Sunday, March 9, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa PART ONE THE BUBIINGfON I Pages i to ESTABLISHED MARCH THEME IEBOCI 01 EHOB AID THEIB Old FableHow a Certain Sultan tttmaailed That the Earth be Cov ered With leather Chat Mil Feet Hight Net certain who liv cd be fore the inven tion of sh was once strolling through the plea Mire grounds of his palace when he struck his foot against a sharp jiointed which liad been overlooked by tup department of public Not only was thn royal toe but the royal temper was Summoning the grand to the commander of the faithful issued au edict that within twentyfour hourtin whole earth was to be covered with in order to preclude tinpossibility of the recurrence of u second catastrophe like that from which the lord of the harem was now Should the royal inundate not be olf with the heads of all the of the Tor i while great consternation reigned ministerial leather was hiici the time not failed to do much with it in lii line of covering the Yet the sultan was a man of his word when executions were in some the court if there wan a brilliant As the of this the great potentate was waited upon at the ex pinition of the appointed time bv a bowing and scraping with all due presented to his royal highness a first the edict obeyed the entire earth was now covered with leather beneath the feet of the son of the sun All the world knows the pretty tale of the charming little creature imposed upon by ugly elder sisters who were envious of her fresher IVw children are there who have not luourneil over the way in which the poor little maids beauty was obscured by her coarse attire until it was onlv seen as shines the moon in clouded and who have not sorrowed at the thought of the soft blackened aud rough ened by hard work of the shapely disguised in ugly And among the incidents of the trans migration of this grimy grub into a gorgeous butterfly is there any thing mere attractive than the episode of the tiny crystal slipper all remember how it fell off as she fled from the and we used to opine largely that even this fairy covering must have been too large for the graceful foot it But we road further that after the ugly sisters had done all they could to squeeze one of their ill shaped feet into the little glass when Cin derella tried it it lilted her per fectly We were forced then to the conclusion ihat the loss of the wee shoe was a bit of fairy rather than an for bow could the prince ever have found true love without this clow to guide him How the little dears heart must have throbbed the day after the when she hoard the cryer going through tln si reds seeking the owner of the tru unl shoe And with what ill concealed scorn aud amusimcnt she must have swii her sisters do their best to prove their right to her while she stood yet not to bpeak From that day to the shoe has been a favorite subject for No one can forget Goody Two nor the Crmiin tale of the golden slippers that tlamed so iiidofatigiibly all Aud there were I hi cruel hot iron in which tin unkind sister was con demned to waltz until she dropped dead a story recalled by many a martyr to corns and high hotled dancing Tnat must nave ancJC to a level of apathy and dontcareish ness who it totally indifferent to the ap pearance of her Shoes are to a great extent an index of The French Bien et bien has been em bodied in the English A lady may be known by boots and her It is interesting to observe the styles of women who wear certain kinds of The so called strong minded woman glories in her shapeless walking and is loftily contemptuous of ad verse She can afford to dis regard it if the ugly chaussure covers a well formed Even the canal boat outlines of a Waukenphast cannot altogether disguise the graceful shape it But it takes true moral cour albeit of a generally unappreciated for a woman with a gener ous understanding to wear square toes and extensive A writer on society topics in a New York paper recently argued that a com mon sense shoe was not the most com She claimed that in such a boot the foot slipped thus pro ducing corns and and that a woman who wore a closely well shaped boot was more at ease physically and for she could step out in cross a spring on a car or run up and down elevated road stairs with the happy sense that her feet looked so well she need ta no pains to conceal Possibly the one length to which the makers of rational boots have gone has modified public taste concerning shoes of the opposite extreme and which might with equal force be styled One seldom sees on the worn by the best the absurdly high heeled shoe that pitches the wearer forward at an angle once fashionably known as the Grecian The demimonde may still adhere to this style of aud it may be seen sometimes on the far east and far west New York But the best style of New York girl wujks much and walks with that absence of self consciousness of bearing that marks the denizens of large Only the very foolish or the very young woman nowadays crowds her foot into a sliodecidedly too small for Common and economy both depre PRICE 15 CBTTS TWAS 19 in HE LOVES HE PLACE BULL A Land of Rare Air and Less Bar Especially in the Hnmor MineHealthy and ttnileleai Wyomin yrigLt by Edgar will in the eighth Jtate in tiie She has an area o square of which i underlaid with She has a wealtt of and Wyoming is over ninetyseven times the size of Ehode and human life is quite secure now in the larger towns especially luring office EVERY DAT cate the sense be cause tight shoes induce red hands and to say nothing of profound dis comfort aud economy because a shoe that is strained to hold a foot larger than it was meant to cont will stretch out she whirled through u en during her misery with a smiling Coming from the realm ol fairy fiction to modern story read the pathetic tale of Ijebees little we listen to the ballad of tlie wooden shoe und Jind many other contes iu which a shoe or a slipper plays a conspicuous for in The Second where a certain high heeled satin slipper figures prominently among the proper Remembering all it is not a cause for surprise that the modern maiden be stows so much attention upon this por tion of her If she is rjrrafashiou of split at the seams and give way all over after comparatively little Nevertheless it is a poor judgment which advises the purchase of an over large It tries the foot to be sub jected to constant Such treat ment causes bunions and general malaise as surely if not as swiftly as the pressure of the undersized The appearance of ones footgear has been mentioned above as an index of must be predi cated of the woman who wears a shabby shoe The very down at heel and have come to epitomize carelessness and That wo man must cither be wofully hard pinched financially or an inherent slattern who will be seen on the street with a ripped or rusty or in the house with a slovenly or slipshod slipper Do not all of us who read Miss Edgeworth as chil dren remember the troubles that followed Rosamonds choice of the purple jar in stead of new shoes A rather positive old who held decided views on most used to say emphatically that no woman who was a thorough lady would ever put on a stocking with a liole in or a shoe that lacked a The assertion is a trifle and since straws show the direction of the we may conclude that tlie donning a shoe with missing buttons implies on the part of the owner a want of sense of the fitness of things which accompanies perfect neatness in all details of the Men are woudeVfully observing crea and nearly all have decided pleas ure in the glimpse of a pretty perfectly booted Could some young women know what keen criticism their untidy and unmended shoes often receive from members of the stronger they might be more careful to be bien THOUGHT HE WAS GOIKG TO I do not see why Wyoming should care to be a state and pay so large a price foi such an empty but it is thought that more security for settlers and in vestors is furuisiied by a state govern ment instead of the imported federal style f management generally furnished by an administration which desires at al times to reward its A ful ward worker from Mott street or a heeler from Hester street may do good work in that line and still not be a satis factory man for governor or secretary or surveyor general of a new For this if for no the young territories look forward to the time when they may not only select their own but also help to select the president Few who have never lived in the terri tories know how many people there are on the frontier who read and write and cat pie with a There are quite a number of dress suits in and a lady is safer in cross ing the main street unattended than she would be in crossing Broadway at the corner of Kullon It is also estimated that the mineral wealth of Wyoming is more than suffi cient to pay the national although the offer to do so has not yet been offi cially This estimate of the mineral wealth of Wyoming is exclusive of the Paupers a very rich of which I hold the controlling At a depth of 102 feet we struck a pay streak of pure which rose to a height of ninetyeight feet in the We were just about to put in pumping works when the which my partner was going to swap for the ate a grown persons dose of poison swelled up and Tlie mine has since been Wyoming is rich in not only sil ver and but in tar kaolin and a red mineral paint which is unexcelled both for general purposes and are very The TorM head cactus is about the size of a and is better fixed for protecting it self than any other plant I know of ex cept the electric plant It has a purple blossom about the size of a starving little children to death their mothers couldnt pay the rent by making shirts at seventeen cents a I know that in earlv davs Wyoming bad some crude but she has oat grown them a good deal some of her quarter or an English There is a had one member of the I i cactus also which looks like a fliesn who was elected from Coe and set up on It has a beanti Carters tie He had never held i ful varying from a blood orange any office of trust or profit as the gift Of to a light ecru or straw and a the people and so all was new to bed of these plants when in fall I will not give his name because beautiful enough for a he is in better condition physically than but it has not come into general lam at Hewasa self j use yet for that Anewlywed made man who had risen to be foreman i ded alligator might fancy but other of a tie choppersjcamp in the i fauna do not esteem and by not saying anything at all except Francis Warner is the present gov to issue his and at table ask some emor of Wyoming and was not imported one to please pass those or for that He governs the terri something hie which did not j tory forenoons and attends to a large and s 1 MWLYHYOOI8 LADTS HEALTHFUL nfEBHCE HOIS THE SeUeimaul Dlacoverlea Lest Cabin Here Livea Lost in for JU rahaloui arouse political he was chosen as a reserved and noncommittal candi date from that county and He went with the other members of flourishing business in the Wyoming is at present on friendly terms with the United Female suffrage has its home in Wyo the When the proper and people who write in a prolific came and as they all got off at j manner against without knowing any he did the but it leaked out afterj thing about would do well to go there wards that he had bought a ticket checked his trunk to think ing he was elected to He had quite a hard time getting his trunk tat as his whiskers were quite thej front of his shirt didnot show very1 and so he got along very well till iis other shin got back from Irrigation is largely indulged espe cially on the eastern slope of the Bockv and find out something about There are thirty species of m in outside of the legislature The prairie dog is gradually becoming rah netin Wyoming and giving place to people who know Washington who was a good writer and used good grammar all the in drawing off pieces for the made a fluke on the prairie I You can see in mountains and the Laramie Ten a if youare any judgeof physi milhon dollars have been invested by that a prairie dog does not people of Wyoming m irrigation know His thought waves all of this is not included in the originate in the pit of his stomach and assessed though of a nature he m 1 have never regarded agriculture on judgment in selecting his associates He ue Laramie plains as a though is a thorough and has lived so n other parts of the where the long in the bowels of the earth that he season 13 it may be Few gives less attention to mental improve crops can grow successfully at a height ment and more thought to girth than of over feet on the coarse soil of any animal that moves in our set His his great plateau without or pelt is worthless his tail is a humiliating even with for winter always lingers failure and his wi He always lingers failure and his whole life is a fizzle in the lap of spring there until it ooca teaches no lesson of economy ions a great deal of so the sum or and his death brings with it no appreciable ject for which we so far from home APPRECIATED THE STE AS A iner is very brief The Indian now that the Indian las been knocked out of is more de ghtful than anywhere else in the or one who has tried to build himself p by means of dumb bells and sewer this champagney VUU U1U 1 iris better than a summer at Saratoga but what difference that make t SO per day I cannot say too much for wid he air of Colorado and Wyoming or the j had Mebe I knew a clergyman who told J that he had hved there for a year on he magnificent one donation bana and a sack of and he was a man wid it not Him That the Qua Was Worth A man came limping down the An old negro stood near a fence cleaning oat an army Look you careless old yon shot me just Hows sahr the negro looking up in I say that while you were over in that wasting your ammnnitfon at those yon shot me what I Shot you How I shoot you Shot me with that infernal old gun by thats Whar I hit you In the calf of this Hit you sho did I Of course you Was de shot buried in yo sah Went nearly you old fool far as a stock grower told m lat he could give me a good story re rding that peculiarity of the mountain for painting It seems that an Englishman one limestone and slate are also went to the and in the morning a found in the rock ribbed bosom of th Laramie he started out territory as well as the bowels of th awaiting only the arrival of th the capitalist and the savant Good savants can always get a job in and capitalists who come wit letters from well known society peopl will be cordially received at all Large oil fields are known to exist in various parts of I he territory and natura gas is supposed to underlie the coal belt Day before yesterday Wyoming wa known to have and bright speckled with wabbl are Wins constantly added to that number as I Grass on tiie plains aud foot hills o Wyoming cures itself even as the Scrip tures say to the medical Phv heal Years ago I woul have said to any one going to Wyoming Heel but now it is not neces I know a man who has lived in Wyoming twenty years and has not been FOOTWEAR OF f able and owns a purse to match her she possesses shoes and slippen for every conceivable Then toe bed if she suffers from cold extremities bath into which to thrust her feet as soon as she rises high iieeled to wear when en dis habille dancinc of Louis Quince fashion brocaded slippers of every color and ma to match various aoetumet low cut for warm weather wear tennis bathing heavy boots for mountain and seaside thin boots for medium boots for the stout boots for the riding boots for horseback Polish to protect her slippered feet en route to the to lay nothing of a bewildering supply of or to vary themonotony of the plain black kid shoe While it if beyond the power of all but favored few to indulge tiwirfanciM to above cedden yet then an many none with would not tf they ooold of writing in The Bulletin General de The speaks very en couragingly of the success attending an antiseptic method of treating this which he tried in several The ad vantages of this method of treatment are summed up by The Medical Record as follows All the children treated in this way although the ordi nary mortality of the disease is 40 per The duration of the disease was decidedly the period elapsing from the commencement of the eruption to the falling off of the crusts being twelve or thirteen The disease ran its entire coarse almost without The danger to those around the patient is greatly In Lewentaners cases there were other chil dren notwithstanding that they were not they did not contract tiie The simplicity of the as compared with the treatment by baths and cold has much to recommend it jEsthet the antiseptic method of treatment offers great it prevents absolutely The skeleton dude has been His legs were so sum ftiMy said he had no visible Munseys that girl of yours know that you are a poet but Im trying to keep it WHAT TXR OOIK TO Dor Indians are not so common now in the territory as they used to At least they do not attack the primary schools or break up prayer meetings so much as they used It is very rare now that hostile Indians come into the principal towns and carry off a female If they the papers hush it up so that the effete east knows nothing of I have read this winter in the New i oric at eignt dlfierent ot die same kind of of a mother walking the homeless and hun all with a sick baby in her and being found in the morning by the police with the little corpse in her Crazed by grief and driven even from the meanest with a little sick child wrapped hi an the daylight found with dry eyes and disordered walking the with Jay Gould and Bussell Sage carrying the poor little starved body of her dead baby For eight years I lived in Wyoming but I never heard there of a case like Possibly we wore oar trousers in our boots the Laramie he started out to walk to th Medicine Bow mountains before break They are forty miles said And so along towarc noon he gave it On the way bad he came to little irrigating ditch where a cowboy discovered him removing his clothing and getting ready to swim What are asked the I am getting read to swim this the Englishman re plied You cant fool me any more with your infernal optical illu In Denver a Leadville man called m attention to the contiguity of the Rock and said I would be fooled i I judged by appearances in this dry bracing I could give you a good story regarding that peculiarity of the mountain said It seems that an Englishman once went to the and in the morning at Laramie he started out to walk to the Medicine Bow mountains before They forty miles I think and so alonj toward noon he gave it On the way back he came to a little irrigating where a cowboy discovered him remov ing his clothing and getting ready to swim What are you going to do asked the I am getting ready to swim this the English man replied You canl fool me any more with your infernal op tical As I did not talk much the way up Cheyenne and seemed rather haughty md a boy on the train who acts is peanut purveyor and litterateur for Che took me to be an eastern man malting my first visit to the so he spoke to me of the wonderful resources 3f Colorado and also of the giving atmosphere aoi how it xrald take hold of a physical wreck aud nit him in the prize ring inside of a The air is enormously le as he dropped a copy of Velvet Vice into the seat by a silver haired and How to Treat Diseases of Horses and Swine into the seat near a young lady who was on her way to visit friends in You would get fooled on it every I could give a good story regarding that peculi arity of the mountain It seems that an Englishman once went to the and in the morning at Laramie he start ed out to walk to the Medicine Bow mountains They an orty miles I and aloof award he gave it On the way lack he came to a little irrigating a cowboy discovered him remov ng his clothing and getting ready to swim TVhat are you dor asked the I am ready to swim this the Knglish man replied Yon cant bol me any more with jour infernal ep ical It is a good and as I to illustrate in a forcible msnner he extreme rarity of the air more than tiie extreme rarity of the story The flora of Wyoming diversified and though on the it is almost Several kinds of middlin o an frwuz er bout ter m gp DflDflMl ho was well brought up and from his outh was always taught to tell things ust as they The climate of Wyoming is cool u Also in The air risp and It also has the facult making distant objects appear to b uch nearer than they When I go wy de gun is so much er dat I doan blebe I sell Much er fur de information what yous fotch Arkausaw Trav A Cute Hotel One night I slept in the Phoenix so called because daily it rises from its I had room on the fourth No Had call at At that still hour of the night the faithful porter came to my tat Well I what is it Half past 6 All right Then he went about three doors down the corridor and I heard at another tat Well Seven oclock Seven oclock All right Then he went down and I ran out into the hall just in time to hear him calling at a room on the next floor Seven fifteen Quarter past 7 Quarter past 71 He ivasnt going to wear himself out run ning up and down stairs when he could just as well bunch his calls on one The Coarti John Heywood was fool to Henry having been introduced to the king by Sir Thomas Mary Tudor had a great regard for who indulged in much audacious Bold as were his few of them appear A landlord asked him How do yon like my beer la it not well hopped So replied that had it hopped a little further it would have bopped into in hia History of Court gives several specimens of Heywoods rhymed epi One of them is perhaps worth transcribing Quoth laths waist Wbichcometh at thon art veMaWsjtrsit Wheream I wife In the quoth the Tor mil is la u u I can ssa A Shrewd see that fine house The nun who owns it made all his money aa a cab did he manage to do it Easy He made it a rote to mow the exact minute when the train eft in which his passenger was and reaching the station at the very bat the passenger could not dispute with no matter what he The rBdeetrmble la Cold as it may no man cares for a coat on his And no matter how beclouded his intel ect may he doesnt want a pane in lis He may even be a shepherd md not care for a crook in his back New York nave just returned from the hop she and she looked as ill the good of the hops and none of their njurious qualities had been absorbed into her for her face was bright and her step elastic and her man ner She was not at all like tha fragile young lady of eight months whose friends in Brooklyn hardly ex pected to see her alive in For a whole she I have lived on a farm near Coopers and picked hops almost from dawn to dusk every day except The farmer was glad to hire me formy board and Four other girls and two young men were en gaged on the same We were all more or less acquainted with each other in so it was not exactly like going alone among Of course it would have seemed a great deal more refined if we had paid the farmer for the privilege of picking his had we done the ob isolated ourselves would not have been He would never have had the moral courage to make hi guests and patrons work against theii As matters were he left a great deal to his I can tell she showed us very little con She was determined to get the full value of her milk and weak and was not disposed to give us her fat pork and beans without a fair equiva or to allow us to eat the corn bread of She called us every morn ing at and she was not to be We had to walk threequarters of a mile to the hop and it was she for us to be astir We did not mind this much on warm but when the breath of frost was on the atmosphere it was a dreadful thing to be told to get up from our not too comfortable and to know that we had no alternative but to How it was not so bad when we were once and when the sun got well quite for the morn ing air in the northern part of the state is very It was Uke bathing at Co ney Island on a chilly After the first dip the agony is But washing in the icy spring water was a terrible Once I asked the farmers wife to let me have a little warm water in my but the which she declined so shocked her that 1 was afraid she would punish me by giv ing me no breakfast but she only marked her displeasure by confining me to three slices of corn which was bad for my appetite at that time had grown out of all ladylike propor and I usually consumed five One young whose hair and mustache were of a beautiful seal brown said that he would allow his beard to grow rather than shave with cold wa ter but we were all amazed to see the bristles on his cheeks and chin coming out quite He was very much mor and when the other young fellow laughed at and lectured him about the evils of he packed up his traps and went away two weeks be fore the fanners hops had all been har Of course we had some rights that we always Wo insisted on not being separated from each other in the hop and we ate our lunch to gether among the It was very for we could sing songs and talk and tell which we should not have cared to do if we had been obliged to work side by side with the paid many of whom were pure and To them the farmer used language that seemed to me to be sometimes un necessarily To us he spoke more but this was the only dis tinction he He was as careful in seeing that we turned in our full com plement of hops every evening as lie was to get the value of his money from the men aud women to whom he paid their wages at the end of each The fare at meals of ex but hunger is a good and we all ate Next season I shall try to make up a party of delicate young and take them to the hop fields in search of I shall lay in a stock of biscuits and canned provisions to assuage my hunger in my bedroom or among the so that the farmers wife will not have reason to regard me with a strong reproachful eye at as though she thought I worked harder at the table than in the York THE LOST CABIN are near tne ana again ne writes in a hopeless calling the trip a fools He theldea that the Indians concealed the and says that either an earthquake or landslide removed the valuable The three men prospected in dUfonnt directions each and moved their camp two or three tunes a writes in one place We will dig over every inch of this wilderness before we give The discovery will make as all The area of Wolf mountains is several hundred thousand The skeletons of the three prospectors have been minutely examined by sur but nothing showing the cause of death has been Violence and starvation are ont of the They uiay have flavored thengame with some poisonous A favorite and one with is that one of the three smothered or stran gled his companions away with There have been numerous cases in the mining dfetricts of one covetous spirit killing his mate and then accepting a maniacs Cheyenne Louis GlobeDemo KOTES AID 1EWS 9A7 FiOi ALL QUIRK The First Presbyterlu Japan Over Thirty Tean Hefbrnrm ana lia f Item for the Wort Only tmrty years ago the Presbyterian church resolved to lisa a in and the A TOMB OPENED NEAR Results Which Recall the Mycemv Finds or The Athens correspondent of The Lon don Athenseum in a recent letter says the tomb opened by Tsountas at near has yielded results which far surpass any discovery of the sort since the finding of the great tiwasuresat Mycenae by as an undisturbed tomb of an ancient shieftain has been with all the vessels in silver and ind engraved gems And we have not simply a repetition of the same for this tomb at Vaphio was of a treasury with a dromes lead ing into a beehive shaped vault a form universally recognized as belonging to a later stage of the so called llycenzean culture than the simple pitlike graves on citadel of This view is fully borne out by the nature of the objects which in many ways occupy an intermediate position between Jlycenasan and the earliest products of Hellenic Tsountas has already published a short account of his By h cour tesy I have been permitted to examine hia and I may say a few words about them without anticipating his final The vaulted tomb chamber and also the or were built of mostly of small from a neighboring quarry on It is remarkable that in the door and else where the joints and even flaws hi the stone were concealed with lime and the undisturbed state of the tomb shows that it must have remained buried since primitive A similar prac tice was observed in the last treasury tomb cleared by But as that was emptied and shown in ancient tunes later repairs were there Within the vaulted tomb at Vaphio was a shal low grave lined and covered with stone The evidence that the corpse was not seems to be mostly inferential no bones were The treasures buried were scattered all about the floor of the vaulted The most important of all are two gold each made of two plates of the inner one plain and the outer decorated with a very fine design in re pousse work that fills the whole Tlie relief is fairly the drawing and in spite of a few mistakes or arc bold and but the execution lacks the exquisite delicacy in details that marks the gold and especially the inlaying in eatly experience Customer to clerk in book want to order some stationary Clerk is the wrong We dont Dont yon I thought this was a sta tionery Patient diMitisfifd with dietary re Im oing to starve to death just for the of living a little for What cawed the fire at boarding house yestarday heated aigwentfat Three More Lives in the Search for Its Fabulous The discovery has just been reported to Carbon county authorities of the skeletons of three men in a camp in the wildest portion of the Wolf The frames were lying close wrapped in and of death is a profound A small sum of money and a watch were found in the pockets of one of the mak ing it evident if they were mur the crime was not committed for mercenary A which had been carefully kept to by one of the told their story to a day or so before Their names were Charles Nathan Hub hard and George and they had left in the spring of 1886 to search for the legendary Lost Cabin gold These it is were opened by a party of Argonauts more than forty years and are reputed immensely The adventurers were driven oat one fair by returning in the were wholly unable to relocate their The savages had effectu ally destroyed every evidence of the pres ence of white Even the trails bad btencompletery The major ity of the party gave np the search after a few bat two gold fever victims resnained in the region for event ually hermits at finally dying in their mountain from time to time outfitted parties to faant for the but all searchfa have been The Indians have kept That it U still in their is evident by periodical of vjrjan gold by the crafty chief band of predatory tiaryteusof a quite eventful The subjects are most the hunting of wild bulls and the leading of tame bulls by thus we see carefully executed figures of men about two and a lialf inches and in the same costumes as we find on figures from kind of loin cloth depending from a and pointed These are all so clear now that no further doubt is possible as to their nature and the way in which they were The which are rendered with great re semble in form that on the wall painting from Tiryno which is caught in a is doublediip in a contortion which recalls the strangely distorted animals on early It is remarkable that most of the are Another cup of silver has a prettily wrought gold and numerous small ornaments in were including a delicate little pan of gold fishes cut out of a fiat with incised Some specimens of fine granulated work in gold closely re semble later Greek Various strange bronze large and and two stone and an iron ring were and there were but no perfect of the beautiful inlaid A bronze ax of peculiar with two apertures between the edge and the is of in terest and seems to confirm Warres suggestion that it was through a line of axes of this form that shot his The engraved mostly of the isl and gem were very numerous and had the usual representations of monsters and men the both of men and is clear in several in stances and of the well known There are two gems with the strange non descript animal with a head like a goat or horse and a spiny carrying a jug lUlchhofer one gem has a pair of these monsters face to another has In many respects the Vaphio treasure seems to be intermediate be tween Mycenaean and primitive Greek art if it really helps to bridge thia gulf it will be of the utmost value and inter Xot First on Second fell in yester Fust yon get fright ened Second kept vard deeded the Brush off your coat my said Larkin to her husband than is dust on it That is no reason why I should brash off the he m simply brush off the American missionary to that entered on his duties in October of when he was joined by the first agent of the Reformed church of send the United States had been instructed by the secretary to do his best judicious measures and kind influence ri to obtain full toleration of the ChristiaB and protection of all minaina J aries who should go there to gate Harris was in full sympathy these and succeeded in COB vincing the Japanese negotiators the Jesuit which interfered with state as formerly waa not tlie Christianity he Suc cess having crowned his on the first Sabbath of he invited the naval officers and resident foreigners to assemble for worship at the consular formerly an idol whicb was the first Protestant service publicly held on in for more than two It was an appropriate expression of gratitude to God for further opening the way for Christian A fitter man than Hepburn for the peculiar service required in this new field could not have been Conse crated to the mission cause with six years among skillful and successful in professional with a quiet manner and unfaltering and with a companion of like he entered upon this field as the sower of thu first handful of Gospel and remains there still to aid in gathering its ful Very little could be for a time in the way of direct mie Bionary Months and years required to his way into public COB From the first watch waa set upon his every Of his two men the most waa known by him to be a government and everything done in his house waa re But there was no effort at con and this openness and frank ness were his THE FIRST On one after his rented tem ple had been cleansed of its awl rooms fitted for while tm packing and arranging hia goods he M ceived a visit from the who made a demand for his Chinese bookkv which he refused to deliver and would have appealed to the United but the demand was not While making their a picture of the crucifixion was which some friend in New York had sent I This discovery was thought at first but instead of confiscaf ing the contraband to the I prise of its the men were cu to know the significance of the two who they which led to an explanation of tho whole transac tion why Jesus was what brought him into the and why Christians worshiped Thia wae the first Christian sermon ever preached by an American missionary to a Japan ese And what has tho Goapsl since at RELIGIOUS A To howmuchamlworth Too are worth a mOliaato mj couldnt yon advance me twentyfive are raising a tion to get a rocking chair for Wont yon ifve One day for nim is long And when He giveth work to do Tlie bruised reed iu amply tough To pierce the shield of error The soul of a man is not A sound alone betrays the flowing of the eternal invisible There can be no Christianity where there is no He that ascends a ladder must take lowest All who are above weje ii once the nbailows full Along my way tis past the noon of lly westering sun tills the eve in new I but feel no fear The first Christian church in Free State was organized in and there are now over verts in the Congo Some wealthy man in this whose identity is not has suhw scribed for the establishment of a Christian university at ChiaaV That which satisfies the deepest of the heart is not an abstraction or av1 mere but a concrete and living son whom it can trust and demand is fully met in Jesus is a person who oan be i admired and and i completely meets the profotmaVtj est necessities of the The change from Saul to Paul change from law and self rig to grace and salvation by Jesus Saul represented the and represents the Paul was the ing embodiment of gr conditioned by the exercise of faith The study of his epistles will this point to any one as clear as the bghfck of Men may and should study the dence of for the purpose of enment and spiritual improve Many useful lessons in practical liv are thereby Yet whoever dertakes to review Gods providence i critic is engaged in a very bad 1 No one knows enough to be a critic Gods ways and no one can make attempt without impiety toward in his remarked before the conv held in Philadelphia the past that he was glad to meet C committed to Christian i had met during his experience committed to If we cannot ing Uke ugeli If we cannot preach like Itafc WeeanteUtttoloTeof Wa can say died to alL Let us not grow weary i for there remaineth still rest J people of in his i the peace of i with him a favorite God imparts to asoul that to fcfa by the death of hia who baa this peace is is to him a matter of upon God aa his i Heisaukewflbna lawaandtobesaved downot propose to harot thati

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