Wednesday, March 26, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 26, 1890, Burlington, Iowa i THE BURLINGTON EBTABUSKED 1839 WEDNESDAY MARCH 15 CENTS W THE CDUHBDS EIPOBIT10I 10 IE HELD II CHICAGO a Xite Measure Adopted la the EMM of 202 to 49Wana De tate Participated U aU SidesCapital March galleries of the house were filled this morning by the eager throng who wished to witness the final struggle in the Worlds Fair legislation in the Much enthusiasm and illy suppressed excitement was exhibited oa all Even the members of the house were on the qui vive and the hall was mellodious with the hum of conver sational murmurs till the speakers gavel fell and commanded Immediately after the approval of the of called up for consideration the Worlds Fair The bill having been read in on behalf of the offered an amendment providing that the commission shall appoint a board of lady managers of such number and to perform men duties as may be pre scribed by the commission and the board Buy appoint one or more members of all committees authorized to award prices for exhibits which may be produced in whole or in part by female an amendment providing that one of the members of the board created to be charged with the selection of the govern ment exhibite shall be chosen by the fish Chandler in opening the debate expressed the satisfaction which he felt in being able to state that which had been selected by the house as the had proved itself before the equal to all that had been expected of The committee had found that Chicago had not only compre hended the importance and magnitude of the but had entered into it with a determined spirit which had im pressed the committee with the convic tion that it would be successful with its Be believed that the bill was perfectly constitutional and he ad vocated it upon its because he believed that its purpose was wise and The commit tee was satisfied that Chicago had raised a bonaflde subcription of and was also satisfied that Chicago had done more than had been expected of any competing city in agree ing that the subscription should be raised to 000 In order to meet the conservative element which did not favor holding the the bill provided that the president should not issue a proclamation inviting foreign nations un til he was satisfied that the contribution was a bona fide Chandler then offered an amendment to original motion to be considered as for the dedication of the build ings cf the worlds fair wih appropriate ceremonies October 1892 and further providing that the exposition shall be onened to visitors not later than Hay and close not later than October After considerable debate had been in dulged in between of New and the friends of the the former gave notice that he would at the proper time move to recommit the bill with instruc tions to select a committee to report it back when a guarantee of BIO shall be secured by the citizens of Chi the sufficiency and legality of which shall be satisfactory to said com Chandlers amendment postponing the time for holding the fair until 1893 was then adopted without On motion of Carlisle an amendment was adopted providing that the govern ment buildings be built of such material as can be taken out and sold after the of New said he appealed to the house for fair play to wards New York had lost the fight through treachery ia her own We said handsomely What are we go ing to do about it at am going to act the manly I stand by the committee because I believe it is manly and right The action of the senate may yet unfavorable to If so New York can again enter the lists with If that time does not come I consider I honor my state and my country by standing by Frank said nothing should be done to retard the progress or imperil the sue cess of a fair in Hatch of Missouri expressed him self satisfied with the clause providing that the before issuing a shall satisfy himself as to the genuineness of the There wab nothing left for congres to do but extend to Chicago every legiti mate encouragement for making the fur a great national Lower of New York said he would vote to recommit the bill and make Chi oago show her subscription of New Addressing said not the gentleman think it was fortunate we were because if things had gone as they now are we should have lost a msjor ity of the Tammany management be cause they wruld have been inside Lud low street jail Laught Mason expressed the belief that Mew York did not want to make the fair The way to help Chicago wss not to Vhiow discredit upon Several others who had favored Wseh New York and fit Louis pressed earnest hope for tike success of Beldens motion to recommit the Mil with instructions wss defeated with oat The The negative votes vase cast toy those members who had beea trass the first opposed to holding any worlds Attar a call of the roll oslloa aad roll call oa goiag iato tioa of the Wyomlag adssissioa which wss productive of BO good the BOOM March bUU latroduced was oaeto educational fnadtrosn the imossosof public Bad to a also a JotatJBBolBtkmto uBBlltuHnB an SB an BDBsBBBSffl of ctade aad so the government in the region of Alaska as compared with its condition in 1870 also fall information as to the impend ing extinction of the sea otter industry and kindred lines of offend a resolution which was agrsed to calling on the secretary of the interior for information as the lane patents issued to Indians under ths ssv craUyaet HOST gave notice that he would not call up the Montana election cases until Monday next The antitrust bill was then taken up and George addressed ths At the close of Georges speech a mo tion by him to refer ths bill and astead ment to the judiciary committee created quite a lengthy in the course of which Vest said ths country knew the receptacle in the senate de posited its and there was no longer any hope of concealing it The country now knew that when senators desired the death of a bill and were not anxious to place themselves on record as having struck the they referred it to the judiciary where it slept the Last Georges motion was rejected and the question was then taken on Reagans amendment adding to the bill anti trust bill as sections four and five and it was agreed Sherman moved to amend the first section by adding to it the proviso sug gested by George Ths act shall not be construed to apply to any agreement or combination between lab orers made with a view of lessening the number of hours of labor or increasing the nor among the persons en gaged in horticulture or agriculture with a view of enhancing the price of their Agreed Hoars motion to strike out of the first section the Of defferent or between two or more citizens or or of the United States and foreign or citizens or corporations thereof agreed Ingales amendment aming at dealing in futures and was agreed Coke then offered an amendment ionsisting of eight new mov ng to strike out all of the bill except Ingslls amendment and substitute his The substitute wss laid on the Stewart moved to insert in the first section the words or of the value of money by which such cost may be ad vanced or and Hoar to insert after money the or of gold or Pending action the senate He Posed as a Contractor Bat wss Caifly Engaged in Koafciag tae Bosses of Trusting Frfeads Hta Wife an NBW March fashion able suburban town of Mont New is horrified over the discovery hat one of her most respected Fames a mason is a who has been robbing houses right and left for a year He was dentifled by an one of his vic tims grappling with him in a house one night last week sad unmasking search of his house revealed thousands of dollars worth of money and plate hid in the Tuthill and his iretty wife are in jail His former riends believe he is the captain of a rob ler band and that his wife wss a trusted lieutenant They were both highly re pected in Mont and were good church xam YORKS Grmmt Bvport OB the Cor Ska WASHINGTON XKWB Soldlan March Stable today rendered a decision in a case involving the assienability of the right to make soldiers additional home stead The secretary decides the question in the negative and tays by con struing the soldiers homestead act as a whole it is clear congress did not intend privilege granted to a soldier to be subject to barter and sale or assignment to TjjK EXmADITTOK TRlEATV March The convention supplementary to the tenth article of the treaty of 1842 be ween Great Britain and the United States concluded at July and the ratifications exchanged it March was pro claimed The additions to the old list of extra Litable crimes were made public some time The convention further pro ides that a f ugntive criminal shall not ie surrendered if the offense in respect f which his surrender is ddemanded be of a political or if he proves he requisition for his surender is made with a view to try or punish him for an ffense of a political No per son surrendered shall be triable or tried or any crime or offense committed prior to the WASHINGTON The house committee on invalid pen sions today authorized a favorable re port on the bill introduced in tile house astweek by Merrill of The bill provides for disabilty pensions to all soldiers who have reached the age of sixtytwo Having once reopened the subject of duties on sugar the republican members of the ways and means committee find it a hard matter to adjust them satisfac Today refiners were here in orce from New Boston and Phil Arguments were heard for and against the proposed reduction of duty on The conscience fund was enlarged by received today from New lie sender stating it is the last payment with twentyfive percent over and above the amount he defrauded the govern ment of years The president today nominated Pay Director Thomas Tooner of the navy as chief of the bureau of provisions and clothing and paymaster general with the rank of The house committee on invalid pen cions ay authorized a favorable re port of the bill providing that any sol dier or sailor wounded in service and who received more than one where one of such wounds amounts to total disability and the other wounds create then such person shall receive pension rated without regard to rank for each wound Pro the amount shall not ex ceed 172 per Senator in response to the house resolution asking in his opin any reduction of public expenses would result from the transfer of the pension bureau from the interior to the war expresses the opinion that a decided reduction of expenses would the amount of which could not well be CHBBOKBB The members of the Cherokee eommis sion met today and heard statement from representatives of the Cherokee and other Indian tribes ia Indian Among those who appeared before the commission ware Chief Mayes and ex Chief Bushyhead of the Cherokee nation Several propositions were submitted to the commission aad it was stated bv them if their propositions could be made the basis of aa agreement the Cherokees would consent to a concession of their Chief Mayas propositions sre substantially ths goverasaeot shall rnlflllits obligation to expefl from the Cherokee nation all aoncitizens a joint ABiasioa to toe appointed to determine the question of citizeashlp by several thousand fresdawa BOW lathe rltory the govarasseat to relinquish all right to asttSa the friendly In disasoa the Cherokee lauds east of the aiastysizth aad the govera it to indicate a vdUagasss to pay a fair cash value for ths Cherokee outlet sad dis ettai autaodtr to speak for tha Tats oossssisaioa will probably leave WsAiaftoaforksIadiaatscritorywith ia Iks few oa sJsettnsMto Wttats dnut stow March League directors wffl mast ia 3few York Antil Bad deal the nsssrtsis creek yesterday in the mountains and the boat Bing wss drowned and it is is fatally in CUR I HOffllPIEDOTEl THE CHOICE lEMEi NBW March grand ary today handed down a long present ment to Judge Fitzgerald in which the iheriffs office is characterized as s dis grace to the city and a shame to civiliza The foreman of the grand jury said the nquiry had failed to reveal a single re deeming element in the management of he sheriffs It was a black record of violated tardy forced set corruption and It was no longer a question of what ought to be done to remedy the existing but rhat must be done at once and without The foreman asked that copies of the presentment be sent to the gover nor and state The in referring to sheriff says that durii g three ended Tannery one firm of auctioneers conducted sheriff sales from which was realized tha sum of Of this um 13937 was divided between the heriff and the In the year 1889 the sheriffs profits over How much more ie received for extra compensation cannot be learned because of the ooseness of his Under the ystems in vogue deputy to realize substantial pecuniary ire almost compelled to commit criminal to lay aside all ideas of konesty and For twenty years says the there has been an utter subversion of public interest to personal and the employment of men of ignorance and cupidity in the heriffs fsm BIFOim Hill It TjBCOBiUiu March governor baa ent a message to the legislature recom mending that both houses pass a con current resolution asking the court of Appeals to reconvene and give an opinion a to the conttitut locality cf the Saxton lalot reform Tee governor states that he cannot sign the bill in its present as he has the conviction that cer ain of its provisions are in violation of he state In the senate a resolution calling on the court of ap teals for a decision as asked for by the overnor was introduced and with the message referred to the judiciary com similar action was taken in the Am Rtport N March lispatch from Las Vegas says yester days report of the divorce and remar riage of the millionaire Wil son was Stock NEW March 35 sale of ienator Stanfords trotters beean Todays sales averaged over Among the best prices were a bay y to Jacob New bay by to brown to Mai com brown y to Kalama 2 350 bay by to U2 500 bay by to 3 550 by by to S Pennsyl bay by bay by to New William Waldorf NBW March 25 Wal dorf Astor has as a filial trib ute to the late John Jacob to place massive bronze doors at the Broad way entrance to Trinity to cost BBOKB HBB nilBoU IB a Bratal MBVBBT March morning John a Wabash killed his Stella She was endeavoring to get him to return from a saloon to the house when he struck her in the killing The blow broke her The March tonight with a representative of the Associated Press regarding the cutting of passenger rates west of the Missouri Mr general passenger agent of the Missouri said wished to deny the charges that his road ia cutting rates in a spirit of The Missouri said Town maintains the same stand it has since the beginning of the that it will meet competition wherever The cutting of rates has been he to meet those of com aad by direct orders of Presi dent Jay Free samples of Miles Restorative Nervine at Wines drug store Cures March interstate bar of raOr ad onVasls today coaeera iag freight rates between Chicago sad the wast Sac official maintained tha rates wan lower than they should owing to undue competition and the of savers state legislatures dnl by MflsV TJT A BAJTK IB rfclBSBB T March sensation was created this afternoon ia the First Na tional bank when Frank a horsewhipped United States ommiisioner Simeon After receiving several blows in des lifted his csne and struck L policeman then arrested the and King went to his Kant claims that who had been her at defrauded and calumniated Dng says that Kent held uoright ol possession of one of his houses in company with an alleged anarchist named and objecting to such was about to have her THK TZBZ A at March in the is ess portion of this city yesterday did partly FUTEBN HUNDBKD HOUSES SAN March by the steamer City of Pekin are to the ef ect that on February 27 about fifteen inndrsd houses were destroyed by fire in and a number of people Another fire on March 5 de troyed nine hundred SBBIOCB Several serious encounters are reported between the Dutch troops and Chinese THX OBIO Xfce Blvw Still BlalBK at ClB March 25 river here it ten ten oclock measured fiftyeight eet and ten and onehalf inches and was rising at the rate of onehalf and inch Under the present conditions his rate cannot be maintained and t is barely possible that a height of ixty feet will be A eiooBar OBUOOK for A Much an nual report of the board of itate assessors ontans this statement There con iaues to be a marked depreciation in the value cf farm lands in every county and he depression anong farmers while the prospect for improvement is ot Many assert that after paying xpenees they cannot realize from their arms sufficient to pay the interest on mortgages and consequently thousands f farms sre falling into the hands of Will March long fight etween the heirs of the late Judge jyle of the Illinois supreme ourt on one and the direct heirs if his second m the wss amicably settled before udge Jamison Dickeys eirs take her while Judge Dickeys estate will be divided half among his children by his first marriage and half among Dickeys by KAKSAS March 25 rom those counties in Kansas which were devastated by prairie fires Sunday and Monday report that the fires are The number of farms in cluded in the fire are about aid the number of houses with sur barns and sheds burned about he Not a single human life was ost so fir sa The loss to 1 ve lock is not but great quantities of farm produce was The otal loss is estimated at a quarter of a The growing wheat is reported o have escaped all Never promise more than can be jaxador has beep successfully run on his principle For sale by all rice only 25 Mothers will grow weary and sigh over he babys taouhles when Bulls Baby Syrup would relieve the child and thereby give the mother mt March 25 hundred and fifty workmen employed by Riley of on the North Denver struck today fur an increase of An important They act on he stomach and bowels through the A new They speedily cure bad tor pid piles and Splen did for and Small 80 doses for 85 cents Samples free at Wittes drug store A Blah BlBdcr SAM March a Cainese Hieh today was sentenced to fifty years imprison ment for the murder of a fellow China man four years Chuck was twice convicted of murder in the first degree and was sentenced to but the supreme court reversed the decision at each OF THE VICTIM OF i EDliWll IB Bravely Attempting to Step a Frantic Tessa of Hones He is Trampled to of the Speelal to ram March eppmeyerwas almost instantly killed tonight at six oclock at the brickyards opposite Univeasity Frederick Roethenbsck had hitched up a very spir ted team and the were running way with when Peppmeyer rushed in front of the hones to grasp the reins At that instant the pole struck him snd ie fell over Ten minutes la ter he wss The deceased leaves a wife sad two His parents live and are welltodo The funeral will take place irsday afternoon at 2 oclock from Wsfley Rollins undertaking establish ment With M MOB Special to TBS DBS March a icheme was on foot among the democrats n the house to present a resolution a resubmission of the prohibition but Captiin Head forestalled hem by getting in one to that effect as ollows the folloirinr amendment to he constitution cf the state of Iowa and he same la hereby and referred to the legislature to be chosan at the next gen etal election for members of tbe general namely To adl aa section 26 of rticel of said conatilmion the following section 26 Toe or keeping with intent to OT aellinit of any iotoxi catiog liquors Including Trine and for use aa a are strictly trohlbited In Tbe peaerai nessmbly hall by law preecrtoe suitable aid efficient emulations acd adequate for tae en orcement of the provisions and may ilso prTlde all necessary regulations and re trlctions for the keeping and elllnir of such and alcohol for me sacramental or ulinary and for one la the and any violation of euoh regulations orre trlctions ahal subject the offender to the ame penalties and proceedings aa may be irovided avainst offenders keeping or gelUnp of auch liquors to be used aa a 1 he lecretar of atate la here by charged with the duty of giving notloe of he foregoing as provided by It saems more probable that the pres ent prohibitory law will be repealed than the above resolution will pats the jeneral Before it can become effective it must run the gauntlet of two eneral assemblies and then be ratified by a vote of the 8TATX The best salve in the world for salt fever chapped chilblains corns and all skin and posi tively cures or no pay It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money Price K cents per For at MKDICDTE March This morning the house occupied by Boot was His three aged four and two per The father wss away and the mother was Root was ee verely burned trying to rescue the chil of AartCBltBral March Jacob Wissler and representing the Farmers Alliance of the United have concluded to establish an alliance of agricultural works at Iron The works will employ from three to five hundred hands sad the products will go to every suballiance in the representing four million Dramscl March Richard the wellknown wss a promi nent seriously poisoned last night by taking a from a bottle supposed to contain mineral but waichreallywi OB April aad May the Barliag Cedar Rapids sad Northern Rail waywaiatll Home Seekers XscnrsioB frost all OB its line south of aad including to all stations on its lias aorta of sad iaeludiag lows ia and South at rate of oaa fare for the round tnpTickets wm be sude good for thirty days frop date of tertopWatsaypoia either goiag or n For further SB Ill IT hist of on a shopping taking eyeipended about d ths police and dusky maidsaswerearraited Waen taken into costody the women scattered the remain ing tl80 to the The money wss afterward The prisoners were t to Jail in default of bail naaa Bpwtoi to Taa March Rommel died at midnight last night of pneumonia after an illness of two Rommel was loved by and there is ao one who will be missed more in our circle and The funeral services occur next Thursday afternoon at 2 AN BHeiNXra8 MASOX March one of the oldest engineers on the Milwaukee and 8t Paul died in this city from March Litch the principal owner of the River companys title to tha socalled river lands in and Boone gave notice of his appli ation for an injunction to restrain the of those counties f rsm collect HKAD8 ng on the ground that the title is n litigation and the taxes are not col ectable until after the United States salt to decide the ownership is I he application will be argued before Judge Shiras at Council March The assessed taxes on these lands amount to a year in lamilton and Boene LitcV leld has already paid nearly axes on these lands without to ba Special to THI DBS March 25 corrected appropriations to be recommended by he senate committee are as follows B ys Industrial 23 100 Insane 48 1000 Insane 25 000 Agri rultural College for the 7 000 Feeble minded 145 100 8 36 250 State N Orphans 46 500 peni at Ft Madison 8117uO peni tentiary at Anamnoa 36 850 Girls In dustrial Deaf and Dumb Benedict capitol 8150 000 Indm irial Home for the Aduit 40 000 tairit 1 500 fish vm 3 000 investigation of the 4 800 new normal WITH Govuvor Caaaot VUIt eovirncr Special to THE DES March Boies today seot to G of New regrets for his inability to attend the reception at Albany on April Governor Hill had extended him a warm invitation to saying the executive mansion would be at his dis ial and he would take pleasure in in troducing him to many prominent demo crats Governor Boies says he cannot leave here just at this time and much regrets that the reception occurs just at the present He will take advantage of the first opportunity to make a at Special to TBS general store of Henry Munch was broken into last night and the safe was rifled of its severs suits of un derwear and two or three pair of shoes were taken and things strewn around the store There is no positive clue as yet to the Tmm mt Special to THE LA March oi the temperance folks are trying to find out if the high toned Doys are running a club room whbre whisky and poker flow Carthage attorneys are helping the temperance folks to find out and fun is Meanwhile other citizens sre receiving white cap MlBlatwial Special to TKS March minis terial institute of the military tract closed s two meeting at this A large number of clergymen were pres ent and many interesting sddresses were Beavtot Special to Taa March eases of fever are reported and they have been No fear of a con BpMialto Xaa FT March street car strike has been ended by the com pany granting the demaads ox the drrr ers AH but oae nsa have rstnraea tc March east bound express ou the Northern Pacific weat through a culvert Bear Heron sta tjoa this The express ssssssa gsrwas kfflsd aad four nasseagen ia How seriously to BoVyat aged SOB of a wealthy tamer rssidiag assr clamberedupadistaaca of thirty fast Moadaytoofl ths auchiaefyof awiad WhOa at work hto coat sksve was atworkafcooat BSftOBBBBOBV oaThis wssfiaaQysBtrieatsdaftsr the aad baaagrlBdlac sway for funyBvaitoutas Bk fortitude was Gross Sunday night and relieved They at once started out M Q TBE 8EI1TE AHL HNBE QHDDIBE8 BUSILY AT f OIL The Ways aad Means CsnsUttee Re Ho for March Caprivi on enter ing the chancetierio is revolted to have aid I shall not probably remain long It would be impossible for me to acrifice my honest opinion at the caprice of the Bismarck has deposited ill his crosses acd except he golden fleece and black in the No more uniforms or medals for The veteran said You have forced me into there I shall wear a frock coat and only need my iron OFFERS TO March General Boulanger ias written a letter in which he renews lia offer to return to France providing he government will permit him to be tried by court of appeal or court March A meeting of the cabinet was held today to consider pro which have been made by various Trench chambers of commerce against he McKinley American customs duties bili MOB AT March Dispatches from 7rete say at a priest was dragged from his pulpit and paraded through the streets amid the jeers of the Sixty four of the villagers are itarving in For March The following resolution was adopted at a regular meet ng last week by W McKdozie Post No Department of Iowa A R By the members of cKanzie Post Department of Iowa R that we endorse the recommendations of the commission ap Minted by the Twentysecond general assembly of to devise and report plans for a memorial of deceased soldiers and and request the resent legislature to pass the necessary appropriations to carry out said recom mendations substantially as GatltT BtcallBK Grain Y March The jury n the of Stephen J the lormer manager of the associated eleva charged with stealing brought n a verdict this morning of A motion for a new trial was Irmgtij BAIT March Che corners jury in the caaeof he printer and the proprie tor of the Windsor at whoie dead bodies were found returned a verdict ihat Greaham came to sis death by being murdered by McCon tey and that McConkey Letters were found on Greshams body which though not signed were believed to be written by expressing ova and affection for Gresham and it is supposed the finding of these letters caused the M to Windows Soothing Syrup should always be used for children It soothes the softens the allays all cures wind colic and is the best remedy for Twenty eve cento a bottle ratal SAN FBAH March A in which were a teamster named Brown and the three small children of a neigh while attempting to cross the rail road tracks in West Berkley this morn log was struck by a passenger Brown and two children were killed and the other child seriously The two hones were so badly hurt they had tobekilled March annual state ment of the American Bell Telephone company shows earnisgs of against in an increase of net earnings of an increase of 16 644 an increase of BMBfiartaBi at BTmtai March town is greatly excited over two or three incen diary flrei started early this Everything is wet from snow and and this aided the citizens in the sup pression of what Blight have been a seri ous There ia no clue to the March 25 fanner named aad two neighbor whose names are were drownec in the Missouri river Sunday aear Flor while Bead the following says Was down with abceas of and friends am physicians pronounced me sa incurable Began taking Sings New Discovery for Com now oa my third and able to over aee the work on my It is the finest did Jesse says Had it not beea for Kings New Diseovery for ConsnaaptioB I would have died of nag Wss given up by Am BOW fa bast of Try Bastpla botdas free at Haarys dnc wffi of the Before tte grisat are aaaUsrsdoaeoftaa rich is MBCB of hissstste port oa State Liqsor Iiifiilstissi HA 1 V Das March The senate schools committee decided his afternoon to report favorably oa Woolsons substitute for Finns unifom tybilL The house committee on schools decided to recommend favorably the compulsory education bill and also the ill reducing the rate of interest on school unds losaed from eight to seven per The janitors around the state house were thrown into consternation by a said to be made that the aewly appointed custodian has power to dis charge all janitors in state offlccs aad put in new They sre afraid a clean sweep will be made and all will lave to Heretofore appointments of anitors have been made entirely by tate and this seems like taking away their The house committee on text books this afternoon decided against state uni ormity by a vote of seven to The bill before it wss and the com mittee in the morning will consider Sowers bill for district purchase and free text Tie house normal schools committee his afternoon adopted a resolution to the effect that it would be unwise to make any farther recommendations than those the committee had already pro posed for the new state normal The senate agriculture committee ask lor more time on bill to encour age the manufacture cf binder twine rom materials grown in the The ways and means committee of the senate was today evenly divided OB the matter of advising a two mill or a two and onehalf mill levy for state tax aad will ask mere time to decide the The house insurance committee will report on bills in the They will recommend for passage bills to per mit mutual insurance companies to in lure property under the same conditions as others to permit life insurance com sanies to make loans on real estate up to if ty per cent of value including build if tha same are insured in good companies to permit mutual insurance companies to loan money to the sstre limit as the regular life insurance com The bill to permit assessment associa tions to combine was recommended for indefinite The senate and house judiciary com mittees heard arguments on the Johnson county legalizing The senate committee on compensation of public officers will tomorro favorably on a bill increasing salaries of wardens of penitentiaries to also f ivorabbly on Reinigera bill requiring appointments to positions in state insti tutions to be confirmed by the governor consideration of the bill to reducs the salary of oil inspectors stenovra phew is postponed till nine Fri Thehoust committee on roads and highways will recommend for passage the bill authorizing the platting of roads established by also the in definite postponement of iwo other bills The senate constitutional amendment committee decided to report favorably on tbe bill granting municipal suffrage to women they will also report with out recommendation s proposition to change the legal age of voters from twentyone to THB AcJoBra Slav Special to the DBS March 25 work of the two appropriation committees was nearing completion yesterday and the bills to help the state institutions were pretty well agreed All the esti mates were bases on the amount of in come to be derived from a two mill tax and according to this the appria tiona had to be trimmed way in some instancis much more than The senators were of the opinion tha the honse would not recede in its portion on the two and onehalf mill levy and so the members of that body made their estimates oa what the house desired The house this morning spent the first half hour receiving petitions sad memor A great many of them were for a change in the exemption a very strange for there is no bill be fore either house at present providing for such Several petitions were presented in favor of a soldiers monu and also a number asking for re lief from oppressive school book laws and for establishment of joint Under committee reports quite a num ber of bills were brought back to the greater part them being recom mended or indefinitely The bills introduced in the house this morning were mostly legalising sac More important were the Chamberlain introduced a joint resolution calling for a reduction of tariff on lumber aad binding Luke introduced a Joint resolution asking for tha appoiatskeut oi a committee of four from tbe house sad two from the senate to take steps to ward having Iowa represented at the worlds This wss A reso lution was also adopted limiting tha of each speech in debate to tea The calendar was taken up aad a aunt her of bills disposed By repeal chapter 189 ol the acts of the twentysecond general That act appropriated money reimburse adttsea of Webster named John for money sup posed to be lost by buying land frost the which the state really had so right to as the title thereto was ia the Das Moines River Improvement it paid 160 fer tha and sold it John OsUuad for When Oitlund found the title no he sold it to another BIBB for 100 for the timber there wss oa it Hai diea said ha had lost nothisg OB the and would not accept the The bin repealing taat sp propriatioa act psssed without opposi sad tha state will be about 88B By JohartOB of the quaHunatioBs of county snpsriBteadsBts of The bffl reserved a Bujority of sil the votes but as it did aot get a coasUtutloBsl sujority it fsOsd to provide for the dis solutioB of Tata wss bra good jsasnass BO law oBtafssabjeet dabfflwmpcova of great By OstssTo reduce the rate otfatsr troops duringtha evil war wss psssed without a nit of discussion or The resolution relative to the distribution of lists of att the men from Iowa who served ia tha civil war also The mattsr oiansl adjournment came up under this As determined upon by tha senate the time for supping was fixed at April 15 Aa ameadBMBt s introduced to make the tisse April 10 by He argued that tha appropriations committees were about ready to report and as not much ime was to be spent oa the other sub i acts in hand the final adjournment could take place on the 10th as well as aay other The members dont know their own minda yet and were not ready to but they were all so motion was made and carried for ad journment before the question could be Jnat before adjournment two bills were attoducett by unanimous They were By provide for the estab lishment and support of three noraul schools the By of Dee increase the of couit The effort to have two sessions a day wss but in the face of the atiU very large amount of committee work OB it could not it B expected there will be two sessions to aad that will continue on to the The senate this morning began work at nine oclock and went right at things with a After petitions had beea disposed of the Older taken up was intro duction of The following were petitioned By appropriate money for tha relief of ot By EnideTo prohibit the location of cemeteries within the incorporated limits of cities and By amend section forty three of tho code relative to tax levy for ordinary purposes alao to amend section three hundred and twelve of the code re lative to issuing funds in certain By resolution asking coa gcss to hsva the Uaion Pacific Railroad c jrapany pay the debt to the government which will become due iu By Git amend the code relative to the adoptior of children also con tortingadditional powers on cities of the first class relative to assessors This bill provides for the election of an additional and applies directly to Daa The bill was taken up and passed at By Duugan by provide for the adoption of the Kkynes votere ceiving machine in cities having Under calender work Harshg bill to increase the powers ot citiea in regard to bridge taxes was taken and after extended discussion made a special order for Thursday at 11 a Senator Macks bill to reduce the of interest on school funds loaned from eight to six per cent was the subject of extended The reason given for the desire for re duction wore that tbtire ia a great deal of money bdongiug to school districts now lying idla on account of the high rate of and profit could be derived from it if tha rate was There wss some opposition but the bill passed by a vota of 38 to When this bill had been disposed of the senate went into executive trie first BJOCO the begining of the legis All that came beft it was tke nomination of W L ex mayor of Dea to be custodian of the 7 he nomination was con firmed and the senate sd j The action of Governor Boies in ap pointing Carpenter givea the latter gentleman a very good position for ths next two He will receive a salary of a year and have a very easy If the appointment doesnt raise1 a little disaffection among the hosts of the faithful we are somewhat Carpenter is a renegade republican and ana never really been a democrat Bat then he has srfme strong men backing him and their influence secured the place for MtlM osi aptolai to TEB DES March 25 ways and means committee has presented its re port of receipts and expenditures for the past and coming biennial of the following is a recapitulation PAST BIENNIAL KeceloU fur the Brae nine mcntbs of the fiscal beginningJuly 889 Disbursements for game period 897 Ml 18 Beceipts In excen Balance on July Total receipts In excess 1 Outatandlng warrants March 1890 Floatingdebt April 1890 10 COinrJ HIENNI L Estimated receipts for two April IfclW 00 Estimated expenditures for tame period W Exaeu of receipts over expendi tures truacooo Set floating debt April with intereat Ket surplus The surplus will become available as follows Beoelpts of quarter beginning1 April Disbursement for same Bxceai of leceipta floatingdebt April 1890 00 Sorplni for use before July Approximate receipt dorlua toe list months ol 1SSO Becelpt In ezoen Toul inrpliu available in lam BaoeiptadunnrUnaiibaaUofiwo The estimate of expenditures for the biennial beginning April herein is the same ai that of this auditor of state for the current fiscal eacept that there have been addi made to the amount of sad deductiosa to the amount of From this report it would appear that the two BUD levy would be suffldsat bat examination win show that it will aot be if proper proper provis ioa is to be made for the state institu tions the amount of incosta win aot be Only the ordinary expeadi tures an provided f and Utea tha set surplus Is but Now tha assouat of exlraordiaary appropriatioa asked for toe state iuititntfonoa aad other pur poses is but ths Bwsibenssr this wfll save to be cut dowa fuBy oae That would nuke tha astouatto be appropriated This would be BMraly for state sad it is readily seen that this assouat would aot be evea with suck Row the of iaaossB frosm tha extra half nrfl tax would ba jMtsWMnOvestiauiedoBthes M tha ways aad means comssittsai sad this would give a Mai pel i tobeuesdfor extraordiasrj apj tioasof Tha state tioiaconldba well cared for out of i aad thetaxpayers

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