Saturday, March 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Saturday, March 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 29, 1890, Burlington, Iowa TUM SATURDAY MARCH 1890 Louisville Leveled by a HOTBEDS w ism UD MBttdve feasted te by Bagiag THE SHKIEKS THI DOTG IBI TWO DOLbABD PABIA0B Datalto JUrch eight and nine oclock last might atorna de atruck this city from the southwest leaving death ud de OuUlde of the clearly defined limits the knew only of a heavy accompanied by high Boon came the alarm ot fire from a dcztn different and the horrors of the calamity began to dawn on the Great atone halls of railroad and dwelling houses all went down be fore the mighty powers of the The etorm goon pawed the scat tered and the moon cut light over a to relystricken The wrecked portion of the city between Seven teenth Main The atom past ing diagonally across the which ii probably a mile at leait two hundred houses are in APPALLING As the special train bearing Anocieted Praia from Indianapolis aped toward this the were flnt noticeable folly fifty First came to view an occasional dead tree broken into pieces then larger and more substantial trees and finally monarche of the Many of the little Towns along the railroad were fairly stripped of their A few miles south of about twenty one miles from lay an engine with its great iron rose plunged into a bed of soft yellow On the opposite side lay the tender and behind it two coaches tipped over on their It was the wreck of train a combina tion which runs between Indianapolis and The train was making the best time possible in the heavy wind when it struck a birch tree that had been torn up by its roots and flung across the No one was When THE SCENE OF THE DISASTER was an appalling sight was pre Crowds of people thronged the Fourteenth street station and from there up Main street to the heart of the city was a mass of dodging street cars and all sorts of In the middle of the street on either tide was wreck and Great of brick and stone in heaps presented the appearance of having simply crumbled to the Gangs of rescuers are at WOME on the great masses of debris in the search for human victims of the awful Here and there lay dead with clots of blood at their that had been dragged from the ruins ot the great tobacco of which they area snott common adjunct in this southern Women and men ran before mad whoss hoofs it seemed would crush them to Policemenn wen stationed at street crossings to prevent people from attempting to pass them OB the thorough fares whose partially wrecked walls stood as a menace to human but their ef forts were and women and children made their way down the dan gerous streets with astounding rccklass ran SHADOW OF tin Awnu As night closed in its tkedeves tated city of Louisville of ud orphus are bowed dowa with a weight of deepest Wreck ud ruin have settled down in very midst and of the dead whote fuaen pyres are heaps of brick nd mortar aeemto riie upend eniarowd ia the awful halo of their presence the ntin Bands of bnve reacuen coatinne to but as night comes oa they to work mon though ao lees ar At each remaaat of the pile of wreckage is lifted it ia with uticipa tion of uncovering to view the form or death set features ot a hum VICTIM OF THE AWFUL But there is no time to consider the dead for the living may vet be buried bueath the of and they turn and delve again withnaewe1 nergy into the greet masa IB eearch ot crushed ud mangled As the night grows darker the work becomes mon Even the advan tage of light ud quali ties an denied for ell the electric vint were torn down by the atom ud left the city to be eaahronded ia the deepest It growt to dark in the shadows of the crumbing walls that ttill ttud at silent over the that object with the wanbluoe of form mutt be enaped to prove it flaak or Still the untiriac Bad ttroag haartedworkencoatiaBeto dig IB the merciless stormmade gnvet of the aambenof who lie BUBIED IK THE CVOLOBBI People en still heariag of i atag memben of their faatiliai and aaotken ud fathen ataad wildly gealag the ruins to deliver to them at Aad harden move aad idle mu dive iato the dirt The atn nultitudet of tonowhtg VhtBBW gfmfl UlXftjl tssM O dituwd dreadful or poiatof the wnokeddkttrtotto i an at A KTJKOBKD VAMtUBC 1 none timtummm m Oat vary tad paid tone dollar enasenatiBg U the eir ready to at Bay aaotant These of duger an guarded by the tad military who drive the Burging atthe pofat of the bayoBet AttheeBtnaot of the variant dead tunes a bnetstats asob daator iagfor bat iavatiably n nhv tive or Occttioaally wham one half half nachttthe outer The telephoae wins an all dowa aad ttwffltaketndayttogettkata up aad worttag Thetearek for the victims it goiag steadily on ud hour ados largely to ata daughter aad four aad James Werriek kept a grocery ud at the time of the aeeidnt titan wen is the tton the kit daugkter aad At the first gust of wind the walls doubled up and the toot dropped Werriek wai crushed by falling ead taken out His wife wtt extricated muun Later on ia tbe nigkt the rescuing party saw A 9BT BAJO FBOTECDXITO from the ud the mugled fora of tbe baby girl lay betide its dead The of the Louitville aad Natavflto wtt aexttekwoBt ElercaaMB wen the already loBg At BUB labor IB gnat danger of being buried bsswath tottering at any moment and other accidents an looked or A WAXEB FAJUBB TnHEAXBBBD An inspection of the water works this afternoon showed the stand pipe was completely Until the an completed no pumping can be done and there only about enough water in the reservoir to last five daysAt the and of that time the public will have to depend on It cannot be told now bow long it will take to reaair the water the Louisville ud Southern train had oat come in aad the I wit ready o pull but both wen caught by the ailing matt aad crushed like About a dczen people wen but t it thought aoae The wide disturbed by the fury of tbe torna it yet and what was left of the depot by the wind it momentarily threatened by the strong waves that under ud about the Or XHB BTOBVa A WIMcrawts From Seventh street ud the river at ar dowa as can be sen ow cojrmniODs SCBSTB or DBSOLATIOV the eye and bewilders the specta who never dreamed of any thing to Kvervwhere is wreck and fhe carpenter Annear Iron works on Cighth a fourstory was blown down and some of the employes Ihe wholesale liqhor ectab laament of Brown Son at Eighth and fain streets fell and instantly caught By hard work the workmen man aged to control the The buildings adjacent to it wen considerably torn up and it quite positive SEVERAL DEAD FEBBOBB ay beneath the The great bnild ng at 745 Main occupied by Toewater ud James was At was also he immense building occupied by hiermu wholesale liquor deal rs ud In nearly all the bus ness houses wrecked some one in ured and fears an expressed that when he debris an are finally cleared away any bodies will be Market street this evening LOOKS LIKE A BUHTBD he devastation on this thoroghfare is early For four blocks not a uilding escaped partial or total demoli even pedestriuism through it u Imost impossible because of the wreck In many of the buildings families resided over the ud in nearly very case there are from bese of broken limbs or seven At 11 Whitmu was atally injured by jumping from the lird floor At 1130 two of children wen killed ud Bimmt was badly From 1120 to 1180 was the fated Falls City when occurred the most awful lou of life as detailed elte THE OODBBB OF THE The itorm seemed only to have swept jroadway from Thirteenth to but nearly all the between these treats and on the intersecting streets treets an From Fifteenth ud Sixteenth streets wen mostly small frame occn liedby colored Roofs wen ord but not a gnat amount of dam age was done aad none of the occupants wen hurt From Sixteenth down to the destruction was n these three the houeeawere arger and ot much better f early every one of them wet demol bat in most the escaped with alight The Cath olic at Seventeenth and Broad ia all blown ud Sitter wet All the other sisters escaped without A KDTJI PILLED WITH The Louitville hotel waa unroofed and otherwise while the building weat occupied at a cigar atnn upon the fint floor ud sleeping rooms apon the aeoond ud wet razed entirely to he ground lathe destruction of this house many livet wen principally who occupied of them wen young girt em ployed at the hotel next Balooas and other available placet have ben turned into hastily improvised morgues when bodies an taken at feat at recov end and left awaiting barber ahop of Jobs Berther at 1803 van the storm bunt The roof wat ton the lecond itory sir ried ud the side were tnmb ing when the mn broke the win dows ud doon ud nn into the street Not oae of them wet but the build was totally In going dowB Mam street ia the op posite direction to the course pursued by the tonado the fint evidence of seri ous destruction an TOPLESS ABO WTSDOWLESS on the north side between Sixth ud levnth The wind tore the roof from ud drained the top utory of the building occupied by the Their stock of boots nd shoes wen greatly The next two upper ttoriet of the Agait companys our atory notion tton wen destroyed Ite two top stories of Strong four story building was letaouihed nut xi i tave The board of trade today appointed a general relief committee to at once re lieve the poor people who an in a desti tute Twnty thoutud dol an wat tubacribedin B short time tad a special minting of the city council ap ropriating twenty thoutud A arge corps of men have ben organised to work OB the wreckage the nt attntioa being paid to the Falls City hall ud other points when gnat loss of life Fortunately for TXB n VBBT MHO Taenli tais evening dia cussafl the question of the property Opiaiow varied frota fng mntary reports but it it be lieved it will neck two and cawhalf mfl UOBI of Tonight the relief comatittet prepared the faflowiag u thoritative atatetantt which wtt fur BtthedtheAatoriated THE ctlamity that rtakn the city of Louisvfllbya latt aigat spread over a ter eovariae aipaca of ground foarauBdnd wide aad three aUke a leagth through the buabMtea aadrcai pardon of the The lost of Ufa it lathe Jtit of aavntyBvepatBOM amd lost to tto city U damage to houses BBO believed to be two BUOiaBe of WhDe ealBBfcitf great ou atisntfatlabk to cope with it tad an but wfll at paotprocak atoll Ia porttoHofthecttybatiBeiii or ded into the lit which carried me with aad I had jutt reached the door whnthe ntin floor gave tad we wan pttxipiteted to abaoit taffl cated by the clowd of doit ud crashed tsd Ia some way the door frame fen with BM ud maintained u upright potttioB wheat t stopped ud I was enabled to extricate myself from the debrit udaukeuexit to the street through whote docn I kicked I at n mrnedover the ruins with several BMB and extingairhed a fire that had beguto BythittisaetheniawttfiDiag in The lightning flathce oaly gave momeatary viewt of the potrtiaa of he ruins aad blinded THE EHTIEE BtKLDrjTO COLLAMED in the front and aad of the east and west tide wallt aotidag waa atuding above the secoad Then wan nearly a hundred memben pretnt at our edge meeting ud fully twothirdtof those wen Beaidei out another order WM holding a meeting OB the same floor with B band wu re hearsing on the second floor ud a party of decorators at work IB tae large hall mparingfor aa entartainmnt Bo far 11 could judge then wen lest thaaa all who got out ud cries for help ud grout that lamed from the broken ud twitted wai proof that toona wen still than unable o OBM laflr ATHBILLIHG KZPXBIESCE was that of Roemale who kept a dry geodt ston at Colgu ud Beven eenth At the time of the storm Willie was with Whu the walla began to shake tothofthem rushed to the frontdoor ust u the whirlwind was It lathered in both of them and carried hem into the air a distance of forty eat At Maple street they were both utrled againat a fence and remained hen unconscious until they wen found ly the neighbors a few minutes the lady waa badlv bruited and perhaps hurt Young Kilmiera right arm was his ankle sprained and then wet a deep gash in his ONE HUSDBKD AND TCJTT is now thought the leatht will number about oue hundred ud A large force of men have i sent out to make a thorough can of the devastated district and report the of and property fully as They will try to make a tatement The property Joss t present are estimated at nearly The work of rescuing the laagled dead goes bravely on Hun dreds of anxious men are working as hey never worked for the bodies f friends and that lie buried n the mass of brick ud mortar that cov in the site when yesterday stood the rails City The CKIIS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN an heard on every side ud a surging rowd of ten thousand people block tbe treets for It is a light to strike nguuh to tne The pen it power ess to express the awful scenes that each uceeeding minute roU through the Bodies of the dead nd wounded are being dragged from ten ath the all around this and women and children linger bout filled with dread ud anxiety lest they recognize in the shapeless masses the remains of some relative or THE at far as identified are Mary Has Miss Annie McLaugh Tom Sister Mary Nicholas William Ben John Moody avis C of Chicago Charles Hessen of Philadelphia Mary Mary Bridget Maggie Frank a umail child of George Park KB of Kentucky Pat Charles B BarnwelL Police Officer Vhite August Allen Capt William a Pullman car conductor Theodore Rudolph Genevieve Im March Daniel introduced an worlds fair bill proposing that the open ng of ike celebration of the four hun redth anniversary of the discovery of America be held ia Washington on Oeto all nations to be invited ua in completion of the be asked o visit the Chicago THE XLECrlOH In the election cases of Waddell of the third Virginia district ud JcDuffle of the fourth Ala bama the house committee de cided to recommend Sealing the republi an THE TAXOT Tbe ways ud meut committee have decided to put a duty of forty par cent d valorem OB carpet yarns with corns anding compensatory duty for manu The rate OB various is not uniform ud IB tome in tancet is below the forty per cent lickel ores an placed on the free lilt in sugar will be thirty ve ud forty per cut 4JijE In the senate Wiltons resolution call ing on the tnltury department for infor mation of the arrival ud departun of Chinese at the port of San the vasion or failure of the anitiCbinese was agreed POSTAL The house adopted a resolution calling n the past master general for informa ion relating to the employment of in pectors or special agents for investigat ng the claims of applicants for put WABHTJIOTOH GOSSIP The Florida judicial nominations cn ted an excited debate in the executive but then no action Commissioner Raum favon the Morrill aervice pension bUL PBEDICTIHtt Henry James ohn Charles Mitt Mary Elmer B Clarence Rob ert John and our unknown men mangled beyond Cttr Probably the greatest lost of life oc cnrred at the Falls City which was IB the center of the In the ower rooms of the hall wen fifty or seventyfive children with their mothers ud otter taking dancing let Then wen at least 195 persons on tbe lower floon and 75 mon attend ing lodge on the upper floor whu the terrible wind swooped down upon the The utin structure in lest than five minutes was a shapeless ss of brick ud burying two hundred helpless of which number few escaped Con servative estimates place the lost of life at thit point at one while other indicate that the number wet nearer two At three oclock thii morning thirtyfive dead bodies htd ben taken from this ruin and fifteen wounded and Only those oa the third floor bad been The room containing the dancing school ud viaiton had aot yet ben opened naBBBKAxa At 19 oclock the opening up of the MrttaB of the City hall caused a Iraught to peaetnte where upon the mouldering fin broke out through the It apreat rapidly aad forced the worken to desert the At toon the fire gained headway the groat of imprisoned people Tinman ahriekt aad ao gnat was the hor ror of the thst watcben grew fruticalud creamed aad ru the terrible sufferings which they wen unable to alleviate driving them to detpairSeveral of hose were soon throwiag water oa the but it saon thaa u hoar baton work could be proceeded ud thn it wat carriec cm with much difficulty on account of the heat Up to 19 oclock about thirtyfive dead bodice aad twntyflve wonaded ud dyiag had beta TABBB FROM XBE AtlidOthc room when the children had for ham ben moving about ia agoay ia froat ot that portion of the wreck when the roost had for hat wife aad four chQdna were Wsm the room WM reached wat foaad fatally hurt Thn withia ahoat flfton ttiautei of each other the three BiavM ehfldna wen n haw oaOy B tBiBtpotaihOitf WhOt the ftthsr wet isaBlottag the to get hk other fln broke oat aaid work wat taspndedThe Senator iiiimt to the tauac 1m NKW March f the signal in u interview thit f sayt that one of the gnatett alamities the country hit ever kown it ud that it is the duty of the tress to warn the people of the lower Mississippi to prepare for the wont He ays The damage will be greatest be ow The height of the river at Vicksburg and Cairo has remained al most stationary at the top flood When the wave crest from new torm comes down the river things are bound to be carried away and the ntin unrounding country Thii will probably emve at Cairo in two or three but it may be three weeks before it New New Orleus will be visited without doubt by the moat disMtrons flood ever nown and I would not give five for my life in that city when the wave crest I have ben stationed at Cincinnati ud New Orleans du ng the times of gnat floods ud I know they GKKXBAL GBXBLYl March chief signal his opinion that the flood in the lower Mis sissippi valley will continue undimin sbed for ten days or The rainfall of Thursday must raise the Mitaiatippi slightly from Cairo tonthward crevasses incnue in Then no new or important change in the situ ation since Sergeut Dunn cannot speak with uy authority except upon New York Joauy the OMeat March Johnny aged it the boy wonder of his He hat mattered is far advuced IB ud cu ipell uy word in the Eagliih The remarkable thing about the lads marvelous precocity it that he never ex hibited any unusual signs of a lively ia tellect until last wan hit father took him to the country when he witnessed a baloon The af fair seemed to greatly excite bit curiot ud oa hit ntura home he com menced to talk about what had wit ud did not retin that Bight ua til it was aear midnight For four suc ceeding bights he could aot OB the evening ot the fifth night he pleaded with hit father for a telegraph instru ud one WM pnsntea to IB a week he could receive ud end like His mind it so active and com preventive that he it capable of grasping uy proposition ia fhe team of March Uarmtity ud College of Hotbudry hen wit closed by governmnt oaaceouatof the recent dieorden amoag the Six hundred studnts atteadiag theia atitutioaa have ben arrested THE LABOB March labor coafer yetterday rejected ntomaoa ne oBuandiag prohiWOoa Sunday work by oaa yean of A BATTLE AT Nxw March eel noaived by a BpeaiaB isBportiag ken from 8t Baato Doa state the political troahle which origi sated a few daya ago hat apnad au Btai atBt ThetletaathlpToiieha wmbBtofintkeBdJutaat but tB tbe box I know the seller practiced eone He has put a different cigar fa the box than the one eaDedfor by tbe If mean enougfcto do tnfc beat mean enough to lam not a cynic at eay ttarftdWBtJoim who wta of Kaightt of oa the top IlKlSLillVE BE Of SOLOS AT DB Petitksu GoatiB CrcataeA Msoidaal FlgfctA Stahbiag AffrayState Mama t fttitions were not in the fhit momisg aad not much date wsa spent on School books and prohibition an still of the petitions ud the number of them OB then subjects it always in excess of all Only two bills were pre sented this They wen By amend the pharmacy By establish a normal school at The printed journals were lale in com this and when the coaver of that important document was aken up there was great confnsioB ap isnat Oa one roll call there had been great blunder made and the roll had to be verified in order for all the members o be placed straight After spending about fifteen on the matter the ournal was finally made An attempt was made to get the bridge und bill from the senate taken up and but as there are bills of a like nature in the committee on municipal corporations the measure could not be passed at once and was Oo motion of McParlind the bill Appropriating four thousand eight hun dred dollars to pay the of the university investigating committee was aken up and passed A bill to legalize certain acts of the of Cats county was paissd at the request of Blythes bill to legalize the incorpora tion of the agricultural society of Cerro lordo county was The bill legalizing the clerks of court f Plymouth county was passed on mo tion of Dent On motion of Bipwell the bill making the present paving laws applicable to cities organized under special charters was taken up and passed without amend will give some Iowa cities greater powers in regard to paving and hey will be sun to take advantage of Another bill passed was to provide for the payment of the expenses of the mem of the twentysecond general assem bly who were appointed delegates to at tend the convention to investigate the leef combine at A bill of special nature pissed waa to allow the Independence and Bush Park railroad to pass through the grounds be onging to the Independence insane asy Bolbrook shortly before twelve tried o have passed the bill to give school additional powers in the matter of furnishing to indigent it was taken up for but wfore it could be passed tha house ad onrned till two The senate had a larger number of pe titions than the but they were all of the same general with a few on the subject of The bills introduced were By amend section laws of the twentyfirst general making a change in the fourteenth judi cial By legalize the acts of the Bloomfleld council in putting in aelec trie light By legalize the acts of the town council of Montezuma in put ing in electric lights also to legalize the ncorpontion of the Deep River Farm ers Alliance Stock By the Judiciary fix the salary of the attorney general at An effort was made to get the bill considered and pawed at but it was unsuccessful and refer ence was made to the committee oa com pensation of public Senator Harsh has not let up oa his desire for a thorough innestigation of This morning he called up his resolution calling for a continuance of the but it could not be Senator Dnngan inrrodnced a reseli tion which was adopted instructing the railroad committees to prepare bills in accordance with the recommendations made by the railroad commissioners in their report of if the committees deems such legislation neccuary or ad The ways and means committee pre sented their board of control It was made a special order for next Wedaesday at 1150 The school book bills will come up as a special order next Friday at 10 Senator Kent introduced a bill to ap portion the state into representative and declaring the ratio of npreicn iationThe bill for ninety one and this number would pre vsnt deadlocks in the The basis it The joiat rates bill came up for discus don ud passage as a regular order at tea The members of the senate wen aot so of acting hastily ud wen very free ia their expressions of opinion in the The recent de cision of the United States supreme court had BOt a little weight with the ud they wuted no hasty ac tion in the Senator Mesemy wstof the opinion that the law at pro nosed would give sufficient breadth to al low the companies to do business in a perfectly profitable ud proper Woolaoa wet aot ia favor of hasty ac Be wuted to know if then anything in the bffl that would protect a solvent corporatioa IB doing trosia with u asolveat oae but then it no Beinigerud Ostchwen much of the same Shields said that affairs ia railroad matters wen to unsettled now that it was hard to de cide what to do oa the subject The quite extended ud eenld aot cotae to a to fur ther coasidentioa of the bfllwatpost poaed uatilto morrow ssorangat Alargeaamber ot committee wan tat M these have beea spoken of before BOthiagaeed be laid of the states early Bradley was born January ud was theref on over 81 years of His grand Phflp Burr was u offl cer ia the revolutionary ud at the close of the war an active number of the Society of the Tats Bwmbsnhip descended to the who was the oldest He was the eldest of six of whom but two Francis Bradley ud Wffliui Henry both of He graduated ot Union BCDSSISC in ud studied lew la the office of Benbea of CoanectiCDt la the spring of he came ud ia Chicago met the Thomas with whom he weat to OttBOav a stabbing him twioa ia the aad cutting two avail gathes across bit Davis ud lodged in jaiL Peterson badly hurt udhu recovery it coaaidend vary Than he entered upon the practice of law ud was temporarily prosecuting Hen he marriedT ia Lucinda daughter of the late Samuel In the autumn of 1839 he removed to Clinton where he waa elected the first pro bate judge in that In 1849 he reaioved to Jackson ud 1845 was elected to the last territorial ud with Stephen Hempstead afterward governor of Iowa the counties of Dela ware ud In 1818 he was elected a member of the state After the expiration of his service as senator he was repeatedly elected secre tary of the In 1867 he was elected a member of the hontft of representatives in the state In 18S1 he was elected county judge and 1877 he was agaia elected u tne house of representa which was the last public position he March city oouacil hat voted to noBumea sutt against Mayor PaKenoa aad hie boadmn if theuaooat dabaed to be due from hoaorba aot paid by the second Tues day in The aliened shortage has ben the cause of a number of excitiag ud Mayor Patterson at oae time ia danger of a personal The couaen hat been so avealy divided at tiawt that the mayor ben able to east the deciding vote on queatioat af fectiag his own It waa kaowa tkat the alleged shortage would be called up iMt sight ud the council room WM crowded with After a ively debate not entirely complimentary to the the motion to brian suit WM carried by a vote of four to PROHIBITION ALL Tae DeeMee AaadBsit Ita Speolal to Tax DBS March republi can joint caucus thit evening decided definitely against the repeal of the pro hibitory by almost aa unanimous The only republicans who an against prohibition are Hiachett ud and the former ia the oaly one who will desert the party and vote for the democratic caucus the union labor it ia for ud will vote for the retention of the present Thit will give the dem ocratic measure twentytwo at the utmost in the senate and sixtynine in the to prohibition is the resubmisiion question all wen not of one and the measure carried by about three of the entire caucus voting for it in session all republican memben will vote for missioB and the supporters of prohibi tion will have a chance to show again in if they are faithful to their March It wsa n recently that the house of Moray was attacked by a which toned the It hat since been that this state meat the house Mailed being that of who was a witness on tbe part 01 the state against It ia said that the accounts of the affair have been greatly exagger ated and that but one windowpue waa trokea ud but one shot fired into the POET March mewenger for the American Cxpreu compuy wu arrested Wednesday evening charged withateai ag expreaa left ia He pleaded aad it now in jail Vuiudt taade a full confession of hit crime befon Judge Hyatt before goiag o JaiL He bat ben goiag with a fast nd it WM at the poker table that lit illgotten gains It ia aot nown jntt how much the compuy has but it will amount to betweu 9900 BTAIJt A Capital at Io City Dia March In the house a number of bills wen ud one was passed appropriating to pay the expenses of the university in vestigating This has now passed both A number of legal ising acts alo one of the most important bills of the to make permanent paving laws apply to cities organized under special The senate fish protection bill was also the senate concurrent resolu tion instructing Committees to prepare a bill in accordance with the commissioners is sary or The remainder of the session was spent in the discussion of the Dayton bill requiring bonds by pro secuting witnesses in criminal cases in the justice IN THE Among the bills in the senate wai one fixing tbe salary of the atttorney general at apportioning the state into ninetyone representations pro viding for a state board of control and abolish of The joint rates bill was and went over till The appoint ment of Dunn as state oil inspector was A at March It it quietly re torted here that a mob beiag ama zed in the neighborhood when Tart the wounded party in the akoot mp affray of last aad hould he as he probably will in a hort they will hang or make u kttempt to hug Sheriff Lafollet is making arrangements to give them a warm OM Utrrmmt to BM nre to Txswf March myt ery that surrounds the burning of Sec retary house hat been cleared Tracys old baa confessed she fired the house with Her statement is said to be that be poured kerosine all over her room paneling as far up stairs her stock of oil would go then went to No motive what ever it assigned for the horrible deed and there is no possible incentive except JECAHUOAD Tke AiMMBMirt Frepnrty USMWIU DBS March The state ex ecutive council yesterday completed the assessment of railway Are capitulation shows that there has been a lost of 88 of road in the the total now being miles of assessed valuation of which ia a loss of The gross earnings for 18S9 wen The erosa earnings per mile for 1889 were gain of The operating expenies of all the roads for 1889 wen the net earnings The total amount of taxes to be paid A 4 March The Chi Burlington ud Quincy Railroad company has a corps of surveyors at work running for the proposed ex tension through Menat Car roll to to con nect with the Hannibal ud 8t ud thus form a shorter line of the Barling ton system from Kansas City to It was stated a few weeks ago that the extension would be built this spring and be ia operation by It is understood that the road will come by Excelsior which is on the route being surveyed ud the Hannibal and 8t Joe will be double tracked from Liberty to Kansas AIwatUJOaMteaattweatiatotttc uttwseiBiOBtotakeaetioBOB theBoasi of to be It htd batter said that Doaaoul wut the onto if It a salaried to He wbtmbar the CBMTOIfS to Coeatwl Aeevnt tor DM UM to THI March Cnttoa municipal war ii still At are cent special meeting of the council the city attorney WM instructed to com mence suit agaiatt Mayor Patterson anil hit bondsmen for the mn oftMllB to have ben abort of abalucain the mayors The action it ordered for April the day following ihe Best regular meeting of the The mayor he will account for every ud the council sayt hit boadsmn wiU if he not Tae new council it even mon determined to in fair play ihaa the old They have taken the appointive from Mayor Patterson aid amaHd aU The law aad order majority of tbe council is composed oi both npubUcua ud democrati they say justice wffl be They an backed by the beat eleaMBtof ud wiU stud together political regardlesa of Tosaorrowt meetiag of the couacU it expected to Mtrek iatheVahai Goal Wedaeeday won tit roof caved ia taBMFetor Oebioosa bneath tae Tae dtbrie wee nsaoved frota tctia pia teed kki leg beiag He wet extricated after thongk badly was engaged to cook ia a nstaur utatlll West Main street Lett vday he drew some moaeyud at oace WBat OBI a ud the proprietor kind John Whu Davit teaed Out Peterson had taku hie he b enraged aad attacked Peterson A HOHBIBLK March Li ense of the American National Lou and Building Association which was can celled a few ago by the state au has been ud caused coaiiderable damage i tie hilltop At beat ud outhouses wen blowa At the sixteenth district coloay tekool oa Auburn avenue the storm with terrible Twenty pcpflti but wen ffottn omt Marck report hat reached hen that a truck south of this last aortly after Thepeople wen sleeping ud wen terribly he roof wrt blowa off the large Two were wn and several narrow escapes are re but no one it known so far to A PBBTOBT THAIS Uaraa A reight train oa the Iiouuville aad Nash ville last night encountered a cyclone near and was com pletely the engine toppling over an embankment Engineer Burae Irakeman Powell were killed ud the badly All the entire western portion of Park which just btyoud the souta western limits of tae was The storm struck that plsca before reaching toe city ud its course was a lost peculiar It did not move ia a direct line mowing down a path rat went about its dreadful work ia a zigzag Ia the out kirtt of the town the twostory brick residence of Mayor Keppeis waa truck by the wind ud entirely demol but the A number of houses wee blowa but the inmates wen all up aad every one miraculously oaly a aw being injured and they aot tet TBK TRACK OF TKt STOBX n Parkland waa about three tilockt widsv To the west of the dinctioa n the wind a several mndred yarda wide it mowed rees being cut off like of grata before the reapers Jeffersonville waa auuck by a cyeloao at eight It was very dittiaetlf heard two miles in the when tat eople wondered what it meant unately not a person was killed it though some were badly hurt A score of business houses aaa esidencea were more or daaagesX ome stores being nearly A loien people BAD KABvaiotra BSCAFU rom instant According to the latest report tais it hoped none of those ia ared will The damage to the itttav ert on thriver front waa it believed tonight that Ike loai tod damage to property in JeffersoBville wtt aggregate fully half a AH UuLttlOlB XOWS In walking up or down a street a man will sometimes meet another coming from the opposite la such a manner as to prevent u immediate patt ing They will etch ia from side to side for several when one or the other will stop ud Biaka it possible to go Thii it very amusing to a spectator and it sometimes brings a smile to the faces of the or mon generally u spalogy for awk I mat a man that near a having a lour had a sour We kept moving from side to aide for a second or when he aud dealy ud in obedience to the law of continuance of sped by Bimuitoa hallway hard where heard thii eiplosition Why ia the dont you get out of my way to that I can at the conclusion of which oae of Dot smart rounded the corner to see what wat the matter not seeing anyone but the exaiper ated a look of attonishmnt overspread his when he audibly muttered to got makes 1 WOB der where he got the AMBB Draughty It is one of the odditiet of humaa na ture that people are always looking ai far away as possible bom the ground they stand not only for their best chance for but for tbe dan gers which they an moat be A lion tamer veatared into the cage of the moct ferocious apparently having no fear of although ha often quite badly But he had a dreadful fear of taking One after he had with perfect a eage containing two halfstarved bean and a be abook his head gravely he came he said to a gmtia saaa who stood this it goiag to nd badly for me some You are afraid those feroekns aai atala will devour then The pghawl Yoa doat think Im afraid of airt Not at al but tbeae are dreadful place for About Buying by I happen to go into strange cigar and the man at the ease asks me if I want an impartedtigar I makeup my mind that he doeant know hit or that he me for a fooL A man is supposed to know what tort of cigar he wants and ought tosa at tbe start An imported at the average cigar at the common delusion and a If 1 into a place where I am not known and buy a cigar I am particular to If cigar dote not fit noticed one thing in easier for man to b an anything that stands cms lhaattreal March violeat wiad tona passed over thia city tait aumiac Meteovvlle fey Wi March town by a fearful storm yee retnlting ia the wounding and death of a portion of and auch wholesale destruction to Koperty as WM never Suddenly than came frost the apparently bora of the union of two which met ia midair ud in a moment swooped dowa nto the Oixio and oa lifting than followed a column of water estimated all the way from fifty to two hundred feet in height Thii curious phenomina onward striking tbe river From there it ruined through the residence aad portion ot the Noth ing in path escaping damage more or less A number of bnUdioga were completely Not one of the more prominent ud cost ly buildings in the city Tad only person killed outright Bmily a colored but the Hit of wounded is aad it ia feared some of them will There were marveloue most notable being that of the family of ntidnca WM overturned ud carried leaving the family on the lower floor Ia the country the devastation ia eveu more William Brua era farm residence and out build were entirely swept George had her leg A quarter of a milioniaper htpt aot an exaggerated estimated loan A CITT WIPBOJ March dit patcaes slate that tae tornado struck the town of Bowling Warren ud completely wiped it oat As tbe wires are dowa no detailed report can be ud but the BIN fact that the calamity had oecumd baca Bowling Onea hat a popolatiom of about aad the of life it conjectured to be coRespoadlBflj Tae town is on tnoline of tfes Loainflie and Nashville nuia acsui March ia of the building wnckadby taeeB plosioa ia the sugar refinery yaeterdew WM eoBtpleted thit evening and it it kaowa nine BUB wen kiUadtadtalttotB Ail the dead wen their being august Albert Jao Bury Hnbtldt Michael Monal Albert Witika aad Vnd Qratt MortaftkebodieBWenpartiaUyeoB or terribly ud I ofl could oaly be identited by of clothing rssaaaiac ialaet t tunouaaed most ot them btJbat for tad saist never a body takeaj oaf Gnat loot whenever a body ud the nlativat One or two of very seriously kuged at Pitttboro today zof

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