Sunday, February 2, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - February 2, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED 18S9 SUNDAY Pkicx IS Ckms DUNRAYEN RANGE A Story of American Frontier By CHARLES AUTHOR OP THE COLONELS PHOM THE THE DESEETES Dnnraven Eanchif Iwffl tell you to jgtoaU I know about tie tosssE Very You are a witness to the Now for my I have worn thattasselever by Lippincott and Published by Special Arrangement through the American Press CHAPTER T WAS nearly and still tho gay party lingered on tho There had been a fortnight of getting settled at the new preceded by a month of march ing that had brought tho battalion from distant service to this strange Texan sta The new comers had been hospita bly welcomed by the officers of the little garrison of and in recog nition of llicir many the field officer commanding tho arriving troops liad been entertaining tho resident offi and ladies at The colonel ivas a in but preferred not lo draw too heavily on liis reserves of Unecdolo and small so he had called in two of liis subalterns to assist in the duty of being attentive to tho infantry and just at lie was wondering if Perry had not too literally construed his in for that young gentleman was devoting himself to Belknap in a manner so marked as to make tho cap her lawful lord and mani festly seemed to en joy situation She was a pretty woman at most as even her rivals She was a beauti ful woman at all was tho verdict of the the regiment when they iajjMnel lo Kpcak of the matter among She was with lus trous eyes aud sweeping with coral lips aud much luxuriance of and a way of glancing sideways from under her heavily fringed eyelids that tho younger and more impressionable men found quite irresistible when ac eordod tho rare luxury of a Uelknap was a big and boisterous man Helknap was small in aud Belknap was either brusquely repellent or oppressively cordial in manner Belknap was either gently and oxaspcratingly indif ferent to those whom she did not care to or caressingly sweet to those whose attentions sho In their own regiment tho young offi cers found that unless they wished to be involved in un unpleasantness with Helkuup it was best to be only very mod erately devoted to his pretty and tliosr to whom an unpleasantness with tn hi captain might have had no ter rors nf consequence were deterred by the fact that Bellruaps devotee among the youngsters liad invariably become an object of coldness and aver sion to i lie other dames aJid damsels of llie Very short there had lieen the little flirtations that up from tune to time in those frontier posts wherein and Uclknap wore among tho chief orna ments of society but now matters to he taking other From llie very day that handsome Ned Perry dismounted in front of Belknaps quar ters and with his soldiery salute reported lo the then commanding officer that Urainaril and his battalion of cavalry would arrive in the course of two or three Belknap had evinced a contentment in his society and assumed an air of nuasiproprietorshipthat served lo annoy her garrison sisters more than n For the time being all the cav alrymen were either by ac tual rank or by as none of tho ladies of the accompanied tho bat talion on its and none wore ex peited until tho stations of the regiment in its now department had been definite ly Tho post was living a life of single blessedness as tho early spring wore for his good wife hudbetaken with the to tho distant cast as soon as the disap pearance of tho winters snows rendered staging over the hard prairie roads a mutter of no great danger or discomfort U was the doctor himself seated in an easy chair at the end of the ve first culled the colonels attention to Perrys devotional attitude at Belknaps She was reclining in a one slippered foot occa sionally touching the floor and impart ing n swinging motion to the and making a soothing swish swish of skirts along the matting under Her jeweled hands looked very slender and fragile and white as they jleamed in tho soft light that shone from the open windows of the They were busied in straightening out the kinks in the gold cord of his forage cap and in rearranging a little silken braid and tassel that was fastened in a man like fashion to one of the buttons at the side seated in a camp was bending forward so that his shapely head was only a trifle higher than and the hers so dark and rich in his so fair and massive and rather too close together tieequa and then bend down as though gazing into her shaded Lawrence could stand it no said isnt your something of a flirt asked in well feigned amaze and with sudden glance towards the object of his How on earth should I know anything about it Of course you do not seek ex pert testimony in asking He I to adapt himself to circum But why do you ask1 Because I see that he has been induc ing Belknap to take off that little tassel on the button of his He has worn it when off duty ever since he came and we supposed it was something he cherished I know bhe Graham broke forth in a peal of merry but gave no further for just then the colonel and the doctor left their sauntering over to the brought mighty relief to Bel knap at the whist table and vexation of spirit to his pretty The flirtation was broken at a most interesting and rising came over and joined If she expected to see him piqued or annoyed at the interruption aud some what perturbed in she was greatly Nothing could have been more sunshiny aud jovial than the greeting he gave A laughing apol ogy to Graham for spoiling his tetea tete was accomplished in a and then down by her sidelie sat and plunged into a merry description of his experi ences at where he had been placed next lo the chaplains wife on the one and she had been properly ag grieved at his attentions to Belknap OU tho You must remember that Wells is a very strict Perry for that matte of us have once our parting ball Fort That is to it has been fastened to that button eversmce the ban until to night but Ive been mighty careful not to wear that cap on any kind of And yet you let Belknap take it off tonight1 Why shouldnt I There was no sentiment whatever attached to it I havent the faintest idea whose it and only tied it there for the fan of the thing and to make ask Perry gasped And do you mean that Belknap yon told her what yon have just told me laughed I fancy Belknap thinVs as you that it Hallo look at that light away out there across the What can that be1 Lawrence rose suddenly to her feet and gazed southeastward in the di rection in which the young officer point It was a starlit night A soft wind was blowing gentry from the south and bearing with it the fragrance of spring blossoms and far away flower had attracted by Perrys sudden Belknap turned languidly in her ham mock and glanced over her pretty white The colonel followed her eyes with his and gave a start of The doctor turned slowly and composed ly and looked silently towards the glis tening and upon the officers of the cavalry there fell sudden astonish ment What on earth could that have been asked the colonel It gleamed like head light of a away drglf there in the valley of the then suddenly went out Be silent a moment and whispered Lawrence to You will see it again tho Surely even as they were all looking about and commenting on the strange it suddenly glared forth a second shining full and lus trous as an unclouded yet miles away beyond and above tho f ringe of cottouwoods that wound southeastward with the little Full half a min ute it and abruptly as be was hidden from Perry was about starting forward to seeii a dinner such afuie colonel gave us join the colonel when a little hand was this evening for ever rad ever BO We are quite unused to the ways of civilization whereas you have just come from the long Perhaps it is the fashion to be all devotion to ones door neighbor at Not if she be as repellent and vener able as I assure I thought she would have been glad to leave tho table after having re fused sherry and PontetCauet for up wards of an her glass was filled with champagne when she happened to bo looking tho other It is the first dinner of tho kind she has ever seen and I dont suppose either or Wells has been up so latu before in He would have enjoyed staring and watch ing but she carried him off almost as soon as we left the Our society has been very you our selves at thepost all this last and nobody outside of One would suppose that with all this magnificent cattle range there would be some congenial people ranching near Are there none at all Absolutely none There are some ranches down in the Washita but only one lino ono near us and that might as well he on the other side of the No one from there ever comes hero aid Quin is the only living soul in the garrison who ever got within tho walls of that AVhat ho saw there he positively refuses lo despite all our dont tell me theres a ranch with a mystery hero near Kossitor ex claimed with suddeu interest I indeed Is it possible you have been here two whole weeks aud havent heard of Dunraven Ranch 1vo heard thero was such a thing I saw it from a distance when out hunting the other But whats the mystery the matter with it Thats what we all want to and cannot find out there is an exploit worthy your energy and best There is a well stocked the finest homestead we are in all this part of They say it is beau tifully it has a fine a grand all manner of things indicative of culture and refine ment among its the own er onlv comes around once or twice a and is an iceberg of an English All the people about the ranch arc and tho most discourteous lot of men you ever When tho Eleventh were here thev did everything they could to bo civil to but not an invitation would they accept not one would they extend and so from that day to this none of tho officers have had any inter course with the people at the and the soldiers know very little Once or twice a year some very ordinary look ing men arrive who are said to be very distinguished England but thev remain only a little and go away as suddenly as they you have never seen any of them except at Nor has any one of the except And you have never heard anything about the inmates and why they keep up this policy 8E oxclusiveness We have heard all manner of things of them wildly some mysteriously and all of At all Capt Lawrence has told me he did not wish me to repeat what I had or to be laid upon his Wait once more youll see she Then take me in to Do you see that the doctor is leaving Without saying aword to any the post surgeon had very quietly withdrawn from the group on tho He could not well leave by the front gate without attracting attention but he strolled leisurely into the took up a book that lay on the and passed through the group of officers seated smoking and chatting entered the Bitting room on the south side of the side opposite the parlor where the whist game was in there he was lost to A third time the bright light burst upon the view of the A third sharply and it disap Then for a moment aU was silence and watchfulness but it came no Perry looked questioningly in his com panions She had turned a little and he felt sure that she was Are you cold he asked that but I hate after wliat Ive and we havent seen that light in ever so Come here to the corner one moment And she led him around to the other flank of the big barrack bke residence of the commanding Lookup she pointing to a dark window under the peaked dormer roof of the large cottage to the is the doctors In a few seconds a faint gleam seemed to creep through tho Then the slats themselves were thrown wide a white shade was with the rays behind it growing brighter ev ery a broad white light shone forth over the roof of the An other moment and footsteps were heard along the doctors footsteps that presently approached them along the she plucking at his come away it is the For what reason he That would seeoi like let us stay until he But the doctor passed them with brief and courteous salutation spoke of the beauty of the night and the balm of the summery aud went in again by the main door to the colonels Then Perry turned to his partner what does it all mean Is this part of what you nad to tell Dont ask me did not want see what we have but I had beard queer stories and could not believe Take me in to you wont speak af this to any will you if I uio w nimity of Capt who had es1 concerned in any way wiffi the stones ayed to take a hand at wtist in tie parI afloat so you must ask somebody I Try the To change the 1 see you have lost that mys terious litfle silken braid and tassel you wore on your cap I fancied there was some romance attached had I would not have come out here for the world but I didnt believe it even when she went away and took ie Who went away doctors And she was such a sweet and so de voted to pardon I dont see through this thing at Do you mean that the doctojjbas anything to do with She bowed her head as they turned back to the house I must not tell you any more You will be sure to hear of it Every body on the piazza saw tile and all who were here before you came knew what they meant What were they of some from Dnnraven Oue or two of the were silent observers of the as to the scene being in conversation at the time with brother officers of Lieut they were uncertain as yet bow ccjnments on his growing flirtation might be That their eyes should oc casionally Avander towards Hie hammock and then glance with sympathetic sig nificance at those of some fair ally and natnrftl ButvhfiD It became presently apparent that pjinup was actually unfastening the UttUeilken braid that had bung on Ned cap ever since day ofhis ar Uie looking shyly up in his eyes as her fingers worked when it was seen that die presently de tached it from button and half and now it is Perry his blue eyes twinkling with fun If I wfll tell you how and where I got that will you me what you have beard about Dunraven Stanch X tiyrtefis Capt Lawrence withdraws bis Perhaps he for I think it was mly be cause be was tired of hearing all our oonjectureBand will you tell me if I can vnduon the captain to eay be has no objection Witfafcfc handed it to bim when A if WJH you wfll ten me ED PERRY hated re veflle and morning stables about as ve hemently as was pos sible to a yoong fet towwho was in other cavalry when once he got in die and settled down to one would hardly ask to Blender of with laughing blue close light brown nd a twirling mustache that was a source of inexpressible delight to its owner and of some envy to his brother Perry was prolv ably the best looking of the young offi cers who marched with the battalion to this far away station on the borders of the Llano He had been ten years in counting the four he spent as a had just won bis silver bar as the junior first lieutenant of the was full to the brim of animal spirits and bar ring a few duns and debts in his earlier had never known a heavier care in the world than the transient and ephemeral anxiety as to whether he would be called up for recitation on a subject he not so much as looked or hived absent from a roll call he had azfly slept Any other his comrades would have been spoiled a dozen times over by the petting he had received from both men and women but there was something essentially sweet and genial about his lacking in guile about his said a cyni cal old captain of the a sunshiny way of looking upon the world as an all men and all women as and the army as the sion above all and these various attributes combined to make him popular with his land and unusually attractive to the opposite As a cadet he had teen perpetually on the verge of dismis sal because of the appalling array of merits he could roll up against his and yet the very officers who jotted down the memoranda of his and the regulations were men who openly said he had the making of one of the finest soldiers in the As junior second lieutenant the he had been welcomed by every man from the colonel and it was considered particularly rough that he should have to go to such a company as because Canker was a man who never got along with any of his juniors but there was something so irrepressibly frank and contrite in Perrys boyish face when he would appear at his captains door in tho early morning and burst out with By captainl I slept through reveille again this and never got down till stables were nearly that even that cross grained but honest troop commander was though he threat ened and he would never never deny his subaltern the faintest privilege and when promo tion took the captain to another regi ment he bade goodby to Perry with eyes that were suspiciously wet blow it what do you fellows hate Canker so for tho youngster often He ought to put me in arrest time and but he wont Blamed if I dont put myself in or confine myself to the limits of the and do to cut all this going to town and hops and such Then I can stick to the troop like wax and get up at reveille but if Im out dancing till 2 or 3 in the morning itfs no I tell you I just cant wake It was always predicted of Ned Perry that he would be married and done for within a year of his Every new face in the five years that followed revived the garrison proph Now hes sure how ever devoted he might seem to the damsel in however restless and impa tient he might be when compelled by his duties to absent from her however promising to casual perchance to the damsel be all the surface the abso lute frankness with which he proclaimed bis admiration TO every and the fact that he had been just so with half dozen other enabled the cooler heads of the regiment to decide that the tune had not yet at least the I do said that Perry would settle on be just so long as he it is rather hard to tell who he belongs as Turner had long been a reigning belle among the married women of the and one to whom the young officers were always expected to show much her whimsical way of describing the situation was readily un But here at the new far away were taking on a new To begin the wives of the officers of the cavalry battalion had not none of the ladies of the were and none would be apt to come until the summers scout ing work was over and done The ladies of the little battalion of infantry were though there were no maiden sisters or cousins yet at the post rest assured that more than one was al ready they were sufficient hi number TO enliven the monotony of garrison life and sufficiently attractive to warrant all the attention they cared to It was beginning to be gar rison chat that if Ned Perry had not settled on somebody as the ultimate object of his entire somebody had settled on and that was pretty And though Ned Perry hated reveille and morning as has been and could rarely take his week with out making one or more here he was this beautiful May morning out at daybreak when it was his juniors tour of and wending his way with that youngster out to the line of cavalry sta booted and and equipped for a The colonel had listened with some surprise to his proffered just as he party was breaking up the night be to be absent from garrison a few liours the f allowing But we have battalion drill at 9 and I need you he m be back in time for Iwantedtobe off three hours or so be fore breakfast The colonel could not help Of course yon can wherever you like at those when youarenoton guard but I never imagined you would want to get up so Neither I but rve been interested something I heard about this ranch down tke and thought Td like to tide down and look Qo by all and see whether those lights came from It made me think of a play I once the a feUowi sweetheart signaled across the lake by showing a light in her cottage window jost that way three and he an swered by taming out the lights in his rooml Of course the distance wasnt anything Hke this and there was no one here totumdown any Eblwhat did you I beg cotoneL I didnt mean to put in vofceat his whiles ana gave rtasuoaen ana vigorous but Lawrenoehas called me twice wffl not reenter after lighting his and I must say good night good Pm sorry you go so Wearegoingto reform yon an in that respect as soon as we get farly Heres would sit up and play whist with me an hour yet Not this He has prom ised to walk home with us another and go he or be a faith less escort Good night Weve had such a lovely And Ned went with her to the where Capt Lawrence was awaiting She had barely time to officers ot the cavalry Daaat for the first timein his history the MaTTiage of Charlie and Plots for stories have not all been as sbme people remarked You were just on the point of telling him about the doctors I cannot forgive myself for being the means of seeing it but keep my and unti everybody is talking about it it will come soon Perry went home some what perturbed in spirit and all alive with conjecture as to what these things could Tnpgn The first notes of assem bly of the known as first him from his and by the time the men marched out to the stables he had had his plunge a vigorous rub and a chance to think over his plans before following in their dressed for his The astonishment of Lieut the junior of the was something almost too deep for words when Perry came bounding to his What on earth brings yon Ned was his only Going for a the Monee thats I havent bad a freshener for a Gad we get exercise enough at morning one would and our horses And Parke stopped sudd It flashed across him that perhaps Perry was going riding with a lady friend and the hour was her If twas no business of hflfcand remarks were uncalled When he mounted and rode away from the stable Parke was outside at the picket and busily occupied in his supervising the fastening of the spirited horses at the for the troop commander was a man intolerant of disorder of any and nothing more offended his eye than the sight of two or three of his charges loose and plunging and kicking up and down the stable On the other there was no one exploit that seemed to give the younger animals keener nothing that made the perpetrator a big ger hero in his own eyes or the object of greater envy among his as a consequence every device of which equine ingenuity was master was called into regularly as the morning came to break loose either from the controlling hand of the trooper or from the taut and straining picket The first care of the officer in charge of the troop sergeants to see that all the horses were securely lashed and Not until he had examined every halter shank was Parke at leisure to look but when he did his comrade had disappeared from And over this broad horizon not a moving object could be Far in little jrroucs of three or black dots of grazing cattle marked the and over in the breaks of the just beyond the fringing two or three herds of Indian ponies were sleepily cropping thenmorning watched by the little black imp of a boy whose duty red blanket made the only patch of have forgotten Though his attitude had not his face and a strange look was in bis bright blue look of incre dulity and wonderment and trouble all The lieutenant was fairly startled as though gathering him self the sergeant falteringly asked I beg had where Down to the one yon can just away down the I sir name Dunraven For an instant the sergeant stood as though with sudden faced and plunged into the dark recesses of the Cro BZ dotnrngl but I came near being arrested white I was ascertaining the I put back most of the A PLOT FOR A of to a Phila delphia Press A friend of he who lives out in the cattle country of the Big Horn was a witness in 1SS5 to one of the most remarkable weddings of which I ever hearL At that time a few settlers had gathered in and formed the nucleus of what is now a prosperous but the sway of the cowboy was undis The first wedding in that section BILL ME NOTES SOME LITTLE ODDITIES OF The Undertakers ConfessioaPeMiless ia New YorkAm Alleged DliMfe Jmstice of the Peace and His Marriage Copyright by Edgar XyaJ OSG A lawyer in the parlor car of a west bound train yesterday showed me a copy of a curious document illustrating the crude methods of early times in the and also the light and velvety touch with which social laws were ad ministered when the country was It is acopvof a kind of marriage lis I would filed in 1825 in the court house at and reads as follows all the Greeting Know ye that John Smith and Penny Myers is hereby entitled to go together folks anywhere in Cop eras and when my commission conies I am to marry them for good and date them back to this Justice This is a bona fide and shows not only a wonderful command of language and an artistic method of word J my wondered what to t could not ring for a or ifI did I could not pay him LMM Just then a little boy with purpte and hungry eyes on Owl Creek was that of Big Charlie and Meetutse a native sage brush The bride and groom came seventyfive miles on horseback to the and in exactlythe same When within a few miles of thesquires home they met that nrrormded by half a dozen Then the bride got restive and declaring that she wouldnt marry any m on But the the cowboys and the groom were equal to the At a short distance stood a Take her over to the and put her said his As Meetatse Nance tiiis order she made a wild break for the but her days of freedom were She was quicklv run and amid a volley of feminine sage brush trie de lighted boys started on a lope for the corral Beaching from her bronco thi and Nance started leaped but illustrates also the fact that a justice of the peace often possesses a kind and gentle heart I once knew a justice of the peace in Chicago who was so tender hearted that he had to nerve himself up by calling to his aid the demon He had an office over a saloon and a dumb waiter with a speaking tube to it Before he could assume the courage necessary to pass or even tax the he had to tip the dumb waiter two or three times in rapid He died at a victim to his tender and his last words were Why do you permit those large heliotrope with green stomachs and to roost in my side whiskers He was a man of deep research and a pleasing and during his last illness only bit his wife once when his overwrought think works had slipped a While in his mind he was uniformly kind to his scared deer for some adjacent but it was no she fought and his houor ordered The boys were in A pair of rawhide hobbles were stripped from a cayuses and their twist adjusted about the sturdy ankles of the struggling She was taken into the and mounting the bade tbu groom take his place by her side and catch on to her This his honor as sumed the look of dignified importance called for by the and said Big Charlie and Meetutse you come into this corral I now pronounce you a Big vmhobble your But this Big Charlie found it difficult to and it was not until one of the cowboys had gently cast his lariat over the newly made wife that the husband was able to turn the lady Then the justice called his boys and saying come we haint got no business here led them One of the boys looked and the happy and would not bite even the meanest We were speaking after this of the in creasing death rate and incidentally of begged me to buy an evening of Hesaw that I and no doubt he had read of wf princely income I felt He put his cold nose against my haad and said be would sell metwo goodipa pers f or a But I could not give Then he offered to carry my bag tor I said I thought much good to carry my luggage that Ic was bringing back the Bush of health to my He cried and said he hadnt hadumything to eat all I believed He looked like it I felt my vest pocket and found a I gave it to He said that he seldom ate Then I told him it waaalll My poor said you haro as much money tonight as L We will walk the streets I am a victim to the dress suit Also the oilier suit I look but I am not I cannot even call a Ho matter how small his hamd might 1 could not call We sleep in a coal you and L Youcaa take the or I just as yon Whats your mur mured the I lectured this evening here at One Hundred and Twentyfifth street why dont you tackle some of the audience You my I that this is after the It would not do now Better Better It was while we stood thus looking hi at a shivering to gether and feeling that republics are ex tremely that I caught sight of a well remembered It waa our agent and I baited He I thought youhad home an hour he I had intended but I hadnt the Have you got that you will let me have and charge up BO that I will not have to walk bone ever any more You will see by this mornings paper that I am thoroughly responsible and fully able to identify Five minutes later Rifey and The and Pond creasing death rate and incidentally of came along and enjoyed the terrible boom in the undertaking I Caging with me about money when a quiet old gentleman I was nfee a and across the aisle said he was surprised to I j covered a whole I got a taste color against the southern Later in the when the sun mounted high in the heavens and the brisk west erly winds sent the clouds sailing swift across the all the broad prairie seemed in for then huge shad ows swept its face with measured and distant cattle and neighboring pony herd appeared as though calmly and contentedly riding on a broad Natures own observation taking a leisurely journey towards the far away But the sun was only just up as Parke came back from his inspection of the halter fastenings and paused to look across the low Far down to the southeast the rays seemed glinting on some bright objects clustered together within short range of the shadowy and the lieutenant shaded his eyes with his gauntlet and lookedjfixed ly thitherward as he stood at Some new tinning down at that Eng lish ranch they talk I was his explanation of the and then wonder why Perry hasnt ridden to cultivate the acquaintance of those people before He was always the first man in the to find out who our neighbors Pondering over this it oc curred to Parke that Perry had said he was going down the Monee that morn ing but nowhere was there a speck in couple were busy unpacking their camp ing and the honeymoon had evi dently The Upper A Pullman sleeper conductor Every body who wants a berth in sleeper wants the lower I have been in the employ of the company for fourteen and I have never yet had an appli cation for an upper Of the upper berth is not so easy of access as the but if you dont mind climb ing to upper berth you will at once after the night is that it is the more comfortable of the The ventilation is better and you are not so close to the rumbling You are more private than you are in a lower and in case of accident you have a chance of coming out on In hot weather the upper berth is cooler than the The lower as you is made up from the cushioned which are of warm I have never known a man to fall out of an upper I think if the company would make a dif ference of a half dollar in favor of the upper berth it would soon be in But I believe the Pullman company notice that in some of the cities it was reported that the undertakers could not keep up with the work or fill the orders made on There is no business on he that ought to bo ready for an emergency any easier than the under taking I used to be an under taker but reformed two years ago and I am able to live with out it and I am willing to state that the death rate must increase a good deal faster than it has before undertakmg need be hustled or crowded very In the first it would surprise I you to know how cheaply they can make a Ive known bereaved relatives to pay for a handsomely fitted up and thoroughly lined and get a pine box with knot holes in lined mostly with fluted confectioners paper and cov ered with cheap black I had stock in a coflin factory for three and we could make one of these receptacles about as cheaply as you could a peach A coffin that is asthe most of them are is a pretty cheap affair before it gets its dress suit We used lumber that couldnt be used anywhere the knots were go large never makes any difference Chicago The Electric the been asked dozens of times if the new invention that plays the piano blnffs that bounded the valley on tne i and liable to drop of knew the sizes of our so aimed to so arrange it that if there was a large knot hole we would work it on a large person so that he couldnt sift through on his way to the There is a very good profit in this busi ness and the deeper the grief of the family the more you can sock it to them on the price without being discov Cremation was all that we were ever afraid That would have knocked as all to and some day ifrwill do it The present methods are too tempting to the shrewd American un We got for a little white casket It was marked Our I hated myself for charging that for we cleared on and I couldnt eat my meals all I took it up to the house wishing fcould wear a mask like other who climb over a corpse or two in order to get a few There was white crape on the and all was hushed about the People who passed walked on their and held their own children a little tighter by the hand till they got for fear of New York without It euly sixty but my white Speaking of our re minds me that he hastelook out for the poet and me as he would if he were managing two hives of bees or pet bears or a pair of Siamese twins or Blind Tom and He wakes ua dresses puts us on tho gets ua pays our attends to our kumdry and tucks us into bed at The other night he left a call for TCSO for all three of oar In the morning he woke and saw by his watch that it was Ho rang his and when the boy came he wanted to know what Walker rang I wanted to be what do you mean by that t left a call and hastnt The boy couldnt understand that the call was for the three and looking sadly and sympathetically at he walked Sam an old hotel clerk at was bitterly at tacked a while ago by a traveling who came down stairs with blood in Why did yon not call me this morn ing he T said the cool trusting in Providence to get out of it time did you have me caUed Harrison thought a and knowing the early trains leit between 8 and I called you at You did I I know So do I know I can prove that you How Cause I never told you to call meat alL Sometimes the sang froid even of a or so out from the He was prob ably bidden by this shoulder of the prai and would continue to be until he reached the five miles No use watching for Mm he might not yet have Parke recalled the fact that he half suspected a while ago that Ned was going to an early antebreakfast a lady Belknap had her own and was an accomplished eques trienne Lawrence rode fairly and was always glad to when some body could give her a saddle and a reli able There were among the ladies of the infantry garrison who were no novices a chevaL Parke had no intention whatever of pry ing into the It was simply as something the officer in charge of stable duty was entitled to know that he turned suddenly and called Sergt Gwynner He heard the name passed down the dark interior of the stable by the men sweeping out the and the prompt and cheery The next instant a tan voung trooper stepped forth into the blaze of early sunlight his rigM hand raised in and stood erect and mo tionless by the lieutenants Did Mir Perry take an extra playing when it comes to be generally I think The electric piano plays just as well as can possibly bu done with hands and and all the ex pression and all the accuracy are But nevertheless it is not the skilled pianist with intelligent fingers and sym pathetic face who is producing the and one listens to it with a dis tinct something is One wants to see the person who is ing the The I will be used largely in where several pianos are needed and good time must be and it may do much good in But nothing mechanical cancer take the place of the trained piano in St Louis I thought possibly He meant to take Hesthebestladyshoisemthe is he not sir but Roland is at the Ime Very Thatfs I pre mie he has just down to Don And Parke turned to look once more at the glinting objects down the distant It was a moment or two before he wasaware of the fact that the sergeant stin stood of Mand Howes Maud Howe received the goodly sum of from The Ladies Home Jour nal for her new About thirteen years when Porters picture of her was exhibited in the she was I one of the famous beauties of and is an unusually handsome woman still She became engaged TO and before the affair was nursed the man she subsequently an attack of malarial fever in He was an ardent young art student at the and had worked too hard in a dangerous He I passed from the fever of Eome into the fever of but was unable to per suade Miss Howe to think of him until that Death himself might yet be behind a tree box in the I went back after Id delivered the and next day I found that it was for a little dog that had never been deodorized during his and who had not relented even in His mistress told me that he was a verv talented dog and knew as much as shedid Her heart was still and so I did not contradict I had an odd experience when last in New and I will tell it because it may interest others who have passed through a similar I had been up to Harlem for the addressing a large and spellbound audience of most of whom hung on my lips for quite a I had gone up town with friends who paid my elevated fare and bade me good night at One Hundred and Twentyfifth I was in full even ing dress and the flush of social success was on my While waiting for a South Ferry train I took morning paper from my pocket and read that my income waa estimated at per oOQttibiiiica tut UWMA hotel clerk yields to that of the meek eyed commercial You hear queer orders at times The other day a lady her and as we passed her boy was just opening it in answer to 1 We could not herp hearingJ she for her door was Did you maam queried What did you wish you may bring me a small piece ot a pitcher of ice water and mocue He rang Tb0 SJoimtaii In Surrey I is a remarkable natural ctnosity ahape of a mountain mous Sphinx of Egypt in all It lies east of the Blue Ridge i on the Piedmont Hke its body at right angles to thai i and with head reared aloft aa if act of solidl several hundred feet3 in height shoulders and breast are and at the distance of miles it looks like thing of lifeandli It rises about tf above the plain and can be i a distance of fifty Lonift go back to your And Parke turned in tone tor oddstbe I was just figuring out what this would amount to in case I lived to be 95 years when it occurred to me that the train would soon be So I went to the window with my large valise con taining my working clothes and asked for a Behsctantly the salffiman tore one oft and shoved it out The train came just and I got for I could not find any The train went and still I did not discover any change The ticket man told me to go away and give those whobad money a I went j You know how earnestly you feel todi JOB what awidower is Afmm suaoe w some years after her engagement with Porter was She had resigned love for literature and seemed contented with the of frequently puzzled by the The animal waa frequently t1 half a day at a and last weal missing for two owner tised f or and on the fbUom he was returned by a whoJ covered his peculiar riding on street of any car he sees and ride t put Jaeger a season good aS 1 and attach it to Huif unless iTs About fifteen mnrntfs I wtofcdid yon talk n I thought I would take me bag down here I would be less What does Charlie some money in my working the shadow of an iron post and Skwrtyand I went through the gar Imentsas people came along andftooied I shoulder to seewnat ft AOutstia

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