Tuesday, February 25, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Tuesday, February 25, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 25, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE LEVGTON ESTABLISHED TUESDAY BY cm TO IE WELDS PUB m m Dismay ia New Wecsi ia 8L LoeisFudeaio Blum ia jpito of the tad weather the galleries were packed with and the eonidon wen obstructed with crowds gathered to wit Bees the deciding struggle over the loca tion of the worlds The proceed iags opeted by the swearing in of John successor of the late Representative of The house committee on reforms in the civil service filed formal charges against tke members of the The clerk read the special order of the house prescribing the method of voting upon a site for the requiring some one place to have a majority of the votes of wished to know opportunity ef question as to Whether then shall be a fair before se tecting a TheSpeaker replied that under the epeoial order this opportunity could not tie and he immediately directed the clerk to read the Then was some at the first few responses were which was promptly checked by tke The vote resulted result for they had gained wren votes M of omly threa for Hew whitest Louis lost five the be ginning of the end of thdr caw and Washington Nouecf tke Chicago eapporters changed to other dties aad only one of them dropped out without waiting for the neapitation pro gteswd the Chicago men began for the flat time to show signs of In the crowdaiurrouBdiag the newspaper offices Bad other placet if there would be an forded to presi the aad Mason and who wen doing the larger part of the whipping re doubled their hurrying the pages into the restaurants and coaunittee rooms after absent mamben and routing ont otken from the lobbies acd cloak Flower was keeping taUy for New York ers and greeted every occasion with a From his seat ia tfce center Hall was doing the same f or tke Cbicegoans The fifth ballot showed a total vote of 312 apprehensions of the Chicagoaas wen justified ia a meason for New York gained fif teeth votes while Chicago added but six to her Louis meanwhile fell off tea votes and Wash ington The vote was Chtomro Sew 38 110 WMbtcston UK Waiblairton Cum norland GBD The detailed vote was as follows For Messrs Allen of Anderson of Brick ner M Bur Clark of Connell C toper of Crate Culberteon of Pennsylvania Outcneon Dolliver Fitaian Haughen Henderson of Hen derson of Hitt All was erdtement as tho roll call be gan and it was apparent the southern members who had steadfastly supported Bt Louis up to this point were beginning to break away and going over to New York consequently the ex pectations of the New Yorkers were at the highest and indeed in this vote they polled their full but gained only six while Chicago gained nine and Bt Louis and Washington kept up their steady the former losing ten and the latter five votes The total vote was again distributed as follows SrxiH when baCetiu an senutivesof aU clasaas of and inch cordial warn gratified smiles aad genuine shouts of joy is aot oftaa wit Tha naaaimity of the display was the feature of the Usually upon news of this sort or rather news from political conventions and the then is to be seen the losing But hen aQ were Tonight the toota of horns mingle with the booming of and at the hotels and other re the coining of tha worlds fair to Chicago is beingcelebrated with a of La Kerr of Martin of Ma McCreary Owen of Parrett Peters Rood of Boranton Smith of Smith of West B Taylor of Taylor of E Taylor of Townsend of Townsend of Turner of Van Walker of Wat Wheeler of Williams of Wilson of For York Dib Far Lggter of Mc Moore of Now Os Qnack Rui Spino Stewart of Turner of New Wallace of Masiachu Wallace of Mew Reed For 8t Ander son of Breck of Chandler of Clark of Culberson of Martin of ONaall of Riobard Stone Of Stone of Tarj Turner of Van Walker of Wilson of Wilson of For Ber BlraohardK Breckinridge of Browne of Buchanan of Henderson of North Korr of Lanham Lster of Moore of OFer ONeill of ONeill of Owens of BandsJl of Rob Slewart of Stewart of Slock Wheeler nf Ala Wilson of West For Cumberland Taw pairs were Wilburn with Ban dall of Cooper of Indiana Williams of ODonneU and Arnold and Cogswell and Buchanan of New Jersey and Darlington and Wilson of Kentucky aad Bliss aaid The absentees Allen of Miasis fleMy aad Chandler of shalr the fair old aot Chicago people warajnbi the attnounoement of tha tnt taunt tout were restrained Trnai ainiaai their feelings byraaaoaof caution to rafrain from aay da Daring the then wen bonsoltationa the leaden aad Chicago CUoan WewTork Louli WathiQfton New York people were discomfited at their email gain and began to realize tbev could do no The desertion of of from Louis to added to their so the reading of the vote was not to verify but to secure time for con Heads were together all over the house and the result was shown just as the roll call was begun by Wil sons rising and moving a recess until tomorrow at eleven There was a shout of disapproval and de rision from the compact Chicago and when the speaker attempted to put the several Chicagoans were on their feet with points of alleging the motion had come too that the roll call had The how declared he had recognized Wilson before the first name was called and put the Without waiting for tbe announcement of the viva voice Wilson demanded the yeas and and they were or There was much excitement on the floor at this Flower AI rising to a question of personal privilege called attention to the fact that the sena tor from Florida call had in debate last Thursday uttered words personally of fensive to him which he had not then heard and had followed that breech of order by chwgiEg and adding to the official report of his remarks a paragraph still more He Chandler deemed it his duty before replying to the autult made upon him to bring the sena tors conduct before the senate for sucha as might be just and suita He therefore offered a resolution reciting the charges and asking that they be striken from the The communication from the attorney general on the assassination cf deputy marshal Sahnders was referred to the committee on privileges and A bill was passed authorizing the con of a bridge across the Missouri river between Hughes County and Stanley South The Blair educational bill came up as unfinished and Faulkner ad dressed the senate In opposition to Among other things he asked Is the bill sanctioned by the provisions of the federal constitution Jan its provisions which affect the distribution of the fond between states and the just and beneficial Is it the part of wisdom and practical statesmanship for the na tional government to embark on this boundless sea of unrestrained and un limited legislation He took the nega tive of these propositions and went on to argue in support of hia quoting from the debates on the from the decision of the judges and the writings of the recognized The bill had been justified by the sup porters on the ground of relieving the and yet when the fond got into the onethird more would be given to white children than to the col ored children on a basis of school popu while the illiteracy of the colored children is forty per cent greater SIMPLICITY FEBBUARY lOIEFFHSOIHIBIII MIES Tfce Afalr WDl Cost the Neat Little Snm6aeBsuy at the Com mittees Crerten State than That that the of the white contradicted principle of jton people vpoa Dookery proaoked held a whispered with kirn f or eaueMat eaooiro fftbahowafl Bias of aix aadeltvea York uapjauUvaly avilOBBMOf lea for at Louis was hurrying about from one man to another and pointing at the which indicated the hour of and urging a The rumor ran over the western aide of the hall when Chicago was in force that it was the purpose of the New Yorkers to arrange over night for the transfer of their strength and that of Louis to and the fact that Wilson in charge of Washingtons interact was leading the movement tended to add to the If such was the it failed signally for on be yeas and nays vote the west clannishly ralUed together and the house refused to take a recess by a vote yeas 188 nays The Chicagoans were in feverish im fearing delatory tactics hat would lose them the advantage they Mason rushed forward to the exclaiming Call the roll I Jsll the tolll New Yorks backbone was and there was little further The clerk again took up his and the result was 311 votes divided as follows BKVSKTB New Tfley ninjority would be 156 and Chicago had 154 just two votes short Then was an agony of expectation when Mason dragged Judge Kellys He said he wished to change his vote from New York to Chicago and did He was greeted with applause and evidently npected to lead a stampede for Chicago but was disappointed nobody followed his example and Chi cagos total vote stood one lens than a New Yorks forces were retiring in every inch roll call was it was the eighth and for Chicago achieved her vic and out of a total of 807 re ceived more than a KIGKIB New good order and contested of the So another 18 The changes on the eighth and last Abbott from Bt Lrais to Gatchings from Chinugn to St Oobb from Liuisto New Enloe from New York to Hare from Bt Louis to Hem phill from New York to ftailly from Washington to New Skinner from New York to of York to The announoemeat from New of the result was meted with thunderous by the Chicago The house adjourned at aix oclock in the midst of an HOW CHB 24 fight over the worlds fair site is regarded at final ly settled by the action of the house New Yorks leading representa tives accept the defeat calmly and aad consider it York despite Many draw a gallant fight and now they philosophically They aay New Mcka nafta a ft have been beetea will accept the defeat graoefnllT aad do all joartMe to make Depew aaid to might went iato Ok York espatting towfax If the vote had teem taksm four weeks ago era an eoafidaat we would have We feel we lost by tooliah quarreL We accept oar defeat with and wffl do our beat to the fair a Many Laiiis aad Washington men have al ready aaBQBtced their intoeit to work far It believed tto of opponents wffl sixty It la prokatle large number of will be fond ia favor of poatpaeiag the date of tfce fair tin Tonight the Caieaco people an with JoflfioaUoa an he wfllkeattda to neoauatt the to the bill Faulkner said he had perfect faith and absolute confidence in the pres ent and future of the He djd not intend that the energetic and en terprising people of West Virginia should be held up before American people clothed in rags and crying ont with pov erty and If the constitu tion did not prohibit the passage of the the eentiment nf at least would demand that the distressed farm ers of miners of Colorado and aad lumbermen of the north west should not be called upon to con tribute to the education of the children of Ms Coke obtained the floor and Platt arose and said the educational bill had held a place as unfinished business since he should insist after today that the when taken should be discussed every available hour until a vote was It ought not to block the way of the important busi ness now on the A resolution by Sherman was agreed calling on the secretary of war far a report of the courtmartial proceedings in the case of Private at Fort Tn HAWKKVB V Das f Notwithstanding their to Jeffer aonian simplicity the democrats intend to do the inauguration act in a style never before equalled ia this history of the The fact that the is their first chance in thiritysix yean and prob last then is some excuse for their The expenses gf the inauguration wffl foot up to qnitaalarga sum aad win cost the state from three to four times much as the inauguration of republican governors in the The legislative members have not re turned both Speaker Hamilton and Speaker pro who are to formulate the while ex pected back did not Speculation as to the committees hence is somewhat The indications are the republican chairmen of the main committees will be about as telegraphed last Blythe seems to lead as to to appropriations The democratic pro gram as far as can be learned seems no to be to give Swart the recog nition he demands for his support and action with and he win receive the chairmanship of the labor commit Beem is to be given munidpai cor The slate for the other main is changed somewnat Dayton is to have Holbrook text and Hotchkiss mines and There is general rejoicing hen over the success of Chicago in securing the worlds BUkop Bn a XctabUtk te SeBater Vaaese Acrlcmllwal Vance introduced a bill to establish in every county of every state in the union an agricultural depository under control cf the treasury department in which the owners of may deposit their receiving therefor warehouse receipts and tnasury notes equal to eighty per cent cf the market value of the The de posits may be redeemed at aay time on the payment of the sum advanced and interest one per cent per Fifty thousand dollars an appropriated to carry out the AMKHD TBB IKTEB8TATB COMfBBCB BILL Paddock introduced today in the senate a bill to amend the interstate com merce The amendment is intended to provide for the relief cf farmers ia the west who an unable at present to market their crops aa account of the high freight rates prevailing on the long and which railroads claim cannot be reduced without demoralizing all short haul rates under the interstate act Tbe bUl provides that the long and short haul clause be so in case of investigation of an infraction of that the commission wsll be obliged to consider the cost of transportation and the facts and circumstances bearing upon the market the and if it appears the product is one of the necessaries of and upon it a justly lower rate u indispensable in order to enable such product to be transported to Buck transportatioa ao far as the long haul clause is shell be considered an exception to the general The emeadment also pre scribes that the long haul for tuck pro within the meaning of the amend ihsll be five hundred miles or mon by the route over which the freight is actually DBTBBDft BIB BILL Secretary befon the house committee oa weights and meas ures ia regard to ifiver coinage declared his Ml waa treated to ateefia the best way ke could tke pres ent flaaacial condition of tke country He diaavowed all charges that his bUl weseBMn that ita didaotbeliere fa tkat brought forward to defeat author it was other Windoei took np ia erder bar bei ban wkem rcesened or m pfOTOaVOB fl HftOOnRll vMed for Tke secretary aunaar other objeetfcae coaviaced that the BMW an aeeds witkoateadaai est of tke conby aad woold absorb tke surplus aflver aad apiu Theopentiiaaof tkkbffl the tater Vrgtmg TBMr of this has issued a pastoral letter addressed to the priests of bis diocese in which he takes strong ground in favor of the establishment of of parochial schools in which to educate the children of Catholic He warned them that the penalty as pro vided by the Baltimore council aeainst pastors who neglect to establish Catholic schools in their parishes is removal from their He says that education should embrace a thorough religious training and that such canaot be ob tained in the common This ed he claims cannot be given at home nor in tha churches not as he says by any priest with whom I am ac He notifies the priests that they must establish Catholic schools aad the people that they must send their children to otherwise they will lay under the ban of the A large number of the Catholics of Dnbnqne an sending their children to the public schools and they are disposed to rebel against this command of the Crwtma Special to TKB democratic city convention Saturday night nomi nated Davis for judge of the su perior city at and Emerson The republican city convention this evening nominated James Bull for judge of the supreme Bull ia one of the leading republicans of southern and was formerly mayor of The which is equivalent to au wu made by acclamation amidst enthusiastic A PrlMt Special to TEI TAMA Saturday morn ing the people gathered as usual at seven oclock at the Catholic church for service but the Father not putting in aa appearance parties were sent to the parsonage to ascertain the when the housekeeper informed them that he had not yet come from his On entering he was found in his bed in an unconscious condition the gasfrom the hard coal burner having escaped during the Despite all efforts to restore con sciousness did not return till in the af He is yet in a preariout condi Bpedml to BsUl 34 local bate ban company composed of the leading busi ness men of Dubcqne was formed hen to A full set of officers and direc tors wen elected and delegates sent to to help organize the proposed new Eastern Iowa and North err Blinois league A mana ger will be elected this week and players win be signed as soon The stock wiU be B pmlal toTHi in the district court has peremptor ily refused to try a number of cases growing out of river lead litigation until the suit ia the United States court is The judges although backed by no gives general satis faction and has earned the hearty grati tndeof the The set for trial wen mostly for violation cf injunc tions by settlers who wen evicted a year Mayor Craig aad Bellinger aad of the Basinets Mens have returned from when they kad a coafer eace with railroad officials relative to a union depot at The wen greatly encouraged by aad think the railroads will eooa awve ia the natleaMa their visit OouBtiiL 84 aifktTkoBua Christaaaea wai aeadytodeatkia a ealooa fight wen John Burk Rob three tougka of The fomar was bnt tke two latter fled to Oi aotyetl aad have appj to rneooiaace ita Haacoek aad Tnd the Dabnqoe jobbers baton the board of at Dai ead severely beat a conductor oa a Mflwankee freight Baterdey night near Jones was arrested i J 84 Our commn Bity waa paiaed thia morning by the news of tke death of R the estimable and beautiful wife of one of our promenent Though she has loag been a sufferer from consump tion her resolute spirit had kept death away so many that the end came witk a shock to all her The time of tke faaeral is not yet deter last Friday evening the celebration of Washingtons birthday took place at tke For yesrj it has been the cus tom of tke officers of the institution to give tke patients a auuquende party at thii Bad all who are able caa participate as A dance with plenty of good mtuic fills out the evening and sends dull can eway as far from those poor beclouded es is This year was as successful ever in spite of the fact that is suffering greatlyfrom rheumatism and could give little person al attention to The visiting committee sent by the leguatnre is at the hospital It consists of Senator Caldweli and Representatives Mitchell and Young a fair and able trio of If only they could have been at the masquerade on Friday evening they would have been better able to see the actual and crying need of a new amusement hall to take the place of the little which was rant only to accommodate the main This room has never been en to meet the needs of the inmates of the two large wings added since holds only half of the patients at a and in a cramped and uniatisf actory Saturday evening the energetic Wo mans Belief Corps held a plate to which McFarland Post andHarlan Camp of Sons of Veterans wen It as a Speeches were made by Comrades Abraham and and also by Wing and other corps The Iowa Wesleyan university students give a reception to the delegates of the estate Oratorical sssodatioo on Wednes day of more IOWA Of Grass New York glass works company is contemplating putting in a glass factory in Iowa A GCH Clinton Iowa fifth Avenue Gun club will have a two days live bird shoot this SHOT of accidentally discharged a pia sending a bullet through bis Ken aged a Storm Lake hotel is No cause is known for his OFXKA HOUSE opera urase the largest business build ng at wan gold Saturday to a syndicate for A GOOD leading educator las offered to build a school nulding and open a collage Iowa Falls if the town will donate the A BBAVB Nebraska lad was refused a marriage license to wed his motherinlaw and came over to where the ceremony wu v ice haulers at Storm Lake have struck for au advance n wages from to per The ice company ia importing men and teams from other ABBBBTXD FOB formerly city marshal of has been arrested for forging the name of his William o not aggregating ADVMKD HOT TO BELL THBIH AKaasaeBtateOBelal Turn l Walt tar Bicker of the state agricultural depart has issued sn address to the farm in which he gives it as his opinion that then ought not to be a bushel of corn sold ia Kansas at the present and if the within the reach of the farmers themselves were judiciously with bnt few exceptional caies there need not beany Bethinks he best solution of the problem ia for the alliance of the state to ston the snr lus corn until better prices are offered aid arrange for the farmers to draw or borrow money on their Mohler lays Cora ia Kansas at 12 cento a bushel is as good aa and under the circumstances now existing there ia n my a bank in this state that would not cheerfully loan money at a reasonable rate on corn well cribbed or in TowMBBwat Naw billiard tournament was resumed at noon today between Catton and eightinch balk Catton won y five The average was 10 Thia afternoons game playing an eight inch and Schaefer a fourteen the latter won Jotton only reached highest run waa Avenges Schae 808084 1016 84 The game tonight between Daly and in which both played an eight ach was woa by Ives scon Ives SWEPT BY 1 AU an entitled to the best tkat their money wfll so every family should at a bottle of the best family Syrup of Figs to cleanse the sys tem wkea costive or For tale in 60c aad bottles by aU leading drug XellleJUye POBT 24 Miss Rcgiaa of this will start from hen on March on a tour of the iu an attempt to break aU previous Tke dtixeas have subscribed toward the Mies Rotkehfld will travel eastward over the CaaadiaB aad expects to leave tere tke same day that George Fnnds Train ia aaaouaced to sen fromTacoma Mies Rothchfld expects to make tke trip la sixtypae VM sa se DM Q S W On sale February Mead 87 good for re ton till February at one aad one third fan for tke round Account iaaugnratioB of A a SaayoMd te Have Bcea Completely Wiped Oat aad lahabitaato Dimmed Tke Days fine large storage dam built across the Hat sayanpa river by the Walnut Grove Water Storage company two yean ago at the cost of gave way Satur day under the gnat pressure of a heavy aad swept everything btfon it Forty persons are known to have lost their As the town of thirteen miles below the was ou the same gnat fears an entertained for the safety of that town of Wickenberg has without doubtbeen swept out of existence by the bunting of the dam cf the Walnut Grove Water as it lay on the banks of the and gnat lots of life must have Owing to the excitement and short time the courier remained in the neighborhood before starting for assist he could not say whether any one was The town waa a mining settlement and the men worked in the so they might have but it is almost hopeless to expect that any of the women and children eluded When the wall of angry water struck the service fifteen miles below the it was checked for an bnt the dam was unable to withstand the terrific pressure and soon gave carrying with it the extension system of flumes and other Wfcci the news was received in Phoe nix 67ry one was stunned by the hor rible parties were mide up to go to the and by evening the town wag nearly desert aa every one who could secure a tiorse or other means of conveyance was on his way to the Hasiayampa The superintendent of the company was in Phoenix when the news was and he started for the scene of the dis aster ai soon as his horse could be The news of the break in the reservoir waa received here by a whose torse dropped dead as he entered The couries says the valley below the dam for miles was swept Im mense rocks were carried away as though they had been There are many prospectors in the and this fact makes it impossible to even estimate how many are lost As a rule they are in the low and would be swept out of uristence withou a moments The messenger was some distance below thb dam when it being in a side but he says that from the sound the most of the huge fabric must have given away before the millions of tons of water almost There was an awful crash that seemed to shat ter the f oUowed by a surging and roaring as though a hundred Niagaras wen tearing their way through a mighty mountain He ran immediately to the top of the where the valley was and he describes the scene as something The valley was filled with foamcapped water that seethed and bubbled as it spread itself over the valley and into the side Where he saw the valley the water was a mile wide and not less than fifty feet Monster trees were cut off by the rocks and water like Nothing living was The Walnut Grove company was one of the most extensive storage and hy draulic mining companies in the terri Their works were of vast and when in operation were expected to revolutionize this The true reason of the failure of the dam cannot even be turmised as it was built by ex perts aad supposed to be able to with stand aay possible Feeling is high and a rigid examination will be as on the result may depend the future of the storage of water ia moun tain Tbe dam which held the waters back was 110 feet long at the and 400 feet at the It was 110 feet thick at the base aad ton feet at the fonniag a lake three miles in length by three fourths of a mile aad 110 feet Lieutenant who was ia charge of the was absent at Phcenix su perintending the shipment of machinery to the Of those known to have beea drown ed wen and four chil Boone and Joha Joseph McCarthy and NO ZHTOBHATIOIC 24 infor mation is received here in regard to the break of the Walnut Grove If the disaster has occared the loss of life and damage to propeny must be great Tbe valley is inhabited principally by Mexi can miners aad WICKBVBBBa ALL 24 courier who has just arrived from the lower dam on the Hanayanpa reports that a tre mendous mountain of water came dowa the Hauayampa about two oclock Satur day and thirtyfour men lost their lives at the lower where they wen at They wen all whites ex cept three The courier n the town of Wickenberg all light The loss of life ia tha vaUey between Wickeaberg aad the dam may not be kaowa for some but it is without doubt and the number may poaribly neck thirty or The courier states tkat the upper dam had undoubtedly broken aad carried tke other two daaw below dowa with it The Ion of property iu tke daaw alone win amount to about CVB9M iron cupola of the Flora coaeert kaU fan today bury iae thirty eight Five wen takea ont eight severely injured aad five otken an t eanivemrr of the Freedmaaa Aid aad Boatken Ki StvenlaoteddiviaesdeBvend 84 Craw aa old aad vaQieat soldier was fond dead ta the river at this point WkeBfoamd he waa iaea upright poaji river kOQac the William his son aad a colored aad injuring the captaia aad pilot the eoa of Ocorge Haam was ran over by aa electric street ear this afteraooa aad instantly hie head betagcruahed almostbeyoadrec ogniaoaTThe little fellow was oa his was to see his father and while eroadng the street in trying to avoid one ear he was struck by a car coming from the op posite The boy wai a SOB of George who lived ia Burlington for many and was for a long time employed oa THB the boys is also aa old Barijagtoaiaa TBB T1BK A ceauRaamum aa ia the Globe block early Sunday morning did serious Platt estimate their lose at The build ing was damaged about The fin is supposed to have been of incen diary THB TAJIK LUra COMPANY Comrcnt Consolidated Tank Line companys ware houses hen burned Sunday Loss Bay reach A TOE AT Gnpes flooring with four thousand bushels of burned at Hamburg mcxaza aouaa lo residence of Wm Nickel burned yesierday fore noon with the His sons home adjoining was badly neatu M Completed election returns show 246 members elected and 167 supplementary elections necessary Those elected are divided as follows 52 16 Cen 90 German 22 National 16 21 12 14 and one TWO KARTRqtTAKBS Two slight earth quakes have caused great THB ODC D PAJHS The Duke d Orleans was today removed to the prison at Judge Griaaell this morning appointed George War ner receiver for certain notes aad securi ties in the hands of Herbert Hammond belonging to the Bank of The receiver was ordered to sell the securi ties to satisfy Hammonds claims and hold the balance subject to the order of the Warner gave bonds in the sum of A of The first Slav convention ever held in the United States is now ia in Alleghenj The object of the convention iato form a national organization for the pur pose of looking after the interests of the Hungarians ia all parts of tha country and establishing a system by which these people can be properly educated and their rights Colonel John a well known business man and died here Colonel Barbonr was a direct deecendent of Zach Feb A heavy now storm tiie worst this winter ia reported prevailing all over Cattlemen are TOVB Aa HM net Bleyt IB All That TtBM An special says Four years without sleeping a That sounds bnt it U exactly the case of an old negro now living ia Charley Harden is his aad the snows of age have settled down upon In slavery times he belonged to John who lived at that time tat this Charley was seen on the streets yesterday talking to several of his friends and telling them of bis curi ous For four said I have not slept a I hear continually a buz line and it teems as if several persons were talking to me all the time At night I lie in my bed with my eyes wide aad if I do sleep never cloie and always hear the It is an awful thing to be talked to for four aad through the long nights to have to listen to this Charlie has tried doctors for his sleep aad has found no remedy and has given up all hopes of ever sleeping as a matter of bnt his eyes never and all his mental faculties remain ever His case is a curious Only says the restaurant replies the groans tke grunts the pugilist Cothes growls the to give a fellow Trades all cut Too many breeches of trust Looking indies the astronomer ejaculates tke police court Mot awl H ought tonernsaiks tbe Bnt m peg away ia hopes itwoatlast Waking respoads tke hotel por whines tke flshmoa pants the Good deal of snaps tbe watch Dont strike me Id spring at a chance to get iato some thfag this np mighty Id rather aot wearily njofaa tke Lease said sooaest Dont talk about butt the editor of the fnaay Thaf s shear noaseasa Paste tkat ia your BOUJED Jokas Sophias university at Baft mon celebrated its fborteeath aBafter sary It is fj to vieepneideBt of tbe New York Hew Haves aad Hartford At BOOB Saturday tbe ertyafCneis sti adopted standard Hantof ore tatdag effect Manh vice president of the aDbaeiaeseexcept tkat of nJboadeaad wae done by local tiBMVwUek to tweatytwo miautes f aster dard bdfeaav a 15 Cms m W tkatdfiBMStletroublealeadkbm to adopt tkla tragic BMtkodoeeadagkii INCOIDBU I ill MITllLTIlJiBaSHB win inins amnim the Deed Is IFcaaleiBrmltri oTtke most atrocious crime watt ia the village of 81 Albaas wkea Rudolph Dubois murdend hie motherlalaw and hie two Daboiahadbeenoabadl witk hie motherialaw foe I aad quarrels between them wen fn quaat after tke usual squab ke went aad wkea ke ke was He renewed tke qoarnt and witk au axe struck literally hacking her to He then gave hie wife a terrible gash OB the and ke weat np stairs aad de capitated kit four monthsold baby aad struck OB the head his SOB Throwing toe axe be escaped the When the crime waa die covered the wife was still but eke died after telling tke frightful The whole village tnraed ont to haat Tor the but he had a couple of hours the start of hia and at last accenata had not been Harry Flak and Miss Effle Wilson of thia couaty wen married Thursday night Tkealfkt following a gang of aweBbwd at the house for a One of Ike party named Charles Does fired into the severely wounding the brideHe escaped and officers era now on hia Public indignation is so high that aa effort will be made to lynch him whea he is A Ia Ia the district court Judge Henry presid Newton Taylor was sentenced for two aid a half years la the peniteatiery for the crime of forgery and telling on Taylor had an who assisted him in the execution of the forged so for all to In duce him to inform on the accomplice have been unsuccessful A DALLAS Joha of this was visited by White Caps the other They left bundle of hedge switches thorns oa them and the following note DALLAS Joha if we ever hear of your beating your wife again then will be body of twenty men who will wear ont this many shUlalahs oa Signed MB A 24 grand jury this moratag returned a new indictateat against who was twice convicted of issuing wan house Sykes second coavlc tion was bnt recently set aside snpnme court on account of a flaw ia the indictment Craodwra KAIMAS 24 ants ia the Crusaders case at were found guilty aad fined K and costs in each Weekly Last aighf s drill at the Armory wee well attended and a general satisfaction was felt at the honor conferred on the company in being selected as part of the escort ia the inaugural An excellent drill wae put up and a general determination to make a favorable ha at the capital The following orders were OBOBBBO First la accordance with General Or ders iaiuedfrom the adjutant gen eral this company ia hereby or dered to report at Das on Thurs February for escort duty on the occasion of the inauguration of the Members will report at the Armory at four oclock on February roll call at Breakfast will be provided at the as the special train will leave promptly at five menbtra are to be oa Members wili wear their fatigue uni forms and AU arms aad equipments must be thoroughly cleaaed and repaired on or before said CHAS Firrt c B A will sett round trip fare and February 26 and good to return February 27 and 28 BarliaRton at naca Dee at a DesMoinee arrive at Bur lington Close connections at West Liberty witk tie R ft both A General Af eat One finger does not auke a aor bustle a Accra by aay other issse would afea owner ao less Why tke right foot truste tke left to take half the is not Tha quickest way to discover that B person is false is t see him seeking The left hand never witk because it ia given the hoaor of koldteg the Divorce unkiarfaese fmm tke aad brutality will aot have opportnatty to elope wiU aay member of the It is a eertafa test of petieaeey talk repeated to Ugjatafimbx tke kitckea stove at a late boar that pair of fparkHat i aa honest face possesete store treetivcaeastbBBapairot i avade ia tke can of a braeglect of proper texador wfll ckeeattkftki of ibieecriee are ita only i lertiaf JOB know tkat it at lede Buffs Baby atta Feb 84M at Ber efigkcyearoTd eoai key

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