Wednesday, March 5, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Wednesday, March 5, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 5, 1890, Burlington, Iowa PARTONE ESTABLISHED MARCH ffllE S8DNII ADVICE FOB ifiPffillTB THAT LIKE accuracy is More Essential Than Speed Way Many Lose Their Remits of a Little Thinking While It may be interesting to the hundreds of young and middle aged women who are or who feel that they must make their way in the and who look upon the life of a copyist as the most desirable and attractive as the ideal hear from a few copy both inexperienced and So many have recently come to me for advice that I have concluded that it may be wise to publish in your paper a state showing the copyists life to be one not filled with continual sunshine and I do not like to dis but it seems to me that women should understand befojse entering this perseverance and close appli cation and faithfulness are required to make one a successful ca pabilities demanded at the present A slipshod copyist does not stand the least shadow of a chance should she be fortunatu enough to fall into a posi tion she will soon be Before preparing ones self to be a ste typewriter or pen copyist one should consider well her fitness for such To play over the keys of a type writer at breakneck tipeed is not suffi cient one mutit A very rapid copyist is not satisfactory if she sacrifices neatness and accuracy to If both can be success is sure to fol I con easily write ninety words a one bright eyed copyist said when I dropped into her employers of where confusion reigned Let me nee your said And out came a lively looking sheet of legal I said nothing for a then concluded it was my duty to enlighten the self satisfied fe Pretty fast to be said I lint dont you have any style in the ar rangement of your work I guess I take it m tt I must write you I cant stop to How about my friend con tinued eager to draw her out that I might have an opportunity to suggest and help she I am not much at but if a word is which in toe building now used 17 the fire depart vent at Seventh and CHive day while at his duties in thecourt areg fment of volunteers passedgoing At that time the feeling between the northern and southern very The Union party had the tipper but was not without fear of attack from southern As flag regiment marched past the record ers court some one discharged a Whether a gun had been fired mvMont ally in one of the houses near wheth er some one had fired from one of the of the or whether one of the soldiers guns had been discharged by its bearer is not now Xhe soldiers believed they were being fired and without orders fired in every and all The principal was directed at the recorders court for some unexplained fire wan at such short range that were shattered and brick walls For years the buildings showed signs of Other balls went as far Sev enth and Washington where Ehey lodged in the Three of the bullets that entered the recorders court room struck Fran Two passed through his body and me through his Though supposed be fatally he was taken to the hospital and carefully treated by the physicians in He was engaged o be and the ceremony was to be performed in a few The wounded mans on hearing of hastened to the where the took her place at his bedside and re mained tenderly caring for him until At first it was thought he could rot and after a few his recovery was said to be Then they were the nurse and the dying Frangel was a most attentive and under her ministrations her husband His cure was thought by the to be almost Post LUMBER IN WEiim IEAI UJ CU WELLIUHL Beporte for All Coatinental Ten Hoars Is a Short Days Work Tea Hoars aad Men they draw a line through and write the eorrectiou said did you ever consider how a say a lawyers which is to be filed in and which is to be read by some judge and preserved for future use and would look thus marred I have had an opportunity to examine the work of many I particularly work which has been prepared for the and which has been brought to me to it was so poorly and I have been amazed at the leeming lack ot knowledge or and I may say shown by the copyist Just let me sit down at your machine and show you a page which I will If I write fast very but lot me say that to be accurate is the first point I try to keep in Arrangement Is also and ones pages should mt once strike the eye as artistic and Not a word must be in goes a fresh tune My heading first Then wo leave suitable say an and continue our We will not lift the carriage every minute to see blunders we will be pretty sure to have the matter correctly in mind before we then go This lawyer doesnt paragraph written in a we must think a little and do this for as well as leave much for copyists to do so 0110 must have sufficient knowl edge to make the document a correct When I say I mean in the matters referred We are not at lib erty to change the original As before accuracy is imperative but we must paragraph and begin a new sentence with u When a dash is used in the original paper to represent n we are justified in using a 1 havo never had any fault found when 1 have done Here is an expression which is evidently intend ed to be and idea we can convey best bv spacing between let I will do this aud see how the idea strikes Finished and we havu left just a neat space at the bottom of our Out it How much time only tbreo minutes longer than you were we hare done some How does the page look to my friend Why How could you do it so well she looking quite By I Wore you instructed in typewriting copy ing entering the office 1 no I picked it Been here long just A busy you Gentlemen are out much of the time and I am left to I get if am to have more another Copvist who was here before mo left for a better The office boy tells me she did splendid Was trusted with and was a real She big par Hope I shall sometime but I have a good home I am only working for pin money and can afford to work You will certainly get good psyfor work poor though not going to take tiie places of ear Best capable ones any I and bade her good morning your my friend I we met on tie Canine The latest trick in amateur photog raphy is to have a trained dog who at a given signal will run find pull a by means of which the elide of an in stantaneous camera is so that master may be taken hi a group or alone as often as he It is of course necessary to start the creature at a distance sufficiently great to give the master time to rearrange his features after giving the but this is not a difficult thing to and the young man who devised the trick has been ex ceedingly popular at the seaside hotel where he has passed the as all the pretty and most of the plain young ladies in the house were anxious to have their pictures token by the agency of the clever little bull terrier which served his One is prepared for anything nowa and it may bo that it will not be long btiore the dogs are seen running about with detective cameras upon their own It would not be a bad idea to furnish a watch dog with a flash light detective and thereby he may take the picture of any villain who invades the domain which he is set to The picture would be on inter esting piecn of evidence in a trial for and if It did not carry a con viction it would not fail at least of pro ducing a King Alexander and Hl There has been so much romancing about the hysterical grief of King Alex ander at not being allowed to see his mother that it becomes necessary to re call that the king is not a mere but a full grown boy of so precociously developed that he looks as English boys do at He of a calm bears himself with dig and would certainly never ask any favor of his or of one of the regents with crying or ringing of Hod he manifested any strong desire to see his mother his wishes would have been but from first to hut the boy has been in complete understand ing with liis He Is very fond of his a fact which many who affect to pity him leave altogether out of reck He is also thoroughly imbued with a sense of his position as and he is old enough to understand that his mothers conduct may do him politically serious Dispatch to Lon don Pnblle The proper authorities of Prus have resolved to set up after Mayrhofers on seventeen public places in that the places to be des ignated The cost per clock has been fixed at and its attendance 279 marks per The gas for lighting the as well as the water necessary for will be furnished by the city free of Jewelers Afraid of A who has just died at hod such an antipathy to that he has actually left in his will for the illumination of hist resting An electrio light is to be kept burning in the vault during whole and even the interior of the coffin to be electrically The ex penses are to be defrayed by a pedal bequest of Skanetaoo to a UTe Gone Tan and graceful and dim yonwen With your slender wa Those she have no jMAenoe expect me to know it all Last copyist spoiled the place Cor They say she IE coming back to what do yon think They are to pay her per A DEATHBED The serious of Police Capt Vrangel recalls an incident in lite intimates have never forgot a bit of romance which be Qspt Ckansel was born in Bavaria and liberally by fais jstSMiflafl JD ounationwastiot for a and to todavocsJra sauted to Sever was one of your rmce more Tetttareyoo are cold and Yoor heart was cold for many a Ton were lorely as and as pore And only when kindled to flame did a nf Of your bouts hidden heat Yet you lived for and for me alone You caie your life wbon the time WBB rtpa H you wwe but a yet voor clary AM your last spark ot life lit my brfenrasd pipe AB JUitkoritr a ragman Around tiiia and I sold him couple of barrels of your old sermons that Ifound down cellar for four The Alban dot My dear those were worth the wouldnt pen any more for Case who has married bis type my I suppose I must be looking around f or somebodyto take your place in the I have thinkiig of that Case Whafg her name Case John you said tfas tamp fai poor feDoer A return just issued in pursuance of an address from the house of commons throws considerable light on the question of working hours in In France the hours of adult labor are regulated by a series of of which the promulgated enacts that the workingmans day in manufactories and mills shall not ex ceed twelve hours of effective or actual A decree issued in made so that more hours might be worked in certain In 1885 a circular was issued stating that the limit of twelve hours per diem was not to bo imposed where bond power was but was to be confined to manufactories and in which the motive power was No work shops were to come under the clauses of the act that did not employ more than twenty hands in any one The re port says It is likewise to be borne in mind that there is in France no compul sory observance of and no day of habitual rest EFFECTIVE The reports of the French inspectors of labor appear to show that the act of 1848 is very loosely It is even doubtful whether the section limit ing the actual working day to twelve hours was intended to include or exclude hours of rest the legal time is made to exclude rest This mokes the working day so much the one of the French inspectors states that the hours of attendance in factories un der the act of 1848 are from5 in the morning until 7 in the or a total of fourteen out of which there are twelve hours of effective But the same authority also states that effective time often extends to thirteen and fourteen hours in many weaving we are told as a it may be taken that Frenchmen employed in factories are present in the shops at least fourteen hours out of every Among the countries having no laws affecting the hours of adult Ger many is how cannot force their servants to work on Sundays and feast Employ ment of youthful or female labor in cer tain kinds of which is attended with special danger to health or is or made conditional on cer tain by which night labot for femalu workpeople is especially for In as in other coun tries women may not be employed in factories for a certain tune after child In HesseDarmstadt the medium duration of labor is from ten to twelve hours the ctses in which the latter time is exceeded more fre quent than those in which the former is not The normal work day throughout Saxony in all the principal branches of industry is from 6 to 7 with half an hour for an hour for dinner and half on hour for In the manufacturing industry there are departures from these the period of work in spinning and weaving mills not infrequently being twelve EXTENSIVE In Austria the law provides that the duration of work for factory hands shall not exceed eleven hours out of the twenty exclusive of the periods of rest These are not to be less in the aggregate than an hour and a The rule can be modified by the minister of in conjunction with the minister of the allowing longer The hours have been so extended to twelve hours in certain such spin ning and even to thirteen in silk Sunday rest is In Hungary there is no limit laid down by but the are not generally longer than in Concerning the actual hours of adult labor in some difficulty is said to be experienced in getting at the The evidence given before a Belgian royal commission showed that railway guards are sometimes on duty for fifteen and even nineteen and a half hours at a stretch and the Brussels tramway drivers are at work from fifteen to seven teen hours with a rest of only an hour and a half at Brickmaken work during the summer months hours a In the sugar refineries the average hours are from twelve to thirteen for men and from nine to ten for The both at Ghent and assert that theyhave often to work seventeen hours a In Switzerland the law provides that a normal working day shall not exceed eleven reduced on Saturdays and public holidays to Power is re served for prolonging the working day in certain Except in cases of absolute necessity Sunday labor is and in where uninterrupted labor is required each working hand must have one free Sunday out of cannot under any circumstances be employed in night or Sunday Italy has not legislated for but has made reg ulations for child Sweden is in the same Spain and Portugal have done nntmng The general rule in the latter applying to old and is to work from sunrise to an hour and a half being allowed for In the Netherlands a law was recently promulgated to prevent ex cessive and dangerous work by grown ap women and young In Tur key the working day huts from sunrise to with intervals for re pose and refreshment In where there are no laws affecting the hours of adult the normal working day in industrial establishments averages twelve James A BOWERY FAKE tenaon was attracted By me senna of am orfsnetto before a whose front was pasted over with glazing covered with pictures of aa enormous fat a twoheaded a negro said to be changing pre senting a rery taking picture to the Having nothing special to do I thought I would while away the time by taking a look at the pay tag my ten cents I was let hi to see tha The first tiling I saw was the twoheaded It was and looked mightily like a clumsy attempt to fasten two lambs heads upon one Even if the two heads had originally grown U was not much of a thing to I looked around next to find the fat Not seeing I asked of a who was following me and who seemed to be in where the fat woman She has just gone said And the negro who is changing his color He was sick to day and didnt come I now saw Iwas continued and waa on the point of coming oui when I noticed a man behind me step up to borne sort of tm instrument and blow into Hes testing his said the man who had told me about the absence of the fat seeing that I displayed a little interest in the Now step up and try your lung said my I told him that I didnt care anything about as he seemed so to get rid of him I blew into the While 1 was doing so he took out a card and filled it with a lead pencil and gave it to the first who hurriedly took it and thrust a quarter into the mans He then hastily took out another filled it out and passed it to Here is the record of your A In reply I told him I did not want his card and didnt intend to give him any you saw this man give me a quarter for testing his and you cant expect me to test yours for do you said the man While he was I happened to look into the face of the man who had given the quar and at a glance I saw he was the ticket seller at the entrance to the I knew now that I had a set of sharpers to deal and determined to put on a bold So slipping my bond into my hip pocket as if I had a pistol there I said If you look at that cord youll find that my lung power is and if youll come another step nearer you will find that my ability to take care of my self is equally While I was speak ing I gradually worked my way to the and before they could recover from their surprise at my bluff I had opened it and was out on the street I honestly continued that those men intended to rob and would liave dona so if I had shown the white After Smith told me his continued the I asked him if he wanted to make a complaint against the show but he said that he did as he did not care to have his name appear in the and thus have his friends learn that he hrul been to such a Thats the way with said the policeman they will never complain against the folks who try to swindle and the latter know and are all tha bolder hi The reporter himself afterward went into this saw the stuffed learned that the fat woman was still out and that the negro had not yet recovered from his sickness owing to the fact that there were others in the room be sides the show he didnt get a chance to have his lungs York Pwcs is CENTS rat Wi UilE ID 84T1IECDOTES KLaTN IT ODCilO The Church Heather Whe Eee cfBlse Her Owa Way the Breather gbud the Walt Bannlnc Amnck la A curious case of amuck took place re cently at the capital of Brit ish North The governor held a durbar at Government at which about one hundred and fifty native chiefs were At the close of the meet ing outdoor sports were and during the progress of these one of the men be come drew his and began to attack every one in his He first cut and slashed at on Englishman who was not looking toward and then pursued his way rapidly through the hitting right and left He missed another wounded two and rushed at a Sikh sergeant having a stick in his struck the mans forearm and forced him to drop his He was then put in and his disastrous progress thus Way IB Which Why dont the get nmeof thceefake OB the Bow try asked a policeman rtiHntifd near Chatham square yesterday of a I two days contm oed the while goinc my by a man who name that he die president of an HewMTerymoch and said that be had jut had a narrow ope from being robbed ia a dime lacked him for the id he are them to me I WM BMiiiiK alone the How to Know a To know the name of a bud of com paratively little value to know to what class he belongs is of no great moment in to know him from the scientific standpoint amounts to little far the child is If he becomes a spe cialist he willlearn all this quickly in later But to love and to form habits of observation sufficient to watch carefully every U worth as much as any branch of No training of the ear is better than that which comes from listening to the song of birds no training in color knowledge is better than dis crimination of their hues and tints no better form study than appreciation of their shape no better discipline in the study of motion than in the study of their pecking and Journal of Not la said the im pecunious will you kindly put op a few of your home made biscuits foi me as a lunch I wfll not be here to dinner I said the land lady that you said my bis cuits were too heavy for a camel to di gest said yon see Im going on a yacht today for the first and 1 want something to eat that I can rely Two wen dirtming a I cant say I want ttfe ana said a Methoam preacher from the West a church communicant is not a living exponent of froth and I found that out in an amusing way some years ago while preaching at a church on the North Be of the Illinois and I had arranged to exchange pulpits on a certain and the anyonnce uient made at the Wednesday even ing prayer meeting It hap pened that something come up later in the week which made it necessary to postpone the and so I appeared in my own pulpit as usual Sunday morn The attendance was about the same so far as I could but ayoung a friend of afterward related to me some comments he heard while the au dience was fiUng out of the One woman remarked thats a splendid And what a large audience My if we could only have here to preach every Such a perfectly charm ing You she hod heard that the exchange would be made and came to church but she Nri been absent so long that she really didnt know her own minister when she saw WEDDCJO These stories about said have a seri ous notwithstanding the fact it is usually One time I was en gaged to marry a young and when the evening came I found their address had been It could not be found high or knew within a block of where the plac was and resolved I would start out an try and find My wife said aa I lef in a spirit of raillery at my carelessnc Youll know the place by the crape the And as I went along that r mark set me Crape on th door Of course a house of mirth to th practical eye is as plainly marked as house of The custom is t put on all the tokens of woe when deal is a visitor and all the signs of joy whe two persons are And yet how many cases the crape had better b shown when weddings and many persons death should be welcomec with You know when Beecher died he that no gloom thrown on the event by sable but that flowers in profusion should mar his translation to a better But did you find your waiting coupl that Brushingham Wedding parties never ge THE ARGUMENT This isnt a funny said th Baptist but it is a true one Before I came to Chicago I was preach ing at That was years am the town was not so well supplied wit churches as it is A Presbyterian minister was holding a revival servic in his and his audiences were st large he could not accommodate them He asked the permission myself an my trustees to use our whic was much and of course it was His meetings grew larger on and everybody was delighte with the evident good he was doinj One morning he came to me and said h wanted to preach three sermons oil bap but felt as he was in the house of a denomination from whic he radically differed on that told him to go ahead his own way jus as if he were at Give them im sprinkling or anything tha would save So at it he weni right under the platform on whic my pulpit stood was a great pool o water in which our own baptisms No one ever thought of the plac being but my Presbyterian friend got a number of brethren on th stand with him that and them was one very fat regula mountain of The sermon wen and the preacher became ex cited as I never had seen him before Baptism was his strong and h laid himself out for a great H had perhaps reached his loftiest flight in the denunciation of immersion th one and announced with grea vigor that he had never immersed a con vert and he never would that he neve bad been immersed and nothing induce him to and that he woul sweep the foolish formalism from the face of the earth Just at this point the fat too cramped in common to enjoy such welcome and powerful rose and started across behind the preacher It was too much for the platform floor At the very height of the ministers im passioned period down went pas tor and guard of honor with a crash anc a splash into the ample depths of the Did it alter his views on baptism No but he said Presbyterian preach ing on a Baptist platform was a mighty insecure and he soon went bad to his own house of for Chunk Take nine reasonable sired not too each five of and tie them up carefully hi a If the fair is to continue only three cheese cloth will do but if it holds a week and a large attendance is ex it is better to use a heavy quality of so that the bivalves shall not lose their entire flavor the first few The most satisfactory financial me quiet coves and rounding tha many points that jut into tha lake on He keeps his one in about twenty feet of and uses no if any a light The bait isost be constantly lively on the or tha bass wiQ not come near it At night the flsherman seeks places where the water is forty or fifty feet In stead of a single hook and a live bait be uses a gang of at least ten tied in pates an inch apart They are tied to strong and are but little largertban aa ordinary trout fly hook The bait used is golden which is caught in the It is hooked to the gang at the lip and in a so that when it is trolled through the water the bait will the of Where the six feet and the line are joined another line is This is six or eight feet To its pendant end is attached a half pound lead This is let to the The gang said shiner play in the water the length of the sinker line above the This rig is used at the end of 150 feet cf The boat drifts or is rowed very The black bass that are caught by this peculiar tackle in the great depth of water where it is used are always im A catch of twenty Yes the sensation cant be what a feller might call taint the pain Im afeerd OB the bloomin exposure before the And bring your gray hate mtetj hsi Were mj much obBged to JOB For prating the GbeegneeWivah How the Oetahkaolak bad Of waracoras bloody roaring AJiOCanec nan dear acroaa and half way got hamtgot Second win yerf I yon bneitalL Second it have been obtained from the and there is a local pretty well which relates that a youth once murmured ia an awe strick en after he bad tasted sncl mixture I think I defect a favor of Free BLACK BASS BY Black bass fishing by night during the fall is a sport peculiar to Lake it being belief of the fishermen along the which results would seem to that the biggest black do their feeding at night during that sea The bass evidently have peculiar about what they are wining to try in the way of something to eat atnighZ In fishing for black big the day the angler on Keuka is ticnlar to have the choicest of live Bade by Doc Stephens at Bluff Point the other night weighed sixtyfive Thesame rig been tried time and again hi the day but with little Bluff a bold promontory rising more than 800 feet above the at the junction of the lake proper and its west is the favorite locality for night bass The shores are rocky and the water If a person is rugged and and likes a dash of the weird and uncanny mingled with his he will enjoy black bass fishing at night on Lake There is a chill in the wind that disturbs the lakes surface that goes straight to the The numbness of fingers that follows the handling of a wet and the adjusting anev of a tmit is not calculated to give joy to the ordinary The shadows of Bluff Point are and the front of the bluff itself rises like a grim specter on the The cry of the blood sometimes bursting upon one almost at his and then coming from afar with the chasing is among the attendant and one that does not add much to the cheerfulness of the nor add zest to the That this novel way of bass fishing is popular on Lake was well testified to the other when no less than fifty boats were drifting about in the shadows off Blue each containing from one to three The catch of big bass that night ran far up into the Ordinary everyday black bass always excellent on Lake was never better than it is this mondsport New York The Rats Took the Morning A family of rats here have amazingly disturbed the family in whose cellar they For several days in succession the morning which was left upon the front steps of the house early every was Complaint made at the office of the and it was found that the sheet had been prop erly delivered right Some days later a who had arisen early in the happening to look out of hia saw two large rats upon the doorstep of the house He watched their movements for a and saw them take the morning paper and disappear with it under the He reported what he hod and on investigation showed that the rats had burrowed down from beneath the porch to the in a secluded had built a nest and were rearing a promising batch of The nest was con structed out of Hartford morning a The Norwich Bulletin says recently the railroad wanted a big iron 253 feet long and weighing moved from its place over Mill near to a new site fortyfive feet Master Carpenter Beard took the He had 100 men to help He made hia preparations when the last train had passed over the with his hundred men and his jacks and cranes he set to In just fiftyeight minutes from the time the work began the bridge waa in its new place and a freight train of such size as to require two locomotives was passing over it Now the ancients couldnt have done that in the same time if they had hod What we know about iron and its uses and how to work it is worth more to the world than all the lost arts of all post ages Two very humorous boys are in jail at They had a tame crone and a funny The idea was to catch another smaller boy and hold him while ihey made the crane peck at They did and the crane pecked out one of the small boys The judge sent the boys to jail for fifteen and thirty When they get out the victim of heir humor ought to organize a posse and capture them and tie them up and ire a little fun with the crane would appeal strongly to their Chicago Hero A Parisian somewhat blase with the delights and fatigues of the gay took train for where he went to look at apartments in the Bue de says an The landlady numerated in lavish terms the advan tages of her saying among ither things This room was once occupied by Jean acquea dont say soT It is perfectly The place is left oat as it stood hi the rTirhtnmth Wbmt a jokeT Ibis it the table on which the great man wrote the Village That is the ecmbomcd in which he kept BeaUy is armchair in which be the dock which told him the yonder is his HUME PEOPLE AID PliCTICB MOB 01 SOOTHEll lEIICa A WoBderfal Is Found COT ere4 With Fattastie Hieroglyaa iesTbwisands of Skulls Adorn Its JL correspondent or the City of Mexico Two Republics states that he has discov ered a peculiar people in the extreme southern pcfrtfon of Mexico whom he believes to be the remnant of the great Aztec who formerly inhabited the whole of this southwestern He says I at to the best of my about 150 miles south east of the Palenque but whether in the state of Chiapas or or in the republic of I am unable to He became lost in the tropical coming to a beaten he fol lowed it until he found himself in a peopled whose inhabitants were entirely different from those he hod ever seen ia hi temples and These people took him for a He says I fronted to the east aad pointed to the They seemed to un derstand by it that I it was for whom for ages their forefathers had In the center of a double line of with my servants behind I was es corted to a large truncated pyramid which hithertofore had been obscured from my sight by the The great mass of which I afterwards covered several acres of with a perpendicular height of 130 its truncated apex being fully 200 feet A broad staircase leads from the ground to the two large tnmples sur mounting The other three sides are covered with anaglyphs sculptured In unshapely but speaking a record of This monster pyramid is inclosed with a high fence of solid and is topped with a peculiar network of ser Within it are two mammoth ono story buildings of block covered with fantastic Thousands of skulls in separate niches adorn their inner ia a veritable Gol These are the charnel houses where for centuries the heads of tha victims of festal sacrifices have been I with my taken to one side of the which was pierced with a In this opening we were led by the Our way was lighted by cocoa nut shell which revealed to us other tunnels branching from the one we were About midway of the I should we came into a spacious vaulted chamber which was brilliantly illuminated from the which was many feet above About the room were scattered instruments made of copper not known to The walls were lined with discs of precious studded with emeralds and other common to the Aztec Manifesting that I was I was surprised to see a priest utep to the center of the chamber and in a modulated voice issue a number of In a mo ment afterwards there appeared upon a copper table without any one being near it a peculiarly shell shaped server loaded with The table was supported by only one and how the fruit reached its destination without being placed there by human hands is a My mozos were badly soared by what had occurred since we entered the town and they did not relinquish their vigil ance for a moment and eyed one another curiously after the fruit I must say that I was but having before seen such magical doings it did not impress me with such though it did cause rue By a sign I told the priests I desired to be alone with my Great was my astonishment when one of them led me to a highly polished piece of metal and indicated to me that by placing my hands upon it I could when I desired both see and communicate with them bv He touched hu by way of to it and the whole town was pictured upon the I saw about the which were laid out with due precision to the cardinal the inhabitants offering up prayers with their heads inclined to the I mo tioned to the priest to have them He spoke into an aperture near at hand in a but a which must have been echoed ia thunder tones from an instrument on the was beard in its reverbations through the pyramid tunnel to our The people The with many conducted me to a bail that hung in mid air in the central part of the He put it to my I stepped back The noise as of a thousand voices I heard in the brief moment that I had the pecu liarly constructed globe to my From this time on I was positive in my belief that the Aztecs were the masters of elec tricity that they controlled the electri cal currents in the which did their bidding better than our system of In one corner of the room I saw a large in which there appeared to be I approached but was warned away by the who indicated to me that if I touched it I would I understood in a moment that it was the great posi tive battery that worked in connection with the earth No liquids or wire connected it with any I was left by my priest who moved out of the great hall with then hands projecting on a level with their heads toward My whose ignorance of science made them as soon as the departure of the white robed men had taken beseeched me to leave the pyramid at but I protested against such a believing it worth our lives to attempt it so I explained the telling them to wait a day or two and I would deliver them from and they agreed with I ten an agent that we printed thousand After there waa one chap who gave He was an agent for old eadl he paralyzed us by asking to tha of paper we had wet down for the oat side While he didnt get he knocked our regular down to and he had no sooner gooathss we began to plaa to beat him next About the time he was expected got an extra bundle of fixed it with the landlord of the hotel to notify and the idea was to wet down enough to show a full thousand Wet were daily expectinga when an old tramp printer slouched into tha one morning and asked for a were just getting ready to work off thet and as he said he was used to a he was offered a quarter to pull the I was at the and I soon saw that he knew his He could fly and bis sheets with surprising aad he brought the lever around with chuck which made things In two hours he reached the bottom sheet and turned to the publisher with Is this thats I moke the pile four hundred and Its about four and Heres your and perhaps Ill let you set upon auction bill this When afternoon came in walked UM circus looking as Jim Dandy you We took one look at hint and Ho was the identical chap who hod done the press work of the When we recovered ness he was holding out his hands and saying Ill fill out a contract at and six Sorry ffir but perhaps you can get rid of that extra bundle of paper by discounting liberally on the Im working this tittle racket all along the and ita how fast the circulation of the papers gets below five New Helens Little three years wakes up in the night and asks her mother lev light the gas to see if it is Recently she went to buy Christmij and at night she said to her I will not tell yoa what 1 bought for you today I bought you s scrap but I am not going to tall you about it This some little girl wants to know if her mamma bought her at the and if shewas a and if she waa wrapped up in a paper or done np in a A Chinese tea merchant hi a small town in California came home from San Francisco one day with his new for according to he had paid a great amount It soon appeared that she waa as proud of the as he Ah Lee permitted the wife and daugh ter of his chief Squire to pay his young wife a visit of courtesy unusual How do you like our little MHL Ah Lee asked Hadley it mut seem very quiet here after noisy Sea Me no hear heap noisee down Sa replied Ah Lee with dij I suppose said Dora Your women and girls are not allowed to go about in the way we I should think youd just hunger and thirst to go shopping and buy things dont you erer You no no shoppeeT There was a light of pride in the almond a haughty turn to the queer shaped and Ah Lee re plied with feminine emphasis Helicon lady walk boy heapdresses spend heap China man lady cost heap for why Ch mil man lady stay by Chicago In the Opera just So was it not I felt anxious to hear the new tenor that Isnt really We heard him fiat in Did indeed they his greatest crea His very greatest but I amply adore Wag Wag The moonlight on And the groupings so Such fresh young faces in the That is where the charm of hiamnsio You seldom find in Almost never on the American But as a nation we aze sadly cient in mu Deplorably o And so Goodnight I certainly Self gaerlOce Could flmrflring in ntnpi4jy into That said some re ferring to spends bis time in ay ing to put the fools cap on the other But how great a risk he the corcastxo of A Very Hard Naaut that man over theref He has the hardest name m the city he a very dttbV cult hand to fmitatf No his name is have a freat mind to go to the ctftb Whose whatT my of Ohr And the was enabled to keep my promise on the following after we had seen interesting I intended to release my ants on the following day and take chances with these strange I am are the last of the I may be able to fathom their penetrate the mystery of Platos BEATING A CIRCUS of a WUj Thewetkly paper on which I leaned ray trade situated in a which no circus going west ever We used to count on those circus as nbdy we did on the sad for yeaa and years we were withoot a They were of conaevont Jideof the docen free tickets which the agent the money psJssi tight place ter object of to tff tnttnit tfm rnmsrtlbn Taithfel to taw Which do yoa brunettes or blondes teigning and be It depends altogether oa would yon Ska rear hair tir sir rfpow I wanted sV done with i Didy Jessie Im sore awV afraid to tnssii that aoonldat i at York the only one 1 ever wrotev and Editor st sotrytft ssat

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