Friday, March 28, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Friday, March 28, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 28, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THJi JfKIDAY MAKCH 1890 us in THAT nnmn if i BUTE PUSEB HIE BBK Democratic Argomeats Affoioat the aVoposral AotiTrost Bill BeferredBills tm the 8eo ate river batwaao tha smooth of the IDnotoaadahoBWath of the Missouri m the asoata bffl to amend t constituting port of delivery house bffl nttriag Fnoaoat as major sjeaerml oaaato aaapeadiag for one year the statute re teia Mfaaaviag throwing March hones met at eleven oclock today la continua tion of yesterdays sad the Wy oming admission bill 1skrn up for of op posed the baonghis opposition upon the insufficiency of population in the proposed of Penney also antagonized the de claring it was a bribe held out to con gress by the local officeseeking element in the It was intended to back the United States the senate al ready having new six fairly held and two of New said the constitution of Wyoming had almost everything in it was bad in morals and It held out to European syndicates the ad vertisement that Wyoming was the mecca to which they should hasten their steps in order to gobble up the public nf said in the last congress he had favored the admis sion of four new states at this Hehadintroducd the omnibus bill be cause he thought that all the territories should be treated fairly and The Wyoming bill gave the women the right of The Idaho bill de prives Mormen men and women of the right to The reason for this is that in Wyoming the Mormons vote the republican while in Idaho it is snip acted they hold the democratic M is no objection to the admission nf a except when the people haying that belief werj sus pected of having a desire to vote the democratic ticket He believed that if the Mormons of Utah would vote with the republicans the gentlemen OB the other side would railroad a bill through the house for the admission of that terri tory to the At one oclock the previous question was Sprirger offered three amendments which were all created Provided for another called under the act of eongrtsB providing that there shall be an election in Wyoming OB the first Monday in November next for repre sentatives in congress snd for state and judicial and if the vote is against female suffrage that feature shall be omitted from the constitution aid one striking out the clause of the constitu uon providing for female Mr of Kentucky moved to recommit the bill A vote was then taken on the resulting in yeas nays This was a strict party vote except that of voted with the of New moved to re consider and moved to lay that motion on the The motion to reconsider was tabled by a party The house then went into committee of the whole on the army appropriation The bill was read at length and without action the committee rose and the house adjourned The house bffl to amend the census set of March was pesaad io the on ate The amaodmeat allows special agents per day for subsistence whea TBB ntsantsarra March preai dent gave a special ncepttoB this after BOOB to delegates to th eoaveatiaa of the American Associate for the adnca tion of the colored youths sow ia see riosu Ia respoBas to sa iatrodnctory address by Profetsor Gregory the presi dent in part I have a firm belief that the rock of our safety as a nation lies in the proper education of its popn lation that it is impossible for a man to discharge his duties as a citisea without the knowledge derived from common MCIPBOCITT WITH AB6BBTm It has transpired that in the debate on the report of the commission on a cus toms the United upon authority of Secretary of fered a bill for reciprocity with Argen tine Saenz the dele gate from that having advo cated free trade la the minority report and in a speech in support of it No of fer of reciprocity was made to say other South Americaa republics at was re n oppcnnoH OF THB BXLVZB of and Wil of from the committee on submitted to the house a minor ity report in opposition totheWindom silver The report ssys the bill is very adroitly drawn to suspend silver totally demetize silver and per manently establish single standard of gold but all the same it does these things though cun THB The ways and means committee has restored the old dnty OB whiting and Paris The committee practically agreed to place works of art on the free list TUB LsitiTrust March anti trust bill was taken up in the senate after some preliminary When the amendment excepting from the pro hibitions of the law combinations of workmen and farmers came Ed munds spoke at some He favored going as far as the oonstitutiou permitted in suppress ing and breaking up trusts and The people could not shut their eyes to the fact if capital combined thegreat industrial establishments regulate workmen also combined to defend And so this country snd other coun tries nfor the last forty yean had been turned into great camps of where there ought to be only one camp of cooperative Even in Washing ton whore congress has exclusive juris diction all the trades had combinations which were armed making ag gressive warfare against the rest of sum Edmunds cited an incident the case of the ttkilied printer who wanted employment in the public printing but could not be hired because he did not belong to a particular combination and the public printer was threatened with a strike if tha man was If this sort of thing is not tyranny Edmunds did not know what tyranny Ed munds went on to ergue that if labor combinations put up wages of fifty per the people who mines and had a right to combine to protect themselves so at to get such prices as would make up for the increased cost of He believed it better to endure the partial evil of even grinding monopolies than to attempt to step over the clear boundary line established and maintained between congress and the legislative powers of the Platt also attacked the A motion by Walthall to refer the bffl end its amendments to judiciary committee to report back in tweaty was then agreed The senate bill granting peasJoos to exsoldiers and sailon for manual labor and to dependent relatives of deceased soldiers and was ta ken up and Plumb argued in support of his made at the same extending provisions to all who served three months or to be srraded according to disability from to 013 per Barry opposed the sowadmeat as another form of service pension of the committee on pen also opposed He was aot ready to go to the extent of peaaioBiag every body irrespective of The bill as reported by the oosamittaa would make an appropriation of thirtyaix atil nectary in sdoltooB to the aiaety millions now Plumbs amendment wonw add at enghteea amaanawat njectad Old the bffl went Souse bill oa the adatMoaof Wvo SBiagwas ordered March toe wocbed o decWoB roaaec t bills Jookiattothei March one here seems to know just the extent of State Treasurer Archers Intimate friends of Archers have known of his trouble since Mon day and any amount to make good his shortage was He rejected all offers of saying that he himself could settle the The theory is ad vaneed today that in a moment of tempt ation he pledged securities belonging to the but not to a large and that dread of exposure drove him v VssMleaUra in taw March 87 Hill has received the resignation of Sheriff of New York Flack protests that he has committed no but admits that a person under conviction of a criminal no mat tor how innocent he may ought not to continue to hold public He be lieves that he will be vindicated in the and that his fellow citisens will find that whatever mistakes he may have made he has been guilty of no crime The governor will appoint a successor to Sheriff taw March A committee of the Western Slates Passenger Assscia tion was appointed yesterday to formu late a plan for its reorganisation met to but after a somewhat protracted session an adjournment was taken until without having reached an agreement sM mt Wealthy March Mur ray has received letters from a firm of civil engineers in New York city telling of the mysterious disappearance of Au gustus RiWlins snd Franklin sons of English gentlemen who were lured to Canada under misapprehension that they wen to be placed out with as farm Neither have been seen since Beiaia March McGre teller in the Fourth National and treasurer of a large number of secret orderi in this is He has not been seen by his friends since last Sunday and they are at a loss to account for his mysterious The bank officials say there is a discrepancy in his but cannot at present give the As far as known his other ac counts an all March estate of the late Major General Crook wss brought into probate court this morning by a pe tition filed by Lieutenant aidde camp on General Crooks for letters of administration The letters were The petition shows that the general left personal property consisting chiefly of war with and no real March A train on the Erie railroad killed three men at Bed a email hamlet seven miles west of here early this The were three brothers named Died all of New The bodies were horribly aad death ia each case was Change of backachaTawathly ir hot are cured by Miles Free samples at Wfttes drnc aim March John the defaulting treasurer of who esBbnatod of the s plead guilty this morning was saaiaauud to years impris ia Aubura P Wffliam aisttery ooi wife aad Edward Xonaoriy at oa the charge March Ctowlashsw last aight oat tha throat of hk ia their hfiBag LOCAL fuLL TEII OF THE BUOdiTIC UCQBE iUL Its CoaaidenttoB by the Haase Teeter Werk of the flrostci i Bee PiopueedOua enl State Special to Tn DBS March demo eratie local option liquor license as agreed upon by the democratic joint caucus and approved by Governor Boies wss the special order for consideration The followiag is the text of the principal features of the bffl A bffl for aa act to regulate the sale snd manufacture of intoxicating liquors IB municipal Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Section That upon the presentation of a petition signed by in of the qualified electors whose appear on the poll books of the sat general of any city or in corporated or city organised under pedal charter within this to the city or town council of said city or in corporated or city organized under special requiring said city or OWB council to submit to the legal roten of the city or town so he question whether or not malt or vinous liquors may be sold and manufactured therein under the regulations and restrictiana of this act if the council of said city or town is atisfled that the signers of said peti tions an bona fide residents and legal voters of the city or town named in said it shall be the duty of said city or town council to order a special elec tion in the city or town so at which election the question shall be nbmitted whether or not a license for the sale and manufacture of spirituous aad malt and vinous liquors may be That upon the presentation of signed by two fifths in num ber of the qualified whose names ppear upon the poll books of thblast general election of the territory outside f all cities and incorporated towns of ny county within this to the board f of such requesting nch board of supervisors to submit to the legal voters of the territory of such county outside of all cities and incorpor ted towns the question whether r not malt and vinous quors may ba sold and manufactured therein under the rules and restrictions f this and if the board of supervia n an satisfied that the signers of such nch petition an bonsfide residents and egal voters of the territory outside of U cities and incorporated towns in such named in ibe it shall tie the dnty of such board of supervisors o order a special election in the terri tory outside of all cities and incorpor ted towns in all such counties so pe at which election the question shall be submitted whether or not a icense for the sale and manufacture and ale of malt and vinous quors may be Sea 3 The ballots for such election nail read as follows For or Against and no other question shall be voted upon the same Sec All elections under the provii ons of this act shall be held at the same ilaces aad conducted in the same man er as is prescribed by law for general lections in this and rl persons ntitled to vote at such general elections shall be entitled to vote at all elections rovided for in this act Such election shall not be held f tener than once in two and not wn unless petitioned for as provided or in this act Sec Notice of such election shall be given by publication for three con ecutive weeks in the official papers of uch town or Tha Isst ublication to be at least ten days prior o the date fixed for ssid The votes at such election in ny city or incorporated town shall be by the council And votes in the territory outside of all ties and incorporated towns shall ba canvassed by the boards of 11 inch canvassing boards shall certify te result of such elections to the clerk f the district court and all expense of any notice and election under this act tall be paid out of tha general fund of le In case a majority of all the otescastat any such election shall be in favor of the district court in and for said county shall grant a licease or the for the manufacture and ale of malt and vinous upon the petition of ton of the evident freeholders of the incor wrated town or municipality when such vinous or malt liquors are roposed to be or manufactured and setting forth that the applicant s of respectable good stand a resident of this and praying hat a license for the or manufac ture and sale of malt and vin ous liquors may be issued to which petition shall be filed in the office of the istrict court at least ten days prior to the date of hearing Notice of the application for Ming the name of the the lace when the liquors are proposed to sold or manufactured and and the date of the hearing upon such appli cation shall ba given by publication for two consecutive weeks in the official weekly newspaper of the the Isst mblication of such notice to be at least aa days prior to the date fixed for heat ing OB such Any person may file a remon strance against the issuance of a which remonstrance shall be aad file at least five days before the date f hearing such nmonitraaoe may be based OB any of the following grounds violatioa of any of tha provisions of this act within oae year bad scoral character of the applicant for li or that such applicant is aot a nsideatof this The proosediags upoa the hearing before the court shall bsgoveraed by the same rules as an fescribed in ordinary If ao eoaoasjiraoca be or if upon the aeerisg the allegation of the remoa atraoea an aot provea aad it ba made to appear that the applicant ii a panoa of Rood Men shaU bathe of the court to orte the license to payableiaadTCMaal the bsfJaaiacof whfch time oMfMrth each of the son of tha ta iswtlsoBS of thfc paid L ofwhich shaU go iato iato ipalitywhenia the liquor is persoa matt of shaU be fully payment the sum taaconatyfnad aad the the municipality when proposed ty be sold or No parson shall ba to sen or maaufaetun sad aril spirit malt or viaoos liquors ualsas ha shall first give a boad la the penal sum of payableto ths conaty la which application is made for such with at least two good sad aafideat freeholders of tha county in which auchlieeasa is to be to approved by the clerk of the district conditioned that he wffl art vio late any of the provisioas of this act that he wffl pay tha fan amount of the licence free for each quarter of the year after the of issuing the lfwir in manner aad at tha time hereia sad will pay all damages and forfeitures which may be adjodgec against him under the provisions ef nit act The clerk of the district court tak ing such bond shall examine aay person offered as security upon such under and require him to subscribe aad swear to nil statement ia regard to his pecuniary ability to become such secur Any boad pursuant to tab act may be sued upon by say penoa or his legsl who may be ia jured by reason of the licensed violating any of tha provisions of this No person who is holden as the principal or surety upon one bond given in pursuance of this act shall become surety upon any other bond of like char All licenses issued in pursu ance of this act shall be issued by the clerk of the district and no licease shall be issued until the receipt of the ccunty treasurer for the fall amount of the license fee for the first quarter of the which the to granted is filed with such The license shall state the length of time for which it is and shaU aot extend beyond the last day of December after its the place when the liquor is to be sold or manufactured or snd shall not be If any licensed person shall fail to pay the quarterly install ment on his license fee on or before the first day of each his license shall immediately upon inch failure become Any license or permit granted under such act shall be revoked by the court granting the upon due proof that the person holding inch license or permit has been convicted ot a second violation of any of the provisions of thia Any persons licensed under this act who shall knowingly sell or give away any malt or vinous liquors to any intoxicated habitual or insane or idiotic shall be punished by a fine not exceeding or imprisonment not ex ceeding thirty or by both mch fine and IB the discntionof the Sec Any minor who for the purpose of evading the provisions of the preceding falsely represeat his 1L The fee for licease for the aod sale of spbit saalt sad vinous liquors shall aot bythe Ia cities aod towaa the amount of Boson ohaQ be too city or towa aad in tority of the county outride of aUdtfseasriiaeotporaled towas by ths of The sold city or of to shall be deemed guilty of misde and on conviction thereof shall be punished by s fine for each and every offense not exceeding or by impris onment not exceeding thirty or at the discretion of the The common council of each trustees of each incorporated and board of supervisors cf each county in which licenses an graated under the provisions of this shall have power within their respective municipalities to establish such regulations snd or dinances as to them shall aeem n relation to the closing of places when ntoxicating liquon are authorised to be sold as a during certain hcurj of the and during all houn on the Sabbath and to prescribe or violation thereof and to prescribe imits within which such liquors shall not be authorised to be except that regulations made by the board of super visors shall apply to such territory only as is outside of incorporated cities and and all courts of criminal juris diction within this state an hereby clothed with power and jurisdiction to punish violators of inch rules and ordi nances in the same by the at me roceedings and to the same extent as hough they wen aad the pen alties for violations thereof prescribed by like statutes of this Druggists may take out a permit to sell liquors upon the pay nent of all expenaea and cost re sting to the issuance of inch permit and upon the cpmpliaiica of all the provisions contained in this except that no 11 cense fee or bond shall be and such druggist shall be subject to all the requirements and penalties contained in this act Any druggist to whom a per mit may be as contemplated in he preceding sections of this shall seep a book provided by him for that and shall register in such book liquon sold or given away by which register shall show the for what and to whom such liquors wen sold or and shall ba at all times open to the in spection of the All druggists to whom such permits mar be granted shall on the first Monday of January and July of each year file in the office of the clerk of the district court a report of all SB tries made in said as contem plated in this dace his last re port wffl be subscribed and sworn to ss correct by said and that ha has not sold or given either by him clerk or any malt or vinous liquon other than as stated la said Any druggist failing to comply with tha provisioas of this sec tion shall be deemed guilty of a misde sad upon coavictioa thereof for each sad every offense shall be punished by a fine of not less than WO or more than or by imprisonment not longer than thirty days ia the couaty at the discretioa of the court Any nnMceaaefl porsoa who shall or give or manufacture any malt or viaous and aay druggist who shall sell or give away aay malt or vinous liquors for aay other thaa mechanical mediciaal or chemical oa conviction be punished by a flaeof not less thaa one huadred dollars aor more thaa five hundred dollars for each or by imprisoament for not less thaa thirty days aor more thaa one hundred and fifty or by both auch fine and ia the dis cntioa of the AnactaorpartiofactiiBCoa flict herewith an hereby but aothiagia thia act eootatoad ihellbe eooatnwd to affect aoy of the statutes of the httpfg of aor aay of too civil orerim iaalremedids BOW provided by law for the abatossaot of thcos keapiag the m afl esses when persoaa ON atheaeJocrauoonctonaodi toxfeatiag Booon without o Beoaasor persAttasivtrvidadbf thataet 2L Thai act doomed that enmot Thia any be to the heat that is givoa oft by up bv a piece of hot mot io coatact Air i o Tory poor enoouctor of ia thta dtyof As tea beta fores UoaiatheDsa Iowa UaaadatDee thoaaditoreToctod thta Itfiaalry sotted opBtaUag tha format theates Shan be paU into the Bod MN of aochfaashantb ssriiflteeaeisof ba paid to the toThe Miptbajaiot thbavniBcaacl thebfflsadthesuspeasioBof rules i earned without any gnat amouat of op JOBBSOB of aod fodth of waatod anal sctioa deferred aatil they could give m thorough consideration to the matter aad freely upreaaaa themselves tha came tea vote they w about the oary oats who voted agai The bffl was nada third time and passed by a vote of 98 to Hobba aad Hlpwcll aot Ths bffl as passsd waa aa follows Ihatehaptera cr the aeU of twesuysceood sencial isnmUy ma Is smseisa as Tart ttoaetsof McenralassMsUribaU not be wtrtt the mafemsat rsMe by two or eaampeaMs f or the tnosaorta uonof propMtronrtwoornoraof ibair UDM ot railroad wlihin tkxnatr alsss by seek of saUd nllnaa fr its of saek Joint sblp ekarsM tor the saw wbouy over its owa wttbln sbau not be erasMend a Tlolation of salt eiapter of acts of the twcBtiteoond net reder nilroad TOmpany lUble to aay of the penal Msof But vravhtians ot tali stetloashaUnotbeeoiutniMto permli raU eompanm ertabllsblns rates to Bake br lutta Joint ratu any unjustdiserlmt aatkntaetwwnthedlffemt sbiotrlnr potau orstations upon inMbatween joint and neh nojiut dUerimloatlon thatlbep ini In thy manner and by the penalties pro vided ID chapter K of the acts or the twenty teaorai demand or any pnsonpr persons eiuollih nw Joint throofh rates not frelfbt betwean puims on their re ttvaJJiMswithta this and shall and tiaasporc f nUht aad can orer mob route or routw as the shipper ihaU direct Carload sbail be tranaierrad wltbont un loadiiisfiom the can m which such meota ant unless such In other can ba without chacn therefor to the shipper or receiver of such carload and tnnsfer be with out unreawaable and than oaitoad lots be transferred into the oonneotliur railways oan at which ihaU be included in and a part of the joint adopted bj such railway or established provided by thli act When shlomenu of freffht to te tnmported between different points within this required to be carried by two or more railway opiratinf connectins such railway ihaU transport the lame at throusa and ihaU at all to the faoiliiies and aoeommo to local or traffic as they give to Interstate traffic over their of In the ev for ioh thiwfirli it shall be the d utr of board of nuroad and they are hereby upon the plication of any person or io establish joint ratra f r the shipment of freight and on over two or more connecting lines of nilroad In this and in tha mak ing of such rates and in charging or revising ths they shall be near ti by all the provUions of chapter 18 of the sots of the twentiKcond general as and ihaU take into consideration average of charged br laid railway com lor shipments within this itate for like distances over their respective and ratal charged bv tha railway companies oper ating inch connecting lines for joint Inter state for like distances Tates established by the board of railroad vomm slocen ihaU go Into effect Ithlo ten days after the same are promulgated by said from and after that time the acheaule such shall be prims f evidence In of the courts of this state that the Julnt trans portation of freight and can upun the all roads for which mob sehedults have been Befrre the promulf tlon of such rates ai provided In icctlon 3 of this the ward of railroad commissioners ilull notify the railroad companies interested In schedule of j lut rates filed by them and lha 1 said railroad companies rea sonable time thereafter to upon a dlvlt on of the charges povldrd for In such sched in he event of ih failure at said ralroad companies to agiea upon division aad to notify the board of such the board of railroad eommltslonen thalL after a bearing of the decide the taking Into eoslderatlon he of terminal facilitlts and all the cir cumitanMif the and the clrlilonio celerm ned by the board In all ooniro vorslesor stilts between the railroad com panies be prlma facie of a juit and reasonable division of such Bvery unjust and unreasonable cbargH for the transportation of freight and can over two or more rat rotds In this state itreby prohibited a dcecland tobeuniaw and each and every ono of the companies luuh unieaionable a d unlawful or otkerwlae violating the provision of this ihali be paoiihed u provided in choptar 28 of the acts of the twenty ul generalatsembU unreason able onarges f r the transportation of frelgut and oars over a smile line of railroad by a single railroad Tali aut being deemed of immediate iiiali take t Sect sad be la force Iiom and after its publication la the Iowa Siatd Megtster the Molnes newspspn published In the 0117 of Ricnman said the democratic side had BO objection to allowing the republican members to inform themwlves on the He therefore deiired that the consideration of the matter be deferred for a On motion of Lake the committee rose and reported progress and desired leave to sit Holbrook moved that leave be aid it wai The time for sitting was left to be fixed at the afternoon sew Chases bill to compel railroad compa nies to fix up their cars with automatic brakes snd waa the subject of considerable discussion as the next ordar of The companies made very clear statements in regard to the time in which they could get their cais in and in accordance with their as well supported by lettera from manu tie bill wss By the 1st of all can belonging to roads operating in Iowa and used in this state wffl have to be thus It will be possible to have the brakes fixed by that but as to the couplara there ia considerable doubt as to the abil ity of the companies to get the can all aa The railroadmen say there is not yet a practical coupler aad they will aot put on a coupler that wffl not fill the Holbrook presented a report of the committee on text recommending that a substitute for all the text book bills ba adopted and Thesnbsti was ordered A miner ty report and bffl was the bffl Ming Daytoas bffl with rhe for the conaidaratioB was set lor next Tuesday at two oclock The senate bffl to confer npoa cities organized under special power tn fix the aalariea of their was akan up and passed just before time for NjeMao Kflkd and Twenty Others Seriously CombustJssi the CBBM ef the BbasterOther March disastroua ex Plosion occurred this evening in the Chi cago Sugar Hennery compaaya on Taylor and Btach Onainawss ratally hurt and twenty others severely The explosion occuned in i starch drying room aad is supposed to have been spoataueout A similar explosion oc curred a year resulting ia the fatal ajnry of oae The building where he occurred today is a a story rick from the main 13story Twentyseven men were at wcrh in the starch room without tame a tremendous report fol owed by flashes of fire and rumbling of falling The shattered portions of the buildings aad machinery were hurled in all directions end the workmen were buried beneath the mass of debrb which Two hundred men em ployed in the main buttons were panic itrickeu and rushed into the street as The cries of their mprisoned fellowlaborers brought them o their senses with the aid of eighteen fireengine the fire waa ubdued snd in a short time the bruiaed and bleeding victims were bain cared for in the companys all sorts of wild rumors flew about the aad for a time it was under tood that the main building lad been wrecked and scores Thousands of peopla hastened o the among the mothers and children of the These latter fought their way through the mags of spectators and clamored for admission to the Louis Noltshorst was the vhtim whose Juries were General Manager Behr and Foreman Haboldt were burned about the fsce and Other men while painfully turned and bruised are not thought to e in danger cf The pecuniary oss by the explosion is about After this had beea disposed of the rase weat iato the committee of the whole to consider Deal license Holbrook The bffl waa read tha reading takiag about half sa After tha bffl had beea read Biehaua offered an amendment itriking out all after the enacting clause sad iaasrtuig ha democratic caucus bin instead Beam moved the adoption of tha Dobeoa said the bfll should ba as nearly perfect as its friends could make it so he should make ao objection to it Lake wanted to have it nadentood just how sutt4 Ha thought Deaf bffl was all the matter thathad bsea referred to by Bichmaa was an entirely new If the ssvadsisot would aot make the com mittee report tha bffl to the house as The smeadBeat was The Harsh bffl providing for grviag to dties of first HOBS VBiaBVWVVSt hartoh regard to tha bridge fuad Jp three the law should a tern should bacrveo to i onciu iiu Street Railway the Wast Hffl and Lumbago Cure Railroad tha South Hffl Sure Core for Line tha Pros pect Hill Eisctric Pain Killer Street Car and the Electric Belt THE wKABD OLD LOST A eOLUKN A MattUM cf Special to March of madlsoB s prominent and most handsome young ladies wss the recipient of a aur priaing aad somewhat not to ay distressing shock last A pro minent one of her many beautiful fea and of which ihe and her many friends are justly areherluxur ant golden Returning from a call ate last evening with she and wr escort had occasion to pass through he busy streets of the The pave ments were crowded with pedestrians and at one point it was necessary for hem to elbow their way through the When in the thickest of the fait a slight tug at her She paid little attention to it at the tuna bat at home later ahe discovered o her horror that a strand of hair el aoat two inches thick had been cut from her head close to the She wss much distressed at the discovery and is deaply mystified as to the manner and bject of the audacious It U doubtless the work of one of a gang of lair thieves who are reported as practic ng their brutal trade throughout the BOTH cut to Madura Special to THB March 27 brother of Mrs William of was run over by the passenger train on the Santa Fa this Both legs were cut off by the one the other below the Banlow waa a prominent grain dealer and had stuteu from his ware house to the Fa freight office with a ear la crossing the tracks a switch engine came close upon and in endeavoring to avoid he topped upon the main where the wseenger train caught Amputa tion of both limbs waa but he tood the shock better than waa antic pated and is still Mere FIBBUBSJ by the March Advices from the west coast of Africa state that fighting occurred at Kotonon in Dahcaey between he French larxs and their native Three men ware killed and ten Dmtlmm utiy Commondenoe of TBS DALLAS March are wing to have an election for city officers a about thirty There hsj bean DTOgrams laid down for the incom ag officers to conform One being tn bleed the town for the purpose of raising moaey to bore SB artesian Aa to stop the Fe trains from running through town as if old Nick was at their Still to amblers from betting on when here is six weekdays to do it And once to require all drygoodj and aotion peddlers to sell their providing they first procure license from the towa as low as the mer chants in towa who are regularly ia the This last is a good ss some persons will always piy more to a ransient than they wonld to seir own which is humaa BIDE A5D BE Bhs They ere saying ia the east that peo le suffering from rheumatism have been cured by ridiag ia the electric As every body the electric ap paratus to thoroughly hence ha if not the ordinary man who is aot aaelectridaa might smfleia credulously at the above aad ray Pure Perhaps it aad them perhaps it ia not M fact nasaine that many people who ride ia electric can claim that they can the aleetrie current whenever the starts ladacttoaiaa BOB to electricity body located dose to a wire carry of them through tha capfflary The same people say that they do aot feel this peculiar isaseHno whOaridiag can draws by honer HonthaLOtat Are r bi the an PamdiBg impressions oa tha body through the miadT If we admit we must also admit that other things which we regard as humbugs have a basis of reality rheumatism s aa sfflietioa that ought to have a cheap aad popular for tha ream that ao away are ifflictedbyiL If the electric cars will the sooner their use ceeoBsai unrtersal the better it will for tha aad if they will cure why BO and all other If all thia can be realised from the electric cars they caa not begia ciimbiag ever our hffla soy too soon aad when that day cornea our rheu matic sufferers who heretofore have painfully and slowly climbed Division street or Jeffaraoa and Valley or Wash ington sad Fourth streets will glide swiftly aad easily to the top aad take an electricltreatmeatOBthaway ail for the small sum of five Truly thto ia a progesdve Hail to the North Hffl AntiRheumatic Tnaesdrlaw He The Oeneral govern ment steamer is on her way south ou a nagging The steamer War Eagle is still on the ways at aad has been gener ally overhauled during the She has been cut down and adapted to low aad will leave 8L Louis oa her first trip April The twin Sam aad At passed this porfyesterday afternoon ashed together in most loving They did not They are the first except local to plow the waves at this point Idlers OB the lavee watched the progress of the two boats with great interest Many thought SB exciting race was in progress as the bow if oae and then the other would be seen a front and bets were about to be made when it was discovered they ware lashed The good steamer Capt will open the Oquawka lesson making the first trip this morning and another this Hereafter trips to Oquawka will be made regularly every Friday aa last Our merchants will soon begin to feel the ffecta of these Oquawka ss the Oqaawka people are good buyers and now where to come for good The Wednesday excursions to Dallas will be resumed a little later in the season upon the approach of warmer Captain Peel has recovered ia great mea sure from his late attack of sickness He sure to nuke himself a favorite with or up river neighbors sad they will be glad to sail under his McDonald Brothers are making ar angtmants for a big seasons The purchase of f JUT boats during the past winter gives them the largest of raften on the Mississippi The boats composing the flaet are aa follows Belle Mountain Helen Kit and Bart Tha tug Carrie will be used in Black The Paul is being fitted up in elegant with a view to the comfort of passengers who make long trips on the upper She will ba ready for service ia a few and will ba one week behind the Qem City la commenc ag her As previously Captain Baa Conger will command the Qem City and Captain William Burke the The log cut is phenomenally large thia Many firms report their cuts all the way from ten to thirtythree sad one third per cent in excess of their original It is probable that the cut together with logs held over will give the boom company featcf lop to handle this Then have seasons whan log driving had fairly baca ommeneed by April but mch will hardly be the case this The loggers are still etwirkaad doing good although a go id many of them are com ag out of the woods simply because they have banked all tha logs they want r have contracted to gat The season has been a long cue aad logs have been put OB the landings probably ss cheaply s they ever were The SUB is etting high enough to warrant the be lief that when the vast quantities of snow in the woods that there wffl ba a good state of water for driving irpceas to tha Tha People Ferry of says tha Harsld of that has decided to transform tha laad surround ing their Misauuri wharf iato a beautiful pleasure resort upon which Baton has doas much toward makiag it pleasant summer sad pieaic lies high above the river aad tha river coaateatly wffl ba sought sad aa Joyed by many dnriag king They wffl also lay out a base ball park for tha thairpatroas Tha pteofe groaadswffl be supplied with of Qafeeysdtissuwtodesin to go out for a half dayinenatioa wffl tn have a suitable place to Work upon the gm lathe very Bear Drastic you on an atraog eooooav for say fthat the last I worked or WM bigger thaa aod I haochad dm dowa aad brake of hto ribs STOIIS mono mm OF m CwMerable Damage by High Fierce SBOW Storms IB tha XolttV west Heavy Baas in the South and March The seven Mom which reached here at general throughout tha The snow fall heavily thie afternooaforoM it thes tuned into rain aad sleet accompanied by furious The tale graph service tonight is crippled alt AT KAaiAa March A storm of severe intensity prevailed throughout Kansas and southwestern Missouri It follows a seaaoa of srm spring Snow is im ported from some portions of era Kansas but tha fan is aot The very strong wind is extraordiaary Tor such a long continued At Wichita it blew forty miles aa hour aad did considerable damage The water were partly demolished aad Satin was fatally injured In the north part of the city where the wind had free street play several buildings were de molished telegraph wires generally At wind was not so severe out considerable daaiage was d THB STORM AT ST Uarcii Xhtre was a severe rain storm and high wial in this city this but beyond a few airns blown down no damage was From various points in the state reports of but so of e very serious the most damage being at Webb City and A special from received to night says the storm was very severe unroofing overturning aad wrecking windows aad chim There is no loss of HEAVY THDNDBK Marcfc Tiiere was a thunder and rain storm in this city this lasting over two South and sou h west through southern Indiana and eouth ira and middle and weeten Tennessee wire communication are ea iirely interrupted tonight by toe BAIN VALLINO Meagre cewn from Ute upper Ohio valley reports rainfall HBAVY 8SOW AT HOCX Sioux Uarch A snow storm began hare tavay which in the heaviest of the Trains am delayed sad oa some roada are All transit linos of the city sue blocked awl toe snow is drifting hadly BHOW IS THB March VI Telegraph reports from points in Dtr kota and Iowa show a general saow torm has prevailed during the The itorm ia moat severa in northern where railway traffic is impeded east tock will suffer to some extent ID Dakota the wet snow is regarded as great benefit to the crops now betas The temperature at all points but little below the fret zing point Won M Ladles Home I Ilka not lady ike They like honesty of purpose sad con They like men who believe la woauav They like their opinions to ba thought of some They like a man who can ba strong oa a lion when trouble aad if one is nervous and can button up a shoe and do it with an amount of con sideration that ia a mental and a physios They like a man who can take hold of he convince it of his power and get it to sleep after they have beea wor rying with and walking with until heir eyea are tired and they feel as if they had no They like a man who is interested n their new who can opinion on the and who ia properly ndignantat any article written against They like a man who knows their in nocent weaknesses and caters to them who will bring home a box of too sat new or the latest pusalo sold OB the that will do more them la duty in entertaining everybody for the whole They like a man who ia the master of the who has brahs mough to help a woman to decide what s the best thing to do under the circums and who has wit enough to real when oae of the fairer sex ia slightly that persuasion is more power ful than all the arguments in the They like a man who likes loasnt scorn their who n their good who has ia their and best of that the lova promised is given That the sort of a man a woman and her every sigh of as hie virtues are is a little prayer God Clothing costs more than school says THB HAWK aad It wonders thy the folks who are going to hats laternal state do everytbiax do not pro ose a law to have the state supply nm brm cheap HAWK is wroas to make them think of it statesman will try laaoa in walant iaad Prices very JAMBS youriKro idgs of the grammer is very o you not have trouble ia your traaslations 2 afr hey keep them at all the A you get up eathusl if am to be paid for Horn aad ft ana the bffl better thsa anything could aay gives the greatest pleasure to ia reganfto Bemadr the past whiter 11 eold more of it thaa aay other 1 have yet to find aay but what i baaefittedby taking it I had aay medicine tamyjioi uarvarsal Qeuda for sale byatt A Utlla your qutts hot an the rest of

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