Thursday, February 27, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 27, 1890, Burlington, Iowa f ESTABLISHED THE THUBSDAY FEBRUABY molkerAlpkoBie art placed another sis Celled Up IB Semite Seaslea Tke pedal home committee OB tke worldi fair net tail morning to begin the completion of the bin to give effect to the decision of tke Bin Mid Chicago would leave the Butter of appropriation to meet tke coat of the government exhibit and government buildings to the Ai to the incorporation provision it wai re garded ei essential that the bill contain prorjiion recognizing the presen incorporation which was organized under the Illinois and it wai desirable that onehalf of the one hundred inoor poraton should be appointed by the mayor of a and one half The by the only amendment a the Chicago people had to suggest to the provision for incorporation wai that it ahould be that the commissioners ahould be divided equally between the two great political Flower moved the appointment of a subcommittee to draft a Chicago fair and it was adopted without The subcom which was immediately ap consists of Chairman Chandler and Hitt and Upon motion of a bill was referred to the subcommittee to insert the name of Chicago ai the site for the Springer offered a resolution which was calling on the secretary of the treasury for an estimate of the sum necessary for the election of government necessary at Chicago and for making a suitable exhibit in behalf of the XHJt A Llvolr TiltThe Blair MeeettoMI pre sented a from Union representing that at the last election a reign of terror prevailed that armed mobs paraded the county day and terrorizing the white and and whipping the colored voters that ballot boxes were carried off mtd asking for the protection guaranteed by the The introduction of this petition was the cause of an ex The committee OB agriculture today continued hearing OB the bob for the regulation and taxa tion of manufactured compound or The fint speaker representing Feirbsnk A of He was in opposition to tke He said the ia of nek legislation as is proposed would be meet resulting in the destruction or igfrig of one busi ness at the expense of If any legislation was deemed necetsary the bill introduced by of the com which puts the refiners of lard as well as under requirement to tell the consumer what he is purchasing will be satiefaetory to the compound lard men John Fairbanks asserted the proposed legislation would destroy the business of manufacturers of iard to the delight of the makers of prime steam Oliver read the affidavits of a chemist in the employ of showing that prime lard bought by the firm varies i greatly in some of it being wholly unfit for food and is made into lard Adjourned until KOHTjrATIOHB BT THE FBB8IDKKT The president today sent to the senate the following nominations Receivers of Ike Crashtag Ukeral TfcteryBrdfall For IxnEaemieeMIss Laagtryas Morocco nbhc Albert at Mark at Sid there is BO doubt of the elections of Saturday being a sweepiag liberifl victory and completely the cartel by which Bismarck governs even the most sanguine liberals do not expect the chancellor will dissolve parliament and can new He knows too well that a new billot with the present state of public opinion would bring even a more crashing defeat Bis marck is an adept at massing the work ing majority from whatever parties to suit his purposes utterly regardless of their former His friends firmly believe he will find a way out of the present but while all Europe is watching for some move on the chancellors part to indicate his plans he remains a One of Bismarcks brightest parliamentary allies was asked hat the chancellor would From all I can was the an he tke chiefs of the rebels wen captured and aad their heads have been forwarded as trophies to the All the pri osiers wko wen taken wen killed and 188 Beads were teat to decorate the walls of Fei The an still pre senting a firm front la some parts of the so that the daager ir by ao means It is laid ken that if the rebellion should extend toward Algeria France will ou CHiaus A MIMowee I was repeat the tactics which Neb Harvey at Lin Supervisors of Bradbury third district John Illinois John THEIR DAT TO to Meko the moot of THE HAWKBTK CAPITOL DES X QU J The preparations for the inaogural proceeds and the town is rapidly filling up with enthusiastic The parade promises to be quite an ex tended one notwithstanding the threat ening The place where the baen exercises changed will be about held has six times today and the latest program decided on late tonight is to hold the convention and inaugural ceremonies in the hall of the house of As this will only accommodate about twelve hundred people strong pressure will be brought to bear in the morning to have it changed to the open air if the weather trcmely personal debate between Chand Harris and The petition with several others from Arkansas were finally referred to the committee on privileges and The business on the cal endar was then taken up and twentysix pension and private bills were The Blair educational bill was then taken up Ingalls inquired as to when the bill would likely be disposed remark ing that it stood in the way of many im portant and giving notice he would insist that its consideration should procead with Reagan then addressed the senate in opposition to the He described the bill as offering a bribe of 000 to the states if they would consent to accept it as the price for the destruction of the right of local selfgovernment and as imposing on them the humiliating condition of by an affirmative act of the policy of the la the interest of the education to prevent the federal government from being converted into a despotism and avoid additional fruitful cause for sectional strife and agi he hopes for the defeat of the bill by the Mr of also argued against the constitutionality of the Butler offered a which was agreed authorizing a select com mittee of five civilized tribes of Indians to investigate the status of negotiation between the United States government and the Cherokee tribe of Indians in n latinn to the Cherokee with power to sand four persons and After an executive session the senate moderates at The Chicago club and Joseph contingent will arrive in the Tomorrow will be a demo cratic day without any THB LEGISLATURE DBS the house convened today it was found there were still quite a number of ab Little of importance was ac A was passed to r pointed to examine into the advisability concurrent resolution have committees ap of removing the the new capitpL old In battle flags to the senate a number of petitions were presented from all over the state asking the rerelectiou of Allison also several on text Both houses adjourned until tomorrow at two when they will attend the inauguration in a ON XHB cmton COM the house of called up the contested election case of Atkinson from the first district of West It waa agreed that six hours debate should be after which the previous question is to to considered as The case of the contestant was championed by and Pendle ton claims were maintained by OFer Rowell was seconded by Lacey of aud OFerrall by of Mis souri All speeches were confined to an analysis of the evidence and was uninter The only life infused into tke debate was contributed by while addressing himself to the evi dencedid so with such quiet sarcasm as to elicit laughter and applause from both aides of the In conclusion he paid a warm tribute to Pendleton for the dignity and courtesy with which he had conducted the and said he had proved to the house and the country that the grand pld name of with the manhood and refine ment that it has not lost all honor and respect in the first legislative body ia tke congress of tke United Peadlag further debate the house ad TBTO8B BXABUMAT1OM OIVUM 26 investiga tion into the charges ageiaat theeivil service commiesioB was ExCommisaioBer Oberiy weat over the Campbell examinationpaper matter and eaid he did not thiak toffeue was such as to call lor ail Miss wko first told Commk tiaaer Oberiy of the said whea aha want to Fjynn for instructions he offered toeall for a listof questioaa which would be But aha did aot Bhefailed at tke ex amination OB account of lictoem and afterwards oa a fdeadi advice told Oberiy of the offer made Later at Oberiys request she borrowed tke pa pers of Oberiy hen took tke itand agea papers obtained of TJran WwXiBotBMned by tkelatier natfUafter Tiyaavai caned thftpapanfr aaid kei Too DotaeaUoB OB Way to Dm Special to THB 26 8 the members of the county democracy of Cook county met in Battery D armory at and preceded by the Sixth Regiment band marched down to the depot and took possession of their special Immediately fol lowing the band in the procession were two banners with inscriptions Coun ty Democracy of Cook Incorporated and Come to the Chicago Worlds Fair in The train to bear them on their trip to Iowas capital was made up of four sleepers two day coaches and one combination On the front end of the locomotive waa a large portrait of Governor while the net of the engine was handsomely Then were 216 members of the democracy to be cared for besides the The train had been specially chartered and was to run according to the inclinations of the All along the line the train was enthusiastically greeted The first stop was made at where a large and en thusiastic crowd greeted the short haired democracy of Under com mand of Captain FarrelL Mike McDonald and their assistance led by President John the whole company went out on the platform where local democrats had mustered a band to receive The depot waa profusely decorated and the side of the building towards Chicago having a large banner inscribed The worlds fair for Cleveland for Washington The members formed in fours and marched up the rough town then back to their At the next have so often proved He will throw overboard the national liber als and form a combination of the con servative Catholic Both are pro and both are opposed to This move may result in the formation of a great liberal The national disowned by the chan j will again join the progressist offering stout opposition to the I distinctly say to the and not to the While the latter is opposed to the socialist law he seeks labor which is a thine Bismarck does not The question will then be a conflict between Bismarck and the emporer Not to amount to Bis marck may make some show of oppo sition at but will ultimately yield to the wishes of the He will not but will probably leave the management of internal affairs to A few more days will tell the There will be a complete chacge of par liamentary Bismarck will still be and with his usual genius will pluck victory from the jaws of do THE KMFKBOR KHUCKLK8 TO BIgMABCK The Standards Barlin correspondent believes Bismarcks decision to retain his office is the out come of a long interview he bad with the empemr in which the empe ror probably yielded on points of differ ence between them and consented to presentation of a new antisocialist THB SOCIALISTIC The vote of the so cialists compared with the election of Special to Xan traveling theater company has rented Daffeys ban in ther city and will give a weeks The hall wss formerly kaovn as Wiltons open but for I3me years has been to accmodate Spellers opera house wai closed down January but despite that fact and the presence of tie theater loving people will not be de prived of The company billed travels in its own special car and ia said to be a fair country of tko Mou nt Special to THE opera bouse was filled to overflowing tonight by an audience that assembled to witness the annual graduating exercises of the Col JteealleetlciBeerthe Early Territorial AnemUia Held in Barlingtea Bffeetea ky tke Kenaioe ef the PlosMier The reunion today aad tomorrow of the pioneer law makers of Iowa at Des recalls the pert taken by Barling ton and Burlington citizens in framing the fint laws for the government of the youag territory and state of As is weH Old Zioa church was the seat of the legislature after the destruc ioa by in of the buflding oa Water previously oc cupied as the territorial capitol la the following communication an old citizen gives some recollections of the arty legislative assemblies held in this city which will prove interesting reading KDITOK HAWKEYE As the demo cratic governorelect is to be inaugurated oday and the early law makers of Iowa re to have a meeting at Des Moines at lie same I give you my recollec ions as to those who made laws for us mon than fifty years The second from Minutiae sow resides in Sea aad Laurel of Scott if resides ia La clain or Scon Thekemlatnre But ia Old the concilia the and the house itf There were wide stairs ia front of tke church not and two About twenty feet from the front then was a railing across from north to south with two at which the doorkeeper and his assistant stood to keep out Within that space wai the celebrated Indian dance during that the secretary of the and President Van Buna appointed James the editor of the as who waa afterwards by President Polk appointed Van Allen died and the president appointed Colonel CharleaWestoa Attor Weston resided at Davenport for many writer met him a few years ago on the street in Davenport and he knew not having seen me for about forty He died in New Jersey a year or two Of the members of that first Iowa legisla ture several became prominent men in the state and more than James the youngest All the members of the council are dead OBBBBVJHl OBBKBVIS fmtf HoU Wltk EDITOR HAWKEYE We are told in the neglected volume that all men are liars I am charitable enough to believe that politicians only were referred ession of the Wisconsin legislature met f were reler n our town in IWM hopes suchharth terms street which was de troyed by fire on the morning of the Large Area Sweat asjsl Damage DoaeA DfeeetrecB ThrtateBed tke QBSB tornado i through the southern portion of away overturning frame and doing considerable damage tat The old stood on the top of Hot Spriage i tain for several waa Reports an coming in that thai the storm between the Wichita i the Springs is marked by a atruction of It ia feared t several persons were hilled and i A VLOOD THBKATB The The the depot decorated and a crowd was present to receive the visit Stillman Valley went still further for warmly receiving the Lo cal democrats had prepared a saying Hurrah for Cregier and and when the train came in it was pre sented with due At Dubnque the train was met by a large concourse of citizens with RRichards acting as Tke whole company paraded the streets for about half an hour aad then went to the hotel for The visitors remained in town till about tea oclock whea they ten accompanied by the Governors Tke Key City democratic club left hen early ia the evening to take part ia the festivities at Des Moines to affray iweeu two serious edhere today be Jake Fneland quarrel wai of long steading and culminated in todays McDonald is atteadiag school hen aad at aeon left the school houee and started for a where he expected to meet He went into tke salooa with ah knife open but iakki rocket who was wait inc for him struck kirn nonaiheea tend tke JBimmHaUilr drew his knife end stabbed just below the left shoulder aed cutties a deep They were ated before he had time to use tke teat night brought ia a laaac SawteQa guilty of kb aad te 1887 shows gains of gain of German liberals is Cartelleri lost a million QIV1TKD TO A LTBEBAL has sent formal invitations to the powers which she desires shall be represented at the Berlin labor conference which will open March Qeanvl with the How 26 friends of lib erty in Europe and those who hope for the perpetuity of npublicaaiiBStitutions in Brazil have the gravest fears for the future of that 3y a tacit if not a concerted agreement all the mon archical powers of Europe an throwing every obstacle in the path of those who are laboring to consolidate a free gov ernment and the smallest cause for insult aad offense to them is early taken advantage It appears almost certain that England is being urged by other powers to take the initiative in actual as the most prominent naval the one whose government is theoretically the and also the one most anxious to retain a reputation for protecting its cit izens on all portions of the Foreigner in and especially the English and have had for years almost a monopoly of trade in the commercial aad the recent de crees then enforcing naturalization have bsen so distasteful as to force an exodus of a majority of them from the Those whose interests do not permit of their being possessed of capital and have shel tered themselves under the flags of their representatives and they may openly boast of their ability to overthrow the They an aided by the priestly faction and have done theii even by openly assailling the officers of the to precipitrte a It is high ly probable that some reckless English man will soon cause an effusion of blood in the hope of obtaining and thus bring on complications the conse quescas of which will be disastrous to The Marquis of Salisbury has shown by his treatment of the Brazilian Charge d Affaires an astouadiag lack of diplo macy aad justified the remark made by a liberal leader of the house of commons that prejudice against free institutions is so ingrained in men of Lord Salisburys stamp as to the hopelessly eradicate every priaciph of fairness and V I M nilding erected by Mayor Jeremiah would be left out of this I should be sorry to say to the editor of the Gazette that he when he pub lished the list of streets ordered to be ia his paper of the 24th I pre fer to say he was I should like simply as a matter of informa tion to answer a few Will he give me the date when Third street from Washington to Franklin and Washing ton street from Front to Boundary were ordered to be paved with as he states they were Will he also inform me why the if he is so anxious for r permits the chairman of the internal committee Bonn to carry the contracts for the paving of Valley street and Boundary street in his pocket for six while the con tractors are anxious for so aa to haul brick during the wirter and have shouldered brick made for Valley street The city council ordered the internal improvement committee sev eral times to sign the but Bonn appaara to bnth the council and the I should like also to kuow why the mayor allowed Alderman Epstein at the time chairman of the in ternal improvement committee to carry a contract for paving Fourth street from Jefferson to Division in his pocket for tne nine month and until a new council was All elected Perhaps Epstein owned IOWAS FIRST CAPITOL ZION A PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN PBBVIOUS TO THB DEMOLITIOIT THB some lots on that at all events it seems strange that a major who is so anxious to should allow his com mittees to prevent improvements or dered by the but do it in front of some other fellows I am willing to give all credit due and would remind the editor of the Gazette that he forgot to mention several blocks of ma cadam on Sixth At present the only improvements contracted for are two blocks on Third street and two on Woodlawn If we commence to take credit for contemplated improve ments why just include every street in the I will close bv reiterating a former In 1889 there waa one and twofifths miles of streets paved with brick and In two years there has beeu one and three quarters miles of streets paved with of a disastrous flood the Ohio i seem to be now All entire valley of the Ohio the rainfall 1 been The rise since day morning for twentyfour hourei over seven A flood is i and its proportions an depending OB t weather for the next few At ten oclock tonight the river ait point is jutt fiftytwo feet above L water mane and still rising at the rateq two inches in The sky ia 04 cast and threatening but the temperati is falling materially and the aignatl vice here say colder weather ir pected before Should it i it would check the rise quite materL If heavy rain should set in along valley before and continue ing the day it WOULD CAUSK A DAHOBROtTS FLOOBWJ The present indications under f present are that the tisev not be over fifty five or fiftysix feet CommercialGazette special show 1 following as to the state of the tril taries of the Ohio at six oclock At Fittaburg it was eta ftet four inches and rising Huntiaffli West reported fortyfive and rising at the rata of three f an hour at Portsmouth the was forty seven feet and four rising three inches an these places at the of considerable tributaries to the and the in the rate of r ported is owing to the differences amount of water the respective ies are POURINO INTO THB Points on the Ohio between he Louisville and below the mouth Kentucky river report the Ohio i rate that of three inches aa indicates that brick and ten blocks granite and eight I am not Two lots for the church site were bought by Willism Ross in 1837 and the building was erected and leased to the territorial government in The original structure did not include the vestibule and tower shows in the above cut The upper story waa entered by outside stops and a In 1845 6 the out side entrances were removed and a new front was in which was a vestibule and A tower was including a metal covered steeple not shown in the The latter was removed a few years befon the church was demolished The to gain a proper conception of the appearance of the structure when it was used ay the Iowa territorial must imagine it without the front and in the and with the outside stops and platform leading to the second The Methodist society ceased to use the church for public worship in and two years later it was sold and demolished to give place to the present opera has had a freak disagreement PR Q CBU with his second tke Grand Duke wko is to attirkcd to his first and mor ganatic wife that he refuses absolutely to accede to tke oars requett that he shall marry The cut therefore declines to allow the morganatic sen of Alexis to eater the TOCXe ABB UBCOUT Abe LIB coin died at a late hour tonight lege of Physicians and The class was composed of sixtyone mem The valicictory was delivered by Yesterday afternoon the custodian of of the government building formally ac cepted the new tower which cost Work on the construction of the Keo kuk tin can factory is being rapidly The company has contracted 26 has ar ranged for tke motion oa the West End scandals to be cuBildendfai the commons oa BOBB BBIB FOB eCOTLABB AHDWAUB repn MBtfBgtBe homeruleiiiBBeotiaad aad delegatee leprtBmtiBs the of South Wales held a crmlwisjBUi hvUds oty coBfereBce agreed to cooperate toobteia home rule for Scotland subject to tke premacyoftteisapsrialperHsmeat SBVBB MTCBBr kflkdbyaa latDort Other At YOB Like It moa Had IB tketpBH1 rvatee for a large consignment of cans to be de livered by January first aged who died was buried The Young America restaurant was searched yesterday for liquor and a quan tity of beer and whisky The an held to trial A large number of democrats left for Des Moines today to witness the Iowa inauguration of a democratic A Crow A NBW steamship Ems which arrived today encountered fierce gales and heavy seas Friday and Saturday On Saturday a wrecked sailing vessel was An attempt was made to rescue nine sailors seen OB board the but the sea wai very boisterous and capsized tke reseuiag boat and one man was lost Tke et tempt was then abandoned Kvo A certain enn for Chronic Bore Belt Scald Old Chronic Fever Prairie Bon Hippies and It is and Hundreds of have been cured by it after another treatmenthad K aad boxes for sale br an druojstar Us 50 eeat moraiag tke Barclay street ferryboat Moatclair wai ma ieto the Chambers street ferryboat ErieA paaie occurred amoag the passengers but subsided when they fouad then was little Theacei demt occurred ia midstream durJag A jeuHemsi ia Uaioa Mb 13th of Our members in the council were Colonel Arthur logh ram and Major aud Jeremiah Jr in the house of rep Isaac Rever end Chanea and George Thomas John Jen kins and Eli Colonel Ingh ram was president of the council and Colonel Ltfflsr speaker of the Not one of these is now and the only officer BOW I is Judge Ed of Chanee was a Campbellito preacher and Teas a Methodist I have heard both preach The tame legislature met here in in extra or adjourned but only ramaiaed in session about ten days or two and at that session the Methodist church wai Con gress about that date divided the terri aad all west of the Mississippi river was called Iowa and the act west into effect July and President Van Buren appointed Robert of Pike a former governor as governor of and of as secre and Isaac Vaa who redded at Scott as United States Governor Lucas issued his proclamation fat July for an election to beheld in September for a delegate to congress and a but may be very and whether I am a republican or a demo has nothing to do with the matter under I would like the editor of the Gazette to work out a little pro blem for ten miles of brick If one and twofiffts miles of paying is done in one how many years will it take to pave ten miles As the editor is not as ignorant as I he can probably work out the above If I am in error in any state ment I have I am open to convic tion and will cheerfully acknowledge Truly Bbersof the My old friend Theodon so many yean the grand secretary of the Masonic Grand Lodge of was Gov ernor private The latest for delegates wen Chapman aad David of our coun aa nade of General of Heary and Peter Hffl of Dubnque Colonel Chapman was elected by a very smaQ He died last year ia betas at the time of his death about He wai a soaialaw of Coloael Inghram eighty of Colo years wkoia too modest a tokave leiaiPaiaJ dees aad 1 Fifty eeat bottles for IB the after tryiag other imfoc thirteen byan dmg BtTkit lettKdBttribBtar iBthepoetomesvwae anertefl byaBi robbiaf the Abo twenty asd were found onhii and our lot attorney ia Burlington a Virgfaiaatke member selected to the were to the Colonel Robert and George to the James wko was youngest man was about 33 years old George Van B TbomatlBafr and the editor of tke was kHed ia aad at especial election George our thea mayor was elected to fin tke Theeoaadl elected TBo ProtpoM HUl EDITOR HAWKBYE A communication in Tuesdays HAWKEIB states that the Prospect Hill under the superin tendence of has b en doing no good for three or four Now it seems to that that statement is a little and if the school and readers of THB HAWKETB will take the trouble to come out on Prospect and for they will find that we have not only one of the best but the best arranged and most beautiful and attractive school house and grounds in the All due to the untiring en ergy of McCullough and his assist and they will learn that the rarents and residents of Prospect mil know aad appreciate these I have four children attending this and if there is anything ia this world I am grateful it is the fact that I have the opportunity of sending them to suck aa excellent And I think that if the growlers win do as I when it was represented to me that one of my children had been terri bly missused by make a thorough and impartial they win in all probability find that it is their own darling Httle pete that need looking after instead of McCul In conclusion I will take tee liberty to suggest that if tke growl ers would improve tke time they an wasting in trying to injure the reputa tion of a good aad faitnfnl by employing it in teaekiag their children that it is their duty to faithfully obey the rules of tke and respect the wishes of their they would confer a very gnat not only on their own but oa all the chil dren or Prospect Hifl aad their parent as here may be piled up to six feet by tomorrow night a downward turn may be less prevented by is suspended because the cannot pass under the and because the landing is covered with The back w Mill creek has inundated a few but it comes too early is the damage them TRACKS WA8HBD rains which have prevailed here past fortyeight hours more than three hundred feet track of the American Midland at a point about two miles west city this and all trail been It will be ae before trains will be running i A BANK building belonging to Wia Beard was blown to splinters ye Thirtyfive persons were in the at the of whom six wen less injured none COTJRT BBCOBD8 i yesterday unroofed and partly 1 the court house and badly The opera house waa i and several business houses flmmmrrsBf I GBVAT DAXAOB TO Fi tc the very heavy rains in River the low lands merged and great damage hasr farms along its All 1 are higher than for lines reaching this city havebeeed from four to twelve 1 and fifty feet of the track of the apolis and Vincenoea road is making a transfer necessary Big Four was unable to tions with the main line at owing to a washout track being rising THE MOST VIOLBHT the most violent and destrut ever known in southern Kent over this section yesterday straying several houses and injury to la the a city south of thuf tobacco barns with all their i s doaen houses were blown loss ii estimated at Tell in torrent and the wad bla feet cyclone over the i The river at this i most out of its being hJ known before in Five pounds of tobacco wen i A WOMAH rasTAHTL damage ken by yesu amounted to about loss of life reported is tt living three miles from struck by a falling tree i Her two children i aad tke house elect HAWK Ern Tke Chicago Herald of the 34th The other the InrWatn m fafiUoaded s efaasJeisu B Mrvoila tboszmr was an Indian won to anialetor ud icnov ofioiaioias doztmftaoi disaster reaches here camp tine miles below coatained about one five people two weefcsy i oattoaicBtjjtthB eroaeolQa the snrfaei but then wfafr soa Door aad wMiaeorpontei

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