Friday, April 4, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 4, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BBTABUBBBD FRIDAY aiOENINa APRIL 189a Pwcrn Cans rat HOUSE PASSES HE BILL i A WrangleThe crata Kef rain from Voting Wfll ing The April 3 the house a petition from the New England Shoe and Leather association against the impoai tion of a duty upon hides and ikins n ordered printed in the The leading of the petition WM received with applause from the democratic The senate bill passed to enable the secretary of tho treasury to gather full and authentic information M to the present condition and preservation of the fur seal interests of the government in the region of Alaska as compared with condition in full inform ation as to the pending extinction of the otter On motion of the committee on foreign the senate concurrent resolution was agreed to requesting the president to invite from time to as fit occasion may negotiations with any government with which the United States may have relations to the end that any differences or disputes arising between whicn cannot be adjusted by diplomatic agency may be referred to On Hit motion a resolution was ad opted calling on the president for copies of correspondence between the United States and Mexico relating to the seizure Tampico of the schooner Rebecca in 1884 The bill was passed amending the arti cle of war so an to provide that when punishment on conviction of a military offense is left with the court martial the punishment in time of peace shall not be in excels of the limit prescribed by the senate bill amending tbe snides of war so as to provide that no person shall be tried for punishment being Good the adjonnmeBt of the Made today be tffl at own wm ezcased tram further service the ooBuaittoe on pnblic and Pettigrew WM ep poiBted in Blair introduced a bffl to recnlete the per diem of employed by the government fixing the wagM at per day end tad it referred to the committee on edncatirm aad The rice president annonmoed that he expected to be absent from Washington several days until next Cnllom offered a which was agreed declaring lagalla elected president pro tern then catered upon the duties of presiding The Montana election OM was takes up as Gray re lomed his argument in support of the claim of the two democratic burden of Grays argument wit against the throwing out of the 174 votes cast in precinct thirtyfour of Silver Bow To vote for the resolution of the majority would he to vie OF BRIBERY late all the most sscred traditions American history aid American lib by court martial for the desertion in time of committed more than two years before unless the per s on shall in the meantime have absented hlmnelf from the United State huuBQ then resumed consideration of the Idaho admission of concluded his sperch in advocacy of the He criticised the position taken by the gen from Illinois Springer upon this question and contrauied it with the posi tion taken by that gentleman at the time of thu passage of the Edmunds law when ho voted against the motion to strike out the clause disfranchising the polyga of inquired why the gentleman had not voted to disfran chise tbo Mormons of Perkins replied that the question had not been presented to the com AB far as he knew there were no polygamista in but if there were they could bo disfranchised under the Klmunde of spoke in support of the bill and denounced the practices and teachings of the Mormon The constitution of Idaho was in the line of the Edmunds bill and was for the same namely the ex tirpation of a groat public of New presented the claims of his territory for admission into the sisterhood of the states of and of thought the Idaho constitution of said that the majority of the committee on territories had seen fit to frame the Idaho bill in such a wajr as to secure partisan legisla tion instead of proper legislation to bring the state into the The minority would offer an amendment providing that a new convention be held and that the constitution be submitted to a vnto of the people of the territory as had been done in the case of Montana and The amendment required lliu EdmundsTucker test oath to be takeu by every persen voting upon the The gentlemen on the other side said the provision of tbe Idaho constitution disfranchising the Mormons was in lino with the EdmundsTucker There was a vast difference Under that law uot ton per cent of the Mor mons cf Utah were Under the Idaho constitution not a member of the Mormon church would bo allowed to He charged the republicans with the purpoie of admitting territories under such pro visions as would ensure an increase cf their representation in the The minority of the committee represented the people of the United It rep resented five five hundred thou sand democrats who voted for It represented a majority of the because Cleveland received the popular and it seemed from the returns from various municipal the democratic party was not losing When 1892 came along the democratic parly would elect president who would represent the ma jority Of the instead of a man who represented the trusts aad monopo Lodge supported the of said the atti tude of the democratic party was a fa miliar tight to the The demo cratic party was in its old pull when the civilized world Be protested against putting the odious mark of the bar sinister on the state of Montana thus early in her The matter then went over until The senate bill appropriating for a public building at was The house bill to amend toe census of Illinois from law by providing for the enumeration of the Chinese population was read with tbe senate Hall spoke of the demand from tbe Pacific coast and said the senate committees amendments were all in the direction of making the bill leas He feared the committee had gone too in that Eostis objected to the bill as pro viding penal statutes with reference to people residing here by reason of treaty It gave a just cause for com plaint to the foreign government If the Chinese exclusion question is to be re opened it should be in tbe proper The matter went over until Monday and after an executive session the senate ad journed I Ponauotor IBM QOMttoa April an interview to day regarding the antiprohibition movement in First Assistant Post master General Clarkson said it is impos sible for any one outside of un derstand the feeling there unless they know ell the The prohibition law has had seven years trial and while it has proved an admirable law for theag ricaltural counties and smaller it has failed to find sufficient public opinion to enforce it in the larger cities in tbe counties on the Mississippi which are largely settled by people of European It is an open fact it cannot be forced in such localities without a state constabulary which the temper of the Iowa people would never The republican party have never been united in support of the As many as fifty or sixty thousand re publicans opposed it but have gone along with tbe party willing to see the experi Now that it has been tried seven years and failed in they insist the law should be amended to give prohibi tion to the eighty per cent of Iowa where public opinion favors and enforces but that some other method of regu lating and repressing the traffic be given to lie twentv per cent of the state where experience shows it never can be en The demand of yesterdays con vention for a silent platform will not be successful it is not the temper of the Iowa people to be silent on any ques The present legislature in my modify the law as de manded by the experience of actual AH EXQIE1ER OEUD 01 THEITiTE Memhcn Claim to Have ABBraachedWith Meaey for OB the TeztBMk QveetlM An InveetlgatiaB TBS HAWKBTB I CApnoii OM April ThehonMWM greatly itined up by bribery made at the close of tin afternoon When an adjourn Forward and The democratic party WM a It had a batch of wives slavery WM onej territory treMon derisive laughter on the democratic recognize them you know their names and now yon have polygamy for one of your WVM inonupt ballot boxes WM one of your and you have been true to everr of 1 like your to them but do not the constitutional to up your The people what you Stink to your Maoya we will help Idaho attck to has advance Laugh After fortiier debate a vote WM taken nt of the minori ro constitutional for a resulting yeM awrt The meat WM Moved of in trodnced a resolution Baking the appoin it of a committee of four to invest gate the and report not late than He laid two members had told him they had been offered money for their and on that ground he offered the Dobson laid that an investigation would coat more than it WM bu he would vote for it if the majority thought it would do any olution weat through by an overwhelm ing Some of the memben voted against but when they taw the turn affain were taking they made haste to change their The scene in the house during the taking of the vote WM very The memben left their and gath ered in groups to try to find out who were the men who had been approached but none seemed willing to make admit After adjournment one member said he knew of one MM where a state uniformity man had been offered 1150 for vou and another had been ap though sot Another member said that he knew one man who claimed to have been offered a share in the Iowa Schoo Book company in case state uniformity He WM prepared to give the if the committee ihould desire From it is evident that at tempta have been made on both to unduly influence legislation on the sub ject of text and either tome mem ben desire to work up a great reputation for honMty or elM the achool book lobby hai been very active among them and tbe two are making good for It hM been noticeable that well known member have been more active and watchful here lately since the question of school came up than before in the The in vestigation will attract considerable at tention to the pursued year and the whole matter will be well brought to light It is more than likely that Dobson and of will be two of the M they Mem to have some knowledge that will come in very vote The suggestion on the question for of another a consti tutional amendment does not meet the Seven years of experience should be followed by I do not believe it right to vote anything of an experimental character into the The anti prohibition re publicans consented to the trial of pro hibition for seven The prohibi tionists should now be willing to see tbe communities who have shown them selves try some other All good people wish to reach such legislation as will be nearest right and the most repressive of the liquor traffic if the destruction of But common sense must regulate in this as in all other affain the affain of Iowa is face to face with this question now and will meet it with con and PACIFIC oro tho Homo Co too tho Tmmftmg Hill houM com mittee on Pacific railroads heard further statements today by attorney for the Union Pacific railroad Story submitted a copy of the pending bill to fund the government indebtedness of the Pacific railroad con taining amendments suggested by presi dent Adams to meet the case of the Union Pacific The of proposed are the aboli tion of the government guarantee of bonds to be issued and readjustments of the amount of payments somewhat upon the plan proposed in tie of the Cen tral Pacific company as to fund onehalf of the interest for the flnt ten yean aad thereby reduce the amount offint pay with a corresponding increaae of ultimate The committee will proceed to consider the pending bill at the next and to report it to the house within a few FOB RELIGIOUS POLITICS The conference of the organization formed for the purpose of bringing re ligion into the Mttiement of political and today adopted a platform declaring in favor ot employing teach of the Bible in the Mttlemeat of public affain and the insertion of the name of the Supreme Baing in the con The platform alao ap proves of the Blair Sunday Beat and all meaiurM againit pool Bailing and the liquor The committee reported that a call had been made upon the who received them The presi they aaid for good he to be compelled toatakeiesponMtotheiraddMMMttiag forth the of the and added that ita were so compli cated he would require time for their TAXDT ON dgv MBBUfBctuiBn who made to the tariff UMIVOBMJXY BILL tho HoaooTbe to Bpeoial to Tax DM April house this morning began work though a great ahare of the memben had been out late the night before in attendance upon the antiprohibition republican corven There WM plenty of work to for the calendar still full of and plenty more are to be brought over from The Johnson county legal izing had to be recalled and amend ed flnt and took a short The bill yesterday in regard to the number of memben of boards of super visors in counties where there are cities of or over WM recon sidered and amended to M to apply only to Dubuque and thus pasted School were the regular order for but that order did not come up till ahorCv after that Br unanimous consent Hendenhotf i Lnining HU WM made a pedal order for Saturday at 10 called up the bill amend ing the law in relation to caring for pu of the institution for the deaf and fixing matters so that the author ities may collect money for transporta tion of the to and from the insti tution M well M pay for their clothing if the are able to the The bill had very little opposition and Holbrook rose to a question of privilege in regard to a statement made by Dobaon yesterday that there had been a lobby present all winter working for and had offer ed the memben supporting that policy a finger in the pie if He moved that a committee be appointed to investigate the matter of bribery and report to the Dob son aaid he had the statement from a member of the body that such WM the condition of things and also on the floor yesterday one member had stated plainly he had been offered money to influence Walden aaid the memben hid dgv MBBUfBctuiBn VBI today filed with the ooMMittca a aub atttnte achedule which wfll be acceptable Itte intBBded to comet the of the bin which aabjaetato i at par poundthe BOMtaMBOf BBT Of BMttO been freely hurling at each other in thia diacnaaion and in such free talk they had probably used stronger lan guage than they otherwise ao he moved to table the The motion M loat by a vote of 37 to Wyman aaid no good would re from the M it WM at prevent aad he wanted it to be amended ao that it would fix a definite time for the report of the McFariand desired the resolution to be amended to investigate the matter on both Holbrook aaid he WM for he thought there WM more occaeioB for the investigation on the aide agaiait Wyman moved that the committee report not later than April and it WM Holbrook moved to amend by empower ing the committee to investigate any of the achool book with special reference to attempted Holbrook began tbe wark of revuing the reaolution and getting it into proper BBd then a few were intro duced by content They By Boa To prohibit location of teriM within corporate By appropriate to reimbune Joha exauditor of The order WM continued for a and Holbrookt Hotchkfct He analjMd the uniformity bffl brought out clearly the to bt gained by that cytUm a opposed to dia trict The other speakers were Buatellan tbe former favoring the majority aad the latter the min ority At the conclnaion speech a vote WM the question being whether the minorit bin ravoring state uniformity should t lubstitutod f or the majority bill favor ing district The vote v and the interest with which ic v watched WM intense All through wat tied several but it flnall came out with a majority ofsixagaini state uniformity and a clear majority 6 four of tbe whole hotue in favor of th majority bill This means that distric purchase and perhaps free text will be the measure It may be of interest to kuow how the memben stood m the and for thia reaso the roll call is appeaded M follows Brim Cutting7 Ham Ho Johnitoa of McGar Bound Smith of Smith of Smith c Wj BIUs Gl Hoa Jewell of JeoVu of Johmton of KnolL Smith o Deg Smith of Smith of Town Van Yercey Absent or not and This is a very decided victory for the opponents cf state The con test all along has been very close and now it is pretty well It is un dentood the senate much of the same opinion as the The whole after noon was taken up with amending the textbook bill reported by the majority of the The ftiends of the state uniformity bill defeated this morn ng are trying to make other measures to embody some of their THE The senate this morning postponed a further consideration of the state boarc of control bill and took up the matter ol he state tax According to the amounts of appropriations recommended y the committees it evident that he levy would have to be two and one half There were some of the sen store who were very much opposed to anything like that basis and they labored strenuously for a two mill They contended that the extra half mill had been put on to build the state capitol and pay the state and now that the pur was accomplished it was unneces ary to keep up the The state insti tutions could get along well enough on educed appropriations and there was no use of burdening the people with any mote increased In defense of the extra null it was said hat the increased population of the tate and the necessary enlargement and progress of her institutions made it nec essary to keep up the taxes to pay for unning it was said hat during tbe time in which the capi ol was being built and the state debt disposed the state institutions did not get their proper support and therefore hould get their full share of it 1e resolution as proposed provided for wo and onehalf mills for both nd a substitute was proposed to make t two mills for both Then an amendment was proposed to make it two and onehalf mills for one year and two mills for the This was rejected by vote of thirteen to aylors substitute asking for two mills ras rejected by a vote of 17 to and the original resolution was adopted y the following vote of of Vate Absent or not votingCosutt and Weld it a very likely that the house will make quite a struggle against this as it as already decided for two mills and will work for it ss hard as at last ut the money is needed to carry on the affairs of state properly and it is al ogether certain the senate will stand by ts IK A PACKING HOUSE pro set ia on foot to open the packinghouse t Iowa A DWELLING Jones welling house at Oskaloosa was burned lpnesday T ABBKSTED newsboy was arrested and fined 5 for yelling his wares on the streets of bat city last BY BARBED fine mare belonging to of Iowa was fatally injured by running nto a barbed wire A NEWSPAPERS Craston aily heretofore indepen announces this evening that here AN story of B TOBBK Girls to Gonaaai Hobtoamu CBDAB April ertrude of thia and xrant Gustav of Sioux were married at the home of the ormer Hatch A sensational story es behind the commonplace matrimo nial Foenterling who came to this country four yean is the son of a Jeimtn He WM a lieutenant in the German and bore the title f count He has made money in Sioux ity real estate and U quite HIM Gallagher visited her married filter in bioux City last fall where the met the He fell in love with her and fol owedher were fre and while he made small head ray with the young he captivated ter They forbid the it to Samuel who had been courting Gertrude for She remained true to him and refuted to ac cept the German M her Several M the youne people attempted to elope it U she WM caught y her father just M she WM leaving the house at night to join her A nard WM tet for a month over nally despairing of a union with Car she agreed to marry Muring Carpenter the would remain true to him and some day be After the at which only the amfly WM the couple went di rectly to the depot and took a train for Bionx xnrcrawn HB u A Haa DMMM Hot to At FOBT April arrMt runaways have decided to let The above mw age WM sent over the by of this to the sheriff at Sioux A few ago OUBK and pretty wife diaappeared from thii About the same time Henry DeLong alao turned up and the bereaved hatband not long in reaching the coBdubm that they had gone ire ana he put the anthoribM OB Instantly realizing the situation she seized the carried to a window and threw it out diatery after the lamp left her tie explosion Her niad aad prompt action doubtta pre vented a Mribui XBADSD CATIIiB YOB A ToaoJag Cftwrofe CoBM em mm April township cornea to the front with a sensation o art A man named Curtis is a dais leader in a church and one of hit pupils WM a young lady named Curtis and Me Quire got on very intimate and their intimacy soon resulted in Mias Me Quires She went to Curtis and demamed satisfaction of bu Curtis WM unfortunate is being married and had to look to some one else to tak the and so he traded some livestock to a man named who took out license in consideration and married the she consenting to this A CALAMITY ttouctty Tcrrt DlMOMr April man giving the name of W and who lays his home is in Falls ar rested here He the crizies manthat has been seen in a long time and declares that he has been sent to warn the especially those of that a great calamity is com and that everyone will be swep from the VJNTOM of ABBOBB to THB At the opening f the district court this morning resolu Ions of condolence were passed by the Janton county bar in memory of Georgi Speeches were made by Judge L Kinnee and Attor neys Gilcbrist Baroham and The for the first time in the his of the adjourned for lack of Cards announcing the marriage of Miss da L a teacher in the Vinton chools to of Oao New April Ferguson and the Chicago big who were arrested were ocked up in the house of detention yes in default of bail in each The woman is very She fell n a faint soon after her crime was dis and is not able to be taken to the deserted avows hie purpose to push the prosecu tion to the last tncken driver assisted in unloading six fourteen half barrels and lixteen eighth barrels of rich export which WM originally intended for the paJatas of he male of Then he axM and hatchets began to play on he of the beer The women pounded the bungs out of all the casks and let the beer run by the It was a warm and M the bungs were driven n the beer spurted out of the barrels in FOB Cedar fter it will be a straight democratic THB BLACKBERRY examina pn of blackberry in various local ies in Iowa indicate they have not been urt by the frost and there is a good out ook for a large FAKTED IHTO THE Ted Btewert was standing near a win ow at home in Cedar Rapids a few ays he fainted and falling into the window broke out three panes of nfiicting and ugly gash in his LOST A out hunting Tues Albert one of the popular oung men of was shot in the leg y an accidental discharge of his broth ers He received the shot near the which nearly severed the limb from his necessitating A FAKMBBS fanner re ading near in trying to burn ome cocklebun on his farm near nrned two stacks of tame hay for him alto burned over entire nd twas a pretty close call for eighbors house and burning a raw stack only a few rods from his tables and approaching to within about rod of the It also jumped a 40 oot but did no further MADISOH twelve ears when Warden McMillan first ok charge of the penitentiary at adisoa he receipted for 408 ix yean after in surrendering the office o Colonel Crosley he turned over to the atter 406 and yesterday the olonel delivered over Of the 408 risonen of six yean but 38 are ow to be During Mc illans term he turned out and re eived During the past six yean olonel Crosley has turned out and received the same Tin We April the Ben coune today the weather WM fine and track First tix eck Onward Fairalb third Second three year and mile Cornelia randwerd Pelman third time Third and up Shotover won Nina Fauatba third time Fourth aad up one and onfriixtoenth milM Vil lage Maid Gypsy King third Fifth aad up mile and one five hur dead heat by Jim Murphy and BM MBio in In the run oft Baatanio won r Basis Nmw April weather WM warn and partly cloudy and the Fint March Bon Lida L Skobaloff third IBM SPILLING BAND WOKI uDEUICE GHBADESS DI IB D 1SOOBL They CaBtare a Wagon Load of the FeamiBg Beverage Hear Farming toB am4 Empty It on the ereendOther April The womens which swept like a prairie fire in autumn over the entire western part of Missouri a few weeks has broken out again with renewed Yesterday morning a determine band of women from all classes of so ciety started on a liquorwrecking expe dition with very successful The women had heard that a wagon load o eer WM en route to town and carefull aid their About nine oclock Williams and two leading marshaled a force o snors than twoscore determined women aimed with hatchets and suitable for smashing in either o beer or of individuals who did not agree with In the ranks were staid young such well mown society belles ac Julie Sander Frankie Slosson aad Edna who willingly followed their mothers lead roung As the women fel into line their flushed with indig and unmindful of the Mtonished ooks of the male whose re marks were anything but complimen they marched along four keeping step with the precision oj oldiexs and singing temperance Turning down the road to Delassus hey waylaid a wagonload of beer about lalf a mile from this August the driver of the WM old to He hesitated and at empted to whip up his but the romen were too quick for and a iozen held hones heads and pulled tack on the wagon wheels while Foster asked him if he would come down teacefolly or if they should come up after He came equest of Julie Bander Then at the the terror drenching the aroused but not thoroughly dampening heir When satisfied that all the beer WM spilled the women took posses sion of Thompsons wagan and piled in with their and started to drive or where a carload of beer be onging to the Klausman Brewery com any was When heard ram they proposed to spill that carload f Nothing has been learned yet M to the but the male relatives f the women are offering big money that the beer has been turned out on the The saloon men are highly ex cited and threaten to prosecute all the nuaden for malicious mischief and ranton destruction of valuable lie are running the town and he man is not to be found who cares to personally interfere with ISLANDS Ho CBBMOBto orltf for 6ov April vote as counted up to oclock gives Ladd Davis Larry and hase 773 Davis lacks of the majority necessary for The result r f the vote for attorney gen ral his not yet been The egislature The next as far as tends 21 demo its 11 to be chosen 24 democrats 25 to bfa chosen The election of the governor and eneral state officers will be thrown into he legislature and fiftyfive votes are ceded to assure a LABOR FlB ItaB April The leaden of the triking plumbers assert they are per ecting an arrangement in case the mMton do not concede their de they will establish a co perative hop with branches all over They assert they can pay the demanded and ten per cent on the capital BETTOR TO April 3 thousand quarry en who went on a strike yesterday have returned to the employers conceding their FATJITBBa April 3 te exception of about half a dozen all le memtwn of the Local Branch of and Decorators of America track morning for an increase of from 18 to par day and flfty nehounto constitute a weeks he of the who about one hundred and unanimoualy refused by the he action of the striken indorsed by the national executive April are being made here for the of the twentyfifth anniver sary of the death of Abraham Lincoln prfl Greatly reduced have ncmed OB all the leading and the attendance wffi be AddreatM are to be dellvared by Senator General and April Alderman Qumey f the TrcMOBt The fireman and a were in toe but not fatally The Atlantic express WM right behind the freight but WM flagged thereby preventing a horrible laAtaosBBt April PallXall Ga zette today publishes an interview with Sir Francis de who WMCOB nected with the Pasha relief com mitteeSir Francis U bitterly indigoan with Emin Paaha for entering the Ger man aad says he him a man who absolutely devoid of grati tnde and HBBBBKT 3HMABCK April Herbert Bis march to be married to the Prin cetsde with whom his re lations caused such a scandal in Berlin nine years ago and brought about her BISMARCKS BIRTHDAY April list of Bis marchs birthday Drifts is The include two fortythree drink ing over a hundred long pipes three hunting much doz ens of innumerable packages of cakes and tent by farmers barrels of eggs and ba a rugs and an enormous salmon from BISITAKCK3 BBFUSAL O A April Vossuche Zai tnng says that at the farewell interview between Prince Bismarck and the em peror the former positively declined to iccept the proffered dukedom of Lauen declaring that it was his desire to live in history merely by the family name he had made The emperor insisting upon the exchan cellors acceptance of the the latter said decision was irrevocable and the emperor declared his was equally whereupon it was agreed that Prince Bismarck should not personally bear the though it was The freedom 01 the city of Augsburg has been conferred upon Prince AN EKBIZZLER BERNE April state treasurer of Canton at has been arrested on a charge of embezzling one million THE BULGARIAN RUPTURE April 3 reports of a rup ture between Bulgaria and Servia is offi cially declared STANLEY ON EMIN cables 1 accept Emina action as proof that he has ecoveredfrom his I wish him bon The gospel of enterprise i THE MARQUIS Of NORMANDY April 3 Marquis of Normandy is aged seventytwo At different times he held the overnorahip of Nova Queens New Zealand and RUSSIAN STUDENTS April 3 pres nt trouble among the Russian students s not due to but grows chiefly ut of the discontent with new and arbi rary university statutes which have re ilacedthe more liberal regulations in orce during the reign of the czar Alex ander The excitement among the tudents and the police have ieen placed on permanent duty at the A DIAMOND for of April exciting hand ohand encounter for worth of iamonds occurred today in a room at he Palmer A young man regis ered Sunday under the name of Ralph Today he sent to a umber of jewelry stores asking hat some diamonds be sent for inspec ion saying he was laid up with prained Salesman Bigler was ent from Hymana to make in oiries and found Allen apparently al He 3tiU had nd when he returned with the gems ad a porter stationed outside the oon After discussing the iroposed purchase several moment Jlen grasped a uearvy cane and elled Bigler to the Tbe struggled up and grappled with be meanwhile yelling to the por The had lost his its and when Allen broke away and ran own the hall allowed him to get To persons who attempted to stop Allen Catch that insane ointiag Timekeeper Dregg WM ot and captured Upers found on his person indi he came from Washington and lat possibly his right name is leorge He refuses to dis lose his saying this ia the first me he was ever in trouble and charging t to He does not want his folks o know Salesman Bigler has a se ere scalp but is not seriously UATUtOAD Will Boolot KBTort to COBUBBO tBO VotlBf NEW April meeting of Mccrity of the Omaha and ouia railroad wag held today for the mrposo of relisting the efforts to con aue the voting trust which uue A committee was appointed to all a final meeting of security holders Thursday CALvnr BRICKS FOBT April alvin president of the Lake Irie and Western it is an nounced has purchased the Fort Cincinnati aad Louisville on enonal account and not for the Lake tie and April tote phone measage from Mteia just received announcM the entire town and surrounding country haa beam overflowed by a sadden rite in Bteeli The people are moving out of their residences and taking refuge ia houses of The water ia over three feet deep in the highest of the town and ia rising fast 1KB BONTOEB LBVBB April twelve miles eMt of thia which the of parish from It IB feared the lower country wfll be IBUB dated in a short HEAVY NEW April received here report within the pMt two days unusually heavy have fallen throughout lower MiatiMippi and the Guachita aad Rod river val generally accompanied by severe RAILROADS NEW April latest advises from ArkaaaM City show the river has fallen in all about one foot Cho water is going back into the river outside cf the levee wherever there R an The whole of Crooked Bayon from Tiller to a tance of eleven ia under water aad many plantations in this fertile section that were never overflowed before are now completely The track of the Arkansas Valley railroad between McGao and Trippo is five feet under Ia one place trains can come no further than Tiller and passengers and expren have to be transferred from Tiller to Arkaosna a distance of nineteen bo means of The Qnachita iivision of tbe valley route which joins the river line at Trippe is almost com pletely under water for a distance of lighteen Just thia side of the Jayou Bartholomew a number of rail road bridges are reported washed fie Houston ArkaniM aadr Northern railroad now being built from jtcGee by way of Darmoth to is under Wf ter and the dam age will bo A dispatch from Miada enys the backwater has risen but very little but the river of water which ia flowing through the eastern reafc is pUyiag havcc i a Bogne The haa crossed over the ridge be wceu Deer Creek and the Bogne and aat filling up that country and plantat ions on both aides of Deer Creek which have hertitjfore been above high are now RAINS IN THE KANSAS April ram the southwest state the rainfall for he past two days WM extending rom western Missouri beyond the Colo ado and from the northern boun dary of Kansas to It las been hailed with delight by the ClOMr Ti IM April the Ontario egialature last the mem ber for Mt moved that in tie opinion of the houM it WM desirable that loaer trade exiit between the United tatet of America and the Dominion of and the peti the legislature of the Dominion of Canada to take each stops M they deem expedient to bring about unrestricted reciprocity between the two the attendance WM small the debate the subject WM April IcGowan and James ineer aad fireman on the got nto an altercation lart evening and the ormer aiMultad the latter with a cutting a very bad gas ia the but mot fatally ut McCknraa held to the grand uryfor asssolt with intent to commit Rich laat BURSTING THE CITY QF BIlSODBBlim Heavy Bains jteaarted Thwulnrt the South and theBiver idlyOther Levees Retorted HapMly Wortt of 1 April 3 contribn ions to tbe relief fund now amount to nearly There are no of mmediai want no one allowed to General repairs will be begun Many bogus of alleged vic ims have been J U HPSD INTO THB A TuilOla DsatB Bl Eoo April a white while temporarily nsanu terrified his consisting of L wife and three by wishing liem to remain quiet while he Mt fire to he He then fired the bed con aining a sleeping he house was soon in flames and the neighbors with difficulty rescued the lit le one of the renown being insly The maniac secured a hot gun and threatened death to all who to approach He was next seen to jump into the flames and after a few groans all was HORACE CREELTa HOUSE April old freely built by Horace Gree ey in was destroyed by fire this Since Oreelys death the house has been owned by Mis Gabrialle his only lurviving Mils Greely WM in Pleasantville attending church at the The fire made apid progress and the were ompelled to leave the house without aviBK much It is believed will cover the CARRIAGE FACTORY NEW April broke out in James 8 wagom rod carriage 713 But One Hun red and Forthfourth and totally estroyed the building and ita The loan is estimated at insur The spread to as adjoining livery stable where six were burned to A LABOK OAT MEAL MILL meal mffl burned iMt night Insured for TkvWett irn Machine works IOM VbMBtoav Perhaps yon are run cant ant cant cant do aay ling to your and you woa er what Ton should heed the you aretakicg the flnt step nto Nervous Prostration Ton Bead a Nerve Tonic and in Electric Bitten yon win find the exact remedy for reatoring our nervous system to ita ealthy Surprising ollow the use of this great Nerve Toaic and Tour appetite good digestion U aid the tlvet and resume healthy Try Price at drug April mer chantsexchange haa beam aotifledof the arrival of the Pacific MaB at March twenty from TUaia the trip OB reducing tha OB the CHatfe flnt trip ahe broke the record froM YohahoMatothia Aprfl The goldam of the 13

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