Tuesday, February 11, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 11, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE ESTABLISHED TUESDAY FEBBUAKY 15 CXNTS PSB 4 f 1 AEGUEHTS FOB m AulDKI TEE HEW CODE IK THE Billions Day in the Bal lot Box Forgery tial Af fairsIowa jonna of Thursdays proceedings wu read snc although the democrats did not demand the detailed reading of that they insisted upon the yea and nay vote upon its It was nays the speaker counting 6 The j jurnal of Fridays pro ceedings containing no ruling by the apeaker on the point of counting quorum was of presented a conference report of a bill to remove from the Missouri river and it was agreed of reported from the committee on rules a new of which the house proceeded to coc Cannon explained the pro visions of the He criticized the rules that previously governed the In the last he the business of the people piled up on the and not five per cent of that business been considered by the Almost rauca time hud been given to the ob struction of the minority as to the COB sideralion uf the businnss of sixty mil of He defended the pro poned prohibiting the speaker from cnertaining dilatory He denied that the proposed rule was but if it was then it was a tyranny sustained by the majority of the house Discussing the rule jieruaUine the speaker to count a he mid if the democrats waii tori in go to the country as against the principle contained in the the republicans were ready to meet them and let the people Cannon then proceed to review the other charges in the maintaining their correctness and arguing their effect would be to facilitate the transaction of the business of the of said the proposed code would reverse legislative action and run bttct upon the track upon which the government had been running forward for a The great bject of the gov ss proclaimed by the declara tion of was to secure in alionnbu rights to the The minority had asked for but far TuleB while providing for a pro cecdurc of would preserve and protect the rights of the of justified the committee on rules in bringing in the proposed arguing it would facili tate the transaction of business and pre vent the minority from nullifying the will of the mnjuiity of the representa tives of the people of made an argu ment in opposition to iln proposed dwelling with especial antagonism upon the clause making one hundred members a quorum in the committee of the Pending discussion the house TOE Among the petitions presented and re ferred was one from Indianapolis board of trade asking for repeal of the inter state commerce Also petitions from Jlissiebippi and Georgia praying for pass ing a national law to secure the right of suffrage and for the enforcement of the flf leumh amendment to the constitution Am mg bills making appropriations for public buildings and placed on the calen dar wero thcfollowinc S50 000 Among ihn bills passed were the fol lowing Providing a time and place for holding the United States district court in South Dakota in relation to the arrest of offiMul against the United States escaping from one district or state tn an other the senate bill appropriating 000 for a site for a public building at Now Orleans The bill to provide a temporary gov ernment for Oklahoma was taken up and Plumb offered an amendment to include within the boundaries of the territory the land strip known as No ManH Pmmb admitted this is a tract of land a hundred and twentyfive miles from but never that the jurisdiction of the now territory should be extended over No Maue Mr Putt argued against the amend as did also several Finally the question was taken on it and the vote was 14 After a call of the and ascertainment of the presence of a quorum the bill was laid aside and Blair s educational bill taken up After 1 sir had spoken two hours thu bill went over until tomorrow and the vico president laid before the senate a message from the president on the subject of the recent negotiations with the Sioux Indians and recommend ing an immediate appropriation to carry out the recommendation of the commis sion referred The following senate bills were taken from the calendar and passed Appro priating 590 000 for a public building at Sioux Iowa for a public at Cedar Iowa to amend and alter the act of July authorizing the construction of a rail wagon and foot passenger bridge acr j s the Mississippi river at extending for two years the time for beginning and finishing the amending the act authorising the con struction of a wagon and foot passenger bridge across the Mississippi river at After an executive session the senate CONGUB88 THU IB the Home the KtfBOBttvMl new code of rules will be the subject to come lie lore the house of representatives for con sideration this It is the intention of the committee on to call it up as early as and to ask the house to limit debate so that final action on the subject may be reached within two or three While there are many tnres of the new rules that are obnoxious to the it is aot probable that the opposition will be manifested othwr wise than by speeches and by Advene votes on provided the minority are what they regard as reasonable time lor Probably by the time the rules are flis posed of the committee on elections will Siave reported the contested election cue of Atkinson Pendleton from Wee and action upon that case wfll consume the remainder of he possible exception in favor of the anfinished which is the bill to Hm of the indications that the Blair which has the right of way in will run through the and jwrhaps sponger period fore vote is leached iuon it ofssMtors are Mady to Couow kWtthMit speeches on HaeM of time remaining therein will be devoted miscellaneous nnobjected business on the In the executive sessions the it s will consider the nomina tions of General to be commis sioner of Indian affairs be superintendent of Indian and exGovern or to be collec tor of customs at New all of which are subject to THB 3AIOXJT BOX A Tilt Beiweoa Forakor ud house committee on the ballot box forgery tesrd a number of witnesses again to Senator of de nied having signed the forged Senator of New lade a similar Having re erred to the matter as a urner asked McPherson if he knew anything of a conspiracy in that COL Be replied when a gentleman abundant opportunity to ascertain he falsity of such a but hastened natead to give it to the it might a regarded aa a Governor Foraker aektd if it would not depend on circumstances under which the paper was procured and the pparent proof to support its character icPhereon replied that as the paper if would ruin public and roperly they should have been con ulted when it was possible to do so by raveling four or five miles His first repulse on reading the publication had een to have every man connected with t arrested within fortytight Gavernor Hadnt you oet er do it senator The courts are lill dont HaJetead pt down in the dirt a d rolled over in is humiliation and attempted to remedy he which changes the situation WASHINGTON BBBMI Determined Flint for ve Randall has been again routined to lie bed for several but ia now rest ng more comfortably than during most f the past He was worse than aual on Thursday aid Friday last and was depressed in but is st pres et brighter and more He had everal attacks of chills during the nd in his enfeebled ompUtely prostrated iam and prevented im from up any It is ard r him to raliy from these hich leave him emaciated and ut bis buoyancy and determination aid lim in renewing his IOTVA PENSIONS The following Iowa pensions have been ranted Original jldiers H MarshaUtown William IncreaseJohn ecorah James John West Union Charles Forest Mills Robert Camp Tracy Daniel Russell Ei Burlington Oliver oone Peter William TO IKTE8TIGATE OP The secretary of the treasury has ap ointed collector of customs at San Fran Captain of the revenue ma ine and of the larine hospital a board to inves gate the charges against Captain ommander of the revenue steamer f cruelty towards eailore during his ri ant cruise to Alaska A WORLDS FATE Subcommittees of ihe special house ommittee on the worlds fair has ared a report which will be present d o the full committee at the next meet BOUNDAHT LINKS An executive order was istufd today xing the boundary lines between two and districts in the newly ceded Sioux enervation of South The loca on of the land office of the northern district to be at Pierre and that of the outhern district at foesis era and receivers to bo at nee and two clerks from the ere be Pent to the new ftfices with necessary blocks and Uppers carry on the public All portion of the newly ceded land outh cf the 434 parallel of latitude ia ddsd to ihe Oneil district of Ne The lines of the Black uron seed Mitchell land districts to be Hanged to conform to tho lines cf the ew districts Indian Intpeutqr Armstrong will leave Washiagton to night for the Sioux reaar It will be his special duty to ee that none of the settlers who enter le reservation under the presidents intrude upon the dimin shed Indian reservation The fflciale of the general land office re also making active preparations o send to the reservation a number ex erienced clerks and two special agents assist the local land officers when iiev shall have been In the case of the state of Illinois for ndemnity for certain overfloowed and wamp lands in Champaign which came before the secretary of the itorior on an appeal from the decision of tie commissioner of the general land fflce a decision has been rendered SUB aining the appeal and holding that all ands that were at date of the grant un t for cultivation by reason of its wampy passed to the he ruling ia that indemnity for swamp located by warrants or must be taken in the state where such osses occurred is adhered rRSSTDKNTIAL The President sent to the senate today be following nominations Emary of to be envoy xtrsordioary and minister plenipoten tiary to Russia Samuel of In consul general at Con suls Edward of at Armory I of North it Colombia James B Dan of at Kehl Ferdi snd of st Fort Stanley and Thomas Frank of at Montevideo Henry of South at Sansalvador Lswjs of at Felix of at Frederick of Con at Canada Stewart of at San Porto James Brian of chief j of the supreme court oi New Mexico George of United Slates marshal for the eastern district of WHAT BEAti EB WITH THEM The house committee on Indian affairs today considered the senate joint reao ution authorizing the removal of Apache now prisoners in Alabama to Ft Sill reservation in the Indian Tern lieutenant colonel Lswton testi fled if the became dissatisfied Sfll they could easily reach theft old Geromino has beea on the war path at least three of New and Brews ter and delegate Smith of Ari zone protested earnestly against there Smith ssid if xheywere moved anywhere it should be the same reservs tioa east of the Mississippi THB Aauoxxx Senator Spooner today received referred to Georges address Ji Toa have them pletared up I ayshSBMm LAND FUR MLEMENT THE PBQIIIEIT ISSUES THE HfflCLlIAIIOI OPtlfflB THE S100I Vine Million Acres st tke Disposal of ProrUion of the ProeUsutloBA Grand Bisk president to day isEued the proclamstion opening tie Sioux After setting fotb the provisiocs of the act of March the proclamation cays Satisfactory roof having been presented that the ac and consent of the different acda of the Sioux nation has been ob ained in the form there Benjamin president of the United by virtue of the power n me do hereby make known nd proclaim the acceptance cf said act y the different bands of the Sioux nation f Indians and consented thereto by s required by the and said act is here y declared to be in full force and ubject to all the nutations and constrictions therein con All persons will take cotice of tie provisions of stid act and the con limitations snd restrictions Herein contained snd be governed ac I furthermore notify all per ons to particularly observe that by said ct certain tracts or portions rf the reat reservation of the Sioux nation in ne territory of are set apart a eparate and permanent reservations for lie Indians receiving rations and ancui es at the respective agencies there a That any Indian re ceiving and antitled to ratioce nd annuities at either of the agencies mentioned in this act at the ime the same shall take effect but icsid ng upon any port ion of said great reaerv tion not included in eithar of the separ te resetvations herein ma t his option within one year from the me which this act shall take effect ard one year after he has beea noti ed of hie said right of option in such manner as the secretary of the interior hall direct by recording his selection with the proper agent at the agency to which he have the allotment o which he would be otherwise entitled n one of the said separate reservation pon the land where such Indian miy That each member of the Pones ibe of Indians who may cccupy in part he old Ponca reservation may be entil ed to allotments upon said old Pones Eservation in quantities as therein set and when allotments to the Pones ribe of Indians snd to such other In ians as al tments are provided for by us shall hava been made upon that ortiou of said reservation which is de cribed in the ect entitled an act to ex nd the northern boundary of the state f Nebraska approved March 28 1882 he president in pursuance of said declare the Indian tila extinguished o all lauds described in said act not o allotted hereunder and thereupon ail f said land not BO allotted and included n said act of March 23 shall be pen to settlement as provided in this Protection is guaranteed to such ndians as may have taken allotments ither within or without said separate nervations under the provisions of the reaty within the great Sioux oncluded April 18CS and provision s made in said act for the release of all tie on the part of said Indians receiving ations and annuities on each of the eparate to lands described n each of the other separate reset va and to confirm ia the Indians milled to receive rations at each of said eparate reservations respectively to leir separate reservations respectively o their separate and exclusive use and all title and interest pf evnry ame and nature secured to the different ands of the Sioux nation by said treaty f April 29 and said release shall ot fleet the title of any individual In ian to his separate allotment of land ot included in any said separate reser nor any agreement heretofore made with the Milwaukee and Paul Railroad or the Da ota Central Railroad It therein provided if any land n the said great Sioux reservation s occupied and used by any religions ociety at the date of said act for the urpose of missionaiy or educational work among the the aame not xccpting one hundred and sixty acres in any one shall be granted to said subject to the conditions and nutations of the It is therein pro ided that all lands in the great Sioux outside the separate reserva ons described in said except Farm island and leobrara regarding which islands pecial provisions are made and sections xteen and thirtysix in each county hereof are reserved for school oeet thall be disposed of by the Jnited upon the st the rice and in the manner therein set forth o actual settlers under provisions f the homestead Isw except section 2801 thereof and under the law relating town Persons in good aith and being legally entitled to do nteredupon or made settlements with be intent to enter the same under the omestead or preemption laws of the Jnited States upon Crow Creek snd Vinnebago reservation under the presi lents proclamation of February shall for a period of ninety days after the proclamation of the president have a right to reenter upon ssid claims snd procure title thereto under the homestead or preemp tion laws of the United States and com plete the ssme as required and he ssid claims shall for such have preference over the Jeter Pro that the preemption claimants shall reside on their lands the same length of time before procuring a title M home stead claimants under the The price to be paid for townsite entrees shall be such as is required by law in other cases and shall paid into the general funi provided by the The proclwaatioa further cites the reser vation from entry or settlement of land occupied by agency and school buildings at the lower Brnle aad Cheyenne river and alto a tract of land situ ated in beginning at a point on the boundary line between Nebrstka and where UM range line be tween ranges fortyfour sad fortyjQve west of the sixth in Dakota intersects said boundary thence east alone said boundary line five thence due soutl five thence due west tea aules thence dm aorta to said boundary thence east along eaid boundary line to the place of begin The IMM is continued in a state of reservation eo loaf as it stay be needed for the use aad protection of the Icdiaas receiving ratioas sad aaaaitksat occupancy of sny of ssid tracts by sny f the ssid Indians or in sny manner to molest or prevent the peaceful joesession of said tracts by The urveys required to be made cf lands to be restored to the public domain under revisions of eaid act snd in this procla mation set forth will he commenced and executed as early ss The roclamation throws open settlement ine million acres of which wiU be oitd of to settlers under the pro isions of the homestead In ad dition to the each settler will be tquired to pay 9125 per upon nil payment of money due will be en tied to a W especially given to aU A 6BAKD BDBH of Gaum Thoa ef out report of a cannon this tsrtled the crown of people csnsped ere awaiting an opportunity to get up n the Sioux reservation which urned out to be the signal for the town te boomers who were secreted in the eavy timer in American Island to get pon coveted bottoms in the west side fthe river Immediately represents of the various combinations ent here for the purpose of so uring this tract were in motion nd teams with loads of lumber started n a dead run scroca the but it was vidbnt plainly the local townsite boom is had secured au important advantage y reason of their closer proximity to le It was a grand viewed om the high where several thou people had gathered Ui fee aa many ore take part in this exciting he Indian numbering nearly one had been placed aa a guard t revent any premature but they ood dazed and helpless aa they iewed the great and irresuiable rush or the Tha moat novel ght waa the moving of a large nder which had baen placed heavy tim ers and like other was pulled across the river by alioping It took but a few inutes for several sections on the aluable bottom to be literally covered ith claimants and it will take a score of awyers to solve the problem as to who re the rightful The local townsite boomers un oubtedly secured an advantage ver the other organized boomers a few but among te boomers are a number who intend to ecure homestead filings if hich will complicate the matter to such n extend as will result in a protracted gal While this rush was go g on for the bottom lands many other uending settlers rushtd promptly into te uplands and began at onca tie erec on cf s and these prepared to de end their rights aa against later eterminediy against an in ision of their United States Marshal Fry and Indian Agent ibisted by depuies and Indian police soon at work vigorously attempting eject the The forces at leir disposal are entirely inadequate for 16 requirements of the occasion and hile many were notified and escorted rois the there was not a larga nough force to keep them there and quickly returned to their onight the settlers encamp on their If it should transpire that the roclamation did not name a ay for the opening of the of settlement would undoubtedly old good regardless of the fact claim iits were The new land office ill be organized at once and be in run ing order by the time filings will be endeied by tne The land is as et uneurveyed and tho settlers for the resent have to secure squatters here were a number of smashupa in the uah but as vet uo have been eportcd The city is in a great pro r Bells are ringing hhtles blowing and cannons y morning the appearance of the ation for many milea in every direction ill have undergone a great traneforma The settlers who have lumber on the rounds are erecting houses by the f The morning sun will shine n s sores of new many of them n groura on the new town plot on the est side of the Chaage at Do MoinesSnaday at the CapitalThe Madison to Be Again goldGeneral Iowa Special to Tan boiler flue eoL lapsed at the Standard Lumber com panys mill st 8 oclock this and poured forth a volley of steam and water From either Fireman Richard Rig er was thrown out of the room and fell two hundred feet sway on the ice in the Ha wsa scalded about the face snd and hsd a leg snd wQl Engineer Joseph Reed at the back end of the boiler and was blown into the corner and terribly A crew from a passing Bur ington train came to the assistance of the Reed died at He had been mentioned aa s candidate for steamboat nspector and a very able The which were of forty wo inches in with four flues eleven inches iu diameter and twenty our feet in were put in two or three years and were considered perfectly having a guaranteed ten lile strength of seventy thousand They were tested last fall after the cloee of the sawing season to one hundred and eighty pout da cold water The safety valve wag set to one hundred and ten but this morning the boilers were carrying only eighty as the planing mill and not the saw was in Nobody in particular is to 8TIJLJL THJt 8QUABK A Grand Scramble for Deelrable Laid 1 tke Newly OpeMd news ere this afternoon the president ad issued the proclamation opening the icux reservation was received with the wildest kind of Cannons xmed and flags waved from every rcminent Immediately after ntws reached here there was a grand tampede for the reservation by the boom rs and settlers who had been patiently waiting foi the proclamation for cross the river from Pierre ia located le famous Mile on which is the city of Fort It was his Mile Square the settlers first rushed but as the military headquarters are tationed there snd ss no orders ad been received from head uartera to allow settlers to cross ne trouble Immediately en The boomers had about fifty agons loaded with supplies which fol owed with a number of wagons loaded ith readymade These boom rs proceeded straight scross the river the number of about one thousand nd headed by ex member of the Ohio legislature The military authorities saw the boomers j pproaching and immediately a solid1 olumn formed along the bank f the As the boomers pproached they were told to iut inttead of doing the column wung around snd two cole mas then tood horizontal and then faced each Coonel Taesen in command of the soldiers then came forward and par layed with the boomers and told them they would not be allowed to cross until urther orders were received from the interior At first the boom era insisted they would cross but finally were compelled to cross back to the The situation down the river is more About a mile esst of the city was located another boomers camp and there they were more desper Just at the time the news was re ceived here the guards all along the river were changed and fresh guards did not leave Fort Pierre until a few minutes after the new shift hsd come into As a consequence the East Pierre crowd were in the retevre before they were noticed and had already commenced to The regulators soon in hot pursuit and succeeded in cap turing all bat a few of the boomers Many were put in the guard house at Up to the present tine no orders Tao Iowa Honee IB geeel Special to THI DBS 10 The situation in the house practically remains un The conference committee are apparently aa far apart aa To the proposition made by the democratic com mittee on the republican com mittee have proposed a counter proposi tion gives the republicans the speaker and the first choice of than the democrats two the republicans then to have a choice aad so The re mainder of the proposition leaves the democratic proposition Lead ing democratic members express the opinion that the proposition will not be agraed This would apparently leave matters as fur from a compromise as ever were it not fji the fact that the sides are Mem bers upon both aides also freely express the opinion that the dead lock will end about Men who are here to serve their constituents are becoming under the present conditions and will not agree to support their caucussea much longer in holding out over mere The house met at this Speaker Hotchkisa in the of waa sworn Two ballots were cast for Wilson and Ham ilton each receiving 33 Ou mo tion of seconded by adjourned till Tuesday as ADDITIONAL SENATE By Meaervay To establish a weather and crop service for dissemina tion of crop statistics and meteorological By Bills Amending law in relation to board of ByKegler Amending divorce By Gobble Establishing a board of inspectors of boilers and providing for licensing engineers and By Price Providing for relief of Adair By Gobble Providing for assess ment of mortgages and mortgaged prop erty in such a way aa to prevent double 85 By Hosnat Amending chapter acts of Twentyfirst general By Monnat by Providing for recovery of money lost by By Moanat by Amending the law in relation to bonds for costs in certain By Barnett Amending 2077 of By Hanchett To regulate railroads and other common By Bills Amendinglawin relation to subdirectors of school mak ing their term of office three By Mille Amending the code in relation to promiaory 93 By Schmidt Authorizing local school boards to furnish free text books 93 By Schmidt Fixing rate of fare on railroads at two centa per 94 By Rainiger Prohibiting in certain By Kngle Prohibiting sale of to bacco to By Dangan for joist railroad By Vale Compelling railroad com panies to pay for uniforms for By Oatcb Exempting homesteads to the value of t500 from 99 By Reiniger Legalizing acts of city council o Charles SUNDAY AT THB difficulties to thsit democratic j drawn from Out institution and oriraa The republicans to have izad another to be known as The Keo and iergeuitat first assistant The democrats to have speaker pro ten chief assistant enroll ing engrossing bill file doorkeeper and assistant post Assistant com mittee 4 Stsnding committees to divided in the following manner One party to take first choice of committees snd choose one The other side to take second choice and choose two after that each party to choose one committee alternately till all are The democrats to elect which of the above selections of committees they shall choose All investigating to be equally divided politically unless other wise agreed Eich party to have a in cluding chairman of the committee chosen by The democrats may name the all or any part of their member ship ss including chairman if they and the speaker to respect snd be governed by the designa tions thus reported to The division of ss above provided to ba made by a commHte of ten five rf which are to be named by the respective caucuses of the two AJf Tfce Courfe New In terpretation ol tke Liqnor DBS Iowa su preme court yesterday passed upon s case appealed from Ciss county which puts interpretation upon one phase of the prohibitory liquor law not hereto fore The defendants dis pensed cider and a drink known as as a beverage to thirsty customers and held a United States internal revenue license to protect them in their bu claimed the beverages were not intoxi The court holds that the law makes the fact of a government license in ones possession prima facie evidence pf intent to violate the state except ia cases of registered and as the defendants in the case did not come under that class the judgment of convic tion is kuk Medical oiling occupied and as there was some dissatis with the terms of the ffiEY CIRRI IHE DAT AT 31LT LHJ the faculty decided to start a The old college will be VMMtSM two starch act riea at this place have sold to a rndicste that his with one ex all the starch factories in the The Gilbert Starch te larger of the is sold for The Sleeper Starch works sold for It ia understood that the pur lasers are backed by English and the factories will all be controlled y the It is probable that and possibly of the factories ere will be The Gilbert factory as done a business of half a million Sol ars annually and employs over one bun red It has been owned hereto ore chiefly by Buffalo The eepcr factory ia a new rolled by Des Moinea aad em loya fifty Shanmoa SIOTTX case of sines charged the mur er of James which has been on ial here for a terminated Satur ay in a verdict cf not The de ense was self The two men were neighboring and there was feud between Three months jn they met on the highway and Shan pn filled Dugeou with killing im Msmcled br CEDAB 10 Sten aged of in at empting to board a train at Beverly fell under the wheels and erribly Ho was brought ttt lis city and taken to St Lukes M left aim amputated last e is very weak acd it is doubtful whether he can THJt A stau for will be the Critical Special to Tas DM houin chamber yesterday was by no means de Although it was the Sabbath members were here attending to consulting on the situa tion snd conjecturing ss to the probsble tun events would take on Monday or Among republicans the feeling wsa one of quiet confidence the members on the west side of the house were per fectly undismayed and good nsturedly were awaiting the Amongthe democrats it was a little They seemed just as determined to stand out for the speakenhip ss the but instead of being a good natured cheerful company they were quite otherwise they conversed with out eiders in a reserved they seemed unwilling to have anything to say on any mstter snd instead of ap pearing cheerful and hopefully expect ant were morose and seemed to hsva no bright prospect opening out before This was the mocd of the members all dsv Sunday snd all day todsj up to the opening of the WltKem Arreetid Special to THB trial of charged with the murder of Silas is progressing The state has rested ita case and the defense is now introducing evi Thus far the evidence tends to somewhat modify the crime ot the de One of the witnesses for the state wss arrested for It ia claimed tne state witneaeea have been tampered ET1DE5CB AGAINST Special tu THB state has now finished its evidence in the great Murdy It is very strong against It is the opinion among all the batter that under the evidence will be convicted of murder in the first there appears to be a conspiracy among a cer taia element at Moulton to try to defeat Justice and vet the degree reduced if 2ad The Rtate is strongly represented by H and the defendant by Fee and George D court Special to THB DBS following decieions were rendered todiy DCS Moines Sivings Coif ax Hotel Polk JosiaU Action to recover judg ment for on a Opinion by Granger State of Iowa ap Page Appeal from judgment on con viction of Opinion by Gran ger Isaac Mathews county of Clayton Action to recover fees an justice of the Opinion by Owen re Sanborn Follett Woodbury Charles Action to recovery pos session of personal Opinion by Robinson Biglum Wapello Dell Action to recover for services rendered in nursing and carrying for Thomas an em ployee of who had received personal injuries while in dis charge of Opinion by Beck Viola Joseph and Thomas and R Brown and Winneshiek Action to enforce specific performance of an alleged gift of a tract of land to plain tiffs husband and that the same be ad judged her Opinion by Given William Beard Sons the Illinois Central Railroad Cedar superior T Stone Action to recover damage for injury sustained from negligence o defendant in transporting a carload of Opinion by Beck Beard the Alton Terre Haute Rail road superior court of Cedar Action for damages to carload of butter ahiopec from West Union to New Opin ion by James Nimon appeal iant Gnthrie Action upon a bond given in the prosecution of an action of replevin in the state of Opinion by Sarah Gil bert and Cairoll Action iu equity to foreclose a Opinion by Roth rock TheWestern Land How ard OBrien dis Scott Action to recover possession of real Opin ion by Robinson SneftH TbKVM ml ComtciL thieves secured a of 4WO worth of watches and Jewelry here Sat urday night from the store of hey forced the front entrance shortly fler six oclock while the proprietor waa at and made way with their joty with ut The police ave no A Cruel goetal to THI HAWKBTV Feb a oucg farmer living near left for arts leavingseveral creditors npaid and deserting a young woman ho ia about to become a have beea received by command to allow any the officers in The general opinion among both parties was thst Monday and Tnes t i dsy were to be critical that orgaai np the Bach minute adds tol would take place then or the war the and the bank of the river go on hotter than night is literally lined with nouses I The discussion on has had and Some have a county orgsniza tion with officers sad records and nearly all There probably will serious trouble after the opening of the lands between these as al ready they claim ceriain wfll no doubt try to enf i sad force claims Up to that time if any members wanted to get away under say they found no difficulty nqw Batters are No democrat wants II H QVa pretext they i in getting but i somewhat Hi to pair now except in case of aceeesssry What is more the Hael cut UK Spectal to Tn young men from Carroll cams to this place yes terdsy on a freight train and then tried to go back oa a that did not carry An pretty well under the influence of liquor and insisted on ridingbut the traia officials utterly re fused to allow While trying to climb on the train Charles Carroll feU across the track sad had one foot com pletely Special to Tn night a fellow assaulted Frederick old aad attempted to rob Be fore he could carry out his desigi couple appeared and frightened the f cot pad Than was a big row Ia the school boan Saturday night ovat fta seleettea of ligtooa The board is solidly den bat the straggle win prove dis The lease of the present treat Enthnslasss Over tie The Mensmas Claim fraud Was Used aid Will Ap peal to the SALT LAI Sentenced the anft swindle who ia also wanted in Central and other places raa to day sentenced for five yeara im risonment for swindling the Sioux City Brovm fmciurjr DBS 10 Daa loines broom a small but grow ng institution waa burned Sunday morn One or two adjacent building were lao destroyed losa from to Fire In a CEDAR Feb in ho furnace oi Pnuls Methodist lurch caught fire during the service eaterday and a panic was averted only iy the prompt action of the Death of lawyer Curdell 3arUell of this ciy died yesterday after oon at four ocluck of devel ped into HlllMe Urns 8lore on CEDAR Fb in H drug store at atnrday afternoon caused a loss of BAILKOAi municipal election ia this the result of which is awaited with such widespread inter passed off quietly contrary to the general Thedty has been crowded for days with special detectives snd deputy United States marshals for the purposeof pre venting illegal voting which each patty claimed the other would resort It wsa anticipated that an attempt to chal lenge and arrest some voters would re sult in a riot and Thisv wss not although the excitement was Half the business houses were closed paraded the streets which were jammed with excited Only six arrests were msde for alleged illegal voting aad these without any Saow began f allhsg early this moraine and continued until noon when the sun came out and soon transformed the streets into rivers of By noon three thousand votes had been whcU by the poll books showed that about seventyfive per cent of the peo ples Mormon registered vote had been caat and about fifty per cent of the At five oclock estimated returns from every ward fat the city gave a total vote of At six oclock Caairman Powers claimed that the gantila majority would reach ia denied by Chairman who says it ia impossible to tell which aide ia victorious until the complete returns coma in late tonight The Mormons claim fraud beea the order of the day with the aod if they are it will have been by those In this event the Mormons will contest the election ia the United SUtes supreme evening every Gentile builrijog in the city is decorated with 9aga and flee works we hoot ing up from hundreds of house cannons are booming and bonfires ate seen in every Hundreds of men parade the streets with drums and torches shouting like wild Indians over their N such scene was ever before witnessed in The Mormons remain indoors and have nothing to say except that the election was carried by fraud snd they will surely contest They admit their defeat but claim the majority will not exceed four Thu official returna will be A LOXXHKT owm Jubl ant Over m Proposed MASOS citi ana along the lne of the proposed Vinona and Southwestern feel jubilant ver the proepecta of securing the secretary of the right of way are now looking over the la an nterview tho former says that the pro ect waa backed by the Delaware and Railroad and that t is but a link in their projected system if making a transcontinental route from cean to when Till give a line 250 milea shorter than ny line yet The funds are now on hand to complete the line from ta present terminus to Mason rhere it forma a connection with the Tort Dodge already BOCK ISLAND OFFICERS ON A Spec HI to IHI 10 entire pas sender department of the Rock Island road comprising General Paaeenger Igent John Sebastian and about thirty ive general agents snd traveling repre sentatives of left Chi cago ihia morning ou a geceral tour of he sysem The party travels in a spe cial traiu composed of baggage diner and two first class he expense of the whole trip feeing borne by the Ihe trip will last wo weeka aad will extend ss westward ta Salt Lake covering about nine thousand miles of mainly the Rock Island and its leased and proprietary The reached this place at four oclock this afternoon aod its occupants were net by representatives of tie Business Mans association and driven in carriages about the city and over the grounds of the Rock fclsnd The traia left early in the evening for Kansas which will be reached Tuesday GOSSIP ABOUT THB C3HTRAL portant developments are almost hourly iccnning in the Central The machine shops are running six in the The division difficulty between Mason City sad Lyle has been satisfactorily Anew vestibuJed through train is to be put on from Kansas City to St Panlia a few Two new engines were received Crom Pniladelphia yesterday and the Keithsburg bridge controversy is ex pected to be settled There are many rumors of changes in the control of the road but none are sufficiently anthorstive to be relied THB KSTBHPBISIBS 3e Q railroad has a large force of man here laying steel The forman saya they will lay it least two milea before chaeg ingslocstion sad thinks this entire branch wifl be laid with steel rails this ASATS ORDKSBD Tke Sadden ot Uon D Feb 10 great lottery scheme suddenly collapsed today without a single note of The friends of the bill in the house moved its indefinite postponement and carried the They then adviaed the senate of the death of the reason for the break down has not developed unless tho pressure of President Harrison aad others in Washington as well aa the presence of detectives and newspaper correspondents who were in the confidence of the oppo sition were too much for the lottery peo In the senate a committee wss ap pointed to investigate the charges of bribrey in connection with the Tottery BOT3 FLiT IN Senator Beemer to of Slate in a Quorum Democratic State Senator who was brought Here hy the sheriff Saturday night wss spirited away by the democrats last night on a special A dispatch just re ceived saya he croased the line between Idaho and Montana this All the democratic senators are now out cf the atate and the aenate ia without a The question is now raised bills passed Saturday night can become The lieutenant governor ia required to sign all bills in he pres ence of the The bills are not yet Legal advice waa taken whether the signature of the president must be affixed in the presence of a If not the appropeiation billa will be signed odsy and sent to the TOBFKIT BIB Jarr Briber le a at am Feb 10 cases of the alleged jury bribers was called in the criminal court this Johu the chief whote absence from the city has already beea mentioned in these did aot After some talk by the counsel the hearing wss adjourned to 2 oclock this If Graham is not present at that time his baill will be Drlvna Oejl fcr WlUto John a young farmer near Tase well has Had the country snd his whereabouts are Recently he severely maltreated an aged widow lady snd her aad so great was the indig nation ia the community that a band of White Caps was formed and a note addressed to young that if he did nnc leave within ten he might take the the ten days were up Woodrow took his Feb the federal ia this Judge Love issued aa order appointing February as the date of another at tempt to sell the Xsdtoa aadKorth westera narrow gauze It is re ported thst a bid of wffl be made for the Many people think a baby is bora only to swallow assty until some of Ill Aa important They setoa the stomach and bowels through the A new They cure bad tor pid piles and Splen did women and HJsaTT 80 doses for Saasplasfreest A revival has beea in progress at a negro church near tea miles from thiscttf for a Last Thursday night Hattto a negro pro fessed aad shouted at a terrible rate for aa she fsBvfi a sad has iwnainediathatcoa She has not opened her eyes and takes no forced her doetot pronounces it one ot the mostrsswik able cases on record snd despsirsdy of the to AH are entitled to the best tkatj money win go ev at abattfeat ttst Jtefoctsaassttl Fbrs

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