Saturday, March 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - March 1, 1890, Burlington, Iowa it THE BUBLINGTdN ESTABLISHED SATURDAY J4ARGH AFFfiAY H THEGiRTOL Tonlbee Probably Fa tally jBjnred by Charles Kincald of the Louisville The Trouble Caused by 28 ExCongress man of WM shot in the corridor of the capital near the door of the home of representatives today by Charles E correspondent of the LauUville Kincaid and Taulbee had it is with reference to a publication made by Kincaid a year or more and who is a six attacked who is a very pulling bis noee and making further assaults on it is was taken but made a second attack on who then drew a pistol and shot the ball entering the head Just below the Taulbee regained consciousness and walked down the stairs and sent for a He was soon after taken to fore the On the the papert tew beta filled Witt lies and mitrepretentatiou of a grave bearing on the meriti of the Ttet cannot be The prat ahould not cater to the wont aide of humanilTevenif It supplies to ners with a little more ated Press performed it It cent fromWaihingtos every day quite a full wediagt of in both Hale and How alto spake in defense of the the latter finding an excuse for the preai in the habit of the lenatoit and representatives of prepar ing long written speeches and delivennj them to empty Mr Blair there a da i mm PfiEofflOT 8KEI Of THE f BTEM UK01I OPfuoEiB POSTAL He Declares Sack Scheme Would SUtfattei Praeated in Disconr the the attempt for a year and a finauy I agreed to only a slight rednclUm fil was became the receipt lacked tato the cost of the plant it ttt 15 CBNTS it did taon of the Congressional That provision hat not been With re gard to the Associated he was glad to hear what the senator from Con necticut Hawley but had been told by responsible newspaper men that it was not The matter was then the His condition ie reported to be KINCAID WAS The shooting caused a great deal of house members rushing from their Beats and gathering in Tsui bee was a member of the forty fiftieth and was in the newspaper article with improper with a female em plcye of the patent Thisarticle was telegraphed to Louisville by Kin caid and it was a revival of the bitter ness growing out of this that led to the event of Kincaid is in the New Jersey avenue police near the a physi pal wreck from nervous proslration and is rocking to and fro while MOANS COME KKOM HIS Both men are well known throughout their native stale and this city and the occurrence noon stifled interest in all leg islative matters at the south end of the The members forsook their decks and gathering in little knots drank in eagerly all the reports concerning the The Kentucky members im mediately went to the assistance of thiir former colleague and had him carried to his A call of the house had just been ordered chorty after noon todsy when the two men MET IOU THE lIBBT TIME sincn the trouble between them origin about a year and a half in the publication by the correspondent of a notorious affecting the moral character of the Kincsid tent in his card to see a Kentucky mem ber of congress and was waiting at the east door leading into the floor of the who had a businete engagement with Congressman McCreary and several ethers came out of the house while Kincaid was standing iu the out and walking up to him said a few words in undertone indistinguishable to the It is said THE LIK WAS PASSED The who was in the act of closing the doors as is customary on the csll of the then noticed foul who is a lurgcfrmned and muscular grab Kincuid by the lapel of tie coat and with n elrong prasp held while he said come out into the corridor with me The reports which llow about the capitol stated that had pulled the cor The senate then proceeded to the con sideration of the bill reported from the committee on pensions on the 15th of granting pensions to ex soldiers and sailors incapacitated for the per formance of manual labor and providing for pensions to dependent relatives of deceased soldiers and chairman of the committee on addressed the senate in ex planation of the The annual ex pense under the bill will be 000 divided among the invalid the increase of existing widows soldiers pen sioners widows whose claims are pend ing or children of widows and children under the pending Plumb offered a substitute for the second under which no pen sioner would receive less than S6ter Moody spoke against the substi tute and Vest opposed the bill One of number of persons interested in postal telegraphy Western Union Telegraph Postmaster General Attorney General Truer and representatives of the differ ent telegraph companieswere Green began hit remarks by dis cuiring the merits and demerits of the European governmental telegraph sys He said that while in instances their than its inconsistencies was that a parent who could not support himself by manual but who might by mental or clerical work earn or year would be entitled to a pension under He also spoke of the unreliability of the estimates and said no man could tell within millions and millions of how much this bill would It went over without The nouee bill prtpointine two persons to represent ihs United States m the Madrid conference with reference to in dustrial property was Adjourned until thin respondents nose or but the door keepor who vas standing there denied Kincftid in n slightly built Buffering from illness and some us His reply lo Toulbens invilaiion to out into the coiridor was I am in no condition for a physi cal contest with i AM UK AHMED Toulbee responded that he also was unarmed and the men were separated by Kiucaid calling upon an ac quaintance from Kentucky to bear wit ness to what had The door keeper vainly endeavored to get the men out of the way BO the doors might be but was prevented by Toulbee who declared he had a right to Toulbee and Kincaid went their the former into the house and the it is supposed after the as he he had none at the About oclock the members and friends dicing in the res taurant were startled by the sharp report of a They rushed cut and soon there was an excited crowd surrounding a man holding hip from which THB BLOOD WA6 GUSHING in a steady while another man was exclaiming that he had done the after speaking tome time in the had come out and in de scending the stairway passed Kincaid on his The latter came after Toulbee had hardly reached the bottom when he felt a tap on the Be turned and as he did Kin who had touched him from fired without the bullet enter ing on the right side of the right Congressman a physician as well as a and Adams were near at Under their Guidance the wounded man was removed to his Kincaid made no endeavor to Kincaid says TOULBEE HAD liBEN HOUNDING HIM for more than a year past and several times insulted He circulated stories that te was a coward and afraid to meet him Toulbee These in his ner vous state so overwrought him he hardly knew what he was He also un derstood Taulbee threatened him with Today he assaulted him and pulled his nose and ear and this was more than he could THB Senator In galls was elected vicepresident pro will officiate during the absence of VioePreeident Morton in Blair took the floor and said fee 4ad received a letter one of many such complaining that the Associated Frets pad newspapers of the country failed to ftaecuch reports of important matters rt debate in the aenate as would proper v inform the people touching the in The in nnattinn Deferred bill to his cduea Mid it of the general complaint i country that the mate furnishes iu Attociated r lias the privilege of tte of their iegia THB F1SHKBIH8 Unmon IK Higatd to a or the can be learned at the state department con cerning the fisheries but out side tne department ic is very well known that this government is in con stant communication with the govern ment of Great Britain with a view of a seltleirent of the Canadian fisheries question and that it is also negeiiating directly with that government and incidentally with the Russian government for an acknowledg ment of the jurisdiction of the United estates in the Behring In regard to the former question it is understood the negotiations have proceeded so far to wards a settlement on a basis satis factory to both governments that the operation of a modus Vivendi allowing American fishermen licence to purchase bait has been extended indefinitely with out any documentary Appropriation Bill the read ing or ibe of moved that the house go into a committee of the whole on the urgency appropria tion After three hours and a half was consumed in the discussion of points of order the committee rose and the bill It appropriates largest item being appropriation of for the payment of pension ers of the war of 1818 and the Mexican The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to the consideration of the but no bills were The house then took a recess until which session will be for the considera of private pension IOWA FARKKBB Mra ladleUd PromlMerr Jmln MBtmUOBB FOHT Ia Indict ments were returned by the grand jury against Dr E Giberson and Keys for conspiracy to defraud a number of farmers in this The alleged offence was1 in obtaining signa tures to notes i j payment of orders for forest A score or more farmers appeared at witnesses against the tree It is claimed that who is one of the most prominent farmers in the traveled around with the tree peddlers and induced his friends to sign alleged which were trans formed into promissory notes by unfold ing an invisible flap at the It is also claimed thar fraudulent representa tions were made by the tree agents show ing that the trees could be paid for out of the exemption being given farmers by the state on each acre of trees Among the complainants are Swanson and Wilkin all well known and prosperous Web ster county P1OITKKB LAWKAKJCKa OF IOWA DBS Pioneer Lawmakers Association attended the in auguration ceremonies in a body yester day and did not transact much Judge George himself a law maker of territorial delivered an address of in referring to the capitals of he amid 1 wel come you not to Old Zion church at Flint Hills I welcome yon not to the Butler frame building in Iowa mere hamlet I welcome yon not to the stone building in Iowa but I welcome you to a city of 000 I welcome you not to Raccoon or Fort Das in the old brick build ing erected by the liberality of the peo ple of this but I welcome you to ihis city and this a state which has grown to marvtlonsly in the ory ot us Officers for the ensuing quadrBmnial period were elected thit VieaI nl Davis county Clinton charges were much lower those in the United they were conducted at a He presented a table showing that the domestic companies had eighteen thousand stations and handled over sixty million messages as against fiftythree thousand stations and one hundred and seventythree million mes sages in the rest of the The West ern Union controlled tenelevenths of this Iu stccV was held by persons in the United Green believed that the United States government had no business with the management of the telegraph it could not manage it cheaply it could not do it better and none of the tenders of tele grams had asked It was proposed to make a rate of onehalf of the cost of and the deficiency would have to made up by the fifty seven millions of people who did not use the Tne receipts of the New York offlce of the Western Union in cluded annually from pool rooms and sporting The large class of telegraph users were stock brokers and Were those the people who were to be protected Were thoee the people in whose interest the people were to be taxed If the government wanted to go into the telegraph business it should buy the It should not try to fix losing rates for existing com panies that would not be fair to the stockholders of the Western The government would need twice as many lines as were now in existence to do the Here was a scheme presented to go to four hundred and fortyseven postoffices where there was a free de livery and where there were abundant telegraph This was the way the postmaster generalproposed to supply the needs of fiftyeight thouoand Thii was the entering wedge of a movement to fcraak down the present companies and estab lish a complete government and against that he protested Green then made a comparison between the American and English telegraph systems and maintained that our rales were in taking into count the free ad dresses and signatures and enormous area of territory covered much lower than the Ecgliih And yet it was proposed to reduce these rates arbi trarily still It would require 875 Ailet of wire to form the tingle con nection of 447 places comprised iu the postmaster generals and to do the busineee practically would requirenot less than mfies of At press contracts the rental of this wire would be Who ever undertook to do a telegraph business over this system would do it at a In this country there were more tele graph offices than postoffices in the older part of the country it was fifty per cent and yet Great Britain owned both telerraph and postoffices Did that look as if the Western Union was not keeping abreast of the times In North the Western Union had telegraph offices did not pay twentyfive cento in the gross At the 447 places named in the post master generals plan at telegraph the government owned but 104 postoffice It was becoming a grave question as to whether it now profited the Western Union to continue its contracts with the railroad Originally they were sources of great but now the railroad business was increasing to such an ex tent that it was doubtful if the telegraph company which handled their business free did not lose by the The chairman asked how much of their business the Western Union did in the free delivery Green replied that about twenty per cent would cover That business wumore largely speculative than the remainder of their as it would include the great money centers of the The chairman laid that it was pro posed to pay the out qf the two cent charge for the postage stamp so he would like to know what the oper ating coet Green replied that a close estimate placed it three cents per menage in cites of long meettges it ran up to nine The average compensation of firstdate operators wat per The chairman wished to know how Derates suggested by the postmaster general compared with the present Green replied that generally they were twofifths In the case of distance measaget they were one half The average Green daily responded that if he wanted to do a telegraph tutinett he would have to pay somebody to look after and pay them toa After all what mattered Ha salary of per annum amounted to a charm of about one tenth of a cent per on the Western Union WILL IOT postmaster generalt ratal were adopted by the Weltern ita receipts would fall just tures every At thit point the com mittee adjourned to meet tomorrow when Oreen will continue his state ment Klud tke lai Depot Secretary Win has issued orders for the estab lishment of an immigrant landing denot on Beddoes inNewYorkharbw and arrangements wffl at ones he made for construting neceesary A PONTOOH FOB DAVK5TPOBT of introduced abiU m the house to authorize the construc tion of a pontoon bridge across the Misfiiaeippi near Davenport PENSIONS 3 following Iowa and Illinois pennons have been granted lowAOriginal InvalB Duncan John Chirle yahUm Laport City Oifoid Harvev TrambK xestoratlon and IncreaseThni WebaterVCaau J8D1WL be Exclndcd te Save Ex ftate The SeMte JetUaK Dmra WerkOnly Jforntog Branch MUton W G Porter Lake Hula David Nor fpilngt Leonldss Gen ter Point Christonel spring Brook Wankon dlanola Outage Boone George Clear Lake Michael Homer John Wilsoni itoa tezuma WlUam Alnswortb EUjan Loilmor WlUUm M Ban Allerton Lewis McKee William Attica 1 Tmm HAWKXTB I DM i It was a queer action the house took this afternoon when it decided not to print the governors message andinaugn ral address in the journal This is the only method of tending out these docu menu to the public in a permanent form it ia unfortunate that in a mistaken idea of If such action was It would have cost only slightly more to have both put in and their j ui nal would have been The senate showed it wantec to get to work The mem Pleasut Booton BUtae Arthur Burlington Wilson B Bee Marshalltown George Mus catlne Jaaeii Vi Robert Corydon Andrew Uaniei Zimmet Walnut City Jotm Woodburn Kanute sonx fiaplds Branson Bedford Alvin DTMon Lfnox wuntm Bedford Alvm Atlantic boiwias H Soidiern1 Quincy JonnT Iconinm Thomas Green Held Sylvester Dunlsp Toomas Downs Ked Ilijgh Center Point Solomon East Des Moinea James woodward William Seltord BiUott Hcben Aimsttmit Beissued Francis Original ot Jonathan Taylor Cbl caRp George Shslbyville Beaja Kflioghum James Chli Jonab Penfleld Caleb Mer Restoration and BUjah IncreaseGregory De Jacksonville Thomas Gaid ner Oorge Streatoi Jacob Cuan Soldiers Quinoy James Kid Aanley Joseph Bvansriile Michaal Bay William Walker Mat toon Thomas Jollat Chas Mlnonk Andrew Plasa Moses Charleston Lev Hamo flhilw VfjtHr rml j all setthere and to reading by titles of 188 and then took proper action to get the committees at It is well known that the firs part of the session must be given largely to committee work and hereafter unti matters get well in hand only morning sessions of the senate will be This will enable the committees to get at their work during the afternoon and will aic them materially A democratic joint caucus is called for next Monday It is supposed ii will be secret and some plan will be Formulated to try to defeat Allison bui t wont as he ia is solidly Boies will probably be the democratic brand Beachor City George Wanke Thomas Mount VernonLevl Vanoalla Benjamin Bulllng Frankfort Presley Danville Absa lom Loda Amen Dei liam Bridgeport Peter Parker Quincy Soldiers William Be book Grove Cornelius Siimasr Henry Table Grove Michael McDermott Chicago Frederics conda William Clayton William HasBud Henry dalta Henry Brie Jacob Wair Heotfr Joha KedronJohn West Lifcertv John Eietsr Dsvld Oakdam Darwin Areh tlrbana John Chioairo Francis Danville Uenrge w Olney Franklin Grova GravvlUe Urefron Alfred Breedi Jobn West Point George Barber Carbon Darjd Horace Ttiac Cbl Eola Thomas twentyone including adi and It wat preferable to con tinue tte ty item of free addresses to insure accurate Under the English sys where tte address was charged the addreaset were and meas agce frequently failed in To the broad question at to how the pott matter generals plan appeared to at a badnett proportion Often said that of course it could te carried but tte busineas could not be done by the government or a corporation at a profit and aomebody would have to make up a RepretentatiTe Grain wished to know if the bill wat ii Green and tbe real of graph company both hereto contend againtt it Greea replied that it wet a aeriout matUsr for them they did not wjah tote placed im competition tte United meat could f the Pottal Tele afford to tear a the bill dont provide for It wai have to provide for Ton wfll te etted for an appro within that if nocoai would eoBbmet with tte govern ihjtrnntttntlr intimated that i BjlBged delinojueMy in sot important aaaneriatter it ttet Iteve wd ttk r tefl sot meatttebffleoBlddo TteetetaBjamatthii poimt ad mot appear at tat at tte reontat of al n nIB uM Oickiaioa of James Grajrille James Eddrnile Freeman Knowl Bockford Andrew fllllisple Abraham Diz John Cbrismam farlej Ottawa Alex ander Van Bookford Samuel Sheldon William Paris Harrell Aledo Warren Rent AJonzo Stew Browns Cornell lid ward F at Bock John Hey worth William Augusta Harri son Milton E Yorkville James Robin Jon Joseph J at Cobden Silvester Old Beisaue and Increase Geoore Coo Original Martha widow of Hiram Mnrphysboro mother of WlUlam Co lumbus former widow of John minor or John Mexican William Mexican widow of Kobert TO CATCH MertB AmarleeiB CcmmeretBl Company Use Windom has directed a lease to be made with the North American Commercial company of New Toft and San Fran cisco for the exclusive privilege of tak ing fur seals upon the islands of Paul and St for twenty years from May The company will pay an annual rental of for the lease of said islands and ia addition to the rev enue or tax of 12 laid upon each fur seal skin taken and shipped by it from the islands the company will pay apiece for each So far at may be practicable and consistent with the in tereeta of the company it wfll encourage the dyeing and marketing of sealskin within tie United The annual revenue to the government under this lease on the basis of one hundred thousand seals per annum will be about as against under the present lease to the Alaska Commercial OOST WAHX CMBpawa Bafaaa atart tnctr far January the Indian agent at Pointa informed the Indian bureau officials tnat tte Chippewa In dians in the La Pointe reservation iare in a starving condition aad ration and clothing should be forwarded at Upon thit representation a resolution wet immediately patted by COB greas appropriating for the relief of tne tte government to be reimbursed out of moneys hereafter realized oat of tte tale ofland or A quantity of provisions and goods have already been Today tte Indian commit sioner received a tolegraai from Special Agent Leahy saying Tte Indiana wfll not mortgage their land or pine for rap nllJkal BI The Indian agentt are unable to recon cUethetettatementt and have referred thematterto the secretary of the i CTTT BUJCUHHOXV February 81tV ifor JDa wfll te at tte city office otQ ISM For plant at engineert Ttwenj counearetervet tte right to reject ear or aQUda i of tha Hooia tba DBS the an nouncement of the standing committee the joint resolution passed by the senate asking for the in vestigation of came up and it was referred to the committee on The presentation of cf which there were a great was cut short by the noon adjournment The petitions were mainly in relation to the election of a United States This afternoor the rollcall for peti tions was finished and all the members had a chance to present the wishes of their The committee on journal reported and by a majority of one the houee de cided not to print Lirrabees message and Boies inaugural address in the journal of the THE In the senate this morning about an hour was spent in receiving petitions and The presentation of bills twentyone of which were in relation to nine in relation to four ask for the establishment of the Australian system of voting and two provide for license as a substitute for prohibition in handling the liquor The remainder of the bill were mainly amendatory measures and of a miscellaneous When the sen ate adjourned at noon aly thirtyfive had been read and ewrrae 10 Tka CaaJrmaBihlpa and Memorlala Special to THE PBS Feb began n earnest in the legislature this morn The committees had all been pre pared and were ready for The membert the two houses were not of the opinion that they ought to get to work at once after their vacation and were ready to go at it and get About all the inauguration visitors left the city last night and this so after the ruah and jam of yesterday matters settled down to the regular order and began to move The first matter Tinder discussion in tbe houee was the senate resolution to in vestigate It came up as a senate message and provoked considerable dis It was referred to the text book The standing committees were an nounctd and then the presentation of petitions and memorials was taken rheae occupied all the rest or the morn ing session and the list was not com pleted at adjournment for The chairmen of the republican com mittees air annodnced were Representa tive Blythe By era compensation of public Tergey Ball Lswis suppression of Dolson normal McFarlaud Cbartly ways and Head judi Luke banks and Smith of Mitchell agricultural Thorn burg industrial Hobbs board of public Shipley surgery and Mack hospitals For Paschal domestic manuf ac Towntend woman Brown constitutional Law Kklet Coyle enrolled McCarthy judicial Young congressional Walden roads and Bteele college for Tte democratic chairmen are Rail road and Dayton Holbrook Hipwelljhorticulture and Hart municipal corpora Beem police Rich man retrenchment and private Smith of Wapello Ruatell ttate Gard lerof Clinton Bajart peniten Davit public lands and public Woods telegaphs and tele Dent county and township Briggs animal Roe soldiers Horton institution for tte feeble Ellen Knoll senatorial Johntton of Dnbuqne engrossed Chamberlain mines and Hotch kin fltk and It ted been expected that the first thing in tte senate this morning would te to have tte bills on file regularly in toduced and referred to Under tte regular the presentation of petitions and memorials came and tinder thit head tte roll wat called for tte presentation of these It wat remarkaele to tee the large nuber of petition that was pre sented taking for the election of Tbe farmers from all tte atato teemed to have been routed to exercise tht sacred right of petition and worked nobly to counteract tte democratic arid mailed againttAllieom movement poied It hat not ten at aBdSBcult to thefar edtte act of tta of ttey TkenwM oBttevadoot dacttom I op and bOIt totte i to ezpreta tte action of that I ad tte intro luted over two of bflb wet of 173 sMIthlf 4 ihel member of the Hempatead adminUtra tion the last preceding democratic gov Thit before taking up th regular roll call for petitions and mem a resolution was pined inviting the pioneer to visit the hsj of the house and take possession of a room where they could hold meeting and transact whatever business migh come and a committee con ttttint of of and GlatUy of was appointed to inform them of this The inaugural com mittee wat excused from attendance in order that it might make up ita Roll can began with Johnston of Da Only a few petitions were pre sented by the democratic while the republicans were very active iu unload ing petitions upon the In the senate the reading of bills took up all the The pioneer lawmakers after they had been informed of he courtesy extended them by the came over 1 1 the capitol ant visited the FBII Uit Dm 28 standing committees for the present session ai the first named senator in each case being the chairmen of the cjmmit BK Wayi and Senators Harah Perkins Cis Senators Bar Wo Appropriations senators Fnnk Irower Smith of Mat Supervision of Intemperance Senators Me Educational Senators Senators Me Wool80D Cities and Senators Smith of Linn Public Seeators talth of Mines and senators Da Chxritable Senator McVoy Compensation of Police OfficersSenators Hijfliways Senators Per Stew Conetltutional Amfndmem and enators Gobulc Senators of fright Senators Senators Harah Senat rs Smith of Relo g cd RotieaohmcnE and Senators Bar Taylor and Federal Senators Raylef Kegler and Tay Penitentlarles accl Senators Ban Mosoat senatorial and Represnntitlve eDHtors achmidt and senators Smith of r Keglur and Senators o fe and Public Senators Smith f Cleveland aud Senators Smita of Funk and Senators Rules Senators Horticulture and Forestry Fish and Senators Kent Funk and Public Senators Senator Kngrossed senators Enrolled Senators Senators Weld Smith of Congrestional and Judicial Sena ora Senators Labor Senators Smith of ATSD VBOH DBATH Wkarc of Wea of Sioux morn g as Lew foreman of the ice ang at the Haakinaon meat packing was working near the ice run his clothing in some manner be ams caught in the cable wire and he as whirled around with terrible veloc The presence of mind of a com who succeeded in extricating m from his perilous saved im from an awful As it was his ody was terribly an arm frsc ured and his clothes badly TBB owe city eroala Her WlBacr tka Oraiorleal pedal to THB IOWA 28 not ac uainted with the circumsttnces might ave supposed that it was President arrison the crowd were awaiting at the Cedar Rapids and Northern epot Notwithstanding the everitv of the an immense rowd had assembled at the depot to wel ome home M H the successful rator in the university oratorical con est at As the train came n the University band played and the ollege yell was shouted by almost thousand An donble eated handsomely occupied by the Oator and ie instead of using sleigh were drawn through the city y the exultant about seven indrcd of whom had seized the mpes itached to the demonstra on made manifest the great patriotism T the student for their alma the recipient of these hem it but a young a sophomore in the very intelligent and full F horns it in i the representative of the state in the interstate contest there can be little oubt but that be will stand very high and the writer believes it will take an to vanquish him aV Claaa 28 came ery nearly being a serious accident last vening at the Bayfield crossing of the about eight miles weat of ngineer Casaiby sounded the whistle a approaching the when he espied a lady driving for the track at a high rate of She was apparently wrapped in for she waa to ob vious to her surrounding that she tiled to notice the coming train until ie ihrffl whistle sounded a second time Irvine robbona a nervous jerk at she awoke to tbe realization of tad turning the horse toone tide averted threatened The horse reared aadMeE attraddle of the wire A number of neighbors rushed tte weoav bat the woman had al jready picked henelf seemingly tn and they at once proceeded to ez psrflout poti work of Mfte tte late dtKdav CALL1I8 SALJSBOHrS YBIACITT DRD QDELUQI HE IS He Charges Salisbury With Conniving te Defeat Justice in Cleve laud Street ScandalOther 23 spoke in regard to his motion on inquiry into the Cleveland street scandal which ted made part of the regular order for today in the He alleged the case presented an official attempt to de Feat the course of He detailed the factt of the scandal and contended iat a sentence of nine month imprisonment for Veck wet ittelf a scandal because ot tte inadequacy of the punishment to tha offense Tte treasury officials having full knowledge the refrained from prosecuting TecS until Sir Stevenson the secretary of the had in sisted upon taking action against his own the postal employes in finding themselves corn jelled to prosecute these two the treasury officials determined to revent the exposure from going any urther and tried to hush it When Hammond fled to Belgium the police iroposed to secure his There was no legal difficulty iu the way of se curing an extradition but hrough the treasury wrote de claring he could not ask for Hammond being informed of the danger n Balgium went to and in all as to information and he was assisted through the solicitor or Lord Arthur The object of the government was obviously to put lammond beyond the of extradi ion When the chief of police reported o the the evidence in the hands of the police involving Lord Som erset and others the treasury ordered the police to desist from watching the and Somerset obtained a four months leave of absence to enable him 10 quit the But he did lot quit the and Lord Jaliabury being informed o this hrongh Sir Dighton Probyn stated a warrant would be but he caused he decision to become known to Lord lomereets commanding through rhom this information was conveyed to Thereupon Somerset lomerset was not only allowed to resign fc commiesion and leave the army an honorable but at his moment he is still a magistrate or the two The two men low in prison are poor and heir highly placed confederate is LaBonchere said the charge was plain It was that Salisbury nd others criminally conspired to de eat the ends of Therefore he asked that the committee inquire into MB the attorney said he believed that if the house would agree rith him them was not a shadow of oundation for these disgraceful t wa absurd to suppose Salisbury or he treasury officials could have an interest in the retarding of the prose cution of this In conclusion he he himself had direct authority to ontradict the allegation that Salisbury lad spoken to any one regarding the saue of a warrant La Bouchers said he cauld not accant Websters nor did he believe whose de nials were obviously Tbe chairman n quested La Boucnere o withdraw the words calling irto ques the veracity of the Li Bouchore declined ad speaker timed him for suspension Upon the the suspension carried by a vote of 177 to La in said he re gretted the but hie conscience rould not allow him to say he believed he denial of Cheers from lie Parnell party Smith demanded that the house should xpress an opinion on the motion not withstanding ita withdrawal and should ay the motion was improper and the harges The vote against La oucheres motion was 163 to YOBKIGW secretary and JL Cedar George neat i ot meeting will be as Cadar Fab of and of fought one rounds at the California last when the referee fight aa the hands of both i coadition that they The flghtlattcdaix boom i forty TBK OHIO COM May tte Bt that the flood in tte Ohio river heavi most reached itt is tte col weather and appearance of i A let off against that report from ur the river which that from Wheeling to river it everywhere aa4ttavi of at Marietta and pakeniaTC is a heavy KOT to BAD AS gant of the extent and tffeot oft present flood in Cincinnati lusineut and manufacturing houses ia contiguous to the Tte fact that the approach to tte central union station ia had through the old Whitewater canal caused the abandonment of that station when the water reached It also interferes with access to some of the freight depots and intercepts freight traffie to tnat but no patsangeir trains have been stopped STILL RISING JfeD 88 ten oclock to night the river was fiftysix feet and six and onehalf inches and rising at the rate of half au inch per Under the existing conditions the river at this point ia not likely to reach fiftyseven and hy tomorrow midnight will probably be stationary and by Sunday be All this ia conditioned upon the exemption from heavy rain in the Ohio valley uuring thu next two or three interruption of business by the present flood is complete ao far at river trade is concerned cannot under the suspension nor can they receive or deliver freight Tte present state of water creates no excite ment FBUIT DAMAGED Uf Tex A norther prevailed last night and the mercury went down to Growing fruit and vegetables are des troyed Hundreds of fig trees loaded with fruit were A LBVBK The levee in Oak fifteen miles below Vicks wag broken by the aturm Thurs Williams and Newton landinjr plantations are totally and other plantations partially m GALES 38 A blizzard pre vailed here last night and the snowfall sdly The temperature is be ow Special to THB 38 heavy storm of tail and snow prevailed throughout this region yesterday The mercury fell several A severe enow storm raged here yesterday and jart of to About one foot of snow fall and drifted and has caused much delay to DKSKRVXD Staala tha Oatracara at Good TaiBM ia TUIaaBHaa Daaaaaaa jury today warded MacKenzie fifteen hundred ounds damages in his suit against the James Gazette for publishing dis articles in connection with his reatment of the late Emperor f YOUN6 LINCOLN son was leerful during the day and took nour ahing He rested tranquilly to He is not yet out of Nervous poor diffi sexual cured y Hues SamplM free at Wittei drnjr Wmrmtmm or MASON Numerous jetitions are being circulated among the armers of northern Iowa asking the leg slatnre to return William Allison to the United States senate Petitions in pposition to him have been teat in by number of local farmers and te present move is to counteract any hostile feeling may have been The petitions are being liber ally to Brown Wash who was arrested for criminally assaulting and murdering a ineyear old niece of Alfred Horton ear confessed to the crima when before the jury At nine oclock last nignt a nob forced the jail and dragged the trisonor They placed a rope around us and swung him up to a tele graph riddling him with fUlu An important They act the stomach and through the A new They speedily core bad tor pQei and BpIeB didfor women and BatOr 80 doses for Samplas free at Wittas drocetore Journals special Bt the observer at the United States signal station there kae left for parti unknown leaving gone of the property at the signal station also DM Tte us sawrfrTmi nf Tmrt rlnrtefl A dar Bajidt tat vies secosd vke H Special to THB Steele and Cullen were sentenced the penitentiary the former tor twentyone years and the latter for They are the men on the Ifteeath broke the house of outraged her and then forced her to sit up the remainder of the night in a cold room while they occupied her Callea plead guilty but Steel plead not Hence the difference in the The crime was one of great Par ticularly so when it is considered that the men were only nineteen and twenty three years The sentence gives much satisfaction here and it ia not thought that it is too WORK CUT of Partial IT town of Carthage was partially destroyed by a cyclone The court house was first struck and Several residences were including hat of The Brennan fam wife and four were buried in the All were se verely one of the children having sines BOILED The benefit given at the Hew York Bijou Theater Thursday for George the demented realized Engineering Hews savs that the comiBg season promises more activity in railroad extension than any period since The steambarge Ogemaw barges Tilden and Maxwell have been sold to a of which Edward of ia It is reported that Archbishop of who is now at is dangerously A band of train robbers and considera ble of their plunder were discovered Wednesday near AL said to be one of the hat been It alleged that during the last year ho and his accom have stolen goods to the value of Ladd 4 retailers off dry goods at 8t have failed for A a manufacturer of has been misting for ten and hit wife fears foul play tia said his are involved to tte extent of from 000 to By a rear ead collision ox Mil waukee toad near Blgif mianitv Thuta Fireman of and CharlesAlexander and HMry of were prob abty fatally It ia reported at t the Santo Ve road ia daily 300 cani of tho number neceaury to i tteaUppen of Tte South Dakota paaMdalaw providing for tie comansaioneraofttte of farmert destitute of seed not to exceed labeta to each person wto Tte output of tour at

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