Thursday, January 30, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 30, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON ESTABLISHED THURSDAY JANUARY Pucx 15 CKNTS CANT DO TEE OF TBE HOUSE IS IASTEB Democratic Attempts at FUlibuslering Keatly Down Turbu lent Free Coinage IJUi Capital the houte of called up the election case of Smith from the fourth West Virginia district of rinsed the question of con On this vote the with the exception of Covert and refrained from While the clerk was calling the the speaker was carefully noting the names o those democrats who wpre present and not Before the announcement of the vote of who had inadvertently voted on the affirma tive decided to withdraw his but he was met with strong objections from the republican Rogers en deavored to secure a ruling from the speaker un the but the speaker declined to The speaker counted as present the members refusing to vote and deaiared a quorum The house was immediately in great hut presently quiet was restored and the speaker made a long statement in justifi cation of his He quoted prer ndenle to maintain the correctness of his position and hie remarks were from time to time applauded by the Mr of New changed hit vote frvm hn negative to the affir mative lingers was then given fioo to withdraw his ae wan of North The vote was then mauling Yeas nnye i Ciisp raised the poiut of no quorum The chair directs the clurk to record the following names of members present and refusing to vote Thie statement waa the nignal for a burst of applause frou thu republicans jtere from thu The clerk then iceedud tu record the names of democrats ihu speaker had jotted rliwn und not When the namti of of was he Mtnpcitid iniu the nisle and in a re Dimndmi said 1 deny tht power of tht speaker to do and I deny it its Oiieor after cheer uharactorized by re publicans as the reBe went up from the democratic and it wab sov eral before sufficient order WM restored to enable the clerk to the reading of the names Bui the order was only for while the clerk was proceeding with the read ing half a dozen democrats were on their feet debouncing the action of the Several members of the democratic nide denied the tight of the speaker to count them as one or two saying they had not boon present whin their name was Crisp desired the appeal from the iecisioL of the chair The uproar con tinued some lime Finally the speaker said The must not mistake the Httuaion The chair must proceed in order and the gentleman as a member of this body will undoubtedly allow the chair to BO The speaker then proceeded to make a statement The he had an nounced the members voting 2 nays chair thereupon having heard thicr uames called in their onco had directed a record made of this Accordingly the question was be fore UIH house ana the chair proposed to give a statement accompanied by the ruling from which an appeal could be taken if any gentleman was dissatisfied The speaker said for some time a question of this na ture hud been raised in many parliamen tary assemblages and there hat baeu a groat deal of especially in this body on the The chair recollected a proposition of this kind made by Randolph Tucker of A proposition was made with regard to putting it in the The general opinion prevailed at that limfi it wan expedient to so That was in Since then there has been various argumttents and docisioua by eminent gentlemen and those de cisions had much cleared up the question and rendered it more apparent wnat the true rule wan One of the first places where the question was raised was in the New York state The present government of New York was the presiding officier and upon him devolved a duty similar to that which now devolved oa the Ue met that duty in precisely thu same manner The had arisen in New York on the constitutional necessity of having three fifths of the members constitute a quotum for the passage of certain bills and the presid ing officer held that the constitutional provision as to a quorum was entirely satisfied by the presence of members wen if they did rot That decision could not be regarded as There had also been a decision in the fennes see leglslaturp in A registration bill pending was objected to by the re publicans who refused to whereupon the speaker directed the clerk to count ae present those not voting and declared the bill passed on that These two decisions seamed to the present occupant of the chair to cover the ground but there was an entirely familiar process which every old member would recognize whereby the opinion of the chair is incontestable evidence of the recognition at all times of the right to record members present as constituting part of a It had been almost an everyday occurrence at certain stages the session for votes to be announced by the chair containing oviously and emphatically no Yet if the point was not made the bill was always declared passed and that couid only be a very distinct basis and that was that everybody present silently agreed to the fact there was a There was no ground on which such a bill could be passed consti tutionally unless the presence of the quorum was and it was inferred trorn the fact that no one raised the it htd always been the prac tice in parliamentary bodies and in the parliament of Great Britain for the speaker to determine the question if there or was not a quorum present by Again there was a provision in the constitution which declared the house might establish for com pelling the attendance of If members could be present and refuse to exercise their and yet not be count d as a quo1 that provision would aeem to be entirely The speaker thenI read at length Governor Hills decision when presiding officer of the New York and laughter and applause by the republicans greeted the reading of the where the action of Hie minority denounced ac rebellions The speaker ignored request to have protest wtimft Sfcat dniaum elio xead Hie chair therefore roles qnorom present within the appeal on the motion not open to and Criip pro tested against Paysons Butterworth asked that Peyton withdraw his motion and the latter did Crisp then said the detirion of the speaker was overturning the united and uninterrupted practice of one hundred years ana goingidirectly in the face of arguments of distinguished This was more than a mere it was a constitutional right to have the yeas and nays entered and it necetsariiy followed that when the con stitution said yeas and should be entered they could not be added to or taken He quoted from Speaker Elaines ruling on the Force bfll to the effect the speaker had not the power to count a quorum and declared the de cision just made by Reed would he the foundation of the greatest legislative frauds ever The house was invited here to pursue the course which Elaine had declared Mr Crisp quoted Garfield as denounc ing a similar rale proposed in his time and How do we know but that Lhe speaker may tee for his own pur pose forty members more than there are in the Vouse Outhwaite here declared he had been counted by the speaker while he WES not on the Great confusion ensued for a few min utes when Crisp continued We have lived through the great civil war when there was excitement unparalleled in the history of yet during all those years no no ever thought it necessary to in troduce a rule which would give the power of dedaring the presence of mem bers by a single voice of one In common with every member on his side demanded there should be a public exhibition of the question that there should be He quoted from re marks of Heed himself in a debate in which Reed said The constitutional idea of a quorum is not the physical presence of majority of members of the house but a majority of members present and participating in the busi on the dem ocratic and ia the Referring to the New York decision of Governor Springer said that action had been denounced by the democrats cf the New York legislature as revolution Crisp proceeding to read the press report of the last republican caucus imt WHS cHiled to order by Kerr and the objection was sustained by the Crisp went on to appeal to the republi can bide to before they indorse this aad unconstitutional Cannon said the gentleman on the other tide should consult the constitu after in the constitution they had a mode cf ascertaining what a quorum And if by the constitution ineie was a quorum present today the would euslain the house of rep resent alivea in going on and The constitution provides Each house be the judge of election returns and the qualifications of its own mem ano u majority of each house shall constitute a quorum to do Did the constitution say a major ity should bs required to vote for a meat lire in order to pass it Not nl Il merely eaid a majority of each house should constitute a quorom to di In conclusion Cannon laid down the proprosition that bv gen eral parliamentary law and under the coneitution when a quorum is present and that is ascertained and when htre is a majority voting in favor of the that measure is adopted whether it be a resolution or Carlisle said no spanker ever sat in the chair and undertook to hold that lees than a quorum can pass any bill or vote in thip house until All have held tha E majority must not only be present to constitute a quorum but that a quorcm must participate in He quoted from constitutional sections und eaid when tic framers of the constitution provided that a majority of memberselect should constitute a quorum to do business they raw mat if it stopped there less than a quorum could do Therefore they had provided that less than a quo rum ciuld do certain from day to compel the attendance of absent etc If the ruling rnnde this morning was there was no necessity for any provision in the ciCRtitution defining what less than a majority could He denied absolutely the right of the presiding officer of the house to make a Suppose the speaker was then one man could pass a bill as well an one hundred and The speaker was simply the organ of the not its He Carlisle was not here to deal in epithets out he did fay if this ruling stood it worked a complete revolution in the method of transacting business of the The house should stand by the old and allow no legislation unless participated in by a msj ority of all the members elect McEinlcy took the but yielded to a motion to which was carried without Herbert second William sisritii United States Charles of district of Alaska southern district of Illi nois Lewis southern district of Iowa northern district of United States southern district of Betdgtrar cf the Land Lymaa Ban Wis Everett Fos South TflK POST Tnmlt Oorrecpcradence of XKB the Post is prospering beyond the hopes of a year said Frank Hilton today in the marble room of the the newspaper men who comment upon phenomenal success of the paper do not understand and hence do not give the real reason of OUT They are my frier d 3 and usually say that it is all owing to Hattpns editorial work but it The editor always gets credit or for the standing of a and the business manager is When I formed a business partnership with Beriah of I builded better than I There is an exhaust less mine of energy in and he hat done more for the Pest in the business management than I have been able to do in the editorial He was new to the but had entered ino his work with Tim and Every detail has been mastered by him and he is today one of the beat business man agers in any newspaper in this I have known Wilkins for several years and have liked as everyone does who knows As a member of congress from Ohio he was deservedly regarded as an able legislator and a faith ful representative of his AH that Hatton says of him is for he certainly done remarkably well and the rapid pace set by the energetic editor has never been too fast for even from the Cordial relations between the business office and the editorial rooms of daily newspapers are not always maintained but Wilkins and Hatton constantly remind me of the words of that eminent Mason who wrote Behold How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in THE FEW DEADLDCI ffitOWS BBEiliBLE THAU The Home Seaate Little SiUatim Dis State Sews and DES Mo the republi can house caucus this morning Henry Wilcox was nominated for chief This completes the list of officers for the republican The first roll call re sulted in a Wilson receiving 41 and Hamilton Up to adjournment seven teen ballots were all resulting the same as the The house adjourned until tomorrow IN TTg In the senate this afternoon a resolu tion was passed allowing bills to be given to the secretary of the who shall have the bills printed and placed on the desks of the senators and be ready for consideration when the proper time The bills thus handed in to be numbered and after wards be introduced regularly and read as if not previously After the passage of a number of minor resolutions a few memorials from the Farmers alliance were preiented by democratic protesting against the reelection of Allison as United States The senate then ad A ON mediate shall take effect and be in force fromand after its publication in the Iowa State Register and Maittes newspapers published in rae ft UPEFW1D SDCIED BY PATHOS IHHB CHUfllEU F801 licpnblte WASHINGTON Formal recog1 nition of the Unitea Stales of Brazil by this government was completed this when the president received the credentials cf Senor the new minister accredited by the provisional The president in receiving Valente Minister I receive you as a representative of the new re a grateful duty to the government of the United The peaceful course cf events that trans formed the Empire of Brazil into the United States of Brazil has been ob served with deep interest by the govern ment and the people of this It is a source of profound satisfaction to the American people that the provisional government of the Brazilian republic came into power without and I trust this circumstance may prove a happy augury of progress and prosperity in the career which now opens to the United States of Speaking for the people of this it will be my constant aim to cultivate the most friendly relations with your government to increase personal inter couree and enlarge the commercial ex changes between the two Coe mmlnf ladtaa Crook wss interviewed this afternoon with refer ence to dispatches in the Pacific coast papers criticising the proposed removal of the Chiricahua Apaches to the Indian With reference to the charge that Chattp was not faithful and while serving as a scout he furnished these hostiles with ammunition and in General Crook eaid This is all These stories are being circu lated for a Chatto was not only but it was due entirely to the efforts of his Indian scouts that the hostiles under Natchez and Geronimo surrendered to me in 1886 There were over ninety of these hostiles who surrendered at this The terms were thoroughly understood and all promised to go to On the way to Fort Bowie that night they camped near San It being extremely dark and they being filled with bad whisky and alarmed at the lies of design ing white thirtythree of them The including the families of Natchez and Geron imo continued on to Bowie and were sent to Florida in accordance with the terms of their It is true that General miles did discharge Apache scouts and after operating against these thirtythree Indians for over five months without killing or capturing a single of he went to Lieucenant Gate wood with two of Chattos who succeeded in securing the the upon the promise that they should not be harmed and should be sent to join their families in It is very improbable that Chatto was planning a fresh outbreak at the time he was sent to Florida as he and a delega tion of chiefs had gone to Washington in where he was given the medal al luded Nor is it probable that his old scouts would have se cured the surrender of the party with Geronimo had they contem plated an Instead of Chatto being sent back to his farm on the reser vation with his delegation they were sent to Florida where they re ceived the same treatment as the hostiles whose surrender had been secured by their These Indians are now thoroughly subdued and there is not the slightest danger of their be coming troublesome All they ask is that they may be placed where they can have ground to cultivate in or der that they may become selfsustain The way these Chiricahua allies have been treated is an cutrage and re flects on the honor of the AM Ohio senate is in deadlock today in the MarquisLampson contest for the lieutenant governorship and the democrats are holding the senate in session to await arrival of Senator Ho well who i away on indefinite leave There are seventeen republicans and tiie sime number of democrats The republicans insist on proceeding with the contest but the democrats ask a postponement to which the republicans will not At eight oclock this evening another democratic senator arrived and business The republicans will carry the case to the supreme court if Lamp son is ousted on the ground that the ma jority is not conducting the contest in accordance with the TruitleM Ballon TaKtn at Special to DES joint re publican caucus this morning was called to order iy Senator and Edward of Black Hawk on acted as Senator Seeds acted as and the tellers were Senator Meeervey and Representa tive All nominating speeches were dispensed announcements only to The following can didates ware entered for the considera tion of the caucus for warden of the penitentiary Mc Jarvis and Much interest was manifested over admitting proxies showing the hot warfare the candidates had But proxies were at last admitted with the understanding that they be filed with the clerk and to be counted according to The first ballot resulted McMillan Townsend Pickeli Jarvis Wes ton On this ballot it appeared that Townsend had gained a slight advantage in the matter of Second Towa aend Pickell Jarvis Weston Third McMillan Townsend Jarvis Weston Pickeli 4 Townsend Jarvis Wecton Pickeli Fifth Townsend Jarvis Weston Nelson Townsend Jarvis Westou Townsend Jarvis Weston Seed Nelson Townsend Jarvis Weeton Pickeli Townsend Jarvis Weston Pickell 1 21 Townsend Jarvis Weston Pickell Townsend Jarvis Weston Pickell TwelfthMcMillan Townsend Jarvis Westn Pickell Townsend Jarvis Weston Pickell After the thirteenth ballot Price moved to postpone the selection of taa didates for one week Walden moved the caucus adjourn till next Tuesday evening at eight This was supported by friends of Townsend and Jarvis and The contest was exceedingly close and the determined fight made by the can didates showed they had not been idle during the TUESDAYS cf PvMlc 29 secretary of the treasury today issued a second call on the national bank depositories for a redaction of the public balances held by them on or before March The call is for about the same amount the BEXATE The senate committee morning in structed Senator Cullom to report favor ably with a alight amendment intended to define more clearly the of the The bill introduced by Senator Spooner to wafer upon the in terstate commerce oommisaion authority commerce be The bill in effect trustees of the institution of the blind met today and heard reports of investi Their report will be made to the governor before being given to the The board adopted Hinchee having tendered that formerly supervisor of be temporarily Corporal pun ishment was disapproved and must resorted to only when all other corrective fail and then by the superinten dent in the preeence of Well founded complaints as to food had been occasioned by an insufficient number of The tuperintendsnt had been di rected to increase the help and the variety of and give the closest scrutiny to the For onngiii and throat disorders use Brcwni never changed my mind respecting except I mink better of that whieB I began thinkingwell Henry Wart Sold only in to regulate tween several Special to ran jury before Judge rendered a verdict of fcWf WU T applies the law relating to tol telegraph Ris mbatantiaDyl the bill by last twentyfive and against William of for carrying The case en outgrowth of a stabbing affray at a Poweflton dance in December last Headache from la Inflnensa or instantly coxed by Hoffmans Headache The preaidentaent the following aom inattom to the aenate Blanche of theDbtrict cf to be re corder of in the District of Colum of the weekly edition of the Pren today Mnteaced to tw yean tor larceny of about A Surprise Both jEtopnb mud Special to THB DKS nomina tions this morniug were a great surprise to people especially in the democratic It had been expected that Holbrook would be the nominee of the democratic and when the nam ing of Hamilton was announced talk at once began as to the object of the It is known that Holbrook is the real leader of the democrats and sev eral theories are prevalent as to why Hamilton was put Home say that Holbrook can do the party more good on the floor of the house than in the speak ers because he is a very fine parliamentarian and is so quick at seeing thi intentions of the An other ia that it was preferable to put up Hamilton because if it becomes necessary for the democrats to give up the speaker ship they can with better grace with draw Hamilton than It is of course recognized that Hamilton is a and a good but he has not been recognized as the real head of his party in the house so and there fore is a lesser Among the republicans the nomination of Wilson was not a matter of surprise at alL It had been generally recognized that tie would be the nominee for speaker Wilson was prominently mentioned last session as a candidate for this position and made a splendid canvass for tie so he had a great advantage this time aed came out The other officers nominated on the republican side first assistant Story county second assistant Union county enrolling Anna Davis engrossing Olive Conger bill Kittie Jefferson county assistant Miss Martin Boose county Mills county file Lucas The beginning of railroad legislation is the Funk bill to restrain railways from limiting the life of railway mileage It was introduced last week and just been printed and given to the senators for It is as follows A Bill for an act restraining railway cor porations from limiting the life of rail way Be it Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa Section That it shall be unlawful for any railway organized under the of this to fail or re fuse to honor any railway mileage iaraed by said corporation from and after the taking effect of this That it shall be unlawful to limit the use of railway mileage to any stated i If through or otherwise any railway corpora tion shall refuse to accept such mileage in payment of fan to full face value thereat radar the of such shall be deemed gufltr of upon object to a fine of five handled for each and every 4 Nothagin act contained Special to Tan HA DBS 29 of the best evidences of the republican determina tion to stand by the position taken the difference in the manner of conducting the Up to yesterday reporters and were strictly excluded from but now the are open to of the republi can and such others of the faith as may be valuable in helping in various But the calcus room is not thrown open to the public nor should it be It is proper that the friends of any one of the parties should be in at the coun but for enemies there is no place There nothing being done in the way of formulation of plans or nothing which cannot be reported in the public and so there is no necessity for longer excluding the The republican policy of waiting for the op position to propose a plan in which the speakership is given to the majority party in thelegislatuiehas been fuliy an nounced and will not ba departed Yesterday the reporters were oa the inside when a member of their fraternity desired The doorkeeper announced a reporter and the chairman said the resolution passed gave admit tance to all reporters for republican Inquiry was made as to who the candidate for admission The answer was given of the Daily News shall I admit him A unanimous chorus yelled A number of representatives to be appointed on a committee to inform Napoleon Bon aparte Ashby that his presence was very undesirable in He cannot get into the democratic councils so he is shut out all Such is the pleasure of being at guerilla The republican caucus met this morn ing at The first thing usually done is for members to compare notes in tM nay of letters from and these make very interesting Expressions are thus which en courage the men to continue their and the meeting proves a source of strength After being really called to order the matter of chief clerk was taken up The nominees were Ben Van Btienberg and Wilcox On the first ballot Wilcox received 32 votes and on motion was declared the unani mous choice of the caucus for that posi After roll call the caucus adjourned in time to meet in the hall of the house at the regularly appointed The pairs as arranged for the day were nine in as follows Brown with of with Tade Van Gilder with Law with Harper with Mc Farland with Mercer with Thornburg with After the mat ter of pairs had been settled the house entered upon the monotony of rollcalls once On the first ballot of the the sixth on permanent speak vote stood The member settled quietly back in their began the pe rusal of the writing of only stopping occasionally to vote or else getting up to take an occasional saunter into the Of one source of amusement they are bereft the candi dates are gone and there is no longer a crowd of people ready and more than willing to talk to them on every opportunity so they are thrown on their own resources for Dolph raiser the monetary of the ces sion about by introducing a resolu tion to the effect that the house should take a recess for an hour to allow the candidates for speaker to treat the mem bers of the house to On motion of Dobapn the resolution was referred to a committee consisting of the two can and after the conference Hamil ton reported that the commit tee had dedided to report on the resolution immediately after permanet The members managed to have a little fun with the matter even if they didnt get the The monotony began again and continued right on till the end of the Up to in seventeen ballots had been all re sulting the same way 41 to Ad journed till AN ALABMIXG DEATH of port of Lm Special to THE The on account of the haa reoched an alarming proportion at this Last night occurred the death of an old citizen of the a popular prominent Mason and wellknown among the homoeopathic profession of the state During the night also occurred the death of daughter of the late for many years sditor of Der Demokrat at this This morning occurred the death of John an eld resident and one of the wealthiest farmers of Scott though retired to city life for several This morning in Rock Island oc curred the death of Miss Alice Frances daughter of a former prominent citizen of that and connected some of the wealthiest and most prominent families of the two During the morning occurred the death of Peter an old resident cf that Other fatalities of persons less prominent are on the In all these cases death is due to pneu Savage Practices of the Samaritans Near Kansas Teach ings of a New was set for the wedding The bridal tnwseaawas prepared and everything waaln Thursday night the prospective bridegroom left the residence of his a few miles in the and came to Dabcque He has not beta beard since The bride sprat Sunday in a fruitless search for She threat to make it warm for the recreant lover if he can be KASSAS some time rumors of the existence of a new relig ious eect which haa gained a foothold in the territory adjacent to the Blue just east ofKansas have been afloat and they have reached the ears of the The secretary of the Humane society recently received a letter from a man living in that neighborhood telling him that if the authorities did not inter fere the people would take the matter into their own According to the the practices of the sect were founded upon the biblical injunction to do good to the but this injunction had been carried to such an extent that the sect had degenerated into A BAND OF BLOOD Those who were well allowed themselves tobebkd for those who Officer Marrans investigation of the matter proved that the letter to Secretary Hack art had not told half of the horrible practices in vogue among the TBS M it Will TOT TO THE C3ICA88 AM ROBIBWESOD raiBH PACIFIC SOT Who believed in the savage About a year ago there appeared among the people of that neighborhood a man named Silas who went about the country preaching the doctrine of doing good for the It was not long until he had a sufficient number of converts to his theories warrant him in founding a which he CAIiBD THE Gradually be widened his teachings to his little baud until he opeiilv advocated the drinking of blood for all giving as authority for such action the fact that the Bible taught that the blood waa the At the home of John Wrinkle were found two emaciated On the bed lay who was apparently in the last stages of When questioned about drinking the blcod of the children he strenuously denied hav ing done The children also denied Their bloodless how excited the suspicion of the and he compelled them TO SHOW THEIR Their were in a terrible condi being covered with scara around the inside of the elbow showing plainly the effects of the When confronted with this evidence of the truth of the accusation Wrinkle acknowl edged that he had availed himself of the and asserted that the chil dren had willingly given their blood to restore him to The man was in such a condition that he could not be but the children were taken from the house and placed in the Chil drens Chief Speers ia anxious to put a atop to the practices of the blood but it appears there is no law which covers the and nothing can be da Trim tor Special to THB 29 in the BAIT now geems probable that the great blockade on the Sierras will be The railroad officials think the blockaded trains will reach here to The trains have two weeks mail on The high water his gone down all over the state and the washouts and land slides are generally The greatest damage has been done to roads and The blockade on theCal aforaiaand Oregon railroad still con Unues with little prospect of breaking it for a week yet There is no communica tion north except by The United States revenue cutter Rush took a large amount of mail to Ore last the regular line of steamers refusing the compensation of fered by the A rotary plow broke down yesterday afternoon in the final drift remaining near The plow had been work ing for fifteen days continually and it was thought the big mochine would hold together until the road waa An army of ahovelers haa been put to DEATHS IN THB wife of Surgeon McVear of Jefferson died at Truckee Monday of diphtheria while on one of the delayed Yesterday Lucia the Mexican said to be the smallest human being in the a passenger on the same died of gastric PACIFIC STILL OLOSBD SAN 29 this afternoon shows the great blockade of the Central Pacific still though according to the latest reports the only portion of track which is structed now ia between tunnel thireen and Truckee where snowalides this morning covered the track for a short It is expected this will be cleared in a short time and trains will be moving High winds are rising and sweeping over snow clad mountains with driving fury and there is danger that other slides may occur at any The situation in the porthern part of the state remains unchanged and there is no hope of opening the road for some It is feared many old miners who have lived alone in the mountains for yeara have fallen victims to the terrible BASK SALIi ON der of Silas Typlon in this place last Over one hundred witnessee have been summoned on both sides and widespread interest is exhibited in the The defense are making efforts to delay the The murder was the outcome of an altercation arising from a refusal of who was a to sell Murdy meat on THE CASE Spoclnl to The murder case against of for the shooting of Silas last Sep is passed over till the latter part of next week owing to illness of wit nesses and at Hovrd at Nsw league bare ball managers met today and decided Wards trial should take place in Febru The arbitration board decided that the Cleveland club could hold of Des Several complaints from players were among them one from Tim ORonrke who said the Peoria club owed him on last seasons secretary was instructed to ascertain the Charles Bowers said Bioux City dub owed him money and tie wanted to be paid or The board released him and then The National League meeting com menced at thrfe oclock and lasted sev eral The special committee on law reported on the Ward injunction case and recommended that they be to direct the prosecution of ly the New York and Philadelphia suits to a final conclusion but that suits in equitv be instituted in every state and federal court in the United States that may be necessary to obtain the proper restrain the reserved league plsyers from giving their services to any other The report was adopted and the recommendation will be carried John Ward said the league might push suit against him as soon as it saw He is confident of WILL STTB TUB 29 of the League club here are going to sue the managers of the Brotherhood club for conspiracy and Chairman Walkers Deeisioa as If Tkelr Tariff IgreemeBt Sot Strike Their Fancy tet ters of Chairman Walker today made public the official of the Union Pacific and the Chicago and Sorthwestern Railroad companiee with drawing from the Interstate Commerce Railway President Charlee Francis of the Union letter to Chairman Walker Re ferring to the decision made by you at the meeting of the Interstate Commerce Railway held IB New on the Uth to the effect thia con tract entered into between thth com pany and the Chicage and Norofweet em in of terms of agreement under which the association was I am instructed by the to inform you that in their opinion the decision the company in a most difficult As I understand the purport of your decision ia that the control of traffic is a matter of the proprietorship of In other an existing distribution of competitive traffic may be afflected to any extent by the construction of new lines by mem bers parlies to thia or by the leasing of lines already but under the articles of the association it cannot be affected or controlled by con tracts between members of the at irrespective of the I am directed to inform you that if decision is fiaal U would in the opinion of the directors place thia company in a position a proper regard for the interests of the stockholders would not Tho Uuion Pacific is unwilling co continue in any except in strict conformity to the With the to prevent in curring penalties on its I am di rected by the board of to you formal notice of the withdrawal of this company to take effect at the expiration of thirty from date The letter of President of tke Chicago and likewise giv ing notice of the withdrawal of tkal says I understand your de cision aa holding in effect that no change can be made in the status of the railway lines members of the association in any tnanneri directly or affecting the distribution of competitive unless it be done by the construction of new or by acquiring in some man ner a proprietary interest in existing It is proper for me to lay that the directors did not understand that by be coming a party to the interstate com merce association agreement they had sacrificed their powers to make aeon tract They therefore entered into agree ments with the Union Pacific scrupulously they believed all the provisions of the interstate com merce It year opinion that by doing BO they have vio lated that it only for these companies therefore to give format monia resulting from the Other honored citizens are at deaths door and the melancholy list will soon be lovm Special to THB DBS court business Ida county vs from Ida affirmed Porter from Dallas affirmed Murdoch vs from Montgomery reversed state vs from Polk dismissed Herman vs Mil waukee and Paul Railroad from the Cedar Rapids super ior reversed vi Dei Moines and Kansas City Railroad from Polk SUM Foal Special to HAWB DM Jan Special to Tra Hog thieves are at work in this vicinity and farmers are becoming rather alarmed at the at tempts made to steal live recently a drove of ten hogs were stolen from a farmer named Erickgon and sold at 6rin Today the sheriff arrested Wil liam Creigher Oilman for the offense and he is now in jail The evidence against him is of the most convincing An attempt to get away with another drove about the same time was In The Sharp rifles of this city have received orders to be ready to march to Harlan The occasion is the apprehension of trouble there when the circuit court The legislature has ordered an investigation into the troubles in that county and it will probably be made while the troops are ArriHUa for 29 Schoolmaster Fred erick who left this city last week to escape punishment for seducing a fourteen yearold girl wag ar rested yesterday in He ex pressed willingness to return to The state con vention of county auditors which was to meet in Dec Homes tomorrow has been postponed until February at which time the state convention of of county supevisors will meet in con junction with the judiciary committee of the house and in regard to taxes and county On the same day the state pharmacisU wfll convene a thu to Very party of six prominent of the Illinois Central railway were inspecting the companys grounds hare this morning prepar atory to a number of important New pneaenger and freight depots and a new office building are included in the contemplated im on which between twenty and thirty thousand dollars win be The switch yards here will be made the finest lathe THJt pas senger train at the Oswego depot to night was run into by another express train from the Particulars are but three persons are reported Nervous poor diffl sexual cured by Miles Samples free at drug notice of withdrawal therefrom to take at the expiration of thirty davs from date The Elkhorn and Missouri Valley and lie Sioux City and Pacific railroad compan ies are also included in notice of Chairman Walker called a special meeting of the Interstate Commerce Rail way association for February to con sider the action of the Union Pacific and Northwestern roads as well aa to corn eider and act upon the report of the com mittee appointed at the regular meet ing of presidents to revise the present methods and FKATS A NKW 29 The Mineral Range Railroad company haa filed a complaint in the federal court that Ita judgment of half a million against Stay et has been returned un and prays that the Ives A Staynor assigment be decreed null and void and a receiver shatt restrain raflway from imwhoM A MW mffl boiler at Faffing Bock creek explod ed and Joe Wright and Morgan Hoover man inctantly badly in 8t Vita an MOB cored by Janaatonta aged and Bert of left feH Mto air aadv JokB MawB Bra John Mason one of the most promi nent in the state and a man of died thia morning of He was a leading republi can and wss prominently mentioned for associate justice of the supreme court before Judge Brewers appointment MBS H 6 Special to Tan wife cf one of the old of the died this morning at of la Little quite sick with the same disease but waa reported better this P O a ell known bmineM man of HBMOCB county Wheat Special to THB from different portions of Hancock county are to the effect that fall wheat is in good having passed the peculiar winter The outlook for good crops in cereals and fruit ia Washington They sap that when John H the was a younger man tban he is now he was an irrepress ible A member of the Jefferson who claims to know what he is talking tells us that John just 1 oclock in the and relates the following circumstances concerning the twentyflrat anniveraary of that event The entire household was young At a few minutes after 1 oclock he went to the door of each bed room and with feigned cautiousness aroused the sleeper saying Theres a man in the Presently everybody waa no half Some ventured out into the halls and others stood timidly in their halfopen while still others remained out of sight behind locked Ccmeont said to those who had not left their rooms T tell you a man in the Finally he succeeded ia eelting every body into the where the group half half mihamed to show Where is he said Here I answered Iphn I am a I waa 31 fifteen minutes MugginsIts a raining and Goodioal wants to go home and I have no umbrella to lend her except my new guinea Can11 let her The only um brella Ive got haa her name on the dwd evening of brain disease snper EDWARD Dnorr Edward Later died He a prominent abolitionist with art Wendell ami and etal to Italy under President than forbid Clarence to eater my said Would yen break tie heart No Fd break his York Sun following anextract from a private letter written by one of the fore mort newspaper in DHaois Tra HAWK getting to be a magnificent It better go worlTe coamtaee fafe to Otfccr Zmaibar 1 A number French priests have arrived at Mall They state they recently met the German concerning i death many conflicting reports havet received at He in g The condition of Bmin Puha greatly The private commercial house amoys of Vohsen acting in behali of the German East African ie starting commercial factories on the west coast If the object proves ctsaful will bring about the destruction of the monopoly of trade the British and Indian merchants have held for centuries Advices frm Mozambique state that the Portuguese are acquiring muck territory aa possible pending the lion of dariea of their diltricte oa the Zambesi The demic at Gratz is There ten deaths from part tha diaeaie UlSOR The mayor of Montreal haa written I the secretary of the British embmej Washington asking him to hand South American an invitattom to visit Montreal The auditing committee of tie tional Land League met ia Detroit but as two of the not the session wae devoid of received of the poiioninf of M family of eight named living south of Point Pleatant by Jourof the family are i ChambedainaT Congk Remedy ivC most laccemfnl preparation tint nee been produced for ft wfll looeea and severe cold in time The article medicine that won ladty OB tta and be depended I known remedy that wfll It must be tried to be i ifjpoemt

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