Thursday, March 27, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 27, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON THURSDAY MABCH 11AN1WT BILL CKiffiS QBOE i KB ilOM THE 14 To be Toted on BUI for the Admit of Wyeming Territory Taken Up in the gram ef March the sen ate Sherman presented a substitute for tke first of the meat inspection wkich wu ordered The committee on naval affairs re ported a joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the navy to remove the naval magazine from Ellis island in New York harbor anJ to purchase a site for end to erect a naval magazine at some other point and making an appropriation of 975 000 for the It was making a further appropria tion of to enable the secretary of the treasury to improve Ellin island for immigration The joint reso lution was then Edmunds moved an order that from and after Monday next the senate shall meet at 11 but an objection was and the matter went over till The antitrust bill was taken up and various amendments Bpooner offered an amendment to tke first giving the courts author ity m addition to other remedies to issue writs of injunction prohibiting and restraining combinations from proceed ing any further in business except to wind up their The legal bearing and the effect of the amendment as well as the bill was discussed by Reagan and Af ter some remarks in reply to something said by Reagan Vest said he would not say another word about the He was prepared to join the He would like for the senator from Ohio Sherman to say whether he cinsidtred the clause incor porated in the bill by Ingalls amend ment imposing a tax on the dealings in options constitutional or He char acterized the bill as remarkable act of legislative Eustis aaid he regarded the bill as the grossest usurpation of states rights ever attempted in the history of the gov Ingalls said the amendment was not intended to interfere with sales or the exchange of any products of which pfcrtiee might be or or which they intended actually to It was directed against the gigantic modern invention known as in His amendment has been mat at every stage of the pro ceedings by some question of or some question of or some question of The people of the United Ingalls have a reasonable degree of respect for the but they are not afraid of The constitution was a growth and not a manufacture and the constitution of 1890 by reason of the operation of the will of the people who made it was a vastly different instrument from the constitution of Its authors would not know They had made it for a specific for the object of enabling country lawyers to devise definitions or to put obstacles and barriers to the will of the Bnt the constitution was perpetually invoked by narrow and rigid sod illib eral canstructionists as insuperable car riers against every effort to benefit the condition nf the The senators supporting the bill have been taunted with bad with false with fighting a sham battle because they attempted to carry into effect the provision which to entirely within the limits and purview of the Those gentlemen George and Vest had spent considerable time endeavoring to distroy that consti They now plead on every occa There hu been no step in national progress for the last thirty five years against which these senators have not risen and declared it against the consti He Ingalls recollected tlere wu once a gnat demonstration to prove then was no power in the constitution to coerce the state which saw fit to go tentative inthe congress of tke TTaitet and he defended thai provision of the constitution of the territory extend inc the right of suffrage to Dockery opposed the bill u a par tisan Gates opposed the meunn be cause it proposed to give women tbe right to vnte and made the attendance at of said he was inclined to vote against the bill on ac count of the womans suffrage at tacked the womans suffrage clause and held that tke people of Wyoming kad violated tke prevision of the act of or ganization limiting suffrage to the white and said a woman might be lent from Wyoming to the of thought the oppo nents of the bill wen in bad straits when they fell back for objection upon the woman suffrage of said he would not be frightened if women had seats on the floor of the house and perhaps it would result in a of favored the bill and advocated civil and legal onfranchise ment of women in all the states of the After further debate the bouee took a recess until eleven oclock A GBABD out of the yet people had found it There have been similar protests the abolition of recon struction of when a resolution was offered to inquire into the violation of the law in Mississippi they had risen up and declared it a viola tion of the The govern ment had the right to go anywhere else in the world where the rights of American citizens were violated but had no power to take care nf the rights of American citi zens assailed in He com mended to those constrners of the con the contemplation of the results of their criticisms during the last thirty Vest said if the senators represent ing the southern states were to be under the proscription announced by the sen ator from they might as well be out of the He was under obligations to obey the but not to take the con struction put upon it by He moved an amendment to IngaHs amend making the license instead also replied to LogaUs re mark briefly and argued the If the senator Ingalls to correct the morals of the he Eastis asked him to leave out want to take hold of your lottery bill by and amendment was then adopt M were alao the following By extending the provisions bill to stocks bonds by extending pow ers to cotton steel boots and lead and Inm by including woolen foods and and all kinds of in toxicating v V The committee of the whole them teported the and after an executive tension the eenate March of introduced granting penelonof 93 000 a year to tke widow of tke of from tbe com olu MBoned m Joint xuoln j tke WytnniagMBBjisjoa bfll locfler for today Ancsuto jsjt 630 tkfc afternoon smta oVdoek ike Ike Wyoming MB wu A BtrleUr AHBOfeu ComMrt GIi OpIMI March even ing st the Lincoln music hall in the pres ence of distinguished and a critical audi an important step was taken in the work placing American music on a plane with the other branches of American art by the rendition for the first time of a concert program se lected wholly from the composition of The idea of distinctively American concerts attracted considerable attention among musicloving persons throughout the country and resulted in directing notice to the rapid pro gress made in the United States within but a comparatively recent not only in bnt in the study and composition of The entertainment which wu under the auspices of the National Conserve tory of is intended to be the in augural of a series of strictly Amer ican which Thurber the projector of the scheme hopes she will embrace the leading cities of the the object being more fully to apprise the American people of the works nf native born and to stimulate an increasing interest in music of a hieh The soloists at these courts are also to be and in many icstances the selections are to be personally conducted by the composers The concerts will conclude with a grand American comp sers the first of the kind ever to take place at November 28 and At the same time the examination for the national conservatory of music to be held at Omaha for the states of Nebraska and The pro gram tonight presented a representative group of American The selections consisted of short pieces adapted to illustrate and contrast diversity and originality of adeptness at orchestration and typical characteristics of each composer Bach number on the program was well and carefully rendered and the American composers concert very successfully in XBWI A et March brief cau cus of republican senators was held this morning at which the order of business arranged by the committee appointed at a recent conference was This program includes the antitrust the administrative customs the land for feiture bill and the bills for the admis sion of territories to the Betides there will occur a debate on the Mon tana election case which will be called up next An effort was made to put the Worlds Fair bill in the pro but the effort was unsuccessful M it was intended to include only those measures now pending in the It was determined to pass an order to fix eleven oclock u the time of meeting of the senate QDONO LEE WASTES Quong a Chinese laundry man at uked the treu ury department whether he can send to China for his wife and He seys he intended to become a citizen of the United States and intimates he to In reply Assistant Secretary Tichener says his occupation u a laun dryman does not exclude him from the dais of laborers and that he cannot claim immunity for his relatives from the Chinese restriction act by reason of his intention to become a citizen of the United Since the law prohibits the admission of any Chinese to citizen ship the wife and children cannot be ad mitted otherwise the produc tion of a certificate IKi the Cuinese government declaringwthem persons other than V VIOLATED THE CIVIL BEBVICI Warrants today were sworn out by C Newton and Terser upon the charge of violating the civil service law in soliciting and receiving contributions from government for political Newton and Verger were president and treasurer of the Old Do minion Republican TBX aspncnoR BILL Senator Sherman to day introduced a further amendment to the meat inspec tion bill reported by providing that salted pork and bacon shall not be in spected unless the laws of tke country to which it proposed to export tke meat require or unless the seller or exporter of tbe meat desires in The bill is also amended so ss to make it a misdemeanor to deface or destroy any of tke inspection or OMIOHS AJTD 1 Tke house committee on agriculture has authorized a favorable report with amendments on tke bfll introduced by denning options and fu tures end imposing ipeoal tans on dealers Tke republican members of tke ways and means committee spent the day in consultation over tke tariff Several delegations were Tke principal action of tke day wu tke reconsidera tion of tike decUion and tkey free kave been restored to tke free duty on jute end bagging wu Tke Pay Looker to be cbiel of the bureau of end clotfcingnnd paymaster general of ike Diefen Beck Island Upper Alton Btiart He Hutinits Sontk Mask Otm 6 ornREDin ooast a THE BOEIiL Tke Hone Committee Opposed to State Uniformity in Sckoel Text lAfcor Day BUI Fagged Other Mitten ef Xnn HAwKZm I CATTTOL DCS Uuce Tke action of the house committee on textbooks yesterday afternoon was sig nificant In spite of the instruction by resolution to the contrary the committee decided adversely to state uniformity and thereby showed a preference for some other method of schoolbcok regu The senate committee also showed itself very strongly opposed to state uniformity by substituting Wool tons bill for The Finn bill pro vided for state Woolsons bill offers a variety of propositions aac leaves plenty of room for experimenta In the first place it creates a board of schoolbook consisting of the secretary of state superintendent of public and these select books to be contracted People in the are the ones to decide whether they will have this series or or whether they wilt have free text or In fact they are compelled to choose and saving once they must abide by their decision The house committee this morning was considering the Powers This pro vides for options free textbooks and district The committee got ogether at eight oclock and spent a full tour considering the What was considered mainly was an amend ment by Russell looking toward county The committee adjrmrced io meet again at four oclock to decide he The following bills were introduced By by confer upon cities and towns additional powers in re gard to construction of street railways and the motive power thereof sso to authorize crossing of railway tracks by street By require all doors of public halls and opera houses to be so constructed u to open and provide penalties for violation By provide for rtlief pf Lea man By by protect con sumers of water supplied by water com panies amendatory of chapter title of the code relating to cities and towns By establish a state normal school at By by require Jnited States flags to be placed on all public school bnil ings and provide for military By amend the law in re ation to printing proceedings of Inards of By by rf appropri ate money to pay expenses of Iowa ex hibit at the Worlds By define the crime of usury and provide punishment amend law in rela tion to encouragement of norticultura and By by empower he court to appoint a clerk of the grand ury not a member By amend the law in rela tion to the election of ichool By require railways to make connections by means of switches with other roads at terminal A resolution was adopted requiring the railway commissioners to have an addi ional supply of railway maps printed md pay for them out of the funds in Another resolution adopted instructs he appropriations committee to have printed and placed on the desks of members two days before action on ap estimates of receipts and expenditures for the period begin ning July to June The joint resolution favoring placing ule and sisal gras on the free list was aken np and passed in about fifteen at against a week in the The Dodge labor day bill was also taken up and The bill legalizing the acts of the chool board of Fremont Ma taeka was and also the bill empowering cities of the second class to issue water works As then to still a gnat deal of com mittee work on Holbrook moved that the order of two sessions a day be set aside once and the mo tion The house then ad onrned till nine oclock tomorrow Oaly two or three wen pre ented in the senate this Bills wen man They were as fol ows rBy compel railroad com lanies to issue mileage books of one houund The books are to be sold for unlimited u to bnt an not and any person transferring rack book shall not be able to purchase another for period of five Tke penalty to the companies for failure to com ily to tknt the commiasionerB may ipel tke companies to carry all psssengers at two a mile until tke law to complied By compel city treas to pay all interest into the city By of appropriate money for tke industrial school at El By provide for the estab lishment end maintenance of three normal By apply tke provisions of chapter of the seventeenth general and thento to extoting bonded indebtedness of cities and By defray tke expenses of legislative visiting committees By of grant cities or ganized under special ckarten power to IK tke of mayors and legalixa the Thtowu A resolution wu adopted referring tke nport of tke nniveraity investigating to the committee on educa nvidingfortke contraction of street nflwim to state inMitntioM located ont side of dry wse psessd Bnckeon si not made but is ftkorined OB til klgkwnys not less than distance bfflbyBnrnerti to provide for tke pkenMcy wu aepeett order tor indebtedness of and this bffl makes it apply after each succeeding Beinigers bifl prohibiting lotteries and the sale of lottery was then taken up and This wu ike last bffl and the senate adjourned till nine tomorrow It had been expected that Parrotfs providing for the creation of de partment of would be called up during the bnt owing to a statement of opposition it was left undis One of tha republican senators who stands high among his stated that he would oppose tke bill un less the cfflte thus created was made ap tke insurance commis sion which it is tougkt to create should be a separate department of tke state At present it is a part of the auditors and he is directly re sponsible for its The duties of the auditor without insurance bra heavy and the crea tion of this additional office would at the same time relieve him and render the icEurasce work more At least the commiEsioner could devote more time to and being the head ol the department instead of a his opinions and work would be more valua Every year the insurance compa nies pay in the way of fees about into the state and certainly any business having that much to do with the state ought to have a separate department Whether it should be elective or not is a It is very likely that only competent men would be chosen by the people to fill the so that method would serve very To place the ap pointment into the hands of the governor would not make any improvement in the service but it would increase his Of due regard should be paid to the dignity of that but the office of insurance commissioner is far too important to be entrusted to Election would secure better and it is toped the opposition proposed will nol materialize when it comes up for TBB Bills aad Meesues trade DES March house this morning pused the concurrent reeo ution for final adjournment on April but a motion was filed to reconsider the vote EO that it may be Among the bills passed wu one to establish the first Monday in September as Labor A large number of bills were intro among them being one to require railways to make connection by means of switches with other roads at terminal points The joint resolution favoring he placing of jute and sisal grass on the ree list vras concurred The calendar was taken up and the pllowlng senate bills passed To legalize acts of the school board of Fremont Mahaska county to empower ncorporated towns to issue water worka Adjourned until The senate mines and mining commit tee will report favorably on the bill giv ing miners a lien on employers prop erty for The judiciary committee of the senate will report favorably on the bill chang ing the number of judges in the fifth ditrict from three to Tne senate committee on the suppres sion of intemperance will recommend or the indefinite postponmsnt of all icense The municipal corporations committee of the house will report favorably o n the senate bill to provide for counties pay ng costs of The same committee will recommend the indefinite postponement of Kents bill to provide for townships erecting public banks and the banking ci mmittee of the house will report ad versely on bills allowing savings banks to invest their funds in securities in sur rounding The same report was nude on the tame subject in regard to mutual benefit A bill wu introduced in the senate this morning to compel railway com lanies to issue mileage books containing i thousand miles at 820 to provide for the establishment and maintenance of hree normal schools to grant cities organized under special charters power to fix the salaries of The bills puted were To authorize the construction of street railways to state institutions from the town near which such institutions are located to allow county auditors additional clerical subject to the control nf board supervisors The bill providing for the listing and the assessment of the assessment of the capital stock of banks was made the special order for Friday as was also the pharmacy The home bill authorizing the fund ng of the indebtedness of cities of the secondclass according to the proceeding census passed senate bill prohibit ng lotteries and providing punishment JvIibratlBK tke ef tbe CoBiiitwUenIMiBeersM at Special to the Marck palatial Hotel Keokuk wu ablaze with light snd overflowing with intellect Tt is the occasion of tbe second annivwary the consolidation of the Eeoknk Constitution with the Democrat Warwick and the pro prietors who assumed control of the combined an tonight fittingly celebrating this suspicions event by banquet at the Hotel their newspaper friends in the triitates had been invited and a arge number an The scene s a lively Tke speech making is going on and the bright sallies and pungent an greeted with rounds f A number of Keokuks eading business The following program of and responses wu carried out Toast James Tke City cf John E Craig Oar Manufacturing William Ballinger The Gem Hamilton Keoknks Retail Mer David Lowry The Legal James Davis Hawkeye Music by Idlers excellent orchestra enlivened tke Warwick and Ransom an the class of newspaper bustlers tknt make a of tke rather precarious business of running a newspaper to nit every It to tke general expression of all their that tkey an deserving of the many bright of them to and itto heartily hoped tkey may live long end of lwkae was house cleaning tke othet swallowed tke of a bottle of odine witti fatal will run Tom Petifer hundred for 9200 at tke fab in that city a week from next Petifer wffl ha gives an sd vantage of five feet wko wu beaten by Petifer to matched for Mother fifty U VVIHD At Mm Blewrn Wlaflovra March 88 Yesterday was the windiest known for many Since morning tha average velocity has been forty miles an sometimes ex ceeding this Considerable damage has been done in the bio wing down of Two glass doors in tha custom house wen destroyed and other windows in various parts cf the city wen blown At the hospital the large windmill used for pumping water was completely KeeBmn March tke district court today Judge in fining sev enteen saloonkeepers 9300 each for viola tion of an agreement to stop selling said Defendants having sold liquor since tke lut term of court in violation of Ute condition upon which the case wu then it is or dered defendants pay a flue of 9300 and stand committed until flue and costs have been A IMy ClwaB TortuM MASOB March Clara Lawrence arrived from Bicux City yes terday and will take legal steps to secure a bequest of left her by her sis ter at Miss Lsw rancewu clerking in a restAurantat Sioux City when she learned Of her good Aceuset fee Special to TBB March ary capers in two big damage suite of each against the Northwestern were filed Claimants are Farmer and John who wen injured in a railroad wreck Jell ucllvnrr at Bpeclal to TBB March Owing to the poor condition of jail one of the Slater burglars escaped the other even and to still at BAtutOAD A BeaM te BBllt froBa Cltj SIOTJX March to an nounced here on good authority that ar rangtments for building a road about one hundred miles loig from Sioux City to have been com and that the road will be com pleted this thus giving a connec tion with the Missouri The local company that built tbe Sioux City and Northern will have charge of the work and Missouri Pacific interests will furnish the THB LAKH 8ROBB DISASTER March 26 board of railroad commissioners hu handed down a decision in the matter of the ac cident on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern on March near in which six persons were killed and twen tyone The report censures Con ductor Hunghtaling for reckless culpa The couplings nied on the cars are also The board recog nizes the reasons for the indisposition of the railroad company to have the facts and circumstances in detail of the acci dent hurriedly given to the press by the reporters before time had been had to carefully investigate for the reason that mistakes are apt to be made to the great prej idice of the rights of the On the other hind the board deems that a brief statement of the facts of the acci giving the names and the number killed and could with propriety and should be given by the railroad com THB END OF THB BATE WAR NEAB March to thought the western passenger troubles are in a way to settlement The meeting of general pawenger agents today ap pointed a committee to consider the ques tion of organizing a western ttates pas senger association and enlarging its scope so u to take in the present trans Missouri It is believed the old agreement will be adopted and the end of the present rate war bo A RECEIVER LITTLE March the Jnited States circuit court to Judge Caldwell appointed Newman re ceiver of the Kansas Wyandotte and Northwestern on au appli cation of the Farmers Lian snd Trust New pending the fore closure of their JIADB LITTLE NBW YORK March 26 confer ence of the eastern trunk Unas and north western roads made little headway in the settlement of rates Several prop ositions were Jimtti XxplrOT m March Justice James a member of the Michigan su preme court since died suddenly at iis home in this city this morning of heart BISHOP HICHAEL HEMS LA March bishop Michael Heiss of the Catholic diocese of died after a long DBATK OF COLOrrKL March Brooke retired died tonight rUHBBAL OF SXHXRAL March Sckenck was buried several posts of the Grand Army of tke Republic in the IOWA Of is to COLOBXD have a negro of was accidentally shot rhfle hunting dock on Cedar Sun an very pos sibly f WOLVES an re xjrted having their own way in tke Skunk river in Jefferson and farmers will have to pat np high picket corrals in which to keep their flocks at or they wfll won be with out BALL question of weekly ball Menu to find favor m tke eye of the Iowa City ball loving and n paying attendance promised if honest games an Wketker on pleasure bent or every trip a bottle plesei m tto liver rnting and otker of itcirms For SOc andel bottles by eQ leading Mew Jaory I March order tsmnwed requiring Beportet wko remeinedn tke Flack Jury HUT iHTUL uiinteiii WATUCE MUD 01 IBETHiltt A Gallant StraggleIke Land ekase BUI tathe CommenBA Vie tory tke Much great unnnl race between tke boat craws of Oxford and Cambridge universities took place on the Thames this At the time of tke race tke wind wu caniing tke water to be quite An unprecedented crowd gathend along both of tbe river and tke interest display ed wu without parallel in the an nals of the Tbe Cambridge crew wu n decided favorite in It won the toss and chose the Surrey side of tke At tke word wu given and tke The race wu over a course four miles snd two fur longs in and resulted in Oxford winning by a length in twentytwo min utes and three XABY TZBBBIKOVA March Asso ciated Press despatch from St Peters dated this stated that Madame Mary Tmbrikova wu arrested for undine a personal letter to the snd would probibly be exiled to It wu said ike Russian authorities inti mated that this letter threatened the czar with the fate of his father unless he modified his reactionary Mr George Kennan wu seen by an Associated Press reporter today regard ing tne matter and told an interesting stated Madame Tzsbrikova wu a cultured Russian wko ku long been known in her own country ua talented She resided in for some time up to this Keanan kad a letter from her under date of January in which she said she wu about to seed a memorial to the czar which would probably lead to her arrest and exile eoon u she returned to her native She enclosed a copy of this memorial to from which he makes It does not menace the but seems to be a rea sonable review of the existing state of things in coupled with an earn est appeal for more liberal In the letter accompanying it to sha says her friends tell her she is brt she cares Sue does not think favorably of revolu tion and although she doubts not it will some day come unless then is a It far The letter and memorial throughout are of a high tone and Kennan says he deiires to place them before the public eye as a refuta tion of the charge of the Russian officials that western writers have idealized Nihilists beyond all semblance to reality TBBBB KBN ABO A WOMAN TJHDSB March A Siberian letter the arrest of three men and a woman for writing an appeal to the Russian people protesting against the conduct of Ostashkin in the Yakntzk The trial will prob ably result in their sentence to VICTOBT TOR THE LIBERALS March election in AyrBuryhs for a member of the house of resulted cnn 2 610 Conservative maj At the lait in 1886 inn liberal unionist can didate received 2 073 and the liberal can didate The an greatly elated over the whick they regard u equivalent to THB POBITIOB OF POFB LBO XIII D8CLABBD NEW March 26 Rome spec ial sayia large section of the cardinals advocating the idea of the future pope to be elected to succeed Leo XIII will leave Italy They declare the position of the pope there untenable Leo strongly opposed the and las appealed to the cardinal that bis lut days on earth be comforted by the assurance that such course be nr THE March number of members of tke commons were Inter viewed todoy on the conference of land purchase bill The bulk of the servativM and unionists approve the All Parnellites condemn it u clearly in tke interest of Sir Charles Russell saidhe would ap prove no large purchase of tke scheme unless accompantep by the home rale ElMinisters withhold their opinions Ihebulk of the Oladstonians disap prove tne THE ARRIVES AT AK LB March queen arrived at Aix Le Bains today and wu received with greet BIOTOUB March 26 an riot ing in St Revolutionary pamphlets have been scattered through out tke FBBSIAH BAILWAT March ku granted to tke Russian flnanden tke refusal of all concessions granted for the construction of railways in that country during tke coming five DB8TRB TBB DUBBR March republican and monarchist leaden are urging Pr si dent Carnot to release the Duke of Or A meat famine impending in Wholesale butchers threaten to clow their shops if their con cerning importation of foreign cattle an not SUICIDES UT Marck a young snpnosed to be resi dent of blew out kis yesterday at a private He had no and kad only been ken Merck farewell andi tke emperor and Prince d tkis of Tke held interview luted threequartan Tke retiring chancellor w ilyekundoBkhway to tke palace by Ike crowds wkieh gathered aloes tke As tke prince wu Uefcmeattedandoneof sntnngled in Ue It to Hop tke carriage until tke knr The crowd quickly tetkend ebont tke egcknerilor tke to Un affected keaked Heakook witkanomker of tkone kni eer rtan Mdkfc voice faltered ke thanked beneonle te Ikeir of mt twesn tke pope and Kmperor HHliam on the labor conference have Baked tnee keen pab BUkopK he thoroughly imbued with tke popes ideu and will materially con tribute u a delegate to tke meeeu of tee congratulates taking tke field fora resolute effort in n wortky cause and warmly withes tke conference sncceu DBCUBBS THB VOBBIOB Von Alvensleven has declined the cfflse of imperial secretary of foreign notwithstanding tke tke Chron icle uys Von Alvensleban has been ap pointed BBpertol foreign A BHOCKUItt a On NEW Marck An offlcer wu summoned by of a flat house in Second near Seventysecond street tkis Tkey exsitedly informed him something wu wrong on the third Quickly sscending tke he obtained entrance into tke department designated by his inform ants through the nar or kitchen Standing by table containing tke remnants of a and steady ing herself by her right hick wu resting against tke wu a wellbuilt with strongly masculine cist of Tke deathly pallor of her face wu intensified by the big splashes of wet blood which marked it Her left which hung terminated at the wrist in a rag ged snd bleeding and the blood wkich came from the severed veins made little pools on the oil cloth on tke The offlcer stopped and u he did the woman partly sideways on tke upsetting it and falling with the dishes and cakes and bits of ment to tke Tke officer sprang and picking a skeet from oat of a pile of soiled clothing which lay in one he hastily ton it np into and began to bandage the An amtulance conveyed tha wo man to the The woman refused to answer all in and a search wu made for tke missing It wu found in tke lying on the pntty Brussels car pet embedded in a great thick clot of All around wen blood and dropti and spatters had even fallen upon tbe furniture and stained the white marble of the center Under n sewing about a foot and a half from the mass of coagulated blood upon which the severed hand wu a big It keen edge shone through tke coating of blood which covered tke and tke wood of the handle wu stained a bright It is not known exactly how she mnti lated but the way things look in tha parlor she have knelt in a small place between the sewing machine and marble pressing her left wrist on the hacked away at it until the knife and the carpet met It nquired a tremendous amount of bnt she was a strong and u powerful u a If the trail of blood is followed she evidently went to tha some few feet away and lay while the blood dripped until it made a little on the From there she went to the when she wu found when the offlcer Preamble ratal LOHO ISLAND March general superintendent of the Steinway and Hunters Point wu probably fatally shot this evening by John R a former driver on the Fourth Avenue horse car The shooting was evidently Moulton says that when he wu con nected with the Fourth Avenue roed ka discharged snd the latter kad a grudge against him ever When Ronan said in a wild Moulion had been hounding his family for years and had driven him Ronan Hone NBW March 26 Stanford sale continued Among tke best prices were Electioneers Brown filly of hay colt of bay cmt of bay colt of 18S8 bay Oily of bav stallion of 14 600 buy colt of 1886 14 600 bay colt of 100 brown brown 12 800 brown 33 500 brown brown bay 93 000 brown brown colt 2 000 brown by 13200 brown by Piedmont S3 A Cry Mr AM March Miis Z president of the Womans Christian Temperance has issued an appeal for aid in the campaign in which has for its object the adaption next November of the proposed prohibition amendment to the constitu She uks that all contributions to aid in the struggle ba sant at MABAHOT March 26 of the Laurel Ridge an individual mine operated by of are seizing live stock to satisfy unpaid labor The colliery has been idle for savers weeks owing to the depressed coal trade and the miners trouble is are in 1OBBOR TOW FLOOBBV WITH B Tke CVajiueu Now Otw FewMBBBBW Feel WidePeepte Cbmpelfed for Ikeir LtreeTke DnvHCrinus and March levee in front of Isaqnena conntyv about esventy milu broke and over four hundred feet Tke water in tke town np fkeewu of and people are re ported u swimming for their water from the crevasse will flood tract of country south and of embracing pert of luqueas sonth of Rolling Fork i of Waxdem county nortk of Ts river TUB BUnBICAHB AI TOWJISVIUBV Merck hurricane at Townuville ku flooded tbe town and censed muck Several wen Tke continne throughout TBB OBIO FLOOD March 26 rivar bee fa Ian two inches by ton oclock thto All reports from above show thai no further rise to possible without another The aggregate of Jouby this flood to much leia than usual u the people prepared for Witk that present conditions the water will rapidly fall and things will go on u bcfon in few A Tineen Marck 26 advices from a pioneer village of twelve hundred inhabitants in Williams county this that eighteen nr twenty resi the bridge and a business block then burned at three oclock tkis morn ing March 36 a col lision on the Northern Pacific of freight trains this marning Engineer Bailey wan fatally injured andthree other train badly A March fnffkt wreck occurred at Lillys station to The wreck took fire and communicated to two hotels a at latest are still BCCKBT SHOfe IViUX te March 26 Tnly thin morning rendered a dacision in regard to the petition of the board of trade uking for the modification of the injunction restraining the board of trade from die continuing its quotations to bucket shop He decided thai he would mod ify the injunction providing that tke board nf trade would agree to perma nently go out of the of fumtok ing The board of man regard this u an important victory for They will discontinue fur nishing quotations April Thalltigsy tion has been going on for several yean and it all grons out on the part of the board of trade keep their oat of tbe bucket skoBSL Under todiyi decUion no tolegrapk companies will be allowed on tha floor of the exchange and customers wfll hereafter be dependent on tke newspa pers or on private messages for their A fwr Unel NBW March 26 Jury te the tuperior court today gave Rylance a verdict of Nicholu for alleged The judge told the jury that it wu cer tainly a clear case of malicious and the only question for them to decide wan the amount of the The court gave counsel an extra allow ance of Dr Rylance pastor of a fashionable Eiitcopal During his absence in Europe last summer cer tain slanderous stories were circulated about on his return by demanded hie He refused and brought thiasnit Belt fmr NBW March auditor of this county has jnst began for damages against E Stabbiety n female notary public and land claiming 910 000 for the publication of an advertisement which she placed one of the local papers as follows steal A party in Washington entered into a conipirscy with tbe auditor to charge 94 60 for getting a leneV Dont get into this iteal tttex for I wfll get them for fifty THE MAS ABOOT One of our palatial Dramatic tionery Klegantiy dressed Isdy and Uttle girl four or five years of uzioneinv sistnnt fanpatientiy aadsevernt good betraying more or less i iLejenaisT Denisve March 1 nf tlnen eiteitei of tke lumber of tke state was Tkey refused to unite with tke northwestern Tke object of tke association is to protect retail lumber dealers in tke sssnU by special rate for so as to do away with the practice of mak between wholesale end M ng to dehorn a steer Adam Bokrbangk ucnptd a horrible death Tke animal crazy witk rage and charged on wko fortnnetely Ike animal wet uncontrolable for bnt finally captured and de NBW March n if manufactumn ef clear Havana eignn kk afternoon a committee wu ap pointed logo to Wuhington and protaft adoption of tke new tobeeeo u inimical to tke interact of this of the Nnw March 2eVIn tke cue of MetropoUttBv exhibition JstBBtBnckZwing asking for onctionto restrain tke latter ftonipler ngwitk any other Judge Wallace thi esantac denied tbe of Sen tontgktoe wdgktof in an Now tall tke man went kind yon like but Shan your owny aloBgtet I ftortkeknndradtk time over tke bewil dering array of sweeteiatheskowrOBiet witt take wme of would I wont eitbef Iwm take wme of No yon dont want that better take or or Darling does not seam to oo bMide wttk mamssas after tftoen or twenty mtontu in tke vain attempt to depart without aukfae and a silence mon uan uttlu down over tke wsst Tke writer wkfle writing for i jedtraiB had the ranetofna brto tke eoespeny of 1 Jokn FnttenoBv and for bomn tke ooBvertetkni oil

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