Thursday, April 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa f f THDBSDAY APRIL THE SUITE in THE DIE FDTED ELECT10I eaBUeny for tke Taking our share of Senator Grayg An Trnst Bill Reported In tke Dent State mentWashington fit per oeat we have Louat of tea the be a bad investment for the aastaa to amount to Bepreeentative Fithian submitted the report of the opportenitytoenrnand save But ft this too make it five per cent That would be double what the bountybill will call for in ten years to The estimate of the com mittee that under the terms of thebffl April some I payment in bounties fortSTtoTyear ary business the senate took be for eefl lideration of the Montana elec The annual Jnereaiu would be ar T fi Par it would te eicht Hoar stated the case on the part of the majority of the the whole matter turning upon the question whether one set of delegates who voted wish the twentyfive republican delegates for Sanders and were legally elected from Silver Bow county or whether the other set who voted with the twentyfour democrats for Clark and were the legally elected depu representing the minority of the made a statement in support cf the claim that Clark and Me Glnnia were entitled to He com mented upon the finding of the canvass ing board in which declares no abstract of votes had been re ceived from Silver Bow county that they had exhausted the authority given to them by the statutes in endeav oring to obtain and that it therefore ANTIPRO TIE KPCEATO 1KEBE BILL CBBBQEI B THE HD08E The AnttKrahlbttioB Republican Cen ventioB Beneintions Adopted Otker LejrjsUtive Cnrrell 1 DM la the houM afternoon the liquor Ml WM taken up M a ipecial The House went into committee of the wholeto consider it themselves tn that policy her over a gnat part of the United at the bffl be re houMwitkrecoa definite postponement Blytheeeconded the stated that he and the repnUiaLnmem especially of the fact that n of the bill repealed the The last platform prase intemperance or promote and therefore the experiment should be I abandoned and the law so modified that I thcee commnnitiM which desire a change have the right to determine for themselvM whether intoxicating liquon be sold Ma beverage within iheir l Prohibitory law and Party eould not go back on its The republican party had I 01 lowed the dictateiof rf declared for Md going to follow it itfll Three emocratic committees had made enough ties became their duty to assert and declare it from the best sources of information obtainable and he argued that the can yassers had no authority to act on any information obtained from any source other than tee election officers of the declaring that he had never know sucb a hold and flagrant act of and the members of the can vaasine board of the governor chief j uatice and secretary of the terri tory should have been whipped at a cart tail in every country town in the ter GeorgeIs there any evidence in the record that the legislature which this Iron Hall house the republican house claimed to be a part over performed any legislative act or passed any law 3 The gover nor ncvor recognized the Iron Hall house but recognized the house which met at the court house the democratic house as tlie lawful and rightful Teller interrupted Gray to say tli at vimouB communications had passed between the Iron Hall house and the sen were no other lawful evidence of the title of governor or an a privileged class at an expense to the wnole The minority believe the most effective war to bring about the re vival of the shipping industry if for con gress to place all the materials used in the construction of ships upon the free repeal all laws in restraint of repeal the restrictive navigation laws and permit merchants to buy their ships where they can buy them the and sail under the American flag which says the made the opening speech lb When the prohibition law went into effect about sir years ago the affect upon individuals wre Borne went out of bnsineas and others remained at work and paid no attention to the laws The laws of 1886 were made more stringeat and the pow ers of injunction wen The nacylaw was also made aracb April antitrust bill M nha more From the fact that these measures have not wiped rat the liquor the conclusion was apparent that prohibition was not the proper measure of treating the places majority to elect Boies and now that paito desired the npublicans to go back on on that ac The issue of the last campaien was not entirely for the democrats themselves claimed it waTa tariff hence the action of last fall could not be taken M a true test on the prohibition The repub lican party will stand by prohibition until the people express themselves We are unalterably opposed to any attempt to introduce in to the constitution the doctrine the The organic law of thefteto ought not to be encumbered with police of that character I Wereepgnizathat the republican party I assent to the policy of I M an experiment but we regret lateet announcement wffl bear the construction that it hM become one of the of the A political organisation hM no jurtright to bring into the declarations of its prin 1 BEVttW OF THE f ORIICCODLISHED II put and ia legiila with the against it directly wittout and side iiiuss of a general way prohibition went in the other states influence in turning public the direction of the re cratic party iMt year took that view of the matter and placed be fore the people the proposition to license It WM the question of the cam UTIUUUUC ui me uue oi governor or any other state officer of Montana except this very canvass which the senator from Delaware says has no validity Mr Gray then went on to denounce the Indecent haste with which the territorial canvassing board made the report and adjourned with full knowl edge of the fact that a court of com petent jurisdiction had issued a per emptory mandamus ordering an ab stract of the votes in the Silver Bow county made and The members of that territorial canvass ing board stand convicted of participa tion in those sharp practices in which the majority of the committee on privileges and elections would have the senate also become a Gray went on to of the evidences of haste witfcjwhioh the presidents procla mation of the admieeion of Montana had been He did not accuse the president of being a participator in the but alleged that the president had been persuaded by the conspirators to make himself an instrument in consummating their de The minority he accepted the findings of the county board of Silver Bow and they hold Hint Clark McQinnis held the lawful Gray yielded the floor without concluding his argument and the death of Representative Wilber being nounced the senate trust or or a in restraint of trade or com merce among the severe states and terri or with foreign or in territory or illegal Every person who shall make such contract or engage in such combi natian or or who shall mo or or conspire with any other person or persons to monopol ize any part of trade or commerce among the several states and territories or with foreign nations shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and on punished by a fine five thousand dollars ment not exceeding or Any property owned under any contract or by combination or pur suant to any conspiracy and being in course of transportation shal be for feited to the United States and may be seized and condemned by like proceed ings as those regarding the property im ported contrary to Any person who shall be injured in business or property by any other person or a cor poration by reason of anything forbidden by Uus act may sue in any circuit court opinion in peal of conviction be not exceeding or imprison one of the United and recover three fold the damage sustained besides the costs of the suit and attorneys The act includes corporations and associa tions existing under or authorized by the laws of the United the several territories or any foreign as the question of the cam paign and it was decided in favor of li Richman spoke on the bill in de explaining each Richman the bill expressed the sentiment of the democratic side of the and they were willing to follow the will of the people as expressed last He did not claim there would be aa absolute ob of said not all virtues wen to be found in one Tto qtweaonorprohiBition is not a practical What we want is a law that can be No law can SfSS4 T the sentiment Since prohibition and license new doctrine unless it be one up oa substantially an the members A large number of republicans of Iowa and always have op posed to general and if the republican party adheres to the present position upon this question it is manifest that by such ad herencce it tends to exclude from its membership all those who believe the policy fatal to the beat interest of the We recognize that there The Reception will be Warm Text Boek ProblemDalph Sat Down legislative Tn HAWKKn t CAPITOL I The members of the house much relieved at last night and the were felt work done pleased to lenenlly cranky unable to harmonii of the As a remit he sat down on but M MrenelyMevwandtriMto by coring everybody in the of his Ledge may bs a clever dodge to boom kia but it wffl hardly succeed in accomplishing anything in the legislative for no one wffl vote H that paper unless it is the man who stands responsible for the nttenacM of tke Dolph wffl no doubt con tinue associates The senate this morning showed goodwill to the a recognize that there may able and faithful members of are the comes down to a question of forcement the prohibitory one which applies and is en forced in all portions of the state was found necessary efore in l to repeal prohibi tion once before in and just after that was repealed the people of foreign countries were invited to come in aid and after doing so and building up industries they were deprived of their party who believe in prohibition and it womhfcbe as unjust and to offend by announcement of any we have felt it unjust and unwise to make declarations repugnant to our In asmuch as the members of the party are not agreed upon the subject there is ab solutely but one course which the party can honorably pursue It is to vigor onsly exclude from the party plat forms every reference to leav ing the with each republican legislature full respect to it as member liberty to of act give the veterans This will very pleasing recog servance of the law y with the but he states and WADHIMGrOJV Bauraai Dcht nmuanmt WaaklBgtra April bear ing inter To thought it would do away with the wanton violations of the law as appeared He was of the opinion that license was very practical and would do the work of restricting the liquor busi ness much better than He quoted from letters from Minnesota and Ohio in regard to the license law in both of which license was much more successful than Michigan was quoted as having the same experi The statement that those who were against prohibition were for the saloon WM Lyman Abbott WM quoted M saying that high license WM the measure of and prohibition the proper measure of the He concluded by saying the bffl WM presented by the party in good faith and he hoped for its lawi passed by the Iowa The republican party of Iowa has worked for prohibition and lost and it will not have any standing whatever and will be buried irrevocably in the succeeding elections if it does not take a mot sensible stand on this question since the adoption of pro iteadilT and the people of the other states look upon us with contempt Our cities have not progressed and the entire state is gradually becoming a mere kitchen gar den for Prohibition increases thus piles up taxes to a very high figure This naturally drives away food and Bubitantialpeople who would like to set tle Prohibition hM not decreased the drinking in the state because the carrying of pint bottles has become reg among all classes of our his judgment t e experiment of general prohibition has been faithfully tried and in many portions of the state hM lament ably The republican party can not justly further support it M a party Those of the party holding our views cannot with favor to themselves longer lend their aid to im pose upon many communities all the evils of unrestricted and unregu lated liquor For these reasons and m the interest of busiaeis and social we atk the general assembly now in session to so amend the prohibitory liquor law as to give to the committees mat so de sire the power to subject to a meni mum license to be fixed by the legisla ture to regulate the sale of intoxi cating liquors through the medium the greatly reduced calendar Thunday They had a very monotonous f J J time of but kept on and M a result showed one hundred and twentynine bills indefinitely postponed and one At any time the largest number of members present was and they could easily get away with all the business boys will be well recog nized by the legislature and will have a warm reception at the Thecom mittee having the matter in hand have chosen next Thursday as the proper time and the east front of the capitol as the place for the It is not very likely that very much wffl be done in the legislative halls on the three days of the encampment and the blue uniforms of the veterans wffl be more numerous here of high such a And change in we the insist on platform f Richman received considerable plause at the close of his ap ExGovernor Walden spoke for pro He said the democratic party but As a debt during the tao an THK April were passed as follows For a bridge across the Missouri river between Iowa and Nebraska amending the act to aid vessels wrecked or disabled in waters conterminous to the United States and the Dominion of Canada authoriz ing the construction of a bridge aad ap proaches at New York City across the Hudson to regulate commerce over such bridpe between the states of New York and New Jersey and to establish such bridge as a military and post The house then proceeded to the dis cussion of the Idaho admisssion of in charge of the made a speech in its The only opposition to the admission of he came from the They protested against the provision of the constitution which disfranchised bigamists and persons who were mem bers of an association which encourages Mansnr criticized the provision of the constitution disfranchising the Mor and the real reason was the Mormons voted the democratic Dubols earnestly advocated the adakis sion of Criticizing the minority report he said he proposed that biga conld aot much resWction eaaktauf t been casn Net cash in his county for the repeal of eti and when it came to him only S5 nH5 one name WM The people of treMurr DecreeM in the tion endorsing even after aU De1 these yearstrial and the that since June the law WM entirely wanted treasury a license fee when M the anti prohibitionists claimed were running freely under No good from the open raloon whether it is licensed or since the people of the state have repeatedly said IBOTKST AOAlKgT A DOTS OH BXDB8 April A petition from the New England Shoe and Leather association was filed with the committee of ways and means protesting against any imposition of duty on raw hides and The petition asserts that the imposition of this duty tend to drive a large export trade to where tanning can be done much cheaper than in the United April The president has sent to the senate the following nominations George sur veyor general of Nevada Edward pension agent at Michi gan Charles Indian agent at Green Bay Wisconsin of depi deputy first auditor of the treasury William Winter postmaster at Eau Wis SIGHAL SBBVICK FLOOD April The signal service office says regarding the Missis g flood The Ohio todlat ClSlo has reached its gauge mute and polygamists should not vote in What right had the members of the minority to impose upon Idaho a condition which had never before been imposed upon any state coming into the There he Idaho a genus the Jack while denouncing polygamy and bigamy obeyed all the behests of the Mormon Were the froaUli nois Springer to live iu Idaho he would probably be known w a Jack closed hit disouision on the Moment queetionbyaayingthe iuuewM fairly pointed Would congress sustain this treasonable and lascivious institu tion or would it hold up the of brave pioneers who had gone to Idaho who on this proposition had abandoned party ties and united in earing We earnestly desire but in it only for loyal American of earnestly de nounced she action of the commits OB territorial in tailing to reportWs torrT tory for His people had been unfairly Arizona had every qualification f or but the Inu tor her admission WM to be amotfersri tfrif to aend a democrat to reads The river has been rising two feet in eight days aad will now The Cumberland and up per Misissippi rivers are falling rapidly despite the tact that nearly four cubic miles of water have fallen the past week in their At New Orleans the has risen one inch since The rise there withia the next few days equal the high water already will not The judiciary committee reported back to the senate today the antitrust bm in the form of a It was read and Bdmnnds laid that M soon as the Montana election case was disposed of the bill would be taken The resolution offered in the senate known M JJrterday to chance back the dafly hour meeting to twelve oclock WMpeeMd after loae I The conference report on the urgency deficiency bffl WM pretested in the the saloon must He WM wffl tog to vote for Some say it will bring defeat to the re publican party if this law is continued on the statute The party hM never adopted anything but good and it is time now that it never adopted a better one than the present It WM right and he WM willing to go down in the right rather than succeed in the Prahibition is at present on tree before the legislature M jury and the eyM of the state and country are upon them Prohibition must pre vail end the house waf not willing to let it go In conclusion he stated that though a entiment of this nature WM slumbering in the cornfields last fall it WM now fully aroused aad demanded retention of the law Mt it of aid the course of the discussion WM different from what he had The bffl proposed WM apparently satisfactory to its friends and they wen willing to stand by it Then arise in the history of political parties tuning points which an very important The people of Iowa an aow aad the course taken wffl be watched with cloee atten Luke proceeded to trace the history of prohibition from its adoption in the In inaugural Governor BoiM had advieed the punish ment of drunkards and the proper can of Governor Larrabee in bis prohibit them the same M and on the whole WM an extremely practical and proper to be Dobson favored He judged by the speeches that all were friendly to but the remarks of the democratic members were received with applause from exsaloonkeepers in the He desired to know why the gentlemen on the other side would not bring before the people some results of license in increasing the expenses filling the and penitentiaries in Ne Missouri and other license The Pennsylvania demo crats rejected high license M an ineffi cient criminal expenses and criminal reports showed a great de crease since prohibition had been In the penitentiaries it WM found necessary to transfer men in order to have men enough to fill out contracts made with the manufac turers of The prisons under pro hibition have only about six hundred while states of the same number of inhabitants have from two to five times M In some localities prohibition not and now people who wffl not enforce that law be cause it obnoxious to them come to ask the republicans to enact a law equally obnoxious to the repnbli of the republican party as will enable us to upon and to assist in restoring the party to complete su I ject and secure the end set forth in the The resolutions were adopted unani Stirring speeches were made than they were in Burlineton a year ago Representative of Washing ton has a desire to bring about a reunion of all the soldiers of Iowa if possible some time during the He wants to get an expression from the as to the desirability of such an event and will hear from them at their meeting next Yesterday he intro duced a resolution on the subject which was laid over under the rules and will not come up for several It was as follows Twenty yemra have elapied since wenerienlonoi the Iowa soTaiers has and they wffl no doubtappreciate the Chases bffl for the adoption of safety on operating in Iowa went through the senate this of Fort hM been very active in work for the passage of the measure and feels much gratified aow that it requires only the signature of the governor in order to become a The discussion on the assessment of the capital stock of banks hM at last been concluded and the senate passed the As it finally went through it made provision for the taxing of the shares M part of the of the and left the courts to decide whether the surplus could be included Just before dinner the work on the board of control bill and when the senate adjourned for dinner dis cussion WM just fairly under SetBelleBal News 9nm Baptai Serviaaad tke big caused here by report ftom n comepondent of the wko ft ie Myia partially raeecMfU been made upon the probable that the reported stekaesa the oar has some TWre ia considerable mystery snrroundiBs that A BOPTUBB April A rupture betwen via aad iseaUaeat trouble it said to have been fomeated by THB cm or paBn AIU Paris arrived by a number of with the A the meeting was the attempt of Lewis a veteran of the to The convention was at first disposed to throw him out but a delegate from Davenport urged that he be allowed to say ing that he had been in the republican convention where the prohibitionists put a gsg on any one who did not believe with them and he wanted them tonn free speech Toddhunter then spoke from an extreme prohibition standpoint One of the most prominent speakers was Rev a Methodist minister from Jackson dential elector in a but first of all a repub Convention adjourned in great By the the house concur that there be a iMieral reunion of the Jowa toldJers during the j ear and that the date of said reunion be fixed beyond al arrangements In relation te under the supervision and control of the de partment commander of the of If this meets with the approval of the veterans he will introduce a bill for the payment of expense incident to the re April following ta the text of the bffl which Senator Dodge succeeded in getting passed in the senate just before under a suspension of the rules A bffl for as act in certain a special tax for the grading of Be it enacted by the general as sembly of the state of Iowa Section That all cities of the first under the general in the cen Xk Potttteu Sr April minis ter of public instruction refused to re ceive the petition prepared by stu dents of universities asking for a reduc tion IB the entrance fees unrestricted admission of Jaws and the equality of male and female Three hundred excited students as sembled intending to march to the but the police arrested one hundred and seventyfive of Three hundred students of the techno logical institute and many pupils of the school of forestry and the academy of medicine were arrested for taking part in the At the fifteen ar rested will be tried on the charge of be ing political Fortytwo students have been expelled from the Forty four will be subjected to minor and the remainder will be These disorders are for union and there is no doubt of its pas He was a presi He said he waa enthusiasm Iowas governor Iowa prohibition When nounced the a failure at his inauguration declaration was applauded by the Chicago gamblers an law his all and ex saloon keepers in the Only three states show a decrease of crime and they are Kansas and and all these have The hope of the Iowa people is that pro hibition will be enforced in all counties of It wss decided at nearly six oclock to have the committee report progress and ask leave to meet The house then adjourned till nine to morrow AKTIPBOHIHTIOK mess ate of the Mdd since the time pro tkat Bent of tke Mbitory law in 1881 fully three thousand open saloons had been driven from the When people come here udeagageiatkat busiaess they vaaker Special to Tn DES April The meeting of the antiprohibition representatives at the opera house this evening wss a very large the attendance being over two Speeches were made by permanent chairman of the Captain of Crettion of Keokuk Lewis Todd of Cummins and of Des George of was elected temporary He said April City elections were held throughout Missouri Where political contests were more democrats than republicans were although in some instances the latter made Where the temperance question was uppermost the results were about equally divided and where school issues were education came out on The Australian ballot system was used for the first time in this state and seems to have given universal satisfac THK BBOOB ISLAHD BIBCTTOH April The new se cret ballot law worked easily today but the count of votes takes much longer than usual The indications are the dem ocrats have carried this Twenty five towns and exclusive of this dem for THB TJLDT April returns from cities in Kansas indicate that though the women registered their full they took but little active in terest in the election and polled a light except at Fort Scott ELECTION IN April JIQU g were made Mr of Des Moines is all in line now on Ole eert catch the bill that feature of the senate yesterday relative to taxes for public It will be brought up at the earliest opportunity and there will be no difficulty in itettini it through the 5 This morning the house postponed the epacial order of school text books for a few minutes to allow the passage of a bill for the especial beneat of Dubuque and other counties having cities contain ing over twentyfive thousand inhabi There was a slight objection to its passage and it was thought that the bill would pass but there seemed to be many opponents to the measure and it succeeded in passing by a vote of Do to BriggB wanted the special order set aside still further in order that anoth er measure might be but the motion he made could not prevail Dayton took the floor and spoke for state He thought the dis trict purchase plan would place in the hands of the boards of directors too much The bill provided that the books should be furnished at and according to the figures given by the big publuhtng this cost would be only about ten per cent less than the present This saving would be more than lost by the expenses incurred in caring for the books in care of the board and losses accruing from nonpayment for The state can obtain better rates from publishers than individual dis speaking to the said that it was perfectly proper for any body to support state uniformity in spite of the fact that there had been a lobby working for that side of the question aad no one should ba denounced as a friend of monopolists if he took sides for either state uniformity or district pur State uniformity for according to the figures of the text book trust investigating bad made the price ten cenu lower than dis trict purchase in Nebraska and had given A representative of the Minnesota school book firm had told the speaker that the books of that state were printed from rejected are hereby authoriied to in addition to the taxes which they are now empowered to a special tax not exceeding three mills on the dollar on the assessed valuation of all the prop erty in said for the purpose of cre ating a fund for the grading of and known ss the grading Sec The money raised by the tax hereby authorized to be levied shall not be used for any other purpose than that hereby It shall be competent for any authorized by this act to levy such to anticipate the collection thereof by borrowing money and pis tax for a period of not more re than such five of political It is nor thought the movement has the slighest prospect of Sixtyseven students at Oharcoff university wera arrested and eleven years and no other tax shall be so pledged of said until the expiral vied or whether levied or for the payment of the money so Orauola Special to Tn April There is a lady King be had been a lifelong Miles wss elected The name of Lisbon was changed to Kingfisher by the council at its last nights cities of the flrst and second and had done all in lus power to enforce I principal iatenet centered in the ac BBAVTT AJXO elections cities evangelist conducting a revival union meeting at the Methodist Protestant church in this There seems to be quite a deep interest manifested aad no doubt good will result Her name is of Washing She is a splendid talker and comes among us well Our city council has called an election of the voters of the city for next Monday to vote on a proposition to furnish grounds for the depot round machine for the D at this place in amount not to exceed The in dications are that the tax will carry though there is some uncertainty about Our raty schools have resumed with a fair attendance after the two weeks sus pension on account of the measles among the of other ready to as that Iowa adopt As for was not my such system placing too much a a s or pacing too much power ia the hands of the they now have the handling of of the peoples and there is no gen eral complaint against the management of that Letters from the in which the different systems were adopted were quoted to show how they worked relative to the elec of population greater than laahrTandTwV ominc WM atao kept tie poor Jo BBjjli tlie uelBtslO Bad become crmt while favoring the ed critidaed uttOBOf Idaho MBJL ofencnd individual end nUgiaBB The bill WMpMced in the home today continuing in f one tke author iilng thecoartnictiagof a bridge across the Missouri river at Fonst South Ike houM recedes from ito dis agreement to the senate amendment M to irrigation with a proviao that no pert of tke amount be in siakiag weUsoriathecoaetroctianof irrigation works and tkat tke government not be committed to any of irrija of the fact that the state at any time could eaact a law to declare their cceupatioa It had been charged by the democratic side that pro hibitioa every where was a The boated of the high licence law of other itatH was brought about by the NpablieaBpartvaadthcaa were made tkat party at those tiaus became peo i of IneftlirJM Ofth r Itfcveryiatportaat ia thta age of vact Byrup of is the oie per litiM wen not yet ready It WM everywhere the The favoring downing the saloon aad tke desiring to be more lenient with that It is uafortnaate that the measun hM nttean aspect Tken an of the home pledged thepertv pUtform to support proh andtkey caaaot chaage tutu the party in caBveatton eeMBbbd iduBne the Tke ckarge tkat prohibi ttoaU a faUnnkM not yet beea ead bacaaee aosne reflate locaUtiei doat eay tke whole tkiag b of BO importance or effect The meet ilemaadlag the ngeeiof ttelaw to do M food or eke tken would not be e eelooB in tke RepobUoBB MBben bytbevertyimtks tonlaiatke He was ready aow to ask the legislature atvaral yean they have had for some relief for the communities tAe to at achool and municipal when prohibition WM a The usual committees wen appointed and an adjournment taken till Ex Governor Kirkwook eent a letter IB among other he said lamia favor of local option Md high with stringeat ngnls JonI favor thii policy became I beheve it wffl better promote the public than the pneent But tome of our prohibition friends if such a change made the repnb heanpartywffl and an to the cxerdM of municipal to eetueed perrogB ovetty wean the vote falls off in while in other citiMjJji yesterdays local In prohibition aad the question of rabmiaiion of the prohibitory cut very little Wnewveraad whenever the temperance issue u the women cow rat in strong force end always carry the day WMtfWMl W uniformity Zldon Ledger it theywaat of the Party been punned AeextreBM rohibi some years in the re etatee tkat kave not adopted end not won ia tke pert and I think aot The witk Bight He efldreeeed Ike eteadpoiBt of another pro wko tdedtoeafkneetkelaw And M a republicaadand not im Tke letter WM noeivtd witk t rritBt organi Oe Bight The lading spirit the that he believed if both BosjJtatedgood menthewomea wonldiwtyote at att Nevertherless they participated actively in the fight in aome of the it worthy for at aad of meatiOB that the most active workers were the wives of the leedimg aad of the chase and at the same time keeping up the B F Chase considered that the only method which would effectively pot down the schoolbook and it was the duty of the while it WM legislatiag against to pass a severe measure against He said theeaemies of the state uniformity were spending a great amount of money ia trying to defeat the state In a recent of tie WM caricature of himself andia article denouncing the proposed and the editor of that paper had stated that the matter WM not an expression had ban published for the editor referred rose aad said half of the statement WM true aad the other half Chase wanted to kaow which WM true aad I simply told yon that it v aot aa expressioB of editorial OtaMDidyou aot say that yon re carved tlO for the publication of that apMial to IBB HAWKBTI April Col a barber of our died very suddenly last night about ten He WM about thirty years old aad had been confined to house with the measles for a few but WM to all appearances vetting along very haying succeeded in getting them broke out and seemed to be doing well but a few before he died he seemed to get and raised up in the bed and then fell over and expired in a few It ia sup posed his death WM caused by the burst ing of a blood vessel from which internal hemorrhage he Deceased a wife and two children and a large num ber of to mourn Us iMBdrvauM Wllecn April the who WM shot by wife during a quarrel died yes terday The coroners jury recommended that Mrs Wileox be held to the grand which aits next She that she only intended to scare her husband and to keep him at aad that in his to wrest the Prwldml Dlmm to Cm April Both houses of congress opened last In his President Diaz saya the in ternal and external relations of Mexico are peaceful and good effects are expected to follow the deliberations of the Pea American conference for the new and the maritimecongress at Washing ton for the nations at The gov ernment at the message has refused to consider the propo sition of the Los Angeles chamber of commerce for the acquisition of Lower CaliforniaActive work is being done on the The financial coadi tion of the the president de it flourishing and Mexicos credit abroad is stronger than ever The menage recommends a retrenchment ia the expenses of the Trim April Pasha has finally accepted the made to him by Major Wissman and has entered the German Tfee CMie iiisisei April KrenzZeitnng says the czar is suffering from fainting revolver from her the weapon WM dis deld live at where the will be taken for burial Special to Tn FOBT April 2 ago fully twenty burglaries wen com mitted in city by who could not be Yesterday some of the stolen wen presented et a jewelry and Frank a nineteenyearold WM soon under arrest for bnrgla He slipped from his coat and got away from the Pursuit on hombick ensued and he WM twice fired but Jones jumped over a nigh bank into the crossed and lying in woods until when be WM captured at a farm where he went for by Sheriff He WM held to the grand jury and wffl undoubtedly go to the peni M guilt is in w C III Vtttfc TviBMfM meeaee April an at least two welldefined cases of leprosy is The are father and The sffliction is described Mmeni festiair itoelt ia white spots that sink be low the adjacent They are if investigation it ia equally sure that other will come to light One of the wen advanced IB April owners of the interests in the river lands of Webster county wffl next Monday Ale an an injunction restraining tteMttlen from planting on the disputed territory until after tie United Btatej suit to quiet the title is The avgUcatioB will be arfued before Judge A9SWBBBD OBATHB HBW Apia Thoauti a proariaent repub lican formerly deputy coi Jector of port and a member or the famous Louisiana returning board of died in thig dtv this aged that the tettlen If granted it will wffl losetheJi Aprfl 7 IIMMlllTilPllJ klTI Ifjll to their opfabMeBd betray aotmetta tkeaktfoM ON It a at BOUM tenMkfioBMtotry to lettkoMlooa f wssi the Cnsamraee of DM report of tkceoaBdttoe kwaeneeteedwitk Tke de totke danghten Leavenwortk teadfag tke young At who anndmlner oent target to day then ever waedivMed npabMttke Dolphniade no and thehoaM applauded the thrust ChMe continued argnment and charged that the invMtigatiOB of trusts had been iBgthat three of the four men on that were in favor of state uni flavor of i ditcnmiou tke continued till Bed itoelf Jn wen road WM broken npen anH to the of tlOO were taken oat Siwniei pointed to three young BUB The boat WM Marched the plunder WM and were taken Two of a reside and the Kel d they aamed Aprfl evening a MB calling himself George Bmrtman walked into a saloon in Larimer street and blew out in the pretence of kalf a body WM taken to the morgue and todayrt WMidentttedM that of Count Sehim Von of Poverty aad drink were the attributed for thesui from San Fran April one of the meet men in the aad WM drowned tto boabntD ingwkfleont lakeinDako dUMof four They were oaotkorisa provide for their payment toinmebottdsand tbynflroed easBpaniei tar theleejdagof that i extendbOBdKoSto iHatffityofBi OF WlUBfl Of JTaekaoavoae of tke party gna into his ant so that it had tobeenv uTrAprfl wifeor sv KorikMelnem Aprfl district on the Tunica ai GfeeavfflefcpertiaBy BO snfferiag or need of WHtee cTrnc affair MB e excited tke Itket Jadfle r April bfrtkthiB

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