Wednesday, April 16, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 16, 1890, Burlington, Iowa KSTABUSBED MQKNUW APBIL theeeeretary of the tnwnty for in f orjaatioa at to whether siaee the adoi tionof the tresiury regulation ofBM ia reference to the tranaft of immim m rim lered for transit uadier ineh regnlatia failed to depart from the United States Ia due Batter offered a which was referred to the committee on con tingent modifying the one hitherto agreed to 10 to anthoriae a select committee on the five crtfliaei Indian to Investigate itatni a the in regard to the Chero kee outlet with power to and for per The Bill to Define 1be JariattBUam Gonrngenator Beiolntien Paiaed eral Washington April la of called up the naval the pending being upon the amendment adopted is course e whaBai of committee of the itriktDg out the I aaniM intimated that the object of Chief for the conrtrnction of sons and pspen and viiit the territory In connection with the he sent to the desk aad had read a letter from Chief J course be The Montana election case WM then of moved to recom addressed the mil the bill with initrnetions to the com mittee on naval to report it back with an amendment providing for republican Lostyeas nays 123 gone the other The bill was then Dialed way there would have been no trouble M u men I ttfemag tie case back to the twoole of from the he supposed that waT mittee OB rul reported a resolution for IHe Declared if Montana were aow ask the immediate consideration of the bill STONE And WB1 Accept tho FrvaMuty of the Chicago and Central Union Tele phone Leading to tbe Aprfl nasoad vice pmidaat of the mad Qufecy response to the attempted fraud in seat If thoae to define the jurisdiction of the courts of the United the United The resolution prohe insisted no man hsd a right to claim vides that the previous question be con1 Mnator from Montana as ordered at five oclock today IS1 he C0nld d2 Tho previous ues 0 Tho previous question was ordered yeas 118 navs Mr Carlisle then moved to recommit the resolution with instructions to the committee on rules to report it back with by the governor by the secretary ican claimants had not The democrats hut Afc UBUK W1U1 I X provisions for two days debate on by the comt The motioj was countersignedby the nays After two roU calls the resolution was finally Bays Af tor a short discussion Mills offered an providing that of addi tional circuit in number one half be appointed from each political The HRl was then passed nays 18the speaker count ing a II IitUe doud which seemed no bigger tbsn like totr the republican party all which led him to make this step htreiu forth are understood to be purelv of a financial No action has been taken yet by the company in the matter of filling the va cancy which Stones retirement will have made A7PBOVXD TEI UVe ota be CkfcrBb Trihetatoliae la Otjeet of the snail ATO mute ODHFAXT April The Detroit and S of its pring the lancet kind in the Uaitsd fltmtT All Parti ef the BBCT AT w April two calibration of twenty fifth an ivaneiy of Military Order or Loyal began thii moraing with a meet at Hayea He esti that whan all have arrived the attendance wffl aumber about three iptemaw ay aie A Apnl who was at the head of tt hundred accompanied by Hartzlei the pirmilMBtlT At 11 lEsher the aad wffl retire from the service of wai that eompaay aert He has akea thii itep ia order residency of the Chicago company and Central Union of thai Since the death of dent George Phillips about by Norman who retired in order to give needed attention to his private Stone of the Burlingtcn road r Previous to the fall of 1883 he was genKriil o eral maaager of the aad at the time mentioned wai advanced to the place The the Iowa City at a railroad asciion Friday and want to daniea ever been IOWA lto TVS HA nan April 15 King the Congo Free StateVde that any have evuben I temporarily or from Cleveland and other dis tant these will amouat to Mvcral hundred It that will enter a motion for a THE THE ttttm or the Honw April 15 senate and house republican committees on the silver question wore in joint session fjr two this Very radical aiffjicnces in the views of senators and representatives were disclosed by the but an earnest purpose was flhown to the diffarences if posiibln One of tho chief differences upon which the committees could not agree was the proposed increase of na tional hank Such a propo u could not secure a raf tin It was finally ueculod to cnmrnit the subject to a sub cummittes of senators and five repre sontHtiveB who will continue the work of bunting for common ground on which thov can The consisting of Senators Sher man end and Representatives McKinley and Ibis afternoon practically cumo to an agreement although no formal notion WHS The measure which f iuoil ftccrrilarico deals with silver only Tic two principal provisions first that stcretary of the treasury be di reeled to purchase monthly four million flvii hundred thousand ounces of silver Daniel argued against the majority Vance created amusement by read ing the following telegram received from Butte this morning Humh tor honest Who rindloite tbe Hurrah for Uw and Toe people won the The republican corruptionletB Went w eping to their fate For thn placed tbe bin upon The men who stole tbe The mnuraets Break In Tnereo crepe upon he door ThoG 11 was Jcil ed br steal IDH preo not Hoar said as lie understood the fatfB the dimocratic majority in Butte Inch s year apo was had been re ducod to about and that at precinc 31 there was not a single voter left Al of those apparent voters had gone like last years VanceMy information is entirely Butte gave a republican ma janty last and there has been a Kreat turn over in consequence ol proceedings Without concluding his Daniels yielded for a motion to adjourn and after an agree ment that the vote would be taken at five o clock tomorrow the tenate WAnaiHoroir April 15 two Evangel ical conferences devoted moat of to day that the notes issued in pay ro tUoicfore bo redeemable in lawful mnaoy rue to Lblisna BUI April Senator K U snnted the amendments ho propose to offer to the Chinese enumeration Heproposes to make the certificates read sufficient evidence of a IswJul ringt to remain in the United Btates instntd of nole and to except all rhildron of Chinese parents born in tho United States from tbe pro visians of the Another amendment strikes out the third which pro vides for the arrest and deportation or imprisonment for five pf China men found after September 1890 with proper If the section is not stricken out Blurts will move to make the term of imprisonment six Section seven requires that Chinamen leaving the United States shall surrender the certifi ate for To this Krarts proposes the addition that any Chinese person other than laborers who may hereafter lawfully enter the United Slates and who departed or here after be entitled to re enter upon evidence satisfactory to the col lector of Bustr ms that he or she has here tofore been in the United States and is not a Chinese laborer and the collector oi customs shall issue a certificate to each person on reentry which shall have tno same force as the census April judge advocate general of the navy today sub mitted a report to Secretary Tracy in the JHcCalla case recommending that that officer be tried by court martial on the charges based on the facts developed during the recent investigation by the court of The secretary ap proved this recommendation and ordered the court to meet at the New York yard next It is thought very probable that Lieutenant Ingersoll will De tried by a court to be subsequently ordered THE AXXBICAK COHBTJ1 TO TAXOttRS The secretary of the navy this morning cabled the commander of the United States steamer Alliance at Gibraltar or dering him to wsdt there until the arrival of Consul and then to sail with him to his poet at It seems there are certain diplomatic rea sons which officials are not willing to disclose that make it desirable that the consul should make his appearance at Tangiers at this time on a manofwar He expected to reach Gibraltar DOBSKT 8 TKKASUBT FOOTS of today introduced a bill providing for the disposition of the funds in the treasury The bill provides that money required to be deposited with the United States treasurer for redemption pf National HlBfcu April de mands of the yard switchmen for higher shorter honri and the employ meBt were presented to tiie officials ol the Pennsylvania rail the the Pittsburg aid Lake the Pittsburg and the Baltimore and and smaller thii The were m conference thii but their action will not be made known until to morrow It is thought the mat terwill be compromsed or an extension Uureby averting a strike April eight nundred union weal outto Qay for eight hours a day and thirtyfive to the passing cf conference presided over bv lathe i nr tffartt to nk1 will be withqut as it wasliat night to change the The tioai for the abolition of were voted At the Acsdamy of Music tonight the ceremonies incident ty the celebration of the twentyfifth aaaiversity of the order April Hamburger Nachnchten says Bismarck don aot 1a teadtoaarame attitude of a fault finder toward the although ne will not refrain from expreseiag viewi oa Bwmeatoui our TRB DM Apra amber of Thejoiat reeohttioapaaMd by the senate provid iagforthe resubmissioa of the prohibi tory amadmeat was brought but the ralee could aot be so it wu so far as this session is Thehtuse continued in session with the clock standing at The ed were To confer OB cities ad ditional ia regard to street rail to extend the present law in re gard to the indebtednen of all aad Postaiasters Appointed towns the tenate bill to allow the fix iti OWB g legaliza the Farmers Alliance Stock horticultural society to time acti of of the company of Poweihiek county to pro vide for a commission for a soldiers moaumcat aad care for the funds derived from the of the direct war IB the tenate a large number of hilb depleringihe itrife caused bytterV bflhous faction trying to do incalculable injary to the md adviaing the conference to foUow the instructions of discipline and directions of the The reaointioBi vise the nonsnrport of The Erangeli cal and the two pa which they claim furthered tbe Bishop Bowman returned from the Iowa conference and was warm ly A reiolntion adopted inauguration of lay representa tion m the church is recommended bv and beautifully Many dis tinguished men wert OB the stage and the building wai crowded with aa audi ence of companions of the order and ia vited Several brief addresses were made including one by President the commander ia He spoke of many tributes to Liacola and said they bring uY to the ciety wen passed during the among rli i TO All tatelligeaoe which it deemed Clarke B uder Cedar Frank nlbjSawvaievDabuqna Mini Augusta Biihlmeyer Shambauga couaty Eageae BedmaJ Carroll A asrvva7 to ha April 15 naideacaot ihok by the fiaid entering the tearing bricks scattering the stove all over the upper oo roe family ware in another rart of the house aad did not suffer any bad the second stroke in the same house and place withia a few What can it do worthy of fiaier Oar u the work which Lincoln did in behalf of his conn What bacame forever that it should be published will ap pear ia the official at New Jcrser Judge Moa Roll Boaaie monument commission and to care for the fnnda from the direct war passed also the house pro viding for a remission of sentence of FOBT April 15 Tea a farmer living in Spring Plymouth has mysteriously dis He left behind him a latter stating that he was about to commit sui cide by blowing out his with a shotgun because of trouble he had been having wiih his All effotts by friends to fled him have Oa account of the lara Martin April IS At their munici pal Great a d Litingiton union men are still at AH ABBITATIOK XKiTIUO April 15 Judges Altgeld and Tuttie of the circuit court will issue a call for a mats meeting it is will be held witEin a day or with a view of orbitratiou day or of the between the striking carpen and the master The strike M of inch serious proportions that if the are not settled within a week thought the planing mills brick here will have to shut throwing out of employment many thousand THE CHICAGO April numeroiis ef At tne Sheffield avenue conference I or tn8 Pmt and purpose of Byerswas elected wtr Our reply Human eider at vice nolicilude for the wel ortB made by the masters today to plsce nonunion carpenters at work on rere for the most part The days developments apparently dem onstratejd that the strikers bad the beet of the The masons and brick union has come out in an official notice supporting KIXKBI AND April the joint convention of miners and operators were 151 miners delegates and about 75 coal principally from Ohio and A letter was read from the secretary of the Indiana Oper ators stating that they had decided not to attend the A letter from Yeoman stated that the operator of northern Illinois would nt attend because southern part to The committee on the condition of the church adopted very lengthy They declare the official church hrgely responsible for the existing Bishops Ether and Bowman are denounced and the reiolu decare their salary should have ceased with their legal Their are characterized as unlawful in the Referring to the branding conference We with tions are requested not to endone anv scheme in such a and the hand of fellowship and reconsideration is offared to all seeing the of their would return to the confer of members of the ss the resolution uyi hurl back the accusation righteous All the operators of tbe of the state refused Dfmpster said as neither state would be represented the convention should proceed carefully Committees were It was de cided that minera of Indiana and Illinois could have only an advisory connection with the scale A Derrpjter was elected permanent chairman and Patrick McBride and Bobert Watchorn on the part of tbe and Morton Hall and Frank Brooks on the part of the Adjourned until to THK WORHRO GESL8 NEW April an THS FIGHT GIVM ne Vi Majority Speolal to Tax v April held her annual municipal election to The matter of dropped and the sole issue license or anti The latter won by the usual large the on the winning ticket being chosen from smong representative citizens of both political POOBFHBBIS POOB CABTHAOK Bpeplu 10 wei fare of fellow men his sympathy and suffering his hatred of wrong to the humblest human oetng our common These sentiments and liie these K nl and being the guide hu are at once the cret and sure foundatioB of the eaduring place which lincoln hoWs in the affections of No where can the lesson of woaderf nl ife be moro fitly nor more foBd army which its origia to that awful time when the ending of that life was aarrow OLD that by all who was 10 en AHD Two Arueln 7 feet ami Botkw Tariff April 15 jigned by sixteen republican representa has been presented to the commit tee on and means against the sugar and wool schedules as These representatives urge upon tbe committee that a reduction of twentyfive per cent la sugar and an increase in the dutv on low grade or carpet from 2i to 10 cents a is as great a change should be The bank circulation be counted into ae association of treated as f undi available I Working Girli societies opened for the reduction of the public debt and I Ter hundred women were pres for the current expenses of the governettt TemdiBS of papers touching All funds held in the treasury for the purposes of the societies oocu the payment of the matured debt and the entire interest due and unpaid on the public AK ITALIAH Bnaini debt be similarly Hereafter no April 15 The strike funds available for the reduction of the nulnbCT Italian street cleaners for public debt for the redemption of in eaured two small A mob of about fifty mostly wives and sweethearts of theatriken aiiaulted the non The bill passed by the house today to thelr brooms and scrapers nn l TrftiBl awl AL States notes above the sum of be retarned to the treasury THE JURISDICTION OF April When the an nouncement was made tonight that Fer ris had again voted to license a wolbly yell went up from the blearyeyed bums who stood about the polls wnh watering and ia penniless Poor Ferris Ferris is four north of which is a hopelessly temperance lartnage bums find it a very pleasant summer day walk up the traia goes back at a convenient hour in tie tad Conductor Tommy always sees that his get off safely at the right Poor Carthage and consecrated by the death of martyr Tnat while It almost the whole future of our Irshort and Oar Amer ica to day is drawing near to the parting of the Dazzled almost to blindness by contemplation of thenarivalled swift neu and splendor of march to prel to power and to our country may be tempted to reject or may nefilect the menage of Abraham That message wai of tea repeated by him ia and always exhibited in his life it can be easily given ia simple sentence Hu whole life seemed to say to coun trymen Bee to it that every and daughter of our so far as human laws and human conduct can shall hava BunuuBl chance and a race of lect thii and our The Boston Transcript quotes the jour nal of Thomas of recording six remarkably warm winters within a period of forty In 1735 January was pleasant and moderate and February was a sum mer month ia 1738 January cimiia like 1740 there were but two snow February was a summer month and March the same rolling clerks were overburdened with work and the legisiatnte had to be keot in seasion till all the bill were enrolled and presented to the This poiat not reached till nearly whea both adjourned sine a race of this ia confronted with war oa the threshold of his second offi cial The city council is composed of Germans and The Ger and hava captured all the appointive and the chair manships of the leading standing com The result is unsatisfactory to the Irirt and the newly appointed city was forced to resign and an Irishman was pat ia Mayor Stuart in Dee and when he a live ly session fmui aaa April Farmers are veiy baay BOW sowing small nonce are through and some will soon commence to get their corn ground ready The grain that was planted m the looks nice and is of good Business good for the mer Grandpa and Grandma Wait are back from the guest of their Lottie of was the guert of Tracy is home from He reports having a good Liughary has returned home as they are reported to haw done thii Wrack in from theTseVS weather being February was aad March but soft Ia 1773 Snith a summer day oa January woi fnl aad Febrnrary since December 29wonderful lathe February the New York Ga and Port Boy last Wednei the weather so uncommon warm so hi oa the temperature wu fair start in ths To reject or neg goverament to change in the duty will increase IB the price of their product from 50 to 89 a yard and practically wipe out the ailenc ing four thousand and enforcing idleness upon thirty thousand workmen of the it it under are from all sections of the conn S of the kind is con an undemand ing exists amongjhem that 1a ite present they willlot vote for the bffliB tte committee of fhe whole in the hoaae Another of nnleas furtheTad he will not vote for nny reduction on sugar The republican members of the committee were in aesatan ttk nfternoon ooaiidering the lugar wool The bounty applied to engar was irvr dtfine andTegnlate the jurisdiction of the courts of the United with draws all original jurisdiction BOW vested in the circuit courts of the United States and vests the same execltuivdy in the district courts of the United States and also provides that the circuit exercise such jurisdiction by writ of error and appeal they have exercise under the existing The circuit court the appellate court exclusively except it the power to iarae all re deemable The circuit court shall consist of the present circuit and also another to be appointed in ttrh circuit by the by and with the advice and co of the The circuit shall be the of A fUEKVTCB paaatUK BILL Senator Cameron today iauodaced the service pension bill approved by the Pennsylvania Service Penalon auotia It provides that all penoni who served in the late war ahaU receive a eer vice pension of W per and in ad commenced beating The police aoon d the and took twelve of them to the where they were held in default of bail oa a charge of inciting Later in the day Mventeen women and one man iwooped down upon the men working in aaothei locality and beat them The police captured the LABon AT WAS April big fight between Building Trade Union League aad Kaighti of Labor has The order has gone forth that no trades uaioa nun shall work oa the same build ing with a Kaight of Labor who is not also a member of trade The April 15 Four suits were commenced in the superior court MV term in this city to day Mt Creston salooB and the owners of the Each suit being for the gum of five Allice the the nit Lecsuje was sold to her canting his intoxication and dUcharge from the Burlington and The defea B 8 vcmava iju ne except in and that doom which the Almightiy has appoint ed for all shams ii not far On the other let the American especially all who stood by Lincola on the penloni edge of battle in support of the rightt of human remaiB iteadfastiy true to the for which they fought and we shall thus do the destiny of our country to the and to entitle her institutions to share ia that immortality un der the allotment of in of the belongs and only to eternal j The speech wai with great ap A feature of the evening wai a bsauti fnl majicel program rendered by the Marine At the conclusion of the ceremonies the went to the Union League where a serenade wai tendered igb ia England that came oat treei ia and birdi shed their broods ia February Ia 1289 the winter wu equally and the maideni of Cologne wore wreaths oi violeti and cornfljwen at Chriitmai and on Twelfth In 1421 the treti by mm SIOTJX April The of this city are excited over the firing of two revolver ihots through the windows of the residence of W South pastor of the West Side Methodist Sunday night while the family were IB Southwell promi B Md Order which from tbe time of the murder ol Haddock hu prosecuted liquor in Men hava been seen lurking about Mr Southwells after and it believd that the liquor proascntions have led to out from the parental roof nearFairBeld and reports her father on the improve Maggie Branett was a guest of Ome Loughary last and Mrs William Lick are off on a pleasure trip through Kansas and will be gone for several The young people enjoyed a social at in honor of twentieth birthday about thirty were present and all report as en joying a good time April fljweredia the moath of and fte viaei to the moath of Cherriei noened m the umi and grapei lBl57athetreMwer covered with leaves ia and the birds hatched their young IB February 1173 1885 the thing Was w and it ii added that the corn ta the ear at There wiiia France neither mow aor froit ont the winters of 1617 and 1659 in even in the aorth of the were not and fljwerad in AOJUDICAXJD BT Xasker UMvaeaM Print ef April 15 Daath ended a f law It that of C an uafrocked priest of of which been pending for nearly eighteen It was decided ad Terse ly to Jam before Judge Ney at January Becoming involved in a quarrel in Father Jaen broaght against the Father Jsen haa since 1852 been a familiar figure about of medium iwarthy with a smooth strong indicative of much meatal ilrength and flowing white Correspondence of THB April 15 ao ugh the weather remains cool it is all that could be desired in other The ground in flue condition and most of the small grain the acreage large aad should it tun warm the prospect very The com acreage will aho be large and pfaating wiUmoa COB West business axe Stewart Company having established an implement house We will also build aa tl 800 tworoom aehool Other buildings are also contem UI rjad Barley Wiaflald Hali Dillon and So the ragar mannftioturers They the bounty in ulace of present dntyifthey canbeaasured be continued for fifteen April 16 the patiUoaspreaiatBd xefemdla tte dition a per diem every dayi of eeat Widowi of thcee penoni will be entitled to THB asnvicB mmov Bepreaeatative OB behalf of the minority of the committee oa invalid anbmittad a report of Mot rill aervice peniioa bill critJdxing the age of the neither responsible to the public daauad in fiomplianoe with the request of of league declare that unless the diwharge all nonuaionmen by May 1 a general itrike wfll be Of the ia thecitfsome 600 are in the labor of whom abont 400 are ia the trade union aad aeariy 200 are ia the of The hodcarrien are very itroag and represent over The election resulted ia the election of the full antiiicenae ticket April There much ceorot of the great The A Btolk Wlraee Uus ft mm April aad both who live in a Jo boat on the river have been bleated with a girl biby with a blue ultra marine but the color a piece of white muslin on after being riaaed ta iadigp or of liquid TMi odor not alone in the face of the but extend to iti body and The attending physician uyi that the bluiah color of skinii catuedby a ZACK Written for the Patrick Henry wiatly said I know of ao way of judging of the future but by the put Lit ui apply maxim to the United Bat little over one hundred yean have rolled away since the United Coloaiee off their their ihack He looked he a remarkable An OLD James Phe a resident of B jone eouaty since died at home IB Boone the other He was formerly county superintendent of SHOT HIMSBLV AT Late Saturday night a thirteenyearold ion of Sinker while acci dentally shot and killed FATALLY BCTBNXD AT Dcrouqmi a was fatally burned Saturday night while attempting to ree cae his hones from a blazing SHOT RHSISTIRO ABBKBT AT Eric McCallister was shot death occurred suddenly in this citv laitBj native Saturday of s of Fran forged ia the glowing furnacee of British oppression and Britiaa The men who ihoulaend the ary muskets aad braved the rage of the Britiah have but a few yean ia their honored Their grandchildren are itffl with Yet la He was a ranee and was sixtyfour lean of The death of the eccen yethiadly old man ii regretted by The funeral of Father C Jaea wai held yesterday from Boni face German Catholic Father who was the only pnest present The church wai crowd to door8 people IB the city having anembled to show their respect to the the The the age qaalifieatinai be urged that aad the limit of aerviee made Bottocxaaed The PanAmeiicaa coaferenoe today adopted tbe report of the OB Chill did not vote w mairvatioB to certain arttcleipropoied in the basis of the SeaatorCackrell to4ay Aprfl A woodeawan factory was burned iioraiaf loai iaamnace nu AX AiBaox April Ford thii fire destroyed abc of fiaartboaiaei A UB1OWCB v Aprfl neidence ot KewtonMatthewiweidMtroyedbyfire wVal mUUfSW off quirtly ill the the The for raparhUu Joaaaoa te alder fint ward result of tail automation ii that loagi do aot get an opporroally to a proper inpply of oxygen into the how wonderful been development of Our Coun of we have iacrtaeed to about From thirteen impoverished have ipruag all vast wealth aad terri tory over which the itan aad proudlT float Ia 177ff wUdbeaiti roamed aalau A4 Special to April Later Day conference closed to Tail forenoon a number of prominent men were ordained high priests seventy to the of qaomssi president of aa aad this afternoon twelve of theeemea were selected to form a high which ii to try the more grave aad fatally wounded by Constable James McKee Monday afternoon while re sisting arrest AH OLD BATTUES Phineas president of the Marshalltowa State and one of the most popular citizans of that died Sunday night of paralysis after a lingering ill He lixtynine yearg of the All the church wen sustained and votes of A nomjBB of tkvOquw FBMM SpeoUl to HI April 15 J the pioneer aad who well known throughout part at this place this morning at nine He had been soffering with la rie for some but his iUoeu waa sidered He was able to be around last but it is thought he contracted more cold by leaving causing congestion of the which resulted ia Colonel fS tarson wss barn at Hampshire first Children wilh such heart are and very susceptible to farmland editorial in venture at that ia aau ueir car I an now where oaea tma wiM villagM r fed is Aprfl The Indeuea dent week gives the returaaof the jote rtToae huadred aad tweatyiiz resbyteriaa church pitcBea uetr an nughty dt givea place to vateHofcMS If the growth of the pett famuakev to the what glories what wonderful achievoanU will not Win to the Hawaiianislands and njade for itaading minisUrs in charge in Baglaad end of reviaioa aad forty Four refund to vote pmbytariea to beard from aad the indicatiOBi againit Then Couatry it nuat gentle diuretic I SI April 15 election for the with excepui Baaui dtiaea bat greater wffl it be is the yean toenie u ham beam bora bamaafhiha aad The flat of of which proved a embleni of tbabnm Uvaben bright of tbe futoe withproaUnai of fouiiihlinnnati Weflaiay we emit Oar CoMtry magaify itt ipkadon na thatgHttaracW aad nddeaa of IBB iBaUihx end Wert wffl be the todfydnad fifty of beahip of w five hatred probably the ive Kmnedr nadapiparat tomorroW been filvfl thk COB thatthfti April prohibitoiy From there he came to and began the publication of continuing editor until He wai one of the earliest and most highly respected of Dli The fnninl wffl be held tomorrow teraoon at three of Presbyterian of twoaalooaainLi It ii nadentood taken by the frkadiof prohiMtioB to eoaateraet aetioa of aati prohibitioB htu III April 15 dos ocratie county eoaventioa today molted u favor cf the policy of the nomination of United Statte by state con watioai aad iaitrueted the delegatioa of fangamoa county to meet ia thiidty Jiae4 to vote for the nomination of Oaaeral Paimerfot the andoned the coune ofWiaiaeiSprfBgerai repnaeatativeia aad uatraetcd the delegatioato coaveaticn to vote for hie April HoBting eyearotd wsa fatally hb sevea yean dd wilh a target gua thii April 13yaarold Mot Beaker of tail ihot IOWA Ajril aaa who

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