Thursday, February 6, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 6, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE lgj9j THUBSDAY JKTJAKY REDGRAVE KITE flVER THE EEIifflS OF AND USS WUaeistk Tracvggorrow House and Senate 8es beautiful historic vast rdH of the executive man tte scene so many varied spec wf brilliant ceremony or eccial Kayety was today devoted to the sadly contrasted and solemnly impressive pur Pose of a Very seldom has an Similar scene been witnessed at the White and never since when the Remains of the lamented Lincoln reposei the same surroundings Services over the remains of the wife and daughter o the secretary of the navy were appointed for eleven but long before thai time the east room in the White House was crowded with It wi most distinguished gathering including nearly every body of prominence in Arrangements had been made for the seating of three hundrec and fifty but over five hundrec managed to gain entrance and it is esti mated nearly a thousand persons were in the As far as possible admission was confined to the personal and official friends of Secretary Tracy and his family and consequently very few strangers were A great crowd gathered outside and it was found necessary to station policeman at the gates to keep them The caskets containing the dead were placed side by side under the central chandlier and directly opposite the main The sombre drapings of the caskets were almost entirely concealed by flowers and garlands and wreaths were banked against the sides of One particularly beautiful wreath was V placed on Miss Tracys casket by her IS Misses Wanamaker and Husk and the Misses Seats were arranged on three sides of the the open space being used for the entrance of the mourners and the presidential party who were i assigned seats fronting the Vicb President and who were among the earliest 1 were seated Near by wore seated the British minister and the German Chinese and Corean Brazilian minister and many other members of the diplomatic Armv and navy officers were prusunt in great numbers and nearly all woro in full uniform The members of the cabinet with the exception of Secre tary acting as en tered soon after eleven oclock and took their seats on the right They were soon followed by Secretary Tracy and hie son arm in and the other members of the As soon as they woro seated the choir of Johns Episcopal church sang the hymn Lead Kindly George William rector of the same church read the Episcopal burial service and at its conclusion the choir sang Jfiaua Lover of My The scripture lesson was read by Several more hymns by the choir and prayer by Douglas concluded the The presi dent with Secretary Tracy on his arm first passed out of the room and next to them came Frank who was so overcome that he had to be supported by two of the The bodies were removed to the honrBcis and the funeral procession was formed the cortege moving slowly to Rock Creek whore the bodies were placed in the receiving vault to await their permanent Secretary Tracy did not go to tne ceme as it was feared the task might prove too much for his The president occupied the carriage with Frank and a long line of car riages containing nearly all those who attended the services in the White followed the remains to the cem THE NKW COOK OF A llepBbUuau Canons Dlsonssss TBsm at after the house adjourned today a caucus of republicans was It was civile to order by of Illicuiij The new code of rules was then by McKinley whoex plained in detail their scope and Generuli the report of the committee was aooptpd without material amend ment but there was at leant one import ant viz Pension legislation was placed in the privileged class and reports from the committee on valid pensions was made in order at any time This change was made by a vote of 76 to 24 Under rule a new clause was as follows On demand of any the name of members present iut not voting on any call by the speaker of the yeas aud shall be noted by the clerk under supervision of the speaker and be recorded in the journal awd recorded immediately after 4 the names of those voting in the affernstive and under the head of present and not Khali be followed by the names of the absent members which shall be intered under the heae of absentees this is in line with the speakere ruling rule clause which reads When a question is under de bate no motion shall be received but to to lay on the for the pre vious question which motions shall be decided without to postpone to a certain to reserve or to or postpone it which several mo tions shall have precedence in the fort going order and no such motion once regarded shall be again allowed on the same day at the same stage of the pro this section is aimed at filibus tering and changes the old section by striking out motions to fix a day to which the house shall adjourn and to take a recess In section five of the tame rule the provision that motions to adjourn to a fixed to and to take a noses shall always be in order it stricken But section six of the rate carriers the principle still for it fee new eection which Mo dila tory motions shall be regarded by the Tinder rule seventeen it is provided the previous question may be made to in bill to its passage or The mro vision in the same section of the old to lev on the table ehallm In order on the eecond and third seeding of tfaehni is Theprln ODBtroOuOB 4MVu motto operation In rule which with the code tjy tteearikingout of the queataims that to adjourn legislation isretained with the addition of an exception in favor of such being germane to the subject matter of the bill shall be deemed necessary in pro Tiding for carrying on the several de of the and shall be recommended or moved by direction of the committee reporting the Btle twentyore omits the provisions of the old forbidding the tion of two pending and the treating of the rivtr and harbor and post route bills ss petitions in their introduc Another important step to prevent flli buttering is found in rule twentytwo which has reference to the introduction of Under the former rules one ember on prevent the transaction of business by introducing long or demanding their reading in thus consuming the Under the present code no pro vision is made for bill day on whenever a public bill is it shall be read by the title What may be a change full of signifi cance occurs in section rule twen requiring certain measures to be considered in the committee of the This is in the opening which reads All motions or proposi tions originating either in the house or senate involving a tax or charge upon the in all proceedings touching appropriations nf the wordj originating in the house or senate are now inserted and would appear to recog nize the longdisputed right of the sen ate to originate tariff and appropriation Another important change ia the line of expediting business occurs in section our of the same rule which prescribes he order of business in the committee of he The change or in such order as the committee may deter mine unless the question to be considered was determined by the house at the time of going into the The effect is to relieve the house fiom the necessity of laying aside bills preceding n order the one it is desired to offered a large apportunity for Another charge in the same direction s in section six of the same which jermits the committee of the whole to limit or close the debate without rising going into open The order of business is follows Jorrection and reference of bills the isposal cf business on the speakers able unfinished business morning hour or the disposal of reports from commit ees motion to go into a committee of he whole on the motion to consider ills designated in the order of the after the disposal of the business on the peakers table unfinished business on which the hoase may be engaged at ad except the business in the Doming shal be resumed and at he same time each day thereafter untel isposed After the disposal of tin niehed business the commission may in rder call up for consideration any bill eported on the previous day and on the louse When a committee has ccupied the morning hour on two days nother committee must be After lie morning hour motions to go into a ommittee of the whole to consider a bill are in Another change of consequence occurs n rule which requires a wothirds vote to suspend a To bis on addition is made as follows except to fix the day for the onsideration of a bill or resolution al eady f avocably reported by the com mittee which shall require only a majority vote of the Thecaucut emained in sescon until nine Great secrecy in regard to the proceed ngs were preserved and every effort lade to prevent the action of the caucus mm becoming While it is ated on every question presented the IUCUB was the length of IB session and the known opposition of eveial prominent republicans to any kdical change in the rules render he accuracy of this statement n it has been gathered so far roin being the caucus at mes was strongly jvorked up by the ex ressions of totally delinquent hat this proposition is the more prob ble one is evidenced by the great care which was taken to prevent the facts De ng DEMOCRATS GKMKBAL WASHINGTON TBO Hoaas CoasiBlMes a Worlds Fair house com mittee on the worlds fair adopted the ubcpmmittees bill with amendment iroviding for the appropriation of a million and a half fojf the erection of a milding for goverAent A ubcommittee was appointed composed f Hatch and Wilson and instructed to immediately frame and epprt to the full committee a bill pro for a scheme of procedure in the be New BBlss Not to Their Hprlncers Idsa 6 democratic aucus met to Carlisle read nd explained the new There was ttle discussion but occasionally some member would boil over with indig ation at some obnoxious Springer bought the rules meant the watchmen were the ogs chained and the treasury thrown pen to The general no matter how obnoxious le rules are they were asked for bv the emocrats and would be considered in fair Carlisle was accordingly netructed to negotiate for a proper and easonable time of and also for a reasonable debate when they rere called up for If these concessions are granted the demo crats will interpose no unusual obstacles o the action upon the THB BALLOT BOX Govaraor Campbell and Other WH rasses house com littee investigating the Ohio ballot box orgery this morning continued the ex amination of Governor He aid he had introduced the ballot box altogether upon Campbells re He knew of nothing wrong in tie His assertion made in a peech lest fall that Foraker was an in unnus scoundrel was in answer to Fora kers charge that he Campbell was a isrty to million dollar Lewis a member of the lemocratic campaign committee of and Morton adjutant gen ral of and political editor of the Cincinnati Post testified at some Elizabeth wife of was called aad said her first nowledge of her husbands connection with the ballotbox business was when he came home one day and told her Gov ernor Forakers brother and Hadden wanted him to try for the smokeintpec and said he could get it if he urniahed certain papers to Governor She advised him to have nothing to do with the She told about the letters her husband had written her from Washington directing her to can on and how the lat ter had paid her various sums of Ihe had written Governor Foraker Oat Woods letters and telegrams had beem seen by no one and that he could have Hen Governor Foraker stated that he never received the Several other wit rat nothing pastSculerily was ad bffl to pro vide for a ten territory of Ol n i i tonVlSS when at two oclock the in the estabUahmemt aad tam ibfflto Mtaiy eupport of CM tarn up as unfinished after apat emts in advocacy yielded the floor vto from the Hal iota That the United States of America congratulates the people of Brazil on their just and peaceful assumption of the andrefponsibUititieiof self government based upon the free consent of the gov and on their recent adoption of a republican form of government This joint resolution is reported as s substi tute for that of which was re f erred to the committee on foreign rela It omits the words expressed in their repudiation of monarchic It also omits several paragraphs declaring the recognition of the United States of Brazil at a lawful and rightful govern aad directing the president to require the people and officers of the United to recognize of the United of at the flag of s sovereign and independent Blair then resumed hit argument He declared the constitutionality of the bill beyond question and at some length in support of his favorite meas After an executive session the senate A large number of members having gone to attend the funeral of and Miss the clerk was permitted to read the journal in its abridged On the yeas and nays demanded by the it was The house then at AXAHCHnXlBTSAX WAaHOfflhTON A Torpodo IB FoaBd IB tbs Capitol rumor cur today that a dynamite bomb was found in the capitol proves to have a slight A small oval shaped tin box was found in a spittoon in the The chief of the capitol police examined it and found several grains of substance resembling saltpetre and a mall quantity of something that looked ike He found the latter would He concluded the box was a rail road torpedo but to settle the matter has lent it to the district chemist for analy STOLE Tae PaatHc Xxprssa Company Bobbed By a CBBBIBK biggest sensa ion in express circles since tne time of he famous Jim Cummings robbery was occasioned to day when it was learned hat the Pacific Express company had been robbed of On February the City National of remitted to the Commercial National of in gold and in The gold was duly re ceived two days The bank oday notified Superintendent Fill er that they held a receipt or in currency which tad not been The superin endent telegraphed the assistant at Dai as who replied that there was no trace of the package With the reply came the astounding information that the money clerk of the Dallas a oung man named had wen musing since last Sunday lis accounts had been looked over but were all straight and nothing was particularly suspected until the inquiry came from St Then a cunning scheme was Walton made out two one for and one for one duplicate was forwarded to no mention was made of XX and consequently he was given time to get The express company has telegraphed a description of the absconder every where and hope to capture Walton june originally from and had worked for several express He was believed to be of exemplary BALLBOAD for Nebraska Officials iBtersidlac IiOwsr Corn Secretary of Itate Land Commissioner and State Treasurer of Ne a majority of the state board of reimportation reached this city yester Their wish is to induce the rail roads to grant them lower rates on corn rom that They say that farmers lave plenty of corn but that transports ion charges are nearly equal to its cash irice at the point of They net the managers of the railroads in this nterest this forenoon and had a long Thus far no conclusion has been reached and state facials express little hope of being able to accomplish They say that the ratts are much too tempory which is all they can get from ailroads would do no The pret mt state of affairs is likely to last sev eral years and they want correspondiog y permanent reduction in freight Jovernor of was ex pected here this morning on the same errand but did not In it as that the board of trans lortation and the governor were making race to see who could get relief for the farmers THm SOtTTHMUI SAH annual tatement of the Southern Pacific Bail way company for the year 1889 shows a small increase in net among other causes being the construction of new A decrease of the surplus to against is also ADJOTJBNXD WITHOUT Western States Passenger Association lines has been Torced to finally adjourn without a set lenient of the complications arising torn the request of eastern lines that differential rates be used west of St Various propoti ions have beam made but after along discussion the western lines declared it impracticable to adopt The lines objecting asserted a perfect wfllingnest to adopt any basis rates to eastern roads and from their pro ntes wen used via St Louis sad via Chicago thus avoid In flVOT of any and obviating the necessity for ia the territory of the western the diflereatialnte An an entitled to the best that their mdmeywffl so erary fsrnOy should at abottto of the bast family eoetrn or For sale ia SOcarndttOObotaesbyaUleadimgdnig i at the Standard Solar KQltmg Patrick Byam and jurimg Ire or after in Umioa odaeta lim the to have WSBOBTBBOI IBBSHBBBSBW WB RESQLOT10IS COHMDI8 THE UD CiUI ITYATWASHBBTOH Adopted by the Senate at Des The Sessions of the Senate ami Hoase Municipal THE CAPITAL DCS The senate session afternoon was a great contrast to that of the pre vious It did not last mon than half an yet in that time a number of important resolutions were patted and no great amount of time was expended in their A resolution fixing daily sessions at it considered a very good Senator Qatch today furnished tangible proof of the sincerity c f his remarks in the senate not long by presenting mem asking for the election of Larrabee as United States These petitions are directly against Gatchs sentiments but he presented them in accordance with the promise given several days The resolution offering sympathy o Blaine in his affliction was very well timed and In full it was as ollows Ba it by the senate of the wentythird general assembly of hat the recent afflictions of James secretary of in the leaths of his beloved son and daughter and the sad and tragic ereavement of B ecretary of the in the leaths of his wife and pro oundly moves the members of this and we kindly tender our deepest ympathy to the families That these resolutions be pread on the senate journal and copies hereof be sent to the secretary of James and Ben amin IB the to THI DES the house this morning the republicans presented a reply to the democrats proposition of They said that because the imposition giving the democrats the Irst choice would give them the speaker hey were not willing to make such but hey were willing to set their conference committee at work to try and effect a The house finally ad ourned without taking a single vote on wrmanent The house session this afternoon tarted out very Hclbrook was paired with so it was pretty well jvident there would not be much speak ng from the democratic As there s much talk on the fbor now about the reatmect of old soldiers by the he conversation generally turns upon fiat matter when a group gets n one of them the republicans scored quite a The democrats have been uaking great pretentious of being riends of the soldiers and have said they will recognize their A republi can remarked to a couple of democratic members I hear you are going to with draw Hamilton Havent heard of It must be a I hardly think so or I would have leatd of What makes you believe t Why you see Hamilton is not a sol lier and Wilson and the leaders are afraid some of the democratic members ill stick to the doctrine preached by their leaders in the senate yesterday and ote for a soldier like The democrats Nothing was done at the opening of he house session to cause any excite The first vote was a to The balloting proceeded for about an six being all resulting the ame and at the house ed GBKAX honseof The objection was withdrawn after the verification of Lute presented the republican propoEi tionlss follows The republicans of the house replying to the communication submitted yester day upon the floor by the opposition de sire to say Then has at no time been any one proposition thejrepublicans Sy the opposition which has not in volved both temporary and permanent organization as a prece dent demanded the concession by the re publicans to the opposition of the per manent The republican formulated and presented a fair and eqnaitable proposi ion conceding to the opposition of the temporary which having been accepted without material re lulted in ihe present temporaryorgan Since this concession on our part the opposition has submitted no proposition of any character from but under the guise of e pretended offer of compromise and with the evident purpose of misleading the public to the belief that they an in good faith making overtures aad ad vances toward an adjustment of our they have in effect by communication simply requested us to Democratic Fall XBTOBCB Special to THI DBS were reat expectations among the democrats ast night that discord could be worked up in the republican ranks on account of he Fort Madison During the whole time of the caucus there were democrats on the floor circulating among be members and trying in ire ways than one to sow seeds of dis cord among It was through the eneral courtesy extended to the public as spectators that the democrats were and it is a matter of surprise to nany that they abused the courtesy ex ended It became plainly appar ent to the great majority of members after the sixteenth ballot had that the longer the democrats remained n there the warmer the strife would be Work had been going on steadily for nearly three hours and it was apparent that something was Dnr ng the recess of ten minutes hat was taken the real cause of the trouble was made and hen the decision was reached of exclud ing all from the chamber except the members of the It took but two to decide matters Whether t was a very commendable action of the democrats to meddle in a metier in whiih they have no real power is tome thing for the public to It was a matter of surprise that any of the re publicans allowed themselves to be so ooled with democratic arguments to continue the fight as long at they rat such was the and it was not discovered any too The discord they sought to arouse has not and will for their scheme was brought out so plainly that the factional strife was at once and now that the caucus has decided the republicans are as firmly united ss they ever All the talk this morning before the sea sion wos in regard to what the republi cans of the house would do in the way of answering the democratic call for a Among republicans it was generally understood what pre sented and the members of that tide of the house felt perfectly The caucus yesterday afternoon decided upon the jeneral course to pursue and indicated pretty well what the nature of the pro posal should so an that was left for the committee was to present it to them morning in definite shape and re ceive the TOTCTS It all ready for presentation after the pre liminary matters had been disposed end it was a gnat surprise to the oppp dtion because of the umione way in which the responsibility ofdslayimg the organization was transferred from the republicans to On After the minutes had beam read Hoi brook suggested emendmwBts to the aad them Luke raised the point that the peper submitted by the opposition wasaot a proper paper to on the Speaker started to make a rulSgwhem McFar land ssid that because the paper was of a mature that caHedfor moactiae of the house sad ihoald not the journal for that of said the saatter should objected to objected to it to at thet ttestt ihnld MS pert make to them another offer of com looking to permanent organiza Admitting that fifty men are voting on the question of organization against the we deny that they are a tarty organized or on any prin or so identified as to be responsible o the state for any legislation which may hereafter be enacted by this aa But we believe since they are held together by no community of trinciple or except an agreement o combine and force the republicans to make concessions to they are plainly obstructing organization by the larty which will be held responsible for Therefore the communica tion being not in the nature of a propo but of an invitation of the repub icans to make the opposition a give or ake offer of which under ts allowing them the first practically concedes the permanent peeker to the in addition to the speaker already held by and in dew of the fact that our responsibility for legislation renders it impossible for us to concede both temporary and per manent speaker without a surrender of and that is obviously unfair in he opposition to demand the re mblicans are forced to decline the in ritatipn to make this second offer of com romise as agreeing with the gentlemen on the other side hat an organization should be speedily the republicans stand ready to consider through their conference com mittee any fair and equitable plan of ad nstment which may be offered by the During the reading of the proposition very close attention was The gen eral crowd of spectators and the demo crats expected just what was called for resterday and were somewhat disap tointed in not getting Holbrook at ince rose to attack the ia referred to one that here was but one party in the legisla ure responsible to the The fifty aen opposed to the republicans were ust as responsible as anyone else for what laws would be The policy of the opposition was to act in such a manner as to avoid but they could while representing more claimed more responsibility han the others and were going to stand y their McFarland asked if the opposition were willing to stand by he issue raised by the question of or and Holbrook replied they rould risk Every man in the opposition isd been elected in spite of republican ef forts for their defeat and would stand out against that The opposition had no settled plan of but woro willing to have the conference commit ees get It was not proper hat either side should have everything and the opposition was ready to come talf They could stay here and fight if but the people of the itate want something Blythe said the willingness of the op osition to get the conference committee o work met with republican Jut in the statements made yesterday the opposition tried to give out to the state that the democrats had a standing proposition to the when men was not the The language of he democratic communication of yester day plainly confessed that they were not one political and tha republicans never have charged that there was but one party in the but the republi cans had fifty while the opposition was united only upon the duty of the opposition was now to make definite The people of the whole state expect just euch an replying to the charge that the opposition represented more voters than the said that while the dem ocrats elected their candidate for gov ernor the rest of the state ticket wae all and that the judging from nformation being constantly were sure that republicanism was still he doctrine for the great majority of ihe Iowa Affairs on the floor of the house may not result as nicely as every member but all want some thing definite to be Dayton said that while the democrats had failed to secure the election of their state ticket they had secured the popular endorsement of their platform and had secured a majority of on their for the The peo ple of the districts represented by the opposition were more numerous by yOO than the people of the districts rep resented by The republi cans had not originally mode the propo sition which led to the temporary organi It was merely the democratic proposition a little modified and the re publican support of it should not entitle them to the permanent In regard to the democratic communication and republican reply he said the republi cans certainly would not admit that they were unable to formulate a well balanced proposition and the democrats were willing to accept one on the otherpdde of the Blythe replying said the paper intro duced this morning was not for the pur pose of raising Dayton had claimed endorsement of the democratic platform in regard to while in fact the opposition was in the minori ty on that Holbrook had said the if would separate the pairs and have a a war to the and Blythe in reply taid that an agreement had been made upon the honor of the men in both parties and it should not be repudiated under any If such was tone done the republicans wanted to know of the intention of the HoDnook modified his statement so that ha waa understood ssyng that if no compromise could be reached then aad mot till them should say steps be towards annulling the pairing burden of legislation bpt have not pro ceeded to carry it at all McFarland and the majority sentiment of the state of Iowa were still in favor of prohibition and on the question of the organization Of the house would not sustain he To prove his as sertion he cited the counties of Floyd aad and said if the republi cans or the whole people of those coun ties had matters to do over again no such mistakes would be made as committed in the hut The defeat of the candidates in those locali aes was due to local not a battle tat the triumph of republican or demo cratic Having looked over the field McFarland stated that in only one insUace if the election were to e held over again would the republi cans net be while in ten coun ties the opposition candidates and their action would be A iwaBspabUcBBs MonuBtarUylBtmo DBS republicans got a pretty lively scare yesterday mom and when the gavel fell in the house it and an adjournment was de clared until tomorrow they were almost as happy as though they had organized the The scare grew out of the question of voting for Uaited States A caucus of enators was held at 9 and the nestion came up for The etter from exUnited States Senator larlan to Senator as outlined Ji these dispatches last was read and Senator Woolson stated that he had had an interview with since the letter was and while te did not change his position upon the yet after hearing the details of the present he thought that it would be as well not to vote for United States senator to At this point in the proceedings some one suggested that it might be well to ook up the matter of and iee how many republican members were n the A count of votes showed hat there were twenty republican sena ors and fortythree republican mem bers of the house within This nsde a total of sixtythree members or thirteen less than a The demo crats had also been doing a little flgur ng and found that they had twentytwo enators aud fortyfive members of the muse giving them or a majority of four on j pint and ilso a majority of two the Then the report went out that if the re mblicans undertook to vote for United States senator the democrats would de clare all pairs off and organize the Phis report caused a commotion and put a stop to all further thoughts of ballot ng for United senator The republicans were how of their opponents when they ound them in the and especi ally the discussion iu the house over a proposition made by the democrats and refused by the looking toward breaking the was being At this juncture Wslden shut off debate by calling for the regular order and giving notice that he would move to adjourn as soon as a few ballots had been This plan was carried the democrats being appar ently satisfied with the scare they hod iven the the absent repub icans are being hurried to the and it is probable that they will not be allowed to get away The demo crats held a caucus this morning and dis cussed the probabilities of the republi cans voting for United States They decided that the republicans would lardly take that step when they found they had net a LAM YOtme3 rose as a Ac cording to him it was not the desin of the parties to stir up They wen all hen to work and ought to fit at it The give aad take proposition was mot one which would be accepted by any reiterated the ststtmemts of events and taid further that oppositiem wen wining r thing to regard to prohibiUon Dolph asked if theoppo the He TblUBs tan farmers Alllancs Is Belts Used by the Special to THI RED Lafe Young in town the other day and during a short conversation with the reporter his opinions quite freely on the xwa He is firmly of the opinion the Farmers Alliance is being used by the democrats to further their end and republicans belonging to that organ zation should tharoughly investigate every move of a political nature com mitting themselves as individuals or col He regards open opposition to Allison as coming largely from demo cratic 1SVISTIGATINQ THK Crsstoas Municipal Scandal Cresting IBtsBss Special to THB investigation of Mayor Pattersons accounts by the city council commenced tiij Charges were brought against him ap propriating moneys for his own use ad refusing to pay to the city treasury public money in hie lossesaion amounting to about of The mayor filed an answer denying each and every charge and will present his side of the case Attorney Highee is conducting he investigation while his honor is de Fending Both are able he affair has caused intense interest and ihe council chamber is crowded to suf Skull Clocked by Fonl Si Special to THB Wil aged nineteen was suffocated by foul air or gas in a well near Lewis Wilson was cleaning the which was 125 feet Wilsons parents live at SKULL Lincoln Qfltner was killed while clean ing a well near Qriswoid The bucket falling on his crushing his skull and killing him Oiltner was a single man aged twentyfive His live neat Iowa Sapreme Special to THB DBS court business Hall from Pottawattamie affirmed State from Patta wattamie affirmed State from Davis Irmed Lesvitt Johnson Rey from Black Hawk coun affirmed Water from Clayton reversed Steele Son Sinux Valley from Woodbnry affirmed Marsh Bock Island and Pa cific Baflrosd from Appanoose BY Vlsttoe ay B Speeiilta TBB at Belle Plaine this morning burned the Phoenix open the Belle Plaine Bosk Brothers hardware George grocery store anc Seheible 4 Turnbulis The loss is aad the insurance poor dim SVAIMI wvsjKBesaj curse by free at Arag ftnrm JBBrphy CorsuBSt Bptetti to TBB Fe temper ice saeetings being carried on hen by Framcis Murphy an a Over signed It wOl be hard on the many I batjpwd for the Creston of two hundred to SREITDIUKIHISEIS OEEGOS BY HEAVY BUS AID 1UTB8 The BeantifnlTaHey of the Willamette a Sea of Tarhid WatersPeople Driven from Their Railroads Washed SAH dispatch from says A jhenomensl rainstorm has prevailed in Southern Arizona since last in connection with the melting snows in the has caused the greatest flood known since the country as The damage in southern Oregon cannot be estimated as yet for ital communication is so uncertain that only surmises can be made of the avages of the Many small anches are badly if not miles of fencing swept inch of the finest soil in the lower val ey was washed down to gravel aad bed and the spectacle of fields oads washed out and bridges and cul lerts is The fer ilo Bear creek region has not escaped he The heart of the valley has presented the appearance of a turbid ea for days aad communication between ts many towns has almost suspended by the swollen foot hill Bear creek tself has borne along a great dealof wreckage besides and even barns and and has wrought much destruction in undermin ng and sluicing off the deep alluvium hat composes its Many people were obliged to leave their for Great damage has been done to he mining interests of the section by the mrating of darns and reservoirs breah ng and the filling of ditches and the loss f flumeboxes and The regon and California railroadtrack n southern Oregon has been washed iway for miles and the road bed serious y damaged along tha whole There has been no mail from either north or outh for several No estimate can be made of the loss to the county n bridges and private Hun dreds of thousands of dollars will not cover AT Wills nette river at this city is higher than it ias been since the great flood of this city all merchants along the water ront and for two streets back from the Ivor have been compelled to suspend luainess and move their stocks to higher The water rose so rapidly that many of them were unable to move their goods a consequence heavy damage will Throughout the Willamette valley heavy losses are re Many bridges have been washed away and a large amount of grain stored in warehouses along the river is The wagon bridge across the Willamette river at Salem was swept The structure was about leet It cost nearly Ko ess than ten million saw lega have een swept down the Willamette and Columbia rivers in the last few Liarge quantities of sawed lumber and a lumber of saw mills on the river has also leen carried The situation on the Southern Pacific Between here and California remains vir tually All communication south and east of here haa been cut cffi for five days and no trains are over the Southern Pacific or Union It is impossible to esti mate the damage at but it will probably reach The rain has ceased throughout the Willamette but the river at this point is still on the Eeporta from the south state he rivar began falling at The water is rushing through Front and First streets rapidly and this makes nav igation by means of boats Many of the sidewalks are floating and several accidents have occurred by pedestrians falling through holes in the The Orgegonian and Telegraph were compelled to move their business offices further back from the river this there being at present several feet of water on the The editorial which are on the second is reached by a The Morrison street bridge is liable to be swept and in cose this bridge is carried down stream against the steel bridge of the Union the latter is almost certain to The Associated Press in order to file is compelled to wade through water three feet A TOWN Portland is in danger from a tta message which came test follows The water is now First street and is sarnie fie in streets is suspended and means of communication is by small The Pacific Postal office floor is covered with water smiTtlji river still TBO MOB deadlock broken in the senate this mornings A motion was made to consider bills froav the republican houtaC Two demoomtsV demanded the ayerand SevernW publicans voted the democrats not Lieutenant Gov ernor Bickards hud a wag resent because two called the ayes and and declared thav motion The west The senate ia now oom sidering republican house proposed mo tions for a change of venue end for a leering without a jury in the case John the alleged who has were not Beard the criminal court Judge Water man being engaged with another Phis afternoon counsel or filed motions for aseparatei rial for hisclient and for a change of venue and they wen put down forfntnn SKUBF FOB FAMHIB meeting of tke representatives of agricultural societiee been held at Lemburg to provide n ief for the sufferers from the existing in Russia Poland and Galida caused by the failure of PABKUiL WILL Jour nal says that at the opening of parlia ment next week Parnell will demand the appointment of a committee to inquire into the TimesFiggott DOCK LABOKBB8 Feb dock laboren at Newport and Monmouta The shipping at those plaeeeie consequently An important They act cm he stomach and through the A new They speedily cure bad taetew tot pid piles and Spin lid for women and 80 doses for 85 Samples free at Wines drug republi can convention of the fourth cougree lional district today nominated State Senator John Bey burn for the cancv in congress caused by the death of William The election will bb held on the 18th The district strongly Terrible at Snow IB SPOKANE 5 town of in Coeur d Alene mining has been nearly de stroyed by disastrous avalanches of Half the business houses are in The disasters occurred yesterday afternoon and this With scarcely a moments warning a tremen dous mass cf snow and rocks swept upon the Five men were buried be neath the were but the others are dead and their bodies have not been CHABGBD WITH Iowa crtlarat Wao Developed a formerly of been bound over to the grand jurv on the charge of adultry and bigamy At Cherokee he deserted his wife and little eloping with Miss Helen Miller came here in May last and took charge of a photograph In Oc tober he went to Sioux aad return ing brought with him a lady whom he claimed he had Some of the citizens having a knowledge of former notified wife 1 of doirgs and she came here in company with a lawyer and caused the arrest of husband and wife His preliminary defense was that he had obtained a divorce from his first wife while in Colorado and had legally married wife Much in terest is manifested in the A spring medicine ia needed by every Winter largely consisting of salt meat and animal causes the liver to become disordered and the blood hence the necessity of a cleans iag The best is AyersSana Ho Zvrtmar Troablo Ami half of the strikera at toe volunteer mine were paid today and at once went to their Thia leaves but half of the original number and mo trouble is anticipated from When by any shows that suffering great use Bulls Baby It wfll soothe little The simplest means an generally the safest and Hence the gnat de mamd f or for Brer dys Price several days t the city of Portland aad other live been practically entofl telegram received MosMlby a dfrx Pacific and forwanfcdbfr j Missouri Stats i the conven lion of the state prohibition party yes terday the committee on organization recommending that the stats be thoroughly organized by About one hundred delegates from the prohibition and farmers and labor union parties wen IiSgBtUMsl loMsrUB bill im troduced in the North Dakota house yea terday to legalize a lottery to tte financial distress of the new state ii meeting with a storm of indignatlom all the large Dispatches f Grand DevOTst and Fargo indicate that the against it is practically Castle eardOB to Al HBW 5 this received at cation from the secretary of the t ia which it was stated that Go Island had been decided upon landing depot for immigrants and I Garden will now be Injured ay 5 night i plosion of natural gas occurred in Duquene steel Frank the night superintendent aad a whose name is wen fatally injured and several others i badly A Hundred Cain SAN of a fatal water spout near Ha last which caused loss of over a hundred brought by a China steamer which i rived last night Hsw Yorks Fair Bill the sembly today the worlds fairbHtl put upon its final pamage ss t but failed to secure the needed i of votes and it was declared lost motion to reconsider was 4ij Deaths an aged resident of Hardin died here Monday the oldest merchant is the died yesterday of the He menced business here is United died last night at his near aged nan onn of the oldest moRt prominent citixena of this of died OB Trial for Us Special to THB The talked of murder case agafaut of was reached trial and a jury selected this About one hundred have1 snmmoned aad every inch of wfll be hotly i Never defer until tomorrow should be attended to A attfht cough ihouldntbe neglected when Bulls Cough Syrup will cure it The readers of our publication en n quested to use Salvation Oil for any end all It is a sure cure and eaBtft only 25 For the above occasion Cedar and laflwef will sen round trip tickets tor KMg and return low Tickets wffl be February 13 to 1ft and wfll ba good to return on or before MarehvK For time of and call on or address any i of the company or the General Ticket and Cedar apodal to made today by yrominent eft a local electric light i with a capital of

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