Wednesday, February 12, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE TJBIJNGTON ESTABLISHED WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 CBNTS PHB Wi i BUI APPBOPEIAT1S6 Hffl IT PASSES THE The Hew Code of Bnles Dlaeaaied In the HousePregidenttal Koadna Iowa Washington Special to THB other important matters transacted in the sen ate today was the on the mo tion of Senator of a bill appro priating for a public building at The bill will go to the house in a day or so and will undoubted ly be Hoar introduced a bill to pre ecribe in part the manner of the election of members of congress and it was re ferred to the committee on privileges and It provides that in all states of the union representatives to con greB shall be elected in and for the districts now prescribed by law uniil the apportionment of representa tives Khali be made by congress accord ing to tho ccnBufi to be taken in any law of such state hereafter to be passed to the contrary At one oclock the senate resumed the consideration of the bill to provide a temporary government for Pending the question there was an amendment offered yesterday by Plumb to comprise Mans Land within the limits of the proposed After a lenghty discussion the bill went over till tomorrow without action on the The following bills were passed Tho senate il appropriating for a public building at Iowa and for public building at Beat By B public school system in Utah providing for the inspection of meats for exporta proliibiUng the importation of adulterated of food or and authorizing the president to make a proclamation in certain By create an agricultural commission to investigate the present de pressed condition of the agricultural in terests of the ihc Eboate bill for tho relief of certain 80 ttlers on public lands was also It provides for legalizing claims filed du ving the vacancy in the land Blair then resumed his address on the educational but the senate soon went into executive session and then ad IN TUB The UiiDan on JTopmwd Mew of called up for consideration the proposed coda of rules and offered a resolution providing that the general de bate shall close at one oclock tomor and that after debate under the five minute rule the previous question shall bo considered as ordered at four oclock Vigorous protests agaiudl cutting down the discussion in such eliorl ordur wore made by the domo but they were of no effect and Cannon dcmttndud thu previous Tho demand was rejected by the over whelming voto of 68 to many repub licans voting against Springer immediately claimed the but Cannon declined to yield He proposed either to close the previous question or al least to get some indica liuii HB in what time this year the gentle men Uiu other side were willing to close the Ho demanded the yeas and nays mi hia demand for the previous but not a sufficient number of mombTB oroae to enforce Cannon thnn yielded the floor to Spring who offcvcd a resolution providing that thu gunornJ debate shall proceed un til adjournment after which the code Bhall bo considered under the five minute rule till five oclock when ihu previous question shall be con sidered aa This resolution was adopted wMwut Urosvernor took the floor and epoke for tho new In his opinion the rightb of he minority were ended when the minority expressed its opposi tion to a recorded its votes against it and protested to the Tun purpusug ot the rules instead of vesting powur in the speaker would pre vent any one rut a power from ruling over the liouec as had been the case in the fortyninth and fiftieth when tho speaker 1ad declined to recognize the motions for the passage of the to bacco iss HID Blair educational bill und general pension The democrats were here today to ob struct The whole pur pose of the democratic Vn this floor was to obmruct and impode the rep resentatives o the people from going forward with the business of the The republican party was on the aide of congress tho democratic patty stood as an obstructionist and nothing The proposition now made was the ma jority should take possession of the re sponsibility which had been placed upon it by the votes of the people of the coun fie knenof no plans to rob the If the attempt were made he would tight Bolmsu characterized the proposed code as a complete revolution of parlia mentary procedure and uapecdally an tagonized the clause providing that one hundred mumborn constitute a quorum in the committee of the He spoke of various occasions upon which the re sort to filibustering had boon of benefit to the oouutry and referred with much emphasis to the defeat of the force bill by the under the lead of Ran Payson defended the fie reviewed in some detail inntanoas where the by dilatory tactics had de feated the will of the The only rights which the minority had ware to have a free and full and to offer amendment germane to the ponding There the rights of the minority Mr Hatch made war upon the report aa an He waa opposed to Die report in toto because U waa a partisan because it came from the re publican side of the home the republican The xmrnUioaaa acted well in electing Bead aa Today Beefl presented clearly aad fairly than any other the acheme and purpose aad determination of his The gentlemen on ifea other aide the only righto of the minority ware to discuss and but as far as the democratic minority was one their rights was to protect the public Funston suggested the democratic ahonld proteflt trean troai the democratic Hatch replied U the MtiaH did aot know better than to on the d roads today discussed fully tha pro position in his annual report tor the establishment by the government of a limited postal He snbadtted a plan providing for the leaae by the government for ten years of wires for carrying on business and for the delivery of teleprams by carriers in the first de livery following the receipt of the tele The scheme he insisted was practical and free from Wanamaker proposed a onion of the post and telegraph on a basis that would not interfere in any appreciable extent with any existing but would offer incalculable service to the Tsnann not now enjoying the use of tha telegraph to any Urge He asked that he be directed to negotiate and secure a aet of leased such as the great newspa pers have from city to and that irokers and bankers have connecting their offices and different cities the mblic might communicate through their business offices postoffices from city to city or by messages dropped in heir mail The people had he in their business Jerks who would soon learn the tick on he carriers who travelled over the same streets traversed by the messen ger and stamps for payment that dispenses with bookkeeping and all that was needed to build up the service was the authority and a He declared most emphatically such service wa the egitimate work of the pogtoffloe the people were right in stoutly de manding telegraphic facilities at postal Wanamaker then stated the provisions of the bill that nothing in the act shall be so construed to prohibit any telegraph company rom performing the general business or the public as the same is now The postal telegraph charges in any one tate not exceed ten cents for nesaages of twenty words or conni ng address and nor over wentyflve cents for any distance under one thousand five hundred nor over fifty cents for any greater he rates and rules and regulations to be Described by the postmaster rhe bill also provides for the establish ment of a system of postal telegraph noney orders at a rate not to exceed double the rate now in addition o the double postal telegram THE IOX The cross examination nf Louis Hid den waa continued before the ballot box committee today at He ad mitted having paid sum ot money ag gregating about to who same to him with letters from her hus This money he procured from who was looking after the nterestc nf the party in Hamilton lie said C Campbells state ment that ne had never shown the wit ness a paper with the signatures on Witness did not know there was anything names on the He lid not tell Foraker there was s con ract in but that he believed here was written Saturday last In galls mail contained a mall pinkwrapped On being ipened the box was found to contain a artridge with the following inscription n black ink Election pills for old or for In from Come o see old Ingalls was not alarmed at the con but both he and the secretary bought it prudent to lay the cartridge arefully as there was a poECibil y that it might be more destructive aan an ordinary On exami it proved to be a buck hot cartridge containing nine large mckshot aim a charge of Even his it was thought was not a particu arly pleasant The joke may urn out to be a sorry one for the perpe as it is a violation of the postal awa to send explosives through the PKNDIKTON The house committee on elections by a party vote decided to recommended iat the house unseat Pendleton and seat as representative from the first West Vireinia tad action of aeubor jaateinthe better back to ftafliiC farther 4abtts odook k Senator Chandler has prepared a bill regulate immigration into the United which is a voluminous and com rehensive and intended to in lude the best feature of the various bills ow Representative Cannon says the resolu on submitted in the house today by pringer to close the debate on the new ode of rules for was the first roposition from the democrats and was ntirely acceptable to him and to the re uhlican For an hour and a half this afternoon IB sanate executive session listened to peeches in opposition to the connrma ion of the nominations of to be ommiesioner of Indian Dorches to be superintendent of Indian A vote will probably be taken t the next executive The president now has under consider ion an agreement recently entered into etween the commissioners of the gov rnment and the Chippewa Indians for ccession of part of thtir reservation in The ceded lands aggregate bout three and a half million he reservation will not be opened until Robert of nvoy extraordinary and minister pleni otentiary to the United States of Brazil now credited to the empire of Adolph G of United States onsul to Barmen United tales marshal for the southern district f Iowa surveyor of CUB omi at Iowa upervisor of the census for the second istrict of South Dakota West postmaster at The president today tent to the senate tie following nominations Herman register of the land officer at South Dakota William receiver of public moneys at the same FOB passions Governor of preei ientofthe Service Pension Appropra tion association of the United States since appeared before the house committee on valid pensions today in behalf of the principle upon which the association He made an able and eloquent plea for a service pen sion in behalf of the women army also addressed the commit tee in favor of a bill granting pensions to women who served as nurses in the ate The following Iowa pensions have been granted Original IncreasedWohn Key Wast Warren Tarn HAWKEVX j Dzs If In the senate this afternoon was brought out quite wen how the republi can farmers arc getting Not ong ago a petition waa presented from the Neola Farmers Alliance protesting against and today another peti tion favoring him gotten up by republi cans instead of democrats came from the same Another petition of the ame nature came in from a different art of the As much prominence has leen given to the antiAllison petitions hose favoring Mm nave become aroused and have begun to send in their own deas in regard to the proper candidate or United States SHY mt Kotloa to Special to THB DBS democrats n the house were quite ehy of the rel ation introduced by Luke this provided simply that the temporary ipeaker be authorized to appoint a com mittee on mileage and to make up a list of members and employes and certify the same to the secretary of state The lemocrate were afraid of some hidden cheme to elect United States senator or lo something of the sort and first op osed its but on being assured here was nothing out of the way in it hey finally consented to its he resolution was intended to have he statute fully complied The rpvision is that such a list shall be fixed hirty days after convening and that time is about taUon Hubert Das Vones Francis B Oentenrffle John Schaller Martin Van Wart WSliam Monroe Col Dnbuqoe widow of Wmiaas i Waterloo JBM moUwr of at the TEE REPUBLICAN fiBIEES UB THE DHTED STATES Allison EndorsedThe Situation in the HouseSenate Shy Iowa Sews and Wbat IB Hotua Special to DBS Evidently omething of importance was expected o happen for there seemed ta be quiet desire on the part of all the mem iers of the legislature to be In the where nothing of import ance could be while everything tas been going along smoothly and the influx of absentees was some hing Senators Seeds and Clyde have been away from town for about two weeks and they were both on hand while Senator one of the democratic brethren who has been away on an indefinite leave of was on hand as if to go to omefew were still away during the The republican even though in the are very ul over the movements both of themem iers of their party and of the opposition hey have signs by which they judge whether anything is on foot or not in the camp of the Some repub ican members look upon Senator Cas als as a sort of democratic or they say that unless that party is up to some scheme or other Casfatt is not iresent these while somewhat letter in his attendance when there is oal business to be Consequently when Cassatt comes the republicans are n the and no democratic lOwever slyly can get n the house side the feeling seemed to irevail among a good many that omething must be done today or the natter of settlement would become a litter and inimical piece of warfare in tead of moving along in its easy way as t has thus there are men on both ides just waiting for an opportunity to ight in on tha otner and if all lonoa of amicable rivalry are done away with the amount of restrained and pent up energy that would be let loose would astonish even those expectin g To the members on both sides this hing of waiting is extremely they are here ready to fight actively and are spoiling for a chance to everlastingly hammer the The more sug of doing away with pairs has had he effect of bringing around all the and should they be declared should negotiations for compromise the young bloods would then tave all the opportunity they might lesire to sail at their Chen the duties of the committees on members would be something that could not be too carefully taken care of and he whereabouts of every man would lave to be faithfully reported at all Such a of affairs IB nnt o be wished but if the two sides wniet in their it will inevitably result that At the Tippecanoe Veteran banquet ast night Captain one of the re mblican members of the made a unique He wished every member of the house would resign and a new election be Then the peo ple of Iowa would not send back as half if the house fortyfive democrats and Ive godforsaken That if would certainly break the Soon after nine oclock the democratic members went into caucus and remained here till after Something of in erest or importance must have been going on during the It was quite a noticeable fact that the union labor member from Poweshiek was not with He remained in his seat in house and while there was a source of much curiocity oa the part of all familiar with his known party Affiliation since coming It is not known whether it was from choice or not that he remained but it would seem that just at this period above all when the matter of final settlement is to be M ahonld be present in the ranks of one or the other party and be perfectly con versant with the of settlement ihat are being iHamsafd It is rignifl cut to note in this connection that the last proposition coming from others than waa plainly designated as coming from the The opening sentence was the demo Now it ia hardly possible that the democrats would throw over but it say be that he has de cided to quit caucusing at least make people a little at his in caucus submit to the republicans the fol lowing arrangement and allotment of the and caucus of the house viz The democratic party to have speaker and firstassistant The republican party to have speaker chief secondassistant organ izing enrolling bill assistant five assistant door two paper eight The Republicans to have first choice of committees and to choose two com mittees the democrats to have second choice and to choose one re maining committees to be divided by the alternate choice of the party choos ing committees to have a majority of one upon each committee chosen includ ing either party to have the if to select the chair man and membership of committees 3 All investigating and special com mittees to be equally divided unless otherwie agreed 4 The same committees to have clerks as had them in the twentysecond gen eral The division of a committee pro vided for to be made by a committee composed of five members of each to be chosen by the respective In the house session only four pairs were announced and a recess was taken to aildw tha republicans time to consider the No conclusion waa reached and the house was called to gether again in an hour and roll call be the vote standing 46 to Only fttp ballots were taken and the house Both parties at once went nto Iowa Eoocial tc THI DBS court lusiaess Dovover Appanoose affirmed Gha na Irish Milwaukee and Paul from Wood ury affirmed appel vs from Polk af firmed Beere from Moines affirmed Phil Jones affirmed appal Hhelbv modified Montgomery coun reversed Hanks appel Madison affirmed State Warren county affirmed State Marshall affirmed city of Union affirmed Bainwater Hum Harrison county A Toaogr WEST Mamie a music teacher of this was drowned while fording the Turkey river about two miles west of The eceal thaw had raised the river to a depth of ten foot at the Tho horse ind cart were carried down stream some rmt were A thou ind people hava been on tho river banks all tolay dragging the river for the Dynamite was used to break the ce below ths under which it is nought the body At two oclock Saturday afternoon the robe and cushion were but the body has not yet oen Tha deawcratic caucus lasted until about twelve The matter under coaaideration was anew II w w Jl arooaed ooaaiderabie took a long time for In short damocrau speaker and fiat and cnaosded to there pubUoaaa an other Ofcommit taaa tha npabUcaaa can have flat choice of three aad tha nat to be alternately Tha went into can waa tima to give a attar tha dote of tha aai IBM ww wimni tha but thai their tion goes farther than any made so far and it wffl take tie best planning on the republican tide to formuate one which will meet with as much la it was as follows The democratic members of confer ence by authority of their A rciiLE wirneAL HOOKS SDEUA Aa evening aper published a dispatch from Paris which states that a cipher message has ait been received by a Russian refugee that city dated December which fives the details of a horrible tragedy in he political prison at eastern Nadyda of noble birth and a teacher of the high school at Mos was found last year with revolu ionary papers in her possession and sen tenced to penal On her ar rival at Kara the woman foon attracted the attention of the director of the who took an early opportunity to insult Sihida boxed the ears of the who in revenge had hetstripped and flogged in the presence of an the men in the Such an outrage had not been perpetrated on 8 roman of rank since the days of Empress and the unfortunate lady was so apprehensive of further shame and torture that she committed suicide the same day by poisoning Sev iral other female political f ear ul of receiving similar on tearing of the terrible event followed ter A few miles from the womens political prison at Kara is that occupied by the male political who on hearing of the tragedies revolted n Troops were called out and scenes shooting and logging and torturing going on by Up to thia time the Russian authorities have been able to suppress all he news of the aid at Muon MASOS railroad doal was made in this city yes erday between the Central Iowa and the Paul and Kansas City rail Tie thirty miles of track between this city and recently abandoned tjy the Iowa has been leased by the SI Paul and Kansas City sad they are now running into this It is also understood that they will KSko this their division headquarters and soon commence work on their new round The Milwaukee and Paul are now running trains over he Iowa Central south of this and all appearances have virtual control of he Bradford Broncbt Special to Tmt Bradford was brought here last night on a requisi tion from the governor of being irrested yesterday at as he was the penitentiary there after a three years term for In 1886 Bradford wantonly attempted the mur der ot a youog man named Delany at this presumably for purposes of Dclanejs head was laid open jy a revolver bullet but ths wound was not Tomorrow his trial vriil commence in the district DBS tne annual meeting of the only routine matters were transacted The members of the standing committees were present and credentials from sixty one lodges were presented and the grand odge degree was conferred upon about fifty members of the of wes chosen assist ant grand It is thought the egal cDntroversy in order will come up during the Sportsman Special to THI Foresters Gun club of city today open its an nual fourdays Quite a number of sportsmen are present and the matches arewell The annual meeting of the directors of the Iowa State Sportsmens association ia being held here today and will run ihrough Arrangements are made for holding the state shoot herein of Labor fifth annual eeeeion of the state Knights of Labor sssembly began here The session was opened by the address of Master Workman About sev entyfive delegates are present and sev eral officers of the Farmers Alliance am expected when an effort wffl be made to effect amalgamation of the two orders to Windows Soothing Syrup should always be used for children It soothes the softens the allays all cures wind colic and is the beet remedy for Twenty five oents a hnttln special passenger agent of the Kansas and died sud denly here this morning from heart trouble Cow president of tha Virginia ea Marine uunrance company died aged AH are entitled to the best that their mosey wffl so every faacOy ahoahl at a bottle of the best family Byrupof Fin tocleaaat theiyi when costive or Tof atrrt to 50c and flOO bottta by Welling was run here by a freight train thia Be Tree samples of Cnrei A of Noble Birtk She Cnmito Shame and Fear Other Kwle Folitteal Prigoa Follow Hex Karl CrlUctzts of Portaaml br the house of ords an address in reply to the speech rom the throne was moved by Baron de Umgay and seconded by the earl of Karl Granville criticized he tone of the dispatches to Portugal as unnecessarily harsh and as having gone lut of the way to provoke dissension in small and feeble nation that had a great colonial history and waa justly iroud of He also hoped that the overnment would tell the house why in he speech from the throne no mention whatever was made of the Parnell com Salisbury said the government shared with the country the pain arising from he dispute with but when the IOUBB had read the it would find hat Portugal has been warned time and again that it was impossible for England o accept or assent to her claims to the ownership of the territory of the tribes hat were under British or her settlements in the Shire andNyassa Decisive diplomatic pressure resented the best course for the interests if Portugal and the interests of After dilating upon the notable decrease of crime in Ireland he concluded with he prediction that if a juat and firm government were ove and good will would grow fast looted among the people of that country even after the laspa of the generations hat had known only PATRIOTIC irffETINOS Feb proclamation has een issued by the government forbid ding the holding of tha patriotic meeting which was to have taken place in the The proclamation also pro libits the contemplated patriotic proces sion through the streets of rARLIAHEXT reas embled The queens speech opening the session was read by the BOHTBITS THE EXHIBITION OF ROYAL William laa caused an order to be iisued pro hibiting the exhibition of portraits of limselt his or any of his family without his sanction first being THE LAW the chamber of deputies today a motion to repeal the aw banishing from the country the pre endeis to the French was re jected by a vote 323 to THS BUSH 7OJB same timo the South Pierre boomers were making this attempt another crowd though somewhat made a desperate effort about half a mfle north at the boat This crowd numbered about two They succeeded in making the other but were then They made agrand rush The wagons escaped nto the interior rf the reservation and some of the boomers are scattered over the lands Half of them were caught and returned to this West of Mfle Square there are a large numberof louses built by the Indiana and half ireeds who will claim all the and adjacent to Mile iasf night several boomers built houses quiet in that neighborhood and all were burned by soldiers this morning All night long boomers were sneaking in and twos and many iscaped the This morning the Indian police found a colony of boomers ten miles west of whose houses and effects they burned and carried the oomers to Ffrt Tha boomers are ecorcing anxious but expect tamorrow an order will be received to allow them on the THK PSJ3OS from In By Officer the five Chi cago boodlers who completed their terms at the prison yesterday there were two others to also their but iere waa no crowd of newspaper men to greet and interview them on their de They were not hightoned everyday burg ars and for one of them there was a mac present who wanted to extend greetings The prisoner was Soel a desperate youag Peo ria criminal who had just completed a oneyear term for the cars of the Chicago and Rock Island road at The man present to rreet him was SpecialAgent William J of the Hock Island who car ried a requisition from the governor of owa for Bradfords The con vict will be taken to where he stands charged with t ia said Bradford killed a freight con ductor there two years Tlie Arrival of OB Nvwly BwmrvMloH Still ContiBUM this morning Indian Agent Anderson proposed to eject all boomers who had entered the reservation because he had received no official notice of the presi dents but the notice came at last and the rush Settlers arrived at all hours last and this morning the landscape west of here is thickly dotted with buildings in the course of Companies are being organized which will leave for the in erior of the reservation today for the purpose of locating townaites along he White A company from which eo cleverly lo cated the town site near Lower Brute is reported to be United States Marshal Fry left for the White river today to ascertain the condition of affairs there and to quell any disturbance ihat may settler who came into town today said that each claim imme diately west of here has forty ndian police are on the ground to pre vent any By evening there will be Quite a village across from where yesterday there nothing but bare A on wheels has just crossed the river and will be used aa a bank in the new situa tion here today over the opening of the Sioux reservation is nearly the same as last night Last night the attempts to ciou over the river into the promised land kept it seeming that boomers never The soldiers were taxed to their utmost in their attempts to keep the excited crowd at Another attempt to ernes was South Pierre boomers last night at eleven They over twentyfive teams with wagons loaded with lumber and supplies and managed by the closest secrecy to croat the ice entirely about one mile below the city aad just above Farm They wan discovered by a attempted to raise aa but waa asiaed from behind by a party that had bean laying in ambush and was bound hand amd foot and laid in tha Tha boomers proceeded over the hm about five hundred strong and had ahnaat succeeded in getting be road theHneswhea they wew discovered by a skirmishinc lauaadiataty a company of mounted tafaafcy waa ott inaD attal cap waa Pierre eraadparturof Paitad tat tha takaa to She raid honat at Jort TWna and Mfitanr anthorJttoa nvcrauwon The Burlincton and Norttmrn W1U a meeting of western freight bureau today the Burlington and Northern railroad asked or permission to taaka a reduction of 33i per cent m the rates on freight be tween Chicago and The ap plication waa rejected and the general nansger of the road at ooco gave notice that he woud make the proposed reduc tion at the end of ten BBDIJCTIOIf W GRAIN KANSAS Misssouri Pacific has repuced the rate on grain kbout ten per cent from all points in Kansas to ACCEPTED THK presidents of the Interstate Railway association at a meeting here today unanimously ac cepted tha resignation of the Union Pacific and Chicago and Northwestern railroads to take effect by the terms of heir notices of withdrawal on February 23d and 2Cth THE ATCHISOXS Tho Atchisons statement eaows aa increase of ia its gross Tb FJre the sardine coal sheds and rest of lumber owued by ia this were 812 Minn a block of business buildings were consumed by Ire at this place The loss is about fully covered by insur O caused a loss of about oa Mmday to the woolen mill as tho penitentiary at this 11 less by flre at Fort Collins yesterday was about The heaviest loss falls en the extensive arming implement warehouse of which wan completely as were several adjoining A Big Me exsecretary of tha Miners Na inal Progressive union azH a member of the executive board of United who is in the city for the purpose of making arrangements f or the annual con ference with operators says that unless the operators of Indiana and Illinois sign the inter state tbe greatest coal miners strike ever seen in this country will take This will make miners As the opsrators of Indiana and Illinois have virtually refused to go into the conference the strike seems LauU tho eighteenyearold daughter of Adol phus tha millionaire brewer of ran away to New York and married Hugo her fortyfive years who is located there as the agent of several big foreign con cerns more or lesa connected with the brewing Ear fatter and there have been several sensational Thia marriage ia an immense social aa bath the Bosch giils are noted for their 07 m Falllnjt morn while a number of citizens were col lected in a building discussing the flre which occurred a short time the west wall fell in instantly killing McDonald and William R Jackson and seriously injuring Many people narrowly Pa doors of the Carnegie POO free library were opened to the public this afternoon and the magnificent structure was inspected by thousands of A formal dedicatory ceremony will be held when it is hoped Presi dent Harrison will be Feb Bardthe def suiting cashier of the Lin coln National and his were arrested early this morning and brought Executions were issued this morning against who has been a large dealer in coal and lumber for Hia liabilities will aggregate nearly See to it that Lsxador the golden remedy for all stomach disorders is al ways in the Sold by aH druggists for 25 cents a There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a fine healthy Keep it so by using Bulls Baby ptfeeas cents a motion tat the appointment of a select commit tee to inquire into tha exodus of native born and immigranti from Canada to tha United States was de feated in the commons Ghari ton said than were at present over Canadians resident in tha United DECLABE THE ELECT13S it SET LAIE WiS CABBED BY IBM Irerything Quiet at the tie Late What the News papers The Election May let be SALT Everything is quiet Boainesa has resumed its normal and were it not for the decorations upon the houses of the Gentiles there are no indications of the great political battle of Discussing yesterdays the the organ of the says We dont telieve there is an honest man ia vhe community who thinks for a moment that the liberals lave any such numbers of legal voters as cast ballots for the ticket illegal meat of legal Mormon voters and flim flamming were practiced by the liberals openly and without aad by these means only have they carried the It unquestionably wan a crooked To what extent the crooked cesa was carried we do not pretend to and the whole truth never will be The Deaeiet Newa saya editorially The municipal election of this city waa carried by the liberals Gentiles yester day by a majority of eight Tho processes by which this result was reached are Tha successful larty in whose ucdar ths Ed munds was the entire manipulation of the election ran special raina over the Rio Grande and Western railroad and registered gangs ol men clear to the Colorado line who had not the qnaliusatiOTis of being after the lists were made Fully onehalf of the peoples regis ered voters were challenged by citation to appear before the registrars and show cause why their names should not be stricken The names of those who failed from any cause to appear were romovad from tha Others who had never been notified found when they appeared at the polls that their names had been arbitrarily re moved from the registrars liats without even a challenge at the voting All liberals challenged for cause were per mitted to awear in thoir while in two of the precincts at least not one challenged member of the peoples party was permitted to do Had it not been for such dishonest methods the pboples party would have carried the city by at least fivd hundred and There is a large muss of evidence largely in the form of affidavits which proves the truth of the foregoing statement The peoples committee have not yet de termined whether or not it will contest the in the The groat majority of people feel that thoy have been shamefully robbed of their President a head Mormon the in an interview today with an Associated Press reporter re garding the election said there ac cording to his a deeplaid scheme to deprive to Mirmon peopla of all po litical BO tha minority may obtain control of the He restated the assertions nf fraud by tha liberal party in Since the liberal victory a year he asserted thst tho taxi a had been raised and official salaries while public improveraents tave not advanced and vice BRB Ha views the result of yesterdays with profound re gret as a prostitSuos of the law and official power When asked what would be the future policy of the he BO far as I know it wib be to preach tho gospel to all the world instruct its members ia their religioen dnlies and go forward to it divinely ordained destiny as ths actual living Church of Ths members of the of belonged to the peoples but the church had no part in the Is there any probability of the Mor mon church or cf the people removing to Mexico or elsewhere None that I know Tho individ ual members may o where they choose to better their but there is not nor has there been any contemplation of such an exodus as you as ted about Speaking of the Mormon itUa of rule at church President Woodruff aaid they believed it haa no power to punish any one by the deprivation their lib property or by personal injury in any form that the governments should not regulate the nor the church seek to control the state that all men sh jnld be poll ticall 7 free and He said he does not feel gloomy AS to the ultimate result of tne He be lieves the taves will be raised that there will be Each oceeaess of restraint imposed upon immorality and such a striking contrast under the liberal rule to that of the peoples aa in the more respectable people of all ciaBEiis will soon desire to return to the former The plotters against the majority will prob ably pursue their plans for the destruc tion of a republican government in the but I should be sorry to be lieve that congress or the country will proceed to such unconstitutional and in famous extremes aa those that will be prc of the having a charge for eighteen years Now it that she carried lifemsuranoe the amount of her bam N Feb state commieaioner of agri has issued an order to the public explaining the situation in the drouth stricken counties aad making an appeal for He says the destitntion ia exclusively confined to the newer pjr tiong of the state where settlements date back only three and four years ex cept Nelson and Ramsey which have been settled six North Dakota is in good shape financially but her resources are sot available for the present emergency and the generosity of the people of sister states will be appreci la counties where the destitution prevails there are not less than five thou sand people dependent wholly or in part on outside help for this and still a large number are needing some assistance in the way of feed for being three women who were frJaadaot If they receive county will probably against their money tha hava little bffl Wilt meeting ot tha distijlera and cattle feeders trust called for the purpose of voting on tha question of organizing a there were in person or by out of a total of 490 certificate representing sharaa out of a total of vote stood in favor of organizing a cor poration 859 representing and one representing 85t A Special to TSM Sheriff Thornber was for carrying a revolver while oat He used the weapon in selfdefeaaa when assaulted by two toughs whom ha was attempting to Tha of the justice before whom tha case waa triad was that an officer had no mow right to carry weapons than private dtt The decision with hearty approval of our tough element for Today fifteenth day since BuM has partaken food in the attempt to ram herself of Since the noun cement in the press of her fast aid its objects Burritt has been the cipiaat ot hundreds of letters froaa all parts nf the country inquiring into her Up to today she hat Ttsea feeling exceedingly but is now suffering from extreme Injunction NKW Judge of the supreme this afternoon con tinued the injunction restraining the sugar trust from disposing of any of ita property OT Hia honor says none of the trusts are a position to pay div idends just but when they are te position to la so they can make applica tion to the A Trotting The Biennial congress of the National Trotting ciation begins here Many horsemen ore already arriving In including of Cedat and ExSecretary The session Is expected to be a very interesting HM Special to TOT A straw ba loaging to George of thia hM been having shown slfaa of It is one of several an imals bitten here recently by a mad The rabid animal was killed before it had wounded any person but no one knowa how many other animals were As A number of prominent business men and bankers to day telegraphed Senator Paddock pro testing ngainst the proposed repeal of eectTun four o tne interstate commerce law and asking him to use hia to prevent the i The first train over the Union Pacific since February 1 arrived hero iU about The ade is permanently raised and no further trouble is Cfem The champiom ship tourney of tho United Chaai association cbscd this waiter takes first Pollock 1150 Lipichuz 975 HoUar and bobbins A Colllvry Skat The Phila delphia and Kaading companys North Ashland colliery shut down indefinitely throwing five hundred men ana uui of BOILED earth last night the senate investigating committee took up the charges of bribery in con nection witt tha lottery Van the clerk from Sargent who has freely charged bribery in the divulged nothing ader a close ex HouseDoor Keeper Thacker didnt know Another wit ness said ha understood Cashier of the first Nations Bank of had offered to a member to vote against the bflL Chairman of the aaya ha waa made mem ber of the committee without hit knowl edge or Detective WEsoa has beem summoned and his testimony ia ax patted to create a of BockWand the nper iatarealing January Louis experienced a slight quaka shock Monday The ordinance for displacing meridian by standard time wax approved Monday by the Cincinnati and tha change goea into effect in ton It u announced that Bdwiu the celebrated is speedily to be married to JVIisa Gertrude tha daughter o a very wealthy merchant of New York Buffeting aad destitution is reported among thu Sioux Indians at Devils Laka North and the agent appeals for as la grippe and lack of food ia thinning the ranks of the lowtr of the Sioux Duin last Thursdays storm an un known Norwegian waa frozen to death noar the same William Sing loafr her way during a snow storm and waa found dead within twenty rods of a Governor Issued hta warrant upon the requisition of the gov ernor of Nebraska for ths surrender of CbariRB now in custody at Rock Island and wanted at Omaha for forgery and larceny a requisition on governor of Kansas for A under arrest at wantai at for TAltK Or THB Beat place for a the teakatUaw The glaziers occupation panafnl The accordionskirt has gone out of It was too Some people are born but more achieve ington Your scheme wont go OB Wall Why not ft wont In the Four Hundrei there about eight hundred ot Not fast What you think of young eamv plsxionr Im afraid it waft an advtrtiBa meot for a saddle ing 960 No need I aata come back from n you hug the shore had Miss Mildred Where Did He bye Im going sway foe Ike wi you find it tefanr with So Tbrkl better put oaV The wind will chap your CM Never A chap never i I rather enjoy that Laws grind aad j rote the But Jet that any poor sufferer ean buy f The eaormonaaalRof haa developed manyneWB but the people dine to the oli DrBoffTCougliJ

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