Tuesday, April 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Tuesday, April 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 1, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE raised printing wed exclusively fo the Wind 8EH1IE PISSES THE PEHBIOI Mruuttor bound or imported by author I ity or for the use of the United States or for the use of the library of eor flat lace aad similar factures suitable for making or lating bonnets aad hoods com posed of palm Urgent Deficiency BO1 Vaawad IB the House The Army Appropria tion BUIThe Tariff Bill tieueral Waehiagtoa March agnate met at eleven oclock this moraine and after gome preliffinary business the de pendent pension bill was taken the first question being on Plumbs amendment removing tion as to the areas of Barry atked if any estimate had heen made of the cost of removing the Plumb replied that the commie of pensions estimated it at about and the chairman of the house committee on pesions estimated it at It would be somewhere about those Frye regretted that the amend ment WM before the There was danger of overleaping in the matter of pemi ns When Cleveland commenctd to veto pension not only the demo cratic party ratified what he did but many business men of the republican He warned the senators that they were imperiling the truest interests of the soldiers and creating a prejudice against Hawley spoke in a similar The American nation had certainly not been The pension expenditure next year would be nearly one hundred and thirty million dollars No nation in the world ever appropriated for the soldiers a sum compared to that He begged old sol or rattaa raw chicor dried or nadried bat un ground diamonds and other precious rough or glaziers and engravers diamonds aot set aad diamond dust or jewels to be used in the manufacture of such fruits dried insects roots seeds of morbid AGAINST AFRIL TflE UlrTaDBT BLLFABED IT THE woods used expressly for say of the foregoing of which an not edible and are in a crude state and not advanced in value or condition of or rind or by any other process of mannfac ana not specially provided for in this act seaatee or others ripe or aot specially enumerated or provided for in those acts grasses and thistle or tampico jute sisal sunn and all other textile grasses or vegetable substances unmanufactured or undressed aot specially provided for Fall Text of the MeasareThe Phar uey and Banking Bills In the SotteThtw Scheelhoy Pranks State HAWBBTB I Dns Match J This atoning then was seme talk in regard to the actions of Saturday night consiosnble wit said against the boyish acttosirof the members in throw ing articles about during the session of the the number who was hit on the head by the missU composed of a state report and several other doeu pretty neady an ThebOl to pre vent combinations in iaiurancs compan ies was Ukeaap aid ffisousad for abort two hours and loaded down with amead to save it from being it was referred to the judiciary A joint Rsolntioa was adopted order me pnntcd IK foreign languages the mes sages of Governors Boies and The house then adjourned tin Ifftomar row ciary tuteand There a body of the a short distacc the present site of Sioux this moraiag began work oa Fiaa bill for the regulation of private compelling them to undergo examina tions the same as other The jndi prepared a substi ed 1t for passara lie discussioB oa the to get aa opinion of very well qualified to diers to remember that the objection of getting into another war would not the cost of carrying it but the conse of it and also asked them to re member these enormous sums of money came out of the very of people ES poor an He related an anecdote nf General Grant on the lat lers last visit to in a conversation on he said If I were 1 would sign any reasonable bill to relieve the distress of an honest soldier or his widow or chil dren but I would not vote one dollar to the able bodied That last expres said sank into my memory and that is my I dont believe my state wants me to add five hundred million dollars to the debt of the re discussion Plumbs Yeas in this degras and oils used for soap wiredrawing or dressing leather natural mineral waters and all mineral effervescent or and natural mineral ac companied by a sworn certificate show ing them to be obtained by evaporation and noi containing an admixture of any substance foreign to the natural water of the springs molssses testing not above fiftysix that if the export duty hereafter laid upon mo lasses by any country from whence it is it shall be subject to the present duty for hand sewing and darning newspapers and but the term periodicals to embrace only unbound or paper covered publications containing current litera ture nut oil or oil of nuts a it other After further amendment was The yens were Man Sher Voorheee The amendment by Call to include those whi ferved ir the Indian win prior to 1670 was The amendment by Vest providing money to meet appropriations under the bill to be raised by an income tax was laid on the The amendment by Plamb to pay a pension of 88 per month to all who served ninety days in the lati who are sixty two years or as they attain that was rejected by a vote of 19 to 89 The btll was then yeas nays 12 88 follows Yeas Ed Jone of Mander Voor Wilson of Nays Cock Jones of Wilson of Mr Reagan then addressed the senate on the bill for the issue of treasury notes on di p ssit of silver Reagan said the but was intended to relieve the coun try from the effects of the blunder of congress in BUS pending the silver coinage in He spoke at some length ou the matter The Montana election case wss then called up and the senate XBJC aM Army Urgency Dffloft Appropriation March the house the resolution was adopted calling on the sectary of state for information showing What changes are made by foreign countries sinne 1879 in the rates of duty imposed on brendetuffe and what had been enacted or regulations made in such countries ttiuce that date obstruct prohibiting or in any manner inter fering witb the importation or sale of such of presented a conference report on the urgent de ficiency bill and it was agreed the only amendment remaining in dispute wat the one appropriating to enable the secretary of agriculture to locate arteiin Further confer ence was The bill was depriving thu United States judges of the authorthy to give an opinion on a ques tion of The house then went into committee of the whole on the army appropriation After unimportant action the com mittee rose and reported the bill to the The action of the committee in adopting the amendment providing that no intoxicating 1 quors should be sold in any csnteen was reversed by the The bill then Springer introduced a joint reso lution to retire Banks with the nuik of major general Ad TKB March a meeting of the ways and saeans c imaait tee to day Chairman McKmley inesialad the republican tariff bill The minority wiU be allowed ten days in which to pre pare their views and offer each amend ments to the bill before it is reported to house The according to will tffeot reductions of MSflOOtMO in the The change of significance made in the tariff I einoe those already noted within the past fow weeks is in which baea placed upon the dutiable IM at cats of 15 per oeat with a provision allowing a dnwbaok ex ported goods saadetroam inverted hides equal to of daty ASBOM additions to Iktt am the tisr nhTSslnel or i es aot imported te Imsdiat amrovidiagthat ao wise specified olive oil for manufactur ing or mechanical unfit for eating of and other fijh oils of American and all other articles produced by such fisheries crude or maun factnred and not containing 9 per cent and over of morphine ores of nickel paper pulp of grssses and woods fit only to be converted into paper platin a chlorate nitrate potash or saltpen sulphate potash crude rags not otherwise specified sponges sulphur or brimstone tar and pitch of tobacco spirits cf turpentine wearing apparel and other personal effects not merchandise of persons arriving in the United States not exceeding 0500 in but not to in clude articles not actually in use and and appropriate for the use of tuch persons for present comfort and or which is intended for any other parson or persons or for sale paintings in oil or water the pro fessional production of the painter or artist and of professional production of statuary or not otherwise specified A clause permitting the free entry of articles of produce or manufac turings of the United States after ex was amended by providing that it shall not apply to articles which have advanced in value or improved in condi tion while out of the This paragraph net to apply to any article upon which drawback is the re importation of which is ex cept upon payment of duties equal to thi drawbacks or to any artinle manufactured in a bonded warehouse and Manufactured tobacco exported with out payment of internal revenue tax must pay a tax before n Among the articles now free which the new bill places on the dutiable list an except sheep skins with wool 15 per cent ad valorem 35 per cent ad valorem manufactured or 35 per cent ad valorem 12 per ton macaroni or vermicel i anrt similar 8 cents per pouad 6 cents a Since the abstracts sent out a couple of weeks ago some changes have been made in the dutiable Some of these are slight more of them de The schedule of earthenware and glassware is generally Among other new are the follow ing Glue li cents per pound to 30 per cent ad according 1o sulphur refined rolls 08 der ton 010 crude 1 cent per pound refined 4i cents cotton seed oil 10 cents per gallon briarboaate 1 cent per The schedule of metals allows pyrites containng more than 25 per cent of sul phur to enter free and prohibits allowing lor Other important changes in this schedule have already been Pen knives and pocket cutlery show a a sharp increase to from IS cents to 03 per dozen and 50 per cent In the wooden schedule timber is cut 50 per cent sawed white pine 02 per thousand is placed at 01 50 and a safeguard against export duties on logs is provided to equal the excess in that Sugar stands as aTraady noted at 85 per cent below grade and 45 per cent which amounts to 50 per cent re duction on the same trades and mon than that oa Molsses above 66 85 per oeat with safeguard against export duty cigarettes and cheeroots 03 and 25 per cent liquor schedneles substantially as at present with the addition of effervescent miaerel natural and which an dutiable at 85 to 50 cents per doaea bottles according to Cotton manu factures remains practically as fixed ia the senate bill of last congress cordage and twine of including binding It oaats per wool the unties have already beea Under the silk schedule a bonaty clause to operate ten years provides for the payment of 01 per pound oa silk pro duoed and reeled ia United and 7 cents per pound oa Leather belting and 80 per cent calf skias 85 per oaat sheep aad goat skins K per ceat of morooco hat its tied ia a wss not in his seat aad rumors wen afloat to the effect that he was quite Hoax City people will njoice at the speedy passege of the act allowing them to levy taxes to pay for changing a aatnral water course of a creek through their town iato a It passed in the senate Saturday and this morning Clarke called it up in the house and it pssted without say great opposi tion The antitrust bill came up as a special Russell had introduced a bill em bodying the main features of the Mis souri and the ways and means com mittee had proposed a substitute there The bill was taken up and nad section by section and no trouble encountered until the fifth section came This frees individuals from liability of pay meat for aay article purchased from a trust or or individuals con nected This section was de feaded on the ground that it was directly from the Missouri and there it had been declared constitutional No amendments wen made to the and it was ordered to a third and passed by a vote of seventynine to the opponent of the bill being of Cherokee It is more than likely the senate will pass the same aad this will give Iowa oae of the sever est anti trust laws that ever has been en As the bill is of mon than ordi nary importance it is given ia full Section If any norporatton organized under the laws of this or any other state or for transacting or conducting any kind of business In thu partner ship or individual or other atsoclation of per Sins shall Into or become a member or a party any confederation or understanding anr other or any person or association ot to regulate or fix price of any article of merchandise or com or shall enter became a r or party to any combination or confederation 10 fix or lioil tbe amount or quantity uf anr artlcK com modity or meiobandlse to be mlntd produced or sold thia shall be deemed and adjudged guilty of a conspiracy t d aid subject to Irdlctment and punishment as provider in this It shall cot be lawful for cor poratlon to issue or to own tmst ert or for any offioeor tm or the dlr ctorsor stooKholoon of a y to enter Into any contract or sg eement with any pertoa or oorpoiatlon or or with any stockholder or director the pu pose and effect of which con tract or agreement shall be to paoe the man ur control ot such combination or r tha d prod ct In the bands of any trustee ui trus with the to limit or flr the price or lessen the production ant sale of any ar of oomme use or or to pn restrict or dlminlh the manufacture or output of any such Judgeof tswsleriu of the it was referred to the committee oa banks aad Senator Mattoocs pharmacy the purpose of which is to enable some mea who were not registered pharmacists at the time of the creation of the pharmacy but were keeping drug to now become registered without was tsken Since the passage of the last pharmacy on subject a great deal of complaint has amen because of the inability of these men to obtain sad this bill amends the law so they cm obtain cer The bill was fully explained and passed without This afternoon the senate resumed consideration of the bill to list shares of stock of banks for Tha Ml changes things so that all the stock is taxed as belonging to the bank and not as the property of It was amended so as to include the Several more amendments were made and then as matters wen in very much the bill was sent back to jud clary committee to be straightened out The house bill appropriating 01800 to pay tha expenses of the university inves tigation was Dodge and Metervy being excused from voting because the bill was directly for their beaiflt The bill extending the time of rail roads for building fences along lines passed without opposition It will be a good thing for the railroads as they will now have time to put up fences without penalties according to the pre sent Governor Lrrabee recommended such a measure and it is thought it will go through ton house i The sen ate then adjourned till The senate this evening disposed of seventy seven the majority of them by indefinite Only legal izing acts and bills recommended for in definite postponement wen TBOSX of Dubuqne up to 8t and then the Baoshone country was Aa Indian village as OmahaviUe hmarhed on the map on the west banks distance below at about where the Omaha reservation is PoBkahville is marked on the west bank of the midway between the White river and Running AU the vast stretch of country to the north west is a dreary Ksstof the Mississippi theKickapocs udthePottawattamies are located in northern Qinois and extending well ever into Illinois has towns amoa 1 kasHa and nat there aad its i EEiTT HOW ROU UCEUE8 LOOE VlLLLi SiD A Water Famine Feared6hosds at WerkFlesds ef the Lewer MU Fresh Breaks Do WAD claim that the mtUens in quastios lyllll I maintain a club room where whisky and II VU Ibscr is drank and where a quiet game of draw is often induged It is hinted hat fanaticism is at the bottom of these not even Ia Mil wan a number of 8L Charles aad Jefferson City being the most prominently marked in black At the time the map was printed there were no aad the means of com atanicatioa wen it is bought the map ia Jersey City about the year just previous to starting on a tour into Michigan terri when ha had It is an ateresting and is highly prized by Is present 15 per omt hid hid leather in whole or ia any stage of mann according to value from el 90 to 50 per cent K per cent The internal revenue provisions abol ish all special tax upon dealers ia leaf to dealers in manufacturers of tobacco and cigars and AH restrictiocs u upon r tobeooois rowan in lenrdto The tax the sale of oassaokii aadeaaffls ndaosd from 8 to osate hi attde flora to saaaafaetnrsn oa nods held whtm the lew iato M f ijiih allthe lawsenowiag aad law aUowiag cfsdeohal vapor hi Lary wfjstorea foe that ht the If a corpora tion or a firm or shall be found guilty of a vio lation of ths ae it shall be punithed by a One of not less than ore per cent of the capital SHKk or such corporation or amount invented In such company firm or and not to exceed twenty per oer t of such capital stocc or amount Any dlrtutor or other c or agent or receiver of any firm or or any membr of am firm or or any i found gulltr or a violation of the flrat section cf th a shall be pu lined by a fine of not less than five hundred nor to exceed thousand d 1 and In addition thereto may be imprisoned in the county jail not to exceed one Any contract or agreement In vio lation of any provision of the precf ding sec tions of this act shall be absolutely Sec Any purchaser or any article or commr dlty from any company or corporation transacting business contrarvto any provMon i f the peceding sections ot thlsict shall not be liable for the priteor payment of sn h artlce or aid may plead this act as a defense to any suit for suou price or Any corporation created or organ ized by or under the law of this which shall violate any provision of the preceding sections of this shall thereby forfeit Us corporate right and and its cor porate exliwnoe thall thereupon cease and as provided in this section and It shall be the duty of the secretar of after the passage of this to address to the secretary or treasurer of each incorporated company doing business in thu a letter of inquiry el to whether the satd corporation has merged all or any pirt if its business or ID tercet In or with com atnaticn or asfociatlon of persons or stock holders as named in the preceding provisions ot this ard quire an under nf the treasurer nr any director of satd oompny a form of affi davit prescribed by the of state be enclosed In said letter of and on refusal to mate oath In answer to said in the secretary of state shall Immediately a oertiftd statement of the facts to tai nted In the cffloeof tbe of who shall orvlrectsnch proceedings by any county attorney in the to commence an action in the district court of any county In the of competent jurisdiction when satd proceeding are Insti tuted they shall he conducted as ordinary Uw triable by court or Jury on the anal decision of same should the defendant be found guilty of a violation of any of the pro Wins of court shall render a Jndgssent and order a revocation of the 1 said company as a penalty far the or violation of which the said com pany shall ba ftrand and make publica tion of such revocation in four newspapers in general circulation in the roar largest cities of we It shall the duty of the secretary of upon satisfacioy that any company or association of penons dnlj lutoi porated and operating under the laws of atate have entered into any combin ation or provided In the pra provisions trials to gin notice to anch corporation that anises they withdraw from and sever ell business connection with mid eoablnatioi charter will be talrty from date of such notice It skali be the doty nf the orosecnt ing attorneys in taeir respective j aiIsdii and thi attorcey to enforce the going provielonsuf this ana any proae cuticg or the attorney as curing eoavMtton under the provisions or tali snail be m addition to such fee or salary es by law he is a lowed for such to oneink of the and iS covered When the attorney general nd ssesanmlks attorney net In conjunction In the sunsscutlin the atuvlslocs of entttEdtoonefoDith of the whUh they shell divide eonaUr between The Xlaascau tm tbe Btata Lcsrtolatajre Correspondence of THB DBS Mooras March have in mind a little instance which happened not long it may perhaps not amount to a great deal and yet when a stranger who was visiting the scenes of the wise atked me if a certain committee clerk was the daughter of a certain mem her I could not help but The rea son of his question seemed to lie in the fact the young lady was seated on the arm of the members chair and her au burn tresses mingled in close proximity with his she was no relative and yet perhaps fella daughters affec tion for him who might this wss prior to the day of appointments be the means of placing her in a position to earn a little three dollars a I have others in sn occasional ramble blnation or association their evoked at the expiration of any under tey shall bein when there Is aw aercesaaw t to the con ea4 ae awertaim if there ex jary to inquire mto ear wlihln Alleea or ef acts teeocnict wtthttesnoTattOMoFthis estate hereby re passed eaiac the of anittonoawysar so that loHlawgth county hereafter the tlQ eltematea of the two of of hffl foe of in through the corridors at the noon hour show themselves graduates in the art of flirtidg aad not at all backward in bring ing their knowledge to Its cer tainly certainly commendable to be social and agreeable and but alas thece it maybe an often and wearing cloak of indifference or inde pendence as to the opinion of others some young lady acts in a manner neither becoming nor It would be much better and have a tendency to raise themselves ia the estimation of others if they would forego soma of the admiration and little lose part of lifes and make some sacrifices at least for appearance and should they still wish to be hail well let it ba outside of the walls of the I da not with to say all lady committee clerks act in this manner nor that they are the only ones who I have in mind several who are connected with both legislature and other state offices who are jist as And then the female she is here with all her although for the fair name of Iowa let it be said our legislators are not easily in fluenced by womea they would blush to introduce their wives Perhaps these evils are always necessary accompani ments to a but I trust to see the day when then will be an improve ment and reform and a good placa to begin is to reduce the number of com mittee clerks to ten ia the senate and thirteen in the A VAIiUABLS OLD The Btntae nn ay rnphera aixtyFlve Sioux March great deal has been written lataly about old maps of Iowa and the and the interest in the matter has caused the digging up of time stained documents in the hope of finding something Just a little older than s possessed bv anyone Miss Helen Graham of this city has a map of the United States that was among the effects left by her It was printed ia and it is in a very fair state of pre It is 17 by aii inches ia and folds up like an ordinary pocket map of today and is enclosed in pasteboard The information is given on one corner that it wss drawa from the most approved aad published by Solomon New York It was engraved by Merchant of The country east of the Mississippi river isdivided as except then is no state of West the territory that BOW coastitues the preseat state being all under tbe one state government That sectioa north of Illinois aad be tween the Mississippi and the lakes is known as the Northwest and embraces all of the state of Wisconsin sad that part of Miaaesota east of the Ia aU this territory BOt a single towa is At the Falls of 8t about whan 8t Paul is lo then is a United States sad Port Cnwford is saowa about the present locatioa of Prairie dn FortBrowa is oa the map at tba south era sad of Onaa oa LikeMicki Wsat of Mississippi oary tour division an aad they an Mis Missoariterritory letter takes ia all the territory aorth aad of t near Will DES March week promises to be a very lively one for this city and On Wednesday will oc cur the antisaloon republican confer which is likely to bring together four or five hundred objectors to the present The state executive com mittee of another state temperance also meet and the democratic caucus license bill is made a special order la the for the same The legislature is softening somewhat toward the tem perance and it is now said that a license hill would go through the house with colors flying if there could ba an assurance that it would meet the ap prova of the The senate com mittee on the suppression of intemper ance has reported favorably bath the Lawrence and Schmidt rHze Iowa March cf has probably the larg est family in thia If there an any larger they have not turned He is fiftytwo years of and his wife is She has given birth to fif teen seven boys a d eight girls Every nne of these children is now liv ing The eldest is thirtyone years Mid the youngest four years of Meyers has never beea called upon to employ the services of a ex cept when each member of his family was ushered into the Meyers is a handsome and live ly Both are of the Jewish and both enjoy ia the highest degree the esteem of their Brctkera Have March 81 who lives at near will be tried at the present term of the dis trict court for assault with intent to com mit Frank and his both claim a piece of Des Moines river land aid Frank met two of Daves hired men who had been chopping on the disputed tract and pointed an im mense horse pistol at them ia a threaten ing While the preliminary ex amination for this offense was being held in Frank terrorized the people here by going about the streets with the same pintol cocked and heavily loaded looking for Dave The trouble has made a sort of feud in the Bidgeport neighbor hood and it ia freely predicted that some body will die before the trcuble J Special to Tn FOBT March 30 who was run over Thursday by the eastbound Sinta Fe passenger died last night at He withstood the shock of the amputation of his legs so well thiugh suffering much it wag hoped he would ultimately re Saturday evening at how he began to sink rapidly and it wai soon seen that an early death was inevit He was conscious to the and calling his children to the bedside bade them Benbow was fifty five years of age aad leaves a wife and five all Special to Tn March a late nour last night Policeman Yeager tiied to run ia a drunken man and was set on by a tough named John Tesger was knocked down generally battered in the mud and up of oa the watt aad extending to taad to the British liae oa tha Mexico sx tsadsnpatoBKthe coast to the Mottboaadaryaf the presset state of tahfasf fe of Hew HevsdaaadCal the Duotasaadanthaeowatrywest is sat dpwa Miasoari OoaaeU Bluffsvthaowtyplaaeset dixsra locattom of a towa ia an this vast aid ttta located oa the wast beak of the white Fort Oathoamsioa the Clark started away with his The policeman got up and called on the parties to halt aad after firing two shots at them they did One ball went through Clarks hat just grszing Ids Both prisoners were then taken in aad this afternoon Clark re ceived a heavy fine for resisting an of March With four iaches of watersoaked snow slowly melt ing the situation ia the devastated dis trict has been gloomy today aad many people tonight an broken in though their physical wants an sup Most of the streets in that dis trict are ankle deep in mud and worst result of the wet is not so much ia additional injury to property as ia the suffering of the illyprotected Scores of families an protected only by hastily put up boards or canvass and they are wet and Then is plenty of and the relief committee and agents are striving ia every way to supply proper protection from the weather for alL The heavy has greatly retarded the repairs in the resi deace district and a vast quantity of household goods today has been par tially or wholly spoiled by the damp ness The tobacco warehouses are pretty well protected and it is not thought that the loss will be Mayor ia sa interview this said he was satisfied that the number of those killed outright and those who will die from wounds will not reach one hundred and THB TOTAL ITOMBBB OF The total number of dead so far is ninetythree and the wounded are about one hundred and fifty in Of the latter batween twenty and sixty are aot expected to PATALITIIS INWKBSTBB March 31 late special from the total number of killed in Webster county is forty and of wounded THBBB JBW 6HOUL8 Three Russian Jews were arrested last night while setting fire to a demolished store oa Hirket street in the midst cf the shattered district The fellows will be severely dealt with Besides this there has been few criminal attempts since the whose the rejtor of 8t Johns and his son were wss robbed of all her jewelry aad aad even the body or her dead husband was not his gold watch being taken from his A WATER March It has been snowing since early last evening and it is feand this has greatly damaged the goods in the tobacco The heavy snow has also interrupted the work of repairing which was actively pushed all day yesterday and has other wise irfliced hardships on the homeless and destitute A water famine is now The river already at such a high stage that the injury to thopump ing station at the water works could not be repaired is ing up and so long sa the flood continues nothing can be It is estimated the reservoir now barely hold three days supply for the A BAD BBEAK AT March 21 river is again rising here The rain has fallen In torrents since last A break in tbe levee of about fifty feet occurred at midnight at and had widened this morning to three hundred There is no way to the gap and the break may increase to an unlim ited All the plantations in the vicinity are being rapidly submerged and are leaving without saving their DAX9BB PBOM MKLTTNO BT March The snow storm of yesterday and last night aeern to have been the area being con fined to a radini of about one hundred miles from this At points in south ern Illinois sad central and southern Missouri from ten to flftseu inches The melting of thia great body of snow is likely to be quite rapid and all small streams tributary to the Missouri and Mississippi rivers with the area men tioned will pour out floods of water within the neU few days Trains on the Missouri and Illinois roads have been editor of the La and May Campbell have received White Cap warning them not to longer rent their buildings for clnb roorrs under pain of having said buildings THK BaWUi nt Dahaqne 8MSSS1 to Tn 31 the past three months a gang of safe blowers have been terrorizing southwestern Wis consin and northwestern Oa an iverage of twice a week a country hamlet lias bsen two or three safes contents taken aad the burglars escape without leading a The safeblowers paid attention ith impartiality to safes in railroad depots and general A lit of some of the safes cracked is as TBE FilOUS SHFEHiK CIS U1H I1I1L CoBflictlas aad TisHlsasBj ha Which Birthmarks aai Bpitaphs Largely FigareHisw tory ot the Resaarkahsa Special to Tn March A week ago last Thursday a couple came here from Chicago who registered at the Bt James hotel as R Ferguson sad Lila M Two days later they were mar ried at the parlors of the aad a day or so after that they went to a board ing house aad took rooms together as man aad Saturday evening a de tective came down from located filed informatiaa against them and Sunday aftenooa they wen arrested on a charge of bigamy aad lodged ia the city house of They win be held to await their BavatadU March 8LMin Belle An drew met with a serious accident Satur day morning while building a She supposed the fin to be entirely oat in the stove aad had placed some kiadUega ia the stove sad some Whea sud Her stooping over to light it the hlszs dealy started up and fired her hands wen badly but except one spot her f see was saved to a great It was a very serious aceideBt aad only for the timely forethought of Thomas her ia apply ing she would burned much have DnwateeV Bronx March six teea yearold boy aamed while out hnntiag Saturday with another boy at McCook became separated from sis compaaioa and it is thought that he is The boat ha was usiag aad his hat have beea foutd A Searching party is JooWag for the March It BOW transpires that William the fatfsasr who drew moaey from the Beak of Sidney aad was act as was fe parchasiac but c a ticket but fled the to March of the Oread Aratyof the which awete dtythii toemed efl others ia somewhat delayed but it is not thought will be any serious detection to BttlNO AT 111 March The Ohio river rose about half a foot in the last twenty four A heave rain set in last night acdjtis now thought from present indications the river will reach fifty feet The Iron Mountain and the Arkansas and Texas railroads are shut out from Birds transferring their train via Freea In the ppl March levee north of this city gave way at noon despite the cff jrts of the and the wafer poured in npoa the which al ways before hsd been above the level of the Mississippi at its greatest The flood is a tremendous and the volume of water pouring in from three breaks above is spreading out ia all di inundating after plantatioa ia the flood of 1882 wen above It is estimated by engineers thata large portioa of the dty willbefljodedand the greatest height tha watt r will reach in the lower parts will be three It is greatly feared the heavy wind aad rain now prevailing wfll cause the levees to give way in new The water from the Austin break will have aa outlet iato the Ttzoo which will inundate a large sec tion of country ia Sui fliwer aad Yaaoo No lives are reported lost and ao actual suffering is AH TO WH fellows Oa January 24fh a safe belong ing to the Adsms Express company standing in the Milwaukee and Si Paul at was blown open and 1350 Five weeks later the same was sgaiablo this time jewelry to the amount of WOO was On March 18th the safe the Chicago Milwaukee and Paul depot at was blown and WO in cash Tbe same night a safe nt the Chicago and Noth westers depot at PiatteviUe wss cracked ISO Oa the same night also a 9Hfe in Kaoenicnelds butcher shop in Dubuque was entered and in money and securities On March 31 a safe in the Hazal Wia was cracked and booty to the amount of in postate stamps and in etna was The same night a safe in McCaans genera in Hazal Glen was Next night the burglars went to and paid their respects to the Dostcffise securing ISO Bafea at Illinede Mineral Dir Monroeaad have also been opened withir the past month and plunder to the amount of hou sands of dollars Suspicion pointed first to two men who have been driving through the country pretending to be agents for a nursery and an agricultural implement They drive a small bay horse hitched to a two wheeled Tnis outfit was seen tie all night in sev eral villages where the next morning one or two safes would be found binwn The ircn gwa the names of Shelby acd on their prospecting their headquarters were in Du buque here the passed as the Bennett They rented a cottage and Lived with two women who passed as h ir Thi men cama here three months ago from where they have a reputation of being experi enced and hardened Today offi cers came to Dubuque from several poiuis in Wisconsin ana The men were located in the house and an officer set to but somehow one of the women in the house got a tip that the police were on guard and when the of ficers made a djscent the birds hod The house was searched and the in postage stempa takn H zal Green postofficn were fourd together with munh other stolen prop The sheriff and his officers are crszv at their failure to cap ure the Telegrams have en seat to various but the men wanted are vary smooth and will hardly be captured enatamataw Ball road Let gf CITY OF March A con tract has been mado between the govern ment of Guatemala and representatives of a French syndicate for the construc tion of the Northern railroad of Guate extending rcm the capital to the Atlantic THB PAS9BBOBB AGENTS BBTTJBN Mrch 81 American Association of General Passenger Agents arrived this evening from the City of Mexico The members without excep tion express themselves greatly pleased with the predict that the result of their investigations and intercourse with the Mexican officials and merchants will be productive of much Great praise is accorded Messrs Charlton and Bomerville of the Alton for the able management of the ABGDINO ON Special to Tna HAWKRYE DBS The house railroad committee met this evening to hear arguments on mileage ia the transit bill and the bill calling for the same rates in Iowa as are made in Brown spoke first in regard to the latter bill He explained why the rates ia Iowa and Illinois did not cor He was contradicted by Mr a train shipper of northwest era S Coffin also spoke on the subject He was not in favor of having any hasty legislation passed on the sub It would not be the best thing to have a bill passed giving proportionate fo long haul as for the short haul Mr Boliho spoke on the bill to define the qualifications cf railway en ei He was in favor of the passage of the At the close nf tbe speeches questions were asked by members and TBE JTOBT MADIA OH HO Oea larter Veawir VMBB ike LRTLB March a small town located about forty miles aorta cf hen IB the interior of Faulkner was almosfeompletely destroyed by fin Four stone aad a blacksmith hotel aad livery stable wen COB The loss wffl aggregate about The fln origiaated ia a livery stable through the oWpiBgof a H ASEBJOUS March broke oat at aiaa oclock thai moraiagiaSt s Catholic coaveat aad the satin coateals wan A of iamates wan fatally aad seri Loss 000 March it toBifht that thej of which had a avail drcasoa irasnsrtlj dsusisd by the storm aafl h ThaeJreaeasjopsVaadboatTa enw an The directors shall elect from their own number a president aad and appoint aQ the other Until successors an following aamed persona shall con stitute directors of this corporation Wiffiard R K wlniamP Fraak A Saasael E a Bkiaaer aad James This Coavaw paid to aster ia Chancery Lsmax 186X1001 pnichsss for old Barrow aad neahnd a deed to property Ia oosBpaay 8am aad he weat to Tort Msd thfc Then thwymet W aad tookpossseskm of Seottwffl tis innattalsailsal Cbsrwar BOTcompeayimrBosedto fWfesad Special to Taa March tha famous Sheehaa estate is BOW on trial at Psaasylvaahv interest the case la TTsanoah It is believed that Maty SlMehan who would be a legal heir to ina estate occupies a paupers grawha this Following iathcresaatk able story Thomas Bheehan was a welltodo farmer living near Pittsbnrg ia 181 In January of that year ShsjsAaaV had illicit widow lady named Mary Beat aad OB October a female child was bora to Beet had a family of several Sheehaa child to his Mm Qamtt then living at Saitsbnrtv Pennsylvania Soon and Mm G bbens moved to aad from thonce t Hamilton where Gibbaaa obtained employment on the railroad than being built from Warsaw to Carth The child bore the name of Mary and as in Octo 1858 Six month later Gibbeae Both went buried at the countys although the records show only tbnt Mrs Qtabous was so No record of tho childs death caa be ob but it is shown that a bill was at love for medical attendance upon MBIT Sheehan In 1860 Thomas Sheehau married according to the laws of legitimatizing tha birth of the Sheehaa tHM in leaving an eatae valued at 330 after her bunbands Mrs Sheehaa had a Jreatu to the tflec her child was It dwelt upon hes mind to anch an extent that she advertised for the or information concerning lu the meantime the extate was settled as rapidly as In answer to advertise ment two womea uppiartri ia both claiming to bo n Mies Julia came from L and stated thnt aha oart beea iaaai orpcan ssylum tinea early The a hailed frosa Chicago Bheehan promptly dis missed the Louis but took favorably to the Chicago claimant who seems to conviuced Sheehaai that she is her proving It by a pe culiar birth An attorney from Pitttmrg came to the vicinity last May tximlnsd all tno headstones in the graveyard to estab lish the chda It is thought that the Mitchell womaa a pretty strong bo Flaeae Nsw March 31 Flach was thia morning sentenced to two months in the county jaJl and filed Joseph Meks was sentenced to pay a fine of 500 and be imprisoned ia county jail for one William IV Fltick was sentenced to pay a fine of 1000 and ba imprisoned in the penitentiary for fuur months A Within an hour after the sentence waa Judge Van Brunt granted a ay of proceeding in the case of Fiacks and pending aa The bail was fixed at A Much 31 terrible holo caust on Ninth street ou February when twelve inhabitants rf a teaameat house were burned to was supposed at the time to bo of incendiary Five ice a havo been arrested charged with the crime and evidence ia the DOS session of Ihe authorities show that then was a conspiracy to burn the la ravor uf ftlm M Naw March Law rence in the tupemo court handed dowB a decision in favor of John Ward hi the suit brought sgainut him by Metropolitan Exhibition judge expressed the opinion that the COB tract witb Ward cannot be enforced hi a court of rataily akot Special to TKI Murch family fuse occurred at the this sfternooav S S and wifa being the partici Sue ahot a thirtyeight ball at her it entering the ab domen and inflicting a fatal Wit cox is said to be Wilcom ia aow in jail Tnroat ffoaa tmr March aged sixtyfive was found dead in hia home near here yesterday with throat cut from ear to aad almost severed from the son was arrested on snspicioa of hav ing committed the Moraerar Us fjr March i and OJver convicted osT I murder of Joha Wilsoa of the Dexter Savings wen into the supreme court this sad sentenced to the state pnsoa for i hard ta Pm Fors M Railway March 31 Ft Madison and Northwestern railway was this afternoon formally turned over to its Willard of The money for the payment thereof was duly deposited this afternoon with Master ia Chancery at Keo The price paid was 038 1000 The changes la the operating force have not been THB HBW March purchasers of the Fort Northwsetern today filed articles of incorpo ratioa of the Chicago Fcr Madison Des Moiaes railway The bosi t eas is stated to be to maiBtaia aad operate tele express aad freight capital stock is placed at and the of tha corpor ation continues fifty yean from the time of filiag the A board of aiae directors shall conduct the business of who shall be elected at the annual meeting to be held at Fort Madi raoa the flraTnai day of December of March been no increase ia water ia and the amount of capital stock ia liafif of amount of indebtedness that eaa be A Reporter March 81 thfs morning sentenced DUwortb Choat to thirty days imprisonment aad to pay a fine of 0250 for criminal coatomps of court Choat ia the reporter who scent ed himself in the where Flack jury was considering its verdict A n March The motioa for a new trial by the attorneys of Jerry convicted as a party hi attempt to bribe the Cronia wasaw aied by Judge Waterman this Divers an tioa of the steamers hull irresnn It is very important ia this material progress that a nmedf ant to the taste aad ceptaole to the tomach and Its sad Fa Syrup of rertlaaative aad most Msrch lafttexr

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