Viekery aad Clements Carruthen and Um West and April Chicago Base Cleveland Chi cago Cleveland Chicago Beatin and Zimmer SulBveu Lauer April Cincinnati Base Pittsbnrg Cincinnati Pittsburg Cin cinnati Sawders aad Mil ler Duryea and April Brooklyn April Ath letics 2 April Lou isville April St Louis Co lumbus Hoffmans Hsnntoea brace tbe with no i after 111 i Powders AC A VATAIi SNTAW 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that

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