Thursday, January 23, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 23, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON ESTABLISHED THUBSDAY JANUARY 15 CENTS rat Wi THE SENATE DECIDES TO HAKE PUBLIC TEE SDBIECT Secretary Blainen Letter Concerting tlie MatterSessions of the Sea ate and Wash 22 senate to ia secret resolved to make public the fiamoan treaty negotiated in Berlin last and which was pub lislud last Secretary Elaines letter to the president accompanying the treaty is very The subjects as to which the commissioners were instructed came under five They were directed to ask the restoration of the status quo in order to remove the disturbance caused by the forcible intervention of Germany and deportation of This was not to an ultimatum which would close the organization of a stable governmental system for the islands whereby the native independence and autonomy should be preserved free from control of the preponderating influence of any foreign Third The adjustment of land of the sale of fire arms and alcoholic FifthThe question of the municipal administration of Apia as a foreign set tlement under a due laservation of extra territorial The secretary says The protocols of several herewith nhow the discussion which took place on each of these important heads and indi cate successive stages by which views three governments thereon came into The result in the en tirely in accord with the instructions under which tbu American plenipoten tiaries It is proper to observe that the matters in respect of which the agreement seemed most difficult were the restoration of the status the forma tion of u stable government without pre ponderance of influence on the part of any treaty and the raising of revenue for the maintenance of that As to the first of these tLe chief obstacle to an unquali fied reimwal of the status was found in the reluctance of Germany to admit such a iiituatioD as would appear to leave against whom she had declared eligible for the free choice of the natives HE It is confidently be lieved the final accord removes these dif ficulties and the Samoans themselves in i he exercise of the freedom which they to continue to enjoy appear to have ITenlud a practical solution of the mat On the second point the danger of pre ponderation of influence on the part of buy one of these powers is obviated by lukmg the chief foreign adviser and judpc from a neutral The ruvunue question has been ad justed with due regard to the limited re elurcflh of the natives and the obliga i UIUH of the tlroe powers to share in the hurdon by force of i hiiB lieen necessary to impose in pro tuctiuii if their common interests and f thu maintenance of peace and cuncltifion the secretary expresses the hope that the act may be conducive in the good government of Samoa under native autonomy and to a lasting settle iniint of the vexed questions which have three powers in their complex h to these tee of the whole for the consideration of the Oklahoma town site The third section of the towniite bill was finally agreed to after tome amend ment and the committee The bill was then reported to the house and of from the com mittee on reported a bill for the purchase of two sites for the erection of buildings for the confinement of fed eral prisoners at a cost of half a million dollars and appropriating for the erection of The house went into a committee of the whole and on motion of of an amendment was adopted providing for three one to be located north and another south of the 89th decree and east of the Rocky and another west of the Rocky The second section provides that convicts must be employed exclusively in the manufacture of sup plies for the of New offered an amendment providing they shall not be employed in the manufacture of any goods or merchandise that are manu factured in any part of the United States of offered an amendment providing that convicts shall not be worked outeide af the prison enclosure adopted of New offered an amendment that convicts shall be employed exclusively in the manufacture of such supplies for the government as can be manufactured without the use of machinery agreed Pending further action the committee McKinley reported back tfce cus toms administrative bill and it was re ferred to the committee of the McKinley moved that the house go into a stating as soon as the committee was in session he would move that it rise and the house This did not prove satisfactory to the democrats and Crisp moved an adjourn The speaker decided the motion 63 to and the yeas and nays were called The motion to adjourn was yeas nays The motion then recurred on Me Jin leys motion to go into the but as it wan evident the democrats would demand the yeas and Mc Kinley moved to which motion was agreed The reason underlying Crisps motion to adjourn was he feared the committee on elections might report upon the con tested election case of Smith Jack from the fourth West Virginia dis He does not desire and in this he has the full support of the democratic eidn of the house that any contested election case Khali be called up while the house is devoid of regular rules for its government and is dependent only on general parliamentary laws as construed by the CONGRESSIONAL HE OF MS SPEECHES THAT WILL INTEREST TEE IMHEPEliBEm Plan That May Break the Dea Moines Preecctogs in the House and the SemateOther State Special to THE DBS going nto caucus this morning the republicans ooked pleased and very confident The alk almost everywhere last night point d toward either an organization today r some It was a matter of surprise o a great many that union ad so steadily voted with the demo and yet had not gone into their and was in no way bound to fol ow out any line of action they might But his pairing with Young efore going home showed plainly that e intended to make the most of his and not let the house organize by eason of his In the republican aucus this morning the method of at ack was plainly so that when he house came to order they were pretty well agreed on what to The method of Luke yesterday in ejecting on his personal responsibility democratic proposition has been THK he Maiwr of Fuaw and Blair BtH the liilit reported and placed on the calendar was one increasing to a year the pousion now allowed to the widow of General Chandler offered a concurrent res olution which went over until tomor row authorising the committee on im migration in thb two houses to investi the working of various laws of the United States and the several states inre u immigration from foreign conn uud alau to investigate the workings ut by the secretary of thetreas ury under the law of congress of August with various state hoard uud Tliu eunate resumed consideration of the bill that was discussed yesterday to ascertain what percentage of the people own the number of farms under and the amount Responding to Vests remark of yester Teller remarked that the agri cultural depression was not peculiar to the United It prevailed in all countries of the world except Kocenl parliamentary inquiry had shown that British farmers had within twelve years sunk more than half their Tliat the condition of British farmers could not be attributed to a protective The trouble was neither free trade nor Bince the United Blates resumed specie payment in 1879 there has been a continuous drop in prices of farm It was that which was making the discon tent and He there that the bill be The discussion was kept up for nearly two hours going largely over the ques tions of of of overproduc tion and steamship It was further participated in by and Finally Hale chairman of the census committee expressed a willingness to hatv the bill recommitted as suggested by Teller and the belief that that would be the best disposition of The committee would then undertake to perfect the bill and would report it back at an early The question of recommittal was taken up by yeas and The first vote re sulted yeas nays As there was no quorum there WM a call of the senate which showed then were fiftythree senators present tome of them The second vote nays accomplished by the transfer of and the bill was recommitted to the census The Blair educational bill was then taken up Blair demanding its reading Democratic BeprcMBla Uvafrom Waat a strici party vote the house elections committee today decided to report in favor of uc seating democratic repre sentative from West and de claring the republican contestant entitled to the This is the first of the seventeen contested election cases which the committee has to dispose o it was the first one upon which argu ment was The senate select committee on irriga tion and reclamation of arid lands held an extended session last evening tn hea Major director of the United States geological The ma jo made a long statement to the committee on the subject and then lead a length bill drafted by him which provides fo a topographic and hydrographic surve of the arid region for the segregation o the same into pastural an timber the two latter to remain the property of the United States for th use of the people of the irrigation dis tricts The bill provides for federal con trol over interstate and the forma tion of water districts under control o the states and The senate committee on foreign rcla lions today ordered an adverse report t be made on the Call Cuba resolution Secretary Windom has written of the house committee on rommerce fo ery favorably spoken Had he poken as if authorized to do so by the aucus the republicans would either have ad to crawfish or else let all proposals ome from the democratic Bide in regard o permanent Luke aid simply as far as he was concerned e was unwilling to consider any cotn iromise for permanent organization un il the temporary was which eaves the caucus to propose whatever it Your correspondents have been look ng up Fred Lehman in various and it is with greater surprise lian ever that we look upon the demo tatic effrontery in keeping him up as a candidate for temporary Egpecial y is this so when in comes to the inde It is well known that Lehman is an earnest opponent of and it is surprising that the in lependents support him under any cir He has very plainly ex pressed frimimlf on that subject in the ipeech given The following speech made by in spite of Lehman was to fuse with the Nothing new was proposed at the opening of todays Interest was lively after the pairs were but it kept np only until of Powe voted for Lehman the same as be and then the roll call became the same monotonous There seemed to be no lessening in the crowd of spec tators both in the galleries and the but they were disappointed in the start The increased vote shows i that the members are recovering their health and are getting around again to fight the matter out The few who went home over Sunday came back again with unchanged While Ewart was at home it was the special mission of the democratic brethren of his locality to go around to him and admon ish him to stand firmly by In order to escape their numerous caUa and unsolicited advice the persecuted in dependent fled to Montezuma for Sun day rest and let the good democrats call while he was away from They were not disappointed at no They might as well have allowed the poor man in peace to enjoy the company of nig famiry for his vote this in spite of the absence of the personal ad monition of his democratic showed no change from its former con dition and the deadlock went merrily Instead of paying close attention to what was going on the members simply began to read answer corre spondence and otherwise amuse them This continued without change until after the when Blythe arose and stated the reasons why the republi can refused to accept the propo sition made by the democrats on Mon as follows the temporary organiza tion of the house is as re quired by we cannot legally or properly eater into any com promise or arrangement relating to the permanent the reason that the prop osition referred to emanates from and represents a minority of the gentlemen composing this are three political par ties claiming representatives upon ibis The republican members of this body are without question ttfty in ber the democrats axe certainly a and the union labor party has its representative We deny the right or the authority of the gentleman from Iowa county to speak here or offer terms on behalf of acy organization other than democratic which is in the certain vital questions hereafter to be dealt with by the twenty third general assembly when permanent ly particularly the prohibi tion principles are involved which the republicans believe will be sustained by a majority of said house of profit greatly by They rared nothing for the private opinion of Hotchkins for they know him to be but through him they got just what they waated from the It was pitiful to see the gentleman from Davis county appealing to his side to sustain him aad see the democratic hosts stick firmly to their Having gained this the republicans know just what to do and will stick as firmly as ever by their determination not to give up a pnint in The fight from now on will be warmer than The senate session thia afternoon had a very interesting A number of the senators had bills thev desired to in troduce and when that order was called upon they began rushing them in at a great Gatch was greatly opposed to Kelly introduced the resolution to cut off further introduction of bills and Gatch at once spoke in support of it He said that it was a proper thing for the senate to go ahead and transact any business which rent action of other branch of was not yet so the general as sembly waa not yet really in Dungan in opposition said he was of the same opinion as Gatch yesterday after noon when the question was but but having looked the matter up he was perfectly satisfied the senate could go as far as it had gone with any and more bills could be carried along to the same Senators Seeds and Finn also argued in favor of rejecting the Woolson said that as there was not statutory or constitu tional limitation to the senate there be no further delay and bills should be introduced in order that the senators might become familiarized with so that when the committees were appointed could all the more readily go to T required the concur another The the general assembly THJS HOU8X All Political SKIrmUh In ffiR TDJBE BLOODY HiduTOliSD COHFUCT OVEB A GODOT Blanco and Johnson at War Over a Court Blood May Tet be Spilled Orer the Paul and Minneapolis to bringing it down to There have been no additional reductions in otaer BLOWS n f PMpla KUM Ia stating that he perceivea no reason making Sioux City a port of o Rock a port of Wm governor of the Chick assw in a communication toda laid before tin protests agains the proposed establishment of a territor ial form of government in Oklahoma as a violation of the treaty of He says such a chancre would tend to the annihilation of the Indian tribes in the Indian Sioroluy Intantloiu 22 authorita tive reply to the rumor to Blaine will resign from cabinet can be The proposes to pro ceed with his duties unil the PanAmer ican congrees shall have fully completed Lehman at a democratic convention July will be interesting reading o the independents who are not sup orting him for temporary clerk UK LEHMANS Mr I now move the adop ion of the first resolution offered to The discussion of this resolution brings up for debate the entire question before this convention It is whether democratic party after eighteen long years of patient after eighteen rears of courageous in the ace of repeated shall now in the lour of its triumph abandon all the con victions for which it fought and which sustained it through all its and adopt the wild fancies and vagaries of a new born and ephemeral party that must pass away as the The traditions and principles of the demo cratic party pledge to a stable system of currency placed upon a basis beyond the control and direction alike of finan cial speculators and political and now it is proposed that these tradi tions and principles be abandoned and the party committed to the visionary schemes and reckless of an organization composed in its leadership almost if not altogether of designing deserters from the democratic and republican par And what inducement is held out for this change Simply that of doubt ful If we must sacrifice our convictions let us sacrifice them not to a but to a If we must endorse whom we cannot approve let us endorse the republican whose election our endorsement will secure and not the greenback whose elec tion our endorsement will leave in Let us make sure of the price of our be political victo ries are not won by the course you seem disposed to Anything to beat Grant did not beat Anything to beat Cummings will not beat Surrender your convictions to the se ductive whisperings of success and ou will add to the humiliation of the mortification of Time and again we have listened to the advice and followed the course urged upon us to We have approved of every politi cal heresy and coalesced with every polit ical sect that has arisen in our but our alliance with them has already proven a source of weakness representatives and which they can not agree to any compromise involving a surrender of principles in such manner as to forecast legislation on those topics at the dictation of a hostile As an additional reason Blythe stated that believed that there were certain representative dis tricts illegally constituted and as with this he could throw out the representatives from these This matter was settled in the twenty second general Besides Leh man is a retained attorney in the contest case against Representative The scene during this statement was interest The house was very All the lawyers gathered around the edge of the line of desks and listened Blythe in conclusion stated that if democrats got possession of the chair they would rule out republican Holbrook of said the democrats had submitted a proposition sustained by half the members of the Blythe asked if there were fifty democrats in the Holbrook re plied as before that their proposition represented fifty that some mem bers were not straight but had been elected by democrats and pro posed to stand firm by any democratic As for the election of Leh tee charges made against him were a The democrats had repeat edly offered to withdraw on condition that the republicans would vote for Hotchkiss for temporary speak The democrats are ready for that move at any The republicans can have their clerk unanimously if one vote will be given for the democratic candidate for The democrats had not considered the repre sentative district and this was not the time to considertne Now the democrats were willing to enter into any arrangement for the settlement of the temporary They were DES In the house the roll call for temporary clerk was taken Thia time 86 were Ewart independent still voting with the democrats and making the tie still Up to when three ballots had been there was no change After the fourth roll call a lively scene took Blythe rose to state the rea sons why the republicans would not ac cept the democratic He said that the republicans had decided in caucus that it would not do to let Leh monn have the as he was a prob able candidate for United States sena He believed a number of dis tricts were unconstitutionally made and in this position might exclude mem bers from their He spoke in sup port of his saying that the democrats had not a dear majority in the nor even fifty straight of said the pro position had the supyort of fifty mem bers while all were not straight they had been nominated and elected br and proposed to stay right there and press their of say ing the democrats rightfully demanded the gpeakership because the majority of the voters were with them and would sustain their Chase spoke in saying that the republicans had a majority on many of the questions and especially on and proposed to stand to spoke after He said that in a former assembly he wondered how any member could at the same time have any regard for his oath and vote for the infamous gerrymander in asking a got an expression of opinion from the demo crats on the representative districts ques Hotchkiss was the only one who would not move in the matter in was re ceived this morning of a terrible shoot ing affair at Johnson Blanco coun For about fifteen years there has been a heated controversy over the re moval of the county seat from located four miles from the county line to Johnson Five years ago an elec tion was held to make Johnson City the county but it resulted in a Another election to decide the question was held Monday last amid intense ex When it was known that it resulted in favor of Jehnson City there was a clash and a fight in which pistols were Benjamin Cage a prominent business man of tot into a difficulty with Zach afohnson City in which he shot Lloyd through tht right from which wound TJoyd will The shoot ing between the two factions then be came general and Deputy Sheriff Crosby was wounded in the The dis turbance was finally and in charge of officers and was conveyed to Blanco to prevent his being A getleman just down from Johnson City says intense excitement prevails in the and it is believed many men will be killed before the fair A Gae Jan natural gas explosion occured here this completely wrecking the building and killing and injuring a number of The building was a three story frame dwelling on Thirtyeighth street near Butler street aged waa killed Theodore aged was badly crushed and burned and will Renjamine and Katie her aged respect fully 5 and S were burned aud but rot John thirty years of was slightly cut and Annie her was dangerously Paul aged sixty waa badly burned and bruised quite ser The explosion was caused by a leak in the cellar About half past nine oclock Ringer started down into the cellar with a lighted The gas ignited and a terrible explosion fol lowed which shook all the buildings in the The house was lifted from its foundation and waa blown to At the time there were ten persons in the building and all were more or less in TALES QF STARYATIOB AID DBIRBHI FROM SHIM and Children in faces awl Hungry for Send Ceantry Stay Away THJB KZCORD af A Polish Church Fight in Which Gravm and Corpui Pol ish church war at Plvmoth was renewed thin The Polish faction went to the cemetery and dug up the bodies of the Lithuanians buried under police protection Coffins were broken open and bodies dragged all over the ground and thrown over the Two bodies were horribly lacerated by pickaxes used in breaking open the When armed Lithuanians arrived on the scene the Poles There is talk of lynch law Foned at play in a country school house hear here a party of small boys discovered about a dozen valuable fur robes and a number of whips carefully stowed away in the Search being made in a neighbor ing school house an equal amount of plunder was found in the same secure hiding For some time past farm ers and other have been greatly annoyed by thieves who frequented public gath erings and preyed upon the contents of their Much of the property has been reclaimed by the al though no arrests have been sev eral parties are Big At two oclock this morning fire broke out at 6 Baronne spread and in a few minutes the upper floor of the four story building occupied by the Checker and Whist dub was in The entire building and contents were The total loss is estimated at well covered by A LOUIS The extensive mill works of the Freeman Wire and Iron located on Ciair avo nue in East caught fire about this and with the excep tion of the warehouse in which there waa a large amount of manufactured1 were entirely The plant was valued at on which there was insurance The works employed two hundred hands and will be rebuilt at once A YOHg Moving Trala Bad Special to THM night two officers from Augusta passed through here in charge of a young man who is said to have forged a note or check for at After the train left Bowen and waa going at a lively the prisouer made a break for tha door and jumped into the One of the officers followed It is not Itarned whether either of the men were but the young man THK Associated Press reporter iuat returned the northwest brings with hint a tale of ter rible suffering and destitution ia nine teen counties of South gathered1 from persona who have but recently eyewitnesses to what they so graphically a welltodo business man of Dekalb this who spent gome in the articled says However hard the land sharks and other invested parties may try to keep the true of things from the people of this coun they cannot long be to Successive failure of years crops has reduced even formerly welltodo to a condition of the sorest Many thousands of families are entirely with out means of any They lack the wherewithal to purchase the necessaries of In Miner Paxton have no the staple of life being badly ground and there a deplorable insufficiency of KVKKV IS MORTGAGED in many cases for more than sale under the present prices would Moat of the atock has been levied on and sold by the sheriff at public thai ridiculously low price obtained being eloquent not only of the starving condi tion of but the scarcity in the cows fetching low as horses 18 and Whilst sheep and pigs aru simply there being nothing to fond them Women and children bear evidence of the hardships they have undergone IB their PINCHKD AND MBAGRB In many instances they are quite un provided with clothing with which to withstand the rigors of what they now have being in a ragged wornout Flour is meet said in Kingsbury and Miner counties and clothing for the women ana children ready to go before the state on in At the close of the reading mnd some it was arranged by unanimous consent that the bill be post poned till Monday and be then unfinished After an executive session the senate THB its So much he has Whether he will continue in the cabinet after the FanAmerican congress dis solves he will decide when the time At present no change in his plans is The secretary has been deeply affected by the death of his and he feels but he does not entertain any thought of retire ment from active public He will go on with his duties if his health con tinues in the improved condition of the past two MASON 18 XkM Chicago la lha Wil liam B Mason was in the city today tryitig an important case before Judge The congressman looks well smiling as in spite of the hard work he has put in Tor Chicago as the site of the worlds The he will be se Iccted by the house in committee of the and in that fight Chicago will trim Mason went on to say that when the special committee was appointed an agreement was entered into by which the committee was to report a general plan for the worlds fair without recommend ing the claims of any city and that if this agreement were broken the chances of the city to recommended would be as the other parties to the ar rangement would at once combine and defeat the report He does not expect any action to be taken before next and is enthusiastic in his confidence that when noses ate counted Chicago will lead the roll HMOS said he had been too bniy with World Fair to pay any attention to the Illinois and did not know what Senator Far wells were with regard to the The democratic party here has for EO long gone harloting with every political strumpet that would submit to its em brace and today it so worn with the ex ertions and EO weakened with the die eases of that we are told it cannot stand and instead of re storing its strength by a return to the paths of it is proposed by this new liaison to raise up a lusty bastard to take its The figure I use is a coarse one but it suits the En dorse the greenback princi ple what shall it profit youT You will swell their numbers and contribute to their They are hostile to They have declared was upon They denounce you in the terms as unmeasur ed and in epithets as unsparing as the do They have disclaimed all resiprocity of For every office in the the advance feeling state following bills were introduced refarred For appointment of as As to expressing any opinion as to the present coolness between the senator aad the White the genial congress the improvement of 8t Marys river ead man said he was too busy to even think Bay Lake canal to forfeit certaia lead about let etoaefonn grants to aid in the oeaetruetiaa of nfl THKOomoRKBcotrunrT roads andoneaukiagDesMoiaeseportl 23 subcom of I mittee of th apedal house committee oa of from the ooml the worlds fste was caUed together this mittee on riven aad reported byCfceinaaa sad dis beckthe senate jofcgt moiutte appromead the Spriager proposition to select priating for the iMoral of and oU Missouri liver Its Tfee coMMaa ptoposed a they hare nominated candidates of their own and to you the poor privilege they leave to that of voting for them if you In this very hall a convention of the greenback party resolved gainst a compromise or coalition with either of the old Thus thus will you still insist upon a coalition that is in fact an abject and disgraceful surrender They tell us that this new party must come to But how stands the fact Waiting since 1876 for them to come and waiting in we are now going over to The sorcerers of Egypt appeared with Aaron before the king and when Aaron toned hit rod into a serpent they did the But Aarons rod made the biggest ser pent and swallowed up the rest If we attempt the like sorcery it win be with like We may get down upon our bellies and eat the but it will be to find the greenback sepent the biggest and to be swallowed by it then is something better than getting It is better to deserve Let fast to our convictions let us of said the demo crats had fifty votes on organization On all questions neither aide could claim absolutely fifty As for the charges were a mere bugbear con jured up by the The demo crats had repeatedly offered to withdraw As for claiming the they were justified in claiming it because the party was entitled to Chase of Ham ilton also SDOke and said that the dem ocrats in all their propositions they had insisted upon the democrats having the permanent organization and the repub licans were not willing to grant that con Chase was interrupted frequent ly by Holbrook and other who called for the regular He stated his asking that no man should be judge and attorney at the same as is Lehman with the John Law Another objection is that Lehman is a candidate for United States Chase also said that the republican party proposed to stand by prohibition and would go down with flying colors rather than give it Hotchkiis said that the member who just had the floor was very He said that when that infamous Gerryman der bill was passed he could not see how a man could stand upon his oath and support that McFarland asked if any bill had been introduced in the Twentysecond assembly looking to in validating the gerrymander Blythe asked if the gentleman would sign an agreement not to push the matter any at all in the Hotckiss said he Blythe then asked if all the democrats would do and called upon them to express Hotchkiss lie appealed to the democrats to sustain but not one other rose to support the Later Hotchkias said he had reference merely to the matter of After another vote the bouse adjourned until tomorrow morn THE In the senate this afternoon the follow ine bills were introduced By amend Chapter 9 of the Code of to make the law applicable to private By amend the code of 1873 in reference to the election of county officers to amend the code of 1873 in reference to the terms of office of county auditors and By repeal the first four sec tions of chapter twelve of the in reference to permanent school fund and enact a substitute therefor to re quire the United States flag on school buildings and providing for the singing and teaching of patriotic By fix the liability of state By railway corpor ations from limiting the life of railway By regulate the weighing of coal in mines and to establish a uni form system of A resolution introduced by Kelley that no more bills be introduced until the legislature was fully organized pro voked considerable discussion and was finally adopted by a vote of 29 to 9 Gatch was opposed to more bills being acted upon until the generally assembly was fully Those opposed to him argued that the senate was ready for business and it was not necessary to wait for the The vote showed a majority of senators unwilling to take risks in regard to The senate then Chicken little un der fourteen have been doing a landofflee business in poultry dealing By a systematic they managed to get upwards of two hundred which they dressed and sold to various parties in They stole a number of chickens from one of our poultry taking them from the back of the dressing and selling at the front door to the unwary propri Marshal Rosa has found them and they will be severely dealt with if they engage in that sort of to to the man who was adjudged guilty of Perjury in the suit growing out of his connection in various cases with trying to enforce the prohibitory law was sentenced today to three years in the The case originated in the Polk county dis trict but was taken to Warren on a change of An appeal will be taken to the supreme A Murderer Ger man Michael who escaped from a Minneapolis detective from the train at Corfu was captured a few miles from the where he jumped last place A DISTRESSING HonM to a at a Kn Hun The other day as the funeral procession was leav ing town bearing the remains of Jennie it was concluded best to avoid the rough hills and go through the timber to the creek bottom west of thence to the public road near the On going down the steep hill to the in some manner the rear end of the hearse was tipped up and the driver thrown The got and taking the hearse with them they dashed through the timber for a distance of about eighty rods and finally came up Ha CoBtlBww Hla Work of DoatfcA HanefcniBB SAN one of the best known ranch men in died yesterday of la Immediately his aged father went into an adjoining room and blew bis brains Father and son will be buried A WELL KNOWN LAWYER 22 Mc the wellknown criminal law yer of died this morning from heart induced by A CENTENARIANS Polly who celebrated her 100th birthday January died last night of IN The death rate arising from pneumonia is increasing in this Nine deaths are reported as grips harvest for A DEATH AT ROCK Special to Jan Bash agent of the United States Express company at Rock died there to day of the influenza He was a well known and popular Tuesday morning occurred the death of El len of this She was formerly a resident of where her husband was a prominent manufacturer until his death a number of years ago There are a number of other serious cases in the A Labor first important step looking to the amalgama tion ofthe two great miners organiza tions has been Both the Miners Progressive union and the National Dja trict assembly Knights of Labor at their convention today practically de clared in favor of one organization and Provisions of any just would be a godsend to the thousands Who are in A SEMI STARVING CONDITIOH Unless relief is given with a liberal hand this winter in South Dakota TOtt will hear of many deaths from absolute starvation and the reports will undoubt edly have their foundation it C of South confirms Paxtons This lady is now in Minneapolis wham she is making heroic efforts in behalf of the approved the general plan of amalgama tion proposed some time There was a minority opposition displayed in some measures but the real strength of this will not be developed until the joint convention Special to THI DBS 22 State Hor ticultural society continued the session The exhibition of Iowa fruit is attracting much The following officers were elected ladlcatloBsTBmt BO tloaal Has 23 National steamer from New York for 1 has not yet been heard there is hardly any doubt in martt circles that some disaster has The fears concerning her have been greatly augmented by port made by the British steamer it from New which January Uth saw a steamers boat bearing the nami The Creole brought the alongside and took from it ten a mast and sail A life 01 a steamers bridge and awning were I floating near the life Erin had a deck load of cattle in an1 a general Including cotb between She carried no The Erin waa commanded bjN Captain Tyson and had a crew of or seventy men and about fifteen The Cunard line steamers New and the Catalonia from which arrived at Queenstows report that on January in latitude about 49 longitude they passed a quantity of wreckage a number of dead WILL VISIT 22 is stated cellent authority that the prince of WfJ contemplates a visit to America in f He will be accompanied by 1 princess of Wales and possibly his I Prince who will be ti five next It is said the physicians have advised the ing it will prove of benefit in thel of health to both the prince and FIVE MBN 22 sion of a powder mill at men were killed and many A TEARFUL HURRICANE 22 has been visited and devastated by I ful Telegraph tion in that direction is interrupted attains a A deep ditch was cleared Eugene Forest City by the flying It was a horrible w sight Women screamed and men fol MAT BKBAK THX was the only one who was willing to hold to the old though we rally but a corporals guard around it Let us wait bat little time laager and the time of our deliverance is We owe it to the party to Just at this when democracy is trtamphsmt let us act pres tothen ia the other states the a democratic party do out great for it brought out plainly tne democratic of Pottawattamie also saying he wanted the remarks on prohibition to be reported in full in Pot tawattamie The discussion closed with this sad a couple more rolls took Shortly before adjournment Hotchkiss announced that he had not understood Blythes question He said he would agree not to move rn the matter mentioned until after organi The house adjourned until to morrow It was interesting to note the displayed by the two Heretofore it has always been the custom of a mem ber to yield to a question from the oppo but today when republicans asked nermisaioa to propound questions privilege denied ia more than while they created it every they were asked crats tried to bowl to shut them from did i half an as it was the subcommittee was bops SoTaral PropoafUoaa by Special tn Tn DBS around the hotels tonight indicates a possible solution of the deadlock The republicans will caucus at nine to morrow morning and will consider sev eral propositions of all con taining written stipulations from the democrats in the line of the position as sumed by Blythe in his great hit today viz the republicans in districts claimed to be illegally appointed not to be dis If thia is put in writing and signed by any honorable democrat it thought he may be made temporary speaker without any danger to the re publican This compromise would have no reference to a permanent but nothing can be definitely stated prior to the action by the caucus as no individual republican takes the responsibility of speaking for the A MtBr to HAWKBY WHAT dent occurred at 1 mine of the What powerless to check the frightened The hearse was almost demol ished and the coffin badly The hearse was brought fromRaritan for the occasion and was driven by two young men of that Will Tharp and James BOBS rs A Cheer Coal company A Swede named Peter Frank was loading coal in a room that had been rained by a machine and without any warning the slate cor Bringhimup outit was found that he was terribly He died last night it had theproposUiosi let OB aot after we have On the contrary waited to air his Twin Arrive TJaxlcr AB IMTMBW Tmmuj WEST This place was the scene of an unusual inci dent Saturday that caused some excitement During the afternoon a family consisting of David his and two who traveling in an old spring to which was attached a dilapidated stopped on the roadside at Little Darby in the east end of Sharpe was very sick and her hus band came up the street and summoned When the doctor ar rived at the bridge he found the woman lying on the She waa helpet nto the where in a few minutes she gave birth to a pair of a boj and a The wagon was a smal spring probably four by eight The physician wrapped the little pair ia a horse blanket and carried them to Thomas near where thi neighboring women washed and dressed the little babies and returned them to their mother in the Kind ladies furnished bed clothes and nude the mother as comfortable as The family are oa their way to BAILKOAO Haw Jan22 The joiatrafl way committee of the Trunk Line asso the Central Traffic association and the Western Freight are laseasioa It is statedthat win be made ia the pwwtratti for the pose of esttHag upsomeadMr of the ulterior M brought cwt by vice A Corning George Van enox Iowa A Special to Tn extra east onnd freight collided with passenger train 5 this morning at ortunately the passenger train was rought to a stand still before they truck and the passengers hardly hat was the The trainmen all scaped by jumping except Engineer who received a broken leg in the The freight was running on the asaenger trains Exaggerated reports were sent out arly in the evening reporting many ilied and Blvar BolMly Special to Tms Mississippi is solidly closed here and eightinch ice s being cut The rapids channel above tereis partly open but teems are crossing above that poins and from there on up to he The river is also closed below here without any breaks sad teams are able to Mora syndicate has bonded the Portland i ing works and the Curtis snip yard erty and Lfrunzo oae r principal his gone to to complete the sale of ther which is to be enlarged by the i They also have bonded a n mines of lead and silver t coast of Maine and will bring c of ore here for Pozzoci9 Complexion Powder soft and beautiful akin It comb element of beauty mat Travellers may lean a lessoa a prominent attoraeyof who says I never leave home without taking a bottle of Chamberlains Cholera aad Diar rhoea Remedy with aad OB away oc casions have ran with it to the relief of some sufferer aad have never known it For sate by an prominent Nebraska this morning for the purpose at i ing a State Bankers tion waa introduced by of the Nebraska National baahv ing the measure prepared by Snox A Pl Of health and strength ease and comfort t Syrup of as it actaial nature to effectually cleft when costive or rad bvan AttAim introduced in the house of terday to prohibit the immigration of der contract or labor Canada Ho Mfer ranudr t or trouble oe Bronchial 9rid only Special to In HAWBBn of this has Jut jnvem birth to a Withte the peat eleven years aad tea months this estimable lacrr has birth to the eldest yet bang twelve years There are no The thirtyoao yean of her hasbsait The faafiy an awl ctal trata heviac i2ie Utilise Mojaveit liam an exdepute 1 ssorphiae heavy Thett aeBi Fthtti

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