Thursday, April 10, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON APRIL TETUBSDAY free trade if there is anything in their professions we confidently look to them to defeat this most pernicious meas This bill stripped of all its resolves itself into this condi This wss to leave the company lag and stronger than ever before Hoi mam wm HMD ON THE The Chinese Exelssaon Bill Ike Naval Appropriation Bill ta the BeBreseatative BaadaUs Ces dttioaWashingtOB April the bills reported from the committees and placad on the calendar wen the follow ing House bill for public building at Illinois senate bill to imsnd the third section of the interstate com merce of offered a resolu tion which was agreed to instructing the committee of the interstate commerce to inquire what additional legislation was necessary in respect to commutation and excursion tickets to prevent the abuses now existing in regard to individuals and The house bill appropriating to supply the deficiency occasioned by the Sllcott defalcation was The senate then resumed consideration of the Montana case and Pugh concluded his argument in favor of the democratic Turpie presented an argument on the same side of the The can vassing board at Helena had no right to throw out the abstract of returns at precioct thirty They had not dared to tiirow out the abstract for the whole country because that would have de feated the republican candidates for con Turpin characterized the rejec tion of the votes of precinct thirtylour as an act of strangling on the part of three thuRR of the returning Further on he spoke of the canvassing atriple coil of com posed of a chief justice from secretary from and a governor from and he wound up with a seething denunciation of all In the course of the discussion as to the time for a vote it was stated by Mor gan that the democratic senators were ready to vote upon the question without further The offer was acceptea on the republican side but the arrange ment was defeated by Call taking the floor and stating his desire to address the senate on the subject The Montana election case having been laid Hale asked unanimous consent to have the Chinese census enumeration bill taken up and disposed but Bvarts and then Hale made a formal motion to that effect The motion met with resistance on the republican but all the democrats Bided with Hale and the vote yeas nays and the bill was taken Hale said he did not desire to take up timo with the bill and was willing to proceed wiih the vote on the pending amendments and on the Which will win There we over two hundred oil mostly in the south they employ nearly seventyfive thousand more than threefourths of whom are colored At least three pers9a rely upon each of tte e seventyfive thousand for support The passage of this bill would close up many of these mills and entail hardship and want upon a people least able to stand it And sD this to protect the western KKWS HmmmmUt Wi IflEIlMOWSOFHEiVEI 8PE8EC WITH DiSiSIEQDS Terrific Bain Storms in Houses Straek by Lightning Sev eral People PerishJohnstown Again FioodedStorm Pwcm if Cnm RR WfcncJ THB ATCHTSOjr April local newTa iBsiats confsnaos this forenoon were of I but I buabjsss session was still auas salary list of fte A sa road has beea red TBOTTBUU M Ckl un aauTDB sylvania April Penn visited by a severe wind and electric storm this Great damage was done and at least two lives lost In this city a number of houses were struck by lightning and several persons stunned but not seriously The rain fell in flooding cellars tnd causing small streams to At West Elizabeth two children of George Seattle were drowned while crossing Lobbs Bnnx At Indiana a flouring mill was struck by lightning and In West Moreland county the rain fell handed in two All the f tfwiPjsce and its The pay I itreams overflowed their banks and much April Represents live Randall has experienced another re lapse and after passing a bad night his condition this morning was much worse thin Rsndslls physicians laid this after noon that the condition of the patient was very although they ssv he is slightly bettor than he was last night CLABKBOH WILL BETTEX It is definitely announced that first assistant postmaster cen will retire on June 1 Clark April striking car penters have pickets at aUdepots whenever they find laborers coming to town to work they generally lnMeed in inducing them to change their The the naion over but they say they a are prepared for an all summers When their money is exhausted thev claim they will fall back on the satiosel behind which is the Federation of They claim to bo supnorted by every tabor organization in the United The Work ef the Bills Hews la The house began work this stoning on the calendar at nine The work was sot bsflsed to legalising acts and indifisite so several hflls of issportasos ware One queer action was brought out on tie democratic side by the filing of VM providing for of as offlce for secretary and bishopric 10 COBBSCtiOB With the Herald which PshHshiag is the church The struggle is for the recogniNotion to recossider the vots by which is 000 a and this is not at aU commensurate with his as he he only took the place tem and he has been ready to leave it for a number of He has been importuned to hang on until when turn over the office to other he can THB ASnOPTTOK Counselman and of the Chicago board of today argued against the Bntterworth antioption bill Counselman endorsed the first section of the forbidding privileged or class The which forbids dealing by any one but the property was washed At Peon Station a number of families were compelled to vacate their Up the Manor valley the greatest dam age was Most of the bridges were carried away and the Manor Valley rail road was badly washed Count roads are deeply rendering travel At Tyrone the Juniata river is over its houses and lots inundated and the people have been compelled to move In Cambria county the Conemaugh river and Stony creek are again raging and the lower portion of Johnstown is tion of the union and the bosses they will not grant CSQAB KAKXBS The cigar makers troubles took a new turn this morning when fifty nonunion men employed at the Columbia factory struck for higher While they wavM were ne gotiating with the representa tives of the cigar makers union with a view of joining that two of their from him in Mv arti VM AlntA under water Bwwal bridges have been sfonVthL aotin posseswsshed away and at the mills At eight oclock to Bvarts he regarded the amend ments reported by the census committee as an improvement on the home bill and Was willing they should be adopted but as to the merits of the bill it was hs design and his duty to debate at some Mitchell explained the purpose of nome amendments which he He did not like the bill very well as it came from the but ss amended by the aenato committee it he abso lutely worthless and He desired to have the pending bill amended to require the Chinese to show that they were residents on the first of 1888 the date of the Scott exclusion law instead of ss the senate amendment propone on the first of Ho asked Hale whether he was willing to givi a certificate that should be good as a ticket of leave or ticket of stay to those Chicnose who came into ihe ooun try unlawfully since October 1888 Hale admitted he was willing to give amnesty to five hundred IT five thous and Chinese persons who came since Oc tor the sake of closing the doom in the After further debate the senate ad j ourued without of himself and all legitimate as well as illegitimate The bill would damage the farmers more than it could possibly aid If the pro ducer should sell direct to the consumer the farmers of Kansas and Nebraska in stead of receiving ten and fifteen cents a bushel this winter for which was little would not have received five cents a There must be mid dle The trouble sought to be al leviated by the bill arose from the bucket shop dealings which were gambling transactions pure and The Chi cago board of trade is fighting the bucket which the speaker likened to faro the proprietor being the Counselman was given a copy of the amerded bill to study with a view of wupgesting a provision by which ligiiimate dealers may be protected and the business of illegitimate speculators AUEMDINQ THB ffiTEBSTATK OOMMBHCB Senator Wilson today from the inter state commerce committee reported with amendments the bill to amend section 3 nf the interstate commerce The eight night the water was two feet deep in the telegraph this adding touches to the tariff Kaval AppraprtaUm Bill Cra April senate amendments to tho house bill to admit free of amy articles intended for the Louis exhibition in 1890 which may be imported from the republic of Mexico and other American republics and Do minion of Canada were concurred On motion of cf the amendment providing for town bite entries of land in and a conference was Tho house went into committee of the whole on the naval appropriation of said he would not emulate Great Britain in building But China had better fighting armament today than the United This government had been taking extreme measures with it was the part of proper precau tion to build which could cope with those nations which contume ly had been He advocated the es tobithment of a navy yard at of said the people he represented were anxious for a navy yard at the mouth of the Mississippi of advocated New Pending final the committee rose and the house KKOBO bill as amended provides that any ar tide of commerce the manufacture or sale of which is prohibited within any state shall not be transported or conveyed into such but this shall not be held to prohibit trans portation of such article of commerce to persons in such states authorized by law to receive the or through such state to any other state or territory in which such manufacture or sale is not THS TAHIFFBILL The republican members of the ways and means committee were in conference the finishing The most im portant change made was in the schedule relating to fine and here the com mittee reconsidered all the former ac tion wiped out the provision that in creased the duty to be collected in and fixed the rates as they stand in the existing ILLINOIS CANAL The secretary of war today trans mitted to the house the report of Captain Marshall upon the location of the Illinois and Mississippi in compliance the river and harbor act of August Captain Marshall reports the detailed estimates for construction of the canal will not differ materially from the estimate of already THE WORLDS BILL The senate worlds fair subcommittee discussed the worlds fair pro j act for an hour 01 two this No conclu sion was The subcommittee has received Chicago letters and other documents bearing upon the amount and validity of Chicago subscriptions and will report the facts to the full commit tee Friday THB BOCK ISLA1TD April 9 interstate commerce commission has decided the case of 8 Alford against the Rock Island The Bock Island ac quired the Hght to run through trains nver the Union Pacific road between Kansas City and Topeka under the con JokBMowa Asata April 9 terrific wind storm today caused the Cona maugh river to rise rapidly and a large part of the town is but at 9 a the highest point seems to have been The whole borough of Woodvale is flooded to a depth of two to four feet The lower floors of sixty or seventy buildings are covered with The gas works are flooded and there is no light tonight except lamps and All the bridges have been washed out excepting the Pennsylvania railroad which is the only means of com munication with the other Considerable damage has been done to the Cambria It is thought the water will recede so were arrested on the charge of An important development in the sinkers favor is learned to night The committee of nonunion master carpen ters on the strike committee this evening and had a lengthy confer There are fifteen to sixteen hundred of these small bosses m tho employing nearly if the journeymen and they object to the large bosses who compose the Builders Ex monopolizing and controlling all the They proposed to the men to form an alliance with the They are and have been willing to grant the mens but the action of the association masters Australian ballot bill wss psssed The reasos for this wss that Jp desired to make as amendment Rickmas introduced a bill relative to the indebtedaaaa of The bill by relative to pay ment feasto Mayon when acting as jus tices of the was lost on engross ment Youngs bill for the destruction of Canada aad bull wss ordered es grossed by a vote of 45 to Lewis relative to the manner m which money shall be drawn from the state wss passed under sus pension of the The bill provides Oeee Ikttr DBS April 9 stats SB paaat of the closed Rssolutioss were adopted in favor of the erection of a monument costing at DBS and a hospital for the soldiers at Manhslltown also is favor of a service pension bill and legislation to place the sailor on an equality with the soldier and endorsing tne efforts of the national offlcsn to aid the union the south to decorate The officers elected were Department of Cedar Bsp S Jiw department commander of Logan junior vice de partment of Bsrtley medical of Forest City of and twenty delegates to the national The place for the meeting of the next encampmet is ate date to be decided The Womans Belief Corps elected the following officers Mt Pleasant senior vice of Clinton junior vice of Marshall town Augusta of Mt Pleasant Rebecca of Mt Pleasant MNGTON an i m mm run urn to Tim April do not think that we wilt be able to getaway from here until the latter part of July or possibly the first weak n said Senator Allison this The work of the senate is vary weU in hand and so far as this body to ooncaned we might adjourt a urea I deal eadlar but the noose is a very large and unwieldy and agrees deal of time may he expected to be ooswssMd in tae A BATTUE JtB has locked them and a meeting has tomorrow to form This they been called for an association intermediate business a resident of BpMK ASJktaas SMIL April request of the house the committee on agriculture to day reopened the bearing on the Con ger lard compound bill end Bntterworth antioption of which had been re ported to the bouse with favorable On the first ssmed bill Tssireseslliii the Georgia Agrteultnral sad dition that no should be complained that the Rock Island refused traffic at one of the intermediate The commis sion held the Rock Island was not bound to do local business prohibited by its contract with the Union Pacific John third assistant secre tary of was married this morning to Miss Helen Frances niece of General A Cklcaco SBburb April terrific wind and rain storm swept down upon the sub urban village of Highland Park late last night and did great damage to The Catholic church was blown crushing the dwelling honees cf Martin Blettil and Michael Savaral other buildings werejbadly but no one was seriously Consider able damage was also done at Lake KMIM April terrific thunder and lightning storm this morn ing destroyed half a dozen barns in Rickland Considerable stock was killed by A Terrific April terrific wind storm visited Springfleld township last doing considerable Sev eral farm houses and outbuildings were demolished and crops Two or three people were slightly A Stoim on April terrific gale on Lake Huron today caused the loss of a number of fishing The freight schooner manned by the three Matheson is missing and it is feared that they are A In Qraralsu April tornado swept this vicinity this afternoon and demolished much property in this Several villages in eastern Alabama wero aleo damaged No fatalities are ay IBMCU April from One of their leaders said late tonight You can say that within a day or two the nonassociation bosses will work have again while all their at union rates the Carpenters men at and and Builders association will find itself re duced to the necessity of coming to the strikers or remaining without This if will result in more than half the strikers going back to and will strengthen the causa of the others to be used within thirty days from the time at which it is Kwfll work The senate bill for the relief of Mrs Arehie of was taken up and passed under lion of the There was no opposition to the The bill presented by the judiciary committee to legalise con real property by trustees a under foreign wflls was veyan and el ces of electors A DBOF TOO April Alfred Andrews was hanged here today for killing Clara The drop fell at 11 The murdered girl was seventeen years One morning last November hor body was found on the road near An examination showed smebody had tried to outrage the and not succeeding in his had shot Andrews was arrested and convicted of the April William was hanged in jail here this mornin at The ciime for which he suffered was the brutal murder of Aaron near in The two men were and the murder grew out of Bartholomews intimacy with Dillards April northern Texss ststo that seventy five per cent of the wheat crop in the coun ties of Wiss and Montague have been destroyed by Carter colored wss hanged here todsy for the last of an other colored man in a quarrel over a prostitute in April Tay condemned for the murder of an Allegheny was hanged at On the scaffold he reiterated his innocence of the THJI HUB oyed BUUHJUa A Philadelphia e apur April Raeg net paper against whom a number of suits have been entered daring the past few days in the have made an It is under stood the liabilities amount to over although the members of the firm assert that the assets will fully cover all A number of creditors who have confidence in the firm have ex pressed their willingness to allow the firm to continue the although it is doubtful whether the offer will be ac The failure is attributed to the steadily decreasing prices nf XOSKS FBALKTS April Beyond the fact that Moses Fraley stated this moraine he would accept the selling prices an nounced Nothing The matter of final adjournment is now entirely Holbrook had a motion on file to reconsider the vote whereby it waa decided to adjourn on the and this morning he moved to lay the motion on the The motion prevailed and this the matter Next Tuesday will dose the Lipwell called up nil bill entitling persons paying special taxes assessed upon teal estate for the improvement of streets in cities existing under charters to be credited with the amount of such special taxes so upon bains general road or street tax charged agahtst them on account of same real estate The committee on municipal corpora tions recommended the passage of the and the recommendation was fol lowed out under i suspension of the Townsend called up Gardners bill to authorize certain cities of the second class to provide for the construction of On motion of Lewis the considera tion of the appropriations bills was made a special older for tomorrow at and were to continue so until diposed of more bills were disposed one the amount of remission of sen good behavior to other for greater safeguards in of adjudging people bill passed at the last session I by Governor by Boa is a good should pan it As it is esi m OOWB IB a Mill to Tms April Last evening a number of men gathered on the bank of the river near a mill to when a small boy in attempting to climb along the iron shaft extending to the wheel fell into the In an in stant he was sucked under by the eddies at the Seeing the bo j s helpless Scott plunged into the seething current seizing the attempted to get him but was as helpless in the swift current aa the and both went throwing off his plunged in and was with them when the two came Seizing the the two men struggled to reach but the cross currents and the eddies were two power ful and all were sucked under in a By this time Frank Hillyard se cured a pole reaching it to them when they came up the third was enabled to pull them The boy wss nearly lifeless and it required active work for twenty minutes to resuscitate IOWAS GRASS discussion of the tariff I do not exncct that there will be a great deal of debating done la the or any other it Mesas to thaaeaats is grow ing mors aad aura cosservative n the matter of The people of say state do not seem to understand that a ssaator ssust not confine all of his labor aad atteation to the needs aad nqatoaaksate of his own said Senator Squire of the state of this As a member of ths cosusJttee OB pub lic buildings and grounds it is my duty to consider the rights sad aesds of a great ssaay coausittess which have ap plied for public bills for the erection of which an before cossmit tee for As a member of the committee on coast fisher Md I ess obliged to do e great deal of is order to do Jus tice to the various autten which come before the 1 have re cently been sppoiated a member of an other committee oa irrigation aad ass obliged to devote a great deal of time to the study of the subject of ths irrigstion of the semiarid The people of of this class an receive service been deceived Into s tionswillsscurer suet s It is wen known hen la when sD i volving appropriations an eoaasasi upon the nutter of dollars SSM essasi not upon the nutter of patriotss pension bill oould sot be passed without SBtaliag op country a burden more Consequently wheat assrvte wou bill is vreseatsd to thes house it is voted down by SB ing and a gnat cans are obliged to vots Thereupon the democratic started this cry for service to the front and deaonsce tkV party because that party entire power to pass a bill of thai at t is mere political trickery ths bast can make of and it is to be hoped the people may not be deceived by The tariff bill M reported frask committee on ways and mease with the unequivocal approbatioB of entire republicanparty is the hou also in toe local I tenste may induce ssveral demand that the bill may be ass certain important thebill asawholekr my state do not immense to realize that this immense amount of work is laid upon me here as a and they are do nf mv MMA gnat consider the which are placed before hiss for prove or asd nnmberleis matters of neat There is no more energetic worker in I society is mending all of my science could make Ths meat running all through the bill consideration of the iatereslsof thai men or ss well sat laborers in the cities and sssaoa The capitalists throusrhout the are very much dissatitfled with the Kinley bill and they will oppose it to bitter It is a which has been draws entirety the la terals of the poor aad there publican party will see that It is runt not only in the house but is ths asases a Now that the Lantoa seaaoahse passed aad society has resumed ite sway the national capital the White Boose wflt ha open to public and ths dear people can go aad see the president of the United States and hie wUeaadtha ladies who assist in receiving with The people of this city will be very glsd i to know can call at the White House and be received by the pnsUsat and his wife and her but ttaiust bo an awful bore to a busy mam who to trying to look after the interests of a the senate than new state of early aad his work c loon as he is awake ia ths The and very short it la title chapter 8 of tEe be and the same is hereby so amended by strikijg out all the words after the word where it occun in the ninth up to and including the word in of tke at Special to TBB April dents from twelve counties in the Blue Grass league met in convention here to The treasurers books show the league to be Appropriations were voted for the purpose of establish ing an official monthly for running a decorated excursion train into eastern and for bringing harvest excur sionists into the region this Pe titions were ordered to be sent the state asking an appropriation for an Iowa building on the worlds fair Creston will rebuild her blue graes palace this year at twice its former A ZBtal Special to TIB night April 9 last two training stables of ting the OoUmd Cotton Jones nprejenting tl Fsrmsn snoTPlaatan of Arkansas both colored made ite Graves pleaded lor the protectioa of the cotton seed industry agaiast the burdens imposed by the oa the ground that it had contributed store than anything else to improve the cos dition of the colored farmer and laborer of biissssiis 1 the colored people tram would the aepnbliosa Is the aomsa of Jats that it oottoa seed ofl that another should feepratectsdr TAB rapubUeas party hi coauattted tottepolieyof protattioato but had it placed Btattom ths The president todsy sent to the sen ate the nomination of A Harper to be United States attorney for the western district of WABBTHOTOff Acting Judge Advocate General Lieber made a report to General Schofleld today in regard w the StoeleWild court martial and it is likely it will be acted npoa and made public The presidest has approved the act providing for a railroad bridge across the Missouri river ia the county of Bepreasstative from She com mittee on weights aad to day reported to the hot bill agreed upon is the thoBxiagthen coiaage of subsidiary coins of the Halted Ths sub ddiary silver coin now tke Tmtttas SKMBL Have I developed in his affain Two and five thousand bushels of wheat were bought for export and sixty thousand bushels were bought by local This wss all the Fraley but aa all or nearly ail of his cash wheat has been carried forhim by other per the sale of it will afford him no re lief beyond the profit which may accrue above the purchasing the Kentucky associations premium stock and wildest The wind was blowing at a high rate and the entire destruction of the associa tions property seemed The hones were released and turned loose and it will be some time before they can be collected and examined to ascertain whether they have injured themselves while at TBB BBCKWITH BLOCK Beckwith occupied by several waa burned AXSWXRSU OKAXB8 AB OM a tn Hu Ben insert thereof the following Aad when such person is so the commionen shall notify such person that he has the right to have counsel and all the words after the word commis in the nineteenth up to and including the word in the twentyfint line of said shall be stricken out This thoroughly protects persons charged with insanity aad gives them a good right to It was rather hard to get through busi ness in either house for the reason that many of the memben are in attendance upon the en to attend to ampm their ent and have sot time duties here while so April opuscted wtth the United aigael of was found dead U sis room at the Windsor hotel It is believed to be of sot ft cannot be knows sjstU after tkeisauest it is in this age of vest April Aristines a widely known builder of died aged A MLLIONAIRtS April president of the Morgan Reap ing died today at the age He leaves an estate of OOLOKEL KHOX Colonel retired oflear of the regular army and for several years commander of the Vint regiment Illinois national died tonight of the April report of the Bt Louis and Pittsburg Baflroad company gives out st the an nual sieeHBC of stockholders here to day shows the aeteanings for 1889 were The charges against the net for the including interest were leaving a aetprosttof against a loss for 1888 of A special Sheeting of aiockholden wffl be called at an early date for the purpose of eossfderingas fora eoBsMoratioa with the sad 8t Loots imfl And the annual rf the stockholders of the Banth todsy directors wen who IB tsn aeseted fottmrbf oOeen aroBxaro Tke Hew OrleasM Baeei NKW April aad windy track First furlongs Vatteli Peanut Regardless third Second furlongs Skobeloff Bjnnie ifrd Third furlongs Pnente Miss Francis School Girl third Fourth seven furlongs Ormie Ruby Jack third Fifth and up one and onesixteenth miles Tudor Buckler Bon nie King third many of their comrades are ia ths city and ready to be many of the old boys have bees over hers at the ststo aad having been allowed ths freedom of ths build the floors of the house sad sen ate there have bees more or less of them in attendance every Bed they been so iaeliasd they might have retarded business bat they merely came and saw what wss going OB without making themselves ia the least obnoxious or troublesome and they thus stade a very good Impression oa all the people around ths They will always be weleoass because they know how to act as The seaats this morning took up legal izing acts ssdiadsflsite postpc Twoof those passed first were ByMsssrvsyTolsgaUzsths acts of the clerk of ths district court of Ply mouth By ths Judiciary ComssittesTo legal the sets of Charles adsainis trator of ths estate of WUUass McPhear April Freder son of County Treasurer Fred jumped from a fast train Monday morning and recevied injuries from which it is doubtful if he can The train was running at speed of about forty miles an hour aad does not stop except at j auctions and division Be wss coming home to spend A UkteB ror Special to Taa April officials of the railroads entering this city met to day aad decided to form a Stock com pany to build a Union depot to cost Tke April tornado passed over this section of the state this In this city the cast house at the Crazier iron works was demolished inplagi IBBBSBt three laborers killed and one fatally hurt Nearly a hundred buildings in the course of erection were totally de The Salem furnace was Mown down and one man slightly hurt The loss here will be over has been keeping up respondence and doing s gnat deal of work in the departments for hie constit but his work keeps hiss under a continual strain until midnight sad oft ener until the small boon of the morn The new state of Washiagton has much reason to be proud of Senator Folk is a North Carolina demo crat Be is also pnsidsat of the Na tional Farmers Alliance aad Industrial Clover is vicepresident of the and he is said to bee nnegade republican from Bitteahonse is private secretory to the president of ths aUiaace and he is also a bitter North Carolina democrat The fact cf the matter whether the f amen of this country know H or the fellows who sre posing ss their lead en at Washington era delivering them body aad soul into dessoeratic The first work of the AlUaace annex to the democratic party seems to to be rid of and kill off Bsaator la if For this ressoa he has been vigorously assailed at home aad abroad during the pest two Boaths aad an effort is being sssds to defeat aim for the They say that he has never done anything for ths Yet he is ths author of the bill providing for ths jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi river which gave the farmers of ths west transporta tion to the markets of ths world lay that he has been SB soldiers sad done frost the I Pels the obedience Be is s very I kings and Be cor tke Asrlewnwal April joist tee of tho to present agricultural depresstoam have agreed on a B It insists on the tion of silver as one of the causes osTtfca I It also inveighs opening up further public Is be given away to forein syndi cates and immigrants wsesi then I are plenty of farms in the east to be sat The memorial opposes initia tion by the government for ths nonaaa of helping western farsse and asks easy grass to turn ite attention for s white ta thefarmsinthe east Trusts srevooa dsmaed as we the eoaceras which easy trol western beef end similar industrial The evils of adulterated food aadiss IB competition with honest is set they of the yet he is the author of the bill granting arrears of pensions a bill which did more to give to the survivors of the late war flnandel recognition asd put mors money into the Pockets of the or all otheri eoustry desire make their National Alliance aad dnstrial nsios s snccek call off the deskoeratiel THB XBBM the farmers of this OB April fight morning at batween There wss a straggle over the indefi nite postpoBesaest of thebQlprovidiBg for tse substitutioe of electricity jmnishBust had TM The A or KBW April According to s cable dispatch a terrible plague has over a large section of soothers MUlions of field sslce overrun those provinces asd an passing BOrtb They have ndsed cultivated graBarias sad aad eates sev eral hundred They awim the completely gutted wheat stacksTaad killed riven and saountates aad then g them or their April Usited dresit court gnad Jsry todsy ia dieted Prestos BelvU preaMeet of the Powhattsadab s teas for C tats sad for wahg to daisy sad pnvsatvotiac laths predkct of Jschaoa wart at also held Hovembsr for a BMSI AQ partiss an asaso AatAl but the capital Jits pnstpnsssssiit sad a ssiaority of the committee nnoaisisaded The discusstos wss rsther eaough Meads to provost it being so it west Patchs asseading Us law relative mtkM The bill csUed withia forty eight houn of each other should be placed oa ths sssae The bill wMiadsOsitelypostpOBsdbya vote of Abe Google and James bath of for 1500 a side aad the cham pionship of was declared a draw is the fiftythird In the seven teenth round Cougles jaw was broken aad from then until the end of the fight he was compelled to take the by April man named WiUiard nicknamed Crazy went to the house of Judge Clin ton of this yesterday sddrsssiag Miss Maggie Pritchard a niece of said Are you Maggie Pritchard She said Ton must drew a galls because he to ths leading orator and statesman of the repnbUeaa I do thsfarBMnasd ibis the soldien understand thto sassier they will permit this state of things to question of whether It is not e IsgaOa shall be cmcifledVor aot It is s whether the of this country ess afford to allow their onaai lalion to be handled la such auaaersL to be made to play second addle to either of the great It is sot for the welfare of the fansen topsnsit thai thing to Presides Pblhiss man of ssd so are Rittsahouss and able men their assault upoa Senator to ths begJaaiag of a crusade upon the and the farsssn Ikeveare Precfleaw IS I April fast out by the recent Cght board of trade and ths bucketshops ss that the origin of the name of the Isttsi is not A reporter asked several prossiaest Chicago speculators their opinioaeoatbe and all agreed that nothing was definitely known regarding the matter The name was extant before ssy said Llchstera of Jsmes Mur phy I havnt ths slightest idea of its origin William asd ssv board of trade operston siritssssil tie theory regarding ths ortgte evar been advsnced comes frosa it m in days of yore a Manufactory of buckets and other 4amestic ia ceptacles on Third street near the board of Here the sportively iscuassj Missonrians were wont to gather i illegitimately deal ia stocks sad ly changed into an outside and from this drcusv it is assaaataJ the tern now so he should ssetoittiu April Bos s Issdiag business man of Carth was married this evening to Miss Louise Scott Bister of County Clark John Scott Nervous poor difl cured free at pot sexual by drns wss passed settisg sside tor the eoastderetioBof which have bees Tke tmu Aprfl report of the oossasisdonen licensed to orgaa izs ths corporation of the worlds expo sition of has beeu filed with Sis seeretery of aad a certificate of ia corporatios has bees issued asd wffl bs filed for record in the recorders office of Cook tossorrow ssora iugthe eoiporatioa wffl than be fnHy going for their owa array ths they will to emberor attended a diaaor grna If they republican party agaiaet where ther seed en to be BOBpoUticsl ia their sadUinsetMpslboapartiSBtolsipBlate for their For leaden throughout this republic says a Treik Aprfl 9H a six VBO Iwt ntssiMiV Petef for HsTtooeMt trictsof dtsnio batteve to s ssTvios JorJtycaaisj very sots fow of them an honor Baron twshe other ministers sad The FreisbiBigs Zettnaceosanis Vienna report that decided to create several ssJaaweisfor the whole empire to be to the crown ssd boadei Bsv LOBDOB Apri stated thats ister Lincoln win saQ for month aad his i s shipped at the msse tisae for the family vault at SpringflaisX TIHaasi fiLABSTOamS April yesterdayoaBalf outs lead fails to satisfy the Irish OConners ths fl BOOB pronounces it ntomest has the BM the leaden of the 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